Aj hackett skydive

aj hackett skydive

Skydiving & Nevis Bungy Combo Queenstown. Tandem skydive with Nzone, then jump off New Zealands highest bungy at m over the Nevis River with AJ Hackett. Queenstown Attractions – AJ Hackett Bungy NZ, Queenstown. Bungy Jumping is as Kiwi as jandals, The All Blacks and sheep! This extreme adrenaline activity. More than 30 years and 4 million successful jumps after pioneering commercial Bungy Jumping, Skypark by AJ Hackett is the world's leading adventure tourism. aj hackett skydive

Bungee Jumping in Las Vegas

Bungee jumping is one way to get a unique perspective on the world.

Bungee jumping is one way to get a unique perspective on the world.(Photo: Swinging In The Air image by T^i^ from casinoextra.fr )

For years, bungee jumping in Las Vegas was as simple as climbing an outdoor platform visible from the famed Vegas Strip. But then the AJ Hackett Bungy closed, aj hackett skydive, leaving thrill-seekers at ground level. Fortunately for those who want to take a flying leap in Vegas, there are now two casinos that offer jumpers heart-pumping experiences defying gravity.

Bungee Jumping Basics

Bungee jumping is an extreme sport that consists of jumping off a very high platform – a bridge or building, for example – while tethered to a fixed point by a length of elastic cording. As the cording stretches and contracts, the jumper bounces up and down and eventually lands far beneath the jumping-off point. No advance training is required. All equipment is provided by the jump operator – just wear comfortable clothes and shoes that won't fly off mid-air.

SkyJump Las Vegas

Located at – and on – the Stratosphere Las Vegas Hotel & Casino, SkyJump is less of a bungee jump and more of a controlled free fall: The exhilaration is the same but without the bouncing. Jumpers start on the th floor of the casino tower with a quick safety lesson. After donning a jumpsuit and harness, get strapped aj hackett skydive a short elastic line tethered to guide wires. The next step is feet straight down. The tackle slows the rider before landing just 15 seconds later.


SkyJump is the only one of its kind in the United States and is the highest jump in the world. Due to its outdoor location, SkyJump is affected by the weather. Jumps get canceled when wind speed is faster than 44 mph, aj hackett skydive. Lightening, rain and snow also bring the action to a halt. Buy tickets before heading up to the th floor but keep in mind they're not refundable, aj hackett skydive. Jumpers who change their mind get a second chance to leap, but there are no third tries. Stash personal belongings in a locker or let non-jumping friends hold onto them. Non-jumpers must pay for admission to the Tower.

Xtreme Zone Bungee Jumping

The Xtreme Zone at Circus Circus’s Adventure Dome offers indoor bungee trampoline jumps. Bungee trampolines are a variation on both traditional bungee jumping and free falling, where the jumper wears a harness attached to elastic cords anchored to vertical lift poles that move higher as the jumps grow in vertical height. Do flips or other acrobatic moves with an excellent range of motion during the free fall.

Plan Ahead

The Xtreme Zone at Adventuredome does not participate in the one-ticket covers all-admission that the other activities use. Jumps sessions range from three to five minutes depending on crowds. Guest lockers are available for storage throughout the dome and ATMs are on site. Bad weather doesn’t stop jumps, but routine maintenance may so check the casino’s website for current availability.



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Bungy Jumping in New Zealand

Bungy Jumping

New Zealand is regarded as the world’s best destination for bungy jumping. It is the home of the world famous AJ Hackett bungy jumps and the first commercial bungy site at the Kawarau Bridge in Queenstown. In recent years several more bungy jumps have been launched by AJ Hackett, including the metre Nevis highwire and 47 metre Ledge bungy in Queenstown, aj hackett skydive, as well as New Zealand's only ocean touch bungy aj hackett skydive the Auckland Harbour Bridge. You can also enjoy bungy jumping in Taupo, Rotorua and Hanmer Springs, twelve months of the year.

Whether you choose to jump off a bridge, leap off a ledge or hop out of a cable car, there is no better place in the world to bungy jump. If you want to save money and time then package your bungy up with another adventure activity like jet boating, skydiving and rafting and book an Adventure Combo.


94% of new customers that used Everything New Zealand to provide advice and securely book their NZ activities have let us know they've had a good or excellent experience with us, aj hackett skydive. Thank you.

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Cairns Skydiving Tours - Skydiving & Bungy Package - 1 Day Package

For the complete adrenalin seeker, we have the package for you! During the course daytona sports radio the day you will enjoy the thrill of Tandem Skydiving and Bungy Jumping.

You will jump out of a plane at 14' ft and jump off a 44 metre bungy tower all in one day!!

You will enjoy an incredible scenic experience over the Reef and City of Cairns during the plane ride to height for your skydive. Exit the plane skydiving from up to 14,ft with 60 seconds of freefalling over the spectacular views of the Rainforest, Trinity Inlet, Mulgrave Valley and Wetlands; finishing with a smooth aj hackett skydive south of Cairns in a beautiful valley. 

Upon completion of your amazing skydive experience, you will be returned to the office to prepare for your transfer which will be taking you off to complete your john smit rugby player net worth adventure, Bungy Jumping with AJ Hackett.

AJ Hackett Bungy offers a purpose-built, hand-crafted site located 20 minutes north of Cairns Set right in the middle of dense tropical rainforest and the mountains, trees and a aj hackett skydive waterfall flowing into the aj hackett skydive onsite make for a lush oasis to kick back and relax in after getting your thrills Jumping from aj hackett skydive tower! 

From the aj hackett skydive of the metre tower you can see out over the Northern Beaches and out to the incredible Great Barrier Reef. So when you’re on the edge, ready to jump, suck in the views as it all looks quite different on the rebound!

At the end of your Bungy experience you will be dropped off at Cairns accommodation by coach transfer
  • All accommodation transfers
  • Adrenalin pumping 14,ft skydive jump (up to 60 seconds of freefall)
  • Awesome reef and rainforest views
  • First jump certificate

Bungy Jumping

  • All accommodation transfers
  • Bungy Jump from purpose built 50 metre tower
  • Photo's and merchandise available for purchase

Rates - Valid 01st of April to 31st of March
  • Adult 14'ft Jump AU$ + AU$ Levy

Additional Levies For Packages In addition to these prices, a $ per person Australian Parachute Federation membership fee is payable direct to the Skydiving operator on the day of skydive. A levy of $ per person to defray the cost of public liability insurance and risk management is payable on day of Bungy Jump to Bungy operator. 
Video & Photo Options clayoquot sound kayaking Optional Extras
  • Tandem Digital Photos ( photos on USB)$
  • Tandem Handy Cam DVD ( minute video saved on custom USB) $
  • Tandem DVD and Digital Photos ( photos and minute video on USB) $

Terms & Conditions

Age requirements:
If you are between 12 & 18 years of age you must have parental or legal guardian consent.
If your parent or legal guardian cannot be with you on the day of your skydive you must notify our office immediately. We will arrange for the aj hackett skydive documents of consent to be sent to you prior to your skydive

No alcohol is to be consumed 8 hours prior to your tandem skydive, the operator reserves the
right to refuse clients who they suspect to be intoxicated without refund.=

Scuba Diving:
Due to medical restrictions, you must not participate in scuba diving 24 hours prior to skydiving. =

Weight Restrictions & Charges:
95kg to kg: $50 Surcharge to pay to operator on arrival
kg to Maximum Weight Allowance: aj hackett skydive Surcharge to pay to operator on arrival
kg and above: $ Surcharge requires on site assessment

In the event of cancellation by the opearator due to weather or other circumstances a full refund will be issued.
Bookings cancelled 24 hours or more prior to departure with incur a 20% cancellation fee.
Bookings cancelled 24 hours or less prior to depature including passengers who fail to load will incur a % cancellation fee. 
Book Cairns Skydiving Tours - Skydiving & Bungy Package - 1 Day PackageEnquire About Cairns Skydiving Tours - Skydiving & Bungy Package - 1 Day Package
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The Air Extreme 2 package gives you more extreme! Get a 12, ft skydive and a metre bungy jump, plus free skydive exit photo and bungy T-shirt for only $! That&#;s a massive saving!

The Air Extreme 2 package involves two of the most popular activities in Taupo &#; Skydiving with Taupo Tandem Skydiving and NZ&#;s highest water-touch bungy with AJ Hackett Bungy. 

This package includes a 12, aj hackett skydive, ft skydive with Taupo Tandem Skydiving. Freefall for up to 45 seconds above glorious Lake Aj hackett skydive with views of volcanoes, aj hackett skydive, lakes and geothermal activity. 
Next, you&#;ll bungy jump with the legends at AJ Hackett Bungy. Experience NZ&#;s highest water-touch bungy as you plunge off their unique metre high platform into the beautiful crystal clear waters of the Waikato River. 

You can choose to complete the activities in any order.

Plus, you&#;ll get some freebies!

&#; Free Exit Photo of your skydive
&#; Free bungy T-shirt
&#; Free return transport within Taupo

*You can upgrade to a 15, ft or 18, ft skydive on the day if you choose for an additional cost. 
*Gift voucher is not redeemable for cash or eligible for a refund.

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When crouched in the door of an airplane at 14, feet, you can’t see anything on the ground with any detail. Instead, skydivers look out on the horizon and somehow, people who are deathly afraid of heights can feel comfortable jumping. The opposite is true for bungee jumping. I remember peering over the edge and I could clearly see the rocks in which my body would hit in the ravine below should things have gone horribly wrong. Fortunately, I lived to tell the tale!

Skydiving is scary but tons of fun. Bungee jumping is definitely scarier… and still tons of fun!

Skydiving vs Bungee Jumping &#; What Each Feels Like

Perhaps the biggest difference between skydiving and bungee jumping is what each feels like. The sensation of falling between bungee jumping and skydiving couldn’t be more different. In skydiving, jumpers reach speeds of mph entering a zone known as terminal velocity. Terminal velocity is essentially riding on air molecules that feel very stable making the experience feel amazing; you don’t feel descent or speed, aj hackett skydive. You feel like you’re floating.


With bungee jumping, you only feel descent and speed. At no point do you feel stable and this is another reason that bungee jumping is way scarier.

The Verdict &#; Skydiving or Bungee Jumping

Of course, if you love feeling scared, you may prefer bungee jumping, but in my honest opinion, aj hackett skydive, nothing tops skydiving! Plummeting towards the ground is a great rush, but the rush of exiting an airplane is incredible as a cold wind hits your face! There’s nothing like that rush which is then followed by the exhilaration of free fall which makes you feel like you’re flying! Who doesn’t aj hackett skydive to fly?!!!!

My bungee jumping experience was incredible and the good folks at AJ Hackett Bungy did a great job. I recommend it, but if I had to choose between one or the other, aj hackett skydive, skydiving wins hands down! If you have more questions, check out our FAQs or contact us to book your adventure today!

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