Portuguese golf federation membership

portuguese golf federation membership

If you are or have ever been a Federation of Portuguese Golf member then we will require a FPG Home Club Transfer form (available from Vila Sol reception or. The purpose of the members club was to turn the golf experience enjoyable, fun and very exclusive. The Membership is administrated by the Member's Office, who. FPG membership card. In order to obtain it*, please update your data on myFPG, the private member's area on the Portuguese Golf Federation website. portuguese golf federation membership

Palmares Golf ClubThe members section was formed in and comprises members of Palmares Golf Club near Lagos in Portugal.

Golf is played on Wednesdays and Saturdays in a competitive environment and handicaps are adjusted via the Portuguese Golf Federation.

Palmares Golf Club strongly supports it's members who arrange interleague golf matches against other Algarve based clubs.

There is a great social life associated with being a member and regular events are held throughout the year.

The membership comprises about golfers both resident and non residents of the Algarve and is a cosmopolitan gathering including many nationalities.



Palmares Golf has an active portuguese golf federation membership. Memberships can be on an Annual, Couples, Overseas or Subscription basis and details of each are available from the golf reception.

There is a group of members who play on Wednesday and Saturdays each week. This group is run on the same lines as a normal golf club with competitions and prize givings.

Handicaps are adjusted through the Portuguese Golf Federation (FPG).

The membership have a strong social calendar and represent the club in its league competitions against other clubs in the Algarve.



As a member at Palmares Golf you will benefit from preferential tee times on Wednesdays and Saturdays between and when our members competitions are held.

Reserving Tee TimesAll start times are under the ownership of Palmares Golf and as part of the membership system, the company will make tee times available to ensure members have the opportunity to enjoy golf every day. Tee times can be pre-booked by Annual & Overseas Members 7 days in advance and by Subscription Members 48hrs in advance.

Any tee time during the Wednesday & Saturday slots not taken by members within 2 days of the date of play will be taken back and made available for re-sale to the public. The company reserve the right to refuse block booking of starts by individuals if they consider the system is being used unfairly.

Any tee times booked by members that are not handed back within the 2 day period and are subsequently not used will be regarded as a "no show" and the management reserve the right to make a charge at the full public green fee rate if this occurs.

When booking you should quote your name and membership number as well as the tee time you require and the number of players. Members' guests will only be accommodated in members guaranteed tee times subject to availability, as members will have priority. Outside these times members guests can be booked for other tee times in the normal manner.



At Palmares Golf, members are entitled to discounts off rental services such as pull trolleys or buggies as well as pro shop goods and in the bar and restaurant.

These discounts include :-

Buggy rental €

Golf Academy - 20% discount.

15% - 25% off pro shop purchases.

20% off all beverage and food purchases (except fixed price menus) in the bar and restaurant.

Green fees for guests when accompanied by the member - €50 per guest (maximum of 10 guests per year at this price).

Discount rates at golf courses throughout Portugal via CNIG Card.

Please note that membership cards should always be shown when requesting discounts.




The Portuguese Golf Federation has issued clarification on the relationship between CONGU and EGA handicaps, ie, portuguese golf federation membership. A CONGU handicap = EGA exact handicap.

Members visiting Portugal are required to bring from their home club ON EACH VISIT, a handicap certificate and playing record covering kayak vörur period since their previous visit where they have played in a CONGU qualifying event. These records will then be reviewed by the club/committee. Members are reminded that the maintenance of a current handicap is their sole responsibility.

The Portuguese Golf FederationThese records will be required prior to playing in any club competition.

If you wish to enter a members competition, you must enter via the members website.
If your club is registered on a website, portuguese golf federation membership, then all your details should be available to you on line.

In case of any doubt or confusion please address any queries to Palmares Golf.



Members competitions will be held twice weekly on the dates and in the formats set out in the Events diary. The rules and format of any competition can be viewed in the competition procedure manual in the golf reception or on the members website under Rules. Portuguese golf federation membership simplified copy is also held at the starters hut.

These events are administered by the members committee whose responsibility is to ensure that all handicaps conform to the requirements of the Portuguese Golf Federation.

All other competitions will be administered by Palmares Golf.



To apply to enter a members competition, members must register their interest via the members website as follows:-

For Saturday competitions enter before hrs on the previous Thursday.

For Wednesday competitions enter before hrs on the previous Monday.

For non members competitions players must advise the golf reception of their intention.

A player will be listed as a "reserve" when a competition is apparently filled.

It is the responsibility of all players including "reserves" to check their start time on the afternoon of the day prior to the competition.



Members hold regular social events throughout the year.

This website portuguese golf federation membership dedicated to the membership of Palmares and the membership pages are only viewable by members, who login with username and password.

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Information on the Golf Federation, the requirements to play (the handicap system, medical certificates) and who portuguese golf federation membership contact locally

Portugal's mild climate and low rainfall mean it is possible to play golf all year round. The country has over clubs and 70 Portuguese Golf Federation (Federação Portuguesa de Golfe, FPG) accredited golf courses. More are in development, portuguese golf federation membership. There are over 1, registered players in Portugal.

Most of the golf clubs in Portugal are open to both members and non-members, and offer tuition in English and German, portuguese golf federation membership. Many also have a resident Portuguese Golf Federation (FPG)-approved Pro able to provide advice and lessons, either in a group or privately. Portuguese golf federation membership golf courses also have a pro shop and a club house with restaurant and bar.

At the moment there are no public, non-commercial golf courses in Portugal, although the FPG runs a public Golf Academy at Jamor near Lux adorna cashmere sport, and there are plans to develop a public golf course.

  • For a list of golf courses in Portugal from Golf Europe:Click here

Portuguese Golf Federation (FPG)

The Portuguese Golf Federation exists to promote, organise and control golf activities in Portugal. The federation organises national competitions, courses and training schemes, portuguese golf federation membership, coordinates the various activities and also ensures that the rules set by the Royal & Ancient Golf Club of St Andrewsare respected.

  • For the golf rules from the R&A: Click here
  • Federação Portuguesa de Golfe (in Portuguese)
    At:Avenida das Túlipas, Nº6 – Edifício MirafloresBalboa island pilates Algés
  • FPG Algarve Delegation
    Apartado Vale de Lobo, Almancil

National Centre for the Training and Development of Golf

The National Centre for the Training and Development of Golf (Centro Nacionalde Formação e Desenvolvimento de Golfe) at the sports stadium complex of Jamor near Lisbon is open to clubs affiliated to the FPG. It includes a practice range (Campo dePrática), golf academy (Academia Campo de Golfe), a nine-hole golf course (Campo de Golfe de Nove Buracos), golf trainers (Treinadores de Golfe) as well a golf shop (Loja de Golfe) and cafés, bars and restaurants.

  • Centro Nacional de Formação e Desenvolvimento de Golfe
    : Vale do Jamor, Cruz Quebrada e Dafundo, Lisbon

Requirements to Play

Amateurs wishing to compete in competitions must be affiliated to the FPG, a golf club and have a golf licence (handicap card) which is valid on an annual basis from 1 January to 31 December.

FPG membership also provides insurance which covers players in Portugal and abroad, either for accidents to the player or a third party while on the golf course. A player who spends more than three consecutive months away bridgeport high school basketball roster Portugal is no longer insured by the FPG.

A European Golf Association golf licence can be applied for from the following in Portugal:

  • An FPG-registered golf club
  • The Federaçaõ Portuguesa de Golfe
    • By applying to portuguese golf federation membership of the two offices of the FPG (above)

People wishing to get their first golf licence/handicap card or play in a competition do not need a medical certificate from a doctor.

Obtaining a handicap

In order to compete in competitions a golfer must have a handicap. Portugal does not follow the green card system (cartão verde) for logging a handicap, portuguese golf federation membership, although after some initial training the player's trainer or golf Pro may sign a "certificate of ability" to assess their game. The player may then undergo a variety of tests depending on the club.

Portugal follows the handicap system set by the European Golf Association (EGA). If a golfer's home country is a member of the EGA the handicap can be transferred to Portugal. If from elsewhere, the Portuguese club will reassess the handicap and assign an equivalent.

Portugal follows the procedures specified by the EGA Handicap System. In order to obtain the first handicap the player has to submit three Stableford Scores, one of which equates to not more than the maximum Exact Handicap of The player's affiliated club is then responsible for assigning the first handicap.

Any player who has a handicap and paint the fence song a member of a Portuguese club will have a Portuguese handicap, portuguese golf federation membership. Handicap records from the EGA and CONGU systems are accepted for obtaining that handicap.

Useful Golfing Vocabulary

Driving rangeDriving range
Golf DirectorDirectores de Campo
Golf ballBola de Golfe
Golf courseCampo de Golfe
Golf RangeCampo de Prática
Green feeGreen Fee
Green KeepersGreen Keepers
Score cardCartão de Jogo
TrainerTreinadore de Golfe
Water hazardObstáculos de Água

Note: Many English terms are the same in Portuguese, for example: bunker, green, divot, handicap, fairway, portuguese golf federation membership, putter, driver.

Further Information

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Federação Portuguesa de Golfe (FPG)

Warning! As of 20 Septemberthe EU lobby register has changed format. Temporarily, the register is no longer providing daily data updates of all lobby data which means that the figures on LobbyFacts cannot currently be kept up-to-date. If, for example, you see a company, trade association, or lobby consultancy with "no figure available" for EU lobby costs, open the data card, and click the link to the EU lobby register where you will find the updated registration including EU lobby costs declaration. Regretably, under the lobby register format, NGOs and think tanks are no longer required to provide a figure for EU lobby costs. We will update LobbyFacts with the new data as soon as possible.

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This representative is currently not registered.

Lobbying costs:

WARNING: As this organisation lists one or more EP accredited lobbyists, it is highly improbable that its lobbying costs are lower than €10,

WARNING: The lobbying costs declared by this organisation are extraordinarily high and may therefore have been over-declared.

1,€ - 1,€

Financial year: 01/01/ - 01/12/

Lobbyists declared: FTE (2)

WARNING: The number of full time equivalent lobbyists declared by this organisation are extraordinarily high and may therefore have been over-declared.

Lobbyists with EP accreditation: 0

Meetings with European Commission: 0

Lobbying costs over the years:

Federação Portuguesa de Golfe (FPG)

Registration on EU Transparency Register

(First vw golf walton on thames 04 Jan )

Goals / Remit

The Portuguese Golf Federation (FPG) is the national governing body for golf in Portugal. The FPG is a member of the European Golf Association (EGA). The EGA is the governing organisation responsible for the sport of golf across casinoextra.fr FPG´s mission is to promote and develop the sport of golf, to coordinate mississauga north baseball tournament golf activities and to provide the necessary environment for top individual players and national teams to compete. This is achieved through:

• Coordinating and hosting national and international competitions.
• Coordinating and hosting individual and team championships for all age groups from junior to seniors.
• Planning, delivering and supporting training programmes and courses.
• Promoting the sustainable development of the game at national level.
• Building and maintaining good relationships with the professional golfing bodies, at national and European level.
crane golf umbrella an information centre to answer portuguese golf federation membership in various fields of the sport of golf (statistical, technical, etc.).
• Managing the National Golf Centre.
• Golf Course Sustainable Development and Management in collaboration with the EGA, The R&A (The R&A is the world governing body for golf outside of the U.S, portuguese golf federation membership. and Mexico. casinoextra.fr) and the Golf Environment Organization (GEO) .

The FPG uses the “Shared Value” framework as the guiding principle for sustainable thinking and practices in golf. Shared value plays a critical role in achieving long-lasting sustainability. This approach provides tangible social, environmental and economic benefits, portuguese golf federation membership, creating shared value as a differentiation strategy.


The Agenda for Sustainable Development The EU Strategy on Green Infrastructure EU Policy on the Urban Environment Environment policies and funding opportunities Sport policies and funding opportunities The Sport Chapter in the Erasmus+ Programme European Week of Sport European Innovation Partnership on Water Reused water in the European Union EU's Strategy on Adaptation to Climate Change


Head office:
rua Santa Teresa do Menino Jesus, n.º6 17º andar, Miraflores 17º andar, Miraflores
Algés Algés

Lobbyists declared

FTE (2)

Lobbyists with EP accreditation

Complementary information

Person in charge of EU relations

Mr Miguel Franco de Sousa

Person with legal responsibility

Ms Alexandra Betâmio de Almeida

Planning and Sustainability Coord.


III - Non-governmental organisations


Non-governmental organisations, platforms and networks and similar


European Golf Association casinoextra.fr

The R&A (The R&A is the world governing body for golf outside of the U.S. and Mexico) casinoextra.fr

Golf Environment Organization (GEO) casinoextra.fr

The International Golf Federation (IGF) casinoextra.fr

Member organisations

The Portuguese Golf Federation (FPG) is the national governing body for golf in Portugal. The FPG is a member of the European Golf Association (EGA). The EGA is the governing organisation responsible for the sport of golf across Europe. The EGA represents 44 member countries and their respective National Golf Federations (with over 4,1 million registered golfers ). Founded during a meeting held in Luxembourg on 20 Novemberthe EGA seeks to operate in the best interests of golf at a pan-European level.

In Portugal, there are 14, registered golfers (), clubs and nearly golf facilities (with 91 golf courses across the country, this number is brought to nearer when academies and driving ranges are included).

Lobbying costs

1,€ - 1,€

Procurement from EU institutions

0 €

Grants from EU institutions

0 €

Total public financing

, €

Other financial information

Financial statements and oficial reports casinoextra.fr?pesquisa=&categoria=relatorio-e-contas €

There are no notes attached to this organisation.

Expert groups (European Commission)


Intergroups (European Parliament)


Industry forums (European Parliament)


Complementary information

Meetings with European Commission

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The Members Golf Club portuguese golf federation membership Quinta da Ria is called Clube de Golfe do Levante, and it was created in together with the opening of Quinta da Ria and Quinta de Cima Golf Courses. The purpose of the members club was to turn the golf experience enjoyable, portuguese golf federation membership, fun and very exclusive.

The Membership is administrated by the Member’s Office, who takes care of all the bureaucracy, administration and organization of the Club by sending updated information, organizing tournaments, managing the handicaps, so that the members only have to focus on their game and have some fun.

But the membership at Clube de Golfe do Levante is much more than being part of a Club: It’s being part of a family!

The weekly, monthly and annual events and tournaments keep the members and their guests very busy and entertained throughout the year with lunches and dinner event parties, Wine Tasting Dinners, fun tournaments, thematic events, Inter-clubs competitions against other Golf Clubs across the country and much more!

Join us and be a part girls wooden lacrosse stick our family too!

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