Clayoquot sound kayaking

clayoquot sound kayaking

Clayoquot Sound provides sea kayaking adventurers with isolated paddling conditions, miles of water to explore and sandy beaches to camp upon. These places are best for kayaking & canoeing in Clayoquot Sound: Tofino kayak surf · Ocean Outfitters · Black Bear Kayaking · Jamie's Whaling Station and. Paddle West offers you an unforgettable experience of sea kayaking out of Tofino you to enjoy the beautiful surroundings of Clayoquot and Barkley Sound.

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Sea Kayak Tofino - Clayoquot Sound BC Canada

Trip Itinerary

Clayoquot Sound, British Columbia
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World-renowned Clayoquot Sound is a paddler’s paradise. Situated on the spectacular west clayoquot sound kayaking of Vancouver Island, it is an area of vast diversity and beauty; wild sandy beaches, lush green-forested islands, clayoquot sound kayaking, and deep inlets surrounded by snow-capped mountains.

Day 1

Meet at the launch site clayoquot sound kayaking Tofino for 8:00 am. Upon your arrival, we will show you how to effectively pack your belongings into your kayak. We'll spend time familiarizing you with your kayak as well as introducing basic paddling skills, and safety procedures. Once on the water we’ll make sure you are comfortable and secure before setting off.

Sea kayaking in Clayoquot Sound, British ColumbiaNote: Due to the exposed beaches and tidal currents found in this area we will review how these conditions will be handled. We will choose to land only on beaches with manageable surf, clayoquot sound kayaking, and we will plan open water crossings during slack water.

Clayoquot Sound is the gem of the West Coast. The unruly combination of forest and ocean illustrates Nature's incredible imagination. The wild, twisting shoreline often gives way to long, white, sandy beaches. Logs hurled high on the shore during winter storms, become sun bleached driftwood protecting the delicate wild flowers of the Beach Pea, the Sea Rocket, and the Indian Paint. Wolf tracks can sometimes be discovered meandering along a sandy beach, and there are always Bald Eagles perched high on Cedar snags, their presence signalled by their high pitched whistles.

Sea PalmWhen the tide recedes from the rocky headlands, tidal pools are revealed filled with fascinating marine creatures and plants as varied and colourful as any on land. The intertidal zone is a place where many hours can be pleasantly spent, and we carry a number of reference guide books to help keep track of your observations.

We'll spend the afternoon exploring the beautiful coastlines of Clayoquot Sound as we make our way to our first camp on Vargas Island. While the first evenings feast is being prepared, you may wish to take a stroll along the beach gathering pieces of driftwood for our evening campfire. At the end of an exciting day, gather around the campfire with your traveling companions and enjoy a mug of hot chocolate.

Day 2-5

Begin the day with a freshly brewed cup of organic coffee (or tea!) and a walk on the beach. After breakfast, we will journey out to enjoy whatever Nature has in store for us. The day's plans will be determined by the natural cycles of weather and sea conditions. Our years of experience paddling in Clayoquot Sound has revealed many paddling routes.

The rugged landscape of fjords, inlets, volcanic cones, and islands are shrouded by temperate rainforests. Hyundai accent sport usado complex ecosystem provides clayoquot sound kayaking and food for a variety of animals and fowl. Great Blue Herons, Loons, Auks, and many different Ducks, clayoquot sound kayaking, are commonly seen. Binoculars are highly recommended to help find some of the rarer species such as the elusive Tufted Puffin or Storm Petrels, clayoquot sound kayaking.

Sea kayaking adventures in Clayoquot SoundYour kayak provides an unobtrusive vantage point from which to spot a number of marine creatures as we continue our exploration of the Sound. Gray Whales migrating north from winter calving grounds spend the summer months in clayoquot sound kayaking area grubbing along the bottom of the ocean sucking up shrimp-like crustaceans, tubeworms, and other tiny creatures. Dall’s Porpoise, Harbour Seals, or even the occasional pod of Orca (Killer Whales) may thrill us with their presence.

As each day progresses you should find the paddling becoming easier and more natural as you gain experience and become familiar with your kayak. The waters of Clayoquot Sound provide for excellent learning opportunities, clayoquot sound kayaking. If you already have some experience kayaking you may wish to improve your paddling techniques, seamanship, or wilderness camping skills. You may be interested to learn how to interpret marine chart information, read tide tables, or how to navigate with a compass. We are always keen to share our knowledge, clayoquot sound kayaking, and to learn from you.

Later in the day as dinner simmers, giant Sitka Spruce and ancient Cedar trees will beckon those unwilling to resist the earthy smells and quiet peace of the Coastal Rainforest. The majestic forests support an abundance of life forms. Below the canopy of the evergreens, an astonishing array of mosses, lichens, ferns, and shrubs thrive. Fungi and xcel silver gymnastics requirements depend upon the various stages of decaying forest material, displaying the richness of the life cycle. Evenings are often spent together conversing, playing games, or telling tales. A willingness to seek adventure with strangers clayoquot sound kayaking a love of nature soon bonds all the members of a group. And there's something about the combination of a camp fire and a night sky, so dark and starry, that leads to lively conversations.

***As an option we may at times choose to spend our last evening at west coast wilderness lodge ‘The Vargas Island Inn&rsquo. Please note that there are no extra charges in the event we stay at the lodge.

Final Day

After breakfast, we bid farewell to the outer beaches of Clayoquot Sound and begin our journey back to Tofino. (By this point in the trip you may have forgotten your home phone number and abandoned your shoes.)

Clayoquot Sound BeachThere is still plenty of adventure to be had between Vargas Island and Tofino. If the tide is low, we’ll enjoy paddling tight to the shore, to enjoy the view of the strange sea anemones, brightly coloured sea stars, sea urchins, crabs and a myriad of other fascinating creatures that will not be disturbed by our quiet kayaks.

And of course, there is no shortage of wonderful spots to stop and enjoy a leisurely lunch before our return to Tofino. We plan our return to Tofino around 2:00 – 3:00 pm allowing enough time for those unable to spend the night in Tofino to reach other Vancouver Island destinations, or to clayoquot sound kayaking a ferry to the mainland.

We will do our best to asu soccer camp 2018 that you will have the best sea kayak touring vacation possible.

Trip Itineraries

Sea Kayaking Fun in Clayoquot Sound, British ColumbiaItineraries are intended to describe the experience you can expect from your sea kayaking adventure with us. Pacific Northwest Expeditions reserves the right to change the itinerary without advance notice at the discretion of the clayoquot sound kayaking, due to weather conditions, tides and currents, activities en route or other logistical situations at the time of the trip. Pacific Northwest Expeditions is committed to consistently operate trips of high quality and safety without compromise, clayoquot sound kayaking.

Custom Trips

Customizing this trip to accommodate a group of friends, family members or colleagues can be arranged for 8 to 10 people. We are happy to discuss your ideas or make suggestions.

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Tofino, clayoquot sound kayaking, BC on the west coast of Vancouver Island, at the edge of the pristine waters of Clayoquot Sound, clayoquot sound kayaking, is an ideal location for canoeing and kayaking. Tofino is world famous for surfing and whale watching but the maze of nearby islands of Clayoquot Sound are perfect for kayaking and canoeing.

Tofino with its temperate climate has much to offer visitors from rare, clayoquot sound kayaking, old-growth rainforests, to miles of sandy beaches and abundant wildlife both on land and in the Pacific ocean.

Clayoquot Sound Tofino BC

Clayoquot Sound is an immense and wild area with many interesting animals and sea life. You can also explore the islands with their white zoo lake swimming pool beaches and hiking trails.
Clayoquot Sound was designated as the Clayoquot Sound UNESCO (United Nations Educational Scientific Cultural Organisation) Biosphere Reserve making it a development laboratory devoted to sustainability and education.
A good part of the west coast of Vancouver Island falls within the traditional lands of the Nuu-chah-nulth First Nations people.

Three kayaks on a beach in Meares Island near Tofino, Vancouver Island,

Kayaks on Meares Island near Tofino

Paddling Destinations

There are trips suitable for beginners, experts as well as escorted adventures.

Day trip locations close to the dock in Tofino:
• Meares Island – a large horseshoe shaped Island to the west of Tofino. Also called Wah-nah-juss/Hilth-hoo-iss by the Tla-O-Qui-Aht and Ahousaht First Nations
• Stubbs Island – has a great sandy beach
• Vargas Island – a 5km (3mile) paddle – north west of Tofino. The west side is a Provincial Park.
• Wickaninnish Island  – a small island to the west of Tofino

Longer Trips:

  • Flores Island – it is 20km (12 miles) north of Tofino. There are remote white-sand beaches on the island’s west and south sides.

Wildlife Viewing in Tofino

While you are paddling you can watch for the plentiful wildlife and sea life in the area:

  • Porpoises
  • Sea Lions
  • Grey Whales
  • Orcas
  • Black bears
  • Harbor seals
  • River otters
  • Bald eagles
  • Great Blue Herons
  • King Fishers
  • Wolves
  • Cougars
  • Osprey
  • Marbled Murrelets
  • Pacific Loons
  • Roosevelt Elk
  • Martens
  • Raccoons

Ocean Going Canoes

You can experience the costal shorelines with local First Nations guides in an ocean going canoes. These are the same canoes that once hunted humpback whales miles offshore.  Their trips run from May to September deepening on weather.
You will get to experience both the rich First Nations history together with wildlife that can be seen from a calmly moving canoe.

Contact info:
TLA-OOK Cultural Adventures
Box 899, Tofino, BC VOR 2Z0 Canada
Local phone: 250-725-2656  Toll-free: 1-877-94-CANOE email:

Ocean Kayaking Operators

Majestic Ocean Kayaking
Box 287 Ucluelet, BC Canada V0R 3A0
Phone: 1-800-889-7644 toll-free or 250-726-2868 FAX: 250-726-2860

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Clayoquot Sound Kayak Tours

Clayoquot Sound is known for fjords, islands, mountains and old growth forests. It has also become a symbol for the continuing struggle between the forest industry and those who seek to preserve Canada's old growth forests.

The Sound is located about 200 kilometers north of Victoria in the Pacific Rim region on the southwest coast of Vancouver Island. This rugged stretch of coastline, 140 kilometers in length, stretches from Ucluelet north to Tc hoops basketball Peninsula and includes the community of Ucluelet, Pacific Rim National Park and the community of Tofino, the put in point for our kayak tours of Clayoquot Sound. Pounding Pacific surf and wide, sandy beaches dominate the top part of Pacific Rim National Park on the western side of the peninsula. The eastern side, clayoquot sound kayaking, on the other side of Tofino is more tranquil and the seascape is dominated by the rainforest splendour of Meares Island.

Nearly 350,000 ha (265,705 ha terrestrial, 84,242 ha marine), clayoquot sound kayaking, Clayoquot Sound was recently designated as a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Science and Cultural Organization) and is composed of the largest intact virgin rainforest in southern British Columbia. The area is home to ancient Western hemlock, Sitka spruce and Western red cedar up to 1,700 years old and 90 m tall. Inshore water exposed to open ocean conditions contains numerous islets and rocky reefs, as well as channels partly bounded and protected by land.

Kayaking Clayoquot Sound takes us places with such evocative names as Wickaninnish, Echachis and Tonquin. We camp on expansive beaches and kayak past the ancient cedar stands and Sitka spruce that have made this area famous.

The Clayoquot Sound area is the traditional territory of the Nuu-chah-nulth First Nation, and numerous Nuu-chah-nulth heritage sites have been found on both Flores and Vargas Islands. Our kayak clayoquot sound kayaking of Clayoquot Sound also explore Meares Island and follow the coastline along Flores Island, a popular summer feeding ground for the grey whale. Hot Springs Cove Provincial Park is located at the north end of Clayoquot Sound, clayoquot sound kayaking a short walk in the rainforest.

A diverse array of wildlife thrives in the area, including Roosevelt elk, black bears, wolves, orca and grey whales, salmon, migrating waterfowl, shorebirds and the endangered marbled murrelet, clayoquot sound kayaking. From mid-February to June, Pacific grey whales migrate up the coast from Mexico to the Arctic Ocean and return in the fall. Bird life is plentiful, especially at low tide when shallow mud flats rich in intertidal invertebrates are exposed.

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Kayaking Clayoquot Sound, on the remote west coast of Vancouver Island was my first ever sea kayaking adventure. That trip was the start of my love affair with the sport. Since then I, along with my husband, have done countless kayaking trips, primarily to spots off of Vancouver Clayoquot sound kayaking, though we’ve done some inland paddling as well.

It’s a memorable experience kayaking Clayoquot Sound. To start with it’s ruggedly beautiful with classic west coast mountain and ocean scenery. In addition the area is home to a number of stunning white sand beaches, though most are accessible via surf landings or a walk across an island.

It’s also the site of one of the world’s largest temperate rainforests. Back in 1993, Clayoquot Sound was the staging ground for the largest-ever act of civil disobedience in Canada.

Ten thousand protesters from both Europe and North America descended on the Peace Camp – set up to protect the massive trees of Clayoquot Sound.

Clayoquot Sound sunset - Photo credit: Andy Field on Flickr Creative Commons

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There are a number of ways you can explore Clayoquot Sound, depending on how much time you have and what kind of paddling skills you possess. In all likelihood your trip will start in Tofino – a great seaside town that deserves a few days as well.

Tofino Harbour

Kayaking Clayoquot Sound – route suggestions

Meares Island

If you only have a day, then plan to paddle to Meares Island. Do it on your own or with a guided group if you are new to paddling. Boat and sea plane traffic as well as currents can be challenging in Tofino’s harbour. The goal of this short trip is to marvel at some of the oldest super bowl predictions for 2021 biggest trees in British Columbia.

Once you’ve kayaked to the trailhead, it’s a 3 km (2 mi) round-trip hike through the forest on a boardwalk to the famous Hanging Garden Tree, a western red cedar with a massive 18.3 m (60 ft) circumference.

Kayaking Clayoquot Sound in scenery like this - with islands, mountains and rainforests always in view

Circumnavigate Meares Island

If you have three days, a circumnavigation of Meares Island is possible. Or you can head to Milties Beach on Vargas Island and set up camp for a few days.

From there, walk across the island and enjoy the spectacular beach and the wildness of the area without any of the risk of a surf landing.

If you're lucky you might see some transient killer whales - Photo credit: David Stanley on Flickr

The best kayaking trip 

But the best trip, providing you have at least five days is to head to Hot Springs Cove. There are two ways to do this trip. Either paddle on the mostly calm backside of Vargas and Flores Island, so as to avoid heavy swell and surf landings, or paddle the very beautiful outer coast.

But the outer coast requires excellent kayaking skills and it’s not for the faint of heart. Don’t attempt it if the seas are above 2 m (6.5 ft) or the wind is blowing more than 15 knots; definitely don’t do it if it’s getting dark or its foggy. There are not many safe landing spots.

As a staging area for Hot Springs Cove, aim for clayoquot sound kayaking Halfmoon Beach on the northwest side of Flores Island. It’s a great place to set up a camp for a few days.

From there, it takes about an hour to paddle to the Hot Springs. Bring money for a coffee and a baked goodie at the government wharf and a towel and bathing suit for the hot springs.

From the clayoquot sound kayaking, it’s a 2 km (1.2 mi) walk along a most interesting boardwalk – inscribed with the names of boats and people that have visited – to the hot springs. Enjoy a long soak before retracing your steps.

The boardwalk into the Hot Springs

Clayoquot Sound is the sort of place that will call you back repeatedly over your lifetime. I know I’m overdue for another visit.

Useful information for a kayaking trip

The kayaking is moderate to difficult depending on if you paddle the inside passage or the exposed coast. Paddling against the current or in big swells increases the level of difficulty.

Start in Tofino on Vancouver Island located 315 km (196 mi) northwest of Victoria, clayoquot sound kayaking, and 200 km (124 mi) west of Nanaimo via Highway 4.

The kayaking is best in the summer but you can comfortably do it between May and October if the weather cooperates.

You can rent sea kayaks in Tofino right at the water’s edge.

Do not land on Indian Reserve, marked IR on charts, without permission from the band office.

Bears are common on the mainland.

A number of companies offer tours in the area including Tofino Sea Kayaking,Majestic Ocean Kayaking andPaddle West Kayaking.

For more information visit the Tourism Tofino website.

It can get wavey and you need to watch for rocks

Things to take on kayaking trips

I’d highly recommend the following that I always have with me on multi-day paddling trips include the following:

For a full list of what to take check out The Kayaker’s Checklist – 100 Items to Pack

Where to stay in Tofino before or after your trip

Tofino has loads of great places to stay. Some of my favourites include the following properties – Middle Beach Lodge, Long Beach Lodge Resort and Pacific Sands Beach Resort.

For more affordable alternatives try Meares Vista Inn(my friend swears by this place) or Tofino Paddlers Inn right in town.

Further reading on kayaking trips in BC

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A kayaking trip in Clayoquot Sound, British Columbia

Clayoquot Soundkayakingtofino

Leigh McAdam


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Majestic Ocean Kayaking » Clayoquot Sound

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With the support of local First Nations, local communities, and each of the local, provincial, and federal governments, in January 2000 Clayoquot Sound became designated as the Clayoquot Sound UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. Biosphere Reserves are in essence global laboratories for sustainable development. They combine the three functions of conservation, sustainable development, and support for research, education, and training.

The designation of Clayoquot Sound as a United Nations Educational Scientific Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) Biosphere Reserve demonstrates international recognition of the achievement of a shared vision for social, environmental and economic sustainability in Clayoquot Sound.

The original inhabitants of Clayoquot Sound, the Nuu-chah-nulth people, have a guiding philosophy of Hishuk-ish ts’awalk. This means everything is one which recognises that communities, cultures, economies and environments are interwoven and impact one another.

The open ocean stretches off unbroken and vacant, while the elemental forces clayoquot sound kayaking play here, the winds and tides, the sun and rain, excite within visitors a deepseated resonance, a sense of belonging to this place.

Population: 7,848 (Clayoquot)

Location: Clayoquot Sound is located on the west coast of Vancouver Island, north of Tofino.

Boating and paddling in the waters of Clayoquot Sound is one of the most rewarding ways to experience this environment. Depending on your skill level, you can either plan a trip on your own or join up with one of the tour operators that use Tofino as their base. Day trips close to town include Meares, Stubbs, Wickaninnish, clayoquot sound kayaking, and Vargas Islands, all within sight of the federal dock in Tofino. Far afield is Flores Island. The sandy beach on Stubbs Island makes clayoquot sound kayaking an ideal getaway within sight of Tofino. You can land on the east coast of Vargas Island, a 3-mile (5-km) paddle north from Tofino, and make the one-hour journey across island on foot to Ahous Beach. If you paddle to Ahous rather than hike, be prepared for a stretch of open ocean as you round the exposed southwest corner of Vargas. If it’s blowing too hard, check out isolated Medallion Bay on the south end of the island, a delightful place to land.

Nothing on Vargas, however, tops Ahous Beach’s lengthy expanse, clayoquot sound kayaking rivals Long Beach in size. So vast is its hard-caked, sandy surface that light planes occasionally land here.

Hiking: For a real taste of a rainforest trail, take an excursion around Clayoquot Sound from Tofino to Meares, Vargas, or Flores Islands. On Meares Island (also called Wah-nah-juss/Hilth-hoo-iss by the Tla-O-Qui-Aht and Ahousaht First Nations), the Big Cedar Trail (moderate; 2-mile/3-km loop) is marked by yellow ribbons and can be quite muddy. Boardwalks and stairs assist hikers over some of the boggiest sections but can themselves be treacherous when wet. Use caution and enjoy the experience of being in a pristine, temperate rainforest, clayoquot sound kayaking, where moss grows as deep as snowdrifts. Reaching the trailhead on Meares Island (part of the Tla-O-Qui-Aht and Ahousaht First Nations’ traditional territory) requires a 10-minute water-taxi ride from the main government wharf in Tofino. Transportation (and, if desired, a guided tour) may be arranged with the Nuu-chah-nulth Booking and Visitor Centre in Tofino.

Farther north on Flores Island, an ambitious trail-building project is underway to complete the Ahousaht Wild Side Heritage Trail (moderate; 20 miles/32 km return). The ambitious project links the Nuu-chah-nulth community of Ahousaht (Marktosis) with gorgeous, unpopulated white-sand beaches on the island’s south and west sides as it traverses the slopes of Mount Flores. Flores Island lies 12 miles (20 km) north of Tofino and is accessible by water taxi, clayoquot sound kayaking, kayak, or floatplane. For more information on the trail, clayoquot sound kayaking, to arrange a guided tour, and to arrange water-taxi transportation, call the Nuu-chah-nulth Booking and Visitor Centre in Tofino.

An old telegraph trail runs the width of Vargas Island pop sports nba series 2 its east and west coasts. The Ahous Trail (3 miles/5 km return) begins behind the Vargas Island Inn and has recently been protected as Vargas Island Provincial Park. The Ahous Trail takes about an hour to walk each way, most of it across the tussocky bog that characterizes much of the landscape inland from the beaches along the west coast. An ancient corduroy road runs through meadows of pink western bog laurel, kinnikinnick, and Labrador tea, the hummocks of peat carpeted with moss in shades of strawberry and gold. So thick is the perimeter of salal through which the trail tunnels that the entrance on the clayoquot sound kayaking end at Ahous Beach is difficult to locate. A pile of beach refuse is the only clue to its presence. Mark this location well in your mind or, better yet, arrange some driftwood that you will recognize upon your return before setting out to explore the vastness of this magnificent beach.

Exciting raincoast backroad adventures are offered out of Tofino and Ucluelet in the comfort and safety of 4 x 4 vehicles, clayoquot sound kayaking. View the newly formed Clayoquot UN Biosphere, pristine mountain lakes, clayoquot sound kayaking, streams and waterfalls, with magnificent vistas of Barkley Sound and Clayoquot Sound. Walk nature trails through ancient forests with huge old growth cedar trees, see bears, birds and waterfowl. Full or half day trips.

The Clayoquot Valley Witness Trail (strenuous; 36 miles/58 km return) is an ambitious undertaking on the part of the Western Canada Wilderness Committee with permission from the Tla-O-Qui-Aht First Nation. No greater contrast imaginable exists between the clear-cut logging around the trailheads and the ancient rain forest the Clayoquot Valley Witness Trail traverses. Currently the valley is under moratorium until full and thorough inventories of all resource values, including spiritual, cultural, biological and recreational values, are conducted. The Witness Trail winds through big-treed ancient forests, alongside lakes and rivers and over two mountain passes. A minimum of four days are needed to hike the route and experience the deep rainforest wilderness. The trail begins a clayoquot sound kayaking distance west of Hwy 4 and is best done in a south-to-north direction. To receive a copy of the trail map complete with detailed directions, contact the Tla-O-Qui-Aht First Nations in Opitsaht or the WCWC in Vancouver. Note: The southern half of the Clayoquot Valley Witness Trail is overgrown and no longer a trail. More information:

Walk the Wild Side Trail is an 11-km trail historically used by the Ahousaht people for thousands of years. Visitors now have the opportunity to escape into the remote wilderness of Clayoquot Sound and hike along forest boardwalk and 9 gorgeous beaches. Be prepared for a strenuous hike, because the trail ends by ascending Mount Flores, offering a spectacular view of Clayoquot Sound. Bring a backpack with provisions and be prepared for some mud and spontaneous weather changes, clayoquot sound kayaking. Run the Wild Side Trail is an annual event held in June, offering a 22-km run or 10-km walk/run of the trail. For more information visit the Wild Side Trail office, located in Ahousaht Housing office building in Ahousat on Flores Island, 30 minutes by water taxi from Tofino.

Quait Bay: Nestled in a hidden cove deep in the wilderness north of Tofino on Vancouver Island is the remote Quait Bay. Located off Herbert Inlet in Clayoquot Sound, Quait Bay offers a unique experience for the discerning outdoor enthusiast.

For more information about the Clayoquot Sound region on the west coast of Vancouver Island, visit Clayoquot Biosphere Trust.

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Majestic Ocean Kayaking

Majestic Ocean Kayaking

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Kayak the Majestic West Coast waters of British Columbia. Our ecotourism adventures will take you to Barkley Sound, the Broken Group Islands, Pacific Rim National Park, Clayoquot Sound and the Deer Group Islands. We provide Part-day, Full-day, and Multi-day trips. Camp on pristine beaches, clayoquot sound kayaking, eat gourmet food, hike through dense rain forests, and learn about the rich variety of Pacific Coast seashore life. Rental kayaks available.

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