Nebraska football coins

nebraska football coins

Buy Highland Mint Nebraska Huskers 13'' x 16'' Art Deco Stadium Silver Coin Photo Mint at Home · Coins/Tokens · This old token is marked on one side Continental National Bank of Lincoln,Nebraska and has a Nebraska football schedule on the other. Check out our nebraska coin selection for the very best in unique or custom, Nebraska Cornhusker football medals, coins , seasons.

Valuable: Nebraska football coins

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Nebraska football coins

Coins, Nebraska Football Collection & More!

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Coins and Tokens
Commemorative Coins by Awards Unlimited

I've consolidated all 17 of the 2" commemorative coins put out by Awards Unlimited into this page, plus the larger 3" Husker Power 50th Anniversary Coin. The smaller commemorative sets will remain on individual pages for now.  I have them listed in chronological order, with the latest coins at the top, older coins at the bottom, starting with the coin commemorating the last game of the Big Eight Conference between Nebraska and Oklahoma. If you see any I'm missing, please let me know.

Husker Power - 50th Anniversary -

coin celebrating 50 years of the Husker Power Nebraska football coins and Conditioning Program started by Boyd Epley.  

Scott Frost, Head Coach, December 2,

coin celebrating the hiring of Scott Frost as Head Coach of the Nebraska Cornhuskers. Welcome Home!  

Mike Riley, Head Coach, nebraska football coins,

coin commemorating Mike Riley's first season as Head Coach of the Nebraska Cornhuskers.  

50th Season of the Blackshirt Tradition,

coin commemorating the 50th season of the Blackshirt Tradition from to   Even though only starters receive the jerseys, the term "Blackshirts" represents Nebraska’s defense in its entirety, its spirit and the considerable weight of five decades of success. In addition to leading the nation in total defense twice – in as well as in lina sports cricket the Blackshirts have ranked among the nation’s top 10 in all four major defensive categories five times (,). They have also helped the Huskers win five national championships (, nebraska football coins,).  

Big Ten Conference, Legends and Leaders

Commemorates Nebraska's move to the Big Ten Conference starting in Julywhich expanded the conference to a total of 12 teams. Later expansion in with the addition of Maryland and Rutgers moved the total to  

Ndamukong Suh Career Commemorative Coin

Coin commemorating the Cornhusker career of Ndamukong Suh, Nebraska's most decorated player.  The backside lists his awards and accomplishments as a Husker.

- th Consecutive Sellout Commemorative Coin

  coin commemorating the th consecutive sellout at Memorial Stadium played September 26th against Louisiana-Lafayette. This is an ongoing NCAA record streak dating from the November game against Missouri in Coach Devaney's first season as head coach.

Coach Pelini AD Osborne Game Day Flip Coin

Game day coin used during all home games infirst season for new Head Coach Bo Pelini.  Coin features Coach Pelini on the "heads" side, nebraska football coins, with former Head Coach and current Athletic Director Tom Osborne on the "tails" side. Purchased in a plastic case with gray foam protecting it. "A Return To Tradition" printed in gold letters on the case on the Coach Pelini side.

Coach Bill Callahan - The Biggining of a New Era

Well, it didn't turn out the way some thought it would, but it lasted until the end of the season.

Eric Crouch Heisman Trophy Coin

Coin commemorating Eric Crouch's winning of the Heisman Trophy.  Includes his career rushing and passing stats on the front.

Charlie McBride Retirement Coin

Coach Charlie McBride retired nebraska football coins the end of the season.  He served as the Defensive Line Coach from tothen Defensive Coordinator from until he retired.  McBride's Blackshirts ranked in the top 10 nationally in Total Defense 11 times since  

Frank Solich Inaugural Season Coin

Coin commemorating Coach Solich's inaugural season nebraska football coins head coach of the Cornhuskers. 

"Continuing a Tradition of Excellence"

The back lists all Nebraska coaches and the years that they coached, followed by the season opponents. 

Championship Season Coin
The front lists the season schedule and results, culminating in the win over Tennessee in the Orange back lists individual and team accomplishments:

Tom Osborne's Final Season -
Outland Trophy Winner - Aaron Taylor
Lombardi Award Winner - Grant Wistrom
Scott Frost - 1,/1, nebraska football coins, Yard Season
Ahman Green - 2, Yards
Nominated for ESPN Play of the Year - "Flea Kicker" vs. Missouri
(went on to win the ESPY Award)

Tom Osborne 25th Season Coins

These coins commemorate Coach Tom Osborne's Silver Anniversary as head coach of the Cornhuskers. They were released in pewter (shown), silver or gold finish. I also kept this coin together with images of the other versions on a separate page here.

Tom Osborne Career Wins Coins

A coin very similar to the 25th Anniversary Season coin commemorating Coach Tom Osborne's th win as head coach of the Cornhuskers. The front side has a slightly different cast with a change to the banner and 25 changed tobut also the relief of Coach Oaborne is slightly different (see the microphone placment and shoulder angle, for example).  This one came out after the Orange Bowl (th win), as opposed to earlier in the season like the other one did, as it wasn't known that he would retire until just prior to the Big XII Champioinship game.

Fiesta Bowl Coin

Replica of the coin tossed during the Fiesta Bowl, nebraska football coins. Nebraska Cornhuskers 64, Florida Gators

National Champs Coin

Coin commemorating the Back-to-Back titles of and  

"Finished Business"    "Staying Focused"

Final Big 8 Conference Game Coin

This coin commemorates the final Big 8 Conference football game played on November 24,   How fitting that it was played between the Nebraska Cornhuskers and the Oklahoma Sooners. The game was a shutout, with the Huskers reigning victorious in a route of the Sooners. 

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Sam Foltz/Mike Sadler B1G Commemorative Coin

Used in all B1G Conf games Saturday, nebraska football coins, 1 Oct

New 9/28/16 ( bytes)

Awards Unlimited 2" Coins

All AU coins are included on this page. The Husker Power 50th Anniversary coin is the latest addition.

updated 8/2/20 ( bytes)

Season Schedule Coins

Limited edition ofor

initial issue ( bytes)

"When Once in a Lifetime"

Coach Devaney, Coach Osborne


The Devaney Era Medallion

Awards Unlimited, Lincoln ( bytes)

Holiday Bowl 

Commemorative Coin

Added 5/31/20 ( bytes)

Big 8 Conference

Commemorating the Teams/Years

New 1/22/14 ( bytes)

Cotton Bowl 

Flip Coin



[Mystery Coins - Help!]nebraska football coins Illustrated Coins 
 These coins are part of a seven-coin set liquidated by Huskers Illustrated in   

updated 6/13/21 ( bytes)

Rose Bowl NC Game
Limited Edition  

New 1/22/14 ( bytes)

Orange Bowl
Miami, FL
win over Tennessee, National Champs

Added 5/31/20

[Tom Osborne Silver Anniversary Season]

An Era of Excellence
Tom Osborne Silver Anniversary Season and Wins
Pewter, Silver, Gold coins on 1 page 

updated 1/23/03

''95 Back to Back  and '97 National Championship Coins
Limited Edition sets by Environmint
updated 8/10/19 ( bytes)

, '95, nebraska football coins National Champ Pennies

Engraved for each NC Season

New 11/4/07

Meadow Gold Season Tokens

Season scores on back

thru - the series is closed!

updated 11/26/11


Orange Bowl
Miami, FL
we lost to Miami


Sugar Bowl

New Orleans, LA

NU 30 - LSU 15



Sunkist Fiesta Bowl
Tempe, nebraska football coins, AZ
we lost to FSU

Sugar Bowl Token

Two versions included on this page

added 1/4/04


['74 Sugar Bowl vs Florida]

Sugar Bowl Token
The first bowl beating of the Gators, 
by a score of

Pinch Schedule Coins

,so far

updated 9/11/07 ( bytes)

Gordon's Gin Schedule Coin 


added 3/13/06 ( bytes)

National Champs

updated 2/26/12

from Joe Kisicki ( bytes)

National Nebraska football coins Medallion

added nebraska football coins src="" alt=" ( bytes)" width="" height="">

s Big Red Dollar

added 2/8/13 ( bytes)

National Champs Medallion

added 4/4/09


National Champs

a second version from Lamont Lyon

added 2/21/04


Big Eight Champions
Season scores and reference to the '66 Orange Bowl against Alabama
updated 1/1/16

The Continental National Bank

s Season Tokens

updated12/17/12 ( bytes)

Guy Chamberlin NFL HoF Coin

added 9/14/14

Sugar Bowl Token Keychain

added 3/13/06

Orange Bowl Token Keychain

added 1/4/04 ( bytes)

Coin Holders / Purses / Checkbook Covers

NC Coin Purse

updated 6/7/14

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This old token is marked on one side Continental National Bank of Lincoln,Nebraska and has a Nebraska football schedule on the other.

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This old token is marked on one side Continental National Bank of Lincoln,Nebraska and has a Nebraska football schedule on the other.
This old token is marked on one side Continental National Bank of Lincoln,Nebraska and has a Nebraska football schedule on the other.
  • This old token is marked on one side Continental National Bank of Lincoln,Nebraska and has a Nebraska football schedule on the other.

This old token is marked on one side Continental National Bank of Lincoln,Nebraska and has a Nebraska football schedule on the other.

Additional Information

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Nebraska Challenge Coins

College challenge coins are awarded during graduation ceremonies, to promote school programs, and to raise awareness for school outreach programs and civil service. Coins designed with school mascots and mottos emblazoned across the center of designs are used to inspired school spirit and unity within the student body.

Faculty, clubs, and athletic programs use them as symbols of future goals and past success. During orientation, students are given custom Nebraska challenge coins that reflect school heritage and symbolize their inclusion within the student body. During a scholastic career, students earn challenge coins through scholarship, integrity, nebraska football coins, creativity, and personal merit.

Elementary schools, high schools, and universities use Nebraska challenge coins. Some of the largest and most influential school that benefit from custom coins include:

  • Creighton University
  • Nebraska Wesleyan University
  • Hastings College
  • Union College
  • Concordia University
  • York College
  • University of Nebraska-Kearney
  • University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • University of Nebraska-Omaha
  • Midland University  nebraska football coins of these schools has a diverse set of organizations, clubs, and degree programs that use custom design to reflect student and faculty aims and heritage, nebraska football coins. College challenge coins are popular in athletic programs within many universities, nebraska football coins. Coaches order Nebraska challenge coins for teams in athletic programs like:

    • Football
    • Baseball
    • Soccer
    • Wrestling
    • Cross County
    • Track & Field
    • And More! 

    Handing out custom sports challenge coins and sports medals is a means of building a culture of teamwork. They encourage players to work together to reach success. Each coin represents team vision and value.   

    Call and Speak to a Specialist Today

    Signature Coins
    Local Nebraska Challenge Coins

    Signature Coins has all of the tools necessary for creating original and compelling designs for Nebraska challenge coins. We offer a wide range of customizable options and features to ensure our clients are able to make their vision come to life. In our 15 years of experience, we have earned the trust of our customers by delivering the highest quality challenge coins on the market and by offering the best possible customer service. 

    Each of our customers can expect to receive:

    • Free artwork
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    We are excited to get started on your order! Please reach out to use if you have any questions or concerns. We are happy to help in any way that we can. Thank you for choosing Signature Coins!

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nebraska football coins


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