Longer wheelbase skateboard

longer wheelbase skateboard

casinoextra.fr: Chillafish Skatie Customizable Skateboard for Kids Ages 3+, with Long Wheelbase for More Stability, Multiple Color Deck and Tail Angles Options. Larger skateboarders and those skating ramps and vert ramps should go with a wider deck, and street skaters usually need a smaller deck. Length Skateboard. I am 6ft 5in with size 11 feet and I thought my current board had quite long wheelbase (certainly longer than my previous board) but the gap.

Does wheelbase matter skateboard?

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What size deck does Tony Hawk Ride?

Among the legends of the discipline, Tony Hawk rides surprisingly thin decks nowadays at only , but he used to have ” pro decks released in the past.

Is a good skateboard size?

namely your foot size and your method of skateboarding. If you have larger feet, longer wheelbase skateboard, size 12 or above, you will probably be more comfortable on an 8” or larger board. Any skateboard between ″ and ″ is a great all-around option for a wide variety of skating styles.

Does wheelbase affect speed?

Wheelbase. Wheelbase refers to thames valley football league fixtures horizontal distance between the centre of the front and rear axles. A bike's wheelbase affects steering speed, responsiveness and stability. A longer wheelbase allows natural flex and compliance, resulting in a more comfortable and stable frame.

Is long wheelbase better for towing?

Critical to the maneuverability and stability of a axe volleyball, the wheelbase is the distance from the front axle to the rear axle of the tow vehicle. “Simply put, the longer the wheelbase, the safer the tow vehicle,” says Scheve.

Is a main part of the chassis?

Every major part of a vehicle is collectively called chassis. It includes wheels, brakes, longer wheelbase skateboard, suspension systems, longer wheelbase skateboard, axles, engine, etc.

What is a good wheelbase?

Wheelbase (Inches): This wheelbase is probably the most common, longer wheelbase skateboard, as far as off-road cars go. Think of things like the 4 door Jeep Wrangler, and even some pickup trucks. While this wheelbase isn't so big that it makes off-roading hard, it's just big enough to give you good stability and handling on the trail.

Is a longer wheel base better in snow?

Long wheel base is better, its less "twitchy" and therefor going to be easier to control in low traction situations.

Is a longer wheelbase better for off-road?

Depending on the situation, a shorter wheelbase has a better advantage over a longer wheelbase. However, longer wheelbase skateboard, with today's off-road scene constantly changing, a longer wheelbase can just be as effective. Today's off-road scene sees a mix of trucks and Jeeps in diverse terrains such as rocks, mud and even sand dunes.

What size skateboard do pros use?

An 8'5” Skateboard Deck is the Pro-Choice

There is no doubt that almost all professionals have opted for the 8'5” deck in their important rides. Even though this size is supposed to have a weaker controllability compared to other small boards such as 8” or even 7'75”.

Is AWD or FWD better for towing?

All-wheel drive is best for towing. It gives power to all the wheels, which improves traction. Better traction helps the car to keep moving despite the extra weight in the back. Front-wheel drive vehicles lose their tractions in the front because there is too much weight in the back.

Is AWD or 4WD better for towing?

Both AWD and 4WD will provide better traction than two-wheel drive vehicles in most everyday driving scenarios in winter weather. Large trucks and SUVs are great for towing and hauling heavy loads and usually come with 4WD over AWD. That means buyers that need to tow heavy loads should consider 4WD.

What wheel base is best for towing?

A longer wheelbase also has the added effect of providing more control over the rig. As a general rule of thumb, the first inches of wheelbase allow for a foot trailer. For each additional four inches northerns school hockey wheelbase length, you get one foot more in trailer length.

What size wheel is c?

All road and cyclocross bikes are built with c wheels, which are 29 inches. However, c wheels are designed to accommodate a thinner tire. Many come in widths ranging from 18 to 23 millimeters, with touring tires ranging from 25 to 28 millimeters.

What&#;s the difference between SWB and LWB?

“SWB” means short wheelbase ( inches), while the letters “LWB” designate a wheelbase extension option ( inches).

What&#;s the difference between short wheelbase and long wheel base?

Looking at short wheelbase van and a long wheelbase van the difference is essentially the length; long longer wheelbase skateboard vehicles have a clear extension on the end which causes the wheels to be further apart. However, certain models have a larger sliding door or extend from behind the rear wheel instead.

Should I get 8 or deck?

If you wear shoes or larger, we recommend getting a deck between and inches. Those who skate big bowls, hand rails, or like to jump down large gaps and stairs are usually more comfortable with a larger board ( – inches).

Does size matter in a skateboard?

It just depends on what you're used to and what feels comfortable. If you have really large feet a wider deck might be more beneficial as you'll have more room to place your feet, longer wheelbase skateboard. People with small feet don't have to worry about size, the standard deck sizes are just fine.

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Skateboard longer wheelbase skateboard is a pretty untapped subject. You hardly see anyone talk about it. Deck and truck brands rarely mention it longer wheelbase skateboard their products. Neither do most skaters—that longer wheelbase skateboard, if they even suspect its existence.

The thing is, it can have a pretty big impact on your ride, longer wheelbase skateboard. It can affect the way your skateboard maneuvers and the force required to do certain tricks.

If you’re looking to expand your knowledge about skateboard wheelbase, sit along and dive with us into the world of measurement and 2011 totally certified football. In a constant search of the perfect set-up.

What Is the Wheelbase of a Skateboard?

Skateboard decks on a table

Skateboard wheelbase is unique because there isn’t one, but two distinct measurements.

Unlike car wheelbase, which is the distance between the center of the front wheel and the center of the back wheel of the same side; skateboard wheelbase is a vague term that can refer to either the deck or the trucks depending on the situation.

Deck Wheelbase

The wheelbase of a skateboard is essentially the distance between the front and back, mounting holes closer to the middle of the deck. It gives you a good sign of how far your trucks are set-up apart.

Truck Wheelbase

We measure truck wheelbase the same way as car wheelbase. Taking the distance between the center of each wheel on the same side.

Obviously, truck and deck wheelbase directly affect one another. A longer board will have further space between the two trucks. But it also varies depending on the brand and model of the trucks.

For instance, Venture and Thunder trucks have a shorter wheelbase than Indies.

How Is the Wheelbase of a Skateboard Measured?

If you can’t find the wheelbase on the specs, or you want to make sure those are correct, you can measure the wheelbase of a skateboard with a simple ruler.

To measure the deck wheelbase, draw a straight line between two mounting holes on the same side for each truck.

To measure the truck wheelbase, fix your trucks to your deck and compare the distance between the two axles.

Bolts are one longer wheelbase skateboard the center-point for measuring the dimension of a skateboard. More than the wheelbase, you can measure the length of the nose and tail, longer wheelbase skateboard. To do so, go from the tip of the nose to the middle of the two bolts closer to it—which is longer wheelbase skateboard the base of your truck.

The average wheelbase for a street deck is around ”. However, some decks have a longer wheelbase that can go above ”. Note that this is an average for the same size street decks (8””).

Does Wheelbase Even Matter?

Technically, wheelbase matters. However, it should be none of your concerns if you’re looking for picking up your first skateboard, longer wheelbase skateboard. I brought the subject to some of my friends who rip on a board. Most of them had no clue what I was longer wheelbase skateboard about.

So, longer wheelbase skateboard, it can’t matter that much, right? 

Well, you can measure the wheelbase of your old decks and compare them. Maybe it can explain why a certain deck would have felt better to ride than another; vw golf steering torque sensor location them being the same size and shape.

For instance, you might have noticed that longer wheelbase skateboard decks have a steeper nose and tail. Well, it all comes down to wheelbase.

What Effects Does Wheelbase Have on Your Skating?

Switching between set-up with widely different wheelbase might alter the way you roll and do tricks. In short, it impacts your turning radius, ride comfort and pop.

Turning Radius & Stance

First, the wheelbase affects the turning radius of your skateboard. For example, a 9” deck is not only wider than an ”, but it’s also significantly longer. Because of your trucks being further apart, your skateboard is less responsive, but better at reducing the asperity of the concrete.

We can easily summarize this point in two sentences: The shorter the deck, the sharper the turns. The wider the deck, the smoother the ride.

Then wheelbase can directly change your stance. A long wheelbase leaves more space between your trucks, which gives the rider a wider stance overall. This last point is key, longer wheelbase skateboard. If you’re tall, pick decks that have a longer wheelbase. Your knees will thank you later.

The Lever Phenomenon

The lever phenomenon refers to the motion your skateboard does when you pop.

The further apart your trucks are, the heavier the board feels to lift high up. And the harder you’ll have to pop to do so. This also makes the nose and tail feel shallower.

A deck with a longer wheelbase is more responsive. It’s easier to do tricks. But you get less yield, meaning you’ll have a harder time popping your tricks compared to a deck with a shorter wheelbase.

I don’t know if it’s the extra-weight, or the longer wheel-base, but it typically feels harder to perform scoop-heavy tricks, like flip or any shoves, with Indies then with Thunders or Ventures.

How Long Should My Skateboard Be?

skateboard decks close up

There isn’t an optimal length for a skateboard deck, it all depends on what you want to do with it.

If you’re looking for a steady and comfortable set-up to tackle big transition, you want a long and wide deck. If you want to make many flips and slides, you want a shorter and more nimble deck.

Adult sized skateboards are between 31” to 33” long. However, the length should be none of your concerns if you’re looking to buy your first skateboard deck. The width is what you want to look for. 

The only time you could notice the length difference is when you switch, for instance, from an ” deck to an ”. Indeed, most ” to ” wide decks are ” long while ” are ” long.

What Size of Skateboard Do Pros Ride?

Like any skaters, pro-skaters ride all size longer wheelbase skateboard decks. They usually range from ” to ” wide for street skaters, ” and over for transition riders.

Sadly, someone has yet to make a study on the most popular size of skateboard. However, if you look at the pro-models available in skate shops, you can get a decent estimate of the preferred dimension for both casual and pro riders. From our own data, people seem to favor andboth are fine for most skaters.

Most street pro-models are towards the 8” to ” mark. When it comes longer wheelbase skateboard to professional transition deck, it’s a little more hectic. The same rider often has two pro decks of widely different size. For example, Ben Raybourn, notorious for riding the steepest ramps, has both ” and 9” decks at its name.

Final Thoughts

Wheelbase is a complicated matter. It might be tricky to visualize its intricacies, only reading about it. If you want visual cues to  get a better understanding, I suggest checking out Ben Degros series of videos he did on the subject, which does an amazing job explain it.

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Wheelbase question

John Fitzgerald’s Hockey shape is a little longer than the average board (maybe an inch) and it has a proportionately longer wheelbase than usual. They’re usually an but I think he’s had longer wheelbase skateboard on a couple of occasions.

Jake Johnson’s Quasi boards are usually an or and they have a longer wheelbase than usual too. My friend mentioned JJ has a 9” board out/out soon which I imagine is longer wheelbase skateboard shaped because Quasi don’t do shaped boards.

My favourite board shape is Donovon’s Hockey board and part of why I like them so much is because the wheelbase feels a bit longer (although not as much as John’s boards), longer wheelbase skateboard. They’re an though so maybe too small for you. I’m quite lanky but not tall-tall and it’s funny you mentioned the thing about height because now I’m wondering if that correlation is why I love that shape so much.

Anyway, I’d say all of the above might be a good choice for you. Plus, they’re pros worth supporting in my opinion.

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Skateboard Deck Guying Guide

Choosing a skateboard deck made simple

For beginners, the differences between skateboards can be hard to spot. There are plenty of features which distinguish different skateboard brands but to the untrained eye it would be easy assume that all skateboards are the same.

We recommend that anyone purchasing their first deck pays attention to two key factors: size and graphic as a board that feels comfortable and featuring artwork you like is always a winner.

The actual ‘board’ part of a skateboard is called the deck. These are usually ‘popsicle’ shaped, with various sizes, ektelon powerring freak racquetball racquet in inches, and need a rough sandpaper like black layer called griptape applied longer wheelbase skateboard the top before it is ridden.

The front of a deck is called the nose and the back is the tail and each end gradually raises up towards the tip. Boards also have a U-shaped curve across the width which is called the ‘concave&rsquo.

Every board brand has a slightly different level of how far the nose and tail are elevated which affects the board’s ‘pop’ – meaning how a deck responds when pressure is applied to the nose/tail to make contact between the board and any surface 10mm atv lug nuts performing tricks.

It is very unlikely that beginners will take immediate notice of the other finer details of their first board, as preferences develop over years of skateboarding, but here’s everything else you need to know about skateboard decks:

How is a skateboard constructed?

The majority of skateboard decks are made from North American or Canadian Maple wood in a manufacturing process which involves gluing seven plies together. After using a heat pressurized mold to form one solid board - decks are then cut, drilled, shaped and finished by applying graphics to the kourtney kardashian in black jumpsuit (and sometimes top) sheet of wood.

There are a wide range of skateboard manufacturers but it isn't uncommon for different brands to use the same woodshops but creating decks of their own exclusive shapes and concaves. While maple is the industry standard wood for deck production, longer wheelbase skateboard, the country of production differs between brands. Major woodshop factories include:

PS Stix: Founded by Paul Schmitt and working between Mexico and the USA.

Bareback Skates/Generator Distribution: Also based out of Mexico and make boards for established companies (Anti-Hero, Real and Krooked) and newer brands such as Polar Skate Co.

Pennswood and Chapman: Are separate woodshops, both based on the East Coast of America, and make boards for Lovenskate and Supreme, respectively.

DSM: Manufacture boards in China for their in leicester spencer youth football brands (almost, Blind, Darkstar, enjoi) and other companies around the world. Dwindle also specialize in ‘Impact Construction’ which adds carbon-fiber areas to reinforce certain boards but at a higher cost than their standard decks.

HLC: Jart Skateboards’ in house woodshop who also manufacture boards for many European skateboard companies.

How are wide are skateboards?

Size is the most important aspect in buying your first skateboard. If a deck is too small then it’s likely you will have a hard time finding your balance and if too wide you may struggle to flip the board when learning tricks, especially as a beginner.

Skateboard decks generally range from ” to ” for popsicle shaped boards while ‘Mini boards’ are intended for skateboarders of a younger age or smaller stature and tend to come up at ”/&rdquo.

At Black Sheep, we consider an 8 inch board to be a good starting point. A good rule is if you have big feet you may be better suited a wide board and vice versa.

We believe standing on a variety of decks and sizes before making your decision is vital in choosing your ideal deck. Anyone is welcome to visit us in store, stand on any deck that catches your eye and ask our staff for advice before making a final decision. You can also email any enquiries to contact@casinoextra.fr or give us a call on

Skateboard length is less varying and important than width. Boards up to inches wide tend longer wheelbase skateboard measure between 31 or 32 inches long. While decks that are inches wide (and above) may lean more towards 32 inches, or more, lengthways.
Skateboard length and wheelbase.

The length of a skateboard directly corresponds to the wheelbase - meaning the distance from one set of bolt holes to another. Skateboards generally have a 14 inch wheelbase but it usually isn’t taken into much consideration even by people who have skated for a number years. However, vert skateboarders generally ride wider decks and might choose a longer board with a larger wheelbase for stability when skating big ramps.

When choosing your first deck we are confident in saying that skateboard length is far less likely to affect your skating than the width of your board will so just focus on finding a board of a comfortable width.

Are all skateboards the same shape?

Skateboard shapes have constantly evolved since our culture was born in the s. The first decks resembled a flat miniature surfboard but as ramp skating grew - wider and longer noises and tails were introduced as tricks progressed.

‘Old school’ shapes (sometimes called ‘fishtails) and pool boards echo the style of skateboards before popsicle shaped decks became the standard. These decks can start around 9” and have different widths all around with wider tails and shorter noses.

Examples include Santa Cruz and Powell-Peralta who longer wheelbase skateboard to issue their classic shapes and graphics. Whereas Welcome Skateboards is a modern company that exclusively produces non-popsicle shaped decks.

By the early s, longer wheelbase skateboard, what we now consider ‘popsicle’ shaped skateboarders became customary and over twenty years later remain the prominent skateboard shape.

Though the nose and tail of a skateboard may appear to mirror each other, one will usually have more pop than the other, and the curve of the board towards the tip may also be more gradual or sharp depending on brand.

A good example is Quasi Skateboards who offer such less tapered shapes, commonly called ‘square’, while brands such as Girl 2019 mens african volleyball championship Chocolate Skateboards have a more conventionally gradual and round curve.

What is skateboard deck ‘concave’ and why does it matter?

‘Concave’ refers to how skateboard curves across the width and length to help your feet grip to the deck. As you become more accustomed to skateboard decks you will begin to notice how steep or shallow concave can be.

A deck should never be completely flat unless it is polyprop vinyl cruiser.

Some brands offer one concave across their whole range and but most have a few to choose from which is usually made clear on the deck’s packaging. Examples include Baker Skateboards, with a longer wheelbase skateboard concaves, and The National Skateboard Co. who release the majority of their decks with the option of medium or high concave.

Standard popsicle shaped boards tend have a progressive concave which is flat the rises towards each edge or in some cases a more radial style of concave which is a complete curve from edge to edge with little-to-no flat space.

Again, concave isn't something you are likely to take into account if you are just starting out skateboarding although if you’re more experienced and are switching from a familiar brand to a new one, then we recommend standing on that board in store before deciding.

Skateboard graphics and artwork.

Skateboard graphics are applied in the final stage of manufacturing, longer wheelbase skateboard. Although usually applied using a heat transfer, in some cases (usually for limited or special edition boards graphics) traditional print screening and silk screen methods are used.

A notable exception is the UK company Lovenskate who hand screen all of their boards on home turf.

Some companies utilize embossed bottom and top layers of ply when pressing boards which provides a distinctive look as the artwork wears away.

‘Slick’ decks are a less common with skateboarding brands. This type of board construction features a thin bottom layer of vinyl plastic which the graphic is then printed onto. Originally introduced as an alternative to rails, longer wheelbase skateboard, this technology allows boards to slide on surfaces with greater longer wheelbase skateboard and the development of ‘slick’ boards has become more refined over the years. Notably, Alien Workshop, have re-issued some of their most iconic designs as modern slicks.

Otherwise, longer wheelbase skateboard, a skateboard graphic does not affect the way a board performs but are always the most important part a company’s image. We recommend looking up the work of Todd Bratrud, Evan Hecox, longer wheelbase skateboard, Jim Phillips and Joe Castrucci for a taste of the amazing art that has come from skateboarding culture!

For more information on skateboarding hardware browse our other guides:

How to grip a skateboard deck.

Skateboards - Getting started.

How to build a complete skateboard. 

Complete Skateboard buying guide.

Skateboard Trucks buying guide.

Skateboard Wheels buying guide. 

Skateboard Bearings buying guide. 

Skateboard Bolts buying guide.


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Different Wheelbase Same Turning Radius? Dial in Your Next Setup With The Power of Math

November 25,

44º Calibers on a 25" Wheelbase have the same exact turning characteristics as 50º Cals on a " Wheelbase.  In this Article we'll show you how we figured that out and give you resources to dial in new setups longer wheelbase skateboard the guesswork.

We all know the basics of how truck angle and wheelbase affect our setups. If you want a more responsive ride use a shorter wheelbase or higher degree trucks, if you need stability a longer wheelbase or lower degree truck will do the trick.  But beyond that it's all trial and error. 

  • Situation: You're eyeing up a new deck with a wheelbase that's shorter than your current board.  You figure you'll grab some lower degree trucks to balance things out.
    • Result 1: You Nailed it! 
    • Result 2: You longer wheelbase skateboard to low on the truck angle and now your setup feels dead :(
    • Result 3: Twitchy madness #embraceshortwheelbasehype

 After going through that a few times we decided to take the guesswork out.


If you hate math skip to the next section where we get to the good stuff, we'll even give you a little link, (click if you hate math)

Still here? Cool,  So in order to compare setups we need to be able to use the wheelbase and truck angle to calculate the boards turning radius (given certain amount of lean).

Now we can find the turning radius given then wheelbase, baseplate angle, and a certain amount of lean (hooray trigonometry!).

The Longer wheelbase skateboard Stuff

So now that we have our formula, we just need to know roughly how much the board leans during normal riding.  We tested tons of setups around the shop by riding in circles to get dizzy and and measure their turning radiuses (radii?), then plugged the numbers into our formula to see how the board was leaning. With unreasonably loose trucks at unreasonably slow speeds we managed about 10º of lean while rolling so we'll use that as our maximum.

Try playing with the sliders to compare two setups.

Looks like we got some interesting results!

When the setups overlap on the chart they have the same turning radius throughout the entire range of lean. That means we can use this to find out a how responsive a new setup will be during any riding situation.

Using the truck offsets that we measured in our previous article (4 Truck Specs That Manufacturers Don't Bother Telling You) we can use your true wheelbase to find the turning radius and compare between truck brands too! link

Find The Turning Radius of Your Setup!

Though changes in bushing hardness and ride height will affect how much force it takes to lean, this formula is % accurate private hockey lessons vaughan comparing the responsiveness of setups in terms of their lean/turn ratio.

These resources are extremely helpful when picking out new gear, It has already been a huge help to us here at Nelson when dialing in longer wheelbase skateboard setups. Hopefully you'll find it useful too.

Rich Nelson
Author Rich Nelson


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