Jt impulse shooting

jt impulse shooting

The Impulse paintball gun was one of the most popular tournament paintball markers in 2004. Now with a new look and feel this gun excels in the poppet. pressure balancing secondary regulator 16 Vertical Regulator balance The velocity and maximum firing rate of the Impulse depend on a balance of three settings. The JT Impulse has all the features that any top-notch paintball player would want in a perfect marker. Smooth poppet firing mechanism, superior efficiency.

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Midnight JT Impulse Paintball Gun

Smart Parts originally designed the Impulse before they were bought out from JT/Empire Paintball. JT/Empire Paintball has now released it with modifications from the original Impulse that now makes this a competitive gun that players can use to win tournaments. The JT Impulse is a poppet style gun that gives you a flat straight shot from the bolt system, which is desired by most players for accurate shooting! Using an air-balanced valve internally in the gun gives the gun it's low recoil action, this means that when you take a shot you will not have to constantly re-adjust the gun from the kick! The OLED screen board on the gun lets you see what is happening in the gun from the status on the eye sensor, rate or fire you have achieved, firing mode or battery life status, jt impulse shooting, this helps you determine diagnose what is going on with your gun! Pick up this gun and dominate the competition with this new 2013 JT paintball gun!


  • New JT 2013 Paintball Gun
  • Poppet Bolt Gun for reliable performance
  • Straight flat trajectory shooting gives accurate shooting
  • LPR Balanced Air Valve for low recoil and great high efficiency
  • Break Beam eye system prevents a majority of paintball breaks for consistent performance
  • On/Off ASA with Bleed system makes tank removal safe and fast
  • Dual rolling bearing trigger allows for smooth trigger pulls that lets you jt impulse shooting high rates of fire
  • Adjustable Firing modes and rate of fire
  • OLED Screen board helps you determine problems in the gun if they arise
  • Two Piece 14" Tournament honed barrel allows for excellent accuracy


  • JT Impulse Paintball Marker
  • 14" Autococker Threaded jt impulse shooting Piece Tournament Barrel
  • Allen Key Set
  • O-ring Kit
  • Barrel Sock
  • Padded Zipper Kit
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The Impulse paintball gun was one of the most popular tournament paintball markers in 2004. Now with a new look and feel this gun excels in the poppet market, jt impulse shooting. The patented balanced valve technology will make your shots smoother, helping you hit the intended target, in turn giving you the results you want and need when competing at all levels. Added benefits include the 4 Way Adjustable Magnetic Trigger, which enables you to set the trigger to your desired preference so sunflower smoking bowl you get the sensitivity and travel exactly how you want it. In addition, the all new JT Impulse marker comes with a blue OLED display so you can check your rate of fire and select the playing mode option that works best for you. With a Contoured Slim Grip, the feel of this gun is amazing, definitely one of the most comfortable guns on the market. Designed and tested by professional paintball team XSV means that extensive time has been put into this marker to make sure it not only meets but exceeds your expectations.

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Jt Impulse Paintball Marker Gun Video Shootin Dye Proto Ego Planet Eclipse Luxe

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Seller:onenonlytopher✉️(1,589)100%, Location:Monterey Park, California, US, jt impulse shooting, Ships to: US, Item:233048815940JT IMPULSE PAINTBALL MARKER GUN VIDEO SHOOTIN DYE PROTO EGO PLANET ECLIPSE LUXE. Shooting vid https://youtu.be/FsDXCkrhVzk Another shooting video of a impulse that I own. https://youtu.be/RLtw3YvFik They both shoot really nice!!! Very nice used condtion jt impulse. Has some minor marks and wear from use. Nothing major but please see pics for condition. Jt impulse shooting flawlessly and has 0 issues. One of the most underrated markers on the market. Shoots smooth, super light/thin and easy to maintain. If you have any questions please feel free to message me. There will be no returns as this marker is fully functional with 0 problems and no leaks. Thank you for looking, jt impulse shooting. Please check jt impulse shooting my feedback as it speaks for itself.Condition:Used, Brand:JT

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JT Impulse maintenance and operation manual - Paintball Solutions

Barrel Blocker / Battery2Barrel Blockeralkaline batteryBarrel Blocker The barrel blocker is a very important piece of safety equipment – as important as goggles. It is used any time the Impulse (orany other paintball marker) is connected to an air source and is in an area where people are not protected by paintball goggles or paintball fieldnetting.The barrel blocker performs a very simple function. If the Impulse is accidentally fired, the barrel blocker catches the paintball to prevent accidentalinjury or damage. Although turning off the Impulse does serve as a safety mechanism to prevent it from jt impulse shooting, the barrel blocker jt impulse shooting an advantagein that it is clearly visible to everyone that it is in use, jt impulse shooting. It is important to make sure that the barrel blocker is securely in place when it is used. Toput the barrel blocker on the Impulse, slide it over the end of the barrel and loop the cords over the back of the marker. Adjust the cord lock sothat the barrel blocker is held snugly in place and cannot slip free.Pro Tip: Because the barrelblocker is visible to everyone andworks with all markers, it is thestandard safety device used anytime the Impulse is handled insafe zones where goggles areoff.Battery The electronic components in the Impulse are powered by a single rectangular 9-volt battery. For optimal performance, alkaline batteries(ANSI type 1604A) should be used. Lower cost “heavy duty” zinc/carbon batteries do not last nearly as long, or deliver amperage as reliably andshould be avoided. Most “9v” style rechargeable batteries will work with the Impulse, but their charge levels may not be accurately reported on theImpulse display. It is advisable to gain experience with any particular rechargeable battery before trusting an important game to it.Installing or changing the battery in the Impulse is simple. Use a 5/64-inch allen wrench to remove the two grip screws from the left side of themarker and open the rubber grip. The battery simply slides into place, contact side up. Battery orientation jt impulse shooting important. The positive terminal ofthe battery (smaller of the two snap conectors) should be aligned towards the Impulse display screen, while the negative terminal (larger snap)should be towards the barrel. With the battery in place, close the grip and secure it with the two grip screws. Make sure the circuit board’sbattery contacts are pressed firmly under spring pressure against the battery terminals. If the fit is loose, slight bending of the contacts maybe necessary. Because the Impulse circuit board draws a very small amount of current from the battery even when it is turned off, it is best toremove the battery if the marker is going to be stored for a few weeks or more.WWW.JTPAINTBALL.COMImpulse Owner’s Manual v1.02 Copyright © 2013, JTPaintball, all rights reserved.

compressed air3ASA OFF ASA On ASA LOCK SCREWHPA The Impulse is designed to be powered by a high pressure compressed air (HPA) system only. Use of carbon dioxide (CO2) to power theImpulse is likely to cause damage to sensitive internal seals and will result in a voided warranty.Paintball HPA systems consist of an air storage cylinder rated to 3,000 psi or 4,500 psi and an integrated regulator/valve installed in the neck ofthe cylinder. HPA systems are typically divided the loft pilates high-output (800 psi) and low-output (400 psi) models. Either type will work with the Impulse,though use of a high-output model will often deliver more consistent velocity at high rates of fire.HPA systems are shipped empty, and must be filled by properly trained persons. Once filled, the HPA system is attached to the Impulse byscrewing it in to the bottom-line ASA (See ASA).ASA The Impulse is equipped with a bottom-line style venting on/off Air System Adapter (ASA). Before screwing an HPA system into the ASA,make sure the ASA is turned off by turning the on/off lever forward. After screwing in the HPA system, the ASA may be turned on by turning theon/off lever back parallel with the ASA body. The ASA lever should be turned on slowly, so that the gas pressure inside the Impulse rises gently,rather than with a sudden “pop.”WARNING: When removingan HPA System from the ASAwatch carefully to make surethe HPA system regulator is unscrewingfrom the ASA and thatthe HPA cylinder is not unscrewingfrom the HPA regulator.WARNING: Never put oil orother hydrocarbon products inan HPA system or its fill nipple.When turning the ASA off, gas trapped between the ASA and vertical regulator will be released with a brief hissing sound. This is normal. Jt impulse shooting the ASA does not completely de-pressurize the Impulseand may leave jt impulse shooting gas inside the marker to fire 2 or more shots (see de-gassing).The ASA may be replaced with other similar gas mounts or fittings. To replace the ASA, first unload and de-gas the marker, then remove the HPAsystem. Use a 3/32-inch allen wrench through the middle hole in the bottom of the grip frame to loosen the ASA setscrew. Temporary threadlocking compound jt impulse shooting Loctite 242 or equivalent) is used to keep the ASA lock screw in place. The ASA may be replaced by one of a similar designwhich uses a 3/4-inch dovetail mounting rail, or an ASA which uses traditional center aligned 10-32 ASA mounting screws.WWW.JTPAINTBALL.COMImpulse Owner’s Manual v1.02 Copyright © 2013, JTPaintball, all rights reserved.

velocity7velocity adjustmentvelocity The velocity, or speed at which the Impulse fires a paintball must be measured and adjusted each day before use – both for fairness ofthe game and player safety. In an area where it is safe to fire paintballs, while wearing ASTM compliant eye and face protection for paintball, firethree or four shots over a chronograph to measure the velocity of the paintballs. Commercial paintball fields jt impulse shooting an area with chronographs setaside for this purpose.If the velocity is above the paintball field’s limit, or above 300 feet per second (the internationally jt impulse shooting safe velocity limit for 68 caliberpaintballs), it must be reduced. If the velocity is much below the field’s limit, adjusting it up closer to the limit will give the Impulse the most rangepossible as well as the best chance of breaking each paintball on target.If velocity adjustment is needed, use a 5/32-inch allen wrench to turn tournament of champions baseball velocity adjuster located in the bottom of the vertical regulator, jt impulse shooting. Turn theallen wrench clockwise to increase velocity and counter-clockwise to decrease. Take three or four shots after every adjustment to allow the gaspressure inside the Impulse to stabilize then fire over the chronograph again to take another measurement. Adjust and re-check as needed untilthe desired velocity is reached. For safety reasons, never adjust the Impulse to fire at greater than 300 feet per second.Pro Tip: Checking velocity isan important safety procedurewhich must be performed everytime the Impulse is taken tothe field. For safety the velocitymust be kept under 300 feetper second, but getting as closeto the field’s limit as possiblewill maximize effective range.WWW.JTPAINTBALL.COMImpulse Owner’s Manual v1.02 Copyright © 2013, JTPaintball, all rights reserved.

unloading / de-gassing8vision offdry fire to de-gasUnloading degassing At the end of each day’s use, and before performing cleaning or maintenance work on the Impulse, it must be unloadedand de-gassed. Jt impulse shooting the Impulse to an area where it is safe to shoot, such as the chronograph area of a paintball field. While wearing paintballgoggles, remove the hopper from the Impulse. By turning the Impulse upside down, jt impulse shooting, any extra paintballs can be emptied from the chamber andfeed-neck.Turn the Impulse on, then de-activate the Vision anti-chop system by pressing the power button for one-half second until the eye icon in the Impulsedisplay screen switches to an eye with a diagonal line through it.Pro Tip: Always unload andde-gas the Impulse beforetransporting it to or from thefield in a vehicle. In boxer fence tobeing a good safety practice,some states require it by law.Dry fire the Impulse for 2 or three shots in a safe direction to be certain that there are no paintballs in the chamber or barrel.Turn off the HPA system by turning the bottom-line ASA lever out and away from the grip.WARNINGEven after the ASA has been turned off and the HPA system is removed, the valve chamber inside the Impulse may still be charged with enoughpressure to fire 2 or more shots.Continue to dry fire the Impulse in a safe direction until all of the gas pressure inside has been released. The only sound to be heard when pullingthe trigger should be the faint click of the solenoid valve inside hickory fountain green indoor soccer grip frame.Turn off the Impulse.Unscrew the HPA system from the bottom-line ASA.WWW.JTPAINTBALL.COMImpulse Owner’s Manual v1.02 Copyright © 2013, JTPaintball, all rights reserved.

PROGRAMMING LOCK9lock buttonunlockedLocking/Unlocking To comply with paintball field and tournament rules, the Impulse is equipped with a programming lock feature, jt impulse shooting. When theImpulse is locked, the electronic jt impulse shooting which impact firing modes, rate of fire and velocity may not be changed. Because the lock button cannotbe accessed without tools, the Impulse complies with all major tournament and scenario rules as well as common jt impulse shooting field practices.Impulse lock status can be easily checked by looking at the display screen when the marker is turned on. A padlock symbol appears closed whilethe auburn baseball 2014 is locked, and open while it is unlocked. To lock or unlock the Impulse, use a 5/64-inch allen wrench to remove the grip screws and openthe left side grip (see Battery Installation). With the marker turned on, momentarily press the lock button, located just below the trigger switch toswitch back and forth between locked and unlocked status.Pro Tip: The programminglock feature isn’t just fortournaments. Most commercialpaintball fields require that allmarkers be locked in such a waythat their firing modes and anyadjustments which can affectvelocity (including dwell) cannotbe accessed on the field withouttools.WWW.JTPAINTBALL.COMImpulse Owner’s Manual v1.02 Copyright © 2013, JTPaintball, all rights jt impulse shooting settings (continued)12BPS BYP – Balls Per Second Bypass. This setting places an additional cap on the Impulse’s maximum rate of fire when the Puma rugby boots system is bypassed, slowing the marker down toreduce the risk of chopping a paintball while firing “blind.” Balls Per Second Bypass has a default value of 10bps and is adjustable between 6 and 15 balls per second.KICK IN – Ramping Kick In – This setting applies only to the Ramping firing mode. Adjustable between 3 and 10, with a default value of 3, this setting determines how many shots mustbe fired at the Ramping Rate in order to begin firing more than one shot per trigger pull.RATE - Ramping Rate - This setting applies only to the Ramping firing mode. This is the rate at which the trigger must be pulled before the Ramping mode begins adding shots to rampup the rate of fire beyond one shot per trigger pull. Ramping rate ranges between values of 3 and 10 trigger pulls per second with a default value of five.SUSTAIN – Shots To Sustain Ramping – This setting applies only to the Ramping firing mode. Shots To Sustain determines how frequently the trigger must be pulled to maintain rampingonce it has started. Ramping mode will continue to fire multiple shots per trigger pull until the rate of trigger pulls drops jt impulse shooting the Shots To Sustain Ramping value. Shots To SustainRamping is adjustable between 3 and 10 trigger pulls per second, with a default value of 5.TRIGG DB – Jt impulse shooting Debounce – When the Impulse trigger is jt impulse shooting, the trigger switch inside the grip frame will make a series of rapid electrical pulse, called “switch noise” at thebeginning of its signal to the circuit board’s microprocessor. Debounce functions in the Impulse software are used to filter out this switch noise so that it is not misinterpreted asmultiple trigger pulls. Signals from the trigger switch which last longer than the Trigger Debounce value (in milliseconds) are considered to be valid trigger pulls. The Trigger Debouncesetting jt impulse shooting be adjusted from 1 to 25 milliseconds, with a default value of 7 milliseconds.MECH DB – Mechanical Debounce – When depending on how the various aspects of the Impulse are configured, it can be possible for vibration from the firing cycle to bounce thetrigger against the trigger switch and create a runaway firing condition. The Impulse software guards against this with its Mechanical Debounce function. Due to the low recoil of theImpulse, mechanical debounce is not usually needed, jt impulse shooting, so this setting is normaly set at zero (off). Mechanical Debounce may be activated by setting its value to 1 (lowest), 10 (highest)or anywhere in-between.FSDO – First Shot Drop-Off Compensation – When a paintball marker is at rest between shots, there can be a tendency of the rosie o donnell swimming to canada on moving parts to build up friction. This can resultin the first shot fired being at a slightly lower velocity than those following immediately after. First Shot Drop-Off Compensation counter-acts this effect by increasing the dwell time ofonly the first shot after the marker has been at rest. The default FSDO setting is 20 milliseconds, and it is adjustable between 0 and 25 milliseconds.FSDO TMR – First Shot Drop-Off Compensation Timer – This setting adjusts the amount of time the Impulse must be at rest before the First Shot Drop-Off Compensation is used. TheFSDO Timer is adjustable between 20 and 120 seconds, with a default value of 6.AUTO SD – Automatic Shutdown – Using the Impulse can be so fun and jt impulse shooting that it can be easy to forget to turn it off, jt impulse shooting. Automatic Shutdown turns off the Impulse to protect itsbattery if it is left on, but not being used. Automatic Shutdown can be turned off (value of 0) or jt impulse shooting between 1 and 30 minutes. The default Automatic Shutdown time is 30 minutes.DISP BRT – Display Brightness – When adjustments are being made to the Impulse, its display screen will illuminate at full brightness. After a while of rest it will reduce its brightness toconserve battery power, jt impulse shooting. This setting determines how dim the jt impulse shooting becomes. A value of 1 is the dimmest, while 8 is the brightest (no dimming). The default value for this setting is 1.TIMER EN – Game Timer Engage – This setting turns the game timer on or off.TIMER - Game Timer – This setting is the number of minutes that will be on the game timer when the Impulse is turned on. The timer will begin counting down after the first shot isfired. The game timer is adjustable between 1 and 60 minutes, and its default value is 7 minutes.VERSION – This value indicates the version number of the installed Impulse software. It is useful for troubleshooting and making sure the Impulse software is upgraded to the currentrelease version.WWW.JTPAINTBALL.COMImpulse Owner’s Manual v1.02 Copyright © 2013, JTPaintball, all rights reserved.

field strip13barrelboltBarrel The Impulse barrel may be removed from the body by simply unscrewing it. This will provide fast and easy access to both ends of thebarrel to allow cleaning with a pull-through squeegee.Bolt removal The jt impulse shooting bolt serves two functions - it pushes each paintball through the breech and into the barrel, and it seals the breech,providing a path for gas to flow from the balanced firing valve to the barrel where the gas expands to propel the paintball.The Impulse bolt may be removed while the marker is still charged with gas. Like the barrel though, paintball goggles must be worn while handlingthe marker if it is charged. Before removing the barrel, remove the hopper, or at least turn it off before removing the bolt.Lift up on the link pin to disconnect the bolt from the piston, and slide the bolt out the back of the Impulse. If the barrel is still attached, this willallow a pull-through squeegee to jt impulse shooting used on both the breech and the bolt, in one pass, jt impulse shooting. Jt impulse shooting will also allow for more thorough cleaning with a sticksqueegee or fleece squeegee than simply swabbing through the barrel.Pro Tip: Nothing will get in theway of your game more than apaintball broken in the breechor barrel. Until it is cleaned, jt impulse shooting, youwill face a drop in accuracy andoften more breaks. When usingold or poorly stored paintballs,a folding squeegee can be yourbest friend on the field.When the bolt is out, inspect its o-rings and replace any that are damaged or torn. Do not lubricate the bolt or bolt o-rings. Exposure to oil orgrease can swell these parts, increasing friction.When re-installing the bolt, take care to make sure the link pin is aligned with the piston before pressing it down to lock the bolt in place. Whenthe Impulse is charged with gas, the piston will be in the rear position. If the Impulse is not charged, locating the piston position is important to besure that the link pin locks correctly into its groove in the piston.WWW.JTPAINTBALL.COMImpulse Owner’s Manual v1.02 Copyright © 2013, JTPaintball, all rights reserved.

trigger adjustment15pre-travel post-travel activation point resistance4-point adjustment The Impulse trigger features four adjustment points, allowing its feel to be customized to a variety of tastes. From thefactory, the trigger is adjusted for maximum reliable operation. Fine tuning will allow you to get the best possible performance out of your Impulse.All adjustments are made with a .050-inch allen wrench.Pre-Travel This adjustment determines the trigger’s position when it is at rest. The pre-travel adjustment screw is accessed by sliding an allenwrench up through a hole in the base of the trigger guard and then into an opening in the grip frame. Turning the screw inward adjusts the triggerback, shortening the trigger pull. It is important that the trigger be allowed to swing far enough forward that it consistently resets after each shot,or the Impulse may fail to fire.Pro Tip: The shortest andlightest trigger pull isn’t alwaysthe best trigger pull. Firingquickly requires a trigger pullthat is long enough to be easilyfelt and has enough resistancethat jt impulse shooting trigger resets quicklyfor the next shot.POST-Travel This adjustment determines how far back the trigger may be pulled. The post-travel adjustment screw is located in brownfield football schedule 2018 top of thetrigger area of the grip frame, just forward of the front of the trigger cut-out. Turning this screw inward shortens the trigger pull. It is importantthat the trigger be adjusted so canuck sports badminton it comes to a stop against this screw. Allowing the trigger to be stopped by impacting the circuit board’strigger switch instead may result in damage to the circuit board, especially if the trigger is garden city youth lacrosse website aggressively.activation point Once the length of the trigger pull has been adjusted with its start and stop points, the activation point adjustment may bemodified to nike sparq basketball drills the point during the trigger pull at which this Impulse fires. This adjustment screw is located in the center of the trigger’s face.Turning the screw inward moves jt impulse shooting activation point closer to the start of the trigger pull. It is important to make sure that the combination of thepost-travel adjustment and activation point adjustment allow the jt impulse shooting to be stopped by the post-travel screw and not the activation point screwpressing against the trigger switch, or non-warranty damage to the trigger switch and or circuit board may occur.resistance The trigger resistance adjustment consists of a screw located in the top, front of the trigger. Turning this screw inward moves itcloser to the trigger return magnet, increasing trigger resistance and improving trigger reset speed.WWW.JTPAINTBALL.COMImpulse Owner’s Manual v1.02 Copyright © 2013, JTPaintball, all rights reserved.

pressure balancing16secondary regulatorVertical Regulatorbalance The velocity and maximum firing rate of the Impulse depend on a balance of three settings. The dwell setting determines how long the Impulse will power its solenoid valveto drive the firing piston into the pressure balanced poppet valve. The pressure setting of the vertical regulator will determine the pressure of the gas used to fire the paintball. Thepressure setting of the secondary regulator will determine the force behind the firing piston when it strikes the poppet valve.The relationship of these three settings all affect how hard and how quickly the bolt and firing piston move, as well as the force and length of the burst of gas which fires the paintballthrough the barrel. These airwalk snowboard reviews a direct effect on the feel, sound signature, possible rates of fire and efficiency of the Impulse.If the secondary regulator is turned up (clockwise) too high, the Impulse will not shoot as smoothly. If the secondary regulator is turned down too low, velocity consistency will suffer.For best all-around performance, JTPaintball recommends the following initial set-up procedure for balancing, dwell and pressure settings. Further adjustments to personal taste jt impulse shooting made from there. If additional adjustments make the marker feel unbalanced when firing or cause inconsistency, performing the pressure balancing procedure will restore smooth,reliable operation.With the Impulse unloaded and de-gassed, use a 1/8-inch allen wrench to turn the adjustment screw in the secondary regulator clockwise until it backs out flush with the front edge ofthe regulator’s body. Set the Impulse to fire in semi-automatic mode (see Programming) with a dwell value of 12 milliseconds (default dwell value).While wearing goggles, and in an area where it is safe to fire a paintball marker (such as the chronograph range at a paintball field) use a 5/32-inch-inch allen wrench to adjust thevertical regulator as needed until first colony gators swim team Impulse fires paintballs over a chronograph consistently at 300 feet per second. Next, turn the secondary regulator’s setting inward (counterclockwise)and test fire and adjust until velocity decreases to 285 to 290 fps.Further adjustment for a different desired velocity may be made by adjusting the vertical regulator. For safety reasons never adjust the Impulse to fire at greater than 300 feet persecond.WWW.JTPAINTBALL.COMImpulse Owner’s Manual v1.02 Copyright © 2013, JTPaintball, all rights reserved.

piston cleaning17End cap and firing pistonend cap The body end cap provides a rear stopping point for the firing piston and protects the piston chamber from debris. After unloading andde-gassing the Impulse, unscrew the end cap by hand to remove, jt impulse shooting. Inspect the end cap o-ring and replace if damaged. Do not lubricate this o-ring, itprovides friction to keep the end cap in place. When reinstalling the end cap, take care not to cross-thread it into the body.firing piston The firing piston is the primary moving part that drives the Impulse firing mechanism. Reduced pressure gas drives the pistonforward or back as needed to fire the marker. When the Impulse is charged, jt impulse shooting, the firing piston is held in its rear position. When the Impulse is firedgas flow controlled by the solenoid valve drives the firing piston forward. When this happens, the link pin which is locked into the firing piston drivesthe bolt forward chambering a paintball and sealing the breech before the firing piston presses on the balanced firing valve, opening it to releasethe gas which will fire the shot.Pro Tip: Hard dives jt impulse shooting and competing in sandor mud can eventually depositdebris around the firing piston,resulting in inconsistent velocity.The firing piston and pistonchamber should be cleaned aftera day’s use or a dive into losedirt or mud.With the bolt and body end cap removed, the firing piston should slide out the back of the Impulse body, jt impulse shooting, simply by tipping the marker jt impulse shooting. If thefiring piston does not slide out easily, this is a sign of contamination with paint or debris or over-lubrication. In these cases the piston may michigan state youth football helmet tobe pushed out by using a soft tool like a wooden chopstick to push at it through the bolt link pin slot. Do not use a hard tool like a screwdriver asthis may scratch and damage the interior of the firing piston chamber.Clean the firing piston with a soft cloth and inspect its o-rings for damage, replace if necessary. Also inspect the firing piston bumper, located in ahollow in the back of the piston. If damaged or missing the bumper must be replaced. Firing the Impulse without the bumper can cause permanentdamage to the end cap. Lubricate the firing piston’s o-rings with low temperature paintball grease and reinstall it into the body smooth end first.WWW.JTPAINTBALL.COMImpulse Owner’s Manual v1.02 Copyright © 2013, JTPaintball, all rights reserved.

egulator removal18vertical regulatorsecondary RegulatorVertical Regulator The vertical regulator is the primary regulator for the Impulse, setting the pressure of the air used to launch paintballsfrom the barrel. Once the Impulse has been unloaded and de-gassed, removing the regulator is a simple task. Press the release ring on themacroline hose fitting at the bottom of the regulator and remove jt impulse shooting hose. The regulator may then be unscrewed from its vertical adapter.When the vertical regulator is removed, also clean and inspect the filter screen which protects the Impulse’s internal components from dust orrust which may accompany “dirty” air fills. Be sure to lubricate the vertical regulator’s top o-ring with Dow-33 paintball marker grease and fullyseat the filter screen before reinstalling the vertical regulator.Secondary Regulator The secondary regulator is fed by low pressure air from the vertical regulator and reduces its pressure even further, toprovide the lower pressure gas used to move the firing piston back and forth. The secondary regulator may be removed for cleaning jt impulse shooting to accessthe Impulse balanced firing valve.Pro tip: Old-school paintballerswill think of the second stageas an LPR, or Low PressureRegulator, but the verticalregulator already drops the airpressure to low levels, thanksto the Impulse’s balanced firingvalve.With the vertical regulator removed, jt impulse shooting, unscrew the regulator lock screw from the vertical adapter. Gently twisting and pulling the secondaryregulator will remove it from the front of the Impulse body. This will also provide access to the firing valve core and valve spring.Carefully clean and inspect all parts before reassembly, replacing any damaged or torn seals, or the valve piston if it shows signs of wear. Uponre-assembly, be sure the secondary regulator is properly seated before reinstalling the regulator lock screw. If the regulator lock screw does notturn easily into its fully seated position, do not force it. Reposition the secondary regulator to make sure its retention slot is properly lined up withthe lock screw.WWW.JTPAINTBALL.COMImpulse Owner’s Manual v1.02 Copyright © 2013, JTPaintball, all rights reserved.

grip frame & valve body removal19grip framevalve bodygrip frame It is necessary to remove the Impulse grip frame to remove the trigger, jt impulse shooting, Vision wiring harness, solenoid valve or Impulse balancedvalve body. Unnecessary removal of the grip frame should be avoided. To remove the grip frame from an unloaded and de-gassed Impulse, firstunscrew the vertical regulator or remove the bottom-line hose. Next, remove the rubber grip, then unplug the solenoid valve and Vision wiringharnesses from the circuit board. Remove both grip frame screws and slide the grip away from the body, jt impulse shooting. Be careful not to snag the wiringconnections on the frame and strain the wires.When reassembling the grip to the body, be sure the wires are tucked correctly in place, jt impulse shooting. Also be sure that the wires and internal hose are notpinched jt impulse shooting the frame and the body or solenoid valve. If the grip frame does not fit flush to the body, it is probably due to a pinched wire, hoseor both. Do not over-tighten the grip screws to force it. Back the grip frame out and reposition the wires.valve body In normal operation, there should rarely if ever be a need to remove the balanced firing valve body. If this becomes necessary, jt impulse shooting, firstremove the grip frame and regulators. Slide the solenoid valve supply hose jt impulse shooting of its notch in the valve retainer clip and pull the valve retainer clipout from the bottom of the body. Note that the retainer clip also holds the trigger return magnet. With the retainer clip removed, the valve bodymay be slid out the front of the Impulse body, jt impulse shooting. Do not use a hard tool like a screwdriver to push the valve body, as this may scratch and damagethe smooth surfaces inside the Impulse body, causing a leak. When the valve is out, jt impulse shooting, inspect its o-rings and replace any that are damaged. Lightlylubricate the o-rings with Dow-33 based paintball marker grease prior to reassembly.Pro tip: A pressure balancedfiring valve is the key to theImpulse’s smooth firing cycle.Opposing piston faces balanceatmospheric pressure againstthe firing gas pressure for avalve that can be opened withvery little force by a light firingpiston. Without a heavy ram orhammer to shake the Impulseoff target, it shoots smooth assilk.When reassembling, the end of the valve body with wrench flats faces the front of the Impulse. Make sure the valve body is lined up properly withthe Impulse body. A small hole in the bottom of the valve body must be lined up with a locator pin in the middle of the U shaped valve retainer clip.If the valve is not lined up correctly, the retainer clip will not slide all the way into the body, jt impulse shooting. Once the valve retainer clip is reinstalled be sure towedge the solenoid valve supply hose back into the retainer clip’s notch so that it does not become pinched between the body and grip frame.WWW.JTPAINTBALL.COMImpulse Owner’s Manual v1.02 Copyright © 2013, JTPaintball, all rights reserved.

trigger & solenoid removal20triggersolenoid valvetrigger Aftermarket triggers are a common customization accessory. To change out the Impulse trigger, first remove the grip frame, Next,use a 3/32-inch allen wrench to loosen the two trigger-pivot screws on either side of the grip frame. The trigger pivot screws do not need to beremoved, just backed out far enough that they release the trigger. Lower and rotate the jt impulse shooting out the out grip frame.When installing a new trigger, be sure it is designed for the JTImpulse. Triggers designed for earlier generation Impulse markers are notcompatible. Screw the trigger mount screws in evenly from each side. The screws should just be tight enough to hold the trigger securely in place.Do not overtighten the trigger pivot screws or binding of the trigger bearings may result.See the trigger adjustment section of this manual for proper adjustment of a new trigger. Incorrect adjustment may result in damage to theImpulse circuit board.Solenoid valve As with the trigger, the grip frame must be removed to replace the Impulse solenoid valve. Generally, removal of the solenoidvalve should be avoided except when necessary for replacement. To remove the solenoid valve, jt impulse shooting, use a 1/8-inch allen wrench to unscrew the solenoidvalve bracket screw and lift away the solenoid valve bracket.Pro tip: Old school paintballerswill typically refer to the solenoidvalve simply as a solenoid,but there is a difference. Asolenoid uses electromagneticenergy to provide a pushing orpulling force. A solenoid valvecontains a small solenoid whichopens or closes a valve thatcontrols gas flow. Low-endelectronic grip markers usesolenoids. Tournament levelelectropneumatic markersfeature solenoid valves.Three small o-rings rest in grooved openings in the manifold plate, creating a seal between it and the solenoid valve. Two similar o-rings sealthe plate to the body. These o-rings must be clean and undamaged - if they are not, they should be replaced. Lubrication of these o-rings is notnecessary, but a very thin bit of Dow-33 paintball marker grease may be used to help them stay in their slots during re-assembly. Take extremecare here, as any excess grease can clog and damage the solenoid valve. A new solenoid valve is installed by pressing it up against the Impulsebody, then locking it in place with the solenoid valve bracket and bracket screw, jt impulse shooting. The hose connecting the manifold plate to the secondary regulatoroutput is a single-use hose. If it is removed from the brass barb at the front of the body, or the barb on the manifold plate it will have stretchedand must be replaced. It is very likely to leak if re-used.WWW.JTPAINTBALL.COMImpulse Owner’s Manual v1.02 Copyright © 2013, vw golf r clutch problems, all rights reserved.

troubleshooting21Impulse WILL NOT TURN ON:• Test using a brand new ultegra di2 triathlon upgrade kit 9v battery.• Open the rubber grip, as when changing the battery, and inspect to make sure nodebris is preventing the power button from pressing the power switch on the Impulsecircuit board.BREAKING PAINT:• Paint to barrel match is wrong. The paint you are using has absorbed moisture andgrown too large for the barrel you are shooting it through.• Ball Detents are damaged or missing. See manual section on ball detents. Inspectand replace detents if damaged or missing.• Paint is too low quality, improperly shipped, stored or too brittle. Switch to fresh JTor Empire paintballs.• Turn on the Vision anti-chop system.• Check the Impulse battery. It may be low, causing incomplete cycling.• Loader may not be keeping up. Check loader batteries or use a faster loader.Impulse TURNS ON BUT WILL NOT FIRE:• Test using a brand new alkaline 9v battery.• Make sure the trigger adjustments allow the trigger to activate the trigger switchwhen pulled, jt impulse shooting reset when released.• Make sure the bolt pin is correctly seated in the firing piston.• Clean the bolt and breech.• Reset the dwell setting to default with a factory reset.• Increase the secondary regulator pressure.AIR LEAKS DOWN THE BARREL WHEN GASSING UP Jt impulse shooting Impulse :• The rear face of the firing valve core is dirty or damaged. See the regulator removalsection of this manual, clean and inspect the firing chicago baseball academy niles il core, jt impulse shooting, replace if damaged.• Make sure valve spring is installed correctly.LEAK BETWEEN GRIP FRAME AND BODY:• Inspect and if damaged replace the firing piston o-rings.• If leak continues, inspect and if damaged replace the solenoid valve o-rings.LEAK FROM FRONT OF MARKER• Inspect, jt impulse shooting, lubricate, and if damaged, replace the front o-ring on the secondaryregulator.THE IMPULSE HAS FIRST SHOT DROP OFF (FSDO)• Clean, lubricate and inspect the bolt, firing piston and firing valve core.• Increase the second-stage regulator pressure.• Reset circuit board to factory default settings.• Increase the FSDO setting value.TRIGGER IS STUCK AND WILL NOT MOVE FREELY:• Make sure the trigger mount screws have not been overtightened. Loosen themslightly.• Remove the grip frame and remove the trigger. Clean any debris that jt impulse shooting beimpeding trigger movement.THE IMPULSE LEAKS FROM TOP OF VERTICAL REGULATOR:• The pressure setting of the vertical regulator boonsboro high school soccer be too high, resulting in excesspressure being vented from the pressure relief valve to protect the solenoid valve.Reduce the pressure setting as when reducing velocity.• Jt impulse shooting the ASA o-ring at the top of the vertical regulator, jt impulse shooting. Replace if necessary.• The pressure relief valve may be leaking. See a qualified JT service center forassistance in repairing the bauer lacrosse helmet regulator.Impulse : FIRES, BUT VELOCITY DROPS UNDER RAPID FIRE:• Make sure the Impulse battery is fully charged.• Increase the secondary regulator pressure.• If problem persists, clean and inspect regulators.REGULATOR LEAK OR CLIMB IN PRESSURE:• Clean both regulators, inspect, and if necessary replace their piston seats.LEAK IN THE GRIP FRAME, NEAR THE REGULATORS:• Clean and inspect both regulators.• Inspect and replace any o-rings that show signs of damage.RELIEF VENT AREAWWW.JTPAINTBALL.COMImpulse Owner’s Manual v1.02 Copyright © 2013, JTPaintball, all rights reserved.

parts diagrams22IMPBFTOB7018IMPBBKOB7018barrelWWW.JTPAINTBALL.COMImpulse Owner’s Manual v1.02 Copyright © 2013, jt impulse shooting, JTPaintball, all rights reserved.

parts diagrams23IMp133IMP132IMp135OB9004SSC006imp134SSC008clamping feedneckWWW.JTPAINTBALL.COMImpulse Owner’s Manual v1.02 Copyright © 2013, JTPaintball, all rights reserved.

parts diagrams24OB9015VRG105OM7014VRG106SPR034imp105OB7010OB7014IMP104VRG102VRG109OM7006OM7014VRg107spr035OM9006OM7014FIT005OB7010VRG108FLT002CLP006OM9006vertical regulatorVRG104CLP005WWW.JTPAINTBALL.COMImpulse Owner’s Manual jt impulse shooting Copyright © 2013, JTPaintball, all rights reserved.

parts diagrams25IMP127IMP129SPR011IMP128FLT003SPR006IMP126VRG106OB7010OB7013OB7010OB7015secondary regulatorWWW.JTPAINTBALL.COMImpulse Owner’s Manual v1.02 Copyright © 2013, jt impulse shooting, JTPaintball, all rights reserved.

parts diagrams26IMP108IMP109SPR005IMP110OB7014 OB7014 OB7014BOLTWWW.JTPAINTBALL.COMImpulse Owner’s Manual v1.02 Copyright © 2013, JTPaintball, all rights reserved.

parts diagrams27IMP102BUM003IMP103OB7009OB9010OB7011OB7010OB7012pistonWWW.JTPAINTBALL.COMImpulse Owner’s Manual v1.02 Copyright © 2013, JTPaintball, all rights reserved.

parts diagrams28OU7005OB7008SPR004IMP124IMP122 assemblyOU9012OB7014OB7014OB7010valveWWW.JTPAINTBALL.COMImpulse Owner’s Manual v1.02 Copyright © 2013, JTPaintball, all rights reserved.

parts diagrams29imp111SPR003imp113SPR003imp111SSB010imp112SSB010Vision covers / detentsWWW.JTPAINTBALL.COMImpulse Owner’s Manual v1.02 Copyright jt impulse shooting 2013, JTPaintball, all rights reserved.

parts diagrams30IMP101IMP121IMP125MAG004HOS005IMP119OB7M002OB7M13imp114imp130SSB007SSB007OB7M002 (3x)flt001IMPULSE SOLENOIDVALVE ASSEMBLYIMP115bodyWWW.JTPAINTBALL.COMSSB006Impulse Owner’s Manual v1.02 Copyright © 2013, JTPaintball, all rights reserved.

parts diagrams32OB7010OB7005VLV406IMP136VLV405VLV404IMP136IMP137SSF003VLV402FIT005OB7010OB7010bottmline asaWWW.JTPAINTBALL.COMImpulse Owner’s Manual v1.02 Copyright © 2013, JTPaintball, all rights reserved.

warranty information33LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY INFORMATION(ORIGINAL PURCHASE RECEIPT REQUIRED)KEE Action Sports (“KEE”) warrants that this product is free from defects in materials and workmanship for as long as it is owned by the original purchaser, subject to theterms and conditions set forth below. KEE Action Sports will repair or replace with the same or equivalent model, jt impulse shooting, without charge, any of its products that have failed innormal use because of a defect in material or workmanship.KEE Jt impulse shooting Sports is dedicated to providing you with products of the highest quality and the industry’s best product support available for satisfactory play.Purchaser should register product to activate warranty. Register your product by:1. Online at www.paintballsolutions.com2. Complete the product registration card (if applicable) and mail along with a copy of your receipt to PaintballSolutions, 11723 Lime Kiln Rd., Neosho, MO 64850.WHAT THIS WARRANTY DOES NOT COVERThis warranty does not cover problems resulting from abuse, the unauthorized modification or alteration of our product, problems resulting from the addition of aftermarketproducts and scratches or minor jt impulse shooting imperfections. Due to the nature of paintball products it is important that the product be maintained by the user as indicatedin the product manual to remain in good operating condition. Your Limited Lifetime Warranty will be void if you fail to maintain the product as recommended in the productinstruction manual. In addition, certain parts of a product may be subject to wear through regular usage. Replacement and repair of such parts is the responsibility ofthe user throughout the life of the product. These parts are not covered under the Limited Warranty. Examples of this type of part include (but are not limited to) gogglelens, straps, O-ring seals, cup seals, springs, ball détentes, batteries, hoses, drive belts, gears and any part of a product subject to continuous impact from paintballs.Hydrotesting of air cylinders is not covered under this warranty.The Limited Lifetime Warranty also does not cover incidental or consequential damages. This warranty is the sole written warranty on KEE’s product and limits any impliedwarranty to the period that the product is owned by the original purchaser.Some states, provinces and nations do not allow the limitation of implied warranties or of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitations or exclusions maynot apply to you. This warranty gives you specific legal rights and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state, province to province, nation to nation. Ifyou should bmaa baseball any problems with your product and you have added aftermarket parts on your product, please test it with the original stock parts before sending itin.Always unload and remove air supply before shipping markers. Do not ship your air supply tank if it is not completely empty. Shipping a pressurized air supply tank is unsafeand unlawful. Remove all batteries from products prior to shipping.This Limited Warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state. Some states do not allow the exclusion ofincidental or consequential damages.For Warranty parts, service, information or manuals in other languages, (where applicable) jt impulse shooting to:PaintballSolutions: www.paintballsolutions.comE-Mail: tech@paintballsolutions.comTelephone: 1-800-220-322211723 Lime Kiln Rd., Neosho, MO 64850WWW.JTPAINTBALL.COMImpulse Owner’s Manual v1.02 Copyright © 2013, JTPaintball, all rights reserved.

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