Reel kayak fishing

reel kayak fishing

Penn Slammer reel. The magic number of fishing rods on a kayak is three. · Penn reel on side of boat. The six-foot, six-inch PENN Rampage Jig Conventional rod is. Best Rod And Reel For Saltwater Kayak Fishing · 1. Penn Spinfisher VI · 2. Penn Battle II · 3. Daiwa D-Wave · 4. Daiwa BG4000 · 5. Shakespeare Catch More Fish · 6. Believe it or not, the best spinning combo for kayak fishing produces the same dilemma: What comes first, the rod or reel? Thankfully, there is a clear and. reel kayak fishing

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Reel kayak fishing

Kayak Fishing Reels, Baitcasters Versus Spincasters

By Grant Carston, 2017 Hi Tempo / Hobie Fishing Team

When I first started fishing I used what every typical kid uses. The Zebco spin cast reel. It is still by far the most popular reel for starting to fish. The push button closed face reel that generally comes with a light weight panfish rod and spooled up with 4lbs test mono. As I got older and targeted bigger fish, reel kayak fishing, I graduated to a spinning reel then a bait caster. So which is best for kayak fishing? 

Let's talk about the "elephant in the room" to start. Bait caster reels can be tricky for some. The inevitable backlash WILL happen. Even pro tour anglers deal with a backlash from time to time.

I still know people that won't go near them because they had a bad experience. In most cases, the way the reel is setup or adjusted is the culprit. It's important to know how to set them up for the lure and line you are using. Doing proper research and learning from someone is the best idea.

That being said, reel kayak fishing, bait caster reels are great and give you more rod options

They are able to handle much heavier line and lures. Any kind of moving lure I throw is on a bait caster. I also use them for heavy cover like weeds or brush. With the multiple rod options that come with having a bait caster, I'm able to choose a heavy duty rod for winching big fish out of the thickest cover. It's extremely difficult to do this on a medium action spinning rod. Your chance of winning the battle are low in this scenario.

Spinning reels are versatile too

I find it much easier to skip cast from a kayak with these reels. Mainly because your reel kayak fishing casting in a seated position. Your lure hits the water with in a few feet from your bow. That's typically when a bait caster will backlash. Trying to learn this technique with a bait caster is MUCH more difficult. You can purchase larger spinning reels to handle heavier line and lures. However the bigger you go the heavier the reel gets. Your rod options are also limited. This is why most anglers use spinning reels for more finesse techniques with lighter line.

With all this in mind, which is the best for kayak fishing, bait caster or spin caster?

Well that's still a tough question. However if I was new to kayak fishing or fishing in general, I'd choose a spinning reel. Mainly because you can use it almost anywhere you plan on fishing and for multiple species, reel kayak fishing. From the ultra light panfish size to a mega power size for catfish, you can cover a broad range. Once you gain experience and confidence, you can start thinking about jumping into a bait caster setup, reel kayak fishing. Until then. focus on technique and best kayak rack for subaru crosstrek FUN!

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The Right Spinning Rod & Reel For Kayak Fishing

For thousands of years, great thinkers agonized over the answer to the question of which came first: the chicken or the egg? Believe it or not, the best spinning combo for kayak fishing produces the same dilemma: What comes first, the rod or reel? Thankfully, there is a clear and unambiguous answer. The rod must come first! The spinning rod is the most critical element of any spinning combo since it determines your ability to cast accurately, play a fish efficiently as well as account for the unique environment on a kayak. Once you select the best spinning rod for kayak fishing, picking the best reel for that rod is next.

So, let’s dig into the specific criteria of how to choose the best spinning rod for kayak fishing. Naturally, when selecting a rod, considering its power, action, length, composition, and construction is paramount. Evaluate these characteristics against the environment where you intend to fish. Will you fish on rivers? Small ponds? Lakes? Inshore? Ocean? How do you fish? Do you cast, troll or mostly jig? Not surprisingly, these are some of the same criteria you used to purchase your kayak. Now, you must merge the two decisions.

How Fishing from a Kayak is Different

So, what’s unique about fishing in a kayak? It all comes down to space. When fishing from an open boat or the shore, you can walk around, cast easily in any direction and work a fish while standing. In a kayak, you will probably do everything from a sitting position. Granted, many modern kayaks are stable and allow the angler reel kayak fishing fish from the standing position, but most remain seated to maximize safety, reel kayak fishing. Even if you stand, freedom of movement is very limited. You cannot turn 180° to fight a fish reel kayak fishing runs around the rear of the kayak or turn sideways to cast. Instead, you must twist and contort your body. The reality of fishing from a sitting position may force a change in spinning rod length from what you use onshore or powerboat while leaving the other attributes such as power, action, and composition the same.

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Three Rod and Reel Combos for Kayak Anglers

Close-up of hand holding reel

On the ocean anything can happen at any time. Anglers fishing salty waters can expect to run into five pounders, thirty reel kayak fishing, and hundred-pound fish on the same day. In the space of a few hours, saltwater anglers could be called on to reel kayak fishing, jig, troll, and bottom bounce. Kayak anglers can’t carry dozens of rod and reel combos to cover all the possibilities. How do you prepare for anything with a handful of fishing rods?

Penn Slammer reel

The magic number of fishing rods on a kayak is three. First, packing more than three rods adds too much weight. Also, each fishing rod acts like a small sail catching the wind and slowing the boat. And, a full quiver of rods will get in the way of fishing and paddling.

So, the challenge for saltwater kayak anglers is being armed hire soccer pitch melbourne any size fish with a limited number of weapons. The key is to choose the correct size rod and reel with the best quality and performance to survive reel kayak fishing life in a little plastic boat.

From coast to coast, reel kayak fishing, north to south, inshore and offshore, these three combos will handle the hard work of bringing any size fish to the kayak: a light spinning setup, a medium action spinning or casting setup, and a heavier casting setup.

Starting with the heavy hitter, kayak anglers can expect to troll big plugs and live bait, soak chunks of bait, and drop heavy sinkers to the bottom. To throw big punches, kayak anglers are choosing the versatility of a PENN Rampage Jig conventional jigging rod matched to a Kayak boats in india Fathom Lever Drag Two Speed reel.

Penn reel on <i>reel kayak fishing</i> of boat

The six-foot, six-inch PENN Rampage Jig Conventional rod is compact for more pumping power to work a big fish from the deep. The moderate-fast action transfers power through the rod blank while aluminum oxide guides and EVA foam grips will take a beating.

A PENN Fathom Lever Drag Two Speed reel offers high-powered features at a great value. Set the reel to high speed to work a jig lightning fast, then switch to low gear to winch in a sea monster. The lever drag allows the angler to adjust pressure from less than five pounds for live bait fishing to over 33 pounds to pull stubborn bottom fish out of structure.

Most anglers spool the reel with 50-pound braided line. For bottom fishing and jigging, tie a three-foot, 80-pound Berkley ProSpec fluorocarbon leader to the braid. For live bait and lure trolling, add a 100-yard topshot of 20-pound ProSpec Chrome monofilament to absorb hard strikes.

Penn Fathom reel

The middle child in the family is a medium-action casting or spinning rod matched to a seven-foot rod for casting big lures and baits. On the West Coast, this combo will cast irons to California yellowtail. In the Northeast, striper swipers use the middle child for casting big plugs and swimbaits to frenzied striped bass. In the Gulf and Southeast, anglers will use the medium action rod for sight casting to cobia and reel kayak fishing red drum.

On the spinning side, a seven-foot, medium-heavy PENN Prevail II Inshore spinning rod makes long, accurate casts while the graphite blank provides power and sensitivity. The medium-action combo absorbs abuse with silky smooth Dura-Guides and a graphite reel seat.

For the reel, pick out a PENN Slammer III reel with a sealed body to withstand salt, sand, reel kayak fishing, and sea spray. Dura-Drag and CNC gears provide power to turn a big cobia or redfish while stainless steel ball bearings keep everything running smoothly.

Anglers looking for the longest casts with a heavy lure should check out the PENN Fathom II Donald trump rally columbus ohio Drag. For maximum casting distance, a live spindle and magnetic brakes reduce friction on the spool. The full-metal body, bronze main gear, and hardened stainless steel pinion are rock solid to support the stopping power of PENN’s advanced Versa-Drag.

Spool the reel with 50-pound ProSpec braided line and a four-foot leader of 50-pound ProSpec fluorocarbon. Braided line provides the longest casts while fluorocarbon leader is abrasion resistant and virtually invisible underwater.

Penn Prevail II rod

Not every fish in the sea is a giant, but the little guys don’t know that. Albacore, bluefish, Spanish mackerel, sea bass, reel kayak fishing, and other pint-sized brawlers put on a big fish fight. Offshore and inshore kayak anglers always carry a light action spinning combo for taming pocket rockets.

Fishing light tackle in big water requires a rod with backbone and a reel with guts, reel kayak fishing. PENN’s Battalion spinning rod matched with a Battle II spinning reel have the power and speed to do both. Long casts and blistering runs reel kayak fishing create high friction and heat. The Battalion’s Fuji line guides with aluminum oxide inserts and a skeleton reel seat provide a solid platform for the Battle II HT-100 carbon fiber drag and full-metal body. The combo might be light, reel kayak fishing it has heavy features to play with the big boys.

On the open sea, reel kayak fishing, an angler never knows what to expect. One minute he could face blitzing Spanish mackerel then turn around to see a giant cobia swimming along the surface. To even the playing field, anglers choose three rod and reel combos to handle reel kayak fishing the ocean can offer. Choosing solid light, medium, and heavy action rod and reel pairings will ensure the angler is ready for anything.

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Reel Kayak Fishing Charters

Inshore Kayak Fishing on Florida’s Space Coast and Treasure Coast

Indian and Banana Rivers • Sebastian Inlet Area • Mosquito Lagoon • Ft. Pierce Area

Reel Kayak Fishing Charter is committed to offering the best possible guided inshore kayak fishing experience on the Space Coast and Treasure Coast.

We would like to invite you on a kayak fishing reel kayak fishing to remember! The waters here offer the best opportunities for sight casting to tailing redfish and trophy trout in the clear waters of the Mosquito Lagoon and in the Indian and Banana River Lagoon. Year round fishing offers the chance to tangle with redfish, snook, trout, black drum, as well as many other inshore species.

Whether you are a beginner or experienced angler, we promise to give you a memorable experience. Kayaks are quiet and unobtrusive affording anglers to get up close to Florida’s wildlife. You will see many species of birds and fish, plus you may encounter manatee and dolphin playing in the water surrounded by gorgeous scenery.

Dee Kaminski

Owner, Reel Kayak Fishing Charters

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watch the thematic video

Kayak Fishing: Millers Point, Cape Town, South Africa.


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