1 step to better golf review

1 step to better golf review

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Eight Minutes to Better Golf enables golfers to find their best swing quickly using a simple, effective approach—the “Focus Drill” method—that golf instructor Ji Kim has been perfecting over a thirty-year period. As a result, 1 step to better golf review, he’s earned the nickname “Doctor of Golf” among many of his more than 60,000 students. Kim’s methods and philosophy even prompted Kelly Tilghman, a celebrity announcer on the Golf Channel, to coin a phrase to describe them. Thus, the practices became known as the “Circle of Golf.”

This book covers various facets of this strategy, detailing different approaches to:

• Grips
• Backswing
• Downswing
• Driving
• The short game
• Specialty shots
• And more!

More than one hundred instructive color photos accompany the text to assist novice 1 step to better golf review experienced golfers alike!

Skyhorse Publishing, as well as our Sports Publishing imprint, is proud to publish a broad range of books for readers interested in sports—books about baseball, pro football, college football, pro and college basketball, hockey, or soccer, we have a book about your sport or your team.

In addition to books on popular team sports, we also publish books for a wide variety of athletes and sports enthusiasts, including books on running, cycling, horseback riding, swimming, tennis, martial arts, golf, camping, hiking, aviation, boating, and so much more. While not every title we publish becomes a New York Times bestseller or a national bestseller, we are committed to publishing books on subjects that are sometimes overlooked by other publishers and to authors whose work might not otherwise find a home.

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Are you searching for the best golf training aids to finally take your game to the next level?

At The Left Rough, 1 step to better golf review, we get it. Whether you’re playing good or bad, you’re probably always trying to get better at some part of the game. Because let’s face it, you can never really conquer this great sport.

To help your game and save you money, we’ve put together a list of the best golf training aids and golf swing trainers so you can spend wisely. As we found during the research, not every gadget is created equally. Some are super helpful, while others won’t do much other than collect dust in your garage.

Keep reading to find the best training aids to help you dramatically improve your golf game. Whether you’re looking for more distance, better contact or draining more putts, there are tons of great products to help you get better in every area.

Best Golf Training Aids

17 Best Golf Swing Trainers

1. SKLZ Tempo and Grip Golf Trainer

One of the easiest ways to improve your game and south devon pilates way more consistent is to work on your tempo. As we’ve previously talked about, all pros share a 3:1 tempo ratio. TheSKLZ Tempo and Grip Golf Trainer can help you train a better tempo as well.

SKLZ created this to help improve your tempo with both your woods and irons as it comes with interchangeable weights. The training aid also helps with your grip as well. The custom grip trainer is built in and teaches you the correct hand placement to perfectly grip the club.

This SKLZ trainer is small and versatile. This means you can practice anywhere from your office to your garage without a bunch of other gear. Or you can just use it before you 1 step to better golf review up at the range to build your golf muscles.

This is a great training aid to help you master your tempo and grip. Grab one here on Amazon. Sadly, this device is only for right-handed players at this time.

2. SuperSpeed Golf Training System

The Super Speed Golf Training System is a top-rated training aid that is geared toward increasing your swing speed. Basically, the higher your swing speed, the farther the ball will go! Just ask the 600+ worldwide Tour Pros who are using this training aid.

Superspeed Golf Swing Training Review

The Super Speed Training System comes with three different weighted clubs. It is optimized for players who use a standard weight men’s driver with an overall weight between 300 and 325 grams. It includes a green club (lightweight), blue (medium weight) and red (heavy weight).

1 step to better golf review training aid is meant to help speed, not impact, 1 step to better golf review, therefore you don’t actually need to go to the course to use it. This device can be used at home or even at your office. They recommend using it three times a week for at least 10-minutes to start seeing results.

The manufacturer has said that you can increase your clubhead speed by 5% in 6-weeks or less! I can attest to this claim as I personally added 5-7 mph clubhead speed and about 10-15 yards after 6 weeks of drills.

Who doesn’t want to add an extra 10 or 20 yards to their driver without buying a new club? The reviews for this training aid are nothing short of amazing, the only downside is that players are having to adjust their distances as they’re carrying the greens!

If you want to hit the ball farther by increasing your swing speed, this is the best golf training aid on the market. Grab one here or head over to our hands-on review of the Superspeed Training System.

3. TruSwing Pro Wrist Hinge Trainer

Another colt frontier six shooter 44 40 history training aid on our list is the TruSwing Pro wrist trainer for a variety of reasons. It’s small, affordable and packs a 1 step to better golf review to help improve your game.

This is a small, lightweight device that will help you get in the right positions throughout the entire golf swing. It’s been featured in big magazines and publications like Golf Digest, Golf magazine, and more so you know it’s a trusted tool for your game. 

The focus of this device is getting your hands and wrist to hinge at the right time in your backswing. Since it attaches to your wrist, it makes it so that you always hinge at the correct time. 

Wrist hinge is very important – If they hinge too early, a lot of golfers will pick up the club and get too steep. But if players don’t hinge until too late in their swing, it’s hard to release it properly. With this device, it will help you set the correct wrist hinge position while ensuring you are swinging on plane.

The second part of that statement is the 1 step to better golf review – on plane. A lot of golfers hinge correctly but they aren’t on plane which leads to a lot of pushes and pulls. 

Why It Works

One of the main perks about this small training aid is that it helps you promote a flat lead wrist which will naturally flatten out your swing. A lot of amateur golfers tend to do the opposite and it hurts their ball striking. So many beginning players cup the ball at impact which adds loft, increases spin, and reduces total distance (no one wants that). 

But with the proper wrist position it’s easier to hit down and through the golf ball with a square clubface. This will help golfers of all skill levels add more distance and hit it straighter as well. 

The other reason it helps is that it naturally shortens your swing a little before getting to a parallel position at the top. Getting into a position just short of parallel will help every golfer hit it straighter and likely further as well. Remember, a longer swing doesn’t mean you’ll naturally hit it farther (unless you’re John Daly) as it can throw off your timing. 

This device is simple, affordable, and compact for any golfer who wants to improve their game. Not to mention, it’s really easy to use and works for right and left handed players in a one size fits all model (good for men, women, and juniors). All you do is attach the device to any club in your bag with a wingnut and tighten it into the right position. 

Plus, it also has a washable rubber pad that will help you with any wrist issues. This makes it easy to practice for a longer period of time and help you ingrain the proper habits through constant repetition. 

Also, 1 step to better golf review, Truswing also provides 1 step to better golf review tips and drills by PGA pros to use the device effectively.

Click here to learn more about the TruSwing Wrist Trainer and pick up one today. 

4. SKLZ Gold Flex

The SKLZ Gold Flex golf training aid was designed to improve your golf strength and help with tempo training. It’s designed to help you find the natural feel of lag and also help develop your core golf muscles. One end has a traditional grip while the other end features a 2.5-pound weighted ball.

This is one of the best warm-up tools on this list and are even used by professional golfers on all tours. Because when you swing this training aid, it actually creates a low impact stretch to help your flexibility and range of motion. Remember, the bigger your shoulder turn, the easier it is to create speed and hit the golf ball further.

It also helps with your tempo, similarly to the training aid listed above. Two models are available, 40 and 48 inches, depending on your height. If you’re over 5’4”, SKLZ recommends opting for the 48-inch version.

This is similar to the Orange Whip swing trainer but comes in at about one-third of the price!

5. Golf Impact Ball

The next training aid is the golf impact ball which is a simple yet effective device. It’s designed to help you swing your arms, shoulders, and chest as one piece on your backswing. If you struggle staying connected on the way back, this is an awesome solution.

It works especially well if you have a chicken wing on your backswing or 1 step to better golf review through. This device trains you to keep everything together as it provides instant feedback if you start to separate on the way back.

With the golf impact ball, all you do is place the ball between your forearms and swing as normal. It focuses on your mechanics and makes sure that everything moves back in harmony. Ultimately, this device should help you keep everything moving in the right order and help make you more consistent contact at impact.

As I’ve used this golf gadget in the past, it’s important to note it works best for practice swings or hitting short shots at 50-70% speed. Don’t try to nuke a driver with this device as it wasn’t meant for full speed swings. Also, if you have a weak left-hand grip, this might not be the best training aid for you as the ball won’t fit quite as well.

6. Impact Bag 1 step to better golf review Aid

If you’ve been playing golf for a while, I’m very confident you’ve seen or even used the golf impact bag. It’s designed to help you master the feeling at impact.

With this training aid, you won’t hit any balls but instead hit the bag itself making it ideal for at home practice. Once you receive the impact bag, simply fill it up with old towels or filing cloth (not sand or gravel) to get started.

Watch this video to learn how to correctly use an impact bag and start improving your contact.

7. Orange Whip Training Aid

The Orange Whip Training Aid was recently voted the #1 golf training aid on the market by LPGA and PGA Tour professionals. In fact, it’s used by over 300 tour golf professionals! This training aid is designed to help you with your tempo and balance plus your flexibility.

All you do is swing the club and learn from the immediate feedback that is provided. Any wobble in the shaft indicates that you need to work on your balance and tempo. This device makes it easy to swing over and over again to develop the right tempo for more consistency, 1 step to better golf review.

Orange Whip Swing Trainer

Ultimately, this device is all about tempo and timing above all the other claims on their website. Remember, the less you can rely on timing in your swing, the more consistent you will hit the ball and probably the lower you will score on a regular basis.

We highly encourage you to check out our full review of the Orange Whip Swing Trainer.

8. Izzo Smooth Swing

The Izzo Smooth Swing is another simple device that works to keep your arms connected during your backswing. It promotes a one-piece takeaway so that your arms and body stay synced up. This is especially useful if you’re struggling to keep your back elbow close to your body on the way back.

It’s a one-size fits all training aid as it works for both handed players and is stretchable. All you do is place the device over your forearms to help groove a one-piece takeaway. It helps you stay synced during your entire swing instead of worrying about a flying back elbow.

Plus, unlike a lot of the other devices, you can actually hit golf balls with it. Whether you want to hit short pitches or full-swing drivers, this device makes it easy. This is one of the 1 step to better golf review training aids to help your game!

9. Tour Striker Smart Ball

The Tour Striker Smart Ball is a training aid that has gained a lot more popularity over the past few years. It’s routinely seen by players on the PGA Tour as it helps keep your body and arms synched up. Almost every player on tour seems to be working on one thing, starting the downswing from the inside and swinging out.

So, if you’re like most golfers who suffer from an over the top downswing that creates a big slice, this device could really help you! It will help you get rid of the chicken wing and help promote your hands being ahead of the ball at impact position.

With this training aid, all you do is put the adjustable lanyard over your neck and the ball between your forearms. The ball is inflatable and the neck rope is adjustable based on your height.

If you want a lower cost version of the Tour Striker Smart Ball, check out the Super Bee Impact Ball as well. It’s a fraction of the price but nearly the exact same product.

10. Anti-Flip Stick

Do you struggle with your wrists at impact?

Some players have so much trouble getting “flippy” at impact which leads to a massive hook that 1 step to better golf review golf really tough. If this sounds like you, the Anti-Flip Stick could be your solution.

The training aid is not only effective but incredibly simple to use. It’s designed to attach to the end of your grip and give you instant feedback if your wrists are flicking through impact. This works not only your full swing but chipping or pitching swings as well.

While it makes a ton of different claims, the #1 benefit to this training aid is helping you get your hands ahead of the ball at impact. This will help you hit more pure iron shots and start hitting better chips as well.

11. Selfie Golf Record Cell Phone Clip

While all of these devices can certainly help you improve your game, it’s important to understand what’s going wrong before buying them! The Selfie Golf Record Cell Phone Clip can help you video your swing and identify what’s going wrong. Instead 1 step to better golf review trying to prop your phone up against your bag or ask a stranger to record, invest in one of these tools.

1 step to better golf review src="https://ir-na.amazon-adsystem.com/e/ir?t=theleftrough-20&language=en_US&l=li3&o=1&a=B01N9I8GMC" width="1" height="1" alt="">

You can carry this device in your bag to quickly video your swing from any angle. It’s easy to set up and works with all different smartphones.

Golf Swing Trainers

Best Golf Swing Trainers for Swing Planes

While there are a lot of parts of the game to work on, one of the most important ones for every golfer is mastering your swing plane. The better the swing plane, the more consistent you will hit the ball and usually produce a much smaller miss.

Here are the best golf training aids for swing planes:

12. Super Swing Trainer Golf Full Circle Training Aid

The Super Swing Trainer Full Circle Training Aid is one of the oldest and most effective devices in the past few decades. It is designed to help guide you to a more efficient and reliable swing by eliminating your bad habits, 1 step to better golf review.

While the device is effective, it also isn’t practical for most golfers. Clearly, with its size it can’t be taken to the course and does take up a ton of room in your garage or backyard.

But if you’re committed to improving your swing plane, this aid can absolutely help. One positive it that it does work for both right and left-handed players. Plus, it’ll last you a very long time!

13. Eyeline Golf Speed Trap Base

The Eyeline Golf Speed-Trap is another training aid that is designed to help you with your swing path. I’ll admit it doesn’t look the greatest but it really makes you focus on your downward path before you make an impact with the ball. This device is great if you’re coming too much from the inside or too much from the outside as it can easily be adjusted.

The device is made up of a hitting mat and four foam adjustable pegs. This device will help you hit it more solid and ensure you’re not coming over the top like so many amateur golfers. Plus, as it is adjustable, you can also use it if you’re a skilled player and looking to fine-tune the beginning part of your downswing.

Another perk to this training aid is that it works for both your full swing and chipping or pitching. All you do is place the ball in front of the red line and hit full swings or chips and pitches, 1 step to better golf review. As you improve your impact position, move the ball further back to the white line.

Unlike other training aids, it works for both right-handed and left-handed players. It also comes with a storage bag and instructions on how to use it based on the miss you’re trying to correct.

We are a big fan of this training aid, for more information check out our full review of the Eyeline Speed Trap.

14. EX BV Explanar

The EX BV Explanar Golf Swing Trainer is the ultimate home golf system to help you improve your game. This 1 step to better golf review an upgraded version of the Super Swing Trainer and will help you learn to feel the perfect swing in the optimal swing plane.

It’s designed to help you hit the ball further, straighter, 1 step to better golf review, and more consistent than ever before. The EX BV Explanar is for the truly committed golfer as it is pretty pricey. But it is arguably as good, if not better, than any of the other training aids on this list.

It comes with the hoop, plane fin, mat, power roller, plane sensor and a 75-minute DVD to help you get it set up. Lastly, it does come with wheels so it’s easy to store in your garage or shed.

Putting Training Aid

Best Golf Training Aids for Putting

While all of these training aids are great for your full swing and some are for your short game, don’t forget about putting! Remember, roughly 35-40% of all of your strokes happen on the fringe and green.

Use these putting devices and best putting drills to hone your putting skills, 1 step to better golf review. And if you’re working on your game at home, don’t forget to check out the best putting mats as well.

15. Dave Pelz Putting Tutor

The Putting Tutor by Dave Pelz is an amazing golf training aid for players fiestaware onion soup bowl all skill levels. If you don’t know, Dave Pelz is widely considered the best short game teacher in the world. He’s worked with tons of PGA pros (including short-game wizard Phil Mickelson) and even has a custom backyard with the coolest short-game facility ever.

If you’re going to learn from anyone about putting, this 1 step to better golf review your guy! The Putting Tutor is a compact device that is designed to help you hit more putts squarely and start the ball rolling on-line immediately after impact. The Putting Tutor provides instant feedback and lets you know immediately when your ball is getting offline.

It comes with a putting board, four marbles, and a putting ball. To make it easier, all you do is adjust the marbles back toward the wider part of the device. To make it harder, place them on the front four positions. By doing this, you’re making sure the ball is starting out perfectly straight from the get-go.

It’s also helpful with green reading and working with putts that have a ton of swing to them. All you do is position it towards the apex and you can see how speed impacts the putt. It is very economically priced and this will pay for itself from all the matches you should win by holing more putts!

16. Putt Out Pressure Putt Trainer

The Putt Out Pressure Putt Trainer is one of metro seniors golf most highly reviewed training aids on Amazon!

The device simulates the exact conditions of putting on the course and provides you instant feedback for how far you would have missed the putt. It emphasizes 1 step to better golf review importance of getting the ball to the hole because let’s face it, putts that are left short have a 0% chance of going in!

It’s so helpful for your putting as it can be used both inside on carpet or outside on the putting green. The training aid folds up easily and can fit in your bag or used around the house. With it’s “micro-target” technology it also stresses the motto, “Aim small, miss small.” If you can train your putting with this device, the hole should look like a bucket once you’re on the course.

Plus, since there isn’t a hole, it makes it easy to get in a lot of reps in a short amount of time. Not to mention, you can save your back a lot of stress as you don’t have to bend over each time to grab the balls.

17. Eyeline Golf Putting Alignment Mirror

The Eyeline Golf Putting Alignment Mirror is another awesome putter training aid to help you roll the rock. This training aid helps with alignment and with your eye position. The best putters in the world all have different strokes but all of them have their eyes over or inside the ball.

This device will train you to do exactly that! Plus, it will also make sure your alignment is solid and ensure the ball is getting started on the correct line. The best way to do this is to insert two tees on the front of the device and use the “gate drill” that Tiger uses before every round.

The mirror is also highly portable and easy to store in your golf bag or car. This tour proven device will help you hit more putts square and force you to create an accelerating stroke.

18. Putting Arc T3 Golf Training Aid

If you want to putt like a pro, check out the Putting Arc T3 training aid. It’s a very small and portable device to help you dial in your putting stroke. It will guide you to a simple and repeatable putting stroke.

Not to mention, it’s very easy to set up as you only need two tees to help you start building confidence on the greens. It will help with your wrists, hands, and arms staying connected as one throughout your stroke.

Plus, it only weighs 7 ounces and can easily fit in your bag.

Final Thoughts on Training Aids

As you can tell, there are tons of different training aids to help you become a better golfer. But, it’s important to not go overboard and start trying any and everything.

Before buying any of these, first, identify the biggest weakness in your game. Is it your driver? Irons? Short game? Or your putting?

Then, reverse engineer and find a training aid that will help you with your biggest weakness. Once you buy it, create a practice plan to use it on a consistent basis. Don’t move onto the next device until you’re starting to see improvements.

If you’re brand new to the game or not sure where to start, I recommend buying the speed sticks and orange whip. The speed sticks will help you gain speed and distance in your swing. The orange whip will help with tempo, flexibility, and is great for warming up before your round.

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1 step to better golf review you’re like most golfers, you just can’t get enough of this crazy game. If you aren’t teeing it up, you’re probably watching golf, scrolling your phone for golf updates or reading about the game. 

Does that sound about right?

Instead of picking up another issue of Golf Digest, why not check out some of these iconic golf books. While there are a seemingly endless amount of golf books, I narrowed down the 15 best ones to make it simple.

This post is broken up into four sections; best golf instruction books, short game, mental tips, and entertaining stories.

15 Best Instructional Golf Books

1. Harvey Penick’s Little Red Book, by Harvey Penick 

One of the best golf books to improve your game is written by Harvey Penick. As Sports Illustrated coined him, “Socrates of the golf world.”

Harvey Penick's Little Red Book: Lessons And Teachings From A Lifetime In Golf

If there were a bible for golfers, this would be it as it’s the highest-selling golf book ever published. I think one of the main reasons this book has been so successful is because Harvey found a way to make golf simple, despite the game being extremely challenging.

After serving as the head pro for nearly 50 years at Austin Country Club, Harvey made a habit of writing down golf tips and observations inside a little red book. These notes were eventually made into the book that golfers around the world have come to know and love.

As I mentioned, he doesn’t get technical (like Ben Hogan) but instead, helps you play your best golf with straightforward advice. The updated twentieth-anniversary edition also features exclusive rare images from the Penick family archives and a new foreword by 2012 Ryder Cup captain Davis Love III (whose dad had the experience to learn the game under Penick), 1 step to better golf review.

And like Harvey always said in his little red book, “Don’t forget to “take dead aim.”

Buy the little red book on Amazon now.

2. How I Play Golf, by Tiger Woods 

If you’re going to learn about everything golf-related, why not learn from arguably the greatest player of all time? 

While Tiger’s life has always been wildly secret (I mean his yacht’s name is appropriately titled “Privacy”) he takes us behind the scenes in his popular golf book, How I Play Golf. If you’ve recently gotten addicted to the game and can’t get enough of this crazy sport, this book is for you.

How I Play Golf by Tiger Woods (2011-04-08)

Tiger breaks down every part of the game to make it clear and easy to understand. Plus, there are tons of visuals to help you learn the right positions for every shot in the bag.

Inside the amazing read, he will show you how to:

  • Drive it long and straight
  • Shape shots either direction 
  • Structure each day you get to practice
  • Hit piercing iron shots (and the 2-iron stinger)
  • Read greens and create a rock-solid putting routine
  • And so much more… 

All the technical jargon aside, he also talks about fitness in golf, mental tips, and other age-old advice from the child phenom. Plus, he shares a lot of his own experience in the book so you get to learn a little bit more about the legend of Eldrick Woods as well. 

What’s crazy is that even though it was published in 2001, the content is still more relevant than ever. His book proves that while technology and gadgets always change, the fundamentals always in golf stay the same.  This one of the best golf books for beginners and highly recommend it to anyone who’s played the game.

Buy it on Amazon now.

3. Golf My Way, by Jack Nicklaus

While Tiger’s book is a force to be reckoned with, let’s not forget about the one guy whose record he is still chasing, Jack Nicklaus and his 18 major championships, 1 step to better golf review. Jack’s book, Golf My Way written by the legend himself,has sold more than two million copies since it was released in 1974. It is another instructional classic where the Golden Bear takes you through every aspect of his game.

Golf My Way: The Instructional Classic, Revised and Updated

Inside the book, you will learn about his practice routines, managing his golf game, short game tips and a lot more. Plus, he shares how the game has changed since 1962 and how you can play your best golf yet with tons of mental techniques.

Buy it on Amazon now.

4. Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf, by Ben Hogan 

Ben Hogan is one of the greatest golfers in the history of the game and believed that any golfer with average coordination can learn to break 80, 1 step to better golf review. Well, that is as long as you are patient and 1 step to better golf review a desire to learn. Hogan was known a range rat. He looked for answers in the dirt and is known to stay on the range for hours at a time.

Ben Hogan's Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf

In each chapter, he teaches a different tested fundamental with clear illustrations to help you understand the exact position for each part of your game. It reads as if Mr. Hogan himself is giving you a personal lesson with the same skill and precision that made sensicore golf shaft inserts a legend in the game.

He’s a brief outline of the four main sections:

  • How to grip the club correctly 
  • How to master your posture and perfect your stance
  • The backswing – everything you need to know
  • The downswing – everything you need to know 

There’s a reason this book has sold over one million copies!

Although he does not directly reveal the Ben Hogan Secret, this book will help you lay the groundwork for building a solid motion from the ground up. If you’re looking for the fundamentals of golf taught by one of the best ball strikers of all time, this one is for you. If you’re looking for anything short game-related, skip this one as Ben Hogan only focuses on the full swing. 

Buy it on Amazon now.

5. How Champions Think (In Sports and Life), by Dr. Bob Rotella 

One name you will read about a lot in this article is Dr. Bob Rotella. In my opinion, he has the largest and best selection of literature in the golf industry.

How Champions Think: In Sports and in Life

The latest addition to his already impressive collection is How Champions Think (In Sports and Life). Dr. Bob Rotella beautifully relates the crazy game of golf to succeeding in life. He’s coached everyone from professional golfers, to NBA superstars, to top business executives and has found a lot of similarities among them.

This book will help you commit to goals, persevere when things get tough on the links and learn how to move past failure, 1 step to better golf review. Finally, he will help you learn how to train your mind to create a positive self-image so you have more confidence than ever before. 

Buy it on Amazon now.

Honorable Mentions

Best Mental Books

Sometimes improving your game has nothing to do with your backswing or downswing and everything to do with the experience between your years. These resources should help you calm your mind and improve your game withoutchanging your golf swing.

6. Golf is Not a Game of Perfect by Dr. Bob Rotella

When it comes to getting better at golf, 1 step to better golf review, most players seek out new swing advice and different clubs. But in reality, if you want to vastly improve your game, you need to focus 1 step to better golf review on the mental side of things. As Jim Flick said, “Golf is 90% mental. The other 10% is mental.”

I couldn’t agree more!

Golf is Not a Game of Perfect

The most important distance in the game isn’t how far you drive it or how close you hit it to the flagstick. No, it is the space between your ears. Golf is Not a Game of Perfect is arguably one of the best reads of all time and effortlessly captures the mental side of things.

Dr. Bob Rotella is a sports psychologist who is known for working with elite players like Davis Love and Nick Price. Plus, he was one of the first sports psychologists to ever venture into the game of golf. In the book, he’s able to mix anecdotes with vivid observations and makes it easy to understand the mental side of the game.

I love that his tone is conversational, his advice is easy to understand, and the insights can also help other parts of your life. As he said in the book, “Confidence is crucial to good golf. It is also simply the aggregate of the thoughts you have about yourself.”

Buy it on Amazon now.

7. The Champion’s Mind by Dr. Jim Afremow

Another top mental read is “The Champion’s Mind” by Jim Afremow. While not as common of a name in the locker room, Dr. Afremow understands what it takes to master your mind and play your best golf ever. I know because I’m lucky enough to say I worked with him a few sessions before attempting my first shot at Q-school and can say it really helped my game.

The Champion's Mind: How Great Athletes Think, Train, and Thrive

Jim has worked with professional golfers, Olympic gold medalists, Heisman Trophy winners and more. Inside this awesome book, he will show you how to:

  • Play to your full potential
  • Talk positively to yourself
  • Get in the zone but stay humble in the process
  • Simulate a competitive environment when practicing
  • Learn how to create a fool-proof pre-shot routine for success
  • Progress within any sport and sustain excellence in the long-term

Buy it on Amazon now.

8. Zen Golf: Mastering the Mental Game, by Dr. Joseph Parent

Dr. Parent teaches golfers (including several 1 step to better golf review Tour pros) how to clear their minds, focus and play at the moment. Zen Golf is one of the most famous self-help books to help you master your mind and improve your confidence.

Zen Golf: Mastering the Mental Game

The book will help you improve your focus and cultivate the ability to block out distractions so you can play your best golf. This PGA coach is also a Buddhist instruction that uses both sets of knowledge to make it easy for mental mastery. 

While there are a lot of great choices in this area, Zen Golf is concise, clear and very enlightening. This book will show you how to prepare for, 1 step to better golf review, execute, and respond, despite the results during your round. While it is a different approach to instruction, this book shapes ancient philosophies into new teachings.  

Remember, sometimes improving your game is less about your swing and more about your mind. 

Buy it on Amazon now.

Best Short Game Books

While mastering the mental side of golf is important, the short game ie equally important as well. On my own golf journey, I’ve found that working on my mental and short game has helped me improve more than anything else. Here are some of the best resources to help you speed up success.

9. Short Game Bible, by Dave Pelz

Dave Pelz is routinely known as the short game guy and seemingly knows as much as anyone when it comes to 100 yards and in. Don’t forget, this is the guy who has one of the best practice facilities in his own backyard and is a former physicist at Nasa! 

Dave Pelz's Short Game Bible: Master the Finesse Swing and Lower Your Score (Dave Pelz Scoring Game)

This golf book focuses solely on the short game and will help you with every shot imaginable near the green. Pelz will show you how to find your own personal weaknesses and how to instantly improve them so you can shoot lower scores.

I love this book because it’s packed with all kinds of charts, photos, science-backed evidence, and knowledge to vastly improve your short game. Not to mention, he’s worked with iconic players like Vijay Singh, Payne Stewart, Annika Sorenstam, and more.

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10. Unconscious Putting: Dave Stockton’s Guide to Unlocking Your Signature Stroke, by Dave Stockton

Dave Stockton is a teacher and putting guru who has helped some of the game’s top stars (like Phil Mickelson and Rory McIlroy) roll it purely on the greens and win the sport’s biggest events. He’s a former PGA and Champions Tour winner but was always known for having one of the best strokes in the game.

Unconscious Putting: Dave Stockton's Guide to Unlocking Your Signature Stroke

Inside Unconscious Putting, he lays out his groundbreaking putting philosophy that can help everyone roll the rock on the toughest courses. He focuses much more on touch and feel than mechanics and teaches you how to go unconscious on the putting green. This book will help you lock in on your target and focus on feel more than mechanics so you can make more putts and shoot lower scores. 

Plus, he also covers:

  • Why players really three-putt
  • How to find the right putter for your game
  • Why most golfers practice the wrong way
  • How the mental side of things affects all golfers 
  • How to create a pre-shot putting routine to make more putts

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Honorable Mentions

More Entertaining Stories

While I love all of the books above, let’s not forget about the iconic history and amazing stories of this great sport. If you are not looking for technical books about how to swing better, improve your short game or master your mind, take a look at some of these choices.

11. The Greatest Game Ever Played, by Mark Frost

If you’re looking for a feel-good story about the game, look no further than The Greatest Game Ever Played, by Mark Frost. The book was so successful it was also adapted into a Disney movie that featured Shia LaBeouf. 

The Greatest Game Ever Played: Harry Vardon, Francis Ouimet, and the Birth of Modern Golf

Set in the early 1900’s, the book is all about a blue-collar kid named Francis Ouimet who grew up across the street from The Country Club in Brookline. He learned how to play the game as a caddy and got to compete in the U.S Open which was played at his home course. With a 10-year-old caddie on his bag he went on to win the event in epic fashion! 

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12. The Big Miss: My Years Coaching Tiger Woods, by Hank Haney 

As I mentioned with the second book on this list, Tiger Woods is a wildly private person. Up until his infamous scandal in 2010, not much was known about the man unless he told the media himself. 

The Big Miss: My Years Coaching Tiger Woods

The Big Miss is a tell-all tale of with his second main coach, Hank Haney, and the six years they spent working together. During that time, the big cat completely revamped his swing, despite everyone telling him otherwise, and went on to win six major titles. If you want to know more about what makes Tiger tick, grab a copy of this one today. 

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13. My Life In & Out of the Rough, by John Daly

How can you not love big John Daly? While he’s had his share of struggles, on and off the course, over the past three decades, he’s one of the most entertaining furious the game has ever seen. In his golf autobiography, John shares all kinds of wild stories from his entertaining past.

My Life in and out of the Rough: The Truth Behind All That Bull**** You Think You Know About Me

Big John takes you back in history to entertain and make you laugh more than most golfers ever would. He talks about his failed marriages, his college days, early time on the PGA Tour and so much more. If you need some good entertainment and a light read, I highly encourage this book.

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14. Golf in the Kingdom, by Michael Murphy

Golf in the Kingdom is a widely debated book but for golfers who do like it, it is known as classic. It takes a very different approach than most of the other ones on this list.

Golf in the Kingdom

The premise is all about a spiritual adventure and experience that takes place in the 1950s. After a University student stops in a 1 step to better golf review a round at Burning Bush in Scotland, his life is never the same again.  It’s an extremely entertaining read and a best-seller as it’s loved by golfers all around the world.

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15. Caddy for Life: The Bruce Edwards Story, by John Feinstein

If you’re looking for another touching and emotional story, Caddy For Life: The Bruce Edwards Story is sure to pull on your heartstrings. This is the story of Tom Watson’s longtime caddie Bruce Edwards, who sadly passed away from Lou Gehrig’s disease in 2004, at only 49-years old. 

Caddy for Life: The Bruce Edwards Story

Between Watson and Edwards, they won a total of eight majors together and had an unbreakable bond both on and off the course. The author tells the complete story of Edwards’ unbelievable life and gets him to open up about the secrets of the game that only a life-long caddie would know. Another emotionally charged but epic book!

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Wrapping Up

As you can tell, there are no shortages of amazing golf books to keep you entertained and educated for years to come. Whether you want to improve your swing, become a short game guru or mental wizard, grab a few from this list and start reading today.

Remember though, don’t just read them once and expect amazing transformations to your golf game. Instead, find a few one that interest you and read them over and over again.

Then, apply what you read on the course, 1 step to better golf review. Also, when you learn something cool, teach it to one of your golfing buddies. Because when you teach, you learn it all over again and it’s much more likely to stick in your long-term memory.

What’s your favorite golf tips book?

Let me know in the comments!  

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The one move every pro makes. Anybody can do it—but most of us don't

In 1919, reigning PGA champion Jim Barnes put out the first 1 step to better golf review golf-instruction book. It was called Picture Analysis of Golf Strokes, and it gave the average golfer a chance to see how the best players swung the club. In the hundred years since, almost everything about the game has changed—including how we learn from the best. Now technology is helping to clarify what photos and videos from the 1920s to the 1990s could only hint at. At GolfTEC, 1 step to better golf review, we’ve measured hundreds of thousands of swings from the time our first teaching center opened in Denver in 1996. (We now have more than 850 instructors and about 200 locations in the U.S.) By crunching and decoding the data from all those players over 23 years, and comparing it to the same measurements captured from more than 200 tour players, we’ve been able to identify the specific swing movements and skills tennis player upskirt separate average players from good ones, and good ones from elite ones.

You’ve probably heard that golf swings are like fingerprints, and each player’s is different. That can be discouraging, because it seems like no advice you might get would be perfect just for you. But the takeaways from all that number crunching we’ve been doing strongly suggest otherwise. As different as golf swings look, they have a lot more commonalities than distinctions. And the real reason you hit most of your bad shots is much simpler—and easier to fix—than you might think.

In other words, swing problems aren’t that unique and tricky to diagnose. People slice because of a few common issues—not because they do one or two things from a menu of a hundred possibilities.

This is important, because if you focus your energy on fixing one major problem we see in most amateur swings, you’re making a change that has the biggest impact on the quality and consistency of your contact. That frees you up to get out on the course and learn important skills like strategy, green-reading and handling pressure—the things that turn you into a good player.

So what’s the thing missing from your swing? You aren’t turning properly when you take the club back.

Using GolfTEC’s proprietary measurement system linked with launch-monitor data, we know that the checkpoint that correlates most directly to a player’s ability to hit good shots occurs when the club reaches parallel to the ground in the backswing, 1 step to better golf review. Take the elite pros you see on this page. All of them—Dustin Johnson, Jessica Korda and Jordan Spieth, and virtually every tour player we’ve measured—get to a very similar position at this point.

When the shaft is parallel to the ground, they’ve turned their shoulders about 60 degrees. Their shoulders start 7 degrees open to their target (to help avoid hooking the ball) and then rotate 53 degrees away from it. In comparison, amateurs have far less turn when they reach this position. We’ve recorded thousands of amateurs, and the amount they’re moving back is anywhere from 10 to 30 degrees less than the pros. Don’t take our word for it, 1 step to better golf review, go to your local range and see for yourself. It’s easy to spot.

From that shaft-parallel-to-the-ground position, tour players go on to turn their shoulders 30 more degrees. But the average amateur has pretty much stopped turning and spends the rest of the backswing and downswing playing kinetic catch-up—re-routing the club to try to make up for the poor takeaway, 1 step to better golf review. The overwhelming tendency is to get the shaft too vertical, swing down on a path from out to in, and hit a weak (and persistent) slice.

I know what you’re probably thinking: This information is interesting, but not useful. I don’t have the flexibility of a 20-something tour player, so turning more is going to be difficult. That’s both true and false. You 1 step to better golf review as flexible as a young professional athlete, but you can get more shoulder turn. Some of it comes just from realizing that you should be doing more of it. The rest you can get with a simple series of address hacks.

If you turn your trail foot (the right foot, for right-handers) out slightly at address, it will be easier to rotate your torso away from the target. And letting your trail leg straighten and your lead knee flex inward toward the ball, you’ll also be able to increase your turn.

Off the course, it certainly can’t hurt if you want to work on flexibility in the gym.

I think exercise is great for your swing. But the reality is, you don’t have to work out. We’ve measured thousands of players who were all over the spectrum in terms of being fit, and every one of them was able to get to that magic turn number of 53 degrees with or without a stretching program. Anybody can do it. . including you! Our data shows that shoulder turn is the biggest separator among ability levels in golf, but hip turn is an indicator, too. Tour players get to that shaft-parallel position with about 25 to 30 degrees of turn in their pelvis. Most weekend players, however, turn only a maximum of 15 degrees.

This rotation of the shoulders and hips is so important because increasing both increases the two things players need to hit the ball far and straight: time and space. More turn translates into a wider, deeper backswing and more time to store power that can be released in the downswing. When your turn is constricted, you don’t have the time or space to get the club up to the speed you see from tour pros.

Of course, having our measuring devices makes it easy to see if you’re getting to this spot in the backswing correctly, but you can use a mirror or a friend with a smartphone camera to examine it, too. One easy-to-check sign that you’re out of position is if your elbows drift away from each other as you swing—that indicates you’re taking the club back with your arms, not the rotation of your torso.

Also look to see that your head remained at the height it was at address and that your upper body didn’t start leaning toward the target—known as the dreaded reverse 1 step to better golf review start back correctly, the thing you’re looking for is that your trail shoulder moves up and behind you as you maintain your address posture. Your hands should stay relatively passive while your shoulder turn propels the club. When you first try this move, it’s going to feel radical, like you’re making a lot more body turn than necessary. You might even worry about being able to get the club back to the ball, 1 step to better golf review. But trust it. Your upper body and lower body will soon start responding to the move, and you’ll be producing effortless speed while straightening that nasty slice.

Does all of this data mean it’s impossible to hit good shots any other way? Of course not. Players have far more similarities than differences, but they do have differences—and there are certainly outliers. Brooks Koepka turns noticeably less than 53 degrees when he gets to this key checkpoint. But he also has more natural athleticism than most people. If you’re capable of hitting a ball 180 miles per hour like he can, you don’t need 53 degrees of turn at this point in the swing. (I’m excited to measure the next generation of super-athletic players, like rookie tour winners Cameron Champ and Matthew Wolff, 1 step to better golf review, to see how their swings compare.)

But back in the real world, where most of you are swinging your driver slower than 100 miles 1 step to better golf review hour, you’re in the sweet spot of the data curve—not an outlier. For you, grooving this takeaway move is the fastest route to longer, straighter shots.


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The key move all good golfers make (and you can practise it at home)

So how do good players get from completely different positions at the top of the swing to find a much more aligned delivery position? There are three key elements: the body, the arms, and the club. 

The body - flex increases

One of the most evident elements of the 'slot' is that the body has clearly increased its flex. This is the opposite of what many amateur golfers do, losing flex as they stand up out of posture as they approach impact.

Look at a slow motion video or a swing sequence of any top player and make note of their head position at the top of the backswing. By the time they get into the delivery position, it will have lowered as the body concertinas slightly into a more squatted position. We'll look at why this happens, and how these players use this move to create force at impact. 

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The arms - work the club into a deeper position

Good golfers deliver the club from what we might call a ‘deep’ position – that’s to say the club is well inside the ball-target line. Whatever shape they create at the top, as you watch their first moves down you see how the arms work to get the club into this deeper and shallower position – a line through the lead arm at the delivery position would point right of target for the right-hander. Later, you’ll see how this promotes a stronger and more reliable release of the club.

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The club - shaft shallows

The third element of delivery is a shaft angle that shallows from the top. This is in direct contrast to the club golfer, whose shaft typically steepens (becoming more upright) as the downswing unwinds. We’ll take a look at why the shaft angle shallows out, how it works in tandem with how an elite player releases the club, and how you can work it into your action.

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The body - how the body should work in the golf swing

The main reason good golfers increase flex in their downswing is power. A lower delivery position allows them to rise and rotate through impact; as they pull the club handle upwards, the head reacts by whipping downwards, powerfully into the ball. Here’s how to train the move.

1. Set the gap

The simplest way to grasp what we mean by the body increasing flex is to set up with an umbrella or other prop set vertically behind you. Position the prop so your regular stance leaves a small gap of a couple of inches between it and your rear.

2. Maintain the gap

In an effective backswing, the set-up body angles created through the legs and spine are broadly maintained. This means that small gap is maintained. although the rotation of the trail hip can appear to close it slightly.

3. Close the gap

On the downswing, the spine angle should become more tilted forwards, with an increase in knee flex. The whole look becomes more of a squat. This movement will close the gap between your glutes and the prop you're using. 

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The arms - what the arms should do during the golf swing

Источник: [https://torrent-igruha.org/3551-portal.html]

10 Golf Books You Should Read

golf tips
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You are never done learning as a golfer. I wanted to put together a list of golf books that I think can help your game, and hopefully give you some new perspectives on your technique, 1 step to better golf review, as well as your mental approach to the game. These are 10 books that I think every golfer should read at least once.

Many of them have been in print for quite some time, so you can get them at a huge discount if you buy them used on Amazon. I have read all of these at one point, and I think they each contain advice that is worth listening to.

There is a ton of information in all of these golf books. It would be unrealistic to expect that you brc cricket club incorporate everything these authors have written into your game. If you can take away one or two big ideas from each of these books, then your game is going to move in the right direction!

1)Harvey Penick’s Little Red Book

If there is one book on this list that you should absolutely read, this is the one! I wrote a review of this all-time classic here. I believe this is one of the best golf books ever written for many reasons. There are so many little nuggets of wisdom in this book without getting into anything too technical.

2) Ben Hogan’s Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf

Ben Hogan might be the most interesting player halton hills baseball the history of the game. This is a man who found his swing in the dirt through a tireless work ethic that golf had never seen before. He had no access to technology, but uncovered things about the golf swing that are valuable decades later. Don’t miss his section on the grip technique, 1 step to better golf review, I think this is the most important part of the book for a golfer of any level.

3) Golf is Not a Game of Perfect by Dr. Bob Rotella

I aspire to write like Dr. Rotella. He has a way of describing the game that is so simple and matter of fact that it just makes sense. This is probably his most important book, but I feel you should read his entire body of work. It will give you some new mental perspective on the game that I don’t think other writers can provide.

4) The Short Game Bible by Dave Pelz

I have made numerous references to this book in my articles simply because I believe my game changed forever when I was done reading it. I consider this advanced reading for golfers, so it might be a little overwhelming to some of you. If you can come away understanding the importance of the game inside 100 yards than you have won half the battle. This one of the golf books that can give you a real plan, 1 step to better golf review, and prevent you from stepping up to a shot without confidence.

5) The Big Miss by Hank Haney

I debated whether or not to include this in the list, but I think you should read it for two reasons. The first is that Hank Haney gives a salacious account of his personal dealings with Tiger that were a real page turner for me. The second reason is that there is some really great advice in this book, mainly because Haney uncovers things about Tiger’s game that you would never expect to be deficiencies. It almost makes you feel better about your own game to read about how the best golfer of all time (sorry, possibly the second best) was petrified of his driver!

6) Unconscious Putting by Dave Stockton

Becoming a great putter is very difficult, 1 step to better golf review, and it’s almost impossible to put your finger on what it takes. I believe this book is the closest version to accomplishing that feat. The great part is that it’s not some 500 page technical encyclopdiea. In only 100 pages Dave Stockton gives 1 step to better golf review some real actionable advice on how to become a better putter. The fact that this book is so short should be a hint to you that it’s not as technical and complicated as you might think.

Bonus Content:Be sure to check out my complete guide to putting.

7) 101 Mistakes All Golfers Make (and how to fix them) by…Me!

golf books

I would be remiss if I didn’t include my own work. My book will be your complete guide to the game for years to come, 1 step to better golf review. Best of all, it’s easy to understand.

8) Fearless golf: Conquering the Mental Game by Dr. Gio Valiante

Fear in golf is a self-fulfilling prophecy. There’s no way to ever completely conquer negative thoughts before you approach your shot. However, the more you can put them behind you, the lower scores you 1 step to better golf review be shooting. This book can help you do that, by explaining how staying in the moment is the most important and hardest thing to do as a golfer.

9) Every Shot Counts by Mark Broadie

Mark Broadie has made a big splash in the golfing world with his revolutionary strokes gained statistic. It has changed how we measure a player’s performance on the PGA tour, 1 step to better golf review, and his data have lead to some discovery on how amateurs can improve their games. While this book is mainly data driven, I think it can open your eyes up on a few parts of the game. 1 step to better golf review I don’t agree with everything he wrote in this book, I believe his section on putting makes it worth the read.

10) Zen Golf: Mastering the Mental Game by Joseph Parent

Here is more food for your brain. Psychology is just as important to a golfer than the quality of their swing on the golf course. Read this book, and take everything he has written to heart. The best golfers are all Zen Golfers, whether they know it or not.

What are your favorite golf books? Leave your thoughts in the comments section…

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