Lacrosse gauntlet drill

lacrosse gauntlet drill

Westminster Area Lacrosse. WAX is a youth program for beginners and experienced players. WAX provides instructional pockets program for boys and girls ages. US Lacrosse. Men's Skill School. Lesson 1 - Cradling and Stick Control. Level. Online Skill S chool. The Gauntlet. Objective: To practice cradling. The “Gauntlet” Scoop and Escape Drill: • Slide, Recover Below GLE (Hogan Lax):

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Lacrosse gauntlet drill
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Bridge Coaching Reminders

  • Enjoy the ride as a coach! Find your own joy and love for coaching and building positive relationships.

  • Safety is ever-present with Bridge; great things can happen when kids feel that Bridge is safe physically, emotionally and mentally.

  • Fun and learning first, then competition! Do the first two, then the third comes much, much easier.

  • Remember, lacrosse is the tool not the outcome.

  • You may never truly know or see the impact you had on a kid while you coached them. It will be there, eventually.

  • “I’m really glad you’re here.” Can be a game-changing statement to a kid.

  • No Good Cop/Bad Cop in Bridge

  • Be mindful of ball to player ratio! No long lines of waiting.

  • Progression of student-athletes and teams is “Crawl-Walk-Run.”

  • Fundamentals and Reps!

  • Sneak running into drills, not at the end of practic.

  • Emphasize quick transitions between drills and water breaks.

  • Wall ball and running at home.

  • Do the little things well.

  • Learn and remember names and faces as fast as possible.


  • Keep huddles short and don’t face kids into the sun. No kids behind coaches during huddles.

    • Huddle Up

      • Greet players and start on time

      • Be motivating and encouraging, high energy to start

      • “I’m really glad you’re here!”

      • Ask a few questions, get them comfortable with you and starting

    • One Full Lap

      • Coaches and/or Captains lead the lines

      • Emphasize staying together

      • Don't cut corners.

      • Warmup lap is not a race

    • Dynamic Stretch

      • Sprint Butt-Kicks

        LILJ Girls College Bound Night 2 RECAP &#; The Drills. The Action. The Stand-outs.

        LILJ College Bound Night 2 Stand-outs

        Take a minute to read-up on our Night 2 stand-outs, who are being recognized for their efforts, IQ, intangibles, and/or skill. Players mentioned in Night 1 aren’t ut cheerleader outfit in the list below:


        Olivia Palleschi, lacrosse gauntlet drill, Lynbrook

        Lila Callahan, Mt. Sinai

        Emma DiMaio, Shirley

        Giselle Dipietro, Cos Lacrosse gauntlet drill O’Connell, Bethpage

        Julie Shaughnessy, Syosset

        Sam Van Lacrosse gauntlet drill, Kings Park

        Tessa Matozzo, Bayville


        Angie Efstathiou, Miller Place

        Meaghan Lynch, Garden City

        Kathryn Monaco, Garden City

        Payton Noack, Center Moriches

        Kiera Schwartz, Ridgewood

        Fiona Vu, Sound Beach

        Kady Keegan, Shoreham

        Anabel Keegan, Shoreham

        Lila Archer, Roslyn

        Maddie DiRusso, Kings Park

        Lilly Silveira, Syosset

        Maya Torgalkar, Mamaroneck

        Macy Zeilman, Ballston Lake


        Jill Kobel, lacrosse gauntlet drill, Huntington

        Shannon Carney, Bayport

        Addison Bettencourt, Farmingville

        Julia May O’Conner, Plainview


        Emma Batter, Port Jefferson

        Maribella Marciano, Smithtown

        Megan Caputo, Farmingdale

        Amelia Ferrante, Lake Ronkonkoma

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        Stickwork Carioca lacrosse gauntlet drill


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