10 ft trailblazer kayak

10 ft trailblazer kayak

Price and other details may vary based on product size and color. · Pelican Sit-in Kayak -10 Feet Lightweight one Person Kayak (Argo 100X, Fade deep Blue White. Product Description · Next Gen. of the Pelican® Trailblazer Kayak · 1-person sit-in recreational kayak · Perfect for paddling calm to light surf waters · Great for. The Pelican Trailblazer 100 Kayak is an one-person sit-in kayak that is well designed and comes in a variety of colors. The.

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10 ft trailblazer kayak - agree, your

Pelican Trailblazer 100 NXT

Pelican Trailblazer 100NXT is an extremely popular 10-foot sit-in recreational kayak. Its light weight, excellent stability, and ease of use make it a no-brainer choice for thousands of beginners and casual paddlers all over the country. It does not have a ton of features, but it's got everything to ensure you have a great experience on the water.
  • Great value
  • Stable
  • Maneuverable
  • Padded seat and backrest
  • Drain plug
  • Large cockpit with a molded table
  • Multiple color options
  • No dry storage
  • No paddle holder
  • Does not like choppy water and strong wind

Pelican Trailblazer 100 NXT is a 10-foot sit-inside kayak that you are very likely to see no matter where you go paddling. While this model is designed for beginner paddlers, it does have fans from all experience ranges. The reason is its value and stability. This durable kayak offers a spacious cockpit and generous storage space. It is very light and convenient for most calm-water outings.

Pelican International is known as one of the best-managed companies in Canada and considered a leading expert in thermoforming technology as a result of having more than fifty years of experience in small-boat manufacturing. Pelican combines innovative technology with proprietary materials to manufacture sturdy kayaks with impressive longevity and safety.

Size and Weight

Pelican Trailblazer 100NXT is 10 ft (305 cm) long, 28 in (71.4 cm) wide and 14 in (35.5 cm) high and it can comfortably seat one person. Weighing only 35.6 lbs (16.2 kg), this kayak is one of the lightest 10-footers on the market. Being almost identical in dimensions, Pelican Mustang 100X is 3 pounds heavier while kayaks from other brands are heftier still.

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Pelican Trailblazer 100 NXTPicture: sightsalongtheshore

In regards to width (28 in – 71 cm), being a bit narrower than the Mustang 100X or ARGO 100X (both 29 in – 74 cm), the Trailblazer 100NXT is easy to carry on your shoulder, even by women, making this small boat a reliable and all-round paddling partner.

When compared to other Pelican kayaks of the same size, the Trailblazer with its 35.6 lbs (16.2 kg) is the lightest in the bunch: the Cove 100XP and Rise 100X both weigh 38lbs (17.2 kg), while the ARGO 100X is 41 lbs (18.6 kg). This feature allows the boat to be convenient for traveling, float better and to offer the paddler an organic connection with the water. Not to forget the ease to transport the kayak on and off the car, to and from the water.


Kayak manufacturers consider many factors when calculating a kayak’s load capacity. The primary three measurements that engineers integrate with their formulas are 1) Length, 2) Width and 3) Displacement or volume. In plain terms and without high-math calculations, it is best not to exceed two-thirds of a kayak’s maximum load capacity. Every additional pound can influence the kayak’s speed and performance.

Pelican Trailblazer 100NXT

Trailblazer’s load capacity of 275 lbs (125 kg) is rather standard in comparison to some of Pelican’s other 10-foot kayaks. The reason why Mustang 100X and ARGO 100XP have 300 lbs (136 kg) load capacity despite being 10-feet (305 cm) long is the fact that they have a slightly wider beam and higher deck.

Construction and Material

Pelican utilizes the Twin Sheet Thermoforming (TST) technology building their kayaks from RAM-X™, a proprietary multi-layer very high-density polyethylene.
This material is based on High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (HMWPE) that consists of three layers: In the first layer, the manufacturer adds vibrant colors, UV and scratch resistance. The second layer is the high-density plastic with an applied third layer of added sturdiness and durability for tremendous overall structural rigidity.

The RAM-X™ displays considerable memory characteristics (the boat quickly regains shape upon violent contact), due to the TST production process. Namely, kayaks’ decks and hulls are melded together during the thermoforming process, which results in added longevity, strength and impact resistance.

The RAM-X™ polyethylene is a light but robust material that requires minimum care and maintenance. The two weaknesses it does have are: 1) in rare circumstances sharp objects can pierce it through; 2) it requires some skills, time and appropriate materials to patch a hole.

Pelican International is candid when it comes to environmental awareness and giving back to nature. They put the money where their mouth is by manufacturing their kayaks with 99% recycled material gathered during the early stages of the production process.


Passionate multi-kayak owners unanimously agree on one thing: Pelican kayaks are recognizable for spacious and comfortable cockpits. You can rarely find a wider or longer paddling space in a kayak. Trailblazer’s cockpit is 42.5 in (108 cm) long, 20.5 in (52 cm) wide and 14 in (35.5 cm) high.

Pelican Trailblazer 100 NXTPicture: Wild Wonderful Weekends

Trailblazer’s cockpit occupies a significant section of the vessel, making it easy to enter and exit while keeping the kayak well balanced. It comes with some exciting features such as the molded table with a bungee cord where you can strap a water bottle and a molded cup/bottle holder in the seat. Below the front deck, there is a tightly stretched net where you may want to keep your phone or other personal items easily accessible.

Due to the particularly spacious cockpit without bulkheads, gear or camping necessities can safely be stored and protected from falling off into the water and bring extra stability with smart weight distribution.


The Trailblazer 100NXT offers some serious comfort with the ErgoBase™ padded seat and adjustable ErgoForm™ padded backrest. The cushioned seat with a molded cup holder, a cockpit table with a bungee cord, adjustable footrests and storage net all contribute to an enjoyable paddling experience.

Pelican Trailblazer 100 NXTPicture: sightsalongtheshore

Thigh Pads

Pelican Trailblazer 100 NXT does not include knee pads, which is understandable for such a budget-friendly boat. Admittedly, cushioned knee pads are always a useful feature to have in a kayak, especially for longer trips.


Pelican Trailblazer 100 NXT features molded footrests with four predetermined positions. This construction is great when several people use the boat at the same time as you don’t have to re-adjust the footpegs. However, there’s always a risk that your ideal foot position will be in between the footrest positions. It is always a good idea to test those before buying the kayak.

Pelican Trailblazer 100 NXTPicture: Wild Wonderful Weekends

Paddle Holder

Pelican Trailblazer 100 NXT does not have a paddle holder or even an indent on the cockpit rim to put the paddle across the boat. This is really a shame: a simple bungee cord-based paddle holder may seem like a tiny feature but it adds a ton of comfort on the water (think pausing to take a picture or a snack).


Pelican Trailblazer 100 NXT comes with basic storage options that won’t impress anyone but should be enough for short recreational trips that this kayak is designed for.

Starting with the bow, you get a small storage platform on the front deck secured with a V-shaped bungee cord. It is perfect for items you may need on the water, such as a rain jacket or a lunch bag.

Pelican Trailblazer 100 NXT

In front of the cockpit, there is a molded cockpit table with three compartments and a bottle holder. Another bungee cord holds everything in place.

Pelican Trailblazer 100 NXT

Depending on your height and how long your legs are, you may be able to put quite a lot of stuff inside the hull in front of you. Just make sure everything is inside a dry bag. Alternatively, you can use this space to add a float bag and greatly improve the safety of the kayak.

Under the cockpit table, there’s a small storage net for small items.

Pelican Trailblazer 100 NXT

At the stern, you have a decently sized tank well with two mesh covers above it. We prefer traditional bungee cords (and the Trailblazer used to have them up to 2018), but Pelican must have their reasons to replace them with the mesh covers.

Pelican Trailblazer 100 NXT

One thing we don’t like about the tank well is that it is not separated from the cockpit. Any water that gets there will drain right on the seat and then into the cockpit. It does not just give a wetter ride but can be dangerous in some situations


The Trailblazer has two nifty ergonomic carrying handles located at the bow and stern positioned for two people to carry the kayak. However, being very lightweight, feel free to hold the kayak by any part of the body you find comfortable. In case you’ve had a long paddling session, dragging the kayak is also an option because of the material strength.


The Trailblazer 100NXT is a beginner-favorite due to the stability resulted from its hull design. The twin-arched multichine, flat-in-the-middle hull, accommodates inexperienced paddlers with safety and great primary and secondary balance. The 28-inch beam, as well as the overall even weight distribution, add to the kayak’s stability and steady behavior out in the water.

You need to be aware that this kayak is not intended for rough waters, strong currents and winds. These weather conditions can cause the kayak to capsize or fill with water. Without bulkheads, it will be very difficult to empty it.

Maneuverability and Tracking

If we look at the Trailblazer’s shape, we can see that the bow and stern fade to a pointed keel which certainly assists during tracking. The kayak’s smooth and narrow surface causes minimal traction on the water, cutting it effortlessly. As a result, the boat displays stable tracking in a straight line when paddling evenly.

The Trailblazer is a very easy-to-master kayak due to the boat’s responsiveness and straightforward maneuverability. Even if you’re a long-time kayaker, it is always a good idea to put on a life vest while on the water.


The Trailblazer’s narrow bow and stern and broad beam, predispose the kayak to pick up speed fast, maintain it while paddling, but slow down quickly due to being wide for a 10-feet long kayak. It does not have sufficient overall length to keep going with the same speed if not paddling.

Although the Trailblazer 100NXT is not considered particularly fast kayak, it is capable of providing tons of excitement and speed in no time, as long as you paddle.


Pelican uses their proprietary RAM-X™ multi-layer, UV-stabilized and extremely impact-resistant material to achieve one goal – to produce kayaks with significant longevity.

The results of the innovative RAM-X™ material are creating very light products (the TST technology uses less material per boat) that are very difficult to break or deform. In a rare situation, should the body gets a deep cut or a crack, patching it can be a laborious task.

Trailblazer’s material elasticity quickly regains shape even after a violent collision with a hard object in the water or ashore. Paying more attention to murky waters is a good idea even with such a well built kayak.

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The Trailblazer 100NXT requires minimal maintenance. However, to make sure that the kayak always performs well, here are some general rules to follow:

Regardless of how uneventful the paddling has been, upon arrival home, always check the hull for cracks, abrasions or more serious breaches. Light nicks and scratches are a normal part of the experience. In case the hull has been dented or if you notice deep scratches, follow these instructions:

The most effective way to patch a hole is to heat-weld new HWM PE or HDPE plastic piece into the cracks. It’s best to use a flat surface such as a soldering iron by utilizing welding techniques to bond the material for an air-tight lasting patch. This procedure takes some skill but is a relatively simple process. Do not use chemical products or abrasives. If you haven’t previously done similar reparations, we strongly recommend seeking professional help.

Always check the straps, buckles, hatch cover and cords if they hold a strong elasticity. If any of the moving parts become loose, it is better to replace them.

Store your kayak on its side, never on the hull. To protect your kayak, provide shelter from the sun. To prevent heat build-up, do not cover the boat with tarp laying directly on its surface. Leave adequate air space to allow for air circulation. If possible, it is best to store your kayak inside for the winter. Don’t allow water to accumulate between the deck and hull and freeze.

Transportation can cause damage if the kayak isn’t fastened firmly. Make sure you load it and unload it with care.


Pelican offers a limited lifetime warranty on its RAM-X™, RAM-X PREMIUM™ and POLY-XR™ boats (hull and deck) and a 1-year warranty on product parts and accessories.

This Limited Lifetime Warranty is not valid unless registration is submitted within 30 days of retail purchase.

You can register your product via their website (click here) or by completing and returning the registration card found in your owner’s manual.

You can find the complete terms and conditions of the warranty on Pelican’s website.

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Pelican Trailblazer 100 Kayak - Our opinion and review

A review of our new Pelican Trailblazer 100 kayak.

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Pelican Trailblazer 100 NXT Kayak

With an update on an old favorite, the Pelican® Trailblazer NXT Kayak boasts plenty of new features! Much like the original Trailblazer, the NXT is easy to paddle and very stable, making it perfect for beginners. This Next Gen boat features padded, comfortable seat and back, plus molded footrests for those long trips. You’ll enjoy the cockpit table with bottle and accessory storage options.


  • Next Gen. of the Pelican® Trailblazer Kayak
  • 1-person sit-in recreational kayak
  • Perfect for paddling calm to light surf waters
  • Great for beginners
  • Offers tremendous stability
  • Easy to paddle
  • Twin-arched multi-chine hull
  • Constructed with RAM-X™ impact resistant materials
  • ErgoBase™ seat pad
  • Molded footrests for comfort
  • ErgoForm™ padded backrest for superior comfort
  • Cockpit table featuring a bottle holder and separate, accessory compartments
  • Additional bottle holder in the seat
  • Drain plug
  • Carry handles for easy transport to and from the shore
  • Stern storage tank well with bungee cord to secure items
  • Bungee cord (Fire Red color features braided style cord)
  • Paddle not included

  • Length: 10’
  • Carry weight: 36 lbs.
  • Maximum weight capacity: 275 lbs.
  • Width: 29"
  • Depth: 14"
  • Beam: 28"
  • Cockpit dimensions: 20.5"W x 42.5"L
  • Country of Origin : Imported
  • Brand : Pelican
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Pelican Trailblazer 100 Kayak Review [2021] − A Great Cheap Recreational Kayak

There’s something to be said for having the right tool for the job. Why break the bank when the simpler and cheaper option will do? If you’re looking for a kayak that can handle your weekend outings to the local lake, consider the Pelican Trailblazer 100. 

The Canadian based company Pelican has been producing a range of kayaks for over 50 years. In addition to recreational kayaks like the Pelican Trailblazer 100 NXT, you can also find quality angling and expedition models. 

After my Pelican Trailblazer 100 kayak review, I came away happy with its overall performance on mellow and calm water. While not capable of multi-day outings or able to handle rough water conditions, it has impressive maneuverability and the sort of stabilityyou expect from a recreational kayak.


  • A price-efficient model that gets you on the water for cheap
  • Lightweight and small size makes it one of the easiest hard-sided kayaks to transport


  • The seat could be more comfortable
  • Struggles to track in windy conditions and gets blown off course when you stop paddling

Things To Consider Before Buying a Pelican Trailblazer 100

Picture of the Pelican Trailblazer 100

With so many types of kayaks available on the open market, it’s important to select the proper model. While the Pelican Trailblazer 100 NXT will suit many needs, it should be limited to calm water paddles in a protected setting. This is not a boat designed for water conditions that have the potential for bad weather.

If you’re looking for a recreational kayak that can handle a bit more weather, consider a better performing, albeit more expensive model like the Old Town Sorrento 106sk. 

Although it is one of the more easily transported hard-sided kayaks, the Trailblazer 100 is still ten-feet long and requires dedicated storage space, preferably with protection from the sun and rain. 

The Pelican Trailblazer 100 is a sit-in kayak that can be outfitted with a spray skirt. This will keep any waves or rain from falling into the cockpit.


Picture of the Pelican Trailblazer 100
  • Length: 10 feet
  • Width: 28 inches
  • Cockpit Dimensions: 23.5 inches
  • Weight: 38 pounds
  • Load Capacity: 275 pounds



Most hard-sided kayaks in the recreational category are made of a cheap and durable plastic called polyethylene. The Trailblazer 100 NXT is made of a similar plastic exclusive to Pelican called Ram-X.

The material has similar durability, able to handle most drops, bumps, and on-water collisions. Should the hull become warped after a violent impact, it will regain its original shape after a short period of time.


As an entry-level model, the Pelican Trailblazer 100 won’t be winning any drag races. That should be fine for this kayak’s intended purpose on low-key lakes and rivers. I wouldn’t attempt any long trips since the going would be slow. 

The same can be said if paddling in a group. Chances are you’ll be working hard to keep up if your fellow paddlers are sporting boats with a longer or narrower hull. 


The short keel is forgiving and responsive. The Trailblazer 100 NXT is capable of sharp turns and more experienced paddlers will be surprised at how tight they can get it to maneuver when they integrate their hips. 

In rougher water, the boat’s overall performance diminishes and the responsiveness decreases noticeably.


Kayak seats always seem to be a mixed bag. I’ll give Pelican credit, the Trailblazer 100’s seat isn’t that bad. There’s some padding in the seat and the backrest provides some modicum of support. For an hour or two I think it’s fine, but being in that seat for several hours isn’t appealing.

Stability & Tracking

Like many entry-level boats, the Trailblazer 100 NXT has gone out of its way to provide as much stability as possible. The 28-inch wide hull keeps you upright and comfortable in most recreational settings.

The boat’s hull sits low in the water and the wide base gives you a solid center of gravity that makes tipping a challenge. Some have managed to bring their well-behaved small or medium-sized canine companions on the water with them. 

Even in minor chop, I was pleasantly surprised by how solid it felt underneath. But there’s no skeg or rudder implemented into the Trailblazer 100 so the paddler is on their own to maintain their course and direction. If you stop paddling while in the wind or waves, the boat has a tendency to drift.

The wide cockpit does get you in a bit of trouble. If waves do pop up water can quickly fill the seat. 


The hard plastic hull can take a pounding. But that doesn’t mean that you should be careless with it. Any kayak, regardless of the material it’s made of, will show signs of wear and tear if you treat it poorly.

To ensure a long life from your kayak, always carry your kayak to water’s edge in lieu of dragging it. On the water watch for submerged rocks or branches that can scrape and scratch the hull. Approach beaches carefully, especially when the water is rough, and aim for soft landings.


While many single kayaks are 15 feet long or more, the Trailblazer 100’s short frame makes it easier to load and transport. I’d still recommend some sort of roof rack if you have to drive to your paddle spot, but 10 feet is much easier to fit on most vehicles.

The same can be said for the weight. At 38 pounds, this is a boat many can safely carry on their own over short distances. Handles are installed on the bow and stern to help with two-person carries. 

Features & Accessories

I’ve never seen a kayak with so many different color options. You have your choice of ten different color palettes with the Trailblazer 100. 

The adjustable foot pegs make life easier and more comfortable for a variety of leg lengths and help compensate for the somewhat uncomfortable chair.

For storage there’s a closed hatch located in the stern, though it isn’t waterproof. Bungee cords are installed in front of the seat to hold any items you want access to while paddling. There’s even a bottle holder to keep your favorite beverage close at hand. Remember to always drink and paddle responsibly.

Another bungee cord can be used to keep your paddle secure when you want your hands free or need to take a break.


While more expensive than many inflatable recreational kayaks, you get a better performing boat with some included storage space. Plus, you don’t have to worry about inflating and deflating at the end of every outing.

Unlike some kayaks in the recreational field, there aren’t any included accessories with your purchase, like a paddle. There’s no way to incorporate a second paddler into the Pelican Trailblazer 100 NXT. 

I also wish that a skeg or rudder had been included. While not always necessary, I find them useful especially with paddlers that are just getting started and may need help keeping the boat tracking straight. 

But it’s definitely a step up from a maneuverability standpoint which can mean a less frustrating afternoon on the water as you learn the finer points of paddling.


After spending some time looking at reviews online, I found the Trailblazer 100 had a pretty good approval rating. Most were impressed with its stability and trusted it enough to use at summer camps or to teach new paddlers.


There’s no shortage of makes, models, and designs in the field of recreational kayaks. If you’re looking for something on the higher or lower end of the financial scale, here are three of my favorite alternatives to the Pelican Trailblazer 100.

Sun Dolphin Aruba 10

Picture of the Aruba 10

Priced a little more expensively from some retailers, the Sun Dolphin Aruba 10 is a nine-and-a-half-foot recreational kayak. 

In many ways it mimics the Pelican Trailblazer 100 with an expansive cockpit, impressive maneuverability, and lightweight design (40 pounds). You’ll also find a similar bow hatch and a seat that consumers say could be improved. It does have a slightly lower load capacity, able to carry 250 pounds compared to the Trailblazer’s 275.

So why is it more expensive? While still a stable boat, the hull has a more V-shaped design which cuts down on water resistance and increases the Aruba’s speed. 

  • More expensive with similar features
  • Lacks storage capacity 
  • The seat could be more comfortable
  • The hull design makes it faster despite being shorter

Read our full review of the Sun Dolphin Aruba 10.

Future Beach Fusion 124

Picture of the Fusion 124

Another entry-level kayak designed with stability in mind. Able to carry 300 pounds, the Future Beach Fusion 124 sports a watertight stern hatch which makes it better suited for longer trips. The luxury means it does come at a higher price point than the Trailblazer 100 and the Aruba 10. 

The wide cockpit causes similar challenges with water spilling into the seat in rough water. It does seem to handle the chop a little better which makes it more capable on rivers. A v-shaped hull design brings a little more speed to the table too.

It’s definitely still a recreational kayak that has no business in serious weather. It’s drawn similar criticism for its uncomfortable chair with some users going as far as to call it a “spine buster.”

  • Watertight storage space
  • Better tracking and overall performance in rough water
  • Uncomfortable seat limits how long you’ll want to sit in it

Intex Challenger K1

Intex Challenger K1 Kayak picture

The cheapest of the alternative options, the Intex Challenger K1 is an inflatable. This makes it more cost-efficient but it does hamper the boat’s overall performance.

It remains focused on providing a stable and user-friendly design and some casual beginners may flock to it for its price efficiency and included accessories such as the paddle and air pump. 

It lacks the durability of a hard-sided boat. While I wouldn’t call it flimsy, you should exercise more caution with inflatables to ensure they stay in good shape.

While it tracks fine in calm water conditions, wind or waves will quickly wreak havoc with the boat’s maneuverability, tracking, and speed. 

  • Terrific price with included goodies like a paddle and air pump
  • Easy set-up and minimal storage space
  • Falters in wind and waves, even on lakes and calm rivers
  • Lacks storage space or the ability to install a spray skirt

Read our full review of the Intex Challenger K1.


As a recreational kayak for the casual weekend warrior, the Pelican Trailblazer 100 gets the job done. It’s a maneuverable and stable platform that is a joy to paddle regardless of experience level. 

While lacking some of the included goodies of other recreational models and no installed skeg, the cost efficiency, light weight, and portability make it one of the best budget hard-sided kayaks on the market.

If you’re interested in learning more about Pelican Kayaks pricing and availability you can visit their website. 

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The Pelican Trailblazer 100 kayak is a very popular boat. No matter where you go, you will always see someone paddling one of them. It is an entry level recreation sit-in kayak that is manufactured by Pelican International Inc.; a Canadian company that has been in business for over 50 years and is a recipient of the prestigious Canada’s Best Managed Companies award. It is sold by both Dick’s Sporting Goods and through their subsidiary Field and Stream at a price point of $199.00.


The Casual Outdoorsman wanted to find out why this is such a popular boat. Was it just the price?  Is there some secret that only Trailblazers owners know about? We didn’t know, so we took one out and put it through its paces.

At First Glance:

We have to admit, at first glance, this boat stands out from others in the recreational class of kayak because of the two tone color scheme Pelican uses.  We were also surprised to learn that it is available in 10 different colors.

Colorful Kayak


At 10 ft. long and 28 inches wide, it comes standard with adjustable foot pegs, bungee cords on the front deck and has a small non-watertight storage space on the rear deck. The built in dashboard has a small tray for storing little items and the seat has a small cup holder.

Instead of using polyethylene as most recreational kayak manufacturers do, the Trailblazer is constructed from RAM-X which is a material exclusive to Pelican. It is highly impact-resistant and normally regains its shape after violent impacts.

At only 38 lbs., this boat was very light for a 10 foot recreational kayak. It was very easy to load and unload from the top of a car. This is a plus because many others in this class weigh 45 lbs. and up which on the surface does not sound like much, but when loading solo, makes a huge difference.

The cockpit is large and spacious. At 51.25 inches long and 23.5 inches wide, it is an easy boat to enter and egress from.

It’s weight capacity is 275 lbs. which is average for this type of boat. Yes, there are others like the Perception Swifty 95, Old Town Vapor 10, and Ascend D10 which have capacities of 300 plus, but none of those are anywhere near the price point that the Pelican is.

On The Water:


The twin-arched hull provides excellent stability and a dry ride which will allow the new paddler to become very comfortable very quick. On calm, smooth water, the Trailblazer tracks reasonably well for a 10 ft. kayak without a skeg and though it is not a fast boat, it is easy to maneuver and performs as you would expect an entry level kayak to do. It does however have a tendency to turn when you stop paddling.

The seat is minimally padded and the adjustable backrest provides minimal support when compared to other higher priced kayaks. After being in the Trailblazer cockpit for an hour, we needed a break.

When we paddled it into windy conditions, we discovered the Trailblazer is highly susceptible to weather-cocking making it difficult to keep it on track.

In the choppy water that we ventured into, (1 foot wind blown waves) though we never felt as though the Trailblazer was going to tip over, it was very hard to keep it on track and the large open cockpit which earlier we loved for it’s ease of entry allowed a lot of splash into the boat.



  1. Great price point
  2. Very stable
  3. Well built
  4. Easy to enter and exit from
  5. Easy to paddle on calm water
  6. Lots of colors to choose from
  7. Light weight



  1. Seat is not very comfortable for long periods of time
  2. Weather cocking in windy conditions
  3. Does not perform well in choppy water



We loved the Trailblazer for what it was designed for, recreational paddling on calm flat water. It’s a great kayak to paddle around your favorite lake or pond, a slow smooth flowing creek or protected inland coastal waters. Though you can paddle it in choppy and windy conditions in our opinion it is not the best choice for that kind of venture.

It was designed for the person who wants to get out on the water, have fun and not sink a ton of money into that endeavor while still getting a well made boat.  It is a great entry level kayak that won’t break your bank account to get into and you won’t feel like you wasted your money as long as you understand it’s uses and limitations.



Jaucque, Dave and Ty



Special thanks to Pelican Sport and Dick’s Sporting Goods










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Trailblazer 100NXT recreational kayak

The TRAILBLAZER 100 NXT recreational sit-in kayak is designed to meet the needs of even the most demanding recreational paddlers. Built on a double arch, multi-chine hull, this kayak provides excellent stability, maneuverability and responsiveness for an unmatched level of performance. At 10 feet in length and weighing only 36 lb, it features molded footrests and an adjustable ERGOFORM™ padded backrest for added comfort. Made from our impact-resistant RAM-X™material, this sit-in kayak stands out because of its durability and will quickly become your ideal companion for your next water adventure.KS10,275

Functionalities & Materials

Stable: The twin-arched multi-chine hull offers excellent stability giving you a secure and steady ride. It also makes it incredibly easy to get in and out of the kayak.

Safe: Added floating blocks on each side of the kayak along with a flatter hull type ensures you safety and peace of mind during your ride. Holds a maximum capacity of 275 lb.

Lightweight: Our kayaks being made with exceptionally durable high molecular density polyethylene, less material is needed to produce each boat. At 10 ft and weighing only 36 lb, it makes the perfect kayak for those looking for easy storage and transportation.

Resistant: Our patented RAM-X™ material is known for its high resistance to impacts and will make your kayak last through time.

Comfortable: Paddle in comfort with an adjustable ERGOFORM™ padded backrest with ERGOBASE™ seat pad.

Material: Polyethylene


Platform: KS10
Max weight: 275 lb - 124.74 kg
Length: 120 in - 304.8 cm
Height: 14 in - 35.56 cm
Width: 28 in - 71.12 cm
Weight: 36 lb - 16.33 kg

Источник: [https://torrent-igruha.org/3551-portal.html]
10 ft trailblazer kayak


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