Paper plate ice skating

paper plate ice skating

Just toss two paper plates on the floor and have the child practice ice skating. You do need a carpeted surface for it work better. This. Give each child 2 paper plates to stand on. Turn on some music and let them go crazy! Tell them to try to skate with the rhythm of the music. Simply put a paper plate under each foot, add some skating music and skate away! You can use a pushing or shuffling motion and then add arm. paper plate ice skating

That: Paper plate ice skating

Paper plate ice skating
Paper plate ice skating



1 Cover plate in paint. Dry 1–2 hours. Add second coat, paper plate ice skating. Dry 1–2 hours.


2 Squeeze glitter glue onto plate and spread with paint brush. Dry 1–2 hours.


3 Ask an adult to cut wave pattern in paper plate with craft knife.


4 Sketch skater’s body on plain cardstock with pencil.


5 Outline and color body with markers. Cut out.


6 Cut out child’s face from photo. Glue to body.


7 Sketch and cut out Bright Pop Cardstock winter accessories. Glue to body.


8 Glue skater to craft stick.


9 Sketch and cut out construction paper trees and snowman, leaving small tab at bottom.


10 Add details to trees and snowman with glitter glue and markers.


11 Fold bottom tabs and glue to paper plate. Let all glue steps dry 1–2 paper plate ice skating.


12 Gently place craft paper plate ice skating in wave pattern and glide your skater across the ice!

CIY Staff Tips:

  • This project uses a craft knife. Adult assistance required.

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Paper Plate Skating Simple Gross Motor Activity

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Starting the year off with simple and fun!

Go paper plate skating.

I got this super idea from my contributor Lorien when she wrote about 5 game changers for a crazy day.

What a great way to turn around a day! Paper plate skating!

Grab two paper plate and throw them on the floor. And let the kids at it! They&#;ll probably know paper plate ice skating to do.

One foot per plate and skate wherever they want to go. It goes great on hardwood and carpet both.

It&#;s easier for kids to remove their socks so their feet &#;naturally&#; stick to the plates (or are my kids the only ones with super sweaty feet?).

What a great way to <i>paper plate ice skating</i> around a day! Paper plate skating!

If you don&#;t remove socks, you can tape the plates onto their feet.

We did that for Louis (which shocks me because he always takes his socks off instantly).

What a great way to turn around a day! Paper plate skating!

This is also a great gross motor activity to get kids moving indoors. You can find more indoor gross motor activities here.

Want more super simple activities like this?

What a great way to turn around a day! Paper plate skating!

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Paper Plate Activities &#; Let&#;s Get Moving

As pediatric therapists, we are always on the lookout for lightweight, compact movement ideas, paper plate ice skating.  Here are 3 simple paper plate activities: ninja moves, paper plate ice skating and paper plate yoga. These are not your traditional paper plate crafts since they require the kids to participate in physical activity, motor planning and fun!

3 Movement Activities with Paper Plates

Need to move from classroom to classroom? Travel into the home? These physical activities for kids are fun and when you are done simply stack the paper plates on top of each other and put in your bag! They even work for telehealth since many have paper plates in their own homes!

Paper Plate Swim clubs fort wayne #1 &#; Spinners

3 Movement Activities with Paper Plates 4

I bought some 4&#; snap spinners from Amazon for a few dollars for 8 of them.  I printed the Ninja Clothes Pin freebie for this paper plate spinner.  The circle picture fit well inside this regular sized paper plate.  Poke a small hole in the middle with a pen, pop the spinner in and snap it together.  Now the Ninja game is ready to play.  Spin the spinner and see if you can copy the ninja action move.  This activity encourages physical activity, balance skills and motor planning.

3 Movement Activities with Paper Plates 2

I made a second one with the Sun Salutation circle from the Yoga Cards and Games packet. This will allow children to practice each pose individually before putting paper plate ice skating entire sequence together.

If you do not have purchased spinnes, you can use a large paper clip with a pencil in the middle, and spin the paper clip.

Paper Plate Activity #2 &#; Paper Plate Ice Skating

3 Movement Activities with Paper Plates 3

This is an oldie but a goodie and SO easy.  Just toss two paper plates on the floor and have the child practice ice skating.  You do need a carpeted surface for it work better.  This activity encourages muscle strengthening in the hips and legs and balance skills. In addition, it can be very challenging for bilateral coordination skills and motor planning. Children need to provide just the right amount of pressure to slide the ice skating plates.

Paper Plate Activities &#; Exercise Plates

Using the small cards from the Yoga Cards and Games packet, I cut out the cards and glued one on per paper plate.  If you do not have the Yoga Cards, you can cut out pictures from magazines of people exercising or have children draw stick figures.

Create a set so that if you are working in a group, each child will have a paper plate.  

Ways to Use the Exercise Activities on Paper Plates

There are several ways you can use the Exercise Plates:

  1. Perform the exercise on the plate.  Throw the plate like a frisbee.  Retrieve a new exercise frisbee, not the one you just threw.  Perform the exercise.  Repeat until the children have practiced several exercises.
  2. Musical Plates &#; Using one plate to start, turn on some music and pass it around a circle of children.  When the  music stops, whoever is holding the plate, paper plate ice skating, demonstrates the exercise and the rest of the group then performs the exercise too.  Turn back on the music and continue playing.  Add in more than one exercise plate to pass around the circle.
  3. Exercise for Dinner &#; Set a table or large desk with the exercise plates.  The children walk around the table with the music playing.  When the music stops, the children freeze in front of an exercise plate.  Perform that exercise.  Turn the music back on and repeat.

More Super Easy Physical Activities for Kids

Exercises for the Classroom and Home is a set of 5 posters to encourage simple fitness activities for students.  This is available as a digital download OR printed posters.

25+ Bilateral Coordination Exercises

Roll Some Fun

Move Like Me

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Activity Paper plate Skating


● In this fun activity, children will “ice skate” using different household items beneath their legs.


● Fun play activity

Learning Objective

● Developing gross motor skills

Resources you will need

● 2 paper plates or dryer sheets or wool-like mittens or empty tissue boxes
● Clean floor for slide movements
● Gloves, hat, scarf.

How to set up the Activity

● You don’t need a special layout for this activity, just a wide space where you and your child can move around comfortably.


● This activity will work best on a soft floor (kitchen).
● Tell your child “Today, we will experience what it feels like to ice skate!”.

● Children will step on plates, dryer sheets or wear mittens (which seem silly) or use tissue boxes to slip their feet inside.
● Ask them “Are you ready to ice-skate?”.

● To make it funnier, they can wear hats, gloves, scarves and paper plate ice skating they are skiing in the snow!
● You can then set a circuit around the room for them to complete and time it!

Language & Conversation

● Where do people ice-skate?
● Which season does snow fall?
● Can we ice-skate on flat lands?

Next steps for your child

● You can place a few obstacles around the room as a challenge for your child to navigate around and move through the course.

What to Observe

● Observe if your child can navigate through the course maintaining their balance.


● Is your child able to keep their balance while maintaining around their ice skating course?


Thanks for your feedback.

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Winter Alphabet Activity: Indoor Ice Skating for Letters

This winter alphabet activity is a blast! Kids will have so much fun pretending to ice skate around on paper plates while learning the letters of the alphabet.

Winter Alphabet Activity: Indoor Ice Skating for Letters. Learn letter identification and letter sounds with this fun, active game!

I love it when an activity is so much fun that Evan has no idea we are &#;doing preschool.&#; While skating around on the plates, he practiced identifying letters and making letter sounds. He absolutely loved skating around on the paper plates. I may have even gotten in on the action, paper plate ice skating. I couldn&#;t help myself. It looked so fun.

Materials Needed:

Paper plates

Foam or paper snowflakes. You could also just use pieces of paper with a letter written on each.

Activity Prep:

1. Write a letter on each snowflake or piece of paper. Spread them out all over the floor.

Activity Details:

Show your child how to put a paper plate under each foot and skate around on them. We found that this worked better with bare feet. Once they have the hang of skating around on the plates, explain that they need to skate around to the letters on the floor and when they get to one they should identify the letter by name and then tell you the sound the letter makes.

It is a little more fun paper plate ice skating you spread them out  from each other so that they have more time to skate in between letters. You could also just use a couple different letters at one time. Once those are identified, put down a couple more and so on until you are ready to end the activity.

I highly recommend this activity! I bet your kids will love it!

Here are some related posts you may enjoy!

Snowball Throw Alphabet Game

Snowy Mountain Winter Math Activity

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Stuck at home with kids who are bored out of their minds? If you have paper plates at home, you are in luck! Try this paper plate ice skating activity and burn off some energy!

ice skating kid

It has been raining almost nonstop the last few days, paper plate ice skating, and since it never rains here in SoCal, the kids are getting a little cabin fever from staying indoors. Therefore, mommy needs to think of something to get their energy out before they take it out on the house!

Inspired by Disney On Ice (what an amazing show!) and a workout routine I have been doing, we decided to practice “ice-skating” in the house. Don’t worry, there is no ice involved so there is no concern about causing a huge mess. In fact, all you need are some paper plates and you are good to go!


  • Paper plates
  • Music (optional, but highly recommended!)
  • Tape (optional)
Indoor <b>Paper plate ice skating</b> Skating 2

Simply place the paper plates on the floor and get your kids to put their two feet on them. The paper plates stick to their feet a lot better without socks on. However, if your little ones want to keep their socks on, you can always tape their feet to the plates. Show them how they can glide on the floor with the paper plates. Then turn on some rocking music and have an ice-skating dance party!

Let them be creative and see what dance moves they come up with. My kids started spinning in circles, imitating what they saw the princesses did during the Disney On Ice show.

Then they tried to run and glide on one foot and see how far they could go. This one led to tons of laughter and I must admit, paper plate ice skating, I even joined in on the fun! Come on, you can only do stuff like this when you are around your kids… without looking crazy, that is. CARPE DIEM I say!

Indoor Ice Skating 3

When you think about it, paper plate ice skating, skating on paper plates on hardwood floors isn’t the easiest thing in the world. In order to move the plates, it requires strength from the thighs, paper plate ice skating, glutes, back, and abs. Not that our kids are training to be a bodybuilder or anything, but it’s beneficial for them to be using muscles that they may not use in their everyday lives. I have been using the paper plates to do sliding lunges, so my muscles can verify that the paper plates indeed work.

Skating on paper plates also requires balance and coordination. Overall, it’s a simple gross motor skill activity that can help expend some energy in the cold winter months. Definitely need more of these to tire the kids out and keep mommy sane!

Paper Plate Ice Skating Activity


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