Pool fencing spigots

pool fencing spigots

Shop DIY spigots for glass pool fencing in Melbourne in best price. We are the renowned suppliers of square, round, spigots extender in Melbourne for DIY. 12mm frameless glass pool fencing glass balustrades. Heavy-duty spigots for both pool fence & glass balustrade. Friction mount, no hole required on the. Stainless Steel Spigots for Glass Balustrading and Pool Fencing We carry 3 shapes of spigots for glass fencing and within these shapes, there are different.

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Pool fencing spigots - are

Mini Posts & Spigots

Forge Hardware offers glass pool fence mini posts and spigots in a range of modern finishes perfect for your outdoor and indoor design projects. Our glass pool fence mini posts and spigots are manufactured from the highest quality marine grade 2205 stainless steel and are reinforced to provide extra strength and durability. Each mini post and spigot has been designed for friction fit allowing for seamless installation. Finish off each installation with an easy top mount base plate to perfectly match your wooden, tiled or concrete flooring.

Our spigots and mini posts can be ordered online or over the phone. Speak to one of our industry experts to make an order today.

For our regular customers, our website continues to allow for easy browsing and efficient online ordering to support your business and personal DIY needs. Shop now for your favourite Forge Hardware products.

Pool Fencing Spigots

Glass balustrades and pool fences serve the purpose of not only adding visual appeal to a space, whether it’s an indoor staircase or outdoor balcony, but more importantly also providing the necessary security measures for structures like staircases, balconies and swimming pools. With many of your home owner and commercial property owner clients looking towards frameless balustrading for its combination of aesthetic value and unobstructed views, it’s important to have the right glass balustrade posts and stainless steel spigots on hand. If you’re a builder, interior designer or DIYer looking for the best pool fencing spigots for your fence installation in Melbourne, you can count on Forge Hardware to accommodate all your needs.

What Makes Forge Hardware Different?

Forge Hardware isn’t just any old supplier frameless pool fence spigots and balustrade hardware. We specialise in B2B sales, operating as a wholesaler for retailers, builders, glaziers, plumbers and other industry professionals. Our team boasts a wealth of knowledge when it comes to glass fence and balustrade installations and can recommend the best post and glass panel combinations to create a finished product that’s stylish, safe and secure. Forge Hardware proudly delivers to industry clients Australia wide, so get in touch with us today for all your balustrading needs.

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Stainless Steel Glass Spigots

Stainless steel glass spigots are useful in creating a modern glass balustrade for a pool or stair fence. We offer a variety of glass spigots in excellent quality which you can use both for internal and external purposes.

• Materials: We offer stainless steel 304/316, duplex 2205, and Ss316 as the most popular.
• Surface Treatment: Satin finish and mirror polish
• Glass Thickness: Suitable for 8mm to 18mm glass
• Excellent for glass fences, glass railings of swimming pools, garden barriers, balcony fencing, and staircase railings.
• MOQ: 100 pieces

• They require minimal maintenance.
• They have less visual fixings which help create a seamless look.
• Our products are compliant with the pool fencing and balustrade specifications.

The frames of these fences need to be held strongly together to make them withstand various conditions, such as strong wind. One way to do that is to bolt stainless steel spigots to the surface.

Stainless Steel Glass Spigots

  • gallery-image-0

    Item No. : SQ-BASEMaterial: ss316/Duplex 2205Glass Thickness: 8-15mmSize: 50*50*160mm

    Floor Mounted Glass spigot

  • gallery-image-1

    Item No. : SQ-COREMaterial: ss316/Duplex 2205Glass Thickness: 8-15mmSize: 50*50*225mm

  • gallery-image-2

    Item No.: RND-BASEMaterial: ss316/Duplex 2205Glass Thickness: 8-15mmSize: 50*160mm

  • gallery-image-3

    Item No.: RND-COREMaterial: ss316/Duplex 2205Glass Thickness: 8-15mmSize: 50*225mm

  • gallery-image-4

    Item No.: F30Material: ss316/Duplex 2205Glass Thickness: 8-14mmSize: 50*285mm

  • gallery-image-5

    Item No.: F30SMaterial: ss316/Duplex 2205Glass Thickness: 8-14mmSize: 50*50*285mm

  • gallery-image-6

    Item No.: F30BPMaterial: ss316/Duplex 2205Glass Thickness: 8-14mmSize: 50*158mm

  • gallery-image-7

    Item No.: F30BPSMaterial: ss316/Duplex 2205Glass Thickness: 8-14mmSize: 50*50*158mm

  • gallery-image-8

    Item No.: VASP-Al-BASEMaterial: AluminiumGlass Thickness: 8-16mmSize: 50*50*192mm

  • gallery-image-9

    Item No.: VASP-Al-COREMaterial: AluminiumGlass Thickness: 8-16mmSize: 50*50*238mm

  • gallery-image-10

    Item No.: BR322AMaterial: ss316/Duplex 2205Glass Thickness: 8-14mmSize: 48*188mm

  • gallery-image-11

    Item No.: BR322B-BMaterial: ss316/Duplex 2205Glass Thickness: 8-14mmSize: 48*288mm


Most of us have pools in our homes or we at least want to construct pools in our property someday. Although having a pool in our property is fun but safety of children and elderly is also important as we do not want them to accidentally walk in to the pool.

In pool fencing the glass that is normally used is tough, clean and clear. Regardless of the type of glass you use in the pool, you will definitely want to use glass spigot to keep the glass intact. These glass spigots can keep the glass tightly and it can provide you extreme visual and technical security and safety measurement.

With these spigots, you can construct pool fencing with more security measurement, and you can avail better longevity also. These spigots are rust resistant and water, air pollution and humidity level cannot affect these spigots.

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pool fencing spigots


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