Le mars triathlon 2018

le mars triathlon 2018

September 8, 2018. 2018-09-08T07:00:00. Time: 7:00 AM. Time Details: Check In - 7:00-8:15 AM. Location: Le Mars YMCA. Address: Le Mars Sprint Triathlon. AllSportCentral Chip Timed Event NEW THIS YEAR: ALL proceeds go to the Le Mars YMCA Aquatics Department. - Ladies cut t-shirts will also. Click here to share it. Omaha Triathlon. 2021 – July 18 – Results · 2020 – July 19 – Results · 2019 – July 21 – Results · 2018 – July 8 – Results. le mars triathlon 2018

Apologise, but: Le mars triathlon 2018

Le mars triathlon 2018
Le mars triathlon 2018
Le mars triathlon 2018
Le mars triathlon 2018
M + 230 5 473 1570
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Please check your criteria and try again.","is.scheduled.for":"is scheduled for","corporate.company.timeline.1992.1":"Sportstats times the ITU World Champoinship in Muskoka, ON ","corporate.company.timeline.2017.2":"New Sportstats office opened in Grand Rapids, Michigan","corporate.company.timeline.2017.1":"Sportstats acquires AAA Racing and opens an office near Clearmont, FL","VERIFICATION_REQUIRED":"Verification Required","edit.profile.title.2":"Profile","claim.error.claiming":"An error occurred while processing your result request. Please try again at a later time.","edit.profile.title.1":"dit","edit.profile.title.0":"E","athletes":"Athletes","corporate.contact.form.header":"Let us know about any issues or requests you may have. Our team will be happy to get back to you as quickly as possible. 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Be organized, le mars triathlon 2018, able to work under pressure, reliable and has a good general knowledge of computers, le mars triathlon 2018. an interest in endurance sports le mars triathlon 2018 an asset","jul":"Jul","claim.missing.user.information":"Your profile does not contain enough information to allow results claiming, le mars triathlon 2018. Please click on Edit Profile to add the missing information.","facebook.users.notice6":"Sportstats Web Team","facebook.users.notice5":"Thank You!","facebook.users.notice4":"to set up a password with the email address that your Facebook account is associated with and we will transfer your account.","facebook.users.notice3":"here","facebook.users.notice2":"We have recently made changes to our membership system and no longer support Facebook as the primary login. 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Place","corporate.company.timeline.2012.4":"Sportstats acquired Race Headquarters of Vancouver","corporate.company.timeline.2012.3":"Sportstats expanded to its current 4000sqf location on Colonnade Rd.","result.iframe.to.website":"To claim this result, get your certificate, make a correction or use other features, visit the official timing and results site:","corporate.company.timeline.2012.2":"Reached the timing milestone of 500 events/year","email.confirmation.sent":"An email has been sent to your address. Please confirm your email before logging in.","corporate.company.timeline.2012.1":"Sportstats is now official timing partner for all North American Ironman and Ironman 70.3 events","invitation.sent":"Invitation sent","ss.asia":"Asia","chronos.split.progress":"Reached {0}","sign.up":"Sign Up","unfollow.dialog.header":"Stop Following Athlete","manual.claim":"Manual Claim","unclaim.result.dialog.message":"Unclaiming this result will update le mars triathlon 2018 My Races list and remove the original claim from your Activity feed. Do you want to unclaim this result?","overview.description.rr":"Systems from race (or i.e.: Robert modifier le code]

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Indian Ocean Triathlon - 2018

Event Details

IOT - November 17, 2018

Known as the most beautiful triathlon in the world, IOT returns this year for a 10th edition from the beach of Emba Filao, next to the hotel LUX Le Morne.
Swim in a lagoon with water at 28 °, drive along the coast and under the palm trees and run on the white sand paradise of Mauritius! The course is exceptional, the atmosphere is warm and the scenery is breathtaking .

Small IOT: Rs.1,600 (from 16 years old)
Grand IOT: Rs.2,000 (from 16 years old)
Including a lunch and a drink

Beach Run 4km: Rs.600 (from 10 years old)
Beach Run 12km: 950 (from 16 years old)
Including a sandwich and a drink

Registration on Roag.org
Discount bibs on Thursday 15 Nov from 10h to 16h at City Sport Bagatelle

Racing Republic, an Island Living Experience
Royal Road, Beau Champ, Bel Ombre, Mauritius
T + 230 621 1970 Bob)","search.results.tooltip.1":"Search Operators","find.and.follow.athletes.title.2":"Follow Athletes","view.startlist":"VIEW STARTLIST","find.and.follow.athletes.title.1":"ind and ","find.and.follow.athletes.title.0":"F","you.claimed.this.result":"You have claimed this result.","email.confirmation.required":"Please confirm your email address","claim.gender.does.not.match":"Your gender does not match the result’s gender.","grid.no.athlete.found":"Either athlete list is not available or searched athlete is not found. Athletes are loaded 1-5 days prior to race.","corporate.privacy.title":"Privacy Policy","invalid.last.name":"The last name field is required and may not exceed 50 characters. ","race.results.have":"Race results have","claim.more.results":"Claim my results","faq.difference.gun.chip.6":"N.B. More events are now using only Chip time for results posting. However, the overall awards are still based on Gun time","faq.difference.gun.chip.5":"Note: The official time shall be the time elapsed between the firing of the starting gun (or the synchronised start signal) and the athlete reaching the finish line. However, the time elapsed between an athlete crossing the start line and the finish line can be made known to him, but will not be considered an official time.","faq.difference.gun.chip.4":"IAAF COMPETITION RULES 2014-2015 – Art 165.24e","faq.difference.gun.chip.3":"Here’s an excerpt from the official rule book:","confirm.social.info":"Confirm Social Media Information","COUNT_SWIMMING":"Complete {0} swimming races","faq.difference.gun.chip.2":"Many events calculate the official time based on the time when the event officially started. The difference between chip time and gun time is quite simple.  Most awards are based on GUN TIME – the time from the start of the race (gun) to when you cross the finish line as per IAAF, Athletics Canada, USATF, AIMS and International Awards standards, le mars triathlon 2018. Chip Time is the le mars triathlon 2018 between when the athlete crossed the start mat and when the athlete reached the finish line.","faq.difference.gun.chip.1":"What is the difference between \u0027Gun Time\u0027 and \u0027Chip Time\u0027?","gender":"Gender","patin":"Skate","please.fill.the.field.before.proceeding":"Please fill the field before proceeding","or":"OR","on":"on","more":"More","state":"State","claim.race.results.not.posted.yet":"This result will become claimable once race results are uploaded by our team and the event is over.","claim.request.rejected":"Your claim result request requires further verification","corporate.company.offices":"Offices","FIVE_KM":"5K","COUNT_CYCLING":"Complete {0} cycling races","search.filter.all.types":"All Types","corporate.careers":"Careers","dont.remember.your.password":"Don’t remember your password?","events":"Events","search.filter.results":"Filter Results","links":"Links","manual.claim.email.subject":"Sportstats Manual Claim","button.back.to.home":"BACK TO HOME","singapore":"Singapore ","months":"January, February, March, April, May, June, le mars triathlon 2018, July, August, September, October, November, December","no":"No","bib.number":"Bib Number","already.have.an.account":"Already have a Sportstats account?","grid.chip.time":"Chip Time","chronos.congratulation":"Congratulations {0}","race":"Race","start":"Start","login.failed.email":"Your email has not been verified yet. Please check your inbox/spam folder.","invite.friends":"Invite Friends","unclaim.result":"Unclaim this result","athlete.search.validation":"Please specify a first or last name.","may":"May","chronos.start.following.on":"Post a confirmation on your {0} timeline?","error.404.title":"Page not Found","tab.event.details":"All Races","mar":"Mar","corporate.company.timeline.1999.2":"Timed Ironman Lake Placid and Partnered with North American Sports to provide timing services for other Ironman events","corporate.company.timeline.1999.1":"The Toronto Marathon, the Canada Running Series, and the Montreal Marathon all started using ChampionChip timing through Sportstats","start.following":"Follow","man":"Man","email.reset.instructions":"Please enter the email address you created your Sportstats account with and click Send. You will receive an email with a link to verify your account.","index.race.results":"Race \u003cstrong\u003eresults\u003c/strong\u003e","image.file.error":"There appears to be something wrong with this file. Please select another image file.","corporate.company.timeline.2016.3":"Bike CheckIn \u0026 RegEx added to on-site event tools.","edit.profile.title":"Edit Profile","corporate.company.timeline.1991.1":"Sportstats was founded in Ottawa, Canada","corporate.company.timeline.2016.2":"Website Race and Event Promotion increases participation in timed events.","RUNNING_SPONSOR":"What award are you seeking? \u003ca href\u003d\"http://www.saucony.com/findyourstrong\" target\u003d\"_blank\"\u003e#FindYourStrong\u003c/a\u003e : ","corporate.company.timeline.2016.1":"Membership platform reaches over 60,000 members with 100k+ results claimed!","photo":"Photo","failed.to.retrieve.user.results":"Failed to retrieve the user’s results.","TRY_A_TRI":"Try a Tri","index.event.calendar":"Event \u003cstrong\u003ecalendar\u003c/strong\u003e","category":"Category","claim.instruction":"To claim this result or upward soccer newnan ga if it has been claimed you must have a Sportstats account.","cant.find.ahtletes.you.are.looking.for":"Can\u0027t find the athlete you are looking for?","error.400.title":"Page not Found","female":"Female","redirect.login":"You will be redirected to the login page shortly. If your page does not load, le mars triathlon 2018, please click","email":"Email","grid.split.time":"Split Time","invitation.failure":"An error occurred while sending the invitation. Please try again at a later time.","raquette":"Snowshoe","password.reset.error":"An error occurred while sending the password reset email. Please try again at a later time.","october":"October","gender.place":"Gender Place","search.filter.all.categories":"All Categories","corporate.company.timeline.2005.1":"Sportstats established its first professional office","worldwide":"Worldwide","ski":"Ski","corporate.contact.message":"Message","3.letter.code":"3 letter code","sign.up.with":"Sign Up With {0}","overview.features.text.points":"Race Series/Points","create.account":"Create a Sportstats Account","corporate.contact.form.footer":"In order to allow us to get back to you as quickly as possible, please fill in the above form completely. We will not use personal details for any other purpose other then allowing us to fulfill le mars triathlon 2018 request in a timely manner.","sort.by":"Sorted By","password.reset.instructions":"Please enter the email address you created your Sportstats account with and click Send. You will receive an email with instructions explaining how to reset your password.","resend.verification.email":"Resend verification e-mail","facebook.comment":"Comment","search.info.not.authenticated":"You need a Sportstats account to claim results.","activities":"Activities","ascending":"Ascending","ss.canada.atlantic":"Atlantic","faq.share.racetime.with.friends.4":"When the race is completed: You can post to your Facebook or Twitter timelines your finish time (or the finish time of another athlete) from the athlete detail area. Simply click the Facebook or Twitter icons.","index.facebook.app.description":"Claim and share your race results, receive live race notifications and more!","faq.share.racetime.with.friends.3":"When the race is chesterfield little league basketball You can use Sportstats Chronos Live progress updates to post your race progress and results (or another athlete\u0027s progress or results) to your Facebook or Twitter timelines. Simply log in to Facebook or Twitter and select the appropriate radio button associated with your name or another athlete\u0027s name in the results list.","august":"August","faq.share.racetime.with.friends.2":"Yes, there is two ways to share your races times with your friends, when the race is live and when the race is completed.","thanks":"Thank you!","faq.share.racetime.with.friends.1":"Can I share my sarah mooney softball times with my friends?","descending":"Descending","password.confirmation":"Re-ender Password","nov":"Nov","corporate.careers.leadtimer.title":"Lead Event Timer","first.name":"First Name","warning":"Warning","overview.chronos.text.custom.text":"Insert custom messages for all social updates including sponsors, estado de minas lugar certo bh etc.","error.failed.download.certificate":"Failed to download the athlete’s certificate. Please try again at a later time.","chronos.please.log.in":"Use Chronos to track athletes and receive progress updates during a race. Please log in to your Facebook or Twitter account.","find.and.follow.athletes":"Find and Follow Athletes","country":"Country","misc.volunteer.certificate":"Download Volunteer Certificate","account":"Account","powered.by":"Powered By","all.months":"All Months","results":"Results","faq.cant.claim.result.9":"Your age at the time of the race does not match the results age range specified in its category","faq.cant.claim.result.8":"Your gender does not match the listed gender on the results. An email is sent to our corrections team and they will address the issue. Action required: none.","faq.cant.claim.result.7":"Your gender does not match the results gender.","preferred.unit":"Preferred Distance Unit","faq.cant.claim.result.6":"The result you are trying to claim is missing a name or gender. Action required: none. Our corrections team will indentify and address the issue. If any additional information is required, you will be contacted directly by our corrections team.","with.a.time.of":"with a time of","settings":"Settings","faq.cant.claim.result.5":"Your claim result request was rejected because the result you are claiming is incomplete. Our team was notified and will get back to you shortly by email.","faq.cant.claim.result.4":"Your account needs to have first and last name, date of birth, gender and email to claim a result, le mars triathlon 2018. Action required: Complete your profile information by clicking on the picture icon in the top right corner of the page and select ‘Edit Profile’","faq.cant.claim.result.3":"Your claim result request was rejected because your profile does not contain enough information to allow results claiming. Please click on Edit Profile to add the missing information.","logged.in":"Logged In","faq.cant.claim.result.2":"A results claim could fail for several reasons. Listed below are the most common error messages and their recommended solutions.","faq.cant.claim.result.1":"Why can\u0027t I claim my result?","aug":"Aug","faq.difference.facebook.twitter.chronos.update.3":"Sportstats Chronos Live progress updates are race progress and results messages posted to your Facebook or Twitter timeline for an athlete you chose while the event is live. A valid Facebook or Twitter account is required.","faq.difference.facebook.twitter.chronos.update.2":"Post to 2001 ford f150 lug nut torque specs or Twitter provides you the ability to instantaneously post a customized message in addition to a standard progress or results message for a specific athlete on your Facebook or Twitter timeline.","faq.difference.facebook.twitter.chronos.update.1":"What\u0027s the difference between post to Facebook/Twitter and Sportstats Chronos progress updates?","faq.cant.find.result.9":"Corrections form","faq.cant.find.result.8":"Let us know using the","faq.cant.find.result.7":"Still can’t find your result?","faq.cant.find.result.6":"Once you’ve found the results page for your event try searching for your name or bib number directly.","faq.cant.find.result.5":"If you can’t find your name searching the site as a whole, try searching for the event distance you raced using the left hand search bar.","faq.cant.find.result.4":"Check that the name you are searching for is the name you registered under. Did you register with your maiden name? Or maybe with a nick name or an abbreviation?","important.info.subscribe":"I authorize Sportstats to send me important information","faq.cant.find.result.3":"Have you moved recently? Try searching for your name using a previous city of residence. Still no luck? Try searching for your results without the province included in the search, or even with only your name with no residence attached.","invalid.email.format":"Please enter a valid email address.","faq.cant.find.result.2":"When searching for a result the data must be entered exactly as it was in the results listing. When unable to find a result here are some quick solutions that may resolve your issue:","faq.cant.find.result.1":"Why can\u0027t I find my result?","characters.remaining":"characters remaining.","follow.dialog.header.error":"Follow Athlete Le mars triathlon 2018 longer follows","corporate.company.timeline.1994.1":"Reached the timing milestone of 42 events/year","corporate.company.timeline.2019.2":"Aloha! Sportstats Le mars triathlon 2018 acquires Pacific Sport Events \u0026 Timing adding 80+ annual events!","corporate.company.timeline.2019.1":"New Regional Office in Bangalore, India","upload":"Upload","email.address":"Email Address","news.letter.subscribe":"Subscribe to receive the Sportstats newsletter","ss.canada.east":"East","admin.update":"your account le mars triathlon 2018 updated by Sportstats","phone":"Phone","timing.service.quotation":"Timing Service Quotation","grid.pace":"Pace","invalid.date.of.birth":"The date of birth field is required.","failed.to.retrieve.user.followers":"Failed to retrieve the user’s followers.","email.reenter":"Re-enter Email","TOTAL":"Total","imperial":"Imperial","facebook.publish.actions.permission.required":"The publish actions and email permissions are required to use Chronos.","auth.failure":"Athentication Failure","error.500.description":"Something happened. Please go back and try again. If the problem persists, please","signed.up":"Signed Up","failed.to.retrieve.user.summary":"Failed to retrieve the user’s summary.","no.results":"NO RESULTS","corporate.contact.form.confirmation":"Thank you for taking the time to contact us. Your request has been successfully sent to our team. We will try to get back to you as soon as possible. Due to a high volume of requests, some time may be required before we may get back to you.","race.distance":"Race Distance","CYCLING":"Cycling","sep":"Sep","x.athletes.are.following.user2":"{0}","complete":"Complete","x.athletes.are.following.user1":"athletes are following","athlete.details.social.media.lined.up":"is lined up and ready to race","corporate.privacy.p9":"Our Sites may contain links to other sites that Sportstats does not own or operate. Also, links to our Website may ferland hockey gloves featured on third party websites on which we advertise. 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This Privacy Policy may be updated by Sportstats giving reasonable notice of the revised terms (including by e-mail or by posting on the Site), and this Privacy Policy may be supplemented or modified by agreements entered into between Sportstats and an individual from time to time.","HALF_MARATHON":"Half Marathon","united.states":"United States","search.results.query":"First Name Last Name City Region","india":"India","index.form.country":"Enter your country (2 or 3 letter code).","corporate.contact.corrections.info":"No timing corrections will be taken over the phone. Please fill out a corrections form instead. vw golf headlight upgrade am now following the progress of {0} {1} for the race: {2} at the event: {3}","chronos.start.progress":"{0} Started the Race","all.athletes":"All Athletes","corporate.careers.description":"70 experienced staff work for Sportstats, most of them are fully bilingual. Looking for a exciting career or weekend job opportunity, contact us as we are always hiring!","tab.watch.leaderboard":"Leaderboard","using":"Using","search.find.race":"Find by Race Name","manual.claim.correction.email.message":"I would like to claim the result with bib {0} and raceId {1} with the userId {2}, but it has already been claimed by userId {3}.","metric":"Metric","error.expired.description":"to go back to the login page.","faq.difference.results.watchlist.leaderboard.4":"- displays results and progress when available for the top 10 athletes leading the race overall or the top 10 athletes for a specific category.","faq.difference.results.watchlist.leaderboard.3":"- displays the results and progress when available for the athletes you have selected from the results or leaderboard tabs.","faq.difference.results.watchlist.leaderboard.2":"- displays results and progress when available for all athletes participating in the race le mars triathlon 2018 can be filtered by category.","faq.difference.results.watchlist.leaderboard.1":"What is the le mars triathlon 2018 between the results, watch list and leaderboard tabs on a results page?","claim.age.does.not.match":"Your age at the time of the race does not grey drawstring jumpsuit the result’s age.","log.in.here":"Log in here","faq.filter.results.by.category.2":"For each race, there exists an option to filter results by each category, as shown in the figure below.","COUNT_SKIING":"Complete {0} skiing races","use.facebook.profile.picture":"Use Facebook profile picture","faq.filter.results.by.category.1":"How do I filter the results to only see the people in my category?","corporate.careers.description.inner":"Sportstats is defined by our insistence on providing an unparalleled customer experience. All of our team members are\tcharged with bringing creativity, honesty, le mars triathlon 2018, and intellectual rigor to their responsibilities in a never-ending quest to delight our customers. We have high expectations of each other and work as a team to build things we are all proud of.","apr":"Apr","outcome":"Outcome","log.out":"Log Out","log.in.to.sportstats":"Log In to Sportstats","women":"Women","SUCCESS":"Success","overview.chronos.text.twitter.content":"Congratulations to Gary Cooper for finishing the Ottawa Marathon in a time of 02:57:32. Live results at sportstats.ca","ss.worldwide":"World ","COUNT_RUNNING":"Complete {0} running races","account.update.failed":"An error occurred while updating you Sportstats wake forest university soccer camp. Please try again at a later time.","snowshoe":"Snowshoe","overview.chronos.text.signup.title":"Simple to sign-up","corporate.careers.leadtimer.location":"OTTAWA, ONTARIO","overall.place":"Overall Place","overview.result.title":"Customized Results Tables","corporate.privacy.address":"Sports Technology and Timing Systems LTD. \u003cbr/\u003e\tAttention: Chief Privacy Officer \u003cbr/\u003e Address: 155 Colonnade Rd. #18, Ottawa, ON, K2E 7K1 \u003cbr/\u003e\u003cbr/\u003e Email: privacy@sportstats.ca \u003cbr/\u003e Fax: 613-723-9139 \u003cbr/\u003e","overview.features.text.photography":"Event Photography","claim.category.does.not.match":"Your age at the time of the race does not match the result’s age range specified in its category. ","error.invalid.userid.message":"The user you are looking for does not exist. Make sure you have the proper userid parameter set in your URL.","follow.error":"An error occurred while trying to follow the athlete, le mars triathlon 2018. Please try again at a later time.","about.activities":"About Activities","claim.result.dialog.header.error":"Result Request Error","show.following":"Show {0} is following","overview.description.mylaps":"MyLaps Technologies including ChampionChip, ProChip and BibTag","corporate.faq.title":"FAQ","COUNT_MULTISPORT":"Complete {0} multisport races","profile.picture":"Profile Picture","corporate.careers.apply":"To apply for this position please send a resume to jobs@sportstats.ca","default.unit":"Event’s Unit","corporate.privacy.l9":"When you contact us with a comment, question or complaint, you may be asked for information that identifies you (such as your name, address and a phone number) along with additional information we need to help us promptly answer your question or respond to le mars triathlon 2018 comment or complaint. We may also retain this information to assist you in the future and to improve our customer service and product and service offerings.","index.form.email":"Enter your email.","corporate.privacy.l8":"The \"Followers and Following\" and other similar features on our Sites permit an Individual to send email to others and view results and awards from each individual. This feature requires an Individual to submit their name and email address, as well as the name of the recipient during a search. We do not use the names or email addresses submitted in these circumstances for any other purpose without the consent of the Individual or the email recipient to do so. ","corporate.company.timeline.1997.3":"Reached le mars triathlon 2018 timing milestone of 100 events/year","corporate.privacy.l7":"In order to use certain features on the Sites (such as to make results profile and awards le mars triathlon 2018 available personal information about yourself and others, including without limitation, photos and videos), an Individual may be required to register and provide personal information such as name, email address, location (i.e. city, province, postal code), date of birth and a user name and password that the Individual chooses. We use this information to identify you, provide the requested feature and, with respect to date of birth, to verify that your results are claimed within your age group. Your username, city and province will be published with your posting. By making publicly available his or her personal information on the Sites, the Individual consents to the publication of such personal information. By publishing personal information about another individual, the Individual represents that he or she has, where required by applicable privacy laws, obtained the consent of such individuals to publish such information.","corporate.company.timeline.1997.2":"Introduced the ChampionChip timing technology at the Ottawa Marathon, changing the face of timing south albany redhawks volleyball Canada.","overview.description.technology":"State of the art timing systems using technology from MyLaps (ChampionChip, ProChip and BibTag) and race

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