Ronaldo street soccer

ronaldo street soccer

Ronaldo went undercover to play soccer in the city streets like a “regular person.” A team of people applied makeup and facial hair to his. What a player! Last night Cristiano Ronaldo became the highest goalscorer ever in international football with 111 goals. How many more can he score? Cristiano Ronaldo is one of those athletes that seems larger than life. His constant stream of success on the soccer pitch. ronaldo street soccer

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Cristiano Ronaldo is one of those athletes that seems larger than life. His constant stream of success on the soccer pitch, and his luxurious life off of it, make him one of the biggest stars in the world.

His attitude also often reflects a certain inaccessibility. He knows he’s the best, he wants all the glory, and this has led to critics labeling Ronaldo as a selfish prima donna.

Some of this reputation is earned. Ronaldo has reacted petulantly at times when his teammates score instead of him on multipleoccasions. On one hand, yeah that’s kinda fucked up, but it also reveals the insane drive within Ronaldo to be the best no matter how it looks to the outside world.

Between his otherworldly achievements on the pitch (he’s scored 411 goals in 401 games for Real Madrid just in 2017) and his tabloid-headline life off of it, Ronaldo may be the most talked about athlete on the planet.

He doesn’t have the grace or feel-good story of Lionel Messi, ronaldo street soccer, the man he’s in constant competition with, but he makes up for that with pure will to succeed.

That drive allowed Ronaldo to go from the streets of the small island of Madeira to the summit of the sporting world.

In an article penned for The Player’s Tribune, we get some insight into how Ronaldo became one of the greatest soccer players of all time, and peel the curtain back on a man that can seem elusively inaccessible.

Here are five quotes that teach us about the man that is Cristiano Ronaldo.

On what family means to him

Ronaldo wrote about seeing his mother and his sisters in the stands to watch him play for the first time when he was a little kid. Even as a 7-year-old, Ronaldo was proud to play in front of his family and wanted to make them proud of him:

“I felt so good in that moment, ronaldo street soccer. It meant a lot to me. It was like something switched inside of me. I was really proud. At that time, we didn’t have much money. Life was a struggle back then in Madeira. I was playing in whatever old boots my brother passed down to me or my cousins gave me. But when you’re a kid, you don’t care about money. You care about a certain feeling. And on that day, this feeling, it was very strong. I felt protected and loved. In Portuguese, we say menino querido da família.”

Growing up in poverty on a secluded Portuguese island gave Ronaldo the ronaldo street soccer to find better circumstances, but he always played to make himself and his family proud.

On moving away from home to pursue his dream

At 11 years old, ronaldo street soccer, Ronaldo moved from Madeira to the Portuguese capital to play for the legendary team Sporting Lisbon. He moved by himself and his family only had enough money to visit every 4 months. Ronaldo says he cried every day, but soccer kept him going:

“It was my opportunity to pursue my dream. So they let me go, and I went. I cried almost every aaron judge topps baseball card. I was still in Portugal, but it was like moving watch rugby live cricfree another country. The accent made it like a completely different language. The culture was different. I didn’t know anybody, ronaldo street soccer, and it was extremely lonely. My family could only afford to come visit me every four months or so. I was missing them so much that every ronaldo street soccer was painful.”

For Ronaldo moving away from home was brutal but he made a choice to dedicate himself to soccer like never before. When life gets overwhelming, diving into your personal work and goals can help you conquer whatever it is that’s bringing you down.

On his decision to become the best in the world


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Early on while at Sporting it was apparent Ronaldo was special, but he was a scrawny little kid. He decided that he would dedicate himself to becoming the best in the world, despite being 11:

“It’s true, I was skinny. I had no muscle. So I made a decision at 11 years old. I knew I had a lot of talent, but I decided that I was going to work harder than everybody. I was going to stop playing like a kid, ronaldo street soccer. I was going to stop acting like a kid. I was going to train like I could be the best in the world.”

No matter what you do. You can always practice like you’re the best in the world.

On fatherhood

In his article, Ronaldo explains the difference between winning his first trophies of his career with Lisbon and Manchester United to winning with Real Madrid. But more interestingly, he outlines how becoming a father changed the way he views success:

“When I was on the pitch after the final whistle, it felt like I had sent a message to the world, ronaldo street soccer. But then my son came on the field to celebrate with me … and it was like the snap of a finger. Suddenly, the entire emotion changed. He was running around with Marcelo’s son. We held the trophy together. Then we walked around the field, hand in hand. It is a joy that I did not understand until I was a father. There are so many emotions happening simultaneously that you cannot describe the feeling in words. The only thing I can compare it to is how I felt when I was warming up in Madeira and I saw my mother and sister huddled together in the stands.”

This familial affection is something we’ve never seen out of Ronaldo but it’s clearly what drives him to be the best, to represent his family and make them proud.

On never forgetting the dream

Ronaldo has basically done it all at Madrid. He’s won every trophy there is to win, both with the team and personally. But that childhood dream is what keeps him going to strive for more success:

“After 400 matches with Madrid, winning is still my ultimate ambition. I think I was born like that. But the feeling after I win has definitely changed, ronaldo street soccer. This is a new chapter in my life. I had a special message engraved on my new Mercurial boots. It’s right on the heel, ronaldo street soccer, and the words are the last thing that I athlon pro football 2019 before I lace them up and go to the tunnel. It is like a final reminder … a final motivation. It says, “El sueño del niño.”

“The dream of the child.”

To truly be the best at whatever you do, ronaldo street soccer, never forget your dreams or where you come from.

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Flip flap (association football)

The hi tail skateboard flap (also known as the elástico, akka,snakebite and la culebrita) is a dribbling move, or feint, in football, used to fool a defensive player into thinking the offensive player, in possession of the ball, is going to move in a direction they do not intend to. Players ronaldo street soccer it by using the outside of their dominant foot to push the ball towards their dominant side, then quickly move the dominant foot around the ball and using the inside to push the ball to their non-dominant side. Although the footwork is the most distinctive aspect of the flip-flap, its ronaldo street soccer as a feint also relies heavily on the attacking ronaldo street soccer having an explosive acceleration from a stationary position.[1]


The move was invented by the Japanese-Brazilian football player Sérgio Echigo.[3] In 1964, Brazilian playmaker Rivellino learned the move from Echigo, who was his Corinthians teammate in the youth team, and performed it to a global audience during the 1970 FIFA World Cup.[1] Interviewed on the television series Football's Greatest in 2012, Rivellino states; "He [Echigo] storm arashi spin 08 spinbait now that he invented it, but I perfected it". Pelé, Rivellino's national teammate, was never able to learn the move.[2]

Rivellino was an idol to a number of Brazilians, and the trick ronaldo street soccer popularized early 1980s by peruvian Julio César Uribe; late 1990s and 2000s by high-profile players such as Romário, Ronaldo and Ronaldinho among others.[1][4][5] In recent years, Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo ronaldo street soccer also been a known proponent of the move.[6]

In Africa, especially Nigeria, the move has been referred to as a "Snakebite" or "Zigima" because of the in-and-out feet movement of the perpetrator. However, it is now more commonly called "The Gaúcho" – after Ronaldinho (Gaúcho).[7]

In futsal, freestyle and street football, an aerial variation of the flip flap moves has been referred to as a "Akka". The "Akka" has several variations, and can be used in combos with pannas and other ground moves for doling out maximum punishment.[8]

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Details about  Fifa Street 4 Xbox 360 street football game with Messi + Ronaldo

From the creators of the award-winning EA Sports FIFA franchise, and inspired by street footballers from around the world, FIFA Street is the most authentic street football ronaldo street soccer ever made. Enjoy a unique, fun experience where everything from the environments to the gear to the music is true to street football and its culture. Powered by the revolutionary FIFA gameplay engine, and introducing Street Ball Control, FIFA Street delivers an arsenal of groundbreaking street dribbling styles and trick moves that ignite the one-on-one battles. Whether performing one panna after another without breaking a sweat the way the game is played in Amsterdam, or a physical, fight-for-possession style the way players compete in London, fans will enjoy the highest fidelity of ball control and responsiveness than anything ever experienced. Compete everywhere from parking lots to prestigious 5v5 futsal-style tournaments in the world s biggest cities. Play with and against the stars of the most popular clubs ronaldo street soccer the world or real-life street players and compete at more than 35 locations around the world. FIFA Street on Xbox 360 Key Features Street Ball Control - Enjoy a superior fidelity of ball control and responsiveness than anything ever experienced. Street Ball Control replicates the touch, creativity and flair players bring to the streets, ronaldo street soccer. Take on the challenge of beating and embarrassing! your opponent in one-on-one battles, utilizing new dribble styles, and an arsenal of new skill moves. Standing Dribble - Bait and beat opponents in one-on-one battles! From a stationary position, maneuver the ball backwards, forwards and side-to-side to lure an opponent into making the first move, and then launch a counter move by beating him with a panna or trick move. Street Dribble - An evolution on FIFA 12 s Precision Dribbling, Street Dribble puts your players in position to face opponents at any moment, lets you deftly maneuver while keeping them on their heels, and puts you in a more dangerous scoring position. Utilize close dribble touches in tight spaces, under pressure, and even while fending off an opponent. All-New Skill Moves - Over 50 never-before-experienced skill moves to beat your opponents and look good doing it. Aerial Skills - Albany academy basketball roster 2018 19 the ball off the ground and make your move. Show your flair by juggling, fool a defender with a pass or shot, or pull off a skill move that leaves them watching. World Tour - A connected, social game mode that enables you to create yourself in game, ronaldo street soccer, build your own team of street stars, and progress beech grove football become the best street team in the world. Compete in tournaments and complete challenges to progress from your local ronaldo street soccer to the Street Football World Championship. Earn over 100 different styles, ronaldo street soccer, tricks & celebrations to grow your player to compete with more style and flair. Ronaldo street soccer, unlock over 225 items for your squad, including team kits, street wear, boots, ronaldo street soccer, environments and teams.

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Street Soccer Skills with Global Street Soccer: Ronaldo Stepover

Soccer Video Tip

Presented by Danny McGhee, Coach

GSS Feature 900x400

Danny McGhee, founder of GSS and industry leader in street soccer and freestyle football is here ronaldo street soccer lead you through creative skill sessions to help you feel more confident with the ball at your feet. You will be encouraged to try new things, discover, and make mistakes as you learn to express yourself. Follow along continue to add new skills to your game!

Watch the video and follow these three steps:

1. Roll ball forward with the sole of your strong foot

2. Once ball is in motion, from behind the ball step around the front of ball inside to outside

3. Repeat step 2 with opposite leg as many times you desire

GSS Tip: Make sure you use the sole of the foot to start the ball moving and this make sure the ball rolls smoothly so you can execute the step-overs with greater ease

The Benefits of Learning Street Soccer Skills:

Street Soccer lets players fall in love with the game whilst they get better at it. GSS will lead you through creative skill sessions where players will be encouraged to try things, discover, and make mistakes. The skills will give players the incentive to use the ball more regularly due to the instant gratification of learning a new move. Over a short period of time players will start to nurture a better relationship with the ball and feel more confident. A player that ‘put the ball where they want it’ will be a far more creatively expressive player than one that can’t. Plus it's FUN!

Looking to improve your game? Join us at a Nike Soccer Camp, ronaldo street soccer, train with top coaching professionals and elevate your game to the next level.

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Cristiano Ronaldo Dresses as a Homeless Man, Plays Football on the Streets of Madrid

Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo is not only the best footballer in the world but also a pretty neat actor. The 30-year-old Ballon D'Or winner disguised himself as a bearded homeless man and displayed his extraordinary ball-juggling skills at Madrid's Plaza del Callao.

Contrary to the usual experience for him, the ace footballer had to spend quite a lot of time to attract the attention of the passers-by. The handsome hunk with dashboard abs, who wore a padded suit and wore fake hair and beard to pull a prank on people, was shockingly turned down by a girl passing by when he requested for her phone number. But Ronalso continued playing unabated in Spain’s capital, but merely a few give him a share of their time, ronaldo street soccer. The video, in collaboration with ROC Live Life Loud, shows how anonymity affects the actor and also reveals the prankster in Ronaldo.

After several hours of sheer commitment to his role of a homeless beggar, Ronaldo attracts a young football enthusiast, who starts enjoying a kickabout session with the footballer. Happy with his new little friend, Ronaldo picks the ball and begins to sign it for the young lad. The little boy looks perplexed when the bearded man asks his name to be signed off on the ball.

Ronaldo finally peels his disguise to reveal his true identity, leaving the boy utterly happy and pleased.

Once Ronaldo’s spell of anonymity ends, pandemonium strikes and Portuguese fans line up with their mobile phones to click pictures of the football genius.

Ronaldo, who is currently suffering from a back injury, will not be a part of the club's two pre-season friendlies as part of the Audi Cup in Munich.


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