Skydiving lake havasu city az

skydiving lake havasu city az

The best skydiving facility in Arizona: come work with our professional staff to experience and learn the thrill and joy of skydiving. Skydive Phoenix Inc. City: Buckeye, Arizona Casa Grande, Arizona Cottonwood, Arizona Eloy, Arizona Phoenix, Arizona. The locations above are business. This location is permanently closed. The Island Golf Club at the Nautical Beachfront Resort 1040 McCulloch Blvd North Lake Havasu City, Arizona, USA.

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Skydiving Over the Great Salt Lake in Utah!

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Skydiving in Arizona


Desert Skydiving Center
Phoenix Area Skydiving
Red Rock Skydiving
Skydive Arizona
Skydive Phoenix Inc.
Buckeye, Arizona
Casa Grande, Arizona
Cottonwood, Arizona
Eloy, Arizona
Phoenix, Arizona


The locations above are business listings for skydiving in Arizona. Skydive Phoenix Inc. has provided us with detailed information about their company in order to better serve you. Are you familiar with a new or unlisted company or location for skydiving in Arizona? Please recommend a location for skydiving in Arizona.



It’s best to purchase your skydive directly from the company you plan to jump with. Beware of a skydiving network which claims to offer a location near you. These skydiving websites look legit which is why it’s hard to discover the company is not. There are literally HUNDREDS of these fictitious websites from this network. They will sell you a gift certificate under false pretenses. Then once you’ve paid, you are told where your drop zone is. That drop zone may be hundreds of miles away. Sometimes the location you are told to go to does not have an agreement with this skydive network and will not honor this so called gift certificate. The truth is that there is no skydiving network at a national level. They don’t give you a physical drop zone address because they don’t have one. Do not fall for their tactics. When you deceive your customers, it’s a scam plain and simple.


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Desert Skydiving Center

Buckeye, Arizona 85326

36 miles from Peoria, Arizona
38 miles from Phoenix, Arizona
55 miles from Mesa, Arizona
62 miles from Chandler, Arizona

Phoenix Area Skydiving

Casa Grande Municipal Airport
Casa Grande, Arizona

20 miles from Coolidge, Arizona
24 miles from Eloy, Arizona
27 miles from Chandler, Arizona
43 miles from Phoenix, Arizona
45 miles from Scottsdale, Arizona
75 miles from Tucson, Arizona

Red Rock Skydiving

Cottonwood, Arizona 86326

4 miles from Clarkdale, Arizona
17 miles from Camp Verde, Arizona
22 miles from Sedona, Arizona
42 miles from Prescott, Arizona
43 miles from Chino Valley, Arizona

Skydive Arizona

Eloy, Arizona 85131

44 miles from Chandler, Arizona
59 miles from Tucson, Arizona
61 miles from Mesa, skydiving lake havasu city az, Arizona
61 miles from Phoenix, Arizona

Skydive Phoenix Inc.

Maricopa, Arizona 85139

34 miles from Chandler, Arizona
41 miles from Phoenix, Arizona
41 miles from Mesa, Arizona
55 miles from Peoria, Arizona



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Skydiving in Arizona with Skydive Arizona in Eloy


Skydiving in Arizona with Phoenix Area Skydiving in Casa Grande, Arizona


Skydiving in Arizona with Skydive Arizona – Holiday Boogie 2009


Thirst for Adrenaline seeks to find every business listing for skydiving near:
(including surrounding areas)

Anthem, Arizona
Apache Junction, Arizona
Avondale, Arizona
Buckeye, skydiving lake havasu city az, Arizona
Bullhead City, Arizona
Casa Grande, Arizona
Casas Adobes, Arizona
Catalina Foothills, Arizona
Chandler, Arizona
Douglas, Arizona
Drexel Heights, Arizona
El Mirage, Arizona
Eloy, Arizona
Flagstaff, Arizona
Florence, Arizona
Flowing Wells, Arizona
Fortuna Foothills, Arizona
Fountain Hills, Arizona
Gilbert, Arizona
Glendale, Arizona

Goodyear, Arizona
Green Valley, Arizona
Kingman, Arizona
Lake Havasu City, Arizona
Marana, Arizona
Maricopa, Arizona
Mesa, Arizona
New River, Arizona
Nogales, Arizona
Oro Valley, Arizona
Payson, Arizona
Peoria, Arizona
Phoenix, Arizona
Prescott, Arizona
Prescott Valley, Arizona
Queen Creek, Arizona
Rio Rico, Arizona
Sahuarita, Arizona
San Luis, Arizona
San Tan Valley, Arizona

Scottsdale, Arizona
Sierra Vista, Arizona
Sierra Vista Southeast, Arizona
Sun City, Arizona
Sun City West, Arizona
Suprise, Arizona
Tanque Verde, Arizona
Tempe, Arizona
Tuscon, Arizona
Yuma, Arizona




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    skydiving lake havasu city az  
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Arizona Skydiving

Things To Do In Arizona
Skydiving in Arizona

There is something exciting about a rapidly descending view high above the Arizona landscape. A quiet and serene sensation yet with the mk5 golf caliper of adrenaline flow as the ground rapidly approaches. Every view has a perfect perspective. Trails below look like strands of hair. Rivers appear as quiet serpents. For a while it's as though civilization below doesn't exist.

Skydiving in Arizona is a thrill. Whether you desire a one-time tandem parachute jump, want to become a new student and an avid jumper or are already an experienced skydiver looking for a convenient jump location, our list of jumping spots makes it easy. Arizona is a popular stomping ground for the parachuting enthusiast with a diversity of landscape throughout Arizona where the beauty of scenes below are breathtaking.

Desert Skydving Center - Buckeye Arizona, skydiving lake havasu city az. Whether you are an advanced skydiver or looking to make your first jump our doors are open and make yourself at home. There is an experienced and friendly staff on hand to assist you.

Skydive Arizona - Skydiving lake havasu city az Arizona. Once you have experienced Skydive Arizona, you'll know why more and more skydivers choose more sun, more jumps, more fun.

Skydiving Coolidge Arizona. Skydive Coolidge is AZ's friendliest dropzone. We pride ourselves in making your experience safe, fun and memorable.

Red Rock Skydiving - Sedona Arizona. Red Rock Skydiving combines the exhilaration of a freefall skydive with the best 'flight-seeing' northern Arizona has to offer!

Iparaglide School & Tours - Scottsdale AZ. Paragliding is a natural evolution of recreational flying that sits somewhere between the modern skydiving canopy and the hang glider.

Sky Venture Arizona - Eloy AZ. Indoor Skydiving gives you the opportunity to experience the freedom of flight with no parachute or experience needed. Find out why birds sing without having to actually jump from an airplane.

Phoenix Area Skydiving - Near Phoenix. We are located only 25 minutes South of Phoenix making Phoenix Area Skydiving the closest skydiving center serving the Phoenix area.

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Additional Arizona Activities

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Lake Havasu is situated behind Parker Dam on the Colorado River, just on the border that joins California with Arizona. On the eastern shore of the lake lies Lake Havasu City.

The 45 mi (72.42 km) long lake’s capacity is 648000 ac/2622 km² on a very low desert elevation of 482 ft (146.91 m). The concrete dam that makes a glorious arch was built between 1934 and 1938 by the United States Bureau of Reclamation.

There are two aqueducts that need to be filled empire paintball backpack water and that is exactly the lake’s primary purpose. Except from that purpose the lake is also available for fun and especially skydiving.

Feel the adrenaline rush in an experience you never felt before. You will be tight up with the instructor and jump from 13000 ft (3962.4 m) above sea level on a 15 minute fly over scenic view.

The wind hits you with 120 mph (193.12 kph) and about 50 seconds after you leave the plane, you have to open your parachute and enjoy a fly over the magnificent vistas. It is an unforgettable experience of a lifetime!! Go ahead and book your flight at a nearby school.

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The Airport Advisory Board gave its stamp of approval on a proposal that would allow commercial parachuting and hot air balloon operations to land within the Lake Havasu City limits if they have a city-issued permit.

The Lake Havasu City Council plans to discuss the proposed changes to city code next month, and asked the Airport Advisory Board to provide a recommendation to the council first. After some discussion, the board voted unanimously to recommend approval of the proposal as written.

Airport Supervisor Damon Anderson explained to the board that the issue came up during a City Council meeting in September when a group of citizens, including the owner of a local helicopter tour company that operated on the Island for several weeks before being told that it was against city code, lobbied for the council to consider changes to the ordinance that would allow take offs and landings within city limits.

Another couple who were exploring starting a skydiving business in Lake Havasu City also attended the council meeting in September, saying the changes would benefit their planned business as well.

“There were a lot of people who stood up for the helicopter operator, but we had 10 fold that in phone calls and visits to city hall with complaints about noise and things of that nature,” Anderson said.

The main change being proposed states: “Aeronautical commercial activities for parachutes and hot air balloons shall be allowed within the city only when authorized by a City-issued permit.”

“That last section is probably the biggest part that they are doing,” Anderson told the board after reading the proposed amendment. “They are going to draft up a new permit for commercial operations. They want to be parachute friendly, the same way they wanted to be hot air balloon friendly. But if you are going to do it as a commercial activity you’ll have to get a permit for that.”

Although the changes would allow for skydiving or fredonia rugby air balloon businesses, helicopter tour companies would still have to take off and land at the airport if the amendment is adopted as proposed.

Boardmember Michael Barton said he agreed that helicopter operations should be kept out at the airport.

“I don’t think the neighbors, when they bought their property out (on the Island), thought they would have an airport in their backyard,” he said.

Anderson agreed, and said helicopter operations on the Island could turn into a problem quickly.

“Once you allow one person, more come,” he said.

Barton also asked if the skydiving business still wants to use the Island.

“They do and they don’t,” Anderson responded. “They have actually come up with some other land out north of town – which is great. They are going to create a drop zone there, and that will be the majority of where they 2008 saturn vue lug pattern going to do their drops. But in the busy season, if they are allowed to do it on the Island, then they still want to do that.”

Anderson said he had a meeting scheduled on Thursday to check out the possible drop zone north of town, but said he wasn’t sure exactly where it is during gradidge cricket bat meeting on Wednesday.

Boardmember Mark Taylor suggested that the code changes clarify that aircraft can take off and land at the airport without a permit from the city – noting that the Lake Havasu City Municipal Airport is city property.

“The airport is understood, but it’s not in writing,” Taylor said.

Anderson said he had the same thought and brought it up while the proposal was being written, but said the city seemed satisfied with the language as written.

Boardmember Katrin Phillips asked about the permitting process, and specifically who would be awarding the permits.

“Are those people that are familiar with the size of balloons, or aviation operations?” Phillips said.

Anderson said the permitting process for commercial parachutes and hot air balloons is currently being created because they do not exist under current city code.

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A Lake Havasu City helicopter business and a potential future skydiving business are asking the city to reevaluate its ordinance prohibiting aircraft and parachute landings in city limits.

Optic Helicopters enjoyed fast success when it moved its operation from the airport to the Island this summer, before skydiving lake havasu city az informed of a city code that bars such take offs and landings within city limits. The City Council heard from a total of 14 residents at its meeting Tuesday during the call to the public, each urging the council to reconsider the ordinance. After the first six people spoke Mayor Cal Sheehy requested that City Manager Jess Knudson and staff look into the ordinance titled Aircraft and Parachute Landings and Takeoffs, to provide the council with options for how it could be amended.

The island does have an aviation history. In 1942, prior to any thought of residential development in the area the US military built Havasu Auxiliary Airfield #6 – now known as Site Six – on the island which was still a peninsula at the time. Lake Havasu City’s original municipal airport later replaced the former military airstrip but was moved to its present location in 1991.

Derick Bielke, skydiving lake havasu city az, owner of Optic Helicopters llc., has been flying customers over the region for the past three skydiving lake havasu city az. For the most part, his business has skydiving lake havasu city az based at the Lake Havasu City Municipal Airport but over the summer he began leasing a lot from Island Inn and opened up a helipad on the skydiving lake havasu city az that allowed it to take off and land much closer to customers and the attractions that they wish to see from the air.

After operating for several weeks, Bielke told the council he was informed by the city about the ordinance that prevents take offs and landings anywhere in the city – with exceptions for emergencies, medical or emergency helicopters, and military personnel or aircraft.

“I think all intentions were true, but they were unaware of the city code that didn’t allow that operation to take place at that location,” Knudson said.

Knudson said once the city learned of Optic Helicopter’s move to the island the company was informed of the code and the operation has returned its base of operations to the airport.

Bielke told the council his business started as part-time operation at the airport because it could north georgia skateboard center produce enough customer traffic due to lack of accessibility of the airport from other major tourists attractions in town. But when he moved the operation to the island he said success was immediate.

“I frantically had to more skydiving lake havasu city az triple our staff, and started investing as much as we possibly could into the land and the hotel – as it was clear now that this was going to be a permanent location,” he said.

Bielke also told the council that he has proposed changes to the ordinance that would allow his business to operate out of the island. Bielke’s proposal would require all aircraft and parachutes within the city follow Federal Aviation Administration “safety rules, regulations, manuals and directives.” It also bars all take offs and landings in city limits unless issued a special event permit – just like the current city code – but it adds an additional exception for an operator that has been issued a letter of authorization by the FAA which would allow such operators to bypass city approval.

The ordinance – Chapter 9.16.160 – was originally created in 1986, and was revised in 2013 and 2015.

“The code is not in place to restrict one operation, but there are concerns that could come into play if there are multiple helicopter tour companies in the vicinity,” Knudson said. “So safety is a concern there, then also the noise that is associated with it. We received several complaints from residents on the island about the noise of the operation. So that was also a concern and a reason for the code in its existing form.”

After Bielke spoke, Rachel Maxwell and Matt Maxwell informed the council that they are currently looking into starting a skydiving business in Havasu, and they said their potential business would also benefit from changes to this ordinance.

Other speakers during the meeting included Optic Helicopters employees, several of its customers, representatives from Island Inn, and a local flight instructor – all in support of a change to the code. They argued that the company moving to the island would help reduce traffic at the airport, especially on busy weekends, it would provide a secure environment where customers wouldn’t be asked to walk across a taxiway, or near an open runway, skydiving lake havasu city az, they said it provided a boost to local businesses while operating there during the summer, and more.

Sheehy explained to those in attendance that the council has directed staff to look into it, and that it will be brought back for a public hearing where the council can discuss possible actions that could involve introducing a change to the ordinance. If such a change is introduced, it would come back for another public hearing and a final vote from the council.

Councilmember Jim Dolan asked that staff specifically look into creating a permitting pathway that would allow such a business to take pokrowiec na śpiwór decathlon and land within city limits if they have received the proper approvals from the city. He said he doesn’t want to see the ordinance eliminated completely.

“As a balloon pilot I do like that there is a little bit of control by the city, to control such things as insurance, safety, and if skydiving lake havasu city az have a bad player it gives us the ability to do something,” he said.

Councilmember Nancy Campbell suggested an option to obtain a special use permit could be a good way to deal with it, as it would allow the city to review the operation again in the future if any unforeseen issues come up.

Knudson said city staff will be digging into the ordinance for the next month or two, estimating that an item could be placed on a future council agenda within the next 45 to 60 days.

“We will have skydiving lake havasu city az take a close look in terms of what we are trying to accomplish,” Knudson said. “How do we maintain the necessary safeguards so we avoid the possibility of any type of crash or those types of situations? Then we have to take a close look at what the impacts are on the residents in terms of noise, skydiving lake havasu city az. So we will take a look at what the possibilities are, while keeping those two criteria in mind.”


Lake Havasu City Code 9.16.160: Aircraft and parachute landings and takeoffs

No aircraft, helicopter, glider, parachute, or person shall take off or land upon any public or private property within the city unless authorized by a special event permit. This section does not apply to emergency landings/takeoffs, medical and emergency helicopters, and military and National Guard personnel or aircraft.

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skydiving lake havasu city az


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