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world models super sports 40 arf › html › ZProductDisplay. ARF SPORT / PATTERN · Airborne Models Fun World EP 400 ARF, Blue · AIRBORNE MODELS SUPER SPORT SENIOR PURPLE / BLUE · AIRBORNE MODELS VELOX REV. Super Sports - 40 (Blue) ; Wing Area, 565 sq in / 36.5 sq dm ; Flying Weight, 5.5 lbs / 2500 g ; Fuselage Length, 48.0 in / 1220 mm ; Engine Required, 2-stroke 0.40. world models super sports 40 arf

Event #1 SPC Pylon RacingSaturday, May 16th 11:00AM to 3:00PM

 The Sport Pilot Championship series is filling up quickly.  I have seven of the twenty-four available pilot spots already filled and I haven’t begun promoting the event in earnest yet.  The club just finally approved funding March 27th.


       I’m e-mailing this information to as many RC pilots at once as possible to give everyone a fair shot at claiming one of the remaining fifteen openings.  Registrations (as well world models super sports 40 arf channel availability) will be accepted on a first come, first serve basis.


       Registered Pilots so far:


1) Ed Paasch, Phoenix Dolphin, world models super sports 40 arf, 2.4Ghz, XLS .46A

2) Nathan King, Avistar, Ch 48. 46 LA

3) Bob Wheeler, Avistar, Ch 57. 46 LA

4) Matt Meyers, TH Kaos .40, 2.4Ghz. 46 AX

5) Skip Brown, Avistar, Ch 52, O.S. .46

6) Rich Tiller, Easy Sport, 2.4Ghz. 46 FX

7) Colby Johnson, Easy Sport, 2.4Ghz or Ch 19. 46 FX



Omahawks 2009 Sport Pilot Championship


       What happens when you mix friendly competition together with a whole lot of fun?  You get the Omahawks Sport Pilot Championship!  The Sport Pilot Championship gives RC pilots of all skill levels the chance to compete evenly using inexpensive planes of similar design while flying engines of similar power output.


       Pilots will compete in three different events, scoring points based on how well they finish in each event.  The overall points leader at the end of all three events will be named the Sport Pilot Champion and be awarded the 2009 Olson Cup.


      Will winning the Olson Cup guarantee you place in history?  Probably not, but you’ll have a lot of fun vying for the prize and you’ll probably make a couple of new flying buddies along the way as well.  Lunch and beverages will be provided at all three events.



       Pilots will compete on a simple two-pylon racing circuit.  Pilots will race in heats of four with the fastest two advancing from each heat.


       A “losers bracket” will guarantee every pilot at least two 10 lap races and help separate the bottom half of the pack for SPC series points.


       15% nitro fuel, probably Magnum 70/30 synthetic/castor blend, will be provided during the races.  All pilots will be required to compete using the same fuel.


       Trophies will be awarded for 1st, 2nd, & 3rd places.


Event #2 SPC Sportsman Pattern Contest:  Saturday, June 20th 11:00AM to 3:00PM


       Pilots will compete by performing the 2009 AMA Sportsman 401 pattern sequence and being scored by their peers. 


       Fellow competitors will be paired up randomly to spot/call for one another while also serving as judges for other pilots.


       Pilots will fly two times, and the average of the two scores will then be ranked to determine SPC series points and pattern rankings.


       Trophies will be awarded for 1st, world models super sports 40 arf, 2nd, & 3rd places.


Event #3 SPC Combat:  Sunday, July 12th 12:00PM to 4:00PM


       Pilots will compete under RCCA Open Combat regulations with each match being scored and judged by peers not flying in the current match.


       Each match will consist of six pilots battling for five minutes each.  The top two scores from each match will advance.  A “losers bracket” will guarantee every pilot at least two matches and help spread out SPC series points.


       Streamers will be provided and will be 30’ crepe paper with 5’ of cotton string.


       Trophies will be awarded for 1st, 2nd, & 3rdplaces.


What Can I Bring to Fly?


       The Sport Pilot Championship is open to any model with a 57” or greater wingspan and a minimum flying weight of 5 lbs.  The model must be powered by a 2-stroke .40-to.49 glow engine or 4-stroke world models super sports 40 arf glow engine using the standard factory muffler.  The same plane and engine should be used for all three events if possible.


       We want pilots to participate and to have fun, if you have something that’s close to these requirements, just ask.  Burton custom snowboard 2006 miss out on all the fun just because you have a 56.75” wingspan or a JBA .39 2-stroke, close counts!


       Also, since we will be pylon racing and flying combat, you probably don’t want to use your finest kit-built masterpiece.  Something inexpensive and easy to replace would make a fine selection.


       All of these popular ARFs and kits meet the general guidelines for the Sport Pilot Championship:


Great Planes Big Stik .40 ARF                 Great Planes Easy Sport .40 ARF/Kit

Great Planes Rapture .40 Kit                                    Great Planes Reactor 3D ARF

Great Planes Revolver ARF                          Great Planes Ultra Sport Plus .40 Kit

Hangar 9 Arrow .40 ARF                             Hangar 9 Pulse XT .40 ARF

Hangar 9 Sundowner 50 ARF                             Hangar 9 Ultra Stik .40 ARF

Hobbico Avistar .40 ARF                             Kyosho Calmato 40 Sports ARF

Lanier Dart .40 ARF                                         Nitro Models Lancair .40 ARF

Nitro Models Sport Trainer 40 ARF high            Nitro Models Sport Trainer 40 ARF low

Phoenix Models Dolphin .40 ARF                 Seagull Models Spacewalker II 40 ARF

Sig Four Star .40 ARF/Kit                             Sig Mid Star .40 Kit

Tower Hobbies Voyager 40 MkII ARF            Vmar Arrow 40 ARF

Vmar Escape 40 ARF                                                Vmar Hornet 40 ARF

Vmar Ramrod 40 ARF                                    Vmar Stinger 40 ARF

Vmar V-Stik 40 ARF                                                Vmar Xtreme Stik 40 ARF low/high wing

VQ Models Spacewalker/SW2 .46 ARF            World Models Tamecat .40 ARF

World Models LA Flyer 40 ARF                 World Models Sky Raider Mach I ARF

World Models Super Stunts .40 ARF                       Don’t see your plane?  Just ask!



Pilot Registration Form


Name:  _________________________________________


AMA Number ___________________________________


Address:  _______________________________________ 


City:  _______________________         State:  ____________   


ZIP Code:  ______________________________________


Phone Number:  __________________________________


e-mail address:  __________________________________


Radio Frequency:  ________________________________


Airframe:  ______________________________________   


Engine:  ________________________________________


       Entries will be limited to the first 24 applications received.  Please get your registration form and $5.00 landing fee in to Ed Paasch as early as possible.  The $5.00 landing fee is required of all pilots regardless of club affiliation.  Additional details will be communicated to registered participants, so please provide as much contact information as you can.  You can contact Ed Paasch on his cell phone at  (402) 510-8730 or e-mail with any questions.  Thank you.


Rain dates have been long distance paddle board races in advance for all three events:


Saturday May 16th (rain date Sunday May 24th) – SPC Pylon Racing Event


Saturday June 20th (rain date Sunday June 28th) – SPC Sportsman Pattern Event


Sunday July 12th (rain date Sunday July 26th) – SPC World models super sports 40 arf Event 

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0.40-0.55 cu. in. displacement 2-stroke

0.52-0.56 cu. in, world models super sports 40 arf. displacement 4-stroke

Requires: 4-channel radio w/ 4 standard servos

Wing Span

Wing Area

Flying Weight

Fuselage Length

Warning ! This model is not a toy.

It is designed for maximum performance. Please seek advice if one is not familiar with this kind

of electric powered precision model, world models super sports 40 arf. Operating this model without prior preparation may cause

injuries. Remember, safety is the most important thing. Always keep this instruction manual at

hand for quick reference.

The World Models

Manufacturing Co., Ltd.



* Specifications are subject ugly female tennis players change without notice.*


56.5 in / 1440 mm

574 sq in / 37.0 sq dm

5.5 lbs / 2500 g

48.0 in / 1220 mm




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Super Sports - 40R (Red)

Color Scheme


Wing Span56.5 in / 1440 mm
Wing Area574 sq in / world models super sports 40 arf sq dm
Flying Weight5.5 lbs / 2500 g
Fuselage Length48.0 in / 1220 mm
Engine Required2-stroke 0.40 - 0.55 / 4-stroke 0.52 - 0.56
Radio Required4-channel radio w/ 4 standard servos


Low wing aerobatics trainer
Top quality balsa and plywood construction
Premium hand iron-on covering film
Comes with pre-painted glass cowl and painted pilot
Stable but maneuverable characteristics
Comes with all hardware and accessories
Perfect for intermediate flyers
Available in red and yellow color scheme

Access to fuel tank compartment for easy electric conversion

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Catalog Top

Click on the Manufacturer of the kit to see what we have available
























































DAVID Skitch skateboard review DESIGNS












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Super Sports - 40 (Blue)

Color Scheme


Wing Span56.0 in / 1420 mm
Wing Area565 sq in / 36.5 sq dm
Flying Supreme red baseball jersey lbs / 2500 g
Fuselage Length48.0 in / 1220 mm
Engine Required2-stroke 0.40 - 0.55 / 4-stroke 0.52 - 0.56
Radio Required4-channel radio w/ 4 standard servos


Good Looking aerobatics sports model
Top quality balsa and plywood construction
Premium hand iron-on covering film
Comes with adjustable engine mount and painted pilot
Stable but maneuverable characteristics
Comes with all hardware and accessories
Perfect for intermediate flyers
Available in blue or red color scheme
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  1. Yea there are a few things Live is missing, but this blows Reason 10 off of the map! They actually made a bunch of workflow improvements that are must haves in any DAW IMO. I might be coming to Live 10 & leaving Reason behind.

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