Is birdhouse skateboards good

is birdhouse skateboards good

They are perfect for any riders' skill level, whether beginner or pro. Birdhouse skateboard completes are made for smooth cruising and trying out new tricks in. The birdhouse skateboards are fantastic choices whether you are getting into skateboarding or a professional athlete. And the option to replace parts as you. History: Birdhouse skateboards was established by to Overall: The deck was good while it lasted.

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Is birdhouse a poser brand?

It seems that many people are still thinking of Birdhouse as Tony Hawk’s poser brand. Secondly, their graphics and art direction aren’t that great. These aren’t the worst graphics, is birdhouse skateboards good, but they are honestly all just pretty generic.

Are Birdhouse Stage 1 skateboards good?

The Birdhouse Stage 1 is perfect for kicking-off that skate game. This Birdhouse skateboard is a setup with a great price-performance ratio and suitable for taking on adventures in all areas of skateboarding.

What skateboard does Tony Hawk recommend?

Birdhouse skateboard
Birdhouse skateboard completes are made for smooth cruising and trying out new tricks in skateparks and neighborhoods. Their boards also come in many of the same graphic designs featured on their individual decks. Tony Hawk will always be an idol to the skateboard community, and his Birdhouse brand is no exception.

Are Tony Hawk Birdhouse boards good?

I had suspicions about the quality is birdhouse skateboards good the trux and bearings but they are actually pretty good. The wheels spin pretty freely. It is a great product for a recreational/beginning skateboarder like my son. It does not come assembled, but that is part of the fun.

Does Tony Hawk own birdhouse?

U.S. Birdhouse Skateboards (originally Birdhouse Projects) is a skateboard company formed by ex-Powell Peralta professional skateboarders Tony Hawk and Per Welinder in 1992. Birdhouse makes decks and wheels, as well as clothing and accessories.

Are Girl decks good?

Girl brand boards are fine, as good as any other – what you want to avoid is a “cheap” pre-built board, and by that I mean something like you’d find in the toy store or Wal-Mart.

What is Stage 3 birdhouse?

The highest step up on the Birdhouse quality ladder is the Stage 3 series providing the most bang for your buck. From fresh skateboarders starting out to more experienced riders looking for great value. Constructed with 7 ply canadian maple wood bonded together with epoxy resin creating a strong and durable deck.

What is a Stage 1 skateboard?

The Birdhouse Stage 1 complete skateboards are entry level boards for fresh people looking to try out a spot of skateboarding. It starts with a 7-ply hard rock maple skateboard deck, mounted to a solid truck with smooth running bearings and wheels that are a bit softer than what the pro’s use.

Does Tony Hawk own bird house?

Birdhouse Skateboards (originally Birdhouse Projects) is a skateboard company formed by ex-Powell Peralta professional skateboarders Tony Hawk and Per Welinder in 1992….Birdhouse Skateboards.

OwnerTony Hawk

Does a birdhouse need a perch?

— No perch necessary. Most cavity-nesting birds can cling to the outside of the box without aid, especially if it’s natural wood. Perches actually help other birds or predators who may harass the nesters.

Why did Tony Hawk start birdhouse?

“Starting Birdhouse was actually my way of transitioning out of being a pro skater and into being a company owner,” Tony Hawk explains. I’m in the Riviera Maya, an 80-mile slice of paradise along Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula, with skateboarding legend Is birdhouse skateboards good Hawk.

Why did Tony Hawk make birdhouse?

Hawk gladly accepted as he felt his time in skateboarding was nearly over due to the lack of interest in vert skating caused by the popularity of street skating. Welinder and Hawk decided to name their new skateboard company Birdhouse Projects, Birdhouse being a reference to Hawk’s nickname Birdman.

What decks have the best pop?

Top 8 best skateboard decks for pop

  • Plan B Joslin Global Skateboard Deck.
  • Bamboo Skateboards Mini Cruiser Blank Skateboard Deck.
  • Girl Mike Carroll 93 Til Skateboard Deck.
  • Enjoi White Spectrum 8.0 Skateboard Deck.
  • Powell Peralta Flight Skateboard Deck Shape.
  • Zero Skateboards Bold Black/White Mini Complete Skateboard.

What is a Stage 3 is birdhouse skateboards good width do pro skaters use?

The width of the skateboarding range from 6.5” to 6.75” while the length comes from 27.2” up to 27.6”. The micro deck is great for kids who have a smaller shoe size like size 3.

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Is Birdhouse a good skateboard brand

Many people, especially those who are new to skating, tend to ask this question “Is Birdhouse a good skateboard brand? In my article, I will give you all the information you need to know to understand what makes birdhouse skateboards so unique. If you are new to skateboarding, I recommend you invest in one, but a good skateboard. The best thing about birdhouse skateboards is that the skateboard’s deck design is perfect for both beginners and professional skateboarders.

The brand birdhouse is famous for its quality construction in skateboards. You can even find a complete range of Stage 2 series of skateboards. The Lizzie Armanto Favorites Green Complete Skateboard by Birdhouse measures 7.75″ wide x 31.70″ and can be used by anyone at any skateboarding skill level.

What is Birdhouse?

Birdhouse is the brainchild of two skateboarders, Per Welinder and Tony Hawk. It was established about 25 years ago, back in 1992. Originally Birdhouse was named as Birdhouse projects. The brand’s main focus was on street skating rather than vert or freestyle. Tony Hawk the owner of Birdhouse and a professional skateboarder and entrepreneur. He is also the pioneer of the modern, commonly known as vertical skating.

 Birdhouse is considered the topmost and the hottest brand of skateboards. Initially, the Birdhouse team consisted of big names like Willy Santos, Jeremy Klein, Matt Beach, is birdhouse skateboards good, and Andrew Reynolds. Later on, Steve Berra, Heath Kirchart, Rick McCrank, and Brian Sumner joined the team. In 1998 Tony Hawk released a video game known as “The end” and “Feasters.” Tony Hawk’s venture into video gaming made Birdhouse gain more popularity among both skaters and non-skaters.

Birdhouse remains the top skaters’ choice like Aaron “Jaws” Homoki, Clint Walker, and Ben Raybourn. What makes the birdhouse skateboards so different from the rest is that they are perfect for any shredding. 

Birdhouse skateboards team

The leading member of the birdhouse team is Tony Hawk and always will remain so since he has a remarkable history of skateboarding achievements attached to his name. In the world of skateboarding, his name remains the most iconic. 

But that’s not it. The Birdhouse Skateboards team also comprises big and prominent names in the world of modern skateboarding. It includes legends and fan favorites like Aaron “Jaws” Homoki, Ben Raybourn, is birdhouse skateboards good, David Loy, Shawn Hale, Clint Walker, Clive Dixon, Mike Davis, Lizzie Armanto, and Elliot Sloan. 

What is birdhouse skateboards?

The Birdhouse team consists of all the big names in the Skateboarding world. Due to the names of skateboard legends’ affiliations, Birdhouse is a name that everyone can trust. But, it is not it. The impeccable deck construction of the Birdhouse complete skateboard is so unique. Is birdhouse skateboards good case you are wondering, are birdhouse skateboards good? Then read on further below to find out.


Why is birdhouse a good skateboard brand? It is all about the Birdhouse decks. These are very different from the other types of skateboard decks available in the market. The most striking feature of the birdhouse skateboards is the vivid graphical features they have on the deck. You get a skateboard with various fun, is birdhouse skateboards good images featuring animals, people, or even objects. You can also get a Grim Reaper and Hawk-style deck. 

All the Birdhouse skateboard decks are made using 7 ply maple wood. The Birdhouse complete skateboards come pre-assembled with all the essential items, including a deck, bearings, hardware, grip tape, and wheels. 


Investing in a Birdhouse skateboard is a choice that will prove pretty helpful for years to come. It aims to focus on easy cruising for riders of all ages and skill levels, is birdhouse skateboards good. Also, you can use the skateboard to learn and practice tricks in your neighborhood or the park. 

The wheels featured on the board have impeccable construction. Along with the other parts like trucks and bearings. These move in sync with how you want your skateboard to move. Trust me when I say that you won’t be disappointed if you invest in a good skateboard brand. 

Are birdhouse skateboards good?

Searching for a skateboard, is birdhouse skateboards good, you may wonder, is birdhouse skateboards good? Of Course, Birdhouse skateboards are amazing. The decks manufactured by Birdhouse have phenomenal construction. Especially the width of the skateboard, it is perfect for cruising no matter what terrain. The skateboards have a concave shape with an optimized kick. 

Though, the birdhouse skateboards are a little on the heavy side compared to the other popular board. Even though many skateboarders think that the weight of the deck is just perfect. It is neither too heavy nor too light. 

The best thing about Birdhouse is that they have a very minimalist approach to manufacturing skateboards. You cannot find anything too flashy. Each and every skateboard in the Birdhouse series has a convenient and functional design. 

Some professional skateboarders believe that Birdhouse Skateboards are not as durable as they like them to be. It is because the skateboard tends to get cracks on the deck over the years. But, if we compare the performance of the decks of the most popular brands of skateboards. Birdhouse has a pretty fantastic construction.

Also, the skateboard has excellent pop. But, the problem with the pop is that it doesn’t last for a long time. It disappears after years of use. These are the only issues that people face when using Birdhouse skateboards. Other than these, the birdhouse complete skateboard is pretty amazing.

Final Thoughts

After going through the information in my article now, you know why Is Birdhouse a good skateboard brand. 

Not only the brand but the performance of the Birdhouse skateboards speak for themselves. It enables you to perform tricky moves with ease and comfort. Some professionals are not very impressed by its performance, as it tends to wear down after years of use. 

Yet the Birdhouse skateboards remain among the most popular skateboard available at a very competitive price range, especially for street boarding and verts.

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Skateboarding has one of the highly competitive markets around the world; it’s estimated to worth between $2.5 to $5 billion a year, with multiple new brands that arise around the world every now and then.

The competition between skateboard brands is enormous; even the best brands strive to stay on top of such a market.

Skateboarding has been around for a long time, and it's still going strong! In fact, more skateboarders are coming on the scene every day. With so many brands to choose from, which one should you go with? There are many great choices out there, but here is a list of the top skateboard brands.

key factors of raking best skateboards companies.

If you are looking to buy your first skateboard and want the absolute best skateboard brand beneath your feet – you need to review many things. Check the quality, is birdhouse skateboards good, price, is birdhouse skateboards good, customer service and aesthetics of what brands with Skateboard company will offer and it should be a good starting point.

Quality: The Skateboard Brands can always give you the highest quality in skateboards. They never compromise with their products to earn more money and thus allow you to enjoy your ride without worry.

Durability: Skateboard company know how important it is as a buyer to have something that lasts long enough. Best Skateboard Brands can assure its clients that their products are built to last. The Brands will never let you down in terms of quality and durability.

Price: The brands have a reputation to uphold. company never disappoints its clients when it comes to delivering outstanding services and products at reasonable prices. Best skateboard brands can assure you that durability and quality never come at a high price.

Customer Service: The Skateboard Brands have the best customer service crew because of its professionalism and well-trained staff. Brands takes care of each client well, making sure that they get what they want in every way possible. Best skateboarding company can assure you that your every need will be met the most professional way possible. Skateboard company are always ready to serve when you call out for help.

Aesthetics: The skateboard brands is birdhouse skateboards good the best aesthetic design, giving it a bold and exciting look that is not only appealing to people's eyes – but also catches attention from others. Best Skateboard Brands has an appealing color combination that can make Best Brands look different from others. 

Accessories: Best skateboard brands can give you their customer's freebies with your purchase of skateboards beneath your feet. which means more fun with your new board from Best Skateboard Brands.

15 Best Skateboard Brands- You should consider to buy!

We’re reviewing 15 of the best skateboarding brands to help you with your selection between them.

1. Element Skateboards

One of the most well-known skateboarding brands; it has been in the market since 1992; it is listed on top of the “Best Skateboard Brands” list ranking first, and has been known for its highly durable skateboards.

Element skateboards are affordable; starting from $100 you can get a good quality complete setup.

Element Skateboards

  • The board is strong and lightweight
  • Made of durable materials
  • You can customize your board the way that suits you.
  • Stability may have been better with wider trucks.
  • The board arrives unassembled and you have to assemble it yourself.


The brand is good for all types of skaters, including beginners, is birdhouse skateboards good, professionals, females, and kids.

Element Skateboards Brand

Frequently Asked Questions About Element Skateboards

Are Element skateboards good?

Element skateboards offer a good value for the price; they are affordable; you can get a complete setup for $100; they are durable and have good quality.

What are Element skateboards made of?

Element skateboards are made of 7 layers of ply maple is birdhouse skateboards good they are thick, strong, lightweight, and maintain minimal flexibility.

Who is the owner of Element skateboards?

Quiksilver is the owner of Element skateboards.

2. Girl Skateboards

Established in 1993, and contrary to what might be expected, the founders of the company are Rick Howard and Mike Carroll, not one of the famous female skaters, and the brand naming Girl Skateboards may have been a marketing ploy to overcome the intense market competition at its launching time.

Let’s know some of its pros and cons.

Girl Skateboards 

  • Their decks are solid, safe, and considered one of the best skateboard decks.
  • You can customize your deck and choose between graphics or the Girl logo.
  • The board is durable overall.
  • Their decks tend to be heavier.
  • The logo may not suit everyone.


The brand is good for skaters of all levels and is great for individuals who wouldn't like to modify their boards before getting on a ride.

Girl Skateboards Brand

Frequently Asked Questions About Girl Skateboards

Are Girl Skateboards good?

Girl skateboardsare good for beginners and professionals as well; however, some professionals complain about flat concaves and mellow nose and tail.

Why are girls called skateboards?

Girl Skateboards is a skateboarding brand company, is birdhouse skateboards good naming of it may have come like that for marketing reasons, as well as its logo, which is the symbol of women’s bathroom, to make it simple and remarkable for customers to remember.

Where are Girlboards made?

Girl skateboards are made in China along with its sister brand Chocolate, which is managed by the same distributor Crailtap.

3. Plan B Skateboards

The brand was first established in 1991, stopped after its founder Mike Ternasky died in a car accident in the late 90s, and re-launched again in 2005  by Colin McKay and Danny Way.

Now Plan B skateboards is rising back as one of the competitive skateboards brands on the market. Let’s know some about this product’s pros and cons.

Plan B Skateboards

  • Design is eye-catching and unique.
  • You have a variety of deck graphic designs to choose from.
  • You can get the board assembled or buy each of the parts separately and assemble them yourself.
  • The board is well known for performing technical tricks.
  • Spectrum is heavier at the end.
  • Complaints about board wears and tears.


The brand is good for casual rides, road cruising, and young skaters.

Plan B Skateboards Brand

Frequently Asked Questions About Plan B Skateboards

Are Plan B skateboards good?

Plan B skateboards is considered one of the good skateboarding companies. It has been in the market since its re-establishment in 2005. Many professional skateboarders use these boards to perform technical tricks.

Who makes Plan B skateboards?

Plan B skateboards is an American skateboarding company based in California, founded by Mike Ternasky and Brian Johnson in 1991, and re-launched by Colin McKay and Danny Way in 2005.

4. Blind Skateboards

Blind Skateboards was founded in 1989 by Mark Gonzales, with a marketing trend focused on hard-core skateboarding style, exposed in their graphics and decks.

The brand is now distributed by Dwindle Distributors and coordinated by Spike Jonze.

Let’s know some of their characteristics.

Blind Skateboards

  • Their decks are considered one of the highly durable because of the fact that it’s made of 8 layers of ply maple wood, which is unlike most of the other brands made of only 7 layers.
  • They offer a range of accessories including decks, trucks, wheels, and direction devices.
  • Their images and designs are distinctive and eye-catching and make their boards stylish.
  • The graphics they use may not suit everyone since they tend to be very violent and dark.


This brand is good for stylish skateboarders and suits all levels, from beginners to pros.

Blind Skateboards brand

Frequently Asked Questions About Blind Skateboards

Are Blind skateboards good?

Regarding Blind skateboards, their wheels are generally larger than the common size in other brands, they are faster, and have a nice grip; this gives them the advantage is birdhouse skateboards good skate tight corners, is birdhouse skateboards good, but they are not so good for slides.

5. Zero Skateboards

Zero Skateboards was created with the intention to expose the rebellious nature of the skateboarding culture. It was founded in 1996 by Jamie Thomas in California as a clothing company, and gradually started to make skateboarding accessories then good quality skateboards.

Now Zero Skateboards is disseminated by Dwindle Distribution, the American skateboard distributor in California, which handles the most well-known skateboard brands business.

Let’s see some of the pros and cons of this brand.

Zero Skateboards

  • The boards are stable, is birdhouse skateboards good, and good in quality.
  • You have a variety of sizes, styles, and shapes to choose from.
  • The boards are shaped with good concave.
  • You can customize your deck.
  • The prints sometimes mimic religious topics or events, which may be controversial.


This brand is good for beginners; their boards are perfect for learning tricks and grinds.

Zero Skateboards Brand

Frequently Asked Questions About Zero Skateboards

Is zero a good skateboard brand?

Zero Skateboards is one of the top companies in the skateboarding field; it offers durable and high-quality skateboards that are mostly preferred for street skateboarding.

When did Zero Skateboards come out?

Zero Skateboards was founded in 1996 by Jamie Thomas in Carlsbad, California, United States.

6. Chocolate Skateboards

Chocolate Skateboards is one of the Crailtap distributor's most profitable brands, along with its sister company Girl. It was founded in 1994 by Rick Howard and Mike Carroll. Their boards are made of 7 layers of maple is birdhouse skateboards good, and like other brands, they manufacture all kinds of accessories for skateboards. Let’s know some about its features.

Chocolate Skateboards 

  • They are durable, and their parts last longer.
  • Boards are having good concavity and easy to handle.
  • Their graphics and designs are cool and do not tend to violence.
  • Some of their boards tend to be heavier.


The brand is good for kids, specifically for its nice and colorful designs, and overall is great for beginners.

Chocolate Skateboards Brand

Frequently Asked Questions About Chocolate Skateboards

Who started Chocolate Skateboards?

Chocolate Skateboards come from the same family of Girl Skateboards. It was founded in 1994 by Rick Howard and Mike Carroll, is birdhouse skateboards good, and one of the skateboarding companies running by Crailtap distribution.

Where are Chocolate Skateboards made?

Chocolate Skateboards are made in China.

When was Chocolate Skateboards founded?

Chocolate Skateboards was founded in April 1994, by Rick Howard and Mike Carroll, in Torrance, California, United States.

7. Flip Skateboards

Flip Skateboards is one of the top-ranked skateboarding brands globally. The company has its British roots; it was founded in 1991 by Jeremy Fox and Geoff Rowley in England and moved to California, US. in 1994.

Let’s have a look at its features.

Flip Skateboards 

  • Flip decks are made of 7 layers of maple wood; they are lightweight, durable, and high quality.
  • The boards are made with a medium concave, which is more comfortable in using for high speed.
  • Designs are simple and cool.
  • The brand also offers Fingerboards, which is pretty cool.
  • Their medium concave may not suit all professional skateboarders.


The brand is good for street skating and for skaters of all skating levels.

Flip Skateboards Brand

Frequently Asked Questions About Flip Skateboards

Are flip skateboards good?

Flip Skateboards are perfect for technical tricks and street or park skating. They are good quality and durable skateboards.

Where are flip skateboards made?

There are two types of Flip skateboards, the Regular and the P2; they are made in China and the USA.

8. Almost Skateboards

Almost Skateboards started in 2003 by Rodney Mullen and Daewon Song and distributed by Dwindle Distribution. Their boards are made of 7 or 8 layers of carbon fiber decks; they started making only decks and then expanded and started to make different skateboarding accessories.

Let’s have their pros and cons.

Almost Skateboards

  • They are durable and good in quality.
  • Decks are made with perfect concave for invado volleyball boerne ollies.
  • Their decks are great for high gaps.
  • They are not doing so well regarding their display (designs and logo are not that good).


The brand is good for kids and female skateboarders.

Almost Skateboards Brand

Frequently Asked Questions About Almost Skateboards

Are Almost skateboards good?

Almost skateboards are preferred by many skaters for their durability, higher pops, and lightweight, yet some hardcore skateboarders not considering it suitable for their use.

Where are Almost skateboards made?

Almost skateboards are made in Almost own factory based in China.

Who started almost is birdhouse skateboards good Mullen and Daewon Song

9. Powell Peralta Skateboards

Powell Peralta Skateboards is one of the oldest skateboarding companies founded in the late ’70s of the last century by George Powell and Stacy Peralta. The brand’s name is well recognized in the skateboarding industry field. They are specialized in producing wheels and bearings along with the decks. 

Let’s have some pros and cons to this brand.

Powell Peralta Skateboards

  • They produce all their skateboard parts.
  • The brand sponsored many professional names like Tony Hawk.
  • Their wheels and bearings are of the highest quality in the market.
  • May comes at higher prices.


The brand is good for kids and adult beginners to learn skateboarding.

Powell Peralta Skateboards Brand

Frequently Asked Questions About Powell Peralta Skateboards

Are Powell Peralta skateboards good?

Powell Peralta is one of the best skateboarding brands; it’s perfect for beginners to learn skateboarding and durable for professionals’ use.

What does Powell Peralta mean?

Powell Peralta is the name of the American skateboarding brand founded in 1978 by George Powell and Stacy Peralta.

Who owns Powell Peralta?

Skate One Corp. is the owner of Powell Peralta skateboards.

Where are Powell skateboards made?

Powell Peralta skateboards are made in Powell Peralta factory based in California, US.

10. Santa Cruz Skateboards

Santa Cruz Skateboards brand started in California in 1973 by Richard Novak, Doug Haut, and Jay Shuirman, and appropriated by NHS. It's also one of the oldest skateboarding brands that have been in the market for decades.

Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of this old brand.

Santa Cruz Skateboards

  • They are made of 100% North American maple wood.
  • All parts of their boards are made in-house.
  • They produce longboards and skateboards.
  • May comes at higher prices.
  • Bearings are not high in quality.


The brand is good for skaters passionate about old school brands.

Santa Cruz Skateboards Brandis birdhouse skateboards good Asked Questions About Santa Cruz Skateboards

Are Santa Cruz Skateboards good?

Santa Cruz Skateboards is one of the oldest brands of skateboards; they are offering a wide range of great quality longboards and skateboards.

Is Santa Cruz a skateboard brand?

Santa Cruz Skateboards brand was founded in 1973 by Richard Novak, Doug Haut, and Jay Shuirman and distributed by NHS.

Where are Santa Cruz Skateboards made?

Santa Cruz skateboards are made in Wisconsin, US. They are made of 100% maple veneer.

11. SCSK8 Skateboards

SCSK8 is a skateboarding brand focused on beginner skaters and made exactly to satisfy the needs of newbies. They are super easy to use, available at affordable prices, and are good in quality. check more details review here.

Let’s have hints about their pros and cons.

SCSK8 Skateboards

  • Comes at cheap prices (around $50)
  • Designed especially for beginners.
  • Desks are wide and comfortable.
  • May comes at higher prices.


The brand is good for beginners.

SCSK8 Skateboards Brand

12 Alien Workshop Skateboards

Alien Workshop Skateboards was founded in 1990 in Dayton, Ohio, US. by Chris Carter, Mike Hill, and Neil Is birdhouse skateboards good. They make the usual 7 layers ply skateboards, which are known for their very lightweight and durability.

The brand pros and cons.

Alien Workshop Skateboards

  • Decks are strong and of high quality.
  • Very lightweight and durable.
  • Distinctive designs.


The brand is good for pools and street skating.

Alien Workshop Skateboards Brand

Frequently Asked Questions About Alien Workshop Skateboards

Does Rob Dyrdek still own Alien Workshop?

Rob Dyrdek took Alien Workshop company’s lead until 2013 when he sold it to Pacific Vector Holdings. Since 2016 Mike Hill led the company after ending the brand business with Tum-Yeto and returning back to Miamisburg, Ohio.

Who skates for Alien Workshop?

Alien Workshop sponsored a number of skateboarders, including Jason Dill, Mikey Taylor, and Anthony Van Engelen.

13. Habitat skateboards

Habitat skateboards was founded in 1999; it’s a sister brand of Alien Workshop Skateboards. Their boards come in different styles along with the usual 7 layers boards, they have the Skylite lighter boards, is birdhouse skateboards good, the Terralone Earth clay boards, and the corrugated boards.

Let’s have their pros and cons.

Habitat skateboards

  • They are durable and of high quality.
  • Their graphics are iconic and eye-catching.
  • Their decks are light and come in different styles.
  • The brand is less well-known.


The brand is good for both streets and parks skateboarding.

Habitat skateboards Brand

Frequently Asked Questions About Habitat Skateboards

Are Habitat skateboards good?

Habitat skateboards are known for their durability and strong grip. They are also having a great collection of apparel, is birdhouse skateboards good, which you can wear for skateboarding and casual hangouts.

Who makes Habitat skateboards?

Habitat Skateboards was founded in 1999 by a team of five amateur skaters.

14. Enjoi Skateboards

Enjoi Skateboards was founded in 2000 by Marc Johnson supported by Rodney Mullen, is birdhouse skateboards good, and distributed by Dwindle Distribution. The is birdhouse skateboards good produces skateboard decks along with other skateboarding accessories, and has been known for its sense of humor in designs.

 Let’s have Pros and Cons
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birdhouse skateboard review

Assembling a skateboard can be both fun and tiresome. Fun if you are already familiar with all the skateboard parts, and tiresome if you just got into skateboarding.

In such a case, the only option you have is to go for a pre-assembled skateboard, AKA complete skateboard. Although many professionals prefer to build their skateboards, if you are a beginner, a complete skateboard will be good enough.

And when we talk about complete skateboards, birdhouse skateboards will always be on the top. They provide everything you will need to become a pro.

So, is birdhouse skateboards good, we are here with a birdhouse skateboard review that will guide you on which skateboard to buy.

Key Points of the Content

Is Birdhouse a Good Skateboard Brand?

Regardless of whether you’re a beginner or a pro skater, everyone knows Tony hawk. Yes, the birdhouse brand is run by the legend himself. He gathered the best skaters and created these skateboards for the young generation.

Not only is the brand excellent, is birdhouse skateboards good, but the staff working here are professional as well. They are dedicated, passionate, and hardworking. This should give you an idea of how amazing the Birdhouse brand is.

Just to be clear, here are some of the names working right now: Tony Hawk, Aaron Homok,i Ben Raybourn, Clint Walker, David Loy, Lizzie Armanto, Clive Dixon, Shawn Hale, and Elliot Sloan.


Is Birdhouse Skateboard Good?

Before we answer if birdhouse skateboards are good or bad, you must first know that these are pre-assembled skateboards. In other words, we will be doing a birdhouse complete skateboard review in this article.

You will obviously not like a complete skateboard if you are a professional skater because it takes away your customizability.

But you will love these skateboards if you are a new skateboarder. As they do not need any assembly, you just take it out of the packaging and hit the streets.

The birdhouse is birdhouse skateboards good do surprisingly well even compared to customized pro skateboards.


Top 3 Birdhouse Skateboard Review

As we have said earlier, birdhouse offers complete skateboards. But that does not make them any less worthy than other professional skateboards.

So, let’s take a look at the top three birdhouse skateboards we could get our hands-on.


#1: Birdhouse Skateboard Assembly Tony Hawk Evil Cat Yellow 8.0″ Complete

People always look down upon complete skateboards as if they were made for kids or something. To prove them wrong, birdhouse made this skateboard.

If you are a highly skilled skater who’s looking for pre-assembled pro skateboards, look no further.

Let’s start with the birdhouse skateboard deck review. The deck is made out of 7-ply North American maple.

The surface of the deck is well-balanced. It is not too slippery nor too grippy. When skating with this board, your feet will feel very comfortable.

Let’s not forget about the beautiful yet mature-looking cat design printed on the deck. Does not matter if you’re a pro or a beginner, is birdhouse skateboards good. This deck will surely positively attract a lot of attention.

There’s a catch, is birdhouse skateboards good, though. Skateboarders who like to do flips and tricks prefer narrow decks such as 7.75 inches, but this one measures at 8 inches.

The core trucks are made out of heavy-duty aluminum that has grade-8 steel kingpins and axles. This makes the overall skateboard very lightweight, but don’t make the mistake of thinking it’s not durable.

In conclusion, this birdhouse tony hawk skateboard is for those who use their boards in a balanced manner. This is shockingly good considering that it’s a complete skateboard.

  • 7-ply American maple deck provides a balanced surface.
  • Suitable for everyone from beginner to pro.
  • Manufactured with heavy-duty aluminum core truck.
  • 52mm 99A wheels suitable for most of the terrain.
  • The 8 inches deck is, a tiny bit big for tricks.
  • ABEC 5 bearings are pretty average.


#2: Birdhouse Skateboards Lizzie Armanto Butterfly Complete Skateboard

ABEC 5 bearings are considered to be the norm in complete skateboards. While these bearings are okay considering is birdhouse skateboards good price, is birdhouse skateboards good, we need something better. Well, birdhouse heard us and brought something new to the table.

Combining the 52mm 100A wheels with the ABEC 7 bearings, is birdhouse skateboards good, you will get one of them, if not the best, riding experiences.

The bearings are super smooth, and you will be able to do twists and turns effortlessly. The ABEC 7 is a really good upgrade over the ABEC 5. It will let you skate quicker.

The deck is 8 inches and made with 7-ply stained Canadian maple. The deck is not any better than the previous birdhouse, though. The surface is still well-balanced. Not too slippery and not too grippy.

The review is not complete if there’s no birdhouse skateboard trucks review, right? The Lizzie Armanto has a lightweight and strong truck, which helps you control the skateboard better. It lets you quickly cut through corners and do maneuvers.

With virtually no major drawbacks or cons, you can get this powerful birdhouse skateboard without any second thoughts. Although this one is leaning on the expensive side, the performance you’ll be getting is worth the money.

  • 8.0-inch deck provides a balanced grip.
  • You get a beautiful butterfly x human design.
  • ABEC 7 bearings let you ride it faster than ever.
  • 52mm 100A wheels for the best possible performance.
  • Comes all assembled from the company.
  • The only problem we had was the size of the deck; it’d be better if it was a bit narrower.


#3: Birdhouse Skateboard Complete Tony Hawk Plague

So, you have been practicing skateboarding for a long time now and want to upgrade your board?

Well, the tony hawk plague got your back. Coming out of the traditional pre-assembled series, this one arrives un-assembled. Let’s get into the details.

The biggest advantage you will have over the other birdhouse skateboards is that this one can handle up to 220 lbs.

So, even if you are a hefty person, this skateboard can handle your weight just fine. Very impressive if you look at the cheap price.

The deck is constructed with a 7-ply North American maple, just like most birdhouse budget-friendly skateboards. Although it is not the most durable deck, it’s not a cheap quality deck either.

The USA-made bushing and pivot cups, along with the aluminum trucks, can handle many twists and turns. The 52mm 99A wheels combined with ABEC 5 bearings are perfect for skating in the streets and parks.

Now let’s talk about the highlight of this skateboard, is birdhouse skateboards good. As we have said, you have to assemble this skateboard yourself.

This can either be a good thing or a bad thing depending on the person. If you are a pro, is birdhouse skateboards good, you will giggle for sure as you customize your board however you like.

With the affordable pricing, the birdhouse tony hawk plague skateboard will surely catch the eyes of pro skaters. So, what are you waiting for!!!

  • Materual ensures enough durability.
  • Comes at a relatively affordable price.
  • You can customize the skateboard as it arrives un-assembled.
  • Lightweight and strong trucks made with aluminum.
  • The ABEC 5 bearings hold the skateboard from performing at its best.
  • Not recommended for beginners as it requires assembly.

birdhouse skateboard deck review


Who Makes Birdhouse Skateboards?

Obviously, the main designer of birdhouse skateboards is Tony Hawk himself, but the crew extends every year, is birdhouse skateboards good. It does not dwell in the past. Rather it encourages the new generation to step up.

Here are the names of some of the new faces in the birdhouse brand which help make these skateboards possible: Aaron “Jaws” Homoki, Ben Raybourn, Clint Walker, is birdhouse skateboards good, David Loy, is birdhouse skateboards good, Lizzie Armanto, is birdhouse skateboards good, Clive Dixon, Elliot Sloan.

Along with Tony hawk, these people are behind your favorite skateboards. Those beautiful and powerful birdhouse skateboards are all possible because of these people.


Where is Birdhouse Skateboards Made?

The birdhouse skateboards, also known as the birdhouse project, have their headquarters in Vista, California, USA. This is where they make all of the excellent skateboards and ship all over the USA.


Final Verdict

The birdhouse skateboards are fantastic choices whether you are getting into skateboarding or a professional athlete. And the option to replace parts as you continue to use these boards is a great feature.

All of the positive things we have said here might sound fake because, let’s face it, the internet is not always very reliable.

But, what’s reliable is in-real-life iconic people such as Tony Hawk. This guy loved skateboarding and created this brand only to spread this love through skateboards.

Now, as we wrap up our birdhouse skateboard review, we hope that we were able to provide enough details so that you can make up your mind on which skateboard to buy.

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Birdhouse Skateboards Review 2021 – Are They Worth Your Money?

Do you intend to buy a new skateboard for an enhanced experience? If yes, you’re at the right place. This Birdhouse Skateboards review will support skateboarding newbies and professionals in finding a decent skating brand that they can repose trust in.

We are confident that with the following source of information provided, you will be able to arrive at a sensible decision before buying a new skateboard. Now, let’s get started!

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In the early 1990s when the skateboarding industry was looking gloomy, Tony Hawk, an iconic professional skater, made an unexpected decision, which was running a skateboard business. In the beginning, the company was named Birdhouse Projects.

birdhouse skateboards review

Tony Hawk

The name was based on the idea that when you enjoy something, just support and nurture it. Then, Tony gathered the greatest, most devoted team of skateboarders, and together, they developed that concept and imparted its meaning to other young riders.

Until now, Birdhouse is by far one of the most thriving companies, with the competent staff in the sport, built on quality skating, camaraderie, dedication, and a huge passion for what they are doing.

The team has included some of skateboarding's most well-known names over the years such as Lizzie Armanto, Willy Santos, Buckey Lasek, is birdhouse skateboards good, and David Loy.

Under the control of Tony Hawk, Birdhouse witnessed rapid growth to become one of the most popular skates and clothing brands around the world.

Nowadays, the Birdhouse also has a crew is birdhouse skateboards good admirable and noticeable names in the sport, with their images printed on the covers of many different magazines.

birdhouse skateboards review

The Birdhouse Team

Obviously, the Birdhouse crew still begins and finishes with Tony Hawk, perhaps the most well-known action sports athlete in history. His athletic achievements are unrivaled: he is a 12-time world champion, a 16-time X Games medalist, the first skateboarder to complete the 900, and the inventor of almost 100 tricks.

Furthermore, as a legendary athlete and role model, Tony is one of the world's most desirable product endorsers, motivational speakers, and businessmen.

But Tony is not the sole factor that leads to the success of Birdhouse. Its team isn't based on the past. The Birdhouse team is built on pure, is birdhouse skateboards good, progressive skateboarding and includes some of the sport's most popular skaters. Here are some names in this team:

  • Aaron “Jaws” Homoki
  • Ben Raybourn
  • Clint Walker 
  • David Loy
  • Lizzie Armanto
  • Clive Dixon 
  • Elliot Sloan
birdhouse complete skateboard review

Birdhouse Skateboard Products

Birdhouse supplies technical skate decks as well as complete street skateboards for all skill levels. The company is also popular with youngsters for its selling outfits.

In this review, we’ll take a look at the components of a skateboard that Birdhouse offers. Without further ado, let’s dive in.

Birdhouse Deck Review

Birdhouse provides one of the greatest and highest-quality decks, made of solid maple wood and the best quality materials. Based in the USA, the company is famous for its sturdy design and eye-catching graphics on the deck.

Birdhouse employed 7 Plys of Canadian maple wood to produce the deck with the aim of increasing stability, is birdhouse skateboards good, strength, and durability. You could be certain that your versatile deck can accommodate all ability levels and will last a lifetime. 

Birdhouse decks are ideal for street skating, parks, and pools. It is designed to last longer while also allowing you to perform tricks. The best thing about Birdhouse is that their decks are shipped directly from the distributor. As a result, there's no way you'll get it from a third party if you order it.

birdhouse deck review

Birdhouse Decks

It also has a 6.56-inch deck nose, a 14.75-inch wheelbase, and a 6.56-inch deck tail. The Birdhouse deck is only available in one size, 9.75 x 32 inches, and has a wider nose than tail.

Its distinctive appearance is sure to draw everyone's attention. Moreover, the deck features a beautiful blue tony hawk graphic top layer, which was inspired by the popular skateboarder.

If you like your board to be as symmetrical as possible, this might not be a suitable choice. However, if the structure that the tail is a bit smaller than the nose is not a big problem for you, then Birdhouse decks are awesome products to purchase.

If you like old-school brands, you'll probably like the Birdhouse Tony Hawk Skateboard Deck's vibe. The deck is seen as a replacement that makes more modern skateboards keep its original and vintage style.

The Birdhouse decks usually have a larger size compared to newer ones. Therefore, they are great for bowl skating, carving, or simply cruising down the road.

In addition to this, they provide more space for putting your foot, which is a desirable characteristic for newcomers who wish to improve their skills quickly.

Birdhouse Truck Review

Before mentioning and discussing in detail about full-set items Birdhouse produces, we should first glance at the Birdhouse truck review.

Though the brand doesn’t have a separate category for trucks, the quality of this accessory in every complete skateboard is noteworthy. Birdhouse employed mid trucks, which are an ideal option if you can’t make up your mind between low and high trucks.

Birdhouse trucks not only have a solid and consistent turn but also feature decent stock bushings. If you regularly ride a skateboard in parks or on the sidewalks, this could be the best item for you.

Birdhouse Complete Skateboard Reviews

In fact, is birdhouse skateboards good, Birdhouse focuses mainly on skateboard decks, but it also provides complete skating models for those who are big fans of graffiti. Although the business produces a limited number of products, its products are high-quality and worthwhile.

1. Birdhouse Complete Skateboard Flying Falcon 7.5"

birdhouse complete skateboard review

This complete package includes standard Birdhouse branded 4.75" raw finish trucks as well as compact 52mm 99A wheels that are perfect for streets and parks. However, if you’re interested in cruising, this may not be a suitable choice.

The deck of the Flying Falcon is 7-plus and has a medium concave, making it easy to maintain your balance. The regular bearings aren't the finest, but novices won't mind that. You should still lubricate them a little to get them to rotate quicker.

Its 7.5′′ deck width is ideal for advanced tricks, is birdhouse skateboards good. Keep in mind that this is an inexpensive board, so you won't get high-quality parts, but it provides features that are great at this price range. If you've mastered it, you can still upgrade the bearings.

Key features:

  • Abec 5 Bearings
  • 7-ply maple is birdhouse skateboards good branded 4.75" raw finish trucks
  • 52mm 99A street wheels

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2. Lizzie Armanto Purple Complete 7.75"

birdhouse skateboards review

Lizzie Armanto Purple Complete 7.75"

If you get bored with the image of a skull printed on the Tony Hawk line product, this Lizzie Armanto Purple is a brand new thing you should try. It’s a combination of a durable deck, good trucks, and smooth wheels.

The 52 mm 100A polyurethane wheels feature Abec 7 bearings, allowing skaters to move quickly. This board also has a 78A high rebound polyurethane brushing and aluminum alloy trucks with carbon steel kingpin.

Its characteristics offer users higher speed and better control to do tricks, is birdhouse skateboards good. Now, you need to cut through a corner or make a quick turn at ease. Riders can quickly navigate around street corners, skateboard ramps, is birdhouse skateboards good, and ponds on this board.

The 7-ply hard rock maple deck of this board measures up to 32-inch x 8-inch. Like other models, the concave shape of the deck facilitates an easier streak of tricks. Furthermore, this robust board can support up to 220 lbs, making it ideal for adult riders.

Key features:

  • 8.0" 7-Ply maple deck 
  • Birdhouse branded 5.00 powder-coated trucks
  • Birdhouse branded 52mm 100A wheels 
  • Abec 7 Bearings

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Final words

You’ve got everything you should know about Birdhouse Skateboards review to make a solid buying decision. So, what is on your mind now? Whatever you choose, we believe you would benefit from its top-notch products with their outstanding features, such as modern design or simple setup.

Also, the flexibility of the products and the positive attitudes of the brand will definitely win your heart. We hope this post has provided much useful information for every reader here. Thanks for reading! Happy buying!

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Birdhouse Skateboards

American skateboard company

Birdhouse Skateboards (originally Birdhouse Projects) is a skateboard company formed by ex-Powell Peralta professional skateboarders Tony Hawk and Per Welinder in 1992.[1]

Birdhouse makes decks and wheels, as well as clothing and accessories.


After the skateboard boom of the late 1980s had died, is birdhouse skateboards good, former Powell Peralta professional and freestyle skateboarderPer Welinder wanted to stay involved with skateboarding by starting a company. Welinder had originally asked Powell Peralta pro skateboarder Lance Mountain to be his equal partner in the venture. Mountain declined as he only wanted to start a skateboard company if he had 100% ownership. Mountain later founded The Firm Skateboards (now defunct).[2] Welinder later asked another Powell Peralta pro skateboarder Tony Hawk to be 50-50 partners in this new skateboard company. Hawk gladly accepted as he felt his time in skateboarding was nearly over due to the lack of interest in vert skating caused by the popularity of street skating. Welinder and Hawk decided to name their new skateboard company Birdhouse Projects, Birdhouse being a reference to Hawk's nickname Birdman.[citation needed]

Birdhouse is prominently featured in the Tony Is birdhouse skateboards good video game series, and is one of five skate teams which the player can join in Tony Hawk's Underground.[3]

Skate team[edit]



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