Fsj basketball

fsj basketball

The FSJ Men's Basketball League will be hosting drop-in basketball at the North Peace High School on Tuesday from 7:30pm to 9:30pm and Sunday from 7pm to 10pm. The City of Fort St John operates 17 ball fields and 2 soccer fields between Special thanks to Surerus Construction, FSJ Mixed Slo-Pitch Society. If you had the opportunity to spend just a few minutes watching Wheelchair Basketball this weekend, you have probably noticed something.

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GOLF 6 PLUS 2.0 TDI 2009

An Upset in Budapest



An official photo of the 1996 U.S. women’s senior national team.
USA Basketball

The Hungarian team, Ferencváros, managed a surprise upset against the vaunted 1996 U.S. women’s Olympic fsj basketball team in February 1999.
Igor Gruner

No one imagined—not the Hungarians, and certainly not the Americans—that a little-known Hungarian basketball team could beat the vaunted U.S. women’s squad that had swept the 1996 Olympics.

Embassy Budapest was excited to learn that we would host the U.S. Women’s Basketball 1996 Olympic gold medalists in February 1999 on their winter European tour. Fsj basketball U.S. team had compiled a 52-0 exhibition record during its pre-Olympic fsj basketball and then won all eight Olympic games to finish with a 60-0 record. More popular than any previous women’s basketball team, Team USA drew a record 202,556 fans during the 1996 Atlanta Olympics.

And now Olympic champions Lisa Leslie, Ruthie Bolton, Sheryl Swoopes, Teresa Edwards, Dawn Staley and Katrina McClain would play an exhibition match in Budapest against the local Ferencvárosi Torna Club team, with a pre-match friendship game between Parliament and the U.S. embassy. Sports diplomacy at its finest, we thought.

Basketball has a long and distinguished history in Hungary. Physical education teacher Géza Kuncze introduced basketball (korbball) in Hungary in 1912, after he first saw it in Germany. The game proved popular in schools, and Hungary’s national team frequently did well in European competitions.

More than eight decades later, Géza’s grandson, Deputy Prime Minister Gábor Kuncze, was the stimulus for the match between Hungarian parliamentarians and U.S. embassy staff that was to precede the top ticket.

The embassy hoopsters included Deputy Chief of Mission Tom Robertson, fsj basketball, Public Affairs Officer Bill Morgan, Consul General Teddy Taylor and Defense Attaché Jon Martinson. Team uniforms were procured at an Air Force base used by the Stabilization Force in Bosnia and Herzegovina, a NATO-led multinational peacekeeping force deployed after the Bosnian war.

Our public affairs section worked closely with U.S. team coach Nell Fortner and managers to support what we saw fsj basketball a terrific exchange program. Both teams hobnobbed at a fsj basketball hosted by the DCM the night before the game. The Hungarians were wonderful hosts in turn; on game day, they provided a fabulous feast of prime national delicacies, including goose liver pâté.

With most embassy staff eager to cheer for the U.S. from the stands, my husband and I were designated to sit in the official box, fsj basketball, presided over by Agriculture Minister József Torgyán. We did our best to cheer diplomatically.

Physical education teacher Géza Kuncze introduced basketball (korbball) in Hungary in 1912, after he first saw it in Germany.

During the pre-match, the embassy managed to hold off the parliamentarians, with considerable help from an Air Force master sergeant augmenting the contingent of diplomats.

The main bill did not go as well. Although we all considered Team USA invincible, the Hungarian club team, Ferencváros, managed the unthinkable, beating Lisa Leslie and her superstar squad, 73-70. A stunned Ferencváros manager admitted she expected to be trounced, saying she would have been proud to lose by only 20 to 30 points, much less actually come out the victor.

Equally stunned, several of us gathered to say goodbye to the players. Our two sons were among the embassy kids eagerly waiting with their programs for autographs. But Team USA swept out of the locker room headed for their bus, brushing aside the uncomprehending children. Parents were left to explain that, while it is important to always be gracious in defeat, even adults sometimes behave less than civilly. A teachable moment, perhaps.

Ferencváros was the only defeat on the U.S, fsj basketball. national team’s five-game winter tour against European professional teams in Slovakia, France and Hungary.

As we debated how this debacle could have happened, the coach blamed the heavy lunch lexi york racquetball team enjoyed from the Hungarian hosts earlier that day. “I’ll never allow them to eat liver pâté again,” she declared.

Beatrice Camp retired in 2015 from a Foreign Service career that took her to China, Thailand, Sweden and Hungary, in addition to assignments at the department and at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington, D.C. She is the editor of American Diplomacy Journal, fsj basketball. The opinions and characterizations in this piece are those of the author and do not necessarily represent official positions of the U.S. government.

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Men’s basketball league looks to extend its reach

Are you interested in playing basketball in town?

Well if your answer is even a maybe, then you’re encouraged to look into the FSJ Men’s Basketball League, a weekly meeting of likeminded guys who will give you a workout along with some exciting fsj basketball action with some of the best players this city has to offer.

“The league is currently looking for individuals interested in taking part in their upcoming fsj basketball league,” says league commissioner and referee Ben Rauscher. “We are looking to have four teams of eight, though we have allowed for pick up players in the past.”

An inexpensive registration will get you one game a week for eight weeks, jersey rental, full-time refs and scorekeepers—a pretty reasonable price point compared to other sports in the city.

“I’ve just about recouped my costs on the jerseys. We would use any surplus budget to purchase other league items, fsj basketball, like new basketballs and a sports-specific first aid kit,” Rauscher says.

The league is currently running a drop-in night on Wednesday evenings at North Peace Fsj basketball from 7:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. That’ll set you back the cost of a large coffee, but Rauscher is hoping to get enough people interested to continue with league play.

And speaking from experience, it is a good time with many great players.

“The fall league ended with Team Black beating Team Blue in the finals,  getting a little revenge for a hard loss to them in the spring league in (overtime),” Rauscher recalls, attributing the victory to the presence of all-star center Dan Penner, who previously played for Carleton university.

“He was absent from the spring final and they only lost by one point.”

There are many talented basketball players in the city, Rauscher continued, from Jon Zaleski, the center for Team Red, or Team White’ss forward Nick Donnelly. Alex Neily plays point guard for Team Black.

“It’s just hard to get people who are able to play consistently.” Explaining why he doesn’t run a longer season.

Rauscher would like to run a longer season, but acknowledged the difficulty in getting players to play consistently.

“Past league president Aaron Olsen and I discussed it and we decided that an eight week season would allow for more people to be able to play consistently,” he said.

Anyone interested in playing, is encouraged to get in contact with the league at fsjpioneer@hotmail.com, or hummer golf cart rental miami drop-in and see how you stack up against Wednesday nights until the shooting at concord mills today starts.

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Try out wheelchair basketball at the Fort St. John Energizers launch event

Regardless of age, gender, ethnicity or physical ability, there’s no cost to try it, and it’s a great sport for inclusivity.

Programming Director for Northern Adapted Sports Association, Rob Stiles, says he’s used to building programs from small beginnings.

“If we can make a difference for one individual, fsj basketball it’s a fsj basketball success in our view. We will have 16 chairs out for this event, along with the trailer that will stay in the area,” said Stiles. “Part of my goal for the start of next week is to put a schedule in place for moving around the district schools to give every student a chance to try adapted sports.”

Stiles says the first 10 participants will get a free T-shirt. As part of the new COVID-19 safety guidelines, fsj basketball, proof of vaccination will be required for anyone over 12 to participate.

With a team in Prince George called the Lumberjacks, Stiles hopes there will be a friendly rivalry between the northern teams in the near future.

For more information about adapted sports, go to the Northern Adapted Sports Association website.

To find out more about wheelchair basketball in British Columbia, visit the BC Wheelchair Basketball Society website.

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David Daniels (basketball)

Canadian basketball player and coach

David Harley Daniels (born April 2, fsj basketball, 1971)[1][2] is a Canadian former basketball fsj basketball and the current head coach of the Lakeside Lightning men's and women's teams in the State Basketball League.[3] Born in Fort St. John, British Columbia, Daniels played for the Canadian national team at the 2000 Olympics.

In 2018 and 2019, Daniels was named back-to-back Fsj basketball Coach of the Year as coach of the Lakeside Lightning.[4][5] In October 2020, he took on the dual role of Lightning men's and women's head coach.[6]


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Sports Fields

The City of Fort St John operates 17 ball fields and 2 soccer fields between locations of Surerus Park and Kin Park. 

Surerus Park


  • 8 ball diamonds

  • Spectator bleachers

  • 2 soccer fields

  • 3 tennis courts

  • Horseshoe pits

  • Children’s Playground

  • Wheelchair accessible

  • Paved walking/ bike paths

  • Time-activated washroom facilities

  • Clubhouse and washrooms

  • 6 access trails

Special thanks to Surerus Construction, FSJ Mixed Slo-Pitch Society, and the Province of British Columbia; Expo 86 Grant for the contribution of funding towards the 2 phase construction of the park in 1986 and 1993.

Surerus Park is home to:


Travelling North towards Fort St John: Take Hwy 97, turn right on 86 street, follow 86 past skymax golf trolley review Ave, fsj basketball, the park is fsj basketball 2 blocks, parking lot on the left.

Kin Park (& College Fields)

Kin Park diamonds are located on the north and south sides of 119 Ave; diamonds 1 through 6 are south of 119 Ave and fsj basketball 7 through 9 are located north of 119 Ave, near Northern Lights College and Fish Creek Community Trails.


  • 9 ball diamonds

  • Spectator bleachers

  • Concession stand and washrooms

  • Children’s Playground (Located on the east side of the park)

  • Nearby walking paths

  • Nearby Bert Ambrose Elementary School

Special thanks to the Kinsmen Club of Fort St John. 

Kin Park is home to:


Travelling North towards Fort St John: Take Hwy 97, turn right on 100 Street, follow 100 through town, turn right on 119 Ave (East Bypass Route), turn right on 96 St, parking lot on the left.

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Fort St. John Men's Basketball


North Peace Senior Secondary School 9304 86 St, Fort St John, BC V1J 6L9

Title / Description


Fsj Adult Dropin Basketball Wednesdays And Sundays

The FSJ Basketball Group invites all adult players to the drop-in sessions occurring every Wednesday and Sunday night at the North Peace Secondary School from 7:30pm to 9:30pm. To comply with provincial health orders and the school district policies, all players will be required to be double vaccinated (with proof). Drop-in cost is $2 bobby mitchell golfer person, which goes to paying for basketballs, pumps, first aid and other league amenities, fsj basketball. Come ready to play, both gyms have been in use, lets go!


Fsj Adult Basketball Drop In Wednesday October 13

The FSJ Men's Basketball League will be hosting drop-in play every Wednesday and Sunday from 7:30-9:30pm at the North Peace Secondary School. Please note the following: 1) Must have verification of a BC-approved COVID-19 vaccine. We WILL be checking at the start of every night to be compliant with the provincial rules and school's user requirements. 2) Drop-in fee fsj basketball $2 per person per drop-in. These funds will be used to buy new basketballs and keep the first aid kit up to date. 3) Do NOT come before 7:30pm as you will not be allowed into the school until our designated time to play. 4) Be ready to help clean at the end of the night. See you there!


Basketball Drop In To Start In September

FSJ Bakers one bowl macaroons Drop-in will return to the North Peace High School on Wednesdays and Sundays from 7:30-9:30pm.  Starting on Wednesday September 11,  this is how the two nights will be run:


Wednesdays will be an adult only drop-in with a $2 fee.  Players will be assigned to teams of 3, 4 or 5 (depending on numbers) with team pinnies available.  Teams will play a slate of games with a Finals at the end of the night.  Game balls to be provided and pinnies returned at end of night to be washed.


Sundays will be an open drop-in with both gyms available to game play.  Bring your own ball, no drop-in fee.


Updates will be advertised here and on the FSJ Basketball 2019-20 Facebook page.


Mens Drop In Basketball Fall And Winter 2018

The FSJ Men's Basketball League will be hosting drop-in basketball at the North Peace High School on Tuesday from 7:30pm to 9:30pm and Sunday from 7pm to 10pm.


Both gyms are available to the group with the main gym used for full court play.


The Men's league will start fsj basketball October if the numbers are there, otherwise, fsj basketball, we will run drop-in until the new year and make decisions about league play in January.


For more information, please email Ben @ fsjpioneer@hotmail.com


The first drop-in day is Sunday, September 9th. see you all there!

There are currently no photos available for this organization.

The FSJ Men's Basketball League has been a part of the Fort St John community for a couple of decades now and looks to provide gym time to basketball players of all ages.  Though fsj basketball play has been intermittent over the years, drop-in continues throughout the year at the North Peace Secondary School.

North Peace Senior Secondary School 9304 86 St, Fort St John, BC V1J 6L9

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