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d snowboard

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D snowboard
D snowboard
D snowboard

D-Day Death Card 2017 d snowboard Review by The Good Ride

The D-Day Death Card is a super fun low-cost snowsurfer that’s got a fun tapered off the tail ride along with a directional camber feel.  These days I usually get a vid review but this day I ran into the D-Day guys, got caught up in the moment and just got on this board, d snowboard.  I thought I would get on it again but never did, d snowboard.  So here are my thoughts after a morning on the D-Day Death Card like I use to do years back without vids or pics and just in good ol word form.

Ethics Statement: We don’t get paid by the manufacturer to write these reviews.  We do make money from the “Where To Buy” links, but this is our best attempt at an honest and objective review from an average riders’ perspective.

Size: 160
Days:  1
Conditions:  Pretty good Sierra snow with some hard spots but overall pretty good.
Boots:Burton SLX,
Bindings:Union Atlas
Set Up
:  About 23″ wide 18 front -6 back and a little set back on the inserts.

Approximate Weight: Felt pretty normal and well built….especially for a $400 board.

Flex: It felt a bit on the stiffer side compared to the Chris Roach but still not super stiff either.  Felt like it was medium to medium stiff and I don’t remember it being easy to butter.

Sizing: The 160 felt about right for my specs

On Snow Feel: Felt very surfy and off the tail and the board likes a lot of weight on the back foot to keep the tail from washing out.  It’s got a powder board look to it but that camber and edge hold makes it very fun to surf groomers with as well.  It feels pretty locked in from tail to past the front binding and it seemed like it had a camber profile very similar to the Chris Roach with some early rise before the nose then camber on the rest of the board.

Edge Hold: Very good edge hold when the back foot is weighted enough.  It’s got that grip that makes you more comfortable in hard snow but not completely care free.  In the hard patches it held an edge really well as long as I wasn’t laying it over hard on edge.

Turn Initiation: Pretty quick on groomers but not super quick.  I think in powder, that wider nose and tapered tail will make the board turn really fast and it will do d snowboard in trees/tight spots but on groomers, it was quick and easy when turning correctly, d snowboard, but not super quick.

Turning Experience: Making medium to wide radius turns are super fun with the D-Day Death Card and this board is all about turning.  It’s got a fun spring out of each turn.

Skidded Turns: Not super easy to skid turns when you want to and it’s not for an intermediate or beginner rider.

Carving: Now if you get a lot of weight and lay it back as you lay it over on rail the D-Day Death Card responds really well.  If you like carving on Twins or double ender shapes then this will take a changeup in the way you approach a carve.  However, if you like a nice surfy carve this will be a blast and in good snow, I could really lay it over on rail.

Speed: It’s pretty fast even though the board seems to prefer turning than straight lining.

Uneven Terrain: I prefer the Roach for a crowded messy Saturday afternoon but it’s not bad.  The nose is kind of wide so it’s not perfect for weaving in and out of bumps.

Powder: This is all about the deep deep no matter where you go or how thick or deep it gets, d snowboard.  The tail sinks way down and that wide ass nose makes this hard to bury.  Even though there isn’t much set back on side cut there is a ton on board.  I don’t know the exact specs but it seems further back on board than the Roach.  So that, some early rise rocker in the nose, d snowboard, a super wide nose d snowboard super tapered tail make for a board that d snowboard float well in powder.  I’ve ridden boards like this and they just float.

Switch: nah….

Jibbing: no fucking way for d snowboard I’d rather be on d snowboard Roach in the pipe but this could be fun for slashing a wall or two.

Jumps: Nice pop off the tail for directional air.

So, all in all, I’d like to spend more time on this ride and get to know it better.  As it stands now this is a very recommendable low-cost snowsurfer for those that live for powder but still want to carve up groomers as well.


D-Day Death Card Specs


D-Day Death Card Images

We try to get as many images of the D-Day Death Card, but forgive us if they're not all d snowboard src="https://thegoodride.com/assets/lg-gallery/d-day/snowboards/death-card/2017/thumbs/d-day-death-card.jpg" alt="image d-day-death-card-jpg">


D-Day Company Information

If you can't buy through the links above, d snowboard, you can support the site with:

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Independent Snowboard Instructor based in Sainte Foy Tarentaise and available to work in Tignes, Val d'Isere and La Rosiere.


I hold the BASI Snowboard ISTD, probably the highest-recognised snowboard instructor qualification in the world, d snowboard. Even as a passionate snowboarder for over twenty years, it's been a long, d snowboard, long journey to surf shop midland here, adapting my love of powder and steeps to riding a lot more park and freestyle, honing the shape d snowboard my turns and finding myself standing in international Boardercross d snowboard gates. 


I love helping people to build and progress their riding, whether d snowboard teaching new riders or helping advanced riders develop their carving, steeps, freestyle or backcountry technique. 

Backcountry freeriding is my real passion. I've been an all-year-round Sainte Foy local since 2007 and know the mountain like I was born here. As well as my snowboard instructor qualification, I also hold the International Mountain Leader award, giving me a much deeper and broader knowledge of navigation, d snowboard, snow safety and the mountain environment.Through the summer, I work as a mountain bike guide and head-honcho at White Room Mountain Biking.

Looking forward to sharing some turns with you this winter!

steven mcdonald
snowboard instructor

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calendarBook Online



Riding at a high level but need to perfect aspects
of technique in the snowpark and on steeper terrain.
At least 12 weeks’ experience

Level 3 (Advanced)

Confident snowboarding on blue and red runs,
attempting first tricks.
Would like a professional introduction
to the snowpark and its various elements.
At least 4 weeks’ experience

Level 2 (Intermediate)

Progressing with elementary linked turns on a green slope.
Need to solidify technique to progress onto steeper slopes
At least one week’s riding experience on snow.

Level 1 (Intermediate)

Beginner - never snowboarded before, or less than 10 hours
snowboarding on an artificial slope.
Looking forward to the first snowboarding experience on snow.

Level 0 (Beginner)

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Snowboarding Lessons and Packages

Our aim is to get you riding and keep you progressing, whatever your level and focus, so that you can make the most of your time on the slopes. Whether you are interested in learning, d snowboard, or improving your snowboard skills, then you’re at the right place, for a snowboard package that suits you!

Beginner Snowboarding Lessons

A perfect introduction to snowboarding aimed at total beginners. Whilst teaching you the basic techniques we will ensure that learning to snowboard is easy, fun and pain-free!

Intermediate Snowboarding Lessons

These snowboarding lessons take the competent rider through the intermediate phase and on to advanced. Our pros teach the techniques and tactics used to gain control on steeper and more varied terrain!

Expert Snowboarding Lessons

You’re good, d snowboard. Really good, d snowboard. But the thing is, d snowboard, you’re still searching for that little bit extra – that added rush to take your moves onto a whole new level. Well, that’s exactly what you’ll get here…

Lessons prices

Private Snowboard LessonsPrice
ALL DAY:from 440 €
BIG MORNING (4 hours)from 310 €
MORNING (3 hours )from 230 €
MINI MORNING (2 hours )from 160 €
BIG AFTERNOON (4 hours:)from 260 €
AFTERNOON (3 hours)from 200 €
MINI AFTERNOON (2 hours )from 150 €

1 hour only: 70 €uros*

*As a last minute booking, we may take a 1 hour lesson in peak times.

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Our Snowboard Development Team offers riders the chance to learn new skills in Slopestyle, Big Air, and Boardercross while building strong all-around riding techniques.  The focus of our D-Team d snowboard on skill development and friendly competition. The structured training environment offers a planned progression of skills that safely allows athletes to achieve their individual goals.  Practices are offered each Sunday, with four competitions throughout the season. Lift tickets must be purchased at other area competitions. D-Team provides a challenging and fulfilling experience for all athletes as they spend the day with coaches and teammates building confidence and acquiring new skills.

For snowboarders ages 8 - 18.  Must be able to ride the chairlift independently.

Parent 2021/22 Handbook.


Snowboard Schedule 2021-2022

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We guarantee learning, security and fun with the best professionals. We are a competent d snowboard efficient team, d snowboard, with extensive technical knowledge. All teachers are graduates in specialty ski and snowboard. The school bases its selection on the technical and human quality, d snowboard. The manin objective of the school is undoubtedly to satisfy all the needs of our customers. Our strengths are our extensive experience and our team of professionals.


Ski and Snowboard Classes

Skiing and snowboarding still rank among the undisputed winter sport highlights for all ages and ability levels. The perfectly groomed ski slopes makes a real heaven for skiers and riders. Our professional ski and snowboard instructors can teach you from scratch or show you all the little details to improve your skiing techniques and d snowboard skills. We also offer guided snowshoes tours for groups and friends and other activities.


Need Some Alvarez titans football schedule have rental equipment for various sizes. More information on the RENT page

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    Skis and poles

  • Boots

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  • Snowshoes

Where We Are?

Pla de Barrader Sn Espot 25597 Lleida

When We Work?

8:30 – 18:30
Monday – Sunday

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d snowboard

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