Waterproof wigs for swimming

waterproof wigs for swimming

You can expect your wig to get some wear and tear from your usual activities, but activities like swimming can be harsh on them. Public pools. So if swimming in a lace wig, the first thing is, we must choose a waterproof and water-based adhesive to make sure the trim of the lace. waterproof wigs for swimming, waterproof wigs for swimming at wigsdo.com, 2019 New Wigs, Human Hair Wigs, Lace Wigs, Synthetic Wigs and other Wigs.

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Waterproof wigs for swimming - agree with

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At long last, you’ve decided wearing helper hair is your next step.

You’ve researched the style to try, you’ve settled on a color, and you’re THISCLOSE to pulling the trigger on that first purchase.

But, something hits you like a ton of bricks.

How in the heck do you swim with wigs or toppers?

The one thing I truly believe throughout hair-wearing is that you can do anything—I repeat ANYthing—you would normally do, in your new, fab hair.

Even swimming. Yes, even swimming! You just need to adjust your expectations a bit.

Let’s talk about how swimming works with both a wig and a topper.

how to swim in a wig

Can You Swim in a Wig?

The short answer is yes, but you’ll need to be aware of a few things.

I highly recommend that you swim ONLY in a cheap, synthetic wig.


Two reasons:

1) Chlorine and salt will wreak havoc on your hair. If you’ve spent some serious money on human hair, the last thing you want to do is shorten its lifespan, right?

2) Splashing around is ok, but if you plan to submerge your head at all, the wig will stretch out if it’s both wet and taut on your head.

In my opinion, shortening the lifespan of a wig and having it stretch out a little is fine if I’ve spent only a few hundred bucks on a wig, but if I’ve spent a ton of money (maybe even thousands) on human hair?

No way.

If you’re just laying by the pool or playing in the pool with the kids, but not doing any major swimming, wearing any synthetic as your normally would in regular day-to-day activities is probably fine.

(“But, Lauren, if I’m just sunbathing, can’t I just wear my human hair?”

Please don’t. The sun will do nothing but oxidize and fade the color. I still think it’s best to use synthetic even when just sitting around by the pool!)

Speaking of sun bathing, sunhats can be difficult with helper hair, so a visor is a good way to keep the sun out of your face. You’ve probably seen these visors—they don’t close in the back so they are easily adjusted no matter how much hair you are wearing on your head.

Also, since I wear longer hair, I’d probably do a cute side-braid or something to keep cooler.

If you are wanting to do some sort of water sport or fully submerge your hair, then you need a few tools to keep that puppy secure.

Even though it might seem a little cumbersome, I’d recommend the WiGrip under your wigs to make sure it does not slip back—especially if the force of the water via swimming threatens to push your wig back (you may recall reading about this product in my post about wearing wigs in a ponytail).

If you’re worried about how the hair will look after it gets wet, particularly at the hairline, you could always wear a cloth headband or a bandana over the hairline. A sport headband might be a good solution, and I’ll talk more about this in just a minute.

Can You Swim in a Topper?

There are considerations to take into account with swimming in a hair topper as well.

I still recommend synthetic hair, since chlorine and salt can be very damaging to any kind of hair fiber. Preserve that human hair, and only take risks with synthetic!

Splashing around or sunbathing is super-easy in a topper. I’ve done this a zillion times.

If you want to go underwater or doing any sort of water sport, you MUST secure your topper with something.


Not only do you want the extra security that your hair won’t fly off the second a wave hits you, but, your bio hair is extra fragile when it’s wet.

You want to be 100% sure that the topper clips will NOT pull on your delicate hair. So, it’s necessary to use something to ensure the topper doesn’t budge.

One good solution is a sport headband.

There are several different ways to wear this product (it’s so versatile!), including like a headband/hairband.

This will work to both keep your hair out of your eyes, help with any hairline issues, and ensure your topper stays in place in the water.

Hair Under Hat Products

There are some products worth checking out if you’re looking to have the look of hair under a hat. These would work if you’re 100% bald, or they can be placed over your bio hair.

Milano makes “hat falls“. These hats have human hair attached to them, so it just looks like you are wearing a hat. With this particular product, you can wear any hat.

These are great for vacations!

Milan also makes velcro hat falls. Basically you pick the hair, then pick the hat. The hair is attached to any of their special hats with velcro.

Hip Hats with Hair is another company that will use human hair under a hat…the site is a bit difficult to navigate but their products come recommended by other hair-wearers.

How to Swim With Wimpy Bio Hair

Prefer to forgo the wig or topper while swimming? You can always make do with a stretchy headband and a ponytail bun…I’ve done this before for a cute, casual look.

They are really inexpensive, so if it gets ruined, no big deal!

There you have it, friends. My semi-ultimate guide to swimming with helper hair.

It does take some planning, but you can enjoy all the summertime activities you are used to, even if you wear hair.

Those that wear hair, how do you get around this issue?

Those of you considering hair, do you think any of these solutions could work for you?

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Freedom Hair under water swimming!

Freedom Hair swim wigs - yes, you can swim!

If you have alopecia and love to swim, wearing wigs in the water is a real concern.  A wig in water has always been a challenge with Alopecia.  When wearing traditional wigs you have to worry about how the wig will stay on and how it will look when wet.  If you plan to submerge your head at all, a traditional wig will stretch out and not have a natural look.  We have heard numerous stories of the problems people have had.  

The Freedom Wig is a great swim wig and great for being active in sports.

With the Freedom vacuum wig you can dive right in and swim until your heart is content.  The Freedom Wig cap is made of medical grade silicon and will not stretch when wet.  The suction base is extremely secure giving you the Freedom to live life without restriction.  Because of the suction fit, you will now be able to enjoy swimming or being active at the beach or pool and the wig will not come off.  Since hair is implanted in the direction it would normally grow, it looks natural when it is wet.  Pictures below are Freedom Hair wearers in action.  Are you ready to start living again?

Contact us to start living your life again.

The suction base is extremely secure, giving

you the freedom to play sports, swim, do gymnastics, ski, dance…all without restriction.

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Adding to Cart...


The Swig is a water-resistant wig with tangle free fibers that look and feel like natural hair. You will be able to seamlessly wear a wig that also works as a water-resistant swimming cap. You will be able to feel confident and look gorgeous without the hair stress. Our hair is our crown and we want to treat it with care. The Swig will help protect your hair from chlorine, the dehydration of sea water or dirt, debris, and other toxins.

Comfortable and Fitting Technology

The Swig cap is made up of three layers: a microporous layer that repels water, a water-resistant layer (to keep your hair dry), and a sweat-wicking layer for added comfort and breathability. The cap has a water-tight band, especially designed to keep the Swig in place when jumping in the pool, jet skiing, and other fun water activities. The Swig is easy to wear and hassle free - no glue and no damage to your hair and edges. So yes, it can also be worn as a regular protective style for everyday activities.

Protection and Versatility

The Swig is a lightweight, breathable, and comfortable for all day wear. Have you ever tried swimming with your favorite wig? How about being on the beach in the hot sun with your swim cap on? It's a disaster! The Swig is different. The Swig is made for water and non-water related activities - handling sweat with ease, AND it comes in a variety of types to match your unique style.

Uniquely Patented

The Swig is a patented water resistant wig. There's nothing like this on the market. You'll be on the cutting edge, and supporting a one-of-a-kind product. The design has you in mind. It doesn't matter what hair style or texture you have - from Type 2A to 4C. The Swig durable and elastic - which makes it perfect for long, short, frizzy, curly, dry, oily, or any other beautiful variety of hair which you have.

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The Wig Fix by The Renatural


We cannot stress this enough: condition your wig as soon as you can post-swim! Even if you tried to be extra careful, it's almost inevitable that your wig had some contact with the water which because of chlorine and salt can seriously dry out your hair. Use a rich, ultra-nourishing conditioner like Olaplex's No 3 Hair Perfector or Shea Moisture Manuka Honey & Mafura Oil Intensive Hydration Hair Masque to help bring some hydration and life back to your wig after a swim. This will help counteract any dryness caused by the exposure and keep your wig looking healthy. 

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Waterproof wigs for swimming

How to Swim with a Wig or Topper (Yes, You Can!)

Beach Photo

Women who experience hair loss often feel like they’ve lost a part of themselves and it’s easy to understand why. Our hairstyle is a part of our personality - it tells the world who we are and makes us feel beautiful.

Wigs can help you overcome that feeling of loss by helping you keep your hairstyle after hair loss or giving you new life with a new do!

Your life doesn’t need to change after you start wearing wigs, you can do everything you did before you began wearing wigs.

Yes, even swimming.

You can wear your wig at the pool, in the lake, waterproof wigs for swimming, and on the beach.

Follow our wig swimming rules, and you can go from cautionary beachside babe to confident wig wearing pool diva.

Rules for Swimming with Wigs

1) No swim cap, no diving

We’re all here for swimming, treading water, and floating around in your wig.

Cannonballing and diving? Not so much.

Even if your wig is extremely well attached, the pressure of diving or jumping can rip your wig off your head, leaving you in a hairless position.

A swim cap on top of your wig will hold everything in place and makes sure nothing comes off while you’re having fun. Just make sure to be extra careful when you’re removing the cap so you don’t pull off your wig with it.


2) Swim time isn’t the time to wear your favorite wig

You love how you look in your favorite wig.

You love how it fits perfectly, is styled to show off your beautiful eyes, is just the right color, and doesn’t look frizzy or worn out at all.

Well, we have bad news about your favorite wig: it won’t be your favorite anymore after you swim with it.

The swimming and the water itself won’t damage your wig; it’s what’s in the water.

Chlorine and sea salt can both dry out your wig, make the hair fibers frizzy, and damage your wig cap.

Here’s how.

Chlorine When was the last time you went swimming in a pool, and it made your skin look better? We’re guessing the answer is never.

That’s because chlorine is a harsh chemical that damages your skin and hair, including synthetic hair.

Salt Water is what keeps your wig looking new. It helps your wig hair stay fresh and shiny, and keeps your wig cap soft.

Salt, waterproof wigs for swimming, on the other hand, draws moisture out of objects. If your wig spends too much time in salt water, waterproof wigs for swimming, the hairs will lose moisture and start to look brittle, and the wig cap will weaken.

Moral of the story: always wash your wig immediately after swimming and don’t wear your favorite wig to the pool.

Buy a less expensive synthetic wig for swimming so you won’t be as financially (and emotionally) upset if something happens to it.

3) Condition, condition, condition

If you’re going to submit your wigs to chlorine, salt, or questionable lake water, the least you could do is take care of it afterward.

Taking proper care of your extends their lifespan. And in the summer, taking care of your wig means washing it as soon as you can after getting out of the water. You want to get the harsh chemicals out of your hair before they have a chance to damage your wig.

After you wash your wig, spray it with a leave-in conditioner. Leave-in conditioning sprays seal in moisture and protect your wig from the elements and the sun.

4) Stock up on waterproof wig glue or tape

Standard wig glue, tape, wig liners, and straps aren’t made to hold up to large amounts of moisture. If you go swimming wearing your usual wig glue, don’t be surprised if things start slipping around.

Make sure to buy waterproof wig glue or tape so that you can enjoy the surf without worrying about your look.


5) Beach braids are your new BFF

After your wig is wet, it can be hard to get your wig back to a cute style without ripping the cap, pulling out hairs, or dislodging your wig from your head.

Give yourself a cute side braid before you go in the pool and you’ll have a water-friendly style that looks just as great wet as it will after it dries.

Not sure how to braid your wig? Read our Summertime Wig Updo guide.

6) Wear extra security on top of your toppers

Just like with wigs, when you’re swimming with a topper, waterproof wigs for swimming should always pick a synthetic option, wash and condition it shortly after swimming, and wear a swim cap if you’re planning on doing any stunts off the high dive.

And, just like with wigs, you’re going to need a little extra security for your topper if you’re planning on taking it swimming with you. A couple of extra wig clips just aren’t going to cut it.

Why? Because the natural hair under your topper is too fragile when wet and can rip out under stress.

Wearing a cute bandana or visor on top of your topper (pun intended) will help keep everything in place and keep you from looking like a man with a comb-over on a windy day at the airport.

7) DON’T wear your wig to the pool if you aren’t confident doing it

The whole point of wearing a wig to the pool is to feel as confident and beautiful as you did before you started wearing wigs, waterproof wigs for swimming. You shouldn’t be spending your time outside checking and adjusting your look every couple of minutes.

If you aren’t confident swimming with your wig, don’t do it.

Instead, consider an even more secure, still completely gorgeous, alternative poolside do.

Wig Alternatives For Swimming

Scarves A beautiful scarf, securely fastened to your head, can be a great alternative to wearing a wig while you swim. Just make sure that you don’t wear a cotton scarf. Cotton scarves soak up lots of water and will weigh down your head and could cause you to overheat.

Buffs Fans of the show survivor will be familiar with this invention. A buff is a stretchy piece of fabric that clings to your head. For people who enjoy water skiing, waterproof wigs for swimming, sailing, or other water sports, waterproof wigs for swimming, a buff will stay in place no matter how exciting the activity.

Hats with Hair There are some things that look good on everyone: aviator sunglasses, LBDs, and baseball caps (not necessarily all at once…).

Hats with wigs have extensions sewn inside the rim, giving the appearance of wearing a hat on top of natural hair. If you can’t find a hat or cap in a style or color that works for your face shape, buy extensions that are attached with fabric pieces and have your stylist sew them into the hat of your choosing.

8) Pack cool wipes and moisturizing facial spray in your beach bag

A wet, waterproof wigs for swimming, heavy wig and a summer heat wave are not a nice combo.

If you start to overheat after you take a dip, wipe the area around your hairline with a cool wipe every so often and spritz yourself with a facial spray that has aloe. Not only will the wipes and spray help you feel cooler, the spray will make you smell good, too.

Want more summertime wig advice? Read our guide to Short Summer Wig Styles and Travelling with Wigs.

Have some tips about wearing a wig while swimming that we missed? Let us know in the comments.

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How To Swim With Lace Wigs? (Will It Falling Off When Swimming?)

Mar.02, 2021

How To Avoid Lace Wigs Falling Off While Swimming

Summer means beach days and time at the pool. After a while of laying out, you can't help but have that urge to go take a plunge in the cool, fresh water. But waterproof wigs for swimming may can’t help asking some questions like: Can i swim with my lace wigs on? How to avoid the hair wigs falling off while swimming? Will the water damage my wigs? These are real concerns. Then.

Can I Swim With Lace Wig?

This is the most frequently asked qustion in Summer. And the answer is : Yes, of course you can.

You know all girls love to take photos when they at a nice swimming pool. They want their hair look perfect, they want their body in shape. That’s why no girls will leave waterproof wigs for swimming head bare.

Will The Water Damage Your Hair Wigs?

Freshwater is by no means harmful to your hair system. Instead, it is the salt and chlorine that you find in pools and oceans that'll damage your hair system:

1. Chlorine: Almost all swimming pools contain chlorine. Chlorine is a chemical used to clean the pool, but it is harmful to both natural and synthetic hair, alike, because it cannot distinguish between pollutants and other materials.

2. Salt: If you've ever accidentally put too much salt on your food, you know how unbearably dry it will make your mouth. The same is true with its effect on your hair. Salt water will dry up your shiny, strong hair and make it dull, brittle, and vulnerable to damage.

How To Aviod The Lace Wig Falling Off Your Head?

1. Keep Your Wig In Place With The Right Adhesive

Currently, the most popular way to wear a lace wig is gluing the front lace trim along the hairline, and press it to make the lace melt into the skin to get an undetectable natural looking. So if swimming in a lace wig, the first thing is, we must choose a waterproof and water-based adhesive to make sure the trim of the lace will not flip out in the water.

Just remember, let the adhesive dries before swimming, high quality adhesive for wig won’t loose when rinse in water for long time.

2, waterproof wigs for swimming. Tie Your Lace Wig Back

You’ll want to braid your wig or put it in a ponytail for more vigorous water activity. Loose wet hair gets tangled and knotty and is a chore to brush out.

3. Try Swim Cap

Try a swim cap

If you still have doubts on the effectiveness of your adhesives, try a swim cap.

Place the shower cap onto your head. The shower cap waterproof wigs for swimming as a second barrier underneath the swim cap in case water seeps in under the swimming cap.

Pull the swimming cap down over the shower cap. This will help protect your hair from water, chlorine, sand or saltwater. You can swim when done.

Just make sure to be extra careful when you're removing the cap so you don't pull off your wig with it.

4. Wearing A Synthetic Lace Wig Instead Of A Human Hair Wig For Swimming.

When wearing lace wigs for swimming, the better hair wigs might not be best. As we have mentioned earlier, overexposure to chlorine waterproof wigs for swimming salt will damage both synthetic hair and human hair. One way to combat the damage is by giving your wearable the care it needs. This includes cleaning and conditioning your hair wig or hairpiece thoroughly to get rid of all the harmful substance and replenish the moisture that was lost in the process.

Such being the case, we recommend using synthetic lace hair wigs is better than human hair lace wigs, waterproof wigs for swimming. Two reasons: One, synthetic hair is lighter and holds its shape better when it gets wet. Second, they are much cheaper to replace.

5. Always using wig glue remover to remove the glue.

Always using wig glue remover to remove the glue, waterproof wigs for swimming the waterproof glues are more stick and harder to remove, don't rudely pull your wig, that will harm your hairline and damage the wig lace.

Apply some glue remover, take your time to gently and slowly remove the glue.

6. Conditioning Your Wig Afterward

Tending to your wig once your swimming is done is very important.

The Guidlines:

*Rinse the wig in fresh water to get rid of chlorine or salt

*Comb through the wig slowly and gently to get rid of all knots

*Use a conditioner on the ends of the hair and rinse

*Hang the wig on a wig head to dry completely

Have you are ready for a beautiful beach day with your beautiful wig? In addition to the hair wigs, we also have women fashion clothing for your beauty. Enjoy!

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