Virtual football league prediction software

virtual football league prediction software

With realistic football leagues from different countries, this game will have you hooked on your screen as you try to win the tournament. HOW TO MAKE A. FORTUNE TRADING. STRICTLY ON VIRTUAL. FOOTBALL LEAGUE. WITH A POWERFULL. NO-LOSS SOFTWARE!!!! (Works on NairaBet, Merrybet, Bet9ja e.t.c). With eight matches always running simultaneously, virtual football betting software provides the most popular sports betting solutions that can be combined to.

Virtual football league prediction software - very good

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In the world of virtual sports – as can be said about the world of sports in general – football, (or soccer if you prefer), is king and betting on virtual football is easily one of the most popular options on virtual online betting sites.

The all-action game translates perfectly to the virtual environment, and with so many people familiar with football-based video games like FIFA and Pro Evo, the game has made a natural evolution to the virtual environment.

In this article, we are going to dive into the world of virtual football and find out what is driving the success of this new form of virtual sports betting (such as in horse racing). We will also attempt to find out some of the key issues, such as any virtual football betting secrets that may or may not exist, where you can enjoy the best online gambling experience, and also the important question of is virtual football betting fixed?

Virtual football (also called virtual soccer to distinguish it from virtual American football) is a condensed version of the world’s favorite game, played out in front of your eyes in games that last no more than a couple of minutes at most.

As with bets placed on a real-life football match, in virtual football betting, you choose one of a selection of bets on offer, such as which team is going to win, and then sit back to enjoy the action. The games are powered by random number generators which determine the outcome of the game, which is depicted in a series of highlights from the game, so there is nothing you can do to influence the result.

The games come thick and fast, so when one match is over you will only have to wait a couple of minutes for the next game to kick off. This makes betting on virtual football a fast and fun activity.


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As with real-life football betting, when you are betting on virtual football this involves utilizing some of the same bet types, although you will have a lot fewer options than you would with a big Premier League football match. Naturally, you can bet on which team will win, or whether the game will finish as a draw, but there are a couple of other popular football bet types available too.

It is possible to place a bet on total goals scored, and correct score bets are also a popular option, plus there can be over/under bets on goals scored in the game as well.

There aren’t really any virtual football betting secrets to tell here. The games are organized simply for players to make popular bets on virtual football in rapid succession.

If you are familiar with the latest computer football games like FIFA and Pro Evolution Soccer, then you will have a very good idea of how the simulated highlights are presented when betting on virtual football on casino games.

The animation is very similar to computer game animations– although always shown from the half-way line vantage point – and the players move in a realistic manner on the pitch. Crowd noises and commentary enhance the viewing experience. And while it could never be mistaken for the real thing (for now at least) it makes for an engrossing experience when you have got a bet on the outcome.

On some options, such as bet365 virtual football or William Hill, you can find commentary by famous commentators such as Ian Darke. This makes for some interesting commentary such as virtual football league predictions.

A typical game of bet365 virtual football will take no more than a minute and a half or two minutes to be displayed and will feature five or six scoring opportunities, only some of which will generally be converted. You will find yourself cursing your virtual striker as he misses an open goal, or cheering when a long-range shot finds the target!

And best of all, you won’t have to wait long for the next game to roll around. That is because, on typical virtual-games football such as bet365 virtual football, a new match starts every three minutes.

Virtual Football Betting

Many people have a concern regarding the outcome of virtual gambling, as they feel wary of games that are not real life and thus could potentially be ‘manipulated’ by the online casino. They feel one of the big virtual football betting secrets is the fact that virtual sports betting sites can somehow fix the outcome of these games.

The plain fact is that while there are certainly some dodgy online betting sites out there, any reputable casino will only use software that has been independently vetted for fairness. Games such as bet365 virtual football, for example, has been tested independently to ensure it is fair for gamers to play.

An online casino will not risk its hard-won gaming license for the sake of a few bucks here or there, and you can rest assured that the games play out completely fairly. Online casinos are capable of making good profits without the need to engage in dodgy practices.

So just check the bottom of the page of your casino of choice to make sure it is properly licensed, and then you can place your bets without worrying about any manipulation of the result.

Many people may ask what is virtual football betting and is it fixed, and the good news is that if you play at a respectable provider, then it absolutely is not. However, you should make sure to keep an eye out for any virtual football league prediction software.

Pros and Cons of Virtual Football

Virtual football bets are not going to replace the real thing any time soon. But is certainly an entertaining way to have a small wager and enjoy a bit of football betting during the off-season, or at times when you cannot find a worthwhile bet on a real football match.

The beauty of betting on virtual football is that it allows you to place bets at any time of day or night, and is entirely flexible for the player. In addition,  it can be a great introduction to real-life football betting, as in virtual betting you have many of the most popular football betting markets available, but you don’t have to research your bet in detail. Sometimes there are issues with how to predict the correct score in virtual football and that randomness is often appealing to newcomers.

Virtual Football Betting

The virtual football teams here do not reflect any real-life versions, and so it’s a level playing field for novice and veteran football bettors. While virtual playing may not generate the visceral thrill of the real thing, it makes for a pretty decent substitute and an entertaining diversion for football fans.

Virtual football betting is not fixed, indeed, the random nature of the game means that it can be ‘fairer’ than real-life football, which is often influenced by poor decisions from officials, or by weather conditions, or even by people trying to fix matches. Additionally, new versions of virtual football games are in development, by different providers.

  • Many providers offer at least one virtual betting option. Some, like virtual soccer bet365, offer more than one.
  • Virtual football can also be called virtual soccer on some sites to differentiate it for American customers.
  • As in real-life football wagering, betting on markets that offer shorter odds in virtual football betting, are more likely to result in successful bets, than backing longer odds bets.
  • The first virtual games were context-free (each game stood individually and did not have any relation to any other virtual football game). Newer versions of electronic gaming football software can see matches played as part of a league or cup competition, with data stored from that league enabling players to conduct research on their bets.
  • The most popular virtual football betting markets include betting on the outcome of the game (home win, draw, or away win) and predicting the correct score of the game.
  • It is possible to enjoy micro-stakes betting on football as there is no minimum stakes rule on the operation.


It’s important to remember that each team in virtual football is handicapped to ensure that you get a variety of odds in each game. The handicap is used to inform the random number generator, but will not ensure a specific outcome for each game. So for example, if one game pits a strong favorite against an underdog, the strong favorite will not win every time. They may win most of the time, but there will be times when the underdog team wins, as in real-life football.

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(Works on NairaBet, Merrybet, Bet9ja e.t.c )

First of all, let me introduce myself, am MR. ONYEBUCHI F. KINGSLEY by name, a mathematician / computer software developer by Profession. Some years ago, I was involved in football gambling. Sometimes I will win my bet and later on, I will loss the money back to the Bookies especially in and website. These have been happening over and over again until I decided to make use of the little Knowledge I have acquired during the years of my study. I embark on a serious research on how to curb this problem of losing all the time, with GOD on my side, I  was able to come out with a solution to the Problem using my Mathematical model which I developed and I translated it to a Software which I called “ Bookies Enemy”. I gave it that name because the Bookies are not happy with it.

Generally, in the game of soccer, you will agree with me that, there are three possible outcomes that may likely to occur at the end of any match played. For example, Chelsea Vs Liverpool which is (1 x 2) with their various odds depending on the Bookie is to play. Now the three outcome of the game is that, either Chelsea Win or Liverpool Win or it may end up a Draw game. Now as a gambler, your prediction will be based on any of those three outcomes. If am a Liverpool fan and decided to back them up by using my hard earn money to bet, at the end of the game Chelsea won or the game ended Draw, what do you think will happen to your money? Sure, its obvious “You Loss” then the Bookies like Akin Lab…and others will grow fatter and you will become their MMMM ( Money Making Machine Mugu ) sorry for that but that’s the simple truth about it.

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Virtual Football League is a league that runs twenty-four hours a day(24/7) non-stop. Just like a normal Live Football you know, but the Virtual football league is a programmed League which works according to the instruction given by the Programmer, but ones setup, the programmer has no control over it anymore. It’s simply an online game that runs 24/7. It doesn’t sleep or stop and you’ll continuously see your earnings/profit right before you (on the screen). You can play anytime just by following and applying the simple guides/steps I’ll be revealing to you. You can do it right in your house as long as you have your computer and internet connection OR in a café if it is convenient for you just like I did when I first started.

How Does It Work

Virtual football league is made up of 16 teams. Each match lasts for 3 minutes unlike Live match that last for 90 minutes. One match represent a week match. 30 weeks made a Season, and it takes just 3 minutes for one week. So it takes (30 x 3 = 90 minutes) for a Season. Which implies that One Hour Thirty minute ( 1H/30 Minute) before a Season we end. We have 10 Season a day.  Assuming the league starts now and week one is being played. All theteams will be playing at the same time. That means within 3 minutes, week one is over. Immediately, week 2 starts and so on. Please note that everyone, everywhere in the world will be watching the same matches and be using the same results.


Virtual Football is very fast, you see your earning immediately within 3 minutes unlike Live Football you will have to wait for over 90 minutes. Secondly, VFL is a programmed League, it has been ordered by the programmer to function in a specific order with similar outcomes for each season. You will agree with me that any thing that is programmed has a Loop hole, that’s where my zeroriskvflbet secrete originated from. I have worked the Loopholes which the programmer used for the Nairabet and Merrybet even some foreign Bookmakes site that has Virtual Football League Platform. All the various Loopholes will be unveiled.

 Note: its not gambling, because in gambling you will 

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virtual football league prediction software


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