Volleyball goodie bag ideas

volleyball goodie bag ideas

This personalized volleyballsports bag is a great athlete gift. Personalization includes name, team name and team color and is a great gift for the whole. Get full color Volleyball gift bags from Zazzle. Each one of our gift bags is decorated with fantastic designs, images, or artwork. Get yours now! Volleyball treat bag · Volleyball Favor Bag, Personalized Team Snack for Players, Game Day Treat Bag, Bump. volleyball goodie bag ideas

Classic Volleyball Drawstring Bag

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  • Classic Volleyball Drawstring Bag
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The Classic Volleyball Drawstring bag is the perfect way to keep your athlete’s small needs within quick reach, volleyball goodie bag ideas. Perfect for holding a water bottle, knee pads or a quick snack, the personalized drawstring bag measures 12”x15 ¾” and features the team name, current year and your player’s name. Choose one of your team’s colors to make it even and order one for your volleyball goodie bag ideas player or the whole team!


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With fall and indoor volleyball season around the corner, it is the perfect time to think of gifts for the volleyball players in your life. Whether the present is for teammates, friends, or coaches, matching it to their beloved passion is both thoughtful and meaningful.

No need to search the internet for hours looking for the best options; we have composed the list for you! Check out the 20 best gifts for volleyball players.

Novelty gifts for volleyball players

Not every gift has to be functional. Many times a volleyball player will appreciate a volleyball-themed gift to show off outside of the court. These options provide a taste of volleyball in the everyday world of your favorite player.

1. Jewelry

Etsy is home to unique jewelry and artsy discoveries. Like many sports, the popular site is home to volleyball finds. These adorable volleyball earrings are the perfect addition to any volleyball goodie bag ideas with the team. With the option to be monogrammed for an additional personality pop, these earrings let your volleyball player know the gift volleyball goodie bag ideas specialized for her. 

If you are looking for dangly earring options versus studs, check out these fun beauties. Instead of a name or initial, you can monogram the balls with the jersey number and change the background color to represent school spirit.

Perhaps earrings are not your ideal gift, and you’d instead opt for rings, bracelets, or necklaces. Have no fear; Etsy will not leave you out to dry.  WearFelicityCo has the sweetest heart spiraled volleyball ring for sale. If you want to leave out the heart and opt for the volleyball feel, check ROSCOESilver’s version of the spiral ring.

Adjustable hemp bracelets are the perfect sporty look for your player who likes jewelry that is not too glitzy. TheEnglishIvy has almost every color band available for ideal customization of team colors or favorite shades. However, if dainty and straightforward is more the style, DiamondRoseJewellry’s single charm bracelet is the one for you.

Bar necklaces are all the rage, making statements from music awards to high school hallways. WordsByHeartCo has you covered! Their volleyball bar necklace lets you customize with both name and font, as well as an optional number. Check out JewelerBaazar’s gold monogrammed volleyball if you are looking more for a circular replication basketball player survey a volleyball.

2.Hair options

With the movements of volleyball, keeping volleyball goodie bag ideas back is a concern for players. That said, a little glitz and glam for hair options can drive the practical to fashionable and make a great gift. For example, stretch headbands not only catch hair but can double to keep sweat volleyball goodie bag ideas the eyes.Funny Girl Designs offers monogrammed stretch headbands with customizable options for name, color, embroidery color, and font.

Junk Brands is another option for your sporty player. Instead of straight volleyball themes, they offer donuts, cosmic unicorns, psychedelic smash, and wreckless hearts. These headbands are perfect for guy and girl volleyball players alike. Many options carry an SPF rating, so they are fabulous for beach volleyball players.

If scrunchies are the style of your player, check out Kenz Laurenz volleyball-themed scrunchies. Made volleyball goodie bag ideas velvet, volleyball goodie bag ideas, the scrunchies won’t slip in the hair, and because of no exposed rubber band, the scrunchies won’t yank out hair when removed, volleyball goodie bag ideas. These can be a cost-affordable option for a team gift for volleyball goodie bag ideas holiday season.

Instead of scrunchies, these adorable hair ties still hit the mark without the bulk. PeachPoppyCo options allow customizing colors to match your team. There is even an option for an additional message for your player!

3, volleyball goodie bag ideas. Keychains

Keychains are a popular gift for anyone. Drivers can carry around a symbol of who they are wherever they go, and youth can attach the chain to a zipper of a bookbag to showcase their sport. Whatever your reason or use, a keychain is a functional symbol of who you are. What better gift to give to your favorite volleyball player than one that shows off the sport they love?

This adorable pink and white volleyball makes for a distinct bag tag to differentiate your volleyball goodie bag ideas bag from her teammates’. If you want something with some more bling and less generic, this flashy keychain sports charms and your player’s initial. However, if pretty and uncomplicated make your player’s eyes twinkle, check out OutGirled’s keychain. Customizable tassel colors and personalization makes this option hit the spot.

4, volleyball goodie bag ideas. Blankets

CafePress offers a plethora of options for volleyball blankets, volleyball goodie bag ideas. Some are customizable, while others are unique in their own right. If you want something a little cheaper but with more sass, check out Stichandprintstudio’s blanket. One popular blanket is the fleece tie/no-sew blanket. YourFleeceYourCotton has a volleyball fleece no-sew option for those at-home crafters.

5. Pillows

A fun and somewhat functional item are pillows. These can be displayed on the bed, taken to team sleepovers, or carried on for road trips. Let your gift be front and center for whatever activity yields your volleyball player a volleyball goodie bag ideas to rest her head.

This throw pillow is square and small enough for travel and can double as a road trip headrest. If a pillowcase is more your little league softball oregon, check out this gorgeous teal and blue spiral patterned pillowcase. Zazzle sports a customizable round pillow showcasing the team name and colors, player’s name, number, and year.

6. Sweatshirts 

Statement shirts and sweatshirts are the opportune way for your player to show the world the volleyball court is their home. If your player is also a fan of coffee, volleyball goodie bag ideas, why not combine these two passions with an iconic Starbucks Volleyball Shirt? If you are looking for something a bit more official, check out USA’s Volleyball Sweatshirt. If a free-spirited feel is more your player’s vibe, this boho-inspired sweatshirt from PurpleAspen is your ticket. Still feeling more like personalizing the shirt? OurWildflowers has you covered.

7. Socks

Who volleyball goodie bag ideas like a pair of fun socks? Red Bubble features a variety of volleyball socks for you to pick for the volleyball player in your life. However, if that isn’t quite the look you are going for, check out Chalk Talk Volleyball goodie bag ideas line of volleyball-themed socks. From volleyball terms printed on the socks to the personalization of numbers, they have a spread for anyone.

8, volleyball goodie bag ideas. Art/Stickers

Let your player show off their unique style with art! Nothing inspires the more profound, intrinsic nature of sport than beautiful artwork on a wall. FranceesWorld brings bold, bright colors to the walls with prints both stimulating and affordable. If you want something a little more retro, this vintage-inspired hand signal print is the gift for you. On the other hand, if you want more of a living room, statement piece, check out AbstractWog’s volleyball wall panels.

Perhaps a large print is not exactly the route you want to take. Instead, small stickers your player can use to decorate phone cases, laptops, water bottles, and notebooks are more the direction you feel. No worries. VictorySportsGraphic has water bottle stickers, DelmarvaStickerShop sells variety packs, and NRGStickers allows for number personalization.

9. Yard Flags

Garden flags are the perfect decoration for dressing up the house of a volleyball player. Secondeast provides personalization options to their garden flags. PollysDesignsNGifts goes a step further by allowing a picture of the player to paint the flag. If you are looking for something a bit more generic, Walmart even carries volleyball garden flags.

10. Coloring Books

It’s no secret coloring can help lower stress levels. What better gift to give to an athlete than a coloring book they can pack in their bags when traveling to big tournaments or even for downtime in between games. Amazon’s “The Big Volleyball Coloring Book” comes highly recommended, although reviewers warn the theme may be more toward children, and there are a few misspellings in the book. Target offers its version of a volleyball coloring book, although reviews of this particular option are hard to find.    

11. Light up Volleyball

Playing outside during a backyard get-together is a classic evening for a volleyball player… until the sun sets. But why let all the fun stop there? Get your player a light-up volleyball and let the laughs continue. This volleyball has an internal sensor that will stop lighting up after 60 seconds without movement.

Functional or practical gifts for volleyball players

Not every gift has to be purely fun. Sometimes a functional item makes for a precise present. A gift that can be used in training to elevate them to the next level could be what they actually need and want. 

12. Jazzed up volleyball

Just because you need a volleyball doesn’t mean they can’t have one with some style. Wilson’s graffiti volleyball is the look for your player who has a stand-out volleyball goodie bag ideas. With bold colors and a fun vibe, your player will make a statement with this ball.

13. Portable Net

Why let location stop the opportunity for training? This portable, regulation-sized net from Dicks Volleyball goodie bag ideas Goods allows you to pick up a game wherever you are. Bonus: it even comes with a ball! Keep in mind, it takes two people to set up but considering it takes at least two people to hit a ball back and forth, that shouldn’t be a problem.

14. Shoes

For newer players, shoes may seem frivolous and perhaps unnecessary, volleyball goodie bag ideas, yet they give street cred to opponents and help to set players in the mindset of performing their sport. For older and more advanced players, volleyball shoes are necessary to protect the joints, soften the landings, and navigate side to side movements. So help your favourite player out by purchasing a pair of volleyball shoes for those daily training sessions. They will think of you every time they lace them up.

Click Here for Top 5 Best Women’s Volleyball Court Shoes for Indoor Games

15. Jump Monitor

If you are okay with spending some coin, VERT’s jump monitor is the hot ticket item. This incredible device monitors and records how many jumps you perform during practice, the percentage of effort and consistency, your average jump, your best jump, various tests such as lateral launch and approach vertical, stress percentage, and more. A VERT jump monitor is the creme de la creme of gifts.

16. Kneepads or ankle braces

Volleyball players take a beating on their ankles and knees. From diving for balls to quick movement changes, anything to help protect their knees and ankles is a charitable gift. Some players have specific brands they use, but less intense or experienced players will be happy with the thought of the present. CanuckStuff has a handful of ankle braces and knee pads, often on sale and sorted by name brand for ease of shopping.

Man hitting volleyball

17. Volleyball Training Aid

Volleyball training aids cover a variety of skills, from blocking to spiking. As a result, they fall at all price points and for various purposes. Some aids are stand-alone items, while others require a net to attach and a coach to assist. A few are for solo use, while others are for a team. Whatever the reason, one thing is undebatable; a training aid can help to elevate a player’s skills.

18. Water bottles

It has not been long since the Hydroflask craze. Combine this water bottle with some volleyball stickers, and you have a flawlessly functional gift. The Nalgene water bottle is also a favorite of water bottle enthusiasts. This bottle allows for scrub brushes to get into it for cleaning quickly. For a limited time, you can purchase one that provides for a portion of the profit to be donated to the Navajo nation, both rendering a functional gift and contributing to a good cause. Bonus: the Nalgene water bottle can pop into the dishwasher, volleyball goodie bag ideas, solving a significant frustration in most water bottles designs.

19. Mizuno Arm Sleeves

Arm sleeves help deflect some of the sting from the ball hitting the forearms. Volleyball goodie bag ideas newer players, arm sleeves help keep their minds on their form versus the pain of the sting. The more advanced a player is, the less these are needed. Mizuna sells sleeves, but reviewers warn that they are sold as a single sleeve versus a pair, although this feature may be helpful when needing to replace a single sleeve.

20. Hand and Finger Exerciser

Rounding out the last of our gifts is a hand and finger exerciser. A favorite tool of athletes and volleyball players, as strong fingers are needed when setting. The Sportsgrip tool, this is an affordable and luxury item for the athlete in your life.

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November 11, 2021



Why volleyball gifts and stocking stuffers, of course!

Gifts are great yet stockings are also an easy way to inject some fun and whimsy into holiday gifting.

One extra clever way is to choose a theme for STOCKING STUFFERS, like all things VOLLEYBALL!

Watch their face light up as they realize it’s going to be a very merry volleyball season! 

So to help out, we’ve come up with 10 things we personally love. These gifts are sure to make the volleyball player in your household think twice about being naughty or nice!


1. Sweatshirts

I don’t know about your household, but it’s not the weather that dictates how and when the seasons change! It’s the SPORT!

If you know a volleyball player who misses the game when the season ends, these sweatshirts are the perfect holiday gift that allows them to show the world what their favorite time of the year really is!

2. Necklaces 

Volleyball jewelry can be transformative.

It can be a symbol that reminds our daughters of their fearlessness on the court! So say hello to the idea allen eagles football 2011 giving a necklace! Guaranteed to remind your girl of special game time golf de la cabre d or and holiday memories!

3. Bath Bombs 

Make bath time a blast with our incredible bath bombs!

These bath bombs are great for sore volleyball muscles and with awesome scents to choose from, you can't go wrong! The Natural Lavender or Lemongrass Bath Bombs are made locally by one of Volleyball goodie bag ideas Vida Volleyball's favorite volleyball moms, Jo Vucajnk! They make the perfect gift or stocking stuffer, and after a long day of tournament play - who wouldn't want a few!

4. Luggage Tag 

Give her the gift that sets her volleyball goodie bag ideas your favorite volleyball gal distinguish her luggage or volleyball backpack from the rest of of her teammates, or stock up to give as a fun team gift!

5. Rings

A ring to remind her of her favorite passion! 

This is the perfect trinket for those moments off the court. It's the gift to give that allows the volleyball player in your house to show her pride that matches her passion for her favorite sport! A perfect gift for any volleyball player!

6. Earrings 

She is a stud, on or off the court!

Let's be real, these subtle volleyball inspired earrings are made for a champion. These super cute earrings make a wonderful and unique volleyball gift. They will be a meaningful piece of volleyball jewelry for her celebrate her passion for the game of volleyball for years to come!

7. Keychains 

Keychains are always cool!

Whether they drive or not.keychains are always a fun addition to backpacks or keys! They help show her personal aesthetic and we don't know of a single volleyball loving gal that doesn't embrace that! 

8. Hair Accessories 

Whether your looking for another fun stocking stuffer, want your volleyball gal to have spare hair accessories or looking for something she can gift to her teammates - hair ties ALWAYS fit the bill!

Us moms' know ALL things hair seem to be one of the very necessary things both on and off the court! Made from soft fabric and cords with excellent stretch, they can also be worn on the wrist, ready in an instant for game time!!!

9. Phone Accessories 

Ummmm.it's a phone accessory - need we say more?

She is a teenager and what teenager doesn't love their phone? These accessories offers a secure grip so they can text with one hand, snap better photos, and stop phone drops, volleyball goodie bag ideas. They function as a convenient stand and are available in a broad range of styles and materials. We're pretty sure it will be a Pura Vida Volleyball pleaser!

10. Stickers

QUITE FRANKLY MY DEAR…Everyone needs a sticker! 

They are perfect on the phone, car, volleyball goodie bag ideas, notebook, bumper, volleyball goodie bag ideas, or laptop. Pura Vida Volleyball has the largest selection of stickers. All spunky, sassy and something for everyone! What fun loving, high spirited, volleyball girl doesn’t want to see some on Christmas morning!

Ok, whewwww.we hope this stocking stuffer and gift list helps you with your holiday shopping! 

With so many great finds for incredible prices its sure to be a kill come Christmas morning. Even if you are on a budget, you can still find adorable gifts for the volleyball player in your house, that she is sure to love! 

Be inspired to live life and happy holidays from PURA VIDA VOLLEYBALL!

We invite our online Pura Vida Volleyball family to offer comments, help us build our online community and blog following by sharing our stories!

Click the share links and HASHTAG,

#beinspiredlivelife & #puravidavolleyball!

As always.

Go in love,

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Our Top Sports Goodie Bag Ideas

sports goodie bag ideas

April 22, 2018


As it’s the day of the London Marathon, and with lots more sporting events coming up throughout the summer, we thought it the perfect time to tell you about our top sports goodie bag ideas.

The London Marathon is a big, much publicised event, but all over the country there are fundraising sports events happening. Whether it’s a 5k run, a sponsored walk or a team game tournament, contestants that sign up for this event love to volleyball goodie bag ideas a special themed goodie bag when they win, or cross that finish line.

If you or your clients are organising a sports related event this year, our top sports goodie bag ideas with help you to put together an exciting free gift that participants will love.


First – the perfect bag to hold the swag!


Our printed plastic duffle bags are lightweight, robust and hard-wearing. Not only will they hold the promotional gifts you are putting in to them, but the bag itself is a great reusable gift too. These duffle bags are strong enough to carry shoes and other sportswear, or books for school and college. Plus, the rope drawstring means hands-free carrying, as well as fitting the style of sporting events perfectly, volleyball goodie bag ideas. The rope handle is threaded through a seam at the top of the bag and secured at the bottom by a strong metal eyelet.

These plastic duffle bags are made from thick, 75micron LDPE plastic, making them not only durable and long-lasting, but fully biodegradable as well; and, once you order your customised duffle bags from The Printed Bag Shop and we will offer you the option to include our subtle environmentally friendly logo for no added cost!

This ideal sports goodie bag comes with a choice of coloured rope handle. There are also perforations in the bottom of the bag for child safety, which means they are suitable for all ages, including events held in children’s schools or sports clubs. They can be printed in up to eight spot colours or with a full colour (CYMK) printing process, which means you can have whatever volleyball goodie bag ideas or message you want for your event displayed on the bag.

sports goodie bag ideas

Now – What to put in the ideal goodie bag?


Energy Food & Drink


Nutritious snacks will be welcome whether it’s during or after a marathon, fun run or other sports event. Energy bars, popcorn, mini bags of nuts & seeds or a much-needed hydrating bottle of water volleyball goodie bag ideas be very much appreciated! If your event is a marathon or half-marathon it is recommended that runners refuel with carbohydrate rich snacks at the end of the race.


Look after the body


Any high-intensity sports event will take its toll on even the fittest sports-person. For anyone who takes part in an event to raise money for a charity or cause, finding a few lotions and potions in a goodie bag will bring a smile to their weary faces. You could include things like lip balm to sooth those dry, wind-chapped lips, a small travel-sized tube of sun cream, or a small tube of muscle cream. A nice after-the-event reward could be a gift pack of mini bottles of shower gel, volleyball goodie bag ideas, shampoo & conditioner and body lotion. If you contact the brand, you may even get them to be a sponsor for the event or donate the gift packs for free!


Event memorabilia


Putting event memorabilia into your goodie bags will not only give the participants something to remember their achievement by, but also something to remember the cause they have shown their support for also. Of course this is an investment that will eat into the fundraising profits, volleyball goodie bag ideas, but a worthy one if you choose wisely.

One of the most popular options for this kind of goody bag is a t-shirt. Make it good quality and include the logo and details of your run or event, and you can be sure that people will wear it again and again – whether it’s to the gym or just around the house! T-shirts make great mementos of a sporting achievement, and is a cost-effective and impactful way volleyball goodie bag ideas fill out your goodie bag.

Other items to include in your goody bag that could have your logo printed on could be a cap, sweatband for the head or wrists, a silicone wristband to commemorate the event, or a quality water bottle – another favourite that’s pretty much guaranteed to be reused.




If it is a community event, get the community involved. Try to find local businesses, restaurants and retail stores that are willing to donate vouchers or discount codes – you’ll be giving your participants something great and valuable, and they’ll be spreading the word about their business and hopefully getting more customers. It’s a win for everyone! For example, something like a discount voucher for a sports shop is sure to go down well with race participants. For a more luxury treat you could give vouchers for a spa treatment, or a 20% off restaurant voucher. Take a look at the businesses in your area, or that relate well to your event, for more ideas.

If you like our duffle bags and would like to discuss a design for your event, why not get in touch today? Call 0191 268 7555, or email us at sales@theprintedbagshop.co.uk for a quote!

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Knowing a volleyball player or being a player, you will probably have many situations where you want to give some inexpensive gifts to people connected to the sport. Whether you’re looking to theme a birthday party or end-of-the-season party or just get individual gifts for your teammates or coach, a little volleyball trinket can show you were thoughtful. Some of these are perfect for a senior night gift and others would do great for a birthday or Christmas gift for players or coaches.

So what are some cheap volleyball gift options? Below I’ve created a long list of 57 ideas that may inspire you to find something you may not otherwise have thought about. Keep in mind that the term “cheap” is relative, so some of these items may be higher than you want to pay but I’m trying to offer you good options for the price that you would be paying.

Are you looking for trophies, awards, or plaques? For great discounts, FREE engraving, and FREE shipping on orders over $99, be sure to visit Trophy Central:

Volleyball Trinkets and Accessories

For birthday parties, end-of-season parties, rewards, and such you may just want something small and simple that has a volleyball theme, image, or logo. Here are some great ideas that you can pick up without breaking the bank:

  • Keychains
  • Phone Cases
  • Hair Ties/Headbands/Ribbons
  • Bandanas
  • Watches
  • Watchbands
  • Wristbands
  • Magnets
  • Stickers
  • Pins
  • Water Bottles
  • Mugs
  • Party Favors
  • Playing Cards
  • Necklaces
  • Earrings
  • Compact Mirrors
  • Ping Pong Paddles
  • Makeup Bags
  • Lip Balm
  • Wristlet Purses
  • USB Flash Drives
  • Bumper Stickers/Decals
  • Sports Towels
  • Cookie Cutters

Volleyball Clothing

For the most part, when you’re considering clothing, the main question is, are you buying for 1 player, or for the whole team? With the level of customization service that’s available with some of these businesses today, you may be surprised how affordable and how quickly volleyball goodie bag ideas can get a gift for the whole team (and they’ll all match!).

  • Socks
  • Yoga pants
  • Shorts
  • T-shirts
  • Hoodies
  • Jackets
  • Hats

Miscellaneous Volleyball Items

Most of the ideas in this group are for individual gifts from family and friends to players or coaches volleyball goodie bag ideas in a personal setting.

  • Banners
  • Fleece Blankets
  • Pillow Cases
  • Tote Bags
  • Bag Tags
  • Drawstring Backpacks
  • Binders
  • Notebooks
  • Headphones
  • Beach Towels

Items Specifically For Volleyball Coaches

It’s very common and appropriate for players or the team as a whole to get gifts for their coach at the end of the season, especially when this coach is a volunteer. There is less expectation when they are in a paid position, but I’m sure it’s still appreciated.

If this is a school coach, you may consider gifting at the end of the school year instead of at the end of the season, I’m sure your coach would be delighted either time.

While some of the above options may be great for your coach, here are some coach-specific options you might consider.

  • Clipboards
  • Notepads
  • Volleyball Clocks
  • Ball stands
  • Volleyball with the team’s autographs
  • Ties
  • Tie Clips
  • Coach Hats
  • Pen Holders
  • Belt Buckles

If the coach has children, consider:

  • Onesies (Bodysuits)
  • Kids T-shirts

Whatever your choice, you know that the person you’re giving these items to will understand how thoughtful you are. You’re encouraging and sharing your love for them by recognizing how important volleyball is to them and that shows how important they are to you.

How Much Should You Spend On Volleyball Gifts?

Of course like any other category of gifts, there’s a wide variety of situations and you may spend whatever you decide, but many folks would like to know what’s typical. In general, if you are buying gifts for an entire team, volleyball goodie bag ideas, it’s not expected that you spend a lot of money.

If you choose a gift between $5 and $10, getting something small but thoughtful is only going to set you back $50 to $120 (there’s typically 10-12 players per team). Consider looking for items that are sold in bulk, you may get something much nicer or of higher quality for roughly the same amount just by buying a pack or bundle of about a dozen.

How Much Should We Spend On The Coach?

If you are all chipping in as a team, anything over $50 is a good standard gift. If the team has 10 players, that’s only $5/person which most people will be happy to do.

What we’ve typically done is collect contributions and have a plan for some gift between $50 and $100, then whatever cash 630 super sun sport stuart fl left over can be either given as cash in a card or given as a gift card.

Related Questions

What Are Some Beach Volleyball Gift Ideas?

Many of the ideas above are still appropriate, but here are a few specific to the sand players:

  • Beach Towels
  • Flip Flops
  • SunGlasses
  • Visors
  • T-shirts
  • Tank shirts
  • Shorts

You probably want to consider going more towards the T-shirt, tank shirts, and shorts instead of items like hoodies and sweatpants. Beach players may still enjoy the warmer clothing but may have a less frequent need for it since their season is hopefully when the weather is nice outside.

Are you looking for volleyball goodie bag ideas, awards, or plaques? For great discounts, FREE engraving, and FREE shipping on orders over $99, be sure to visit Trophy Central:

Where Do You Find These Gifts?

Well now that you have a bunch of specific ideas on the list, you can just search Google or Amazon for most of those. But anyone can do that and you’re going to find just ordinary, common items. Is there a good place to find unique, creative, and maybe even customized items?

How Does Senior Night Work?

Senior Night in high school sports is what they call the last home game. Traditionally after the last home game of the season, the senior players are honored. They are usually introduced to the crowd and escorted by a parent or loved one.

Parents or family usually give the players a bouquet of flowers (for girls) and the team or coach usually give some gift to each senior. Many of the ideas listed in the article above would be suitable for a senior night gift. Really anything that would normally be considered a graduation present with a volleyball theme would be appropriate.

Would you like to really dive into Senior Night? Check out this article that talks all about it in detail: Varsity Volleyball Seniors Night: What to Expect.

What Are Some Senior Night Speech Ideas?

Soak in the moment. Tonight, reflect on the community and team of which you’ve been a part. Look at your friends, your fans, your coach, and paintball pods and packs fellow seniors. Lock this feeling away in your mind for the years to come.

Years from now you won’t remember individual games, wins, and losses. You will remember the people who’ve been on this journey with you. You’ll remember your mentors and those you have led.

Reflect on what the sport has taught you, the person that you’ve become through growing as an athlete. These experiences can help you as you continue to become the adult you wish to be. Remember character traits you’ve learned like perseverance, dedication, volleyball goodie bag ideas, and cooperation.

Check out the Recommended Resources Page for more volleyball gift ideas.

Photo credits:

Feature image by David Fulmer on flickr.com: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/, cropped for size.

Medal images by Alexander Lesnitsky from Pixabay

Volleyball shirt image by Charli Lopez on flickr.com: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/, cropped salmo chubby darter 3 size.

Beach image by NavyLifeSW on flickr.com: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/2.0/, cropped for size.

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by Hope Elizabeth Dutton


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