Raft survival map minecraft

raft survival map minecraft

Raft Survival - CKLeow&Vatonage! YES! You Heard It Right! A new Raft Survival map is out for download now! This map. Raft survival map You start your journey on a raft in the middle of nowhere - now try to survive. The only way to find resources is fishing. When you are in the middle of the ocean, lost and without resources, you are fighting the world. If you are one of those people who like to test their. raft survival map minecraft

GHP’s Custom Raft Survival Firecracker baseball tournament 2017 alt="GHP’s Custom Raft Survival Map">

Do you like different kinds of survival in the Minecraft world? If so, then you will definitely be interested in another new survival. This is a new challenge for those who like to survive in the Minecraft worldand different difficulties. The new survival takes place on the high seas where the player will have limited resources. The player will have to survive while on the high seas on a raft. On the raft, you can find only one barrel with certain items to start your survival.

Let's take a closer look at the features of this survival below.

As mentioned earlier, players will have to go through survival in which they will live raft survival map minecraft a special raft with certain resources. In the sea, you can see the working flow of the water and the fish that live in the water. Players can use a fishing rod to catch fish. Also, at the beginning of survival, players will receive certain items that will help at the initial stage of survival. All this and much more awaits you on the new map.

For a better experience, we recommend using additional RTX shaders.

RTX shaders

According to the plot of this map, you woke up in the middle of the sea on a raft drifting somewhere in the sea. You feel weak and very hungry. What to do next depends on your survival skills. On the raft, you found some kind of barrel in which you can find useful items to start your survival.

GHP’s Custom Raft Survival (1)

Items that will be available in the barrel:


Please note that some products cannot be stored forever. We also recommend that you use your fishing skills and ability.

GHP’s Custom Raft Survival (2)

Below you can see a table with fishing loot:

Fishing loot table

Fishing is the main activity that will help you survive in this world. Players who will fish have a chance to fish through the End Portal and the End Eye. There is also a chance that you can get a curse that, on the contrary, will take away your health.
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Raft Survival Map for Minecraft

Raft Survival is a good map, it is a kind of survival in Minecraft 1.13.2, where you need to try as much as possible to survive and perform certain tasks set by the author of this map. You will need to use a raft to help you in your survival. The map was created based on the popular game Raft. Download the map and big 10 mens tennis yourself!


Raft Survival Map Screenshot
Raft Survival Map Screenshot 2
Raft Survival Map Screenshot 3
Raft Survival Map Screenshot 4

How raft survival map minecraft install:

  1. Download the map
  2. Unzip the file to .minecraft\saves
  3. Done!

Download Raft Survival Map:

RaftSurvival.zip[8.81 Mb]
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Maps Block Raft Survival MCPE

When you are in the middle of the ocean, lost and without resources, raft survival map minecraft, you are fighting the world.
If you are one of those people who like to test their survival skills, it is time to put those survival skills to the test.

High risk sea adventure, you only need a small wooden raft to survive the hardships in the ocean.
You should not raft survival map minecraft afraid of sea creatures or sharks, because you will encounter several.
You will need courage for your journey, but also ingenuity and dedication,
qualities that any great Minecraft adventurer should have.
If you are looking for a challenge that limits your abilities, don't hesitate nrg stadium basketball seating chart start now!
We provide some One Block raft survival maps for you, and other bonus maps too!

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HUGE THANKS to Vatonage for letting me use his 2 amazing addons! This map is also made possible by Vatonage!

This map includes Vatonage's Advanced Machinery addon, his Ore Trees addon, my Custom Recipes addon and my Fishing Tweaks Addon!

If you want to play this map without any spoilers, SKIP THROUGH the texts images and my playthrough/tutorial video that are all below and go all the way to the download link! It REALLY serves a different experience! BTW, come back if you get stuck!


Step-by-step play through (Custom recipes below this section)
1) Take the planks and sticks from the chest and use the crafting table to craft a wooden pickaxe. 
2) Use the wooden pickaxe to mine the stone that is in the bottom of the ocean.
3) Mine some sand and gravel that are below the stone layer.
4) Make dirt with one piece of gravel and sand.
5) Plant a sapling, a sapling can be made by mining a piece of log from the raft, turning it into sticks and combining it with 6 pieces dirt.
6) Fish with a fishing rod that is provided in the starter chest to get food and even treasure!
7) Sleep through the night by making a bed with wool that are on the sail of the raft and combining it with planks.
8) Make shears by putting 2 pieces of oak wood that are made with 4 logs.
9) Shear the leaves of the tree to make saplings more easily, seeds and dirt.
10) Make a sieve, sieve gravel and sand to get minerals, raft survival map minecraft, sieve dirt to get more crop related items.
11) Make ore trees to get more of that mineral.
12) Make a power core, start generating power with solar generators, combustion generators and so much more!
13) Use the power! Make void miners, hostile spawners and more!

How to get to the nether?
Get lava by using the stone barrel raft survival map minecraft convert it into obsidian using water.

How to get to the end?
Craft an end cake and eat it.

Custom Recipes

Note : If you want to upload this to your youtube channel, raft survival map minecraft, link this website in your description and send me a link of your video ([email protected]) ! I would love to see them!

Changelog :

  • Edited some misspelled words
  • Added a playthrough/tutorial video
  • Edited the description

creator: https://twitter.com/CKLeow4

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