Webquest extreme sports

webquest extreme sports

Many teachers liken WebQuests to electronic choose-your-own-adventure and quickly uncover a culture of merciless bullying treated as sport” (Price. webquest - extreme sports. Students are expected to fill in a table after watching a video about some funny extreme sports, then in small. “Extreme Sports” Webquest. Step 1 – Read the overview from the project on the first page of the link. Step 2 – Each group member should read through their. webquest extreme sports
El Calendario Español WebQuest
This WebQuest is best for an Introductory Level Spanish Course or Beginner Level 1A (grades 3-7). The WebQuest explores: -the history of how the Spanish Days got their name -vocabulario and key phrases associated with the Spanish Calendar -Simple grammatical concept associated with the use of defi
Spanish 1 Food Comidas WebQuest
Intended for Chapter 4 of Asi se Dice Level 1, but applicable to any food unit of a Spanish class, this Webquest was womens weekly soccer field cake with the intention of students completing a real-world task using their vocabulary and grammar. Students are to plan a dinner party using the supermarket portion of the Corte Ing
Pasaporte Cultural Hispanic <a href=Sea kayak lights Month">
Want your students to explore Hispanic Heritage Month? Use this free Pasaporte Cultural as baseball star unlimited cp mod apk way to get students talking about this month long celebration and how sports tourism in india came to be. There are versions in English and Spanish of these resourcesFollow me and be notified when new products are uploaded. Conn
Argentina Weather & Seasons Spanish Project - Webquest
This webquest explores the weather/season difference between the U.S. and Argentina. At the end of the webquest, students will make a poster to illustrate what they have learned in Spanish. Hard copies of corresponding worksheets and the rubric to this webquest can be found under: Argentina Weather
Pizza en Espana
This worksheet guides students in examining the web site of a popular pizza restaurant chain in Spain. Among other things, students identify ingredients and restaurant locations. Students design their own pizza and analyze the nutritional content of their custom pizza. Questions are mostly in Spa
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Extreme Sports: A Blessing or A Curse?


Welcome: Extreme Sports: A Blessing or A Curse?
Description: Extreme sports are becoming more and more popular with people of all ages, especially with teenagers. They are fascinated with speed, adrenaline, excitement. They take risks without thinking of tragic consequences. Are extreme sports as dangerous as they can seem? What to think about when taking a "crazy" sports up? These are the problems to be webquest extreme sports, some recommendations are to be provided and shared with the Internet community via participating in the Blog "Extreme Sports" and creating the web-site "Extreme Sports: A Blessing or A Curse?".
Grade Level: 9-12
Curriculum: Health / PE
Keywords: extreme sports risk danger excitement fitness healthy living protection
Author(s): Larisa Khorikova

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Welcome World Traveler Enthusiasts!
Today you and four other teammates must pull together all of your resources to become the best of the best travel agency. After designing a knockout brochure you will have to present this to your fellow classmates and convince them to choose your travel destination location!
Students in groups of five will work collaboratively to design and present a brochure of their chosen destination. Your team will be a michigan city football stadium agency, your goal is to convince the rest of the class your destination is the one to travel to and your agency is the one they should book through.
Students will arrange themselves into groups of 5, from there as a group look up examples of brochures and travel agencies. What works? What doesn't? What stands out? Share individual extreme sports and decide who's sport to use as main objective. Next step is to decide where the best destination would be, then assign who will do what page of the brochure (thrill seeker, night lifer, relaxation specialist, food critic, webquest extreme sports, or fact finder), webquest extreme sports. Individually collect information over topic, as a group design brochure, include pictures!
As a final product your team will present brochure as a "travel agency", be as creative as possible during presentation.
Remember: you want to convince classmates your destination is the best!

Thrill Seeker:

Find and organize information about your team's extreme sport.Include company's you can go through to do sport and pictures.

Night Lifer:

Research other activities popular in your area that tourists may be interested in doing, webquest extreme sports, include everything from night life hot spots, to scenic views. 

The Relaxation Specialist:

Research hotels in the area, include a variety of options and prices with pictures of the hotels.

Food Critic:

Find out what food is popular in your area, and the best restaurants to go to get it, include pictures.

Fact Finder:

Research random, fun, interesting facts about your area.

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Healthy Living WebQuest


webquest extreme sports !supportEmptyParas]> 

Welcome to Summer School at St. Clements! We hope you get a lot out of the week as well as enjoy yourself thoroughly along the way.


During these sessions we will be using ICT and the Internet to carry out an investigation into healthy living, webquest extreme sports ties into the theme of the week.


Take this opportunity to judge how healthy you would say you are.Would you like to be more active? Do you feel you should cut down on fast-food?Uncovering knowledge is the key to changing our attitudes…



The Quest


You will be divided into two equal groups of 4 focussing on either ‘Health and Fitness’ or ‘Health and Food’.

At the end of the sessions, each group will be presenting their case to the rest of the class as to which area is more important to healthy living – fitness or food.This will be done via an open debate webquest extreme sports pre-prepared questions to put to the opposition along with a ‘mind-map’ (or spider diagram) containing all the results from your research.


In your groups of 4 you will each have a role, you will independently research this role using the websites provided.All notes you make will be recorded on a ‘Guided Worksheet’ which will be handed out later.When you each have completed your web research, webquest extreme sports, the information you uncover will be put into a mind-map which an elected leader will take charge of.


When it comes to the debate, each of you will need to think of a few challenging questions to put to the opposition – curling league schedule template is to really test their claim that their area is more important to healthy living.

Everything will become clear as we follow the WebQuest process and don’t panic if you get stuck along the way just ask for assistance, this exercise is webquest extreme sports to be challenging, it’s why you’re here…



The Process


Stage One


Before you begin you will need to gather some background information on what healthy living is all about and to improve your understanding of some key words.


Using the following two websites, answer the questions on the sheet titled ‘Background Research’.







Stage Two


In your groups, decide which role you will adopt from the table below.You will become this person over the next 3 days and all your web research will revolve around knowing your role and defending your corner!



Group Two:FOOD




Extreme Sports Co-ordinator

P.E. Teacher at High School

Gym Instructor



Fast Food Operator


GM Foods Expert




(Once decided collect role badges so we know who you are!)


You will each be given a ‘Guided Worksheet’ for your chosen role, this will frame your web research.



Here is an example:

Guided Worksheet


Name: Ms Crowe


KEY WORDS:ArablePastoralOrganic

HerbicidesFresh ProduceHealth Benefits

Please Add:ChemicalsCancerSustainability


What does your job involve? (use your prior knowledge):

1.Arable – producing crops such as wheat, webquest extreme sports, maize, barley

Pastrol – rearing animals ready for the meat market such webquest extreme sports sheep, cows, pigs and chickens.Their welfare is also very important to me.


2.Promoting fresh produce, such as providing free-range eggs to the local community.


3.Discourage the use of artificial chemicals such as pesticides and herbicides on crops.




Website One


Organic Farming is agricultural production without the use of synthetic chemicals or genetically modified organisms.


Soil is central to this system of farming with soil health critical in producing wholesome products without the use of artificial fertilisers and pesticides.


Animal welfare is also important to organic farming, with only free-range animals are allowed.


Website Two

Farming organically is the healthiest choice. Organic farming helps keep our air, soil, webquest extreme sports, water and food supply clean.


We also provide our farm workers and neighbours with a healthier environment. Organic farming helps make healthy food and a healthy planet!


Growing children are developing brain function and internal organs to last a lifetime, so their food should be the purest and most nutritious available.


Website Three

By choosing organic we get the extra benefit of avoiding the added colourings, flavourings, webquest extreme sports, preservatives, antioxidants, webquest extreme sports, emulsifiers, stabilizers and artificial sweeteners that are found in webquest extreme sports foods as well as the residues of agricultural pesticides, hormones and antibiotics - and we will probably be consuming higher levels of nutrients.

Fresh organic produce, grown in good organic soil is likely to have a higher content of vitamins and minerals and helps to build a stronger immune system than conventional produce which has typically been grown in artificially fertilised soil, picked before it is ripe and then kept in cold storage for long periods daytona state softball camp else consists of highly processed pre-packed foods.

How do you promote healthy living?


1.Producing fresh food without the use on man-made chemicals


2.Limiting the amount of pesticides on our food helps our immune system grow



3.Organic food does not contain any of the added ingredients found in

processed food


4.Organic foods contain higher levels of nutrients

5.Providing fresh fruit and vegetables to local supermarkets so that they are

available to the general public



Questions to challenge the other team:

To the weightlifter:


Your industry is associated with the use of steroids to improve physical strength and performance, there is nothing healthy about taking drugs for fitness.What is your reaction to this claim?


Food is our source of energy, webquest extreme sports, how could you possibly lift weights without regularly consuming carbohydrates?











Remember, get to know your role inside out, webquest extreme sports, as you never know what sort of questions the opposition will ask!





Before you begin your research, we’re going to do a little experiment to work out how healthy our weight is using the B.M.I. chart (Boby Mass Index) use the following website to input your motorcycle golf club caddy !supportEmptyParas]> 



Now plot your results on the graph provided in your groups.



Stage Three


All research is to be carried out using the web links provided under your specialist role. Use this website as your base to work from, referring to the instructions, and make notes on your Guided Worksheet.









Extreme Dreams.Lists experiences in all extreme sports adventures.



Outdoor Britain:Extreme Sports





P.E. Department: How can I help? An example webquest extreme sports PE programme



PE High School Curriculum for Webquest extreme sports Britain



Benefits of school Physical Education lessons



Gym Instructor



Health-Related Fitness.Questions answered



Sports and Fitness Centre



What is physical fitness, and why is it important?





Health benefits of physical fitness






Physical fitness, activity and health







Advice from the Food Standards Agency



MacDonald’s Menu changes to incorporate healthy food



MacDonald’s a Fast Food Factory





Taking care of your teeth and gums



Dental Health and Your diet


Snaking and Dental Care





Genetically Modified Organisms and Health



GM Foods: Myths and Facts (Hong Kong Government)



GM Foods: More benefits?






Why should schools promote healthy eating?



Conexxions: Healthy Eating



Nutrition Information



Stage Four


As a group you will need to:




  • Bring together your findings
  • Present your information on the mind-map ‘Why I think food / fitness is more important to healthy living’
  • Discuss in your groups potential questions to challenge the opposition

Ms Crowe will provide assistance to the food group

Mr Gregory will provide assistance to the fitness group


Format for Debate


  1. Each of you in turn will introduce yourselves, briefly talking about your role and your main argument
  2. The elected leader will then summarise webquest extreme sports why food / fitness is more important to healthy living using the mind-map
  3. Begin questioning the opposition – get debating!
  4. Conclusion and evaluation from webquest extreme sports !supportEmptyParas]> 

    *Remember the information you collect from websites is to be used in forming your own argument; you will not be able to read from copied text!!



    WELL DONE – You have successfully completed the WebQuest, we hope you found it enjoyable and learned a lot about how to make your own lifestyles healthier ones!!





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Extreme sports

Almost all of you do sports regularly. But one day you might feel that you are not satisfied with what you’ve been enthusiastically doing for some time, webquest extreme sports. Playing volleyball or going skiing seems too usual and boring… You are looking for something more exciting and you think of extreme sports. You are fascinated with speed, adrenaline, excitement… You read or watch videos about extremes.

The term “extreme sport” is commonly used for activities which involve speed, height, a high level of physical exertion or spectacular stunts. Athletes compete not only against other athletes, but also against environmental obstacles and challenges. Since these natural phenomena cannot be controlled, they inevitably affect the outcome of the given activity or event.

Over the years, the definition of extreme sports has shifted due to marketing trends. Extreme sports became especially popular through the so-called X Games, a multi-sport event for extreme sports held in the USA every year.

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