Sidi genius 7 carbon cycling shoe mens

sidi genius 7 carbon cycling shoe mens

The Sidi Genius 7 Mega Carbon is a durable road shoe with a carbon-nylon composite sole and synthetic upper. Genius 7 is everything you expect in a pro-level road shoe: a Millennium 5 Carbon Composite Sole, Caliper Buckle with a two-way ratchet. C.B. 4 PEDRO'S Blowout seatbag (SMALL) $15 ANOTHER WAY CYCLING CAN SAVE THE Like the men's shoes, the footbed and outsole get the full Body Geometry.

Sidi genius 7 carbon cycling shoe mens - excellent and

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Your guide to Sidi cycling shoes - get to know the range

Sidi is one of the most iconic, prestigious and legendary shoe brands in the cycling world, a familiar sight on the feet of Grand Tour winners over the years, most recently with Tao Geoghegan Hart in the Giro d'Italia.

  • Founded in , Sidi has an enviable reputation for the durability of its cycling shoes

  • Being Italian, Sidi cycling shoes are usually made on a fairly narrow last. If you need them wider, look out for 'Mega' fit

  • More expensive shoes include features like adjustable heel cups and multiple dials

  • RRP of the nominal base model Alba 2 shoes is £, but there are a few Genius 7s around for under £

The full Sidi road shoe range

Sidi was founded in by Dino Signori, who even now in his 80s is still at the helm of the brand he built into a world leader. The company’s history is one of innovation, from the first adjustable cleat to the introduction of nylon soled shoes, and the first use of velcro straps.

All Sidi cycling shoes are still designed, developed and manufactured in Italy. Building a shoe is a complex task and one that isn’t easily automated by robots and machines. Skills are passed down through the generations. Quality is paramount to the Italian company.

If you’re in the market for a new pair of shoes this summer your eye might be drawn to the Sidi website, but where to start? To help you out here is an overview of the current range.

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Sidi Fast — £

 Sidi Fast Black

The Fast is Sidi’s latest road shoe offering and aesthetically, it doesn’t stray far from the Sidi design book. Sidi shoes have, in recent years, been getting a little more understated in their design and the Fast certainly looks cleaner than many of Sidi’s previous designs. There are just two colour options, white or black and the lack of patterns on the upper will certainly please riders looking for a classic design.

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Sidi Genius 10 — £ - £

Sidi Genius 10 red

The latest in the ever-popular Genius line replaces the previous version's ratchet buckles and Velcro straps with the Tecno - 3 dials found on Sidi's more expensive shoes. The carbon fibre sole has a replaceable heel pad and the top dial pulls closed a strap that Sidi calls the Soft Instep Closure System, with an EVA pad over the top of your foot to apply pressure comfortably.

Sidi Sixty — £

Sidi Sixty

Sidi's latest top-end shoes mark the company's 60 years in the shoemaking business and demonstrate the continued evolution of the company's high-end shoes. The microfibre uppers are built on the Vent carbon fibre sole used for the Wire 2, but they're closed by a new dial, dubbed Tecno-4, at the top of the foot, with a Velcro strap down by the toes. That Velcro strap hides a set of clever plastic teeth that lock it closed and take the load to prolong the life of the Velcro.

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Sidi Wire 2 — £

Sidi Wire 2

Sidi's latest version of the Wire has a pair of Tecno 3 buckles, like the original Wires, but the second buckle has been moved from the side of the shoe to the top. Like other shoemakers' Boa closures, the Tecno 3 buckles use a thin wire to pull the shoe together, providing fine-tuning of the tension across the upper without the faff of laces.

The Wire 2 has Sidi's Vent carbon fibre sole, as you'd expect from a top-end shoe, with replaceable toe and heel pads and the adjustable vent that gives it its name. Like the Shot it has an adjustable heel cup so you can firmly secure your foot for big efforts on hills or sprints.

While all Sidi cycling shoes come with a regular three-hole cleat setup, the Wire 2 Carbon SP has a sole designed specifically for Speedplay cleats, avoiding the necessity for adapters.

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Sidi Shot — £ (limited sizes)

The Sidi Shot was the flagship shoe until recently, developed with help from Chris Froome who wore a prototype pair to victory in the Tour and production versions in his subsequent victories in the Vuelta and the Giro d'Italia.


Key to the design is a centrally positioned double Tecno-3 Push retention system to provide better aerodynamics and comfort. The full carbon fibre sole has a sliding vent, the heel retention system is adjustable and now features a reflector for added visibility, and the heel pad and toe guard are replaceable.

Sidi Ergo 5 — £ 12,5 US sidi genius 7 carbon cycling shoe mens

Are not: Sidi genius 7 carbon cycling shoe mens

Sidi genius 7 carbon cycling shoe mens
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Sidi genius 7 carbon cycling shoe mens

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SIDI Genius 7 Women's - Road Cycling Shoe Review


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