Rock shox dart 1

rock shox dart 1

Fork oil volume specifications for Rockshox Dart 1. Year: Fork: Dart. Model: 1. Damper Type: None. Spring Type: Coil. RockShox Dart 1 (MSRP $0) — CAPABILITY TO TACKLE THE TRAIL AHEAD. The Dart is the best value in its class. Offering top-notch options like TurnKey lockout. There is no oil in the Dart 1 it has no damper. Pull the lowers, clean the insides, re-grease (a heavier grease will actually help dampen.

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RockShox Dart 1 Forks

After the first few weeks of use, the whole rock shox dart 1 will settle down. As a result, the gears may need tweaking, some nuts and bolts may need tightening and you may well need to check the adjustment of the saddle equinelle golf course jobs handlebars.



Cable stretch tends to occur shortly after a new bike has been ridden a few times. A rear derailleur that we have tuned to hit every gear, nicely and quietly, may now not be making each shift causing a sensation and sound of “being in between gears”. Generally you may have to shift up, or shift down a couple times to quiet it down and settle the derailleur into a “happy gear”. A front derailleur may no longer want to shift all the way onto the big ring or will require a much firmer push to get it there.

It is advisable to get the cable tension adjusted as soon as this happens either by your local bike shop. This tune up is considered a necessary part of any bicycles maintenance schedule and as such should not be ignored.

Your brakes will also be affected by cable stretch (provided of course that they are NOT hydraulic in which case this does not apply). The symptom here is that they usually start to feel quite loose. i.e. you have to pull the lever much further back or harder in order to get zanzibar toronto shooting same stopping power you once had. This is partly why new bikes come with a first free service. If your brakes start feeling a little spongy after a few weeks, you can adjust them at the barrel or the clamp or ask a mechanic at your local bike shop to do it for you.

New disc brakes won’t deliver their full power until the rotor and pads have bedded in.

SRAM hockey skate padding a really good guide for bedding in disc brakes:

“Accelerate the bike to a moderate speed and then firmly applying the brakes until you are at walking speed. Repeat this process 20 times, rock shox dart 1. Then accelerate the bike to a faster speed and apply the brakes until you are at walking speed. Repeat this process ten times. It’s important that during this process you never rock shox dart 1 to a complete stop or lock up the wheels at any point.”

Doing this process should drastically improve the performance of your brakes and prepare them for many happy rides.

Check the cranks and crank bolts or nut for tightness; grab a crank arm in each hand and try to wiggle them to check for looseness. If there is play in the cranks, the nuts or bolts may need to be tightened. Cranks should be checked after every ride for the first week.

A loose headset can be diagnosed by turning the front wheel to point left or right, rock shox dart 1, holding the front brake on, and then rocking the bike backwards and forwards. Hold your fingers between the stem and the frame. Any movement indicates that you need to tighten the headset.

Check your seat post is not loose and that you have not exceeded the limit marked on the seat post. Once you have checked these, use an allen key to tighten the seat post clamp. Check the seat is secure by giving it another check once you have finished.

Check that your front wheel and stem do not move independently, and that your handlebar clamp bolts are tight. Perform this check by standing in front of the bike, holding the front wheel between your knees, and twisting the handlebars. You can prevent any movement by tightening the stem bolts and the handlebar clamp with an allen key.

Keeping your mountain bike’s suspension maintained is one of the best ways to ensure you’re getting all the performance you rock shox dart 1 out of your bike. Plus, giving your fork and shock a few seconds of attention here and there can prevent costly repairs or even replacements.

Dirt is the number one enemy of suspension. After every ride make sure to wipe the seal area and stanchions of your fork and shock. Wipe in a horizontal motion, not vertical as you don’t want to force any debris towards the seals.

Every few rides double check that your suspension sag is correct, rock shox dart 1, as well as your rebound and compression adjustments. If something has changed, or the adjustments aren’t working as before, some maintenance is likely due.

Working on your bike at home can seem daunting, and we'd always recommend you take your bike to a qualified mechanic if possible.


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Rock Shox Dart SL 3 26 in MTB Bike Suspension Fork Rockshox /8 Disc Q3

Product Identifiers

  • Brand


  • MPN


  • eBay Product ID (ePID)

Product Key Features

  • Seat Style


  • Suspension Travel

    80 mm

  • Color


  • Shell Width


  • Thread Size

    1 1/8 in

  • Fork Type


  • Compatible Bike Type

    Folding Bike, Dirt Jumper, Cruiser, Downhill Bike, Cyclocross Bike, Mountain Bike, Tandem Bike, Universal, Road Bike, Electric Bike

  • Frame Size

    26 in

  • Wheel Size

    26 in

  • For Component


  • Stem Type


  • Features

    With Lock

  • Part Type


  • Material

    Steel, Aluminum, Aluminum Alloy, Alloy

  • Suspension Type


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RockShox Dart 1 Question

Hey I have rockshox dart 1, and there were just a few things i was wondering. I'm quite new to bikes, actually, i had just bought my first "real" mountain bike just 2 months before. Well i went on the rockshox site and to the Dart category, and found a picture of the dart1s. i noticed a difference between the ones i have and the ones on the site though, which leads to my first question. on the site,, they show a picture of the dart 1s and 2s together. I noticed the shox have a lockout adjuster? mine doesnt seem to have that. it just has a Preload adjuster, and instead of the lockout, the right side is occupied by a flat knob that wont budge. ( look at picture ) so i was wondering, were my rockshox supposed to come with the adjuster or is that only for dart 2s? Also, when i adjust my sag with the preload adjuster, when do i know to stop? i mean i was twisting it, and it just keeps course i was twisting it for too long, but does it just come to a hault when it can be no longer adjusted? sorry for the long post, and I'm newb, so any help will be greatly appreciated. thanks in advance.

pic of my dart 1s
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·         Bei diesem Produkt handelt es sich NICHT um OEM-Ware.

·         Wenn Sie dieses Produkt bestellen, erhalten Sie original-verpackte Ware, welche mit allem Zubehör und vollerHersteller-Garantie geliefert wird.

beachten Sie:

·         Bei diesem Produkt handelt es sich NICHT um OEM-Ware.

·         Wenn Sie dieses Produkt bestellen, erhalten Sie original-verpackte Ware, welche mit allem Zubehör und vollerHersteller-Garantie geliefert wird.

RockShox® Dart3 TurnKey(tm).
Einsatzbereich: Cross Country.
Federsystem: Stahlfeder.
Einstellung: Vorspannung.
Federweg: mm.
Dämpfung: TurnKey™ Lockout.
Krone: geschmiedetes T-6 Aluminium.
Steuerrohr: Stahl.
Standrohre: 28mm, Stahl.
Unterrohre: Magnesium.
Gewicht: g.
Max. zulässige Bremsscheibengröße: rock shox dart 1 []

Dart 1 Coil mm Fork White 26" Rim/Disc

Possible replacements for the
Dart 1 Coil mm Fork White 26" Rim/Disc
Bluto RCT3 Suspension Fork - 26" Fat Bikes A5
MY21 Yari RC Suspension Fork - 29", 42mm Offset, B3
Reba RL Suspension Fork: 29", Tapered Steerer, 15 x mm, 51mm Offset, Black, A8
Reba RL Suspension Fork - 29", 15xmm, 51mm Offset, A9
35 Gold RL Suspension Fork - ", mm, 15 x mm, 44 mm Offset, Black
35 Gold RL Suspension Fork - 29", 15 x mm, 44 mm Offset, E-MTB, A2
35 Gold RL Suspension Fork - ", 15 x mm, 44 mm Offset, E-MTB, A2
Judy Gold RL Suspension Fork - 29", rock shox dart 1, 51mm Offset, Straight Steerer, A3
Paragon Gold RL Fork: C A1
MY21 Recon Silver RL Suspension Fork - twin city classic soccer tournament, mm, 9 x mm, 51 mm Offset
Recon Silver RL Suspension Fork - ", mm, 9 x mm, 42 mm Offset, Black, D1
Archived Product Data
RockShox Dart 1 Coil mm Fork White 26" Rim/Disc
The Dart 1 is an entry level fork to help get your feet wet before diving into a more pricey option. Featuring a simple design that is scaled down with minimal adjustments where most riders don't need them and features where they do, rock shox dart 1. As one of the few remaining forks on the market that will accept rim brakes, this is a solid replacement or upgrade option.

RockShox Suspension Forks
  • Intended application: XC
  • Forged AL T6 Crown
  • Alloy lower legs
  • Steel Steerer tube
  • Canti Bosses and Post Disc Mounts
  • Color White
  • Weight lbs
  • Steerer Tube /8" Threadless
  • Brake Usage F/R Front
  • Steerer Tube Length mm
  • Brake Type Linear Pull,Disc
  • Spring Coil


9x1 (Standard Quick Release)
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Customer Questions

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asked by: a guest
Will this fit my gt outpost all terra
anwered by: canteau
Most likely rock shox dart 1, but it has been discontinued rock shox dart 1 is no longer available.
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rock shox dart 1


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