3 4 oz swim jig

3 4 oz swim jig

Features an X-tra heavy Gamakatsu hook. Available in the following weights. Weight: 3/8 oz. 1/2 oz. 3/4 oz. Price: $5.69. P65 Warning. AYU California Swim. The Pulse swim jig has a custom built oversized 30 degree hook that allows for better hook sets and stands Sizes: 1/4oz 3/8oz 1/2oz Available in 23 colors. Each Elysian Fishing's Rattlin' Swim Jig is built with a tapered head and a 1/4 OZ. 3/8 OZ. Color. Color. BLACK/BLUE. BLACK/CHARTREUSE. CAMO CRAW.

3 4 oz swim jig - consider, that

Keitech Model III Tungsten Swim Jig 1-4 Oz Green Pumpkin Tiger

Keitech Model III Tungsten Swim Jig 

1-4 Oz

Green Pumpkin Tiger

(Model 3 Swim Jig)

The Keitech Model III Swim Jig is a revolutionary Tungsten Swim Jig design that combines a custom Daiichi super strong weighted jig head with an exclusive SR-40 snap-on silicone skirt with a screw-in keeper.

When combined, the jig and skirt provide perfect alignment and balance and become totally weedless. The Model III Swim Jig was designed for use with the 4.8 FAT Swing Impact. When used together it becomes the deadliest lure in your arsenal. The weedless design allows the angler to utilize various techniques without ever picking up another rod. Cast it and retrieve on shallow cover, Flip or pitch it directly at the target, probe weed beds. The options are endless...

Keitech Model III Tungsten Swim Jig Features:

  • Tungsten head 30% smaller & harder than lead
  • Teardrop keel head slices through cover
  • SR-40 silicone hand tied on an exclusive snap screw keeper
  • Custom Keitech designed 5/0Daiichi hook
  • Available in 1/4oz. & 3/8oz. sizes
Keitech Tungsten Model III Swim Jig Details

The Tungsten keel design head provides a unique action.

Keitech Tungsten Model III Swim Jig Details

The custom SR-40 skirt is hand tied to the screw lock keeper.

Keitech Tungsten Model III Swim Jig Details

Custom Daiichi 5/0 super strong hook fits the 4.8 Fat Swing Impact perfectly.

Keitech Tungsten Model III Swim Jig Details

Screw-lock skirt keeper holds the trailer firmly in place.

Keitech Tungsten Model III Swim Jig Details

The Keitech Model III Swim Jig - The Model III Swim Jig provides the angler the ability to fish the Fat Swing Impact in situations that previously were not available. The screw-in keeper eliminates the weed guard and positions the custom 5/0 heavy duty Daiichi jig head in perfect alignment to the Fat Swing Impact trailer. View the action movie to see Model III in action.

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Warbaits Slayer Swim Jig Heads

Warbait Slayer Swim Jig are deadly on fish!  They feature a unique head shape that allows fishing in heavy cover and adorn premium silicone skirts even Marilyn Monroe would be jealous of.  The Mustad UltraPoint heavy wire hooks are built tough so a fish won't straighten them out.  Team these heads with Kietech Swing Impact Fat's, Big Hammers, or MC Swimbaits.  The exaggerated barbs keep the bait pinned on the head so it won't come off easily.  We also like to put a little Zap-A-Gap glue just before sliding the bait all the way up.  The colors have been made to mimic whatever bait fish you want so matching the hatch is easy.  Tie one on an hold on!

3/4 oz, 1oz - 6/0 hook
1.5 oz, 2oz - 7/0 hook

WARBAITS Unique Head Shape for Fishing Heavy Cover
- Mustad UltraPoint™ Heavy Wire Hook with Spike  
- Gill vents for more Natural Trailer Movement
- StonePro™ Powder Coat Paint
- "Match the Hatch" Colorways 
- PerFlex™ Weed Guard
- 3D bubble eyes
- Premium USA Materials

1 per pack

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Dirty Jigs California Swim Jig

Comments: Bought two 1/2 oz: Can't be Gamakatsu hook as they were both SUPER dull, worst hook ever!!! Also weed guard color was not black on the Alabama Bream but was green & brown. Threw them away!

From: Robert: Florida 12/21/21

Comments: Saw a review on line and bought some. They are hands down the best swim jig I have ever fished! The colors, skirt action, and large stout hook make it a superior bait. To bad they have horrible customer service.

From: Unknown: Virginia 1/19/21

Comments: My first season is complete using these swim jigs, I joined my first club this year and fished as a co-angler, I have to say that out of the package these are hands down some of the best if not THE best on the market, I primarily fished shad and bluegill colors paired with a Strike King Menace while using both braid (Power Pro) as well as Fluorocarbon around all sorts of cover, rip rap and shallow flats, these will not disappoint.

From:Sonny: Virginia 10/29/20

Comments:Swim jigs - look no further . These are truly the BEST swim jigs can get .. no fresh water fish will bend these hooks - hookups are 100% .. none thrown .. price is undersold - grab all your wallet allows .

From: Dean - Las Vegas, NV 7/14/20

Comments:I bought four of these jigs and fished the black/blue with a rage menace. I was using a shimano poison adrena 6'11+ with 12lb seaguar invisx. I was afraid I wouldn't be able to set the hook on fish but to my surprise, I was able to go 4 out of four fish that bit it. The fish weighed on average about a pound so this jig will produce big ones and little ones. They will bite it!

From: Kong C: Clover, SC 5/23/20

Comments: The jigs themselves they are fantastic. Stout hook yet they penetrate cleanly. I actually don't believe I've had a fish come off and hooksets are 90% hook up ratio. Only thing is I wish they were hand tied cause the rubber keeper can rip and it's done. And the replacement skirts are too pricey.

From: Tim: Wisconsin 11/20/19

Comments:These swim jigs are amazing! First time throwing one I caught a 4lb and a 5.37lb bass in a golf course pond. Would highly recommend the 3/8oz Tennessee Shad swim jig paired with a 3.8" keitech fat swing impact.

From: Luke - Texas 7/9/18

Comments:I've caugh my PB smallmouth and largemouth on the dirty jigs California Swim jig. In my opinion Dirty jigs sell the the best jigs, hands down.

From: Grayson - Illinois 1/2/18

Comments:A couple years ago, Justin Seay, Ron Casner and Matt Allen showed me on a few trips why I was missing the boat on some great jig fishing. Collectively they showed me that Dirty Jigs Swimjigs, from 1/2 oz to 1 1/4 oz, fished slowly on matching Dobyns Rods, would greatly improve my day and night fishing, whether in California or my home State of Arizona. These are big fish lures and their hooks and skirts are up to the task. I have tried a lot of trailers with them but I keep coming back to Keitech Swim Impact, from 2.8 on up depending on jig size and conditions.

From:Terry - Glendale, AZ 12/21/17

Comments:If you need a swim jig that has a real stout hook and wont bend this is THE ONE! Striper on the CA delta or giant Largies cant tweek these! Not to mention the colors available are the best! Move over SK Hack Attack swim jig, you have been replaced!

From:Disco: CA 8/19/17

Comments:What can I say, I opened a new 3/8oz Perch, trimmed the weed guard, used a keitech fat 4.8 sun gill trailer and smashed a 6lber in 40 degree water on a 75 degree day in MA. Will most certainly be buying more, I recommend you do the same!

From:Ryan: MA 4/10/17

Comments:this jig is bad to the bone! big beefy hook & it takes a beating from all the okeechobee mules i catch on it moonshiner works magic with a white Ez swimmer trailer in the kissimee grass tight lines!

From: Anthony: Orlando, FL 9/18/15

Comments:Finally got to hit the water with the 3/4oz jig. All I can say is WOW. The fish slam this thing like a freight train. Comes through the grass with ease!

From: Tony: AZ 5/20/15

Comments:Best swim jig on the market in my opinion. Just wish they came out in more colors like the No Jack flipping jigs.

From: Josh: Kansas City, KS 12/21/14

Comments:I have dozens of dirty jigs of all sorts. Love the product, colors, everything about them. I made the exception with this company and ordered once directly from them because they asked nicely. I paid for priority shipping (10.95) and 4 days later the shipment is just now leaving their facility. They use stamps.com which is no way to do business. Order from TW only, Ive never had an issue with any shipping. My mistake TW, lesson learned.

From: Dustin: Richmond, VA 8/12/14

Comments:Awesome swim jig! Caught a 12lb largemouth on the tactical shad color. The jig held up like a champ. You guys should try the Culprit Minnow Swimbaits as trailers to these they have amazing action and are very durable.

From: Randall: AL 7/1/14

Comments:Durable paint, large STOUT hook and wide variety in color patterns. Long story short, dont throw a swim jig unless its a Dirty Jigs swim jig.

From:Kevin: Austin, TX 3/27/14

Comments:Bought a couple of these but at the end the crappie color is a killer. Wont throw any other color then the crappie.

From: Cuss: Sacramento

Comments: I'm a believer. Caught my first fish with this jig with a keitech swim bait. Got a good hook set. Will be buying more for sure.

From: striper team: flezzno

Comments: These jigs are awesome!! they swim great and have very nice quality components!! I highly recommend this jig!!

From: Ricky

Comments: Fantastic jig! Swims great the day I got these in the mail I went out and with in the hour I landed a 5 pound 4 oz tank! I highly recommend them! Also worth the price and the colors are great!

From: Aaron: Fayetteville, AR

Comments: Dirty jigs makes hands down the best jigs on the market top to bottom from the colors to the hooks to the paint job bulletproof

From: Louis: Green Bay

Comments: Power fisherman's swim jig!! Fish these jigs with 4.5in swimbait as trailer and plow through cover! Using these jigs on Toledo Bend and Sam Rayburn for swimming over deep grass with good results!

From: Big Bass Dude

Comments:Great jig. Quality skirt, head and big hook. The weed guard maybe too soft for some folks. But perfect for me. I trailer it with a Kalin's 5inch grub worm just because you get more quantity per dollar. Caught my personal best with this setup.

From: cvang234: Minneapolis, MN

Comments: Get the 1/2 or 3/4 green sunfish with a berkley crazy legs chigger craw in the breen color trailer. Absolute killer for largemouth and pickerel

From: Joe: Laurys Station, PA

Comments: This jig is an absolute crusher when you get a 1/2 oz. citrus shad with a matching 5" BassTrix paddletail swimbait. This is something that gets down pretty fast and will help fire up big schooling largemouth after you catch them on the cranks or football jigs. I WOULD NOT, however, throw this bait before I have a limit in the boat. Throw deep crankbaits, like a Strike King 6XD, get a good limit in the boat, then spend the rest of your day alternating this jig with the swimbait and the crankbait, and you should add some good kicker fish. Looking to fish a tournament down South this year, these will be on a stout, long rod for sure. With this, you also want to set the hook hard and swing up, the fish are deep and far away. You want a good hookset and I use 20 lb. Seaguar AbrazX.

From: Aeolian: Kalamazoo

Comments: when i first went fishing with a swim jig my first fish was 8 pounds i love this jigs and i was fishing in mexico suger lake

From: Erick: Houston, TX

Comments:I am very picky when it comes to colors and when i saw these jigs i knew i had to get my hands on a couple. After having 2 and catching one fish i decided to order 4 more. Can't wait till they come in! Match the half ounce with a berkley ripple shad and you got a deadly weapon

From: Chris: CT

Comments:Great colors, fantastic hook and weedgaurd. my first try with swimjigs and these California Dirty Jigs made me a believer.

From: MC: San Jose, CA

Comments:Dirty Jigs are the best crafted jigs for the money

From: Roberto, MM

Comments:I fished this jig at Falcon Lake and it produced my personal best 11 lbs 12 oz along with two 7 pounders. These are the best for big bass.

From: Tye: Texas

Comments:My new favorite swim jig! These things went so quick I was only able to get a couple, but they've already produced some very nice bass for me. Not only will the bigger ladies hammer this, the petite ones will too.

From: John: Florida

Comments: Finally! Someone comes out with a big, power swim jig. This thing has already put some big pre-spawn females in the well for me.

From: Adam: California, USA

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Tactical Bassin' - Bass Fishing Blog

A bass fishing video blog dedicated to teaching and helping bass fisherman grow.

For those of you that read the California swim jig post, ran to tackle warehouse and completely wiped out their stock of 3/4 oz California swim jigs, this isn’t for you. But for everyone who ran there and found the baits were already sold out, I thought you might like to see a video that was sent to me yesterday afternoon.
Personally, I catch the majority of my fish on the 3/4 oz but the 1/2 oz has a time and place as well. Nationally, a lot of guys are using it with great success.
As I’ve said many times before, I don’t want all the videos on this site to be about me. I love when other anglers film great content. The timing was perfect when Dave from Florida sent me this video. He was wearing a head cam when a 9 lb bass completely inhaled his 1/2 oz Dirty Jigs swim jig. Its going to be an eye opening video for a lot of people. Not only do the baits work, they draw incredibly aggressive strikes, often from extremely pressured fish.
The good news is, at the time of this posting there are still a few 1/2 oz jigs available at tacklewarehouse. Here is the link: 1/2 oz California Swim Jigs

To all of Tacticalbassin’s readership, if you get a great catch on camera (on any bait) feel free to contact me via the “contact Us” link at the top of the page. If it seems like a good fit I’ll put it on the site. Tacticalbassin isn’t about me, its about the fisherman who come here to learn. I am all for user-generated content as I believe keeps the site relevant to cutting-edge trends around the country. I look forward to what you can come up with in the future.
Dave, thank you again for this submission. Great video, great fish, and perfect release.


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Divine Swim Jig Series

The 6th Sense Divine Swim Jig can be dragged, swam, stroked, or flipped and retrieved through rock, trees, bushes and grass with ease. The semi-flat, keel weighted belly of the head was designed to create a secondary swimming action and also ensure the ability to skip under docks or willows. The wide tapered points of the outside of the head will help deflect cover and also help maintain posture, giving it the ability to lie flat on the bottom (which makes for the perfect bed fishing jig).

The ScrewLock keeper ensures your plastic trailers remain locked in place. Minimal replacements of trailers means significant cost savings over conventional keepers with a simple 'slide-on' feature that will strip the trailer.

ALL Divine Swim Jigs are engineered with detailed eye sockets, defined gill plates, and realistic 3D eyes. Each Divine jig head head is custom hand-painted and complimented with a razor-sharp, 5/0 black nickel hook. You will not find another company on the market that offers near the selection that you'll find here from 6th Sense Fishing.

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