Baseball glove repair tools

baseball glove repair tools

Kit contains all the tools and supplies you need to relace ball gloves. Includes three 72" laces, leather cutter, leather punch, u-wire needle. Pain-Relief Cementable Glove Shock Pad · Glove-Aide Cementable Repair Patch · JOHN GOLOMB Professional Baseball Glove Re-lace Kit · Small Baseball Glove Lace. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Baseball Glove Mitt RELACER Kit Softball Lacing Relacing Repair Tools Tan Laces at the best.

Baseball glove repair tools - time

Baseball Glove Laces & Accessories

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Baseball Accessories Buying Guides

In this article we will be taking a closer look at the best softball gloves for 2021, which include fastpitch gloves, slowpitch gloves, and youth softball gloves. Not only that, but we take a deeper dive into the best gloves for certain positions, such as best outfield gloves, infield gloves, and gloves for pitchers.
All baseball gloves are not created equally. Middle infielders need a different glove than outfielders. The first baseman and the catcher each have their own mitts to pick from, and outfielders would definitely struggle using a glove made for middle infielders.
Baseball and softball gloves are an important part of being a great player. It isn’t enough to just buy a glove, wear it on the field, and hope it gets the job done. You need to break your glove in, take care of it, condition it, and help maintain it so it extends beyond just a single season.
There are various methods you can use to break in and soften your glove. Some of these methods can be used individually or in conjunction with others. Read on and we’ll cover the different ways to break in your glove, plus different methods on how to oil gloves.
In baseball and softball, a glove is a tool that players spend exorbitant amounts of time breaking in, working on, using, and protecting. But eventually, the time comes for every glove where a lace snaps or a ball breaks through the webbing, and the last thing any player wants to do is throw out his or her well-conditioned glove and start fresh.
In baseball and softball, a fielding glove is one of the most important tools you’ll need to become a successful player. What size glove you should use largely depends on the position you play, but there are also other factors that help determine exactly which glove you should equip yourself with.
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How To Relace & Repair a Baseball Glove

Does your glove need a little love? It’s the moment you dread, but you know it is inevitable after years of use - baseball glove repair or relacing.

To be able to play at your best, you need to have confidence in your equipment. A baseball glove is one of the most critical pieces of gear for any player, and it’s worth taking time to keep it in good condition.

There are various ways you can clean and repair your old or damaged gloves. Lucky for you, the steps below will help preserve everything from the leather surface down into the padding and the pocket.

How To Relace a Baseball Glove

  1. Before removing the older laces that have broken down or ripped, take pictures of each angle of the glove so you don’t get lost in the process. If this is your first time relacing a glove, do it as you go by removing and replacing one lace at a time until finished.
  2. Remove old laces with pliers or a knife. Be careful not to damage your glove.
  3. Apply new laces starting in the bottom corner of the pocket and working up toward the top of the mitt. Don’t pull too hard, as this can damage the seams.
  4. Tie laces together two inches from the end of the lace, and cut off the excess with scissors or a knife. This is optional! Some players love leaving the long laces on.
  5. When you complete baseball glove relacing, you can begin using it again. After each game or practice session, make sure to clean and condition the leather with a soft cloth so that your mitt doesn’t dry out too much. Doing this will ensure that your baseball glove lasts for as long as possible and keeps performing at its best.

Tools Needed for Relacing

When relacing your glove, you’ll need a few different kinds of tools:

  • Laces! You’ll need three to four 72-inch strands per glove, on average. If the gloves are particularly large (like catcher’s mitts or first base mitts), it may take up to six strands.
  • Glove lacing needle to move through the holes and eyelets of the glove with ease; the lace can be twisted right into the grooved end of the needle.
  • A brush. Specifically, a hog hairbrush that’s meant for cleaning ball gloves.
  • Lace cutters to cut those pesky laces.
  • A tape measure, just in case.
  • Conditioner. We recommend our Pro Soft Glove Conditioner!

How To Repair & Maintain a Baseball Glove

While you can use the methods mentioned above to repair a baseball glove’s lace and its webbing, there are some other essential steps that will help in learning how to repair and maintain a baseball glove.

  1. The first step in learning how to repair a baseball glove is cleaning and conditioning your leather using only quality products. These ingredients work together to keep the mitt in good condition while repelling water simultaneously. Before using any products, ensure you research them first to don’t damage your prized possession. When baseball glove repair is carried out, some products may water down the leather and cause cracking over time, and discoloration in some instances. It would be best to always try to use a soft cloth for regular cleaning instead of harsh chemicals that can strip the leather of its natural oils.
  2. Before you are ready to use your glove, you should apply a conditioner and work it into every part with a soft cloth or pad. This will help keep water from getting inside while also keeping the leather stiffer over time.
  3. After the intense cleaning and conditioning process, let your baseball glove breathe for two to three days. Then you can start bending and shaping it as much as possible while being careful not to break or crack the leather, which may still be stiff at this point.

Glove Beyond Repair?

If your glove is beyond repair and unable to be relaced, let the Glove Experts at JustGloves help you find a new baseball glove! We have gloves for every player and position. Everything from infielders, outfielders, pitchers, and more. You name it, we’ve got it. To get in contact with a Glove Expert, reach out at 866-321-4568,, or live chat! Don’t forget, we’re here for you from Click To Catch!

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Markwort Deluxe Professional reLacer Ball Glove Repair Kit

Complete ball glove repair kit contains all the tools and supplies you need to relace ball gloves. Includes three 72" laces, leather cutter, leather punch, u-wire steel lacing needle, steel lacing tool and tool tote. Includes step-by-step instructions, written by John Mathes, to greatly simplify the relacing process.

Black Lace Kit or Tan Lace Kit

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J. FARMER (Texas) on June 19, 2018

5 Stars

Quality repair kit. Relaced several gloves with now issue.

K. WILSON (Missouri) on May 26, 2016

5 Stars

The kit has everything that is expected. Having the right tool for the job does make it much easier. These tools are well built and will last many many years.

H. KRAMER (Iowa) on April 22, 2015

5 Stars

it is a very nice will work very good for any rookie that wants to try it.

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