Basic whey protein bar decathlon

basic whey protein bar decathlon

Basic whey protein bar Decathlon (1 g) contain(s) milligram(s) of sugar, milligram(s) of protein, milligram(s) of fat, 0 grams of fiber and › decathlon-basic-protein-bar. Whey Protein Bar. Decathlon, 60 gram. Calories: · Carbs: 25g · Fat: 6g ; crisp protein bar. Decathlon, gram. Calories: · Carbs: 32g · Fat: 12g ; basic.

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Whey Protein by Decathlon basic whey protein bar decathlon


  1. Really liked this video. Excellent work on putting this video together. I just ordered one of these derma rollers. I hope I have good results. Thanks again!

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