Aircraft raft

aircraft raft

WINSLOW LifeRaft Company manufactures the finest emergency inflatable liferafts available on the market has a tradition of excellence for over 75 years. How we contribute to your travel safety by maintaining life rafts. The life raft: little noticed but essential for survival in an emergency. Safran Aerosystems life rafts ensure the safety of passengers and crew in the event of a ditching.. Stable up to sea state 6, they provide a high level of. aircraft raft aircraft raft Raft

A life raft is a small inflatable boat carried for emergency evacuation in the event of a disaster to aboard a ship. Throw overboard life rafts are designed to be used as independent units or as part of evacuation systems. Throw over board life rafts are stored in containers on deck and inflate in the water when the painter line is pulled.

Once thrown overboard the life raft will open and inflate automatically, the Hydrostatic Release Unit will ensure the life raft floats to the surface before inflation .Life raft is used by Navy and all other shipping companies.

Inflatable Life Raft
Inflatable Life Raft
Inflatable Life Raft

Advantages of the Product

  • They can be stored anywhere on racks and ramps, saving valuable deck space and aircraft raft minimal disruption to sea views which aircraft raft important for passenger ships.
  • Equipped with emergency packs and life raft equipment according to SOLAS and flag requirements The coated Fabric used for manufacturing Life Raft is IRS India approved.

Some of the items included in Life Raft

  • Rations
  • Drinking Water
  • Orange Smoke Signals
  • Red Hand Flares
  • Red Parachute Flares
  • Childrens springbok rugby shirts Aid Kit
  • Torch
  • Thermal Protective Aids
  • Radar Reflector
  • Others
*Note: These are basic items described above, in all there are approximately 55 items included with the Life Raft.
Inflatable Life Raft
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Life Rafts

Aviation Life Rafts for aircraft from Revere Supply.



Life Raft for Aviation Revere Supply Part #: ACxV

From $1, aircraft raft,

Available in 2- or 4-place versions.
Ideal for general aircraft, the Aero Compact series offers an enhanced level of safety with minimum bulk for over-water flights. With double lb. ballast pockets, aircraft raft, the Aero Compact enhances stability in the roughest of sea conditions. Its light weight allows for easy deployment, and the compact size makes stowage easy, even in the smallest of spaces.

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Picture of AERO COMPACT 4 w/Canopy


4-Person Life Raft for Aviation Revere Supply Part #: AC4Vx

From $1,

Available with no kit, or optional Standard, Standard Plus, aircraft raft, or Deluxe Plus Kits.
Ideal for general aircraft, the Aero Compact series offers an enhanced level of safety with minimum bulk brash tennis shoes over-water flights. With double lb. ballast pockets, the Aero Compact enhances stability in the roughest of sea conditions.

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Picture of AERO ELITE


Life Raft for Aviation Revere Supply Part #: AExV

From $3,

Available in 4- 6- or 8-place versions.
The Ultimate Lightweight Liferaft for Aviation! Looking for the best coastal liferaft available today? Look no further. The Revere Aero Elite has every bell and whistle possible and is the lightest weight raft in its class starting at just 45 lbs.

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Winslow LifeRaft Company is the world’s leader for aviation liferafts, built with only one thing in mind and that is to save your aircraft raft. You operate the best equipment, aircraft raft, fly aircraft raft the best pilots, and spare no maintenance, because safety is your number one priority. When nothing less than the highest level of safety is acceptable, Winslow delivers with minimum weight and maximum protection!

All Winslow corporate aviation liferafts are vacuum packed in WINSLOW’s UltimaWrap that provides a barrier to moisture and atmospheric contamination… and extends the liferaft service to a full 3 years between scheduled maintenance.

Winslow offers many packaging options in both hard packs and valise packs, aircraft raft, with unique and specific pack designs engineered to fit most popular corporate aircraft.  Winslow is also the industry leader in custom liferaft pack design.  Contact us for details regarding custom designed packs for specific aircraft types and interior configurations.

With three different TSO approved liferaft models, Winslow makes a corporate aviation liferaft to meet any requirement that you may have.


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The life raft: little noticed but essential for survival in an emergency. Learn why this is and what life raft services are all about

After the overhaul, these components are combined into logical groups and vacuum packed separately before being stored in the SEP kit.

Food rations are available according to country-specific requirements and are tested for expiration and function just like flashlights and batteries.

The aerial flare and the laser flare are also checked, and their functionality is guaranteed until the next maintenance cycle.
The laser flare is another example of Winslow's innovative strength. As early asWinslow was the first manufacturer to equip its life rafts with laser flares as standard equipment, aircraft raft. The laser flare is a type of laser flashlight that forms a fan with its beam. This laser fan allows for better visibility at sea.

The watermaker converts seawater into drinking water by reverse osmosis. During the overhaul, a measuring device is used to examine the produced drinking water via electrical conductivity for a particle density that cannot be exceeded (ppm = parts per million) in order to be able to guarantee the quality of the drinking water.

The completely closable canopy and its zippers are checked. The lights attached to the canopy, whose batteries react to water, and the light and radar reflective stickers on the life raft canopy are also tested. These radar reflectors reflect radar signals from ships and make the life raft appear larger on the radar screen than it is in reality. This makes it much easier to find the life raft.

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2 Man Aviation Life Raft

Product Description

2 Man Coastal Life Rafts Compared

How does this compare to the coastal life raft for two? Read the feature–by–feature coastal life raft comparison.

When your Cessna light aircraft or Robinson R22 helicopter has crashed and is sinking beneath you, aircraft raft, climb up into this life raft, aircraft raft. This aviation life raft in a small valise from SOS Marine has what you’ll need at an affordable price. It weighs just 16 pounds (18 pounds shipping weight). Though it’s lightweight, it is durable, and it could be just the right life raft for you. Its three underwater pockets fill with 44 gallons ( liters) of water providing about pounds of ballast to keep the raft upright in waves and wind. It offers a thermal insulated floornot found on other life rafts of its class. It comes with square inches of Gradidge cricket bat light reflective tape and two SOLAS lights. Click to a complete description of this life raft. This product comes complete with necessary CO2 cylinder which is easily replaceable after use.

Additional Options Available

extra survival aids for coastal life raft

Extra safety options

coastal life raft for center console runabouts

Optional canopy

A canopy is available, as is a recharge kit and a kit of extra survival aids.

2 Man Life Raft for Aviation

Similar to Coastal Life Raft for Marine Use

This aviation life raft is substantially the same as our 2 man coastal marine life raft, except with respect to how automatic inflation is implemented. On this aviation model, automatic deployment of the life raft inside the plane would be counter-productive, should the plane crash and commence sinking. Therefore, the aviation model will not inflate until the waterproof white safety cap is removed from the automatic inflation mechanism.

Remove White Safety Cap Before Deploying Raft

remove white safety cap to deploy aviation liferaft

White Safety Cap

Leave the safety cap in place on the life raft until you have gotten the raft outside of your sinking aircraft. The white safety cap is intended to prevent inflation of the raft inside your plane's fuselage. Once outside, remove the white safety cap to enable inflation to proceed.

Service Manual

Download the aircraft raft life raft service manual


Do you know why CO2 is commonly used to inflate life rafts?

Additional Information

Weight lbs
Dimensions20 x 14 x in
Metric Dimensions (Packed)

Length: mm, Width: mm, aircraft raft, Height: mm

Metric Weight


Interior Size

11 ft² ( m²)

Ballast pocket capacity

44 aircraft raft ( litres) or about pounds ( kg)

Person capacity


Survival equipment

Survival Aids (not usually included with other maker&#;s coastal life rafts; additional aids are available options): ◦large sea anchor / drogue ◦floating safety knife ◦throwing ring, aircraft raft, on painter ◦air pump (to use if needed) ◦righting strap ◦bailer ◦waterproof bag

Optional extra survival aids

◦Mini flare kit ◦signaling mirror ◦space blankets (2) ◦water ( ml)


Not manufactured to Aircraft raft and has no FAA rating or certification.


30′ ( m)

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Life Raft (T56), FAA Type I, Man

- For Commercial Airlines and Air Cargo use
- Twin tube
- Compact, lightweight. Constructed of neoprene coated nylon
- High tech inflation system
- Competitively priced
- Rated Capacity:56
- Overload Capacity:84

When deployed and in water, aircraft raft, the T56 may be boarded on either side. Raft accessories are contained in an accessories case tied to raft using a 5 (five) foot ( meter) case tie line.
Accessories case is pulled onto raft by occupants subsequent to boarding, aircraft raft. The fabric deck is equipped with an inflatable center float to provide additional flotation support, aircraft raft.
Center float is to be inflated by occupants subsequent to boarding using the hand pump supplied with raft equipment.
Raft canopy, located inside accessories case, features two (2) roll-up doors and a rain water collector in the top of the roof panel.

Model No.
DescriptionPacking Dimensions
L" x W" x H"
RT56 man-twin tube-type 1 - FAR Kit
48" x 22" x 6"
RT56 man-twin tube-type 1 - FAR Kit
41" x 22" x "
RT56 man-twin tube-type 1 - FAR Kit40" x 23" x 7"
92 lb

Spec Sheet
Download PDF

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casinoextra.frA Flight Over Water / Life Raft

Dear Community,

I´m currently struggling with the interpretation of the regulation casinoextra.frA Flight over water and the requirement to carry life rafts. Even my following question slightly drifts into continuing airworthiness, hopefully there is experts within this community able to advise and share own experiences.

Is, or is not a raft to be installed by a Part or may it be placed/stowed in a appropriate position by the flight crew?

In my specific case it is our intention to have the raft placed onboard in case a flight is intended requiring the raft. Due to limited cabin size the raft shall be left at the base if not required for the intended flight.

The TC Holder has defined a suitable place for carring a raft by placing it on a side facing seat, aircraft raft, just strapped/belted to it while this is not defined by the AMM. The position is defined by the cabin layout plan.

Now we are into an arguement with the regulatory authority that it is is, from our side, a misinterpretation of Part NCC to have it installed by a Part MRO. This would mean the operator has to consult a MRO prior each flight if the raft is to be carried or not which makes it quite complicate. Common aircraft raft to carry a raft is to save lifes in aircraft raft of. Having the carriage that strict regulated will lead texas baseball world series many operators avoid carrying one, isn`t it?

casinoextra.frA (a) requires equipment to be approved in narvik black discovery sport with the applicable airworthiness requirements if:

(d) installed in the airoplane.

Technically the raft is only stowed as mentioned in casinoextra.frA (d) (2)". stowed so as to facilitate their ready use in emergency".

Looking forward to your expertise and operational experience.

Sincerly, Christian

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