Dandy dart folding camper

dandy dart folding camper

K3c trailer, K4b GMC, K8b Guy Transporter, K8b Laing Trailer, 259 - Citroen le Dandy - Spotlight Bar 828/829 - Jeep tin screen (folding type). ABCC=ABC Coach Co.; ABCH=ABC Homes; ABCO=ABCO Trailer Mfg. Co.; BJTL=Big John Trailers, Inc.; BKDN=Buck Dandy Co.; BKHM=Beckham Trailer, Inc.;. Home of the original Dandy folding camper trailer caravan, Riva Dandy pop up, fold out camper trailer tent, sales and service, established 40 years. dandy dart folding camper

Consider: Dandy dart folding camper

Dandy dart folding camper
Dandy dart folding camper
Dandy dart folding camper
Dandy dart folding camper

Caravan Clubs

Dandy Owners Club

Dandy Owners Club

The Dandy Owners Club was established in 1995 as a club for the owners of Dandy Folding Campers. They now have over 250 members and hold regular rallies across the Great Britain at camping and caravan sites.

“The Club produces its own quarterly magazine which is full of information, technical articles, and rally reports and much more.”

Owners of Dandy or Riva folding campers can qualify as members and the current (2013) annual membership fee is £15 – with the first two nights free as a new rally member gift.

Link to club website: Dandy Owners Club

There is also a separate Yahoo Group for Dandy and Riva Owners

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Caravanwise offer folding camper insurance for Dandy and Riva Folding campers.

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The Buckmobile Co.; BCKM=Buckmobile Co. or

The Buckmobile Co.; BCKY=Backyard Trailers, LLC; BCMW=Beacon Metal Works; BDBY=Bad Boy, Inc, dandy dart folding camper. (low speed elec. veh.); BDFL=Bender-Florin; BEAC=Beachcomber Inds., dandy dart folding camper, Ltd.; Mini bowling bag BEAE=Beaver Monterey Motor Home; BEAI=Beaird Payliner; BEAL=Beall, Inc.; BEAM=Beach-Craft Motor Homes Corp.; BEAN=Bear Industrial Trailers; BEAR=Motor Homes of America, Inc.; BEAT=Beall Trans-Liner, Inc.; BEAU=Beaumont (for reference only; see ACAD); BEAV=Beaver Trailer; BEBE=Bebe; BEBO=Bee Bob Trailers; BEC=Beck Camping Trailer; BECK=Becker, Charles H., Inc.; BECK=Charles H. Becker, Inc.; BEDE=Bedell Trailers; BEDF=Bedford; BEDX=Statesman Mobile Home; BEDX=Bendix Corp.; BEEA=Beechcraft Dandy dart folding camper Home; BEEC=Beechwood Inds., Inc.; BEEE=Bee-Line Travel Trailers or Mobile Homes, Inc.; BEEG=Beemer & Grubb Enterprises; BEEH=Beechwood Motor Home; BEEI=Bee Trailers, Inc.; BEEM=Beemer Trailer Mfg. & Sales; BEET=Beeat Truck Mount Camper; BEIL=Beiler Hydraulics, Inc.; BEJE=Beijing Why do spinning reels have reverse BELA=Bel-Aire Campers or Coaches; BELE=Bel-Aire Mobile Homes; BELF=Bell Mfg. Corp.; BELH=Belshe Trailer; BELL=Bella Casa Co.; BELN=Bellamy's Mfr. & Research Products; BELN=Bellamys Mfr. & Research Products; BELP=Bellaire Products; BELR=Bellews Perris Balley Campers; BELR=Bellew's Perris Balley Campers; BELS=Bells Camp Trailers; BELS=Bell's Camp Trailers; BELT=Bells Custom Coaches; BELT=Bell's Custom Coaches; BELU=Belarus Machinery, Inc.; BELV=Belvedere Mobile Homes; BEND=Bendron Enterprises; BENE=Benelli (Italy); BENL=Benlo Co.; BENS=Benson Truck Bodies, Inc.; BENT=Bentley; BEPO=Beaird-Poulan Div., Emerson Electric Co.; BERE=Berkeley Pump Co.; BERG=Bergantine; BERH=Berkshire Inds.; BERK=Berkley; BERM=Bermar Mfg. Corp.; BERO=Bertone; BERR=Bering; BERT=Bertran Trailer; BERU=Bermuda Bikes (for reference only; see FLAN); BERV=Ber-Vac (Canada); BESA=Besasie Automobile Co., Inc.; BEST=Best Lane Enterprises, Inc. (dba-Ramp Free); BETA=Beta; BETE=Betten France Transportation; BETH=Bethany Fellowship; BETT=Better Built; BEVR=Beaver Mfg. Corp.; BFOS=B. Foster & Co.; BFSC=B & F Specialties Co.; BGBE=Big Bee Trailers; BGCF=Big Chief Motorsports; BGCH=Big Bear Choppers; BGDG=Big Dog Custom Motorcycles, Inc.; BGHM=Bingham; BGLG=Biglug Trailer Works; BGTI=B & G Trailers, Inc.; BGVW=Bridgeview Mfg., LLC; BHME=Burlington Homes of Maine; BHNK=Behnke Enterprises; BHWS=B H Workman & Sons, Inc. (Workman and Sons, Inc.); BHWS=B H Workman & Sons, Inc.
(Workman and Sons, Inc.); BHZD=Biohazard Cycles, Inc.; BIAN=Snark (mfd. by Bianchi Co., Italy; national distributor is Snark Mopeds, Inc.); BIAN=Bianchi; BIBB=Bibb Welding & Trailers, LLC; BIBK=Big Inch Bikes; BIDD=Biddle; BIEW=Biewer Inds.; BIGB=Big Bubbas; BIGB=Big Bubba's; BIGF=Bigfoot Ind., Inc.; BIGH=Big Horn Trailer; BIGI=Big Well Inds.; BIGJ=Big Joe Mfg. Co.; BIGM=Bigman Electric Vehicles or B.I.G. Man (low speed vehicle); BIGT=Big Tex; BIGV=Big Valley Trailers, Inc.; BIGW=Big W Sales; BILE=Biltmore Mobile Homes; BILK=Bilken Enterprises; BILL=Bills Welding Model Trailer; BILR=Biltrite Mobile Homes; BILT=Biltwell (or Builtwell); BILT=Builtwell; BIMO=Bi-Motor Stallion; BIMT=Bimota Motorcycles; BINK=Binkley Co., The; BINS=Binks Mfg. Co.; BINT=Bintelli; BIOT=Biot Camping Trailer; BIRD=Bird; BIRE=Max Trailer; BIRE=Bird Engineering, dandy dart folding camper, Inc.; BIRK=Birkin Cars (Pty), Ltd.; BIRM=Birmingham Mfg. Co., dandy dart folding camper, Inc.; BISN=Bison Mfg., LLC; BITT=Bitter; BIVO=Bivouac Inds., Inc.; BIZZ=Bizzarrini; BJAA=Baja Custom Trailers; BJCT=BJs Custom Trailers; BJCT=BJ's Custom Trailers; BJEN=B & J Enterprises, Inc.; BJMC=BJ Mfg. Co.; BJMS=Bill James Trailer Sales; BJTL=Big John Trailers, Inc.; BKDN=Buck Dandy Co.; BKHM=Beckham Trailer, Inc.; BKTK=Back Track Trailers; BLAB=Black Built; BLAC=Black Diamond Trailer, Inc.; BLAD=Blade; BLAE=Blazer; BLAH=Blanchard Foundry Co.; BLAI=Blair Horse Trailer; BLAK=Black Diamond Enterprises; BLAN=Blanco (for reference only; see INGL); BLAO=Blaw-Knox Construction Equipment Co.; BLAR=Blaze Inds.; BLAS=Blaines Custom Mfg. Service; BLAS=Blaine's Custom Mfg. Service; BLAW=Blackwell Burner Co.; BLAZ=Blazon Mobile Homes Corp.; BLCH=Builders Choice; BLDC=Black & Decker; BLDG=Bulldog Trailers Sales, Inc.; BLDM=Blademor; BLGA=Blue Gator Boat Trailer; BLGR=Bluegrass Trailer Sales, dandy dart folding camper, Inc. (dba- Bluegrass Trailer Mfg.); BLIN=B-Line Farm Equipment; BLIN=B Line Farm Equipment Co.; BLIT=Blitz Mfg. Co.; BLIX=Blix Coach; BLIZ=Blizzard Mfg., Inc.; BLJX=Bil-Jax, Inc.; BLKB=Black Bear Mfg.; BLKE=Bulk Equipment Mfr., Inc.; BLKH=Black Hawk Bikes or Blackhawk Motor Works, Dandy dart folding camper BLKH=Blackhawk Motor Works, Inc., or Black Hawk Bikes; BLKI=Bulk Solutions, LLC or Bulk International S. DE R.L. DE C.V.; BLKS=Bulk Solutions, LLC; BLKT=Blackstone Trailer Company LP; BLLU=Bellue's Welding; BLLU=Bellues Welding; BLLV=Bellview Camper; BLMT=Belmont Machine; BLOM=Bloomer Trailer Mfg., Inc.; BLOO=Bloom, Inc.; BLOT=Ballot; BLRG=Blueridge Trailers; BLRT=Bilt-Rite Trailers, Inc.; BLST=Blake Trailers; BLTL=Blair Trailers, Inc.; BLTR=Bullet Trailers, Inc.; BLUB=Blue Bird Body Co.; BLUE=Blue Ribbon Coach Co.; BLUG=Honey Motor Home; Dandy dart folding camper Ridge Pre-Built Homes; BLUG=Blue-Ridge Pre-Built Mobile Homes; BLUI=Bluebird Intl.; BLUJ=Blue Trailer; BLUJ=Blue, John Co.; BLUJ=John Blue Co.; BLUL=Blueline Dandy dart folding camper. Co., Inc.; BLUN=Blue Line Industries, LLC; BLUT=Blue Ribbon Trailers, Ltd.; BLWB=Big Lowboy S. DE R.L. DE C.V.; BLYD=Billy Dozier Trailers; BMBM=B-M-B Mfg. Co.; BMBM=B.M.B. Mfg. Co.; BMBR=Bombardier, Inc.; BMBR=Ski-Doo; BMBR=Recreational Products Group; BMBR=Moto-Ski; BMBR=Bombardier; BMC=B M C; BMC=BMC; BMCM=BMC Motorcycle Co.; BMEQ=Boise Mobile Equipment; BMFT=BMF Trailer Works, LLC; BMMF=B & M Mfg. Co.; BMMF=Haul-Rite Boat Trailer; BMMF=Sea King Boat Trailer; BMMM=Easy-Haul; BMMM=Beatrice Motor Mart Mfg.; BMOF=Blue Mountain Outfitters, Inc.; BMSM=BMS Motorsports; BMTR=Boat Master Trailers; BMW=BMW (Germany); BMW=BMW
X1; BMW=BMW dandy dart folding camper BMW=BMW; BMX=BMX; BNDR=Bounder Motor Home; BNDT=Bandit Industries; BNHR=Ben Hur; BNLX=Brown Lenox & Co., Ltd.; BNMT=BNM Trailer Sales, Inc.; BNST=B & S Boat Trailer Mfg. Co.; BNTM=Bantam; BNZA=Bonanza; BNZH=Benzhou Vehicle Industry Grp. Co., Ltd.; BOAN=Boanza Mobile Homes; BOAR=Boardman Co.; BOAS=Boa Ski; BOAS=Alsport; BOAS=Boa-Ski Alsport, Ltd.; BOAS=Alsport/Boa-Ski; BOAT=Boatel Ski; BOB=Bob S Trailer; BOBB=Bobbi-Kar; BOBC=Bob Coons; BOBK=Bobko, Inc.; BOBM=Bobbys Custom Camper Mfg.; BOBM=Bobby's Custom Camper Mfg.; BOCA=Bocar; BOCE=Broce Mfg. Co.; BOCK=Bock Products, Inc.; BOCS=Bo Cats, Inc.; BOCT=Bobcat Skid Steer Loader (for reference only; see MELR); BOCT=Bobcat (for reference only; see MELR); BODZ=Bod-Eze; BOER=Inter-National Crane & Trailer, Inc.; BOER=Boerne Trailer Mfg.; BOHN=Bohnenkamp�s Whitewater Customs, Inc.; BOHU=Bolens (for reference only; see OPED); BOIS=Boise Cascade Mobile Home; BOLA=Boles-Aero, Inc.; BOLE=Bolens (for reference only; see OPED); BOLG=Bolinger Flatbed Trailer; BOLR=Boler Mfg., Ltd.; BOMA=Bo-Mar Mfg. Co.; BOMB=Bombardier; BOMB=Bombardier, Ltd.; BOMB=Ski Doo; BOMB=Bombardier (Canada--also see Can-Am & Puch); BOMF=Bomford & Evershed, Ltd. (England); BOMG=Bomag Trailer; BONA=Bon-Aire Homes, Inc.; BONC=Bonanza Travel Coach, Inc.; BOND=Bond; BONE=Bond Mobile Homes, Inc.; BONI=Bonnieville Mfg. Co.; BOOM=Boom Trikes USA; BOON=Boone Trailers, Inc.; BORC=Borg Co.; BORF=Born Free; BORG=Borgward; BOSM=Boss Motorsports; BOSP=Boss Powersports; BOSS=Boss Hoss Cycle, Inc.; BOTL=Boatel Trailer; BOUL=Boulder Trailer; BOUR=Bourg Chemical Distrib., Inc.; BOWE=Bowers Mfg. Co.; BOWI=Bowie Inds. Corp.; BOWM=Bowman & Sons; BOWN=Charmer Mobile Home; BOWN=Bowen Mobile Homes, Inc.; BOWS=Bowsman Trailers; BOXR=Boxer Trailer; BOYD=Boyd, E.G., Trailer Co.; BOYD=E.G. Boyd Trailer Co.; BOYE=Boyesen, Inc.; BOYL=Boylon Sales, Inc.

(low-speed vehicles); BOYL=Boylon Sales, Inc.
(low-speed vehicles); BOYR=Boyer Inds.; BOZR=Bonanza & Rawhide Trailer Co.; BQGR=B Q Grills; BRAC=Braco Custom Products; BRAD=Brandt Trailers, Inc.; BRAF=Bradford Inds.; BRAL=Brall Motor Home; BRAM=Brammo, Inc.; BRAN=Branstrator Engineering Corp.; BRAO=Bravo (for reference only; see VESP); BRAS=Brasinca; BRAT=Brantley Mfg. Co.; BRAU=Braughms Travel Trailer; BRAV=Bravo Trailer; BRAW=Brandywine Travel Trailer; BRAY=Bray Trailers; BRBG=Berrien Buggy, Inc.; BRCK=Brock�s Trailers, Inc.; BRCK=Brock's Trailers, Inc.; BRCO=Barco Mfg. Co.; BRCT=Bear Cat Mfg., Inc.; BRCV=Brown Cargo Van, Inc.; BRDC=Bradco; BRDG=Bridger Fire, Inc.; BRDK=Brooks Horse Trailer; BRDL=Bradley GT; BRDR=Broderson Mfg. Corp.; BRDV=Breedlove Motor Works, Inc, dandy dart folding camper. (VX Dandy dart folding camper, Inc.); BREE=Breeze Motor Home; BREI=Brent Inds.; BREK=Break; BREM=Bremen Sport Equipment, Inc. (Bremen, IN); BREN=Brenner Tank, Inc.; BREQ=Brothers Equipment, Inc.; BRET=Brentwood Mobile Homes; BREW=Brewer Utility; BREZ=Breeze Camping Travel Trailer; BRGR=Bridgers Coaches, Inc.; BRGS=Briggs Mfg., Inc.; BRGT=Bright Trailer Mfg.; BRGV=Bridgeville Trailers, Inc.; BRHM=Brahman Bodies, Inc.; BRIC=Bricklin; BRID=Bridgestone; BRIE=Bridge Mfg. & Equipment Co.; BRIE=Port-O-Hauler; BRIG=Brigadier Mobile Homes; BRIH=Brighton Built Trailers; BRIL=Brillion Iron Works Div., Beatrice Foods Co.; BRIO=Bristol Homes; BRIO=Woodbrook; BRIS=Bristol; BRIT=Bristol Mfg. Co.; BRKH=Burkholder Mfg.; BRKL=Brook Line Mfg., Inc.; BRKO=Barka Hydraulics, LLC; BRKW=Brookwood Mobile Home; BRLC=J. G. Brill Co.; BRLL=Borella; BRMR=BRI-MAR Manufacturing; BRNC=The Braun Corporation; BRND=Brandy Inds.; BRNG=Bering Truck Distribution-Virginia; BRNN=Barron Fabrications, Inc.; BRNO=Bruno Independent Living Aids, Inc.; BRNP=Brenderup Trailers, Inc.; BROA=Broadlane Homes, Inc. of Indiana; BROB=Brobts & Associates; BROC=Brockway; BROD=Broadmore Mobile Homes; BROE=Brooten Fabricating, Inc.; BROH=Broyhill Co., The; BROK=Broken Arrow Mobile Home; BRON=Broncco (Italy); BROO=Brooklyn Trailer; BROR=Brock Star Trailer; BROS=Brothers Div.; BROS=Bros. Div.; BROT=Brooks Brothers Trailers, Inc.; BROU=Brougham Inds., Inc.; BROW=Brown Trailer; BROY=Brown Inds.; BRRN=Braun Ind., Inc.; BRRO=Burro, Inc.; BRRY=Barry�s Trailers; BRRY=Barry's Trailers; BRSH=Brush (antique vehicles); BRSN=Branson Trailer Mfg.; BRST=Briggs & Stratton Corp.; BRTE=Brute Equipment, Inc.; BRTI=Brae Trailers, Inc.; BRTK=Bear Track Prod., Inc.; BRTO=Bertolini Container Co.; BRTR=Bear Trailer Mfg., Inc.; BRTT=Baretta; BRUN=Brunswick Travel Trailer; BRUT=Brutt; BRUZ=Brutanza Engineering, Inc.; BRUZ=Brutanza; BRWD=Broward Trailer; BRWN=Brown; BSA=BSA (United Kingdom); BSB=Busse Brown Trailer; BSHT=Bushtec Products Corp.; BSKI=Bosski, Inc.; BSTR=Best Trailer, Inc.; BSTW=Bestway, Inc.; BTDI=Boat Trailers Direct, Inc.; BTEC=Bradtec, Ltd.; BTHE=Bootheel Custom Trailers; BTLT=Butler Trailer Mfg. West, Inc.; BTMI=Boatmate Trailers, Inc.; BTPI=Boat Trailers Pacific, Inc.; BTVS=Regency (model of Batavus Mo-ped); BTVS=Batavus Mo-ped; BUBC=Bushbaby Choppers; BUCC=Buccaneer Mobile Homes; BUCI=Bucita Pop Top Trailer; BUCK=Buck Camper Co.; BUCM=Buckeye Mobile Homes, Inc.; BUCN=Buckeye Flatbed Trailer; BUCO=Bucko, Inc.; BUCS=Buckskin Trailer Mfg. Co.; BUCY=Bucyrus-Erie Co.; BUDC=Budd Co. Trailer Div., The; BUDD=Buddy Mobile Homes, Inc.; BUDG=Budger Mfg. Co.; BUDR=Buck Dragster Flatbed; BUDS=Budson Knobby Flatbed Trailer; BUEL=Buell Motor Co.; BUFF=Buffalo-Bomag Div.; BUG=Bug; BUGA=Bugatti; BUHL=Buhl Machine Works; Dandy dart folding camper

Verano; BUIC=Buick
Verano; BUIC=Buick; BUIL=Built Rite Trailer; BULK=Bulk-Hauler Trailer; BULK=Killebrew Mfg. Co.; BULL=Bullmobile Trailer, Inc.; BULM=Bulk Manufacturing Co.; BULP=Bulletproof Trailers; BULR=Bulk Resources, Inc., doing business as Bulk Mfg. Co.; BULT=Bultaco (Spain); BUNT=Bunton Co.; BUNY=Paul Bunyan Co.; BUNY=Bunyan, Paul Co.; BURC=Burch Trailer; BURD=Burrito (also see make J. C. Penney); BURE=Burkeen Equipment & Supply Co.; BURI=Burley Iron Works; BURK=Burkhart Trailer Mfg. Co.; BURL=Burlington Mfg. Co.; BURN=Burnup & Sims, Inc.; BURO=Burrito (also see make J. C. Penney); BURR=Burris Stock Trailer; BUSH=Bushcraft Trailer; BUSO=Bushog/Loadcraft (for reference only; see LODC); BUSO=Bushog Div.; BUSP=Buffalo-Springfield Div.; BUTE=L. T. Butler; BUTE=Butler, L. T.; BUTL=Butler Mfg. Co.; BUTT=Butterfield Musketeer; BVCR=Beaver Creek Enterprises; BWAY=Better-Way Products, Inc.; BWCH=Broadway Choppers; BWCM=Black Widow Custom Motorcycle Works, Inc.; BWCT=B & W Custom Trailers, Inc.; BWGH=Better Weigh Mfg.; BWHO=B & W Homes, Inc.; BWIS=BWISE Trailers; BWSM=BWS Mfg., Ltd.; BYDA=BYD Auto (dba-BYD Auto Co., Ltd.); BYDA=BYD Auto (dba-BYD Auto Co., Ltd.); BYER=Byerly Trailer & Mfg. Co.; BYMW=Boydstun Metal Works, Inc.; BYNG=Buyang Group Co., Ltd.; BYOR=Baker-York Forklift; BYRM=Sno-Trailer; BYRM=Byers Mfg., Inc.; BYRS=Byers; BYRT=Bye-Rite Corp.; BYSN=Byson Trailers; BZEL=B & Z Electric Car Co.; BZRB=Bill�s Razorback Trailer Co.; CAAR=Carabela (Mexico); CAAY=Carrocerias Ayats, S.A.; CABA=Cabana Motor Home; CABK=Campus Bike; CABL=Cable Car Concepts; CACA=Car Caddy; CACC=Callahan Custom Choppers; CACR=Can-Car (Canadian Car Trailer Sales Div.); CACV=Classic Acquisitions, LLC; CACY=Caper Cycle; CADE=Cadet Coach Corp.; CADF=Cadillac Fabrication, Inc.; CADI=Cadillac; CADM=Cadman Power Equip., Ltd.; CAEQ=Carolina Equipment Sales, Inc.; CAFF=Califfo; CAGI=Cagiva; CAHA=Campbell-Hausfeld Div., Scott & Fetzer Co.; CALB=Caliber Travel Trailers; CALC=Calcinator; CALD=E. L. Caldwell & Sons, Inc.; CALD=Caldwell, E. L., & Sons, Inc.; CALF=California Camper Mfg.; CALH=California Mobile Homes; CALI=Calvia Brothers Trailer Mfg.; CALK=Calkins Trailer; CALL=Callahan Engineering Co.; CALM=Calumet Co., Inc.; CALN=Callen Camper Co.; CALO=Capriolo; CALP=Calthorpe Motorcycle Co. or Calthorpe Motor Co.; CALS=Calis Travel Trailer; CALT=Cal Trailer Mfg.; CALU=Calumet Coach Co.; CALW=Caldweld Div., Smith Intl., Inc.; CALY=Calypso; CAMA=Cambridge Homes, Inc.; CAMB=Cambridge Mfg. Co., Inc.; CAMC=Camp Cruiser Mfg. Co.; CAMD=Camel Camper Trailer; CAME=Camp Equipment Co., Inc.; CAMF=Camp Four Inds., Inc.; CAMI=Cam-Pact Co., Inc.; CAML=Camp-A-While Homes Mfg. Co.; CAMM=Camper City Coach Craft; CAMO=Camper Corp. of America; CAMP=Camper De Ville, Inc.; CAMR=Campers, Inc.; CAMS=Campers Unlimited; CAMT=Camelot Camper Trailer; CAMU=Camp-Mor, Inc.; Dandy dart folding camper Co.; CAMY=Cam-O-Tel Corp.; CANA=Can-Am; CANC=Tree Farming Equipment Div.; CANC=Can-Car, Inc.; CANC=Tree Farmer Equipment Div.; CAND=Canadian Trailmobile, Ltd.; CANE=Cane River Trailer Co., Inc.; CANG=Canoga Classic Campers; CANN=Cannondale Corporation; CANO=Canoga Classic Campers (for reference only; see CANG); CANO=Canoga Mfg. Co., Inc.; CANS=C & S; CANT=Canton Trailer Co.; CANV=Canadian Electric Vehicles, Ltd.; CAP=Capri (imported by Mercury prior to 1979); CAPA=Capital Inds., Inc.; CAPC=Capco Flatbed; CAPE=Capre Carrocerias Preconstruidas SA; CAPH=Cataphote; CAPI=Capitol; CAPL=Capitol Trailer Coach Co.; CAPM=Caprice Homes Mfrs. Co.; CAPO=Campones Street Rod Motorcycles; CAPR=Capri; CAPT=Capacity of Texas, Inc.; CARA=Car Camp; CARB=Caravan Inds.; CARC=Carter Trailer Co., Inc.; CARD=Caravel Inds.; CARE=Cardinal Inds.; CARF=Care-Free Camper Mfg. Co.; CARG=Carriage, Inc.; CARH=Surry Mobile Homes; CARH=Cardinal Homes, Inc.; CARI=Caribou Craft Pickup Camper & Trailer Mfg. Co.; CARK=Carley; CARL=Carlisle; CARM=Carma Mfg. Co.; CARN=Carolina Mobile Homes; CARO=Carolina Travel Trailers; CARP=Carpenter Mfg., Inc.; CARR=Carrie-Craft Div.; CARS=Carry Dandy dart folding camper Trailers; CART=Car-Tel Corp.; CARW=Carnes Welding & Fabricating Co.; CARW=Load Ease; CARY=Carey Trailers, Inc.; CASA=Casa Manana Mfg. Corp.; CASC=Cascade Corp.; CASE=Case, J. I., Co.; CASE=Case-General Trailer (for reference only); CASE=Construction King; CASE=J. I. Case Co.; CASH=Cascade Coach Co.; CASI=Casita Enterprises, Inc.; CASL=Casal; CASM=Cascade Custom Mfg., Inc.; CASR=Cash Trailers, Inc.; CAST=Castle Enterprises, Inc.; CASU=Casual Motorhomes; CAT=Caterpillar Tractor Co.; CAT=Traxcavator Bulldozer; CATA=Catalina Amphibious Homes; CATC=Classic Aluminum Trailer Corp.; CATE=Caterham Car Sales & Coach Works; CATI=Carson Trailer, Inc.; CATL=Catalina Motor Home; CATM=Cat; CATO=Catolac Corp.; CAUL=Caulkins Boat Trailer; CAVA=Cavalier Homes, Inc.; CAVC=Cavalier Trailer Mfg. Co.; CAVE=Caveman Inds.; CAVL=Calvacade Inds., Inc.; CBCM=C & B Custom Modular, Inc.; CBGT=Custom Built Gooseneck Trailers, Inc.; CBMA=C. B. Mfg. Co., Inc.; CBQT=C & B Quality Trailer Works, Inc.; CBRA=Cobra Trailers; CBRO=Carter Brothers; CBTL=Custom Trikes; CBTS=Custom Built Trailer Sales & Mfg.; CBUT=C. Butler Trailer Mfg. Co.; CBUT=Butler, C. Trailer Mfg. Co.; CCAL=Cen-Cal Trailer; CCC=CCC; CCC=Crane Carrier Co.; CCCC=Charlotte County Custom Cycles, Inc.; CCCH=Circle City Choppers, LLC; CCCY=Carefree Custom Cycles, LLC; CCDI=C & C Distributors, Inc.; CCHR=Custom Chrome; CCLT=Colt (for reference only; see ATAS); CCMF=C & C Manufacturing & Fab.; CCMH=Country Coach Motorhome; CCOM=Coulson Commander Trailers; CCPI=Carolina Custom Products, Inc.; CCRI=CC Rider Trailer Co.; CCRO=Calcross S DE R.L. DE C.V.; CCTI=C & C Trailers, Inc.; CCUC=Create-A-Custom Cycle; CCWI=Custom Chopper Werks, Inc.; CCYC=CC Cycles; CECO=CECO Equipment, Inc.; CEEZ=CZ Engineering, Inc.; CEIQ=CEI Equipment Co., Inc.; CENA=Central Inds., Inc.; CENH=Central Hitch & Equip., Inc.; CENI=Gladiator; CENI=Centurion Intl., Inc.; CENP=Central Purchasing, Inc.; CENR=Century Auto Body & Trailer Mfg. Co.; CENT=Centaur; CENU=Centurion Travel Trailer; CENY=Century Engineering Corp.; CERF=Certificate of Title or Origin (for use when make is not listed or when certificate is blank); CERT=Certified Boat Trailer; CESC=C E Smith Co., Inc.; CEVA=Ceva Mfg. Co.; CEWI=Chariot Eagle West, Inc.; CEZE=Cezetta; CFBT=Custom Fab Bodies & Trailers, Inc.; CFCH=Colony Factory Crafted Homes; CFHG=Chunfeng Holding Group Co., Ltd.; CFLT=Central Florida Trailer Sales, Inc.; CFWS=CF�s Welding Service and Custom Products; CGC=C & G Corp. (for reference only; see BARO); CGMT=Cargo Mate Dandy dart folding camper CGXP=J & L's Cargo Express; CGXP=J & Ls Cargo Express; CHAA=Champ (for reference only; see PLYM); CHAC=Challenge-Cook Brothers, Inc.; CHAE=Ranch House Mobile Home; CHAE=Challenger Homes, Inc.; CHAG=Charger Pick-up Campers; CHAH=Charmac Trailers; CHAI=Chaika; CHAL=Chamberlin Trailers; CHAM=Trans Van; CHAM=Champion Home Builders Co.; CHAM=Creger; CHAM=Tran Star; CHAM=Trans Van Motor Homes; CHAN=Dong Tian Enterprises or Chang Jiang; CHAN=Chang Jiang or Dong Tian Enterprises; CHAO=Chaozhong Industrial Co., Ltd. or Zhejiang Chaozhong Industrial Co., Ltd.; CHAP=Champ Corp. (for reference only; see CHCO); CHAP=Chaparral; CHAR=Charlamor Corp.; CHAT=Chateau Mfg. Co., Inc.; CHAU=Chausse Mfg. Co., Inc.; CHCI=Chance Coach, Inc.; CHCN=Chemical Container, Inc.; CHCO=Champ Corp.; CHEC=Checker; CHEE=Cherne Industrial, Inc.; CHEM=Chem-Farm, Inc.; CHEN=Cheney Weeder, Inc.; CHEO=Cherokee Camper; CHEP=Chevron Corp.; CHER=Cherokee Mobile Homes; CHES=Chesapeake Mobile Homes; CHET=Cheston & Eshelman Co.; CHEV=Chevrolet; CHEV=Chevrolet



Sonic; CHEV=Chevrolet
Sonic; CHEX=Chevelle Mobile Homes, Inc.; CHFB=Cherokee Fabrication Co., Inc.; CHIA=Chicago Pneumatic Equipment Div.; CHIB=Chibi; CHIC=Chickasha Mobile Homes; CHIE=Chief Ocala Trailer Mfg.; CHII=Bonnavilla; CHII=Chief Inds.; CHIL=Chilton Trailer Co., Inc.; CHIM=Chipmore Mfg. Co., Inc.; CHIN=Ching-Kan-Shan; CHIP=Chippewa Mobile Homes Corp.; CHIS=Chisolm Trailers, Eloy az shooting CHKE=Cherokee Mfg., Co.; CHKG=Chassis King, LLC; CHLG=Challenger Trailer; CHLL=Challenger (for reference only; see DODG); CHLM=Changshu Light Motorcycle Factory; CHLT=Chalet RV, Inc.; CHMC=Cherokee Motorcycle Co. (previously known as Fast Trac); CHMI=Chaparral Mfg., Inc.; CHMM=Taizhou Chuanl Motorcycle Mfg., Ltd. or Chuanl Motorcycle Mfg., Ltd.; CHMM=Chuanl Motorcycle Mfg., Ltd or Taizhou Chuanl Motorcycle Mfg., Ltd.; CHMP=Champ Horse Trailer; CHMT=Champion Trailers; CHMW=Charles Machine Works, Inc.; CHNA=Changzhou Nanxiashu Tool Co., Inc.; CHND=Chandler Originals, Inc.; CHNO=Chinook; CHNO=Chinook Mobilodge, Inc.; CHOC=Chrysler Outboard Corp.; CHOI=Choice Trailer Mfg., Ltd.; CHOP=Chopper Nation, Inc.; CHPL=Chaperalle Horse Trailer; CHPM=Champion Pneumatic Machinery Co., Inc.; CHPN=Champion Bus, Inc.; CHPP=Chopper City USA, LLC; CHPR=Chaparral Inds., Inc.; CHPR=Chaparral; CHPT=Chicago Pneumatic Tool Co.; CHPU=Choppers Unlimited; CHQT=C & H Quality Trailer Sales, LLC; CHRE=Chery Automobile Co., Ltd.; CHRI=Snowflite; CHRI=Christianson Inds., Inc.; CHRM=Charming Motorcycle Mfg. Co, Ltd. Or Chongqing Charming Motorcycle Mfg. Co., Ltd.; CHRO=Chromalloy American Corp., Farm Systems Div.; CHRS=Chrysler Boat Co.; CHRT=Chariot Vans, Inc.; CHRV=LaStrada; CHRV=Chateau Recreational Vehicle Div.; Dandy dart folding camper

200; CHRY=Chrysler
200; CHRY=Chrysler; CHSH=Chop Shop Customs, Inc.; CHTC=Chaparral Dandy dart folding camper Co. of Arkansas, Inc.; CHTH=Cheetah Chassis Corp.; CHTH=Cheetah; CHTI=Chart, Inc.; CHTM=Chatham Enterprises Custom Mfg. & Sales; CHUB=Chubbs, Inc.; CHUC=Chuck Beck Motorsports; CHUI=Chuio; CHUK=Chukar, Inc.; CHUY=Chuy�s C-5 Trailers; CHVL=Chevallero Motor Home; CHWF=Chico Welding & Fabrication; CHYI=Chin Yuan Chi Casting Corp.; CIAO=Ciao (for reference only; see VESP); CICC=Circle C Manufacturer; CICU=Circus City Custom Cycles, Inc.; CIMA=Cimatti; CIMA=City Bike (model of Cimatti); CIMC=CIMC Heavy Inds., Ltd.; CIML=Cimline; CIMR=Cimarron Mfg. Co.; CIRC=Circle S Star Route; CIRD=Circle D Trailer; CIRH=Circle H Horse Trailer; CIRJ=Circle J Stock Trailer (for reference only; see WTWI); CIRJ=Western Trailer Works, Inc. (for reference only; see WTWI); CIRJ=Circle J Trailers, Inc.; CIRK=Circle K Kennimore; CIRM=Circle M Trailers; CIRR=Circle R, Inc.; CIRV=Circle V Horse Trailer; CIRW=Circle W Trialers; CISI=Cisitalia (Consorzio Industriale Sportiva Italia); CITA=Citation Travel Trailer; CITC=Cit E Cars (Previously Gator Moto; new MCO assigned With new company name); CITI=Citicar (electric car); CITR=Citroen; CITT=Camp-In Travel Trailers; CITY=City Dump Trailer; CIWE=City Welding & Mfg. Co.; CJGC=China Jiangmen Group Co., Ltd.; CLAA=Clapper Camper; CLAB=B.M. Clark Co., Inc.; CLAB=Clark, B.M., Co., Inc.; CLAC=Classic Roadsters, Ltd.; CLAC=Dutchess (Classic Roadsters, Ltd.); CLAI=Classic Motor Carriages, Inc. (Hallandale, dandy dart folding camper, FL); CLAM=Clark Mfg. Co.; CLAN=Clar-Mont Mfg. Co.; CLAR=Crane Div. (LIMA), Clark Equipment Co.; CLAR=Clark Equipment Co.; CLAR=Construction Machinery Div., Clark Equipment Co.; CLAS=Classic Trailer Mfg.; CLAT=Clayton Homes, Inc.; CLAT=Hamilton House; CLAT=Expo V; CLAX=Claxton; CLAY=Clay Camper Co.; CLAZ=Clayton Craft; CLBR=Cleveland Brothers Equipment Co.; CLCO=Calico Trailers; CLEA=Cleasby; CLEG=CMC (Cleveland Mfg. Co., Inc.); CLEG=Cleveland Mfg. Co., Inc. (CMC); CLEM=Clement-Braswell; CLEN=Clenet Coach Works; CLEV=Cleveland Trencher Co.; CLFX=Colfax Trailer & Repair, LLC; CLHM=Calhome, Inc.; CLIF=Cliff Office Trailer; CLIH=Turn-A-Port; CLIH=Cliff Hall, Inc.; CLIN=Cline; CLIP=Clipper Mfg. Co.; CLIT=Clinton Engine Corp.; CLIT=Clinton Engines Corp.; CLMB=Columbia; CLMC=Clemco Inds.; CLMN=Coleman; CLMS=Classic Motorcycles & Sidecars, Inc.; CLMT=Clement Industries, Inc.; CLNA=Carolina Trailers, LLC; CLND=Cross Lander; CLON=Colonial Flatbed Trailer; CLOU=Clough Equipment Co.; CLOV=Cloud Electric Vehicles; CLSC=Classic Motorworks, Ltd.; CLSF=Classic Fire, LLC; CLSS=Classic Mfg., dandy dart folding camper, Inc.; CLST=Claster Trailer; CLTI=Center-Line Trailers, Inc.; CLTM=Classic Trailers; CLUA=Clua; CLUB=Club Car, Inc. (NEV-Neighborhood Electric Vehicle); CLUM=Columbia Trailer Co., Ltd.; CLVA=Calvade Trailer; CLVR=Cleavers of Bismarck; CLWS=Cliffs Welding Service, Inc.; CLWS=Cliff's Welding Service, Inc.; CLWX=Clark-Wilcox; CLXN=Cellxion, LLC; CLYP=Clypso Motor Home; CLYT=Clay�s Trailer Sales, LLC; CMAC=Construction Machinery Co.; CMBL=CCC, Inc.; CMBL=Campbell Coach Co., Inc.; CMCC=California Motorcycle Co.; CMCI=Charleston Marine Containers, Dandy dart folding camper CMCO=El Camino; CMCO=Birchwood; CMCO=Conchemco Homes Group; CMCW=CCM/Clews; CMEC=Central Mine Equipment Co.; CMEO=Cameo Stx stallion 400 ice hockey stick Trailer; CMFB=Com-Fab, Inc.; CMFI=CMF, Inc.; CMHM=CMH Mfg., Inc.; CMIC=CMI Corp.; CMIL=CMI Load King; CMMS=Cummins Engine Co., Inc.; CMOR=C-Mor; CMPF=Campfire Travel Trailer; CMPG=Campagna Moto Sport, Inc.; CMPS=Campsite Mfg. Co.; CMPT=Compact Equipment Co.; CMSI=CMSI; CMSU=Cam Superline, Inc.; CMTF=Camtourist Fahrzeugbau GMBH; CMTL=C & M, LLC; CMTM=CMT Mfg., Inc.; CMWC=CMWC Trailer Co., Inc.; CNAD=Cancade Company Ltd.; CNCG=Continental Cargo; CNDX=Condux International, Inc.; CNLS=Cornelius Mfg., Inc.; CNMI=Contract Mfrs., Inc.; CNNT=Conntrail, Inc.; CNRD=Concord Products, Inc.; CNRY=Conroy Inds.; CNST=Constructore Trailers, Inc.; CNTI=Century Industries, Inc.; CNTK=Counts Kustom; CNTK=Count's Kustom; CNTL=Continental Wheel & Trailer; CNTM=Canada Trailers Mfg., dandy dart folding camper, Ltd.; CNTR=Centreville Trailer; CNTX=Centex; CNVY=Convey-All Industries, Inc.; CNWD=Conwed Trailer; COAC=Coach Craft, Inc.; COAH=Coachmen Homes Corp.; COAH=Pendleton; COAH=Consolidated Leisure; COAH=Coachmen Inds., Inc.; COAI=Coach House, Inc.; COAM=Middlebury; COAS=Coastal Trailer Corp.; COBM=Cobra Motorcycles; COBR=Cobra Travel Trailers; COBR=AC Cobra; COBU=Coburn Inds., Inc.; COCF=Country Comfort Trailers; COCH=Cochran Western Corp.; COCH=Galley Truck; COCL=Country Clipper; COCO=Concord; COCO=Conmaco, Inc.; COCP=Conceptor Inds., Inc.; CODA=Coda Automotive, Inc.

(electric vehicles); CODA=Coda Automotive, Inc.
(electric vehicles); CODY=Cody Motorcycle Trailer; COEQ=Construction equipment (for use when make is not listed); COEQ=Unlisted construction equipment make; COLB=Motrek (mfd. by Columbia Mfg. Co.); COLB=Imperial (mfd. by Columbia Mfg. Co. for Montgomery Ward); COLB=Columbia Mfg. Co. (subsidiary of Yard-Man Co.; Columbia Commuter); COLB=Yard-Man (see Columbia Mfg. Co.); COLB=Western Flyer (mfd. by Columbia); COLE=Coleman Camping Trailers; COLF=Colonial Mobile Homes Mfg.; COLG=Colony Mfg. & Sales Corp.; COLL=Collins Bus; COLM=Columbia Tractor Mower; COLN=Columbia Northwest, Inc.; COLO=Colorado Mobile Homes; COLP=Colt Camper, Inc.; COLS=Columbia Mobile Homes, Inc.; COLT=Colt (for reference only; see SUZI); Dandy dart folding camper COLU=Columbine Camp & Coach; COMA=Comanche Mobile Homes; COMB=Combs Trailer Mfg. or Combs Mfg.; COMC=Comanche Trailer Corp.; COMD=Commander Motor Home; COME=Comet Corp.; COMI=Competitive Boat Trailer; COML=Commerical Structures; COMM=Com-Camp; COMN=Comet Construction Co.; COMO=Comet Mobile Homes; COMP=Commodore Corp.; COMP=Ruffian; COMR=Mobile Lab; COMR=Commercial Vehicles, Inc.; COMT=Comet Riding Mower; COMU=Commuter Inds., Inc.; COMV=Commuter Vehicles, Inc.; COMY=Commune; COMY=Community Homes, Inc.; CONA=Constructors and Assoc.; CONC=Concord Mobile Homes; CONC=Concord Motor Home; CONC=Suwanee Mobile Homes; COND=Condor; CONE=Concord Travelers; CONF=Confederate Motor Works, Inc.; CONG=Conestega Mfg. Co.; CONH=Condor Motor Home; CONI=Conestoga Mobile Homes; CONL=Connell Inds., Inc.; CONM=Contempori Mobile Homes, Inc.; CONN=Connaught; CONO=Condor Coach; CONP=Consolidated Mobile Inds.; CONR=Conner Inds., Inc.; CONS=Contessa; CONT=Continental; CONT=Continental Motor Home; CONU=Consulier; CONV=Continental of Colorado, dandy dart folding camper, Inc.; CONW=Continental Homes, Inc.; CONX=Continental Mfg. Co., Inc.; CONY=Cony Truck (Japan); CONZ=Converto; COOE=Coose Trailer Mfg. Co.; COOK=Cook Semi Trailer; COOL=Coolster; COON=Coon Custom Coach Mfg.; COOP=Cooper; COOP=Cooper (Mexico); COOS=Coos-Bilt Trailers; COPA=Cooper Alpine Motor Home; COPC=Copco Steel & Engineering; COPP=Copperstate Coach Co.; CORA=Coras Welding Shop, Inc.; CORB=Corbitt; CORD=Cord; CORG=Corder Mfg. Co., Inc.; CORN=Corn Belt Mfg., Inc.; CORN=Hawkeye Eagle; CORO=Corona Coach Co.; CORO=Coronado Motor Home; CORR=Correct Craft, Inc.; CORS=Corsair Div.; CORT=Cortez House Trailer; CORV=Corvette Travel Trailer; CORY=Corey Enterprises, Inc.; COSM=Cosmo; 2019 ski doo expedition sport 550f Surfacing Machinery Div., Stewart Inds., Inc.; COT=Corner Utility Trailer; COTC=Carry-On Trailer Corp.; COTN=Cotton; COTT=Cottage-Ette Mfg.; COTZ=Cortez Motor Home; COUA=Country-Aire Travel Trailer; COUB=Country Blacksmith, LLC; COUI=Countryside Inds., Inc.; COUN=Country Squire Travel Trailer; COUR=Courthouse Camper Trailer; COVC=Covingtons Cycle City; COVE=Covered Wagon Trailer; COVT=Covenant or Covenant Cargo; COWM=Continental World Marine; COWY=Conway; COXS=Cox Trailers; COYN=Coynco Products; COYO=Coyote Mfg. Corp.; COZA=Cozad Trailer Sales; COZY=Cozy Traveler; CPIU=CPI USA; CPNK=Comptank Corp.; CPPR=Good Life, The; CPPR=C/P Products Corp.; CPPR=The Good Life; CPST=CPS Trailer Co.; CPTC=Charlie Perkins Trailer Co., Inc.; CPTN=Competition Trailers, Inc.; CPTV=Competitive Trailers, Inc.; CRAF=Craftsman (also see make Sears, Roebuck & Co.); CRAF=Camp Craft Travel Trailer; CRAF=Craftsman; CRAM=Craftmade Homes, Inc.; CRAN=Crane & Hoist Operations; CRAW=Crawler Trailer; CRBN=Cirbin Motors Corp.; CRBN*=Corbin Motors (electric vehicles); CRCF=Crew Chief; CRCN=Cross Country Mfg.; CRCO=Connell Inds., Inc.; CREE=Cree Coaches, Inc.; CREL=Corbin Electric; CREL=Corbin Motors (electric vehicles); CREO=Crest Mobile Homes, Inc.; CREQ=Crescent Equipment Co., Inc.; CRET=Creightons Trailer; CREX=Cable Crane & Excavator Div.; CRFE=Crafton Equipment, Inc.; CRFI=Craftsman Ind., Inc.; CRFT=Craftsman; CRGI=Carriage Industries; CRGK=Cargo King, LLC; CRGO=Cargo Craft, Inc.; CRGP=Cargo Pro Trailers; CRGR=Charger; CRGS=Cargo South, Inc.; CRI=Chris Craft Corp.; CRIC=Cricket Corp.; CRII=Cronkhite Inds., Inc.; CRIM=English Squire; CRIM=Crimson Homes; CRIT=Criterion Homes Mfg., Inc.; CRKA=Cikira RV, LLC; CRKG=Carrier King Trailer; CRKS=Creekside Products, Inc.; CRKW=Creek Hill Welding; CRLT=CRL Trailers; CRLW=Cross - L Welding; CRLY=Crowley Mfg.; CRMT=Car Mate Trailers; CRNA=Carnai Trailers, Inc.; CRNM=Cornerstone Mfg., LLC; CRNP=Corn Pro Trailers; CROE=Cross Truck Equipment Co., Inc.; CROF=Crofton Cub; CROH=Cross Hill Mobile Homes; CROI=Crossland Inds.; CRON=Crown; CROR=Crossroads; CROS=Crosley; CROT=Croft; CROW=Crown Line; CRPM=Crop Master Trailers, Inc.; CRPT=Carpenter Industries, Inc.; CRRN=Carron Truck Repair, Ltd.; CRRS=Carrosserie Industrielle Du Mar or La Carrosserie Dandy dart folding camper CRRV=Cruiser RV, dandy dart folding camper, LLC; CRSL=Crosley Trailers, Inc.; CRSN=Carsons Mfg., Inc.; CRSO=Carousel USA (San Antonio Roller Bishop mcdevitt football roster 2018 CRST=Crest Trailer; CRTC=Cartercar Co. (antique vehicle); CRTI=Carson Trailer, Inc.; CRTL=C R Trailers; CRTX=Car-Tex Trailer Co., Inc.; CRUI=Cruisaire Motor Corp.; CRUM=Cruzmaster Camper; CRUS=Cruise Car, Inc. (solar powered, low speed vehicles); CRVM=CRV; CRVM=Country R. V. Mfg., Inc.; CRWE=Craft Weld Trailer; CRWN=Crown Coach or Crown Cargo Coach; CRYO=Cryogenic Vessel Alternatives; CRYS=Crystal Welding, Inc.; CRZN=Cruz-In (Distributed by Jerrico Intl.); CSCO=Wastequip Cusco, Inc. or Cusco Fabricators, Inc.; CSCO=Cusco Fabricators, Inc. or Wastequip Cusco, Inc.; CSCT=California Scooter Co., LLC; CSHM=Cushman; CSMC=Circle Supreme Mfg.; CSMM=Lite Line, The; CSMM=CSM Mfg. Co.; CSNT=Crescent Mfg., Inc.; CSPR=Clearspring Conversions, Inc.; CSST=Cross Trailers, Inc.; CSTL=Coastal Metal Fab., Dandy dart folding camper CSTM=Coastal Mfg. Co. or Coastal Building Systems; CSTT=Custom Tank Technology; CSTW=C & S Trailer World; CTCC=Coast 2 Coast (C2C); CTCW=CT Coachworks; CTEC=Cor-Tech Manufacturing, Inc.; CTNR=Cotner Trailers, Inc.; CTRC=Central Trailer Corp.; CTRI=Contrail International; CTRL=Cottrell, Inc.; CTRN=Centurian Boats, Inc.; CTSI=Construction Trailer Specialists, Inc.; CTSV=CenTech Specialty Vehicles Co., Ltd.; CTTM=Cleveland T-Trike Mfg., Inc.; CTTT=Centerline Tank & Trailer Mfg.; CTTU=CT & T America, Inc.
(electric vehicles); CTTU=CT & T America, Inc. (electric vehicles); CTVM=Creative Mobile Systems, Inc. or Creative Carts, LLC; CTWI=California Trailer Works, Inc.; CUAP=Custom Amusement Products Co.; CUAS=Custom Assembly; CUAS=Cass; CUBC=Cub Cadet Corp.; CUBS=Cubster; CUBT=Cub Camper Trailers; CUES=Cues, Inc.; CUKE=Cuke, Inc.; CUKH=Custom King Horse Trailer; CULL=Cullip Inds.; CULN=Cullison Mfg., Inc.; CULP=Culpepper Trailer Co.; CUMB=Cumberland Coaches; CUMW=Custom Motorcycle Works, Inc.; CUNN=Cunningham; CURB=Curbmaster of America, Inc.; CURM=Current Motor Company (formerly Electric Vehicle Mfg., LLC); CURR=Currahee Trailers, Inc.; CURT=Curtis; CUSA=Custom Cute outfits for mini golf Co.; CUSB=Custom Bond Mfg. Co.; CUSB=Space Master; CUSC=Custom Coach Co.; CUSE=Custom Engineering; CUSF=Custom Craft Mfg. Co.; CUSH=Cushman; CUSI=Custom Homes, Inc.; CUSL=Custom Plumbing Co.; CUSM=Custom Trailers, Inc.; CUSO=Custom Frames, Inc.; CUST=Custom Metal Works (CMW); CUST=CMW (Custom Metal Works); CUTM=Custom ATV & Trailer Mfg.; CUTU=Cushman Turf-OMC Lincoln; CUTW=Custom Trailer Works, LLC; CUYL=Cuyler Corp.; CVCO=Cavco Ind.; CVLO=Cavallo; CVWE=C & V Welding and Fabricating; CVWE=Relibilt; CWBY=Cowboy Classics Conversions, Inc.; CWCC=Cowtown Customs and Cobras; CWCF=CWC Feather-Lite Mfg. Co.; CWCF=Feather-Lite; CWCF=CWC Featherlite Mfg., Inc.; CWJT=Creekside Welding and Jamar Trailers; CWPC=Chopper Works Performance Cycles, LLC; CWTE=C & W Truck & Equip. Co., Inc.; CWTL=C & W Trailers; CWTR=C & W Trailers; CYCE=Cy-Corp Enterprises, Inc.; CYCI=Cycle Imports, dandy dart folding camper, Inc.; CYCK=Cycle Kamp, Inc.; CYCL=Unlisted motorcycle make; CYCL=Motorcycle (for use when make is not listed); CYIM=Cycle Imagery; CYNG=Cynergy Cargo, LLC; CYOT=Coyote Mfg., LLC; CYSC=Cyclescoot; CZ=(Czechoslovakia; also see Jawa/CZ); CZ=CZ (Czechoslovakia; also see Jawa/CZ); CZCV=Cozy Cove Trailers, LLC; DABR=Dave L. Brown Co., Inc.; DABR=Brown, Dave L., Co. Inc.; DACO=Daco Trailer Corp.; DAEL=Daelim Motor Co., Ltd./Daelim Motor USA; DAEW=Daewoo; DAF=DAF; DAFF=Daffin Mfg. Co.; DAFF=Irl Daffin Associates, Inc. (for reference only); DAIH=Daihatsu; DAIM=Daimler; DAIN=D & A Vehicles, Inc.; DAIR=Dairy Equipment Co.; DAIX=Huzhou Daixi Zhenhua Tech Trade Co., Ltd. or Daixi Zhenhua Tech Trade Co., Ltd.; DAIX=Daixi Zhenhua Tech Trade Co., Ltd. or Huzhou Daixi Zhenhua Tech Trade Co., Ltd.; DAKO=Trail-Eze (old code TLZE); DAKO=Dakota Mfg. Co., Inc.; DALE=Dalesman (United Kingdom); DALI=Dalton, Inc.; DALT=Dalton's Enterprises, Inc.; DALT=Daltons Enterprises, Inc.; DALW=Dalewood Mfg. Co., Inc.; DAMO=Damon Inds., Inc.; DANA=Dana Truck Mount Camper; DANB=Danny Boy Trailer; DANC=Danco Trailers, Inc.; DAND=Dan Dee Inds., Inc.; DANT=Dandy Mobile Homes; DANT=Dan's Trailer Supply, Inc.; DANT=Dans Trailer Supply, Inc.; DANU=Danuvia; DANZ=Danzer/Morrison Inds., Inc.; DARB=Darby Inds.; DARC=Darcell Inds., Inc.; DARF=Darf Corp.; DARG=Dargo Mfg.; DART=Dart; DARV=Darvon Double Trailer; DARW=Darwin; DATO=Daton; DATR=Dart Truck Co., PACCAR, Inc.; DATS=Datsun; DAUP=Dauphin; DAVC=Davenco, Inc.; DAVD=David Mfg. Co.; DAVE=Dave Hicks Co., Inc.; DAVI=Trimline (for reference only; see LIGH); DAVI=Davis Div. (for reference only; see LIGH); DAVI=Davis; DAVI=Davis Trencher (for reference only; see LIGH); DAVI=Maxi-Sneaker (for reference only; see LIGH); DAVK=Da Vack Mfg., Corp.; DAVM=Davidson Enterprises, Inc.; DAVN=Davenport Trailer or Mobile Home Co.; DAVO=Davron Traveler, Inc.; DAVY=Davey Compressor Co.; DAWE=Dawes Products Co.; DAWS=Dawson Enterprises; DAYB=Daybrook-Ottawa Div.; DAYB=Commando; DAYO=Daytona; DAYS=Days Drydock; DAYS=Day's Drydock; DAYT=Dayton Electric Mfg. Co.; DAYT=Speedaire; DAZN=Dazon, Inc.; DB=D.B.; DBCK=Diamondback Trailer Manufacture; DBCP=D & B Cycle Parts & Accessories; DBDL=Double Delight, Inc.; DCAP=Decap Trailer Mfg., Ltd.; DCCS=Deep South Sales Co.; DCHP=Diamondback Choppers, LLC; DCHW=Ditch Witch Trencher Trailer (for reference only; see DITC); DCKS=Dickson Industries, Inc.; DCNT=Discount Trailers; DCRG=Diamond Cargo, Inc.; DCTM=Discount Trailer Mfg.; DCTR=Diamond City Trailer Mfg.; DD=Double Horse Trailer; DDCC=DD Custom Cycles, LLC; DDFB=D & D Fabrications; DDTI=D & D Trailer, Inc.; DEAL=Deutz-Allis Corp.; DEAN=Dean Inds., Inc.; DEBE=Delaunay-Belleville or S.A. des Automobiles Delaunay-Belleville; DEBO=Debonair; DECA=Decamp Homes, Inc.; DECO=DeCourville; DEDI=De Dion-Bouton; DEEP=Deep Sanderson; DEER=Deere & Co.; DEER=Deere, John; DEER=Deere, John, Trailer; DEER=John Deere Trailer; DEER=John Deere; DEEZ=Dee Zee Mfg.; DEGE=DeGeest Mfg. Co.; DEGL=Degelman Inds., Ltd. (Canada); DEIC=Deico Auto Carrier Trailer; DEKC=Dekco Mobile Mfg.; DELA=De-Lar, Inc.; DELC=Delco Trailers; DELG=Delage; DELH=Delhi Metal Products, Ltd.; DELL=Dellow; DELM=Delmar Mfg. Co., Inc.; DELN=Delavan Trailer; DELO=De Lorean (imported from Belfast, Northern Dandy dart folding camper, UK); DELP=Delphi Body Works, Inc.; DELR=Del Rey Inds., Inc.; DELS=Delta Homes Corp.; DELT=Delta Truck Trailer Co., Inc.; DELU=Delto Homes, Inc.; DELX=Deluxe Homes, Inc.; DEMC=Demo Horse Trailer; DEMM=Demco; DEMN=Demon Motorcycle Co. or Demon Choppers; DEMP=Dempster; DEMU=De Muth Steel Products Co.; DENA=Denair Trailer Mfg., LLC; DENC=Denco Manufacturing; DENE=Denver Dandy dart folding camper Supply, Inc.; DENN=Dennison Utility Trailer; DENZ=Denzel; DERB=Derbi Motor Corp.; DERE=Rembrook; DERE=De Rose Inds., Inc.; DERH=Denzin & Rahn Mfg. Co., Inc.; DERH=Derco Utility Trailer; DERS=Deerskin Mfg., Inc.; DESA=De Soto Coach Co.; DESG=Design Intennt, Inc.; DESG=Mobile Sign; DESI=Design Structures; DESO=DeSoto; DESP=Environmental Service Products; DESP=Dragon ESP, Ltd.; DEST=Destiny Inds., Inc.; DETB=Detroit Brothers, LLC or Detroit Brothers Custom; DETC=De Tect, Inc.; DETE=Detroit Trailer Co.; DETH=Dethmers Mfg. Co.; DETH=Kar Kaddy; DETI=Detroiter Homes; DETO=DeTomaso; DETT=Detroit Tool, Inc.; DEUT=Deutz Tractor; DEVI=Deville Inds., Inc.; DEVL=Devil Travel Trailer; DEVN=Devine's Machine & Design, Inc.; DEVN=Devines Machine & Design, Inc.; DEWE=DewEze Mfg., Inc.; DEWE=DEW Eze Mfg., Inc.; DEWL=D & E Welding; DEXT=Dexter Trailer, Inc.; DFHE=DFH Enterprises; DGEN=Dodgen Ind., Inc. or Dodgen Mobile Technologies; DHLE=DHL Enterprises; DHME=DHM Enterprises, Inc.; DHRT=D Hart Designs, Inc.; DIAB=Diamond B; DIAC=Diamond C; DIAD=Diamond Mobile Home Mfg.; DIAE=Diamond E Mfg., LLC; DIAG=Diamond G Trailer Co.; DIAG=Graham Fabrications, Inc.; DIAM=Diamond G Equipment; DIAO=Diamond S; DIAQ=Diamond Quality Trailers; DIAR=Diamond Reo; DIAS=Diamond Steel Co., Inc.; DIAS=Diamond-Bilt; DIAT=Diamond T; DIAT=Diamond T Trailers; DIBL=Diablo Performance, LLC; DICH=Dover Mobile Homes; Dandy dart folding camper Homes, Inc.; DICH=Charlevoix Mobile Homes; DICK=Dickirson Equipment Corp.; DICO=Dico Co.; DIDI=Didier Mfg. Co.; DIER=Dierzen Kewanee Heavy Ind.; DIGM=Digmor Equipment & Engineering Co., Inc.; DILL=Dillis Trailer Mfg.; DILM=Dille & McGuire Mfg. Co.; DILM=Turfmaster; DILO=Dillon Enterprises, Inc.; DILY=Dilly; DIMD=Diamond Trialers, dandy dart folding camper, Inc.; DIMO=Diamo; DINA=Dina Camiones S.A. de C.V.; DINL=Dinli; DIPL=Diplomat Motor Home; DIRT=Direct Trailer, dandy dart folding camper, LP; DISC=Discover 25 Motor Home; DITC=Ditch Witch Div.; DITC=Ditch Witch; DITC=Charles Machine Works, Inc., Ditch Witch Div.; DITE=Di Tella; DITR=Diamond Trailers, Inc.; DIVA=Diva; DIVC=Divco; DIVE=Dively Mfg., Co.; DIVO=Divco-Wayne Inds.; DIXE=Dixie Craft Trailers, Inc.; DIXI=Dixie; DIXO=Dixon Inds., Inc.; DJTW=DJ Trailers & Welding, dandy dart folding camper, Inc.; DKHO=D.K. Hostetler, Inc.; DKR=DKR; DKTA=Dakota Trailer Mfg., Inc.; DKTI=D & K Trailers, Inc.; DKW=DKW; DLHY=Delahaye; DLPE=Deloupe, Inc.; DLPH=Dolphin Motorhomes; DLTA=Delta Mfg.; DLVO=Dulevo Intl.; DM=DM Utility Trailer; DMBT=DMB Trailers; DMFT=D.M.F. Trailer Mfg., Inc.; DMHC=Pontiac Chief; DMHC=DMH Co.; DMI=DMI, Inc.; DMMF=DM Mfg.; DMP=DMP; DMPM=Dump-Master, Inc.; DMPX=Dump Maxx; DMTL=DM Telai; DMVE=D. M. & V. Enterprises, Inc.; DNAE=DNA Enterprises, Inc.; DNLW=Down Low Customs; DNPR=Kiev Motorzykly Zavod (DNEPR); DNPR=DNEPR (AKA - Kiev Motorzykly Zavod); DODD=Dodd Mfg. Co., Inc.; DODE=Dodge Woodcraft; DODG=Dodge; DOEP=Doepker Inds., Ltd.; DOLA=Dolan Corp.; DOLI=Doral; DOLI=Dolphin Homes; DOMI=Dominion Road Machinery Co., Ltd.; DOMO=DO-MOR Equipment, Inc.; DONA=Don-A-Bell Homes, Inc.; DONF=Dongfang Lingyun Vehicle Mode Co., Ltd. or Ningbo Dongfang Lingyun Vehicle Mode Co., Ltd.; DONG=Dong Feng dandy dart folding camper Wind); DONH=Donhal, Inc.; DONL=Donnell Boat Trailer; DONM=Don May Enterprises; DONS=Dons Boat Trailer; DONU=Donahue Corp., The; DOO=Doo Snowmobile Trailer; DOOL=Doolittle; DOON=Doonan Trailer Corp.; DOOS=Doosan International USA, Inc. or Doosan Infracore PO; DORI=Dormi Inds., Inc.; DORS=Dorsey Trailers, Inc.; DORT=Dort (antique vehicles); DOT=Dot; DOUB=Double Shuffle Mobile Home; DOUD=Double D Distributors, Inc.; DOUE=Double E Trailer Mfg.; DOUG=Douglas Homes, Inc.; DOUJ=Double J Horse Trailer; DOUL=Double L Trailer Mfg.; DOUM=Douglas; DOUR=Double R Trailer Mfg.; DOWE=Downer Inds.; DOWH=Downey Sheet Metal Shop; DPWC=D & P Welding Co.; DRAG=Drag Master Utility Trailer; DRAK=Drake Truck Bodies; DRBI=Derbi or Nacional Motors S.A.; DRCH=Dream Coach Trailer; DRCO=Duraco Ind., Inc.; DRDN=Dardon, Inc.; DREA=Dreamer; DREM=Dreamer (for reference only; see DREA); DRES=Dresser Inds., Inc.; DREW=Drewes Engineering (Electric Vehicle); DRGG=Draggin Custom Cycles, LLC; DRGL=Draglite Trailer; DRIE=Drifter Mfg. Co.; DRIF=Driftwood Homes Corp.; DRII=DRI Industries, Inc.; DRIV=Drive On Trailer Mfg.; DRML=Dreamliner Trailer; DROP=Dropbox, Inc.; DROT=Drott Mfg. Co.; DROW=Death Row Motorcycles, LLC; DRPT=Drop Tail Trailers, LLC; DRRT=DRR ATVs (Access Motor Co., Ltd.); DRSN=Dressen Custom Trailers, Inc.; DRTI=Doretti; DRYD=Drydock Trailer, Inc.; DSCH=Dresch Motorcycles; DSGN=Design Concepts, Inc.; DSHE=DSH Enterprises; DSPD=Desperado Motor Racing & Motorcycles, Inc.; DSSC=Super Cooker; DSTB=D & S Trailer Builders; DSWM=DSW Mfg., Co.; DSWS=DWS Storeway Trailer; DTCH=Dutch Park, Inc.; DTPM=DTP Muscle Custom Choppers or DTP Muscle, LLC; DTRL=Detrail Trailer; DTRV=Double Tree RV, LLC; DUAE=Dual Evans Corp.; DUAL=Dual-Wide, Inc.; DUAM=Dual Mfg. Dandy dart folding camper DUCA=Ducati; DUDE=Dude Trailer; DUEL=Duel; DUES=Duesenberg; DUGA=Dugan Trailer, Inc.; DUGO=Dusgo Trailer; DUKE=Duke Mobile Homes; DUNB=Dunbar Kapple; DUNH=Dunham Mfg. Co., Inc.; DUNL=Dunham Lehr, Inc.; DUNR=Dun-Rite Mfg., LLC; DUNT=Dunright Trailer Mfg., Inc,; DUPA=Dupage Coach Co.; DUPL=Duplex Truck Div.; DUPN=Dupont Service Center, Inc.; DUPX=Duplex Mill & Mfg. Co.; DURA=Durant; DURB=Durobilt; DURC=Durcholz Trailer; DURE=Dura-Craft Mobile Homes; DURI=Durabilt Inds., Inc.; DURO=Duro Mobile Homes; DUST=Duster Camper II; DUTC=Dutchman Mfg.; DUTE=Dutec Trailer; DUTT=Dutton-Lainson Co., Mfg. Div.; DUVL=Duvall Equipment, LLC; DVGI=Dymac Vehicle Group or Electric Vehicle International; DVGI=Electric Vehicles International or Dymac Vehicle Group ("Verde" Scooters); DVGI=Dymac Vehicle Group or Electric Vehicles International ("Verde" Scooters); DWNS=Downs Clark Trailer; DWTE=Down (2) Earth Trailers; DXIE=Dixie Chopper; DYCY=Dynacycle; DYEC=Dynasty Electric Car Corp.; DYMC=Dynamic Inds., dandy dart folding camper, Inc.; DYMX=Dynamax Corp.; DYNA=Dynahoe Truck; DYNC=Dynacruiser Mount Trailer; DYNE=Dynes Enterprises, LLC; DYNF=Dynamite Mfg. (dba-Man Cave RV); DYNG=Dayang/Dayang North America aka Luoyang Northern EK-Chor Motorcycle Co., Ltd.; DYNG=Luoyang Northern EK-Chor Motorcycle Co., Ltd.; DYNI=Dynamic Mfg., Corp.; DYNM=Dynamark Tractor Mower; DYNP=Dynapac, Inc.; DYNS=Dynamics Corp. of America; DYNV=Dyna-Vac Equip., Inc.
(Jet-N-Vac); DYNV=Dyna-Vac Equipment, Inc.
(Jet-N-Vac); DYNV=Dyna-Vac Equipment, Inc.

(Jet-N-Vac); DYNV=Dyna-Vac Equip., Inc.

(Jet-N-Vac); DYNW=Dynaweld Trailer; DYST=Dynastar/Dynastar Motorsports, Inc.; DYTC=Daytec Center; EACR=Eagle Crusher Co., Inc.; EADU=East Dump Trailer; EAGB=Eager Beaver Trailer; EAGC=Eagle Custom Coach Mfg. Co.; EAGE=Eagle Equipment; EAGI=Eagle Intl., Inc.; EAGL=Eagle Trailer Mfg., dandy dart folding camper, Inc.; EAGR=Eagle River Homes; EALO=Easy Loader Trailer; EAMM=EAM Mfg. (Engine & Accessory, Inc.) Garsite, Inc.; EARI=Easy Rider Trailer; EASD=Eastside Machine Co.; EASE=Eastern-Bilt, Inc.; EASI=Energy Absorption Systems, Inc.; EASM=Easom Engineering; EAST=Easton Car & Construction; EASU=East Se Trailer; EASV=Easy Vehicle Co., Ltd or Zhejiang Yongkang Easy Vehicle Co., Ltd.; EASW=Easy Traveler Trailer; EASY=Easyown Mfg. Co.; EATD=Eaton Drilling Co., Inc. (dba-Eaton Fabrication Co.); EATN=East Tennessee Trailers, dandy dart folding camper, LLC; EATO=Eaton Corp.; EATO=Yale, Material Handling Div.; EATR=Easy Trail, Inc.; EATW=Easytow Boat Trailers; EBON=Ebony Line Dandy dart folding camper EBRR=EBR (Erik Buell) (New 2009 � Not allowed to use �Bueil�); EBUS=E-Bus; ECHE=Echelon Motorcycles; ECHO=Echo Mfg., LLC; ECHT=Echo Trailers, LLC; ECLI=Eclipse Recreational Vehicles, Inc.; ECLN=Econoline Utility Trailer; ECLP=Eclipse Aluminum Trailers, LLC; ECMI=Electric City Motors, North America, Inc.; ECMY=Economy Camper Co.; ECNO=Econoline Trailers, Inc.; ECOB=Eco-Bike Elec Motorcycle; ECOF=Econo Flo Bulk Service; ECOH=Ecohl Trailers; ECON=Economy-Wisconsin; ECSA=Ecsa; ECTA=Ecstasy Trikes of Allentown, Inc.; EDEY=Edey & Duff; EDEY=Dovekie; EDMX=Endura, Max, LLC; EDSE=Edsel; EDWA=Edwards Trailer; EDWN=Edwins; EEST=Ee Smith Trailer Sales; EEVM=Suzhou Eagle Electric Vehicle Mfg. Co., Ltd.; EEZY=EE-ZY Trailer Co.; EGBD=Eagle Body, Inc.; EGGC=Egg Camper; EGIL=Eagle; EGLE= Eagle; EGLM=Eagle Mfg.; EGLR=Eaglerock Trailers, Inc.; EGOV=E GO Vehicles, LLC; EHMC=EHM Mfg. Co.; EIDA=Eidal Intl. Corp.; EIDL= Eidal Intl. Corp.; EIGH=Eight Point; EJAY=El-Jay Div. of Iowa Mfg. Co.; EKBR=Erik Buell Racing, dandy dart folding camper, LLC; EKCH=Shanghai EK-Chor Motorcycle Co.; ELCA=Elcar Mobile Homes, Inc.; ELCO=Elcona Homes Corp.; ELCO=Memory; ELCT=Electric Wheel Co.; ELCY=Electric Cycle; ELDC=El Do-Craft Boat Co., Inc.; ELDE=Elder Trailer & Body; ELDN=El Dorado National

Subsidiary of

THOR Ind. Co.; ELDN=El Dorado National
Subsidiary of
THOR Ind. Co.; ELDO=El Dorado Intl., Inc.; ELDO=El Dorado Mfg., Ltd.; ELEC=Elec-Trac; ELET=Electra Vacation Home; ELGI=Elgin; ELGN=Elgin Sweeper Co.; ELIB=Eli Bridge Co., Inc.; ELIT=Elite Mfg.; ELJA=Eljay Mfg. Co.; ELKA=Elk Automotive, Inc.; ELKC=Elkhart Coach; ELKH=Elkhart Mfg. Co.; ELKR=Elk River Corp.; ELLE=Elgin-Leach Corp.; ELLI=Elliott Mobile Home Mfg.; ELLS=Ellis Trailer Co.; ELLT=Elliott Machine Works, LLC; ELMA=Ellis Mfg. Co., Inc.; ELMS=Electric Motorsport, Inc.; ELTC=Elete Trailer Co.; ELTS=Elliott Trailer Sales; ELVA=Elva; ELVC=Electric Vehicle Corp. (mfrs. of replicas, Minneapolis, MN); ELVT=Electric Vehicle Technologies; ELWN=Easy Lawn, Inc.; EMAX=E-Max/GGC-Global Generation Cult GMBH; EMBA=Embassy Homes; EMBB=Embassy Mobile Homes; EMCO=Emmco Trailer; EMER=Emerson Trailers, Inc.; EMME=Emmert Mfg. Co., Inc.; EMML=EML; EMON=Emergency One, Inc.; EMOT=Jinhua Shiwei Vehicle Co., Ltd. or E-Moto, LLC; EMOT=E-Moto, LLC or Jinhua Shiwei Vehicle Co., Ltd.; EMPC=Empire Corp., Inc.; EMPG=Empire Generator Corp.; EMPI=Empire Trailer, Inc.; EMPL=Empire Plow Co.; EMPR=Empress Inds.; EMW=EMW; ENAN=Enderby-Anderson Co.; ENCO=Encore; ENCR=Encore; ENEQ=Engine & Equipment; ENER=Energy Mfg. Co.; ENFB=Engle Fabrication, LLC; ENGF=English Ford (British); ENGI=Power King; ENGI=Engineering Products Co., Inc.; ENGI=Economy; ENGL=English Inds.; ENGN=Engine (for use when make is not listed); ENMC=Encore Motorcycle Co., USA; ENNS=Ennis Trailer Mfg.; ENPR=Enterprise Motor Home; ENRT=En Route, Inc.; ENSE=Ensenada Mobile Homes; ENTG=Entegra Coach, Inc.; ENTI=Environmental Technology Ind. (DBA-Entech Ind., Inc.); ENVA=Envases de Acero S.A. de C.V.; ENVI=Envirotech Corp., EIMCO Process Machinery Div.; ENVO=Envemo; ENVY=Envoy; ENZM=Enzmann; EONE=E-One; EPCC=EPI Erwin Precision Inc. & EPI Custom Cycles; EPOK=Epoke North America, Inc.; EQPR=Equipment Pro; EQPR=Milron Co., Inc.; EQPT=Equipt Mfg.; EQSP=Equispirit Trailer Co.; EQST=Equest Trailers; ERCE=Eric Enterprises, Inc.; EREK=Erectors & Fabricators, Inc.; ERIC=Erick; ERIC=Erickson Corp.; ERID=E-Ride Industries (Electric Vehicles); ERIE=Erie City Welding & Spring; ERIG=Erie-Go Mfg., Inc.; ERIN=Erin Truck & Body Equipment; ERIS=Erie-Sprayer Co.; ERMC=Elk River Machine Co.; ERRA=ERA Replica Automobiles; ERSK=Erskine; ERTH=Earthbound RV Corp. or Earthbound, LLC; ESCA=Escape Trailer; ESCC=Esco Corp.; ESCO=Exco Boat Trailers; ESCP=Escapade Motor Home; ESCT=Escort Trailer Corp.; ESEM=ESE Machines; ESHL=Eshelman Sportabout; ESIX=Essix; ESLY=Easley Trailer Mfg., Inc.; ESMC=East Mfg., Corp.; ESPD=Industries Espadon, Inc.; ESQU=Esquire; ESSE=Essex; ESSI=Essick/Hadco Div.; ESSK=Essick Trailer; ESTA=Establishment; ESTE=Estevan Inds., Ltd.; ESTM=Estate Mfg., Inc.; ETNY=Etnyre, E. D. & Co.; ETNY=Etnyre & Co., E. D.; ETNY=E. D. Etnyre & Co.; ETON=E-TON Dynamics Technology Industry Co., Dandy dart folding camper ETXL=East Texas Longhorn Trailers, LLC; EUCL=Euclid, Inc.; EUCL=Euclid, Inc., Subsidiary of White Motor Corp.; EVAC=Evaco Acquisition Corp., Inc.; EVAN=Evans Mfg. Co., Inc., John; EVAN=John Evans Mfg. Dandy dart folding camper, Inc.; EVAP=Evans-Plugge Co., Inc.; EVAS=Evanston Coach Co.; EVCR=Evcor LLC, Mfg.; EVEN=Evens Trailer Mfg., Inc.; EVER=Evergreen Log Trailer; EVES=Eversman Mfg. Co.; EVGR=Evergreen Recreational Vehicles, LLC; EVIN=Evinrude Motors; EVLT=Everlite, Inc.; EVLV=Evolve Electric Motorcycles; EVNI=Electric Vehicles Northwest, Inc.; EVNS=Evans Automobiles; EVRT=Everett-Morrison Motorcars; EVRY=Everybody's Motor Car Mfg.; EVRY=Everybodys Motor Car Mfg.; EVSI=Electric Vehicle Systems, Inc.; EVTT=EVT Technology Co., Ltd.; EVTX=Electric Vehicles of Texas; EVYM=Everything Marine USA; EWAL=Red Ewald, Inc.; EXC=Excel Motor Home Truck; EXCE=Excell Travel Trailer; EXCH=Exotic Choppers; EXCI=Excel Inds., Inc.; EXCI=Hustler; EXCL=Excalibur Trailer; EXCL=Excalibur; EXCN=Excellance, Inc.; EXCR=Excelsior; EXCY=Extreme Cycles; EXEC=Executive Inds., Inc.; EXEZ=Excel Ezload Trailers, LLC; EXHE=Excelsior-Henderson Motorcycles; EXIS=Exxiss Aluminum Trailers, Inc.; EXPD=Expedition Motor Homes; EXPL=Explorer; EXPL=Explorer Motor Home; EXPR=Express Trailers; EXPT=Expedition Trailers, Inc.; EXPW=Express Welding Co.; EXRV=Extreme RVs, LLC; EXTL=Extend-Ell Inds.; EXTO=E Z Tow Mfg. Co.; EXTR=Extreme Custom Trailers; EXTX=Exotic Cycle & Motor Werx, Inc.; EZAC=E.Z.A. Mfg. Co.; EZCK=E-Z Camper (or Kamper); EZCN=E-Z Screen; EZDU=EZ Dumper; EZGO=E-Z Go (Div. of Textron, formerly: Polaris E-Z Go); EZHA=E Z Haul; EZLD=E-Z Loader Boat Trailer; EZSP=E-Z Sportsmen; EZTD=EZ Trade; EZTL=E-Z Trail, Inc.; EZUT=E-Z Utility Trailer; EZZN=Eezzzz-On, Inc.; EZZY=Ezzy Load Boat Trailer; FAAL=Fabricated Alloy Building Co., LLC; FABC=F.A.B. Mfg. Co.; FABO=Fabco; FABW=Fabweld, Inc.; FACE=Facel-Vega; FACL=Facellia; FACT=Factory Outlet Trailers; FAIH=Colonnade Mobile Homes; FAIH=Village Green; FAIH=Shannon; FAIH=Kingsley; FAIH=Fairmont Homes, Inc.; FAIM=Fairmont Steel Products; FAIM=Redi-Haul Trailers; FAIR=Fairthorpe; FAJU=Fajume S.A. DE C.V.; FALC=Falcon (British); FALL=Falls; FALM=Michigan Lo-Loader; FALM=Falco Mfg. Co.; FALN=Falcon Coach Co.; FAN=Fanc Motor Home Truck; FANC=Fan Coach Co. (for reference only; van conversion); FARB=Farber Specialty Vehicles; FARG=Fargo; FARH=Farmhand, Inc.; FARI=Faria�s Trailers, LLC; FARK=Farm King, Ltd. (Canada); FARM=Farm and garden equipment (for use when make is not listed); FARM=Unlisted Farm or Garden Equipment Make; FART=Farm Touch, Inc.; FARW=Farenwald Boat Trailer; FAST=Fast, Inc.; FATB=Fat Boy Enterprises; FATC=Fat City Choppers; FAUT=Fautras Horse Trailers or JLFD Production; FAWN=Fawn Corp.; FAYE=Fayette Trailer; FBIM=Fat Baggers, Inc. or FBI Motor Co.; FBIM=FBI Motor Co. or Fat Baggers, Inc.; FDGD=Ford Goldline (for reference only; see FORD); FECH=Fechtner Trailers; FEDC=Federal Coach, LLC; FEDE=Federal Trailer Co.; FEDL=Federal; FEIL=Yanzhou City Feilong Motor Machinery Co., Ltd. or Feilong Motor Machinery Co., Ltd.; FEIL=Feilong Motor Machinery Co., Ltd. or Yanzhou City Feilong Motor Machinery Co., Ltd.; FEIL=Feilong Motor Machinery Co., Ltd. or Yanzhou City

Feilong Motor Machinery Co., Ltd.; FEIL=Feilong Motor Machinery Co., Ltd. or Yanzhou City
Feilong Motor Machinery Co., Ltd.; FELB=Felber; FELD=Feldman Custom Trailers; FELL=Fellwon Trailer; FELP=Felps Mfg. Corp.; FELR=Feller Used Cars & Trucks Mfg. or DL Feller Trucking; FEMC=Feldman Engineering & Mfg., Co.; FENX=Fenex or Team Fenex; FERE=Ferree Trailer Corp.; FERG=Ferguson Mfg. Co., Inc.; FERO=Ferocity Inds.; FERR=Ferrari

458 Italia; FERR=Ferrari
458 Italia; FERR=Ferrari; FERT=Fertilizer Dealer Supply, Inc.; FEST=Festival Homes of Ohio, Inc.; FEST=Sandpointe; FETE=Feterl Mfg. Co.; FETE=Feteri Mfg. Co.; FEYF=Fey, dandy dart folding camper, Frank & Co.; FEYF=Frank Fey & Co.; FFRI=Factory Five Racing, Inc.; FHL=FHL; FHMC=F & H Mfg. Dandy dart folding camper FIAA=Fiat-Abarth; FIAC=Fieldacre Horse Trailer; FIAL=Fiat-Allis Construction Machinery, Inc.; FIAT=Fiat; FIAT=Fiat
500; FIAT=Fiat


500; FIBE=Fiberfab, Inc, dandy dart folding camper. (Minneapolis, MN); FIBI=Fiberglass International, Inc.; FIBR=Fiber Trucks & Trailers, Inc.; FICH=Fischer Motor Co.; FIEA=Alex Fiegelson Co.; FIEA=Fiegelson, Alex Co.; FIED=Field Office Mfg. Co.; FIEL=Field & Stream; FIEM=Fields Mfg. Co.; FIES=Fiesta Trailer; FIFE=Fife Trailer; FIFT=Fifty Eighth (58th) Street Customs; FIGU=Figura, Mike; FIKO=Fiat-Kobelco; FILK=Finger Lakes Trailer; FIND=Farm & Industrial Svc., Co.; FINL=Fineline Trailers; FINN=Finn Corporation; FIRB=Fireball Trailer Mfg.; FIRE=Firestone Tractor; FIRS=First American Coach; FIRT=Air Buoy; FIRT=Firestone Tire & Rubber Products; FISC=Fischer; FISD=Fireside Recreational Vehicles; FISK=Fisk Tank Carrier, Inc.; FIST=Fiesta (imported by Ford); FIVE=Five (5) Star Engineering; FIVE=Five Star Engineering, Inc.; FIVK=Sheppard; FIVK=Five-K Trailer Co., Inc.; FKWA=Furkawa; FLAG=Flag Ship Boat Trailer; FLAH=Flaherty Mfg. Co.; FLAI=Flair Inds. of Illinois, Inc.; FLAM=Flamingo Trailer Mfg.; FLAN=Bermuda Bikes (mfd. by A. Claeys Flandria); FLAN=A. Claeys Flandria (Belgium; imported by St. Tropez); FLAN=Flandria, A. Claeys (Belgium, imported by St. Tropez); FLAS=Flasko Mfg. Co.; FLBR=Felburn Flatbed Trailer; FLE=Fleet Capn Trailers; FLE=Fleet Cap'n Trailers; FLEA=Fleet-Aire Camper Sarasota triathlon 2020 FLEE=Fleetcraft Corp.; FLEI=Flexi-Coil, Ltd.; FLEM=Fleetwing Mobile Homes; FLEN=Fleming Mfg. Co., Inc.; FLEO=Big Bear (mfd. by Flexo Products Co.); FLEO=Scrambler (mfd. by Flexo Products Co.); FLEO=Flexco Dandy dart folding camper Co.; FLEU=Fleury Ind., Inc.; FLEX=Flxible (formerly Flexible); FLHF=Flaming Hacksaw Fabrication, LLC; FLIN=Vega Mobile Home; FLIN=Flintstone Inds.; FLMG=Fleming Equipment Co.; FLMR=First Line Refinishing; FLNG=Sauk Centre Welding & Machine Works, Inc.; FLOA=Float-On of Florida; FLOD=Florida Trailer Co.; FLOE=Floe International; FLOI=Florida Wholesale Distributor; FLOR=Florig Equipment Co., Inc.; FLOT=Flote-Aire Corp.; FLOW=Flow Boy, dandy dart folding camper, Inc.; FLRV=Fleet RV Sales, Inc.; FLYB=Flybo or Fly Bo; FLYI=Flying Dutchman; FLYL=Flying L Trailer, Dandy dart folding camper FMC=FMC Corp.; FMC=Sweeper Div., FMC Corp.; FMC=Material Handling Equipment Div., FMC Corp.; FMC=FMC Corp. Fire Apparatus Operations, Tipton, IN (mfr. Bean Sprayers; for reference only; see AMDI); FMCO=Fimco Industries, Inc.; FMSH=Farm Shop, Inc.; FMST=Fast Master Products, dandy dart folding camper, Inc.; FN=FN; FNM=FNM; FNTM=Fantic; FOCU=Focus Travel Trailer; FOHO=Four Horseman Motorcycle Co., LLC; FOLA=Foland Enterprises; FOML=Formaloy Flat Snowmobile Trailer; FOMO=Foremost (also see J. C. Penney); FONA=Fontaine Truck Equipment Co.; FONS=Fontaine Specialized; FONT=Fontenelle Homes, Inc.; FOOT=Foot Hill Horse Trailer; FOR=Forte Trailer; FORA=Forage King Inds., Inc.; FORC=Forrest City Machine Works, Inc.; FORD=Ford Goldline Camper; FORD=Courier; FORD=Ford; FORD=Ford (see English, French, German, and Italian Ford); FORE=Ford's Mobile Home Mfg.; FORE=Fords Mobile Home Mfg.; FORF=Foreman Mfg. Co.; FORG=Foremost Mobile Home Mfg.; FORH=Forester; FORI=Forest City Inds., Inc.; FORL=Forlyn Engineering Co.; FORM=Formcaster, Inc.; FORN=Forney Horse Trailer; FORR=Fostron's Factory Outlet Trailers; FORR=Fostrons Factory Outlet Trailers; FORS=Fort Lupton Campers; FORT=Fort Smith Camper Mfg. Co.; FORU=Fortune Homes Corp.; FOSJ=Fost Joe Dog; FOST=Foster Flatbed Trailer; FOTO=Foton Lovol; FOTX=Fotografix Boat Trailers; FOUN=Fountain Flatbed Trailer; FOUR=Four Seasons Travel Trailer; FOUS=Four Star Coach Co.; FOUT=Ultra-Lite; FOUT=Four State Inds., Inc.; FOUW=Four Winds International Corp.; FOUW=Four Winds; FOWN=Four Winns; FOX=Fox; FOXI=Foxi; FPEC=Fairplay Electric Cars, LLC (low speed vehicles); FPWI=First Place Welding, Inc.; FRAC=Frank Motor Homes, Inc.; FRAI=Franklin Coach Co.; FRAI=Franklin Coach Co., Inc.; FRAK=Riverchase; FRAK=Franklin Homes, Inc.; FRAN=Franklin; FRAZ=Frazier; FRBA=Francis-Barnett; FRCS=Francis Travel Trailer; FRDM=Freedom Trailers, LLC; FREA=Freeway, Inc.; FRED=Frederick-Willys; FREE=Freeway Travelers, Inc.; FREF=French Ford; FREN=French Horse Trailer; FRES=Friess Trailer; FRHH=Four-H Trailer Manufacturing, Inc.; FRHT=Freightliner Corp.; FRIE=Friendship Inds.; FRIE=Homes American; FRIG=Friggstad Mfg., Ltd. (Canada); FRIS=Frisky; FRKS=Forks RV, Inc.; FRLL=Frell, Inc.; FRMI=Farm Master, Inc.; FRMT=Farmtrac; FRNA=Frazer-Nash; FRNK=Franklin Equipment Co.; FRNT=Frontier Cargo, Inc.; FROB=Frost Boats; FROL=Frolic Homes, Inc.; FRON=Frontier Homes Corp.; FROS=Frost Trailer Co.; FRRA=Ferrara Fire Apparatus; FRRS=Ferris Ind.; FRRV=Forest River, Inc.; FRSN=Friesen Welding; FRSV=Frank Siviglia & Co.; FRTV=Foretravel, Inc.; FRUE=Fruehauf Corp.; FRUN=Fruin; FRWY=Freeway Trailer Sales, Inc.; FRYE=Frye; FSAB=Fastload Aluminum Boat Trailers; FSKR=Fisker Automotive; FSLD=Fast Load; FSTI=Fosti Motorcycle Mfg. Co., Ltd. or Foshan City Fosti Motorcycle Mfg. Co., Ltd; FSTI=Foshan City Fosti Motorcycle Mfg. Co., Ltd. or Fosti Motorcycle Mfg. Co., Z cool football pads FSTL=Fastline Ltd.; FSTR=4 Star (Four Star) Trailers, Inc.; FSTR=Four Star (4 Star) Trailers, Inc.; FTCA=FTCA, Inc.; FTRC=Fast Trac (currently known as Cherokee Motorcycle Co. as of May 2002); FTRV=Frontier RV or Frontier RV Georgia, LLC; FTWD=Taurus; FTWD=Avion; FTWD=Fleetwood Folding Trailers, Inc.; FTWD=Oak Park; FTWD=Prowler; FTWD=Santana Motor Home; FTWD=Santana; FTWD=Terry Travel Trailer; FTWD=Wilderness; FTWD=West Field; FTWD=Fleetwood Enterprises, Inc.; FTWD=Fleetwood Travel Trailers of VA, Inc.; FUER=Fuerst Brothers, Inc.; FUJI=Fuji Robbt Jr. (Mfd. by H-M Vehicles, Inc.); FULL=Fuller Mfg, dandy dart folding camper. Co.; FULT=Fulton Boat Trailer; FULU=Fulu Vehicle Co., Ltd./Fulu Motor or Dezhou Fulu Vehicle Co., Ltd.; FUNK=Funke & Will AG; FUNL=Funliner Mfg. Co.; FUNT=Funtime Camper Trailer; FUQU=Fuqua Homes, Inc.; FURA=Furatell Inds.; FURA=Honeybee; FUTO=Wuxi Futong Motorcycle Co., Ltd. or Futong Motorcycle Co., Ltd.; FUTO=Futong Motorcycle Co., Ltd. or Wuxi Futong Motorcycle Co., Ltd.; FUTR=Futura Mobile Home; FUTU=Futurama; FWD=FWD Corp.; FWST=Fair-West Trailers; FWTI=FWT, Inc.; FXBB=Fox Better Built Trailers; FXTL=Fox Trailers, Inc.; GAAC=General Amer Aero Coach; GABB=Gabbianno; GABR=Gabriel Auto Carrier; GACM=GAC Machine Co.; GADA=Gad-About Trailers; GADB=Gadabout; GAFN=Gafner Machine, Inc.; GALA=Galactic Corp.; GALB=Galbreath, Inc.; GALI=Hercules Galion (or Galion); GALI=Galion Mfg. Div. (Hercules); GALI=Galion Mfg. Div.; GALT=Gallatin Homes; GANN=Gannon Mfg. Co., Inc.; GAPH=Gap Hill Aluminum Shop; GARB=Gar-Bro Mfg. Co.; GARD=Gardner, Inc.; GARE=Garelli; GARG=Garges Custom Trailers; GARH=Garway Homes, Inc.; GARI=Garia A/S
(low speed veh.); GARI=Garia A/S

(low speed veh.); GARL=Garlock Equipment Dandy dart folding camper GARN=Gardner-Denver Cooper Inds., Inc.; GARO=Garwood; GARP=Sunrader; GARP=Gardner-Pacific-Sunrader, Inc.; GARR=Garrett-Weldco Inds., Inc.; GARS=Garson Flatbed Trailer; GARY=Gary Carolina Co.; GASE=Garber Seeders, Inc.; GAST=Gast Mfg. Co.; GATE=Gates, Walter C.; GATE=Walter C. Gates; GATM=Gator Moto, LLC (low speed vehicle, LSV); GATM=Gator Moto, LLC; GATO=Gator Trailers Corp.; GATP=Turtle; GATP=Gator Products, Inc.; GATR=Gator Made, Inc.; GAZ=GAZ; GBCO=Gilson Brothers Co.; GBEV=Green Bee Electric Vehicles Tech., Inc.; GCIN=G & C Inc. or G & C Auto and Fleet (low-speed vehicles); GCMC=G. & C. Mfg. Co.; GDAN=Great Dane Trailers, Inc.; GDMC=GDM Company, LLC; GDRV=Grand Design Recreational Vehicles; GE=General Electric; GEAR=Gear Jammer Customs; GECA=General Coach America, Inc.; GECI=General Engines Co., Inc.; GEEB=Gee-Bee-Dee Mfg. & Supply Co.; GEEC=Geer Co.; GEEN=General Engines Co., Inc.; GEER=Geering Inds., Inc.; GEHL=Gehl Co.; GEHL= GEHL Co.; GELM=Green Emotor, Inc., or Green Elec-Motors, Inc.; GELT=Gelt Trailers; Pendleton surf anorak Gem; GEM=Gem Trailers, Inc.; GEM=Gem Inds., Inc.; GEMI=Gemini; GEMI=Gemini Trailer; GEMT=Gemtop; GEN=General Coach Works of Canada; GENA=General; GENC=General Engines Co., Inc.; GEND=General Dynamics; GENE=General Trailer Co., Inc.; GENF=General Coach of Florida; GENG=General Coach Mfg. Co.; GENH=General Coach Works, Inc.; GENI=Genie; GENM=General Homes Div.; GENR=General Moped Co. (New York, NY); GENT=Gentry; GENU=Genuine Scooter Co.; GEO=GEO; GEOR=Georgie Boy Mfg., Inc.; GEOR=Cruisemaster Motor Home; GEOR=Transmaster; GEOT=Georgia Trailer & Equipment Corp.; GERA=Gerard Lowboy Trailer; GERC=Generac Corp.; GERL=Gerlinger Foundry Machine Works; GERR=Forest Park; GERR=Gerring Inds., Inc.; GERR=Sunny Brook; GETM=Getman Brothers Mfg. Co.; GFHT=G & F Horse Trailer Repair; GFSH=Game Fisher; GFST=Gulf Stream; GFTR=G & F Trailer; GGCM=Gruter + Gut Motorrtechnik Gmbh; GGMA=Gas Gas Motors of America, dandy dart folding camper, LLC; GHIE=Ghieapy Jol Trailer; GHMI=G & H Mfg., Inc.; GIAA=Giant; GIAN=Giannini; GIAT=Osterlund, Inc.; GIBB=Gibb Sports Amphibians, Inc.; GIBL=Gibraltar Coach Mfg. Co.; GIBR=Gibraltar Inds., dandy dart folding camper, Inc.; GIDD=Giddings Machine Co., dandy dart folding camper, Inc.; GIGI=GIGI Inds., Inc.; GILB=Gilbern; GILD=Kentuckian Mobile Homes; GILD=Alan; GILD=Giles Inds., Inc.; GILE=Gilera; GILG=Gillig Bus; GILL=Gill Mfg. Co.; GILM=Gilmore Trailer, Inc.; GILS=Senator; GILS=Gilson Brothers Co.; GILT=Gilmore-Tatge Mfg. Co., Inc.; GIND=Gindy Mfg. Corp.; GINE=Ginetta; GINR=Gin Ray Mfg. Co.; GIRA=Girards Mfg. Co.; GIRA=Girard's Mfg. Co.; GISN=Gilson; GITA=Gitane; GIVE=Givens Mfg. Co.; GKMI=G K Machine, Inc.; GKUM=GKU Manufacturing, LLC (dba-Rugged Electric Vehicles); GLAC=Glacier Craft Boats, LLC; GLAD=Gladding Travel Trailer; GLAS=Glas; GLAT=Glasstite, Inc.; GLAV=Glaval Bus; GLBE=Globe; GLBL=Global Electric Motor Cars; GLBP=Global Environmental Products, Inc.; GLBT=Globe Dandy dart folding camper Co., Ltd. or Changzhou Globe Tools Co., Ltd.; GLCG=Great Lakes Cargo, LLC; GLDH=Goldhofer Fahrzeugwerk GMBH U Co. or Goldhofer AG; GLDI=Golden Horse Industry & Trade Co., Ltd.; GLDS=Golden Sunrise Appliance Co., Ltd. Or YongKang Golden Appliance Co., Ltd.; GLDS=YongKang Golden Appliance Co., Ltd. Or Golden Sunrise Appliance Co., Ltd.; GLDV=Goldenvale, Inc.; GLEA=Gleason Corp.; GLEB=Glenbrook Homes of Tennessee; GLEC=Glen & Cecil Mobile Home Mfg. & Sales; GLEH=Glen Manor Homes, Inc.; GLEL=Glendale Mobile Homes; GLEN=Glenhill Road Machinery; GLFI=Globe Fabricators, Inc.; GLFI=Feedliner; GLID=Glider Mobile Homes Corp.; GLIT=Glitsch; GLMB=Golfmobile; GLND=G & G (Gilliand & Gilliand); GLNL=Glen-L Trailers; GLOB=Globe Camper Mfg.; GLOM=Globemaster Mobile Homes; GLOR=Gloria (for reference only; see INGL); GLOS=Globestar Inds., Inc.; GLOV=Glover Plastic Sprayer; GLRD=Glasride Trailer; GLRV=Glendale Recreational Vehicles; GLSC=Glassic; GLSS=Glass Stream Trailers; GLST=Glastron, Inc.; GLTM=Globe Trailer Mfg., Inc.; GLUT=G & L Utility Trailers; GLWO=Glass-Wood Products, Inc.; GLWO=EZZ Pull; GM=General Motors; GMC=General Motors Corp. (Truck & Coach Div. through vehicle year 1987); GMC=GMC; GMC=General Motors Corp.; GMRE=GMR Enterprises, Inc.; GMSP=General Motors Sprint (for reference only); GMST=Gem State Mfg., Inc.; GNMI=General Marine Inds.; GNRE=General Rich Enterprises; GNSH=General Shelters; GNTC=Giantco Motorcycle Co., Ltd. or Jiangmen Giantco Motorcycle Co., Ltd.; GNTW=Great Northern Trailer Works; GNTY=Gentry Motorworks of Indiana, LLC; GNWF=General Welding & Fab., Inc.; GOAT=Billy Goat; GOCO=Go Corp.; GOEB=Goebel Trailer Co.; GOEV=Gorilla Electric Vehicles; GOFF=Goff Mfg. Corp.; GOFF=Sea Craft Boat Trailer; GOFF=Snow Master; GOGA=Go-Tag-Along; GOGE=Go-Tel Leasing Corp.; GOGO=Gogomobile; GOKA=Shanghai Goka Sports Motor Co., Ltd. or Goka Sports Motor Co., Ltd.; GOKA=Goka Sports Motor Co., Ltd. or Shanghai Goka Sports Motor Co., Ltd.; GOKT=Go Kart; GOLA=Gold Leaf Engineering Co.; GOLD=Gold Star Mobile Homes, Inc.; GOLE=Golden Coach Mfg. Co.; GOLI=Goliath; GOLK=Golden Dandy dart folding camper Trailers, Inc.; GOLL=Golden State Mobile Homes; GOLM=Golden West Mobile Homes, Inc.; GOLM=Golden West Mobile Homes; GOLN=Go-Lite, Inc.; GONA=Gonard Enterprises, Inc.; GONU=Golden Dandy dart folding camper Travel Trailer; GOOD=Good Mfg. Co.; GOOD=Mayfair Trailer; GOOS=Gooseneck Trailer Mfg. Co., Inc.; GOOY=Goodyear Camper Mfg., Inc.; GORB=Gorbett Brothers; GORD=Gordon; GORE=Gore Trailer; GORM=Gorman-Rupp Co., The; GORO=Gordon Smith & Co., Inc.; GORO=Smith, Gordon & Co., Inc.; GPII=Grimes-Parker Ind., Inc.; GPIN=Great Plains Ind.; GPRX=Grand Prix Trailer Mfg.; GRAB=Grady-White Boat Co.; GRAC=Graciela; GRAD=Gradall; GRAE=Graves Mfg. Co.; GRAE=W. E. Grace Mfg. Co.; GRAE=Grace, W. E., Mfg. Co.; GRAF=Graffin Wellpoint Corp.; GRAH=Graham; GRAM=Gramm; GRAO=Graco, Inc.; GRAP=Graham-Paige; GRAV=Gray-Velle Mobile Homes; GRCH=Gerich Fiberglass, Inc.; GRDN=Great Dane; GRDP=Grand Premier Travel Trailer; GREA=Great Divide Coach Mfg.; GREB=Great Bend Mfg. Co., Inc.; GREE=Green Boat Trailer; GREG=Air-Flo Mobile Homes; GREG=Gregory Mfg, dandy dart folding camper. Co.; GREI=Greenville; GREI=Greenvilla; GREL=Great Lakes Mobile Homes; GREL=Great Lakes Mobile Home; GREM=Green Mfg., Inc.; GREN=Greencastle Coach Co.; GRER=Gregory Trailer Sales; GRES=Great Escape; GRET=GreenTech Automotive, Inc.

My Car; GRET=GreenTech Automotive, Inc.
My Car; GREV=Greeves; GRFM=Ground Force Mfg., LLC; GRGR=Gregoire Group; GRIF=Griffith; GRIM=Grimmer-Schmidt Corp.; GRIS=Grand Island Mfg.; GRIZ=Grizzly Mfg. Co., Inc.; GRLF=Grand Lake Fabrication, LLC; GRLK=Great Lake; GRLN=Garland Trailer Designs; GRMA=Grumman Allied Inds., Inc.; GRMF=Germfree Laboratories, Inc.; GRMP=Grumpy's Custom Motorcycles, Inc.; GRMP=Grumpy�s Custom Motorcycles, Inc.; GRND=Grandeur Cycles, Inc.; GRNE=Green dandy dart folding camper Green Mfg. Co., Inc.; GRNG=Greengo Tek, LLC (low-speed vehicles); GRNH=Greenhaven Mobile House Trailer; GROE=Gronewegen B.V.; GROV=Grove; GRRM=GRM; GRSO=Sheffield; GRSO=Great Southwest Corp.; GRSO=Coventry Mobile Home; GRSP=Gran Spree Mini Camper; GRTL=G R Trailers, LLC; GRUE=Gruendler Crusher & Pulverizer Co.; GRUM=Grumman-Olsen; GRUM=Grumman Motor Home; GRVE=Clark-Gravely Corp.; GRVE=Gravely; GRVL=Gravely Auto & Trailer Service; GRVM=Grove Mfg. Co.; GRYE=Grycner; GRZL=Grizzly Corp.; GSCR=Garden State Chassis Remanufacturing, Inc.; GSEN=Gold Star Enterprises; GSEQ=General Safety Equip, dandy dart folding camper. Corp.; GSIN=G. S. Inds., Inc.; GSM=GSM; GSSS=Gas Service & Supply; GSTM=Goldstar Trailer Mfg.; GTMI=G.T. Mfg., Inc.; GTWY=Gateway Materials; GUAN=Chongqing Guangyu Motorcycle Mfg. or Guangyu Motorcycle Mfg.; GUAN=Guangyu Motorcycle Mfg. or Chongqing Guangyu Motorcycle Mfg.; GUER=Statler Mobile Home Trailer; GUER=Guerdon Inds.; GUER=Twin Lakes; GUER=Van Dyke; GUER=Woodhaven; GUES=Guest Inds., Inc.; GUID=Guidon Camper Trailer; GUIZ=Guizzo; GULA=Guerilla Customs; GULF=Gulf States Mfg. Corp.; GULL=Gull Wing Ind., Inc.; GUST=Gustafson Mfg. Co., Inc.; GUTH=Guthrie Trailer Sales, Inc.; GUZO=Guazzoni; GWM=Gulf & Western Mfg. Co., Inc.; GWM=Ottawa Truck Div., Gulf & Western Mfg. Co.; GWM=Ottawa; GWVC=Great West Van Conversions; GWVC=Great West Vans; GYEL=Gypsum Express, Ltd.; GYPS=Gypsy Campers, Inc.; GZL=Gazelle; HAAI=High Altitude Aviation, Inc.; HABN=Haban/Agri-Fab; HABN=Agri-Fab/Haban; HACH=Hatch Mfg.; HACK=Hackney & Sons, Inc.; HADL=Hadley Trailer Mfg. Co.; HADX=Haddox Quality Trailers; HAFA=Hartman-Fabco, Inc.; HAFL=Haflinger; HAHN=Hahn, Inc.; HAIL=Yongkang Haili Industrial Co., Ltd. or Haili Industrial Co., Ltd.; HAIL=Haili Industrial Co., Ltd. or Yongkang Haili Industrial Co., Ltd.; HAIR=Hairgrove Inds., Inc.; HAIR=Sundowner; HALC=Halco Co.; HALE=Hale Horse Trailer; HALL=R. D. Hall Mfg., Inc.; HALL=Hall, R. D. Mfg., Inc.; HALM=Hallmark Motor Home; HALN=Haulin Trailers, LLC; HALR=Halliburton Co.; HALZ=Hals-EZ Trailer Mfg.; HAMB=Hamby Co., The; HAMB=Hamby Co.; HAMH=Hammerhead or Hammerhead Off-Road; HAMI=Hamilton Trailer; HAML=Hamlite; HAMM=Hammerdown Trailers & Fabrication; HAMP=Hampton Homes, Inc.; HAMP=Hampton Rhoads; HAMR=Umbrella Rides, Inc.; HAMR=Hampton Amusement Rides, LLC; HANK=Hanks Mobile Home Service; HANK=Hank's Mobile Home Service; HANM=Hanma; HANN=Clifford B. Hanney & Sons, Inc.; HANN=Hanney, Clifford B. & Sons, Inc.; HANO=Hanover; HANS=Hanson Machinery Co.; HANS=Hansa; HAOR=Haoren Electromechanical Co., Ltd. or Zhejiang Haoren Electromechanical Co., Ltd.; HAPP=Happy Wanderer Ind., Inc.; HAPY=Happy Travl'r Coaches, Inc.; HAPY=Happy Travlr Coaches, Inc.; HARB=Harbortown Mobile Home; HARC=Harris Honker Camper Mfg.; HARD=Hardee Mfg. Co.; HARF=Harrison Trailer Mfg. Co.; HARG=Harding Trailer Co.; HARH=Hart Mobile Homes Corp.; HARI=Hartford Homes, Inc.; HARK=Harklau Inds., Inc.; HARL=Hartline Travel Trailers; HARM=Hart Mfg., dandy dart folding camper, Inc.; HARN=Harnischfegar Corp.; HARR=Roanoke-Hustler; HARR=Harrington Mfg. Co., Inc.; HARR=Hustler; HARR=Roanoke-Hustler Forklift; HARS=Harsco Corp.; HART=Hartman; HARV=Harvest Motor Home; HARW=Harlow Travel Trailer; HAUA=Haul-A-Day Trailers; HAUI=Haulmark Inds., Inc.; HAUL=Haulette Trailer; HAUM=Haulmax Trailer Co.; HAUR=Haul Rite, Inc.; HAUT=Haul-It-All-Flatbed Trailer; HAWG=Hawg Ty; HAWK=Hawkeye Camping Trailer; HAWN=Hawn Freeway Trailer Sales; HAWT=Hawthorne Trailer; HAWT=Hawthorne; HAYB=Haybuster Agricultural Equip.; HAYE=Enerex; HAYE=Hayes Equipment Corp.; HAYN=Haynes Mfg. Co., Inc.; HAYS=Hayes Log Truck; HAYV=Hay Van or Hayvan Mfg.; BK 3 Investments, LLC; HBTC=H & B Trailer Co.; HBVW=Harborview Choppers, Inc.; HCCH=HCCH Inds., LLC; HCCK=Heacock Welding, Inc.; HCHE=Her Chee Industrial Co., Ltd.; HD=Harley-Davidson; HD=Super Glide (mfd. by Harley-Davidson); HDBT=Hardeebilt Trailers, Inc.; HDGC=High Desert Golf Cart (low speed vehicles); HDHM=H. D. Hudson Mfg. Co.; HDKP=HDK Plastic Factory, Ltd., USA; HDMC=AMF; HDMC=Harley-Davidson Motor Co., Inc.; HDSN=Hudson Trailer; HEAL=Super-Tryke (mfd. by Heald, Inc.); HEAL=Heald, Inc.; HEAL=Mini Bronc (mfd. by Heald, Inc.); HEAL=Super Bronc (mfd. by Heald, Inc.); HEAL=Trail Bronc (mfd. by Heald, Inc.); HEAR=Hearthside Mobile Homes; HEAT=Heathkit; HECD=Heckendorn Mfg. Co.; HECK=Heckaman Mfg., Inc.; HECL=Herculift (for reference only; see TCIP); HECL=TCI Inc. (for reference only; see TCIP); HECL=Herculift Forklift (for reference only; see TCIP); HECO=Heco Boat Trailer; HEDW=Hed-Way, Inc.; HEIL=Heil Co.; HEIL=Heil Co., The; HEIN=Heinkel; HEIT=Heilite Trailers, Inc.; HELB=Hell Bent Iron (Widowmaker brand cycles); HELL=Hell Bound Steel, LLC; HELM=Helm Mfg. Co.; HELR=Helmers Custom Coach; HELT=Heltzel Co.; HEND=Hendrickson Mfg. Co.; HENE=Henred-Fruehauf (Pty.), Ltd.; HENK=Henke Mfg. Corp.; HENM=Hendrix Mfg. Co.; HENN=Henderson Mfg. Co.; HENR=Henry J.; Riley england snooker cue Mobile Homes, Inc.; HERB=Herbst Brothers; HERC=Hercules; HERD=Herd Seeder Co., dandy dart folding camper, Inc.; HERI=Heritage Mobile Homes; HERM=Hermiston Trailers; HERO=Heron Travel Campers; HERR=Herrli Inds., Inc.; HERR=Swift Haven Mobile Homes; HERT=Herter Snowmobile Trailer; HERZ=Herzig Mfg. Co.; HESC=Hesston Corp.; HESC=Woods Div., Hesston Corp.; HESS=Hesse Corp.; HEST=Hester Plow Co., Inc.; HETG=Heritage by Abel Corp.; HETG=Franklin Coach Co., Inc.; HEWC=Hewco Mfg.; HEWE=Hein-Werner Corp.; HEWI=Hewitt-Lucas Body Co.; HFEC=Hensley Fabricating & Equip. Co., Inc.; HFTY=Heafty Trailer Mfg. & Sales; HGGL=Hagglunds; HGON=Hagon; HGRV=Hairgrove Construction Equipment; HGTO=Heritage One RV, Inc.; HGYN=Zhejiang Huangyan Sanye Group Co., Ltd. or Huangyan Sanye Grp. Co., Ltd.; HGYN=Huangyan Sanye Grp. Co., Ltd. or Zhejiang Huangyan Sanye Group Co., Ltd.; HHTC=H & H Trailer Co.; HHTS=H & H Trailer Sales, Inc.; HI=Hi-Lo Travel Trailer; HIAA=Hiawatha Mobile Homes; HIAB=Hiab Cranes & Loaders, Inc.; HIAW=Hiawatha; HIBB=Hibbard Iron Works of Hampton; HIBC=Hiebco, LLC; HIBD=Hibdon Mfg. Co.; HIBR=HI-Bird Motorcycle Ind., Co., Ltd. or Chongqing Hi-Bird Motorcycle Ind., Co., Ltd.; HIBR=Chongqing Hi-Bird Motorcycle Ind., Co., Ltd. or HI-Bird Motorcycle Ind., Co., Ltd.; HIBT=Hilbilt Mfg. Co.; HICH=High Chaparral, Inc.; HICK=Hickey Trail-Blazer; HICO=HICO Corp. of America; HICS=Hicks; HIDE=Hide-A-Way Camper; HIDG=Highly Dangerous Motorcycles; HIGA=Highway Cruisers, Inc.; HIGC=High Country Trailer Sales & Mfg.; HIGE=Highway Sleeper Corp.; HIGG=Higgins Delta Corp or Higgins-Delta; HIGH=Highway Trailer; HIGK=Highway Trailer of Wisconsin & California; HIGL=Master House; HIGL=Highlander Travel Trailer (for reference only; see YARB); HIGP=High Peak Trailers, Inc.; HIGW=Highway Mfg. Co.; HIGY=Highway Inds.; HIHK=Hitch-Hiker Mfg., Inc.; HILB=Hillsboro Inds., Inc.; HILC=Hill Country Homes, Inc.; HILD=Hill Dump Trailer; HILF=Hill Mfg. Co.; HILI=Hillco, Inc.; HILL=Hill Dump Trailer (for reference only; see HILD); HILL=Hillman; HILM=Hillcrest Homes, Athlete basketball bc prep HILN=HiLine Carts & Cars, Inc. (low speed vehicles); HILO=Hilton Mobile Homes, Inc.; HILP=Hilltopper Mfg. Corp.; HILS=Hilo Snyder Travel Trailer; HILT=Trailflex; HILT=Hilltop Mfg., Inc.; HIND=Hindustan; HINE=Hines Mfg. Co.; HINO=Hino; HINS=Hinson Mfg. Co., Inc.; HINT=Hinomoto Tractor Sales USA, Inc.; HIRE=Hire Dump Trailer; HIRO=Hi Rollin Trailer Mfg.; HISP=Hispano-Suiza; HIST=Highstone Trailer; HITA=Hi-Tech Automotive Ltd.; HITC=Hitching Rail Trailer; HIUT=Hi-U-Trailer Mfg.; HIVW=High View, Inc.; HIWY=Hi-Way Star, Inc.; HJVT=HJV Trailers, LLC; HKEG=Truck Trailer Sales & Service; HKRY=Hickory King Horse Trailer; HLDH=Holandia Holder; HLEI=H L Enterprise, Inc.; HLFM=Haul-A-Fame, Inc.; HLME=Holmes Trailers; HLMK=Haulmark or Haulmark Ind.; HLPK=Holly Parks, Inc.; HLRI=High-Lite Rides, Inc.; HLTI=Hays Liquid Transport, dandy dart folding camper, Inc. or Liquid Transport, Inc.; HLWD=Hellwood Trailer; HM=HM; HMDE=Homemade Dandy dart folding camper Code (for further explanation, see NCIC 2000 Operating Manual, Vehicle File chapter); HME=HME, Inc.; HMLT=Hamlet Custom Haulers, LLC; HMST=Homesteader, Inc.; HMTR=Haul Master or Haul Master by Changzhou Nanxiashu Tool Factory; HMVE=Free-Way II (mfd. by H-M Vehicles, Inc.); HNLC=HNL Corp. or Henry N. Lanciani; HNLY=Henley�s Trailer, dandy dart folding camper, Inc.; HNMN=Heinemann; HNMR=Hahn Motors, Inc.; HNSM=Hensim USA, Inc. or Chongqing Hensim Group Co., Ltd.; HNSO=Hanson Camping Trailer; HOAN=Holman Compressor Trailer; HOAN=Holman; HOBA=Hobart Brothers Co.; HOBB=Hobbs Trailers; HOBI=Hobie Cat; HOBO=Ho-Bo Trailers; HODA=Hodaka (Japan); HODA=Ace (model of Hodaka); HODG=Hodges Custom Haulers; HOF=Hoffman; HOGG=Hogg and Davis, Inc.; HOHT=Hoosier Horse Trailers, LLC; HOIN=Hornet Inds., Inc.; HOL=Holsclaw Brothers, Inc.; HOLA=Holland Transplanter Co.; HOLD=Holden; HOLE=Holden Trailer Mfg. Co.; HOLH=Holiday House; HOLI=Holiday Inds., Inc.; HOLK=Holmes Wrecker; HOLL=Holland Trailers; HOLM=Holiday Mobile Homes; HOLM=Fairway; HOLN=Holstein Mfg., Inc.; HOLN=Maxi-Barbeque; HOLO=Holiday Royal Travel Trailer; HOLP=Hole Pumps; HOLR=Monitor Mini-Motor Home; HOLR=Aluma-lite; HOLR=Holiday Rambler; HOLR=Free Spirit; HOLR=Holiday Vacationer; HOLR=Rambler Trailer; HOLR=Holiday Rambler Corp.; HOLR=Wide World; HOLS=Holiday Trailer Sales & Mfg. Co.; HOLT=Holt Trailer; HOLU=Holland Camper Co.; HOLV=Holva Travel Trailer; HOLW=Hollywood Mobile Homes; HOLY=Holly Inds. (or Coach Co.); HOLZ=Holmes-Craft; HOMA=Holiday Trail; HOMA=Holiday Marine Sales, Inc.; HOMD=Homemade motorcycles (for further explanation see NCIC 2000 Operating Manual, Vehicle File chapter); HOME=Homette Homes (or Corp.); HOME=Aly Alliance; HOMI=Homes of Merit, Inc.; HOML=Homelite; HOMM=Homeway Mobile Homes; HOMS=Ernest Holmes Div.; HOMS=Holmes, Ernest Div.; HOND=American Honda Motor Co., Inc.; HOND=Honda (Japan); HOND=Honda; HONE=Honeywell Motor Products, Honeywell, Inc.; HONG=Hongki or Hong-Chi; HONL=Hongling Motorcycle Corp. or Shanghai Hongling Motorcycle Corp.; HONO=Honorbuilt Trailers, Inc.; HONO=Honorbuilt Trailer Mfg.; HOOP=Hooper Trailer Sales, Inc.; HOOS=Hoosier Mobile Homes; HOP=Hop Cap P/U Camper Trailer; HOPK=Hopkins Mfg. Corp.; HORC=Horch Limousine; HORI=Horizon Mobile Homes; HORN=Horner-Golem Co.; HORS=Horseman Camper; HORT=Hornet Flatbed Trailer; HORX=Horex; HORZ=Horizon Motor Home; HOTC=Hotchkiss; HOUE=Houle Inds., Inc.; HOUF=House of Architecture; HOUG=Hough Brothers, Inc.; HOUH=House of Harmony, Inc.; HOWA=Cycle-Sleeper; HOWA=Howard Mfg. Co.; HOWC=Howard Commercial Turf Equipment Co.; HOWD=Howdan Mfg. Co.; HOWE=Howe Engineered Sales Co.; HOWE=Kutter; HOWH=Shanghai Howhit Machinery Manufacture Co. or Howhit Machinery Manufacture; HOWH=Howhit Machinery Manufacturer Co.; HOWL=How-Lo Campers Co.; HOWR=Howard Rotavator Co., Inc., Subsidiary of Howard Machinery, Ltd.; HOWS=Howse Implement Co., Inc.; HPWC=Horsepower & Chrome, LLC; HRBK=Hard Bikes, LLC; HRBN=Harben, Inc.; HRBR=Harbor Homes, LLC; HRDC=Hardcore Choppers; HRG=HRG; HRIG=Heartland Rig (HRI); HRIG=HRI (Heartland Rig); HRLD=Heartland Recreational Vehicles, LLC; HRLL=Harrell Mfr.; HRMR=Harmar, Inc.; HRMY=Harley Murry, Inc.; HRNY=Harney Coach or Harney Coach Works; HRRM=Harriman Sales, Inc.; HRSE=Horse Creek Mfg. & Fabrication; HRTG=Heritage Custom Trailers; HRTI=Herters, Inc.; HRTI=Herter's, Inc.; HRTK=Harmon Tank Co.; HRTL=Heartland Trailer Manufacturing & Sales, Inc.; HRTM=Heartland Motorcycle Co. or Heartland Motorcycle, Inc.; HRTO=Horton; HRTR=Herter; HRVT=Harvey Trailer Sales, Inc.; HRVY=Force Mfg., Inc.; HSKE=Huskee Outdoor Equipment; HSKY=Hus-Key Mfg., Inc.; HSMI=H. & S. Mfg., Inc.; HSMI=H & S Mfg. Co., Inc.; HSPT=Hot Springs Performance Trailers; HSQV=Husqvarna; HSTR=Hostar Marine Transport Systems, Inc.; HSUM=Hot Summer Industries; HTCH=Hitachi; HTCI=Herring Tank Co., Inc.; HTFD=Hatfield Welding & Trailer Sales, Inc.; HTGP=Heritage Park Models; HUAM=Huanan Motors Grp. Co., Ltd. Or Guangzhou Panyu Huanan Motors Grp. Co., Ltd.; HUAM=Guangzhou Panyu Huanan Motors Grp. Co., Ltd. or Huanan Motors Grp, dandy dart folding camper. Co., Ltd.; HUAN=Huansong Ind. Grp. Co., Ltd. or Chongqing Huansong Ind. Grp. Ltd.; HUAN=Huansong Ind. Grp., Ltd. or Chongqing Huansong Ind. Grp. Co., Ltd.; HUAR=Huari Group Co., Ltd. or Jiangmen City Huari Group Co., Ltd.; HUAR=Jiangmen City Huari Group Co., dandy dart folding camper, Ltd. or Huari Group Co., Ltd.; HUAW=Zhejiang Summit Huawin Motorcycle Co., Ltd. or Huawin Motorcylce Co., Ltd.; HUAW=Huawin Motorcylce Co., Ltd. or Zhejiang Summit Huawin Motorcycle Co., Ltd.; HUBE=J. M. Huber Corp.; HUBR=Keith Huber Corp.; HUDS=Hudson; HUDS=Hudson (for reference only; see HDSN); HUFF=Huffy; HUFY=Huffy Corp. (Dayton, Ohio); HUFY=Prothunder (mfd. by Huffy Corp.); HUGH=Hughes; HULC=Hulco Trailers or Hulco GMbH; HULL=Hullco (Sikeston Trailer Sales); HULN=Hull�s New & Used Equip.; HUMB=Humber; HUME=Humbee Surrey; HUML=Hummel; HUMM=Hummer; HUMS=Humes Truck & Trailer Mfg. Co.; HUNE=Hunter Custom Trailers; HUNG=Huntington Distributors; HUNM=Hunts Trailer Mfg.; HUNM=Hunt's Trailer Mfg.; HUNT=Huntsman, Inc.; HUPM=Hupmobile; HURO=Huron Inds., Inc.; HURR=Hurricane Cargo; HURS=Hurst Trailers, Inc.; HURU=Hustler-Rustler; HUSA=Husaberg Motor AB; HUSF=Husky Farm Equipment, Ltd.; HUSK=Husky; HUSQ=Husqvarna; HUSS=Powerful Paul Jr.; HUSS=Huss Sales, Inc.; HUST=Hustler Boat Trailer; HUTC=Hutco Boat Trailers; HUTR=Hunter Structures Trailer; HUWA=Huber-Warco; HUYE=Huyue Motorcycle Co. or Yantai ETDZ Huyue Motorcycle Co., Dandy dart folding camper HUYE=Yantai ETDZ Huyue Motorcycle Co., Ltd. or Huyue Motorcycle Co.; HWKL=Hawkeye Leisure Trailer, dandy dart folding camper, Ltd. or HLT, Ltd.; HWKN=Hawkline or Hawkline, LLC; HWKT=Hawk Trailers, LLC; HWMC=H. & W. Mfg. Co.; HWRO=Hewitt-Robins Crushing & Vibrating Equipment Div.; HWTM=Hank Williams Trailer Mfg.; HWTT=Howe Truck & Trailer; HYCA=Hycaloader Co., Inc.; HYDE=Hyde Corp.; HYDF=Hydra-Fab Mfg.; HYDR=Hydr-Sports, Inc.; HYDY=Hy-Dynamic Div.; HYLD=Hylander Utility Trailer; HYLN=Hy-Line Enterprises, Inc.; HYLT=Hylton Homes, Inc.; HYST=Hyster Co.; HYST=Hyster Corp.; HYTC=Hytracker Mfg., Ltd.; HYTK=Hydro Tek Corp.; HYTR=Hyundai Trailers; HYUN=Hyundai; HYUN=Hyundai

Veloster; HYUN=Hyundai
Veloster; HZLW=Hazlewood Mfg. Co.; IAME=I. A. M. E.; IBEN=Iben Boat Trailer; ICBU=I C Bus, LLC; ICL=ICL Cargo Trailer; ICRP=IC Corp.; IDEC=I.D.E.C.O.; IDEL=Ideal Inds.; IDLE=Idle-Time Cabover Camper Trailer; IDTD=Idaho Tote Dolly, Inc.; IHBQ=Iron Horse BBQ, Inc.; IHHI=Ishikawajima-Harima Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.; IHTM=Iron Horse Trailer Mfg.; IJBD=International Jet Boats de Mexico S.A. de C.V.; IKA=I. K. A.; IKAR=Ikarus Buses and Coaches; IMAG=Imago; IMCO=Intermountain Wholesale, Inc.; IMFI=Interstate Mfg., Inc.; IMPA=Impala Mobile Homes & Travel Trailers; IMPB=I. M, dandy dart folding camper. P. (U.S.); IMPD=Imperial Inds.; IMPE=Imperial (for vehicle years 1955-1983, use VMA/IMPE; for vehicle years prior to 1955 and vehicle years 1990-1993, see make Chrysler); IMPI=Imperial Mobile Homes; IMPT=Imperial Trailer Corp.; IND=Indian (Taiwan); INDA=Indies House, Inc.; INDC=Industrial Engineering Co.; INDE=Independent Dandy dart folding camper Co.; INDI=Indiana; INDI=Indian Motorcycle Company; INDM=Indio Trailer Mfg. Corp.; INDN=Indian Campers, Inc.; INDP=Independent Mfg. Co., Inc.; INDU=Industrial & Municipal Engineering, Inc.; INDU=IME; INFI=Infiniti; INFY=Infinity Trailer Sales; INGE=Ingerson Mfg. Co.; INGI=Inergii, Inc.; INGL=Intramotor Mopeds (Verona, Italy); INGL=Blanco (model of Intramotor Mopeds); INGL=Scout (model of Intramotor Mopeds); INGL=Gloria (model of Dandy dart folding camper Mopeds); INGR=Ingram Mfg. Co.; INGS=Ingersoll-Rand Co.; INGT=Inger-Teco Corp.; INLA=Inland Equipment Corp.; INLI=Inline Southwest Horse Trailer; INMA=Insley Mfg. Co.; INMC=Independence Motorcycle Co.; INME=Intermeccanica; INMN=Inman Trailers; INNO=Innocenti; INNT=Innovative Trailers, Inc.; INNV=Innovative Trailer Mfg, Inc.; INOR=Idaho Norland Co.; INOV=Innovative Trailer Mfg.; INPX=Indiana Phoenix; INRP=Intrapid Trailer; INSC=Insane Custom Cycle; INSG=Instigator, Inc.; INSL=Insley Four Wheel Tag Trailer; INSM=Innovative Street Machines, LLC; INST=International Specialized Trailer Mfg., LLC; INTC=Interconsult Mfg. Co.; INTE=International Room spinning meme Mfg.; INTE=Intl. Coach Mfg.; INTG=R & D Fabrication; INTG=Integrity Custom Trailers; INTI=Intl. Inds., Inc.; INTI=International Inds., Inc.; INTL=Farmall; INTL=International Harvester Co.; INTL=Transtar; INTL=Intl. Harvester Co.; INTL=International Harvester; INTL=Cub Cadet; INTL=Custom Scout I; INTM=Intl. Mobile Homes of California; INTM=International Mobile Homes of California; INTP=Interstate Products; INTR=International Trailer Corp.; INTR=Intl. Trailer Corp.; INTS=Interstate Travel Trailer; INTT=Interstate Trailers, Inc.; INTW=Interstate West Corp.; INTY=Integrity Trailers, Inc.; INVA=Invader Travel Trailer; INVO=Inno Van; INVT=Indian Valley Trailers; IOMO=Iowa Mold Tooling Co., Inc.; IONI=Ioni-A-Home Mfg. Co.; IOWA=Iowa Mfg. Co.; IPMI=IP Manufacturing, dandy dart folding camper, Inc.; IPSC=IPSCO-Lambton Steel; IRBI=Irbit Motorworks of America, Inc. (Affiliate of Irbit Motorcycle Factory;
Russia); IRBK=Irabeck & Co.; IRD=IRD; IRDG=Irondog Trailers; IREG=Iron Eagle Trailers; IRNH=Ironhorse Trailers, Inc.; IRNP=Iron Panther, Inc.; IRON=Ironworks Motorcycle Co.; IRWI=Ironworks, Inc. or 102 Ironworks, Inc.; ISEI=I.S.E., Inc.; ISET=Isetta; ISLA=Islander Motor Home; ISO=ISO; ISTG=Insta-Gator Choppers, LLC; ISU=Isuzu; ITAF=Italian Ford; ITAI=Italia; ITAK=Italika Motorcycles; ITAL=Italjet; ITAS=Itasca Motor Homes; ITAT=Pacer Moped (mfd. by Italtelai Mfg. Co.; imported by AEON Intl. Corp., Ronkonkoma, NY); ITAT=Italtelai Mfg. Co. (Italy); ITAV=Italvelo; ITDI=Innovative Trailer Design Industries; ITIT=ITI Trailers and Truck Bodies, Inc.; ITLR=Indiana Trailer Manufacturing; ITMD=Intimidator (Previously utility vehicle unit of Bad Boy, Inc.) Became separate company in
Arkansas; ITMI=Indiana Tool and Machine, Inc.; ITNL=International Truck & Engine Corp.; ITOM=Itom; ITPD=Intrepid Cycles, Inc.; ITST=Interstate Trailers, Inc.; ITTI=in Tech Trailers, Inc.; IVEC=Magirus; IVEC=Iveco Trucks of North America, Inc.; JAC=Jackson Trailer; JACB=Jacobsen Trailers, Inc.; JACC=Jac-Trac, Inc.; JACG=Jack Green Co.; JACK=Jack's Trailer Mfg.; JACK=Jacks Trailer Mfg.; JACL=Jaclen Mfg. Co.; JACO=Jacobsen Mfg. Co.; JACO=Estate; JACS=Jacobsen Mobile Homes; JACT=Jack's Trailer Mfg. of Florida; JACT=Jacks Trailer Mfg. of Florida; JAEG=Jaeger Machine Co.; JAGM=JAG Mobile Solutions or JAG Solutions, Inc.; JAGU=Jaguar; JAHN=Jahn Flatbed Trailer; JAKL=China Jialing Ind. Co., Ltd. or Jackel Motorsports; JAKL=Jackel Motorsports or China Jialing Ind. Co., Ltd.; JALL=Jalldee, Inc.; JAMA=Ja-Mar Mfg., Inc.; JAMB=Jamboree Motor Home Truck; JAMC=Jamco Trailers; JAMI=Jamies Welding; JAMI=Jamie's Welding; JAMM=Jammer Cycle Products, Inc.; JANT=Jantz Mfg., Inc.; JARC=Jarco, Inc.; JASO=Jason Mfg.; JAWA=Babetta (mfd. by Jawa; imported by American Jawa, Ltd., Plainview, NY); JAWA=Jawa/CZ (Czechoslovakia; also see CZ); JAY=Jayco, Inc.; JAYD=Jay Dee Inds.; JAYK=Jay-Kee Mfg., Inc.; JAYS=Jays Hy Lift Mfg, dandy dart folding camper. Co.; JAYW=Jay Wren Trailer; JB=JB; JBEN=J B Enterprises; JBLC=Jiangsu Baodiao Locomotive Co., Ltd.; JBTS=J & B Trailer Sales; JCBA=Jacobs & Assoc; JCBE=JCB Excavators, Inc.; JCBI=JCBI, Inc.; JCEB=Jimmy Catawba E Bikes (Erie Shove Marketing); JCEC=Jon�s Custom Engineered Cycles; JDER=John Deere; JDER=Deere & Co.; JDHS=D.J. Steele & Construction; JDHS=JD Handling Systems, Inc.; JDSI=JDS Industries, Inc.; JECK=Jeck Industries; JECR=Jec Ro; JEEP=Jeep (for vehicle years prior to 1970, use VMA/JEP; for vehicle years 1970-1988, use VMA/AMER; for vehicle years 1989 to present, use VMA/JEEP); JEEP=Jeep; JEEP=Jeep (vehicle year 1989 and after); JEHM=JEHM Powersports; JEMI=J & E Mfg., Inc.; JENE=Jen Sell Corp.; JENN=Jennings Trailers, Inc.; JENS=Jensen; JEP=Jeep; JEP=Jeep (prior to vehicle year 1970); JERA=Jeraco Enterprises, dandy dart folding camper, Inc.; JERR=Jerrytime Camper; JERS=Jersey Trailer; JERW=Jerry's Welding Service (JWS); JERW=Jerrys Welding Service (JWS); JETC=Jet Company, Inc. or Jet Co.; JETM=Jetmobile; JETS=Jet Stream Camping Trailer; JEWE=Jewel Trailer, Inc.; JFW=J.F.W. Mfg., Inc.; JGXI=Jiangxi Campell Co., dandy dart folding camper, Ltd.; JHGS=JH Global Services, Inc. (low speed vehicles); JHNS=Johns Corp.; JHNY=Johnny Pag.Com; JIAH=Jianghuai Automotive Co., Ltd. or

Anhui Jianghuai Automotive Co., Ltd.; JIAH=Jianghuai Automotive Co., Ltd. or
Anhui Jianghuai Automotive Co., Ltd.; JIAJ=Jiajue Motorcycle Mfg. Co., Ltd. or Zhejiang Jiajue Motorcycle Mfg. Co., Ltd.; JIAL=Jialing Ind., Co., Ltd. Group; JIAN=Jianshe Dandy dart folding camper Group Corp.; JIEE=JI-EE Ind., Co., Ltd.; JIJM=Jinjie Motor Mfg. Co. Ltd. or Jiangsu Jinjie Motor Mfg. Co., Ltd.; JIJU=Jiajia Juneng Motorcycle Technology Co., Ltd. or Zhejiang Jiajia Juneng Motorcycle Technology Co., Ltd.; JIMA=Jim Dandy, Inc.; JIMD=Jim & Dave's Trailer Mfg.; JIMD=Jim & Daves Trailer Mfg.; JIMD=Shop-Built; Dandy dart folding camper Glo Trailers; JIMS=Jims Trailer Shop; JIMS=Jim's Trailer Shop; JIND=Jindo Corp.; JINL=Jinling Vehicle Co., Ltd. or Yongkang Jinling Vehicle Co., Ltd.; JINL=Yongkang Jinling Vehicle Co., Ltd. or Jinling Vehicle Co., Ltd.; JINS=Jincheng Group; JJ=J & J Flatbed Trailer; Dandy dart folding camper, Inc.; JJNE=J-J-N Enterprises; JJT=Jerry James Trailers; JJTM=J & J Trailer Mfg. or J.D.J. Trailer Mfg., Inc.; JLEQ=J & L Equipment; JLGI=JLG Ind., Inc.; JLGI=J. L. G. Inds.; JLM=JLM Inds., Inc.; JLM=Fast Tracker; JLM=Bass Tracker; JLTL=J & L Tank, Inc.; JMAC=Jomac; JMAR=Jomar; JMCY=Jet; JMGL=Jimglo Trailers & Products; JMS=James; JMST=Shanghai Jmstar Motorcycle Co., Ltd. or Jmstar; JMST=Jmstar or Shanghai Jmstar Motorcycle Co., Ltd.; JMTC=J & M Trailer Company; JOBS=Job Site Trailer; JOES=Joes Custom Boat Trailer; Dandy dart folding camper Custom Boat Trailer; JOEW=Joe's Welding Service; JOEW=Joes Welding Service; JOEW=JWS; JOHM=Johnson Manufacturers, Inc. or Johnson Mfg., Inc.; JOHN=Johnson Corp.; JOHO=Johnson Motors; JOHS=Johnson's Trailer Building & Repair; JOHS=Johnsons Trailer Building & Repair; JOLI=Johnny Lightning; JOMA=Johnson Mfg. Co., Inc.; JONS=Johnson, C. S. Co.; JONS=C. S. Johnson Co.; JONW=Jonway Group Co., dandy dart folding camper, Ltd.; JOPL=Joplin; JORG=Ira Jorgenson; JORG=Jorgenson, Ira; JOSH=Joshua Trailer; JOSO=Carl A. Johnson & Sons; JOUR=Journey Motor Homes, Inc.; JOWE=Jowett; JOYC=Joy Mfg. Co. (Air Power Group); JOYC=Joy Mfg. Co.; JOYH=Joyhon Motorcycle Co., Ltd. or Chongqing Joyhon Motorcycle Co., Ltd.; JOYN=Joyner; JPTR=Jupiter; JPUT=J. P. Utility Trailers & Welding; JRCC=JRC Custom Trailers, Inc.; JRCT=J R Custom Trailers, LLC; JRDN=Jerr-Dan; JREH=Jireh, Inc.; JRLC=JRL Cycles, LLC; JRMC=J & R Mfg. Co., LLC; JROD=J-Rod Trailer Co.; JRSF=JRS Custom Fabrication, Inc.; JRTL=JRTL; JRWT=JRW Trailers, Inc.
(dba-Walton and Byson); JRWT=JRW Trailers, Inc.

(dba-Walton and Byson); JSMH=J.S. Mobile Homes; JSRC=JSR Custom, LLC; JSWP=Johnston Sweeper Company; JTCI=JTC Sales, Inc.; JTIL=J.T. Ind., Ltd.; JTIL=Westlake; JTMO=Jetmoto Motors USA; JUDE=Jude Tent Trailer; JUIL=General 5-Star (mfd. by Juili Enterprises Co., Ltd.; imported by General Moped Co., Inc.); JUIL=Juili Enterprises Co., Ltd. (Kaohsiung, Taiwan); JUIL=Five-Star ST, Dandy dart folding camper Edition or C2 (mfd. by Juili Enterprises Co., Ltd.; imported by General Moped Co., Inc.); JUIL=Juili Honey 50 (mfd. by Juili Enterprises Co., Ltd., imported by General Moped Co., Inc.); JUMP=Jumping Jack, Inc.; JUNR=Junior Camping Trailer; JVMA=JV Mfg.; JW=J & W Trailers; JWBC=J. W. Bill Christie, Inc.; JWBC=Christie, J. W. Bill, Inc.; JWSS=Johnson Welding & Steel Supply; JWSS=JWSS; JZRC=JZ Riders Custom Motorcycles; KAES=Fahrzeugwerke GMBH; KAIK=Kaikai Meiduo Locomotive Co., Ltd. Or Zhejiang Kaikai Meiduo Locomotive Co., Ltd.; KAIK=Zhejiang Kaikai Meiduo Locomotive Co., Dandy dart folding camper. or Kaikai Meiduo Locomotive Co., Ltd.; KAIR=Chongqing Kaier Motorcycle Mfg. Co., Ltd. or Kaier Motorcycle Mfg. Co., Ltd.; KAIR=Kaier Motorcycle Mfg. Co., Ltd. or Chongqing Kaier Motorcycle Mfg. Co., Ltd.; KAIS=Kaiser; KAIT=Kaitong Motorcycle Mfg. Co., Ltd.; KAIZ=Kaizo Unibodies, Inc.; KAJU=Kajn Homes, Inc.; KAJU=Kaj'n Homes, Inc.; KAKI=Kamp King Utopian; KAL=Kal-Custom Boat Trailer; KALL=Kallio Co.; KALM=Kalmar Ind. Corp.; KALY=King Goose Trailers; KALY=Kalyn Co.; KAM=Kama; KAMA=Kamp-A-While Inds.; KAMI=Kami; KAMP=Kampers Kabin; KANE=Kane Trailers; KANG=Zhejiang Kangdi Vehicles Co., dandy dart folding camper, Ltd. or Kangdi Vehicles Co., Ltd.; KANG=Kangdi Vehicles Co., Ltd. or Zhejiang Kangdi Vehicles Co., Ltd.; KANH=Kan Haul Trailer Sales; KANN=Kannon Motorcycles, LLC or SJH Mfg., Inc.; KANN=SJH Manufacturing, Inc. or Kannon Motorcycles, LLC; KANZ=Kanzol Enterprises, Inc.; KARA=Karavan Trailers, Inc.; KARC=Karcher North America (KNA); KARD=Kard Co.; KARG=Karmann-Ghia (for reference only; see VOLK); KARI=Kari Cool Trailer; KARO=Kar-Go Metal Stamping Co.; KARR=Kar-Rite Corp.; KARS=Karson Inds., Inc.; KART=Kartote; KASB=Kassborth (for reference only; see KASS); KASE=Kasey; KASI=Kasi Infrared or R. Filion Manufacturer, Inc.; KASS=Kassborth; KAST=Kasten Mfg. Co.; KATL=Katolight Corp.; KATO=Kato Engineering, Subsidiary of Reliance Electric; KAUF=Kaufman Trailers, Inc.; KAWK=Kawasaki; KAYD=Kaydel, Inc.; KAYF=Kayout-Forester Travel Trailer; Dandy dart folding camper, Inc.; KAYO=Kayot Motor Home Div.; KAYW=Kaywood Homes, Inc.; KAZU=Kazuma (Stannic Mfg. Co., Ltd.); KBAR=K-Bar Inds., Inc.; KBHC=KBH Corp.; KCBI=King's Custom Builders, Inc.; KCBI=Kings Custom Builders, Inc.; KCCF=Killer Chopper Cycle Fabrication, LLC; KCCT=K C Custom Trailers; KCPW=KC Powersports; KDEE=K-Dee Supply, Inc. or

K-Dee Launcher; KDEE=K-Dee Supply, Inc. or
K-Dee Launcher; KDMA=K-D Mfg. Co.; KEAR=Kearney Trailers Co.; KEEN=Keen Perception Industries, Inc.; KEEW=Keeway America, LLC; KELE=Kelley Mfg.; KELL=C. C. Kelley & Sons; KELL=Kelley, C. C. & Sons; KELO=Kellogg-American, Inc.; KELS=Kelson Engineering Co.; KEMP=Kempf Car Hauler; KEN=Ken Trailer; KENA=Kent Air Tool Co.; KENC=Kden-Craft Products, Inc.; KEND=Kendon Ind., Inc.; KENM=Kent Mfg. Co., Inc.; KENN=Kenron Corp.; KENO=Kenskill Trailer Corp.; KENS=Kentuckian Mobile Homes (for reference only; see GILD); KENS=Kensington Motor; KENT=Kentucky Mfg. Co.; KENW=Kenway Campers, Inc.; KENY=Kenny Boyce Motorcycles; KEPT=Kempter Trailer; KERR=John Kerr Mfg. Co.; KESL=Kesler Mk2 golf custom, Inc.; KEVC=Kevco, Ind.; KEYI=Key Inds., Inc.; KEYO=Keystone Trailer & Equipment Co.; KEYS=Keystone Coach Mfg. Co.; KEYW=Keyway Fabrication & Design; KFBC=Karrosserie Fabrik Biberach/Ottenbacher GmbH; KGHY=Kings Highway; KGMF=K & G Mfg. Co.; KHBW=Kit Home Builders West, LLC; KIA=Kia Motors Corp.; KIA=Kia; KIBB=Kibbi, Inc.; KIDR=Kidron; KIEF=Kiefer Built, Inc.; KIKK=Kikker; KIKN=Kick� In Kampers, Inc.; KILG=Kilgore Inds.; KILL=Kill Brothers; KIMB=Kimble Chassis; KIMI=King Midget; KINA=King Fish Boat Trailer; KINC=Buckingham; KINC=King Homes, Inc.; KIND=King Richards, Inc.; KINE=King Trailer Co., Inc.; KINF=King-Co; KING=Kingring Motorcycle Co., Ltd. or Cixi Kingring Motorcycle Co., Ltd.; KING=Kings Highway (for reference only; see KGHY); KINL=Kinlon or Chongqing Kinlon Science & Tech. Grp.; KINL=Chongqing Kinlon Science & Tech. Grp. or Kinlon; KINS=Kingston Horse Trailer; KINZ=Kinze Manufacturing, Inc.; KIOT=Kioti; KIPC=Kipco; KIRK=Kirks Trailer Mfg.; KISM=Kismet Mfg. Co.; KISS=Kissel Motor Car Co.; KIT=Kit House Trailer; KITC=Kit Car Centre (Pty), Ltd.; KITK=Kitty Cat (Kit Kat); KITM=Golden State; KITM=Kit Mfg. Co.; KITM=Companion; KITM=Kit Mfg. Co., Inc.; KITM=Kit Kamper; KLAE=Klassen Homes, Ltd.; KLAS=Klassic Trailer Mfg.; KLCL=Kelly-Creswall Co., Inc.; KLEI=Klein Products, Inc.; KLI=K Line Trailer; KLIN=Klinger Products; KLLY=Kelly Enterprises, Inc.; KLMK=Klimek Welding & Mfg.; KLPN=Kolpin; KMAR=Kmart Camper Foldup; KMBL=Kimble Mfg., Inc.; KMCU=Kawasaki Motors Corp., USA; KMCU=Kawasaki/Sno*Jet; KMGI=KMG International; KMMC=K & M Mfg. Co.; KMNM=KMN Modern Farm Equipment, Inc.; KMPL=Kamplite Mfg. Corp; KMSI=Keller Marine Services, dandy dart folding camper, Inc.; KMSR=Kamasura (U.S.A.); KNAP=Knapheide Truck Equipment
Company Southwest; KNAP=Knapheide Truck Equipment

Company Southwest; KNBR=Ken-Bar; KNC=Ken Craft Trailer; KNCD=Konced Motorcycle Co., Ltd. or Cixi Konced Motorcycle Co., Ltd.; KNDL=Kendall Trailer Mfg.; KNEM=Kincaid Equipment Mfg.; KNG=King Horse Trailer; KNGA=King American, LLC; KNGH=Kingham; KNGS=Kingsway Travel Trailer; KNGT=King Trailers, Inc.; KNGY=The Kingsley Coach, Inc. or Kingsley Coach, Inc.; KNGY=Kingsley Coach, Inc, dandy dart folding camper. or The Kingsley Coach, Inc.; KNIG=Knight Mfg. Corp.; KNIV=Knievel Motorcycle Mfg., Inc.; KNLH=KNL Holdings, LLC; KNNM=Kann Mfg., Corp.; KNNW=Kenworth Northwest, Inc.; KNOW=Knowles Mfg. Co.; KNOX=Knox Homes Corp.; KNTC=Kinetic Engineering, Ltd. (Pune, India; mopeds); KNTI=Kent Inds., Inc.; KNXM=Kinroad Xintian Motorcycle Mfg. Co., Ltd.; KNXX=Knox Automobile Company; KODI=Kodiak Coach & Mfg. Co.; KODL=Fred Kodlin Motorcycles or Fred Kodlin Metallbauer; KOEH=Koehring Co.; KOEH=Master Div., Koehring Co.; KOEH=Farm Equipment Div., Koehring Co.; KOEN=Koehn Mfg., dandy dart folding camper, Inc.; KOFF=Koffel Machine & Metal Fabricating, Inc.; KOFF=KMM; KOHL=Kohler Co.; KOLB=Kolberg Mfg. Corp., Subsidiary of Portec, Inc.; KOMA=Komatsu American Corp.; KOMA=Komatsu, Ltd.; KOMA=Komatsu Forklift (USA), Inc.; KOMC=K & O Manufacturing Co., Inc.; KOME=Kometik; KOME=Kometic; KOME=Moto Kometik, Inc.; KOMF=Komfort Travel Trailer; KOMP=Kompak Camping Trailer; KOMR=Komar; KONK=Kon Kwest Mfg.; KONT=Kontiki Camper Trailer; KOOL=Kools Brothers, Inc.; KORY=Kory Farm Equipment Div.; KOSC=Kosch Co.; KOST=Koster Mfg., Inc.; KOTR=King of the Road Trailer Co.; KOUN=Kountryaire Travel Trailer; KOVA=John R. Kovar Mfg. Co., Inc.; KOZY=Kozy Coach Co.; KPRC=Kay Park-Rec Corp.; KRAE=Krager Kustom Koach, Inc.; KRAF=Kraft/Tech, Inc.; KRAU=Krause Plow Corp., Inc.; KRDL=Kreidler; KREM=Kremin Welding; KRFT=Kraftsman Trailers, Inc.; KRGM=Kargo-Max Trailer Enclosures, Ltd.; KRGO=Kargo Trailers; KRIS=Kris Kraft Mobile Homes; KRKM=Kirkham Motorsports; KROB=Kro-Built Co.; KROM=Kromag (subsidiary of Puch); KROP=Kropf Mfg. Co., Inc.; KROS=Kross Kountry; KROW=Krown Camper; KRST=Kristi Trailer Inds., Inc.; KRUZ=Kruz, Inc.; KRYS=Krystal Koach, Inc./Krystal Enterprises; KSEA=Kasea Motorsports; KSTN=Karsten or Karsten Homes; KTM=KTM; KTMX=KTMMEX Motorcycle Mfg.; KTPE=Kleepsie Tank & Petroleum Equipment, Inc.; KUBO=Kubota Tractor Corp.; KUHN=Kuhn Farm Machinery, Inc.; KUKU=Kuntry Kustom RV, LLC; KURM=Kurmann Trailer Mfg. Co.; KURT=Kurtis Kraft; KUST=Kustom Kraft; KUTK=Kut-Kwick Corp.; KUTZ=Kutz Farm Equipment, Inc.; KVCH=Kovatch; KW=Kenworth Motor Truck Co.; KWDT=Dart, KW; KWDT=KW Dart; KWIK=Kwik-Loc Corp.; KWKT=Kwick Kit Cement Mixer; KWMH=K & K Mobile Homes; KWNS=Kensington Welding & Trailer Co.; KYMC=Kymco; KYRV=Keystone RV Co.; KZMI=Keizer-Morris International, Inc.; KZRV=KZ, Inc. or KZ Recreational Vehicles; LABE=Lady Bea Trailers; LABT=Loadmaster Aluminum Boat Trailers, Inc.; LACC=Laconia Custom Cycles; LACG=L. A. Cargo Trailers, Inc.; LACH=Lawn Chief; LACR=La Crosse; LACY=Lacey, W. E. & Sons; LACY=W. E. Lacey & Sons; LADA=Lada (imported from USSR); LAER=Let�s Go Aero, Inc.; LAER=Let's Go Aero, Inc.; LAFR=American La France; LAFY=Lafayette Motor Home; LAGO=Lagonda; LAGU=Lagusa Motor Coach; LAKE=Lakeside Inds.; LAKE=Bestrail; LAKL=Lakeland Camper & Mfg.; LAKO=Lakota Corp.; LAKR=Lake Raider, Inc.; LALL=LaSalle; LAMB=Lambretta; LAMO=Lamborghini
Aventador; LAMO=Lamborghini

Aventador; LAMO=Lamborghini; LAMR=Lamar Trailers; LAN=Lane Flatbed Trailer; LANA=Lancer Mobile Homes; LANC=Lance Truck Mount Camper (for reference only; see LNCE); LANC=Lanchester; LAND=Landcraft Corp.; LANE=Lane Horse Trailer; LANG=Langley Mfg., Div., M.D. Knowlton Co.; LANH=Landola Homes, Inc.; LANL=Landoll Corp.; LANL=Easy Rider; LANM=Landmaster; LANP=Lanes Pacesetter Trailer; LANR=Lancer; LANS=Landis Steel Co.; LANT=Lanheim, Inc.; LANU=Landau Motor Home; LAOT=Brindle; LAOT=LaOtto Metal Fabricating Co., Inc.; LARA=Larado Mobile Homes; LARI=Lawrimore Mfg., Inc.; LARK=Lark Trailer; LARN=W. F. Larson, Inc.; LARO=Larson Machine, Inc.; LARS=Larsen Lapline Trailer; LARV=Larvin; LARV=Firma Lenko; LASA=La Salle; LASE=Laser; LASH=Lake & Shore Camper; LASL=La Vega; LASL=La Salle Homes; LAVE=Laverda; LAWC=L. A. Woods Co., Inc.; LAWC=Woods, L. A. Co., Inc.; LAWN=Lawndale Homes, Inc.; LAWR=Lawrence Trailer; LAYO=Layton Mfg. Co., Inc.; LAYT=Layton Homes Corp.; LAZE=Lazer; LAZJ=Lazy J Horse Trailer; LBAU=Le Beau Enterprises; LBBG=Lang Bar-B-Q Grills, Inc.; LBCP=L & B Concepts (dba � Scooterbilt Mfg.); LBCT=L&B Custom Trailers; LBHR=Liebherr; LBOS=Load Boss, Inc.; LBOY=Lawn Boy; LBRN=Lebaron Ambulances; LBRY=Liberty Electric Bikes or Liberty Seamless Ent., Inc.; LBRY=Liberty Seamless Ent., Inc. or Liberty Electric Bikes; LBT=LBT; LBTY=Liberty, Inc.; LCCC=LC 3 (Formerly Lafayette Country Car Co.); LCHG=Long Chang; LCIN=Loncin Group Import & Export Co., Ltd.; LCON=Lucon, Inc.; LCRT=L-Cart, Inc.; LCTS=Lanchester Trailer Supply, LLC; LD=L & D Trailers; LDAZ=Lazy Daze Motor Home; LDEI=Long Dog Enterprise, Inc.; LDIT=Leader Industrial Tires; LDJM=LDJ Mfg., Inc.; LDLN=Load Line Mfg., Inc.; LDMS=Loadmaster, Inc.; LDMX=Load Max Trailers, Ltd.; LDTC=Loadmaster Trailer Co., Ltd.; LDTL=Load Trail, Inc.; LDVI=Lynch Diversified Vehicles, Inc.; LEAD=Leader Horse Trailer; LEAF=Lea-Francis; LEAR=Lear Siegler, Inc., dandy dart folding camper, Hutchinson Div.; LEBR=Leber Coach Mfg.; LECH=Lechmere Construction; LECT=Lectracan; LEDW=Ledwell & Son Enterprises, Inc.; LEE=Lee; LEEB=Lee Boy Construction Equipment; LEEC=Lee Coaches; LEEN=L & E Enterprises; LEER=Leer, Inc.; LEES=Leesburg Div.; LEHM=Lehman Trikes USA, Inc.; LEIR=Leisure Craft; LEIS=Leisuretime Motor Home; LEIT=Leisure Home Trailer; LEIU=Leisure Products, Inc.; LEKT=Lektracycle; LELA=Leland Engineering, Inc.; LELA=Tri-Trak; LELY=Lely Corp., The; LEM=Morini Mini (see LEM, imported by Herdan Corp., Port Clinton, PA); LEM=Lem; LEMC=Lemco Tool Corp.; LEND=Len Dar (Lendar) Campers; LEND=Len Dar Campers or Lendar; LENT=Lee Enterprises Mfg. Co., Inc.; LEON=Leon Mfg. Co., Ltd. (Canada); LERY=Le Roi Div.; LERY=Leroi; LESA=Les Autobus M.C.I.; LESC=Lesco, Inc.; LESL=Lees Leisure Ind., Ltd. or Lees-Ure Dandy dart folding camper Prod., Ltd.; LESR=Leisure Manor, Inc.; LETO=Letourneau, R. G.; LETO=R. G. Letourneau; LEVC=Levco Mfrs., Inc.; LEVI=Levis; LEWA=Lewaub Trailer Mfg.; LEWI=Lewis-Shepard; LEXS=Lexus; LEXS=Lexus

LFA; LEYL=Leyland Tractors; LEYL=Leyland; LFET=Lifetime Custom Coach; LFRV=Lifestyle Luxury RV; LFTL=Lafayette; LFTY=Lefty Brothers Cycles, LLC; LFZA=Laforza; LG=L & G Trailer; LGBO=Longbo (Parent Co.-Chuanl Motorcycle Mfg., Ltd.); Dandy dart folding camper Chih Industrial Co., Ltd.; LGCY=Legacy RV, LLC; LGLX=Legendary Luxury Coach, LLC; LGMC=Logan Machine Co.; LGND=Legend Trailers, Inc.; LGNM=Legend Mfg., Inc.; LGSE=Lagasse Rides; LGTL=Lightline Products, Inc.; LHRN=Longhorn Tank & Trailer, Inc.; LIBA=Liberty Coach Co.; LIBB=Libby Corporation; LIBC=Liberty Trailer Co.; LIBE=Liberty Travel Trailers; LIBH=Sylvan Mobile Homes; LIBH=Liberty Homes, Inc.; LIBY=Liberty Industries; LICH=Lichty's Blacksmithing, Inc.; LICH=Little Champ Camper; LICH=Strongboy; LICH=Lichtys Blacksmithing, Inc.; LICO=Linco Trailer Home; LIEB=Lieber Inds., Inc.; LIFE=Lifetime Mfg. Co. (for reference only; see LFET); LIFM=Liftmaster, Inc.; LIFN=Lifan Ind. Group Co., Ltd.; LIFT=Lifetime Products, Inc.; LIFT=Liftall Forklift (for reference only; see LION); LIGC=Little Giant Crane & Shovel, Inc.; LIGH=Maxi-Sneaker; LIGH=Trimline; LIGH=Light Equipment Div.; LIGH=Light Equipment Div. (old code DAVI); LIGN=Lightning Rod Motorcycles; LIGP=Little Giant Products, Inc.; LIGT=Lighter-Bilt Trailers, Inc.; LIKN=Likens Transfer & Dump Truck or Empire Likens Mfg.; LIL=Little Dude Cycle Trailer (for reference only; see LITD); LILA=Lilac; LILB=Lil Bubba; LILC=Lil Cat, Inc.; LILC=Lil' Cat, Inc.; LILL=Lilliston Corp.; LILN=Lil Indian; LILT=Lil-Tag-Along Trailers; LILZ=LilZ; LILZ=Lil'Z; LIME=Lime City Equipment, Inc.; LINC=Lincoln; LINC=Lincoln-Continental; LIND=Linde; LINF=Lincraft Inds.; LINH=Linhai; LINK=Link-Belt; LINM=Lindig Mfg. Corp.; LINM=Apache; LINP=Lincoln Park Mobile Homes, Inc.; LINT=Lintzcraft Travel Trailer; LINV=Linville Horse Trailer; LINW=Linwood Mfg., Inc.; LIOB=Lion Buses; LIOL=Lional Enterprises, Inc.; LION=Liftall Forklift; LION=Lion Mfg. Co., Inc.; LIPP=Lippert Components Mfg., Inc.; LIPR=Little Prospector Motor Home; LIQU=Liquid & Bulk Tank Dandy dart folding camper LISL=Lislet Foundries, Ltd.; LITC=Little Chum Mfg. Co.; LITD=Little Dude Trailer Co.; LITD=Texas Royal Boat Trailer; LITK=Lift Truck, Inc.; LITP=Little Prince Travel Trailer; LITS=Little Sport Enterprises; LITT=Trail-O-Roller; LITT=Littleford Brothers, Inc.; LJWE=LJW Enterprises; LKWD=Lakewood; LLFS=L & L Fabrication & Steel Co.; LLIL=Lees Leisure Industries, Ltd.; LLMO=Lectric Limos (low speed vehicles); LLOD=Lloyds Trailer Dandy dart folding camper LLOD=Lloyd's Trailer Finishing; LLOY=Lloyd; LLTR=L & L Trailers; LMC=LMC; LMLC=LML Corp.; LMLL=LML Limited; LMMC=L & M Trailer Mfg.; LNCE=Lance Truck Mount Camper; LNCI=Lancia


RT53; LNCI=Lancia; LNCI=Lancia
RT53; LNCO=Lincoln Welder; LNCO=Lincoln Electric Co.; LNCO=Lincoln Electric Co., Inc.; LNCP=Lance Powersports (AKA-Znen Powersports); LNCT=Lancaster Mfg., Inc.; LNDA=Landa Cleaning Systems; LNDI=Landini SPA; LNDN=London Taxi; LNDR=Land Rover; LNEW=La New Industries, Inc.; LNGB=Landgrebe Mfg., Inc.; LNGH=Longhorn Trailers; LNGH=McKinley Enterprises; LNGN=Lingtian Motorcycle Co., Ltd. Or Zhejiang Lingtian Motorcycle Co., Ltd.; LNGT=Longting Power Equip. Co., Ltd.; LNGV=Lingyu Vehicle Ind., Co., Ltd. Or Zhejiang Lingyu Vehicle Ind., Co., Ltd.; LNGZ=Shandong Liangzi Power Co., Ltd. or Liangzi Power Co., Ltd.; LNGZ=Liangzi Power Co., Ltd. or Shandong Liangzi Power Co., Ltd.; LNKW=Linkletter�s Welding, Ltd.; LNMR=Linamar Consumer Products USA, Inc.; LNPD=Land Pride; LNRD=Leonard Aluminum Utility Buildings, Inc.; LNST=Lone Star Trailer; LNWF=Lone Wolfe; LOAC=Loadcraft (Bush Hog); LOAD=Load Rite Trailers; LOAK=Load King Trailer Co.; LOCK=Locke Enterprises of New York, Inc.; LOCO=Locomobile; LODA=Lodal, Inc.; LODC=Bushog/Loadcraft (Div. of Allied Products Corp.); LODC=Loadcraft Div., Bushog; LODE=Load Star Corp.; LODK=Lode King; Relay 53 vw golf Trailer, Inc.; LOFT=Loftness Mfg. Co.; LOGI=Logic Motor Co.; LOGN=Logan Coach, Dandy dart folding camper LOLA=Lola; LOM=Lombard; LOMC=Lomac Boat Trailer; LONA=Lonaire Mfg. Corp.; LONB=Lone Star Boat Mfg.; LONC=Lone Star Classics (Kits & Replicas); LOND=London Motors; LONE=Crestlane; LONE=Lonergan Corp.; LONF=Long, F. A.; LONF=Triax-Tube; LONF=F. A. Long; LONG=Long Coach Corp. (for reference only); LONG=Long Mfg. N.C., Inc., Construction & Ind. Div.; LONG=Long Mfg. NC, Inc.; LONH=Longmark Mobile Homes; LONL=Longlife; LONN=Lonnies Trailer Sales; LONN=Lonnie's Trailer Sales; LONR=Longrun; LONT=Long Trailer Co., Inc.; LOOD=Loodcraft; LOOK=Look Trailers or LGS Ind., Inc.; LOPR=Loprofile Boat Trailer; LORA=Lorain Div.; LORK=Lorak, Inc.; LOTU=Lotus

2 Eleven; LOTU=Lotus
2 Eleven; LOTU=Lotus; LOUD=Loudo Enterprises, LLC; LOVB=Lovebug Travel Trailer; LOVE=J. E. Love Co.; LOWB=LowBoy Trailer; LOWE=Lowe Inds.; LOWP=Low Pro Custom Trailer; LRCT=Larson Cable Trailers, Inc.; LRNG=Loranger Enterprises, Inc.; LRSN=Larson International, Inc.; LSKP=Lori Engineering Corp.; LSTS=L and S Trailer & Supply, LLC; LSUR=Leisure Travel Vans, Ltd.; LTCH=Leitchfield Truck Equipment, dandy dart folding camper, Inc.; LTCO=Latco, Inc.; LTEC=Load Tec (Load Technology, Inc.); LTVA=LTV Aerospace; LUBB=Lubbock; LUCK=James L Lucky Enterprises; LUCR=Lucra Cars; LUED=Luedtke Mfg., Inc.; LUFK=Lufkin Trailers; LUGR=Luger Inds.; LUKY=Lucky; LULL=Lull Engineering Co.; LUND=Lundell; LUND=Lundell Mfg. Co., Inc.; LUNG=Lundgreen Flatbed; LUVI=Luv-It Mfg.; LUXO=Luxor-Leffingwell Coach; LUXU=Luxury Homes, Inc.; LUYU=Luyuan Industrial & Trading Co. or Yongkang Luyuan Industrial & Trading Co.; LVIN=Livin' Lite Corp. or Livin' Lite RV, Inc.; LVIN=Livin Lite Corp. or Livin Lite RV, Inc.; LWLF=Lone Wolf Trailer Co., Inc.; LWMR=Law Mar Trailers; LYMA=Lyman Metal Products Corp.; LYNC=Lyncoach & Truck Co.; LYNH=Lynch Mfg.; LYNH=FloTrail; LYNN=Lynnton Mfg. Co.; LYNR=Lynn-Towtruck; LYNW=Lynwood Dump Trailers; MACA=MacDonald Camper Kit; MACC=McDonald Camper Kit Distributor; MACD=MacDonald's Mobile Homes; MACD=MacDonalds Mobile Homes; MACG=MacGregor Yacht Corp.; MACK=Mack Trucks, Inc.; MACL=Mac-Lander, Inc.; MACM=MAC Manufacturing, Inc.; MACO=Macoma Engineering, Inc.; MACR=Master Craft Industrial Equipment Corp.; MACS=Mac�s Metal Materials; MACS=Mac's Metal Materials; MADD=Madden Trailer; MADF=Mad Fabrication, LLC; MADM=Madami (Motor Scooters); MADR=Madrin Homes; MADR=Del Rio; MAEN=Mays Enterprises, Inc.; MAGA=Magna American Corp.; MAGC=Magic Tilt Trailer Mfg. Co., Inc.; MAGI=Magic Touch, Inc.; MAGL=Tiltster; MAGL=Magline, Inc.; MAGM=Magnum Products, Inc.; MAGN=Magnolia Mobile Homes Mfg.; MAGO=Magnolia Travel Medium voltage lugs MAGS=Magster; MAGT=Magnum Custom Trailer Mfg. Co.; MAGY=Magna Steyr; MAHA=Marmon Harrington; MAHI=Mahindra; MAHO=Mahoning Homes, Inc.; MAI=Mai Mfg. Co.; MAIC=Maico (West Germany); MAIC=Maico (Germany); MAIN=Mark Line Inds., Inc.; MAIR=Mair & Son, Inc.; MAJE=Majestic Corp.; MAJO=Major Way; MAJR=Majestic Rides Mfg., Inc.; MAKV=Mark V Trailer; MAL=Mal Tractor; MALA=Malaguti; MALE=Marathon Le Tourneau Co.; MALH=Malheur Mobile Homes, Inc.; MALI=Malibu Campers; MALL=Mallard Coach Corp.; MALN=Malanca; MALO=Malro USA Distributors; MALR=Mallard; MALS=Marliss Inds., Inc.; MALY=Malyette; MAMM=Mammoth Trailers; MANA=MANAC, Inc.; MANC=Manco Products, Inc.; MANE=Manet; MANG=Mangar Co.; MANI=Manitowoc Engineering Co., Inc.; MANK=Mankato Mobile Homes, Inc.; MANM=Mann Made Products, Inc.; MANN=Richard Manning; MANN=Manning, Richard; MANO=Manor Homes, Inc.; MANR=Manning Marine, Inc.; MANT=Manatee Homes; MAPL=Maple Leaf, Inc.; MAPO=Marion Power Shovel Co., Inc.; MAQI=Marque, Inc.; MARA=Mark Twain Mfg. Co.; MARA=Twain, Mark, Mfg. Co.; MARB=Marbrough Boat Trailer; MARC=Marcos; MARF=Youll Haul It; MARF=You'll Haul It; MARF=Long Haul, The; MARF=Mark Fore Vatco Inds.; MARG=Marine Group, LLC; MARH=Alexandria Mobile Home; MARH=Marietta Homes; MARI=Marine Camper Trailer; MARK=Marking Mfg.; MARL=Marshall; MARM=Marmon; MARN=Marion Metal Products Co.; MARO=Marlette Homes, Inc.; MARP=Marathon Homes Corp.; MARQ=Marquette Custom Boat Trailer; MARR=Marlin Mfg.; MARS=Mars Camper Co.; MART=Martin Trailers, Ltd.; MARU=Marusho; MARV=Mar-Val Inds., Inc.; MARW=Marshfield Homes, Inc.; MASC=Mascot Homes, Inc.; MASE=Maserati; MASG=Master Liner Mfg, dandy dart folding camper. Co.; MASL=Masterbilt Trailers, Inc.; MASN=Masson's Welding; MASN=Massons Welding; MASP=MAS Racing Products; MASR=Mastercraft; MASS=Massey-Ferguson, Inc.; MASS=Ski Whiz; MAST=Masterline Co., Inc.; MASV=Master View; MASY=Massey; MATA=Matra; MATE=Mate, Inc.; MATL=Matlock Trailer Dandy dart folding camper MATM=Mid-Atlantic Trailer Mfg., Inc.; MATR=Matrette; MATT=Mattman Global Specialty Vehicles; MAUL=Mauldin Mfg. Co., Inc.; MAUM=Maurer Mfg., Inc.; MAUR=Maurell Trailer; MAV=Maverick; MAVE=Maverick Mobile Home; MAVI=Maginniss Vibrator Equipment Co.; MAVL=Marvell Mobile Home; MAVN=Marvin Landplane; MAXC=Maxcraft Trailer Mfg.; MAXE=Maxey Mfg., Inc.; MAXI=Maxim Ind., Inc.; MAXL=Maxwell; MAXM=Maxum Trailers; MAXO=Maxon Eagle; MAXO=Maxon Inds., Inc.; MAXP=Maxi Products Co., Inc.; MAYA=Mayfair Mobile Home; MAYB=Maybach (Brand within Mercedes-Benz); MAYB=Maybach; MAYC=Mayco Pump Corp.; MAYC=Mayco Two Wheel Trailer; MAYF=Mayflower Trailers or Homes; MAYH=Mayhem Mfg.; MAYN=Maynard Fabricating and Repair, LLC; MAYR=Mayrath Inds., Inc.; MAYS=Mays Inds., Inc.; MAZD=Mazda; MAZD=Mazda

Mazda; MAZD=Mazda
Mazda; MBCC=McBurnie Coach Craft, Inc.; MBCG=M-B Co., Inc. of Wisconsin; MBCP=Mobile Concepts; MBEE=Motobee; MBHE=Minuteman Boat Handling Equip., Inc.; MBIE=Mobile Intl.; MBIL=Mobile Traveler; MBKI=MBK Industries; MBM=M.B.M; MBSI=Mobile Specialties, Inc.; MBTR=Mobile Traveler; MBVO=Motobravo; MBWI=M-B-W, Inc.; MCAF=McCaffrey, M. P.; MCAF=M. P. McCaffrey; MCBM=McCloskey Brothers Mfg. Canada, Ltd.; MCCA=McCain Inds.; MCCB=McCabe-Powers Body Co.; MCCB=Powers; MCCK=McCook Mfg. Co.; MCCL=McClain Trailer Mfg. Co.; MCCM=McCrabb Mfg., Inc.; MCCO=McCoy Mfg. & Sales Co.; MCCR=McCarthy Trailers; MCCU=McCulloch Corp.; MCCU=McCulloch Mite-E-Lite, Inc., McCulloch Corp.; MCCW=Macomb County Cycles Works; MCCY=McClenny Machine Co. of Virginia, Inc.; MCCY=Pacer; MCEL=McElrath Trailers; MCFA=McFarlane Mfg. Co., Inc.; MCIN=Motor Coach Inds., Inc. (MCI); MCIT=McIntyre Motor Wagon, W.H. McIntyre, or McIntyre; MCKA=John A. McKay; MCKA=McKay, John A.; MCKE=Mackey Trailer; MCKT=Mack Trailer Mfg. Co., Inc.; MCKY=McKay Mfg. Co., Inc.; MCLA=McLaren Automotive; MCLA=McLaren Automotive Ltd.; MCLN=McLendon Trailers; MCNA=McNamee Coach Corp.; MCNL=McNeilus Truck and Mfg; MCNM=MCN Mobile Homes Corp.; MCOA=Mac Corp. of America; MCOL=McCollough Corp.; MCOX=Mecox Resources SA DE CV; MCOY=McCoy/Taylor, Inc.; MCQU=McQuerry Tan Trailer; MCQV=McQuerry Horse Trailer; MCRD=McCord Mfg. Co.; MCRL=Micro-Lite Trailer Dandy dart folding camper, LLC; MCRR=Mc Kee Roughrider; MCSI=The Marine Cradle Shop, Inc.; MCSK=McCloskey International; MCTM=MC Trailer Mfg.; MCTY=Mercoty Trailer; MCYM=McCoy Miller; MDAM=Mid America Mfg., Inc.; MDAT=Mid-America Trailer Mfg., LLC (dba � Bobcat Trailer or Nationwide Trailer); MDEP=MD Enterprises; MDLR=Modular Systems, Inc.; MDMF=Midland Mfg., Ltd.; MDNA=Modena; MDOW=Meadow Creek Welding, LLC; MDQT=MDQ Trailer Mfg., Inc.; MDS=MDS; MDST=Mid States Camping Trailer; MDTR=M-D Trailer Co.; MDYN=3M Dynamic Message Systems; MEAD=Meade; MEAN=Mean; MEBT=Meb Trailer Sales; MECH=Mech Handling Co.; MEDA=Medallion Mobile Homes; MEDF=Medford Inds.; MEDI=Medical Coaches, Inc.; MEDT=Medtec Ambulance Corp.; MEGA=Mega Trailers; MEID=Meidou Motorcycle Co., Ltd. or Zhejiang Meidou Motorcycle Co., Ltd.; MEIT=Shanghai Meitian Motorcycle Co., Ltd. or Meitian Motorcycle Co., Ltd.; MEIT=Meitian Motorcycle Co., Ltd. or Shanghai Meitian Motorcycle Co., Ltd.; MELA=Melmar Motor Home; MELG=Melges Boat Works, Inc.; MELM=Melmak Motor Home; MELO=Timco; MELO=Melody Home Mfg. Co.; MELR=Bobcat Skid Steer Loader; Pilates mt pleasant sc Div.; MENG=Zhejiang Mengdeli Electrical Co., Ltd. or Mengdeli Electrical Co., Ltd.; MENG=Mengdeli Electrical Co., Ltd. or Zhejiang Mengdeli Electrical Co., Ltd.; MENS=Mecanismos Ensamblados S.A. de C.V.; MERB=Mercury Boat Co.; MERC=Mercury; MERD=Merdian (England) (for reference only; see Kayako to zendesk migration MERD=Merdian (for reference only; see TRUM); MERH=Mercury Coach Corp.; MERI=Merritt Equipment Co.; MERK=Merkur; MERM=Merrimac Corp.; MERM=Charisma; MERR=Mercury Trailer Inds.; MERT=Merit Tank & Body; MERW=Merhow Inds.; MERY=Merrytiller; MERY=Merry Mfg. Corp.; MERZ=Mercedes-Benz; MESA=Mesa III Travel Trailer; MESS=Messerschmitt; META=Metal Craft Mfg.; METE=Meteor (Canadian Mercury); METL=Mercantile Mfg. Co., Inc.; METM=Metro Metal & Design, Inc.; METO=Metoo Travel Trailer; METR=Metropolitan; METV=Metavic; METZ=Metzendorf Trailer Mfg.; MEYE=Meyer Morton Co.; MEYR=Meyer Mfg. Corp.; MFAB=Metal Fabrication, Inc.; MFBS=Maintenance & Fabrication Services; MFGP=Marine Fiberglass Products, Inc.; MG=MG; MGM=M.G.M., Dandy dart folding camper MGNL=Magnolia Trailers, Inc.; MGNM=Magnum Mfg.; MGNO=Mgnol Tandem Boat Trailer; MGOS=Mongoose Trailers; MGS=MGS, Inc.; MHEB=Eby, M. H., Inc.; MHEB=M. H. Eby, Inc.; MHMC=Blair House; MHMC=Manufactured Housing Mgmt. Corp.; MHTI=M & H Trailers, Inc.; MICA=Michalke Mfg. Corp.; MICB=Micro Bird, Inc.; MICC=Micro Concept Cars; MICF=MIC Fabricating Corp., Inc.; MICG=Michigan Central Airlines; MICH=Michigan Tractor & Machinery Co. (for reference only); MICK=Mickey Truck Bodies; originally W.F. Mickey Body Co.; MICL=Michael Mfg., dandy dart folding camper, Inc.; MIDA=Mid-Atlantic Homes Co.; MIDA=Midas Mini Motor Home (for reference only; see Dandy dart folding camper MIDB=Middlebury Trailers, dandy dart folding camper, Inc.; MIDC=Mid-Cal Forklift, dandy dart folding camper, Inc.; MIDD=Middlesex Equipment Co.; MIDE=Midway Engineering Co.; MIDI=Shore-Lander; MIDI=Midwest Inds., Inc.; MIDL=Capella; MIDL=Village Park Mobile Homes; MIDL=Sunrise Park Mobile Homes; MIDL=Midland Inds., Inc.; MIDM=Midmark; MIDN=Mid-Nebraska Truck and Trailer; MIDQ=Mid-Equipment Corp.; MIDS=Midas Intl. Corp.; MIDT=Mini-Tote; MIDT=Midwest Mini-Tote Co.; MIDW=Midwest Mobile Homes & Trailer Mfg. Co.; MIEV=Miles Electric Vehicles; MIFU=Mitsubishi FUSO Truck of America, Inc.; MIKA=Mikasa; MIKR=Mikrus; MIL=Miller Electric Mfg. Co.; MILA=Millan Flatdeck; MILB=Milburn Wagon Company; MILC=Milco Tank & Boat Co.; MILE=Miller & Smith; MILL=Miller Trailers, Inc.; MILR=Miller Equipment Div., Miller Equipment Company; MILT=Miller Tilt-Top Trailer, dandy dart folding camper, Inc.; MILW=Milwaukee Electric Tool Corp.; MILW=Milwaukee Electric Co., Inc.; MILY=Miley Trailer Co., Inc.; MILY=Exhibitor; MIMO=Minneapolis-Moline (MOTEC), Inc.; MIMO=Minneapolis Moline; MIND=Miller Industries; MINI=Miniscooter; MINN=Minelli; MIRA=Mirage Motorhomes, Inc.; MIRE=Mirage Enterprises, Inc.; MISN=Mission Trailers; MIST=Mistral; MIT=Mitchell Camper Trailer; MITC=Mitchell Industrial Tire Co., Inc.; MITC=Mitco; MITS=Mitsubishi; MITT=Mitts-Merrill, Inc.; MITT=Mitts & Merill, Inc.; MJCK=MI-JACK Products; MJME=MJM Enterprises, Inc.; MJMT=M.J.M. Trailer Mfg., Inc.; MKEE=McKee Farm Technologies, Inc.; MKMH=MK 5-1400 Motor Home; MKTS=MK Trailer Sales; MLBL=MLBLT; MLHI=Maple Leaf Homes, Inc.; MLLB=Miller Built Trailers; MLLM=Millennium Trailers, Inc.; MLLR=Miller; MLNG=Car King Dolly Trailers; MLNG=Moling Corp.; MLRO=Melroe Tractor Truck; MLRY=The Mallory Company; MLTF=Muletuf Trailer Mfg.; MLTI=Multition Hydraulic Truck; MLTK=Multitek, Inc.; MLXC=Mobilux; MMCL=Mini-Marcellino; MMCO=Milwaukee Motorcycle Co.; MMFG=M Manufacturing, Inc.; MMMC=M & M Mfg. Co.; MMTL=Marine Master Trailers; MNAC=Monaco Motor Home; MNAR=Monarch (Sweden); MNDI=Mond Industries, Inc.; MNIT=Manitou or Manitou North America; MNLN=Main Line, Inc.; MNNI=Mini; MNRC=Monarc; MNRK=Monark; MNRO=Monroe Motors, Inc., Wally-Mo Div.; MNSN=Monsoon Motorsports; MNTA=Manta; MNTA=Three R Inds., Inc.; MNTC=Mountain Trailer Co., LLC; MNTE=Montebello Mobile Home Trailer; MNTG=Montgomery, Bill; MNTS=Mantis Choppers, Inc.; MOAL=Monte Aluminum Trailer Dump; MOBB=Mobilaire Mobile Homes; MOBC=Mobile Chapel Trailer; MOBE=Moto Beta; MOBF=Mobile Freeze; MOBG=Mobile Engineering Co.; MOBH=Mobile Facility Engineering Co.; MOBI=Motobic; MOBJ=Mobile Garage Mfg. Co.; MOBK=Mobile Holding Corp.; MOBL=Mobile Home Co.; MOBN=Mobile Home Service; MOBO=Mobile Mfg. Corp.; MOBP=Mobile of Marysville; MOBR=Mobile Office, Inc.; MOBS=Mobile Products, Inc.; MOBT=Mobile Scout Mfg. Corp.; MOBU=Mobile Structures, Inc.; MOBU=Cinderella Mobile Homes; MOBV=Mobile Tops, Inc.; MOBW=Mobile Unit Mfg., Inc.; MOBX=Mobilemanor, Inc.; MOBY=Mobylette (for dandy dart folding camper only; see MTBE); MOCA=Monte Carlo Mobile Homes; MOCC=Mobley Metal Works; MOCR=Motocicletas Carabela S.A.; MOCY=Mod Cycles Corp.; MODE=Model A and Model T Motor Car Reproduction Corp.; MODH=Modern Mobile Homes; MODI=Modernistic Inds.; MODL=Lamplighter; MODL=Moduline Intl., Inc.; MODN=Modern; MODR=Modern, Inc. (farm and garden equipment); MODU=Module, Inc.; MOFF=Moffett; MOFO=Moto Fino USA, Inc.; MOGA=Morgan Equipment Co.; MOGU=Moto Guzzi (Italy); MOHA=Mohawk, Inc.; MOHO=Mobile Home Inds., Inc.; MOHO=Tiffany Mobile Home; MOJA=Mojave; MOLL=Molloy Mobile Crafts; MOLY=Mobility, Inc.; MOMO=Moto Morini; MONA=Monarch; MONB=Monarch Boat Co.; MONC=Monarch Inds., Inc.; MONC=Daytona Mobile Homes; MOND=Mondial; MONG=Lac St.-Jean Motoneige, Ltd.; MONG=Montagnais; MONH=Monarch Motor Home; MONH=Monarch Mobile Homes; MONI=Monitor Coach Co.; MONN=Monon Trailer Div.; MONO=Mono; MONR=Monroe Tractor; MONS=Monson & Sons Trailer; MONT=Monte; MONU=Montgomery Mfg. Co.; MONV=Monticlaire Mobile Homes; MONW=Montone Mfg. Co.; MOOD=Moody Mfg. Co.; MOON=Moonshine Trailers; MOOR=Moore Equipment Co.; MORB=Morbark, Inc.; MORD=Grasshopper; MORD=Moridge Mfg., Inc.; MORE=Moretti; MORG=Morgan; MORI=Morris Buncombe county pools swim lessons MORM=Morgan Mobile, Inc.; MORN=Morgan Trailer Mfg. Co.; MORR=Morris; MORS=Morse Horse Trailer; MORT=Super Goose; MORT=Moritz, Inc.; MORU=Moto Rumi; MORW=Morger Welding & Mfg., Inc.; MOSE=Vim Trailer Mfg., Inc.; MOSE=Moser; MOSK=Moskovitch; MOSL=Mosler; MOSW=Mobile Sweeper Div.; MOTA=Motoc Semi Flatbed Trailer; MOTB=Motobecane U.S.A.; MOTE=Motel Mobile Corp. of America; MOTM=Motom; MOTN=Motron Corp. (Italy; distributed by Midway Distributing Co., Chico, CA); MOTN=Medalist (model of Motron Corp.); MOTN=Classic (model of Motron Corp.); MOTN=Fairway (model of Motron Corp.); MOTO=Motoroam Inds., Inc.; MOTR=Mo Trailer Corp.; MOTS=Montesa (Spain); MOTV=Motive Power Ind., Co., Ltd. (dba-Genuine Scooters, LLC); MOUA=Mount Vernon Mobile Home; MOUE=Mountain Valley Enterprises; MOUM=Mountain View Campers; MOUN=Mountaineer Mfg. Co.; MOUT=Mountain Mfg. Co., Inc.; MOWA=Montgomery Ward; MOWE=Mowett Sales Co., Inc.; MPC=MPC Cruiser Camper Trailer; MPEQ=Monster Power Equipment; MPHI=MPH Industries, Inc. or MPH Automotive Service; MPRT=Maine Portage; MQPW=MQ Power; MRAU=Marauder Travelers, Inc.; MRCO=Marco; MRCT=M & R Enterprises, Inc.; MRCT=Honeysuckle Enterprises, Inc.; MRCU=Mercury; MRCU=Mercury Marine; MRED=Mr. Ed Boat Trailer; MRGN=Morgan Built, Inc.; MRGW=Morgan Three (3) Wheeler, Ltd.; MRGY=Margay Cycles & Karts; MRIN=Marion Homes, Inc.; MRIN=Jamaica; MRIO=Vault Carrier; MRIO=Marion Trailer Sales; MRND=Miranda's Welding Service, Ltd.; MRND=Miranda�s Welding Service, Ltd.; MRNE=Marine Transportation Co., Inc.; MRQM=Marquez Mfg., Ltd.; MRRA=Murray Marine Corp.; MRS=M-R-S Mfg. Co.; MRTE=Motorette; MRTH=Marathon Coach; MRTI=Martin Lowboy Semi Trailer; MRTN=Martins Enterprises; MRTR=Mr. Trailer Sales; MRTZ=Martinez Trailer; MRZM=Mertz, Inc.; MSEC=Mansfield Structural & Erecting Co.; MSFI=Massey/Ski-Whiz; MSFI=Massey-Ferguson, Inc.; MSFI=Ski Whiz; MSHN=Marshin Motorbike Co., Ltd.; MSI=M-System, Inc.; MSIM=Mid-States International Motorcross, Inc.; MSKA=Miska Trailer Factory or (2055495 Ontario, Inc.); MSMW=M.S. Metal Works, LLC; MSTG=Mustang; MSTW=Master Tow, Inc.; MSTY=Misty Meadow Trailer Sales; MTBE=Sebring (model of Motobecane Moped); MTBE=Lemoped (model dandy dart folding camper Motobecane Moped); MTBE=Solex (model of Motobecane Moped); MTBE=Motobecane Moped (mfd. by Motobecane of France; imported by Motobecane America, Ltd., Hackensack, NJ); MTBE=Traveler (model of Motobecane Moped); MTBE=Velosolex Moped (model of Motobecane Moped); MTBE=Mobylette (model of Motobecane Moped); MTCH=Matchless; MTCI=MTC; MTCI=Mississippi Tank Co., Inc.; MTD=Modern Tool & Die (MTD); MTD=MTD (Modern Tool & Die); MTD=Ranch King; MTD=MTD Products, Inc.; MTD=Lawn Flite; Kgb sport backpack limited edition. Eaton Trailers, LLC; MTLC=Metal Craft Trailers, Inc.; MTMV=Mighty Dandy dart folding camper Trailers, Inc.; MTNA=Montana; MTNE=Monotone Trailer Co.; MTNI=Martin Industries; MTNK=Monster Tanks, Inc.; MTNW=Mountain West Industries; MTPA=Maxwell Trailers & Pickup Accessories; MTPI=MTD Products, Inc.; MTPI=Columbia; MTRA=C & C Inds.; MTRA=Mastertrack; MTRO=Metro Rider, LLC; MTRX=Matrix Mfg. Co.; MTRY=Trailers De Monterrey, S.A.; MTTI=M.T. Trailers, Inc.; MTVX=Motovox (APT Power Sports); MUDC=Mud Cat Div., National Car Rental System, Inc.; MUDD=Mudd-Ox; MUHL=Muhlberg; MULE=Multech Corp.; MULG=Mulligan Mfg., Inc.; MULL=Muller Machinery Co.; MULQ=Multiquip; MULT=Multi Trailer; MUNC=Muncy Homes, dandy dart folding camper, Inc.; MUNT=Muntz; MURE=Murena; MURM=Carry-All; MURM=Murray Mfg. Co.; MURP=Murphy Engineering Co., Inc.; MURR=Murray Ohio Mfg. Co.; MURT=Murray Trailers; MUSG=Mustang Trailer Mfg., Inc.; MUST=Mustang; MUTG=Mustang Trailers; MUVA=Muv-All Trailer Multech Corp.; MVAC=Madvac; MVAU=M. V. Agusta; MVEN=Marine Venture Enterprisers, Inc.; MVPI=MVP RV, Inc.; MWCH=Mid-West Choppers, dandy dart folding camper, Inc.; MWGE=M & W Gear Co., dandy dart folding camper, Inc.; MWHC=Maine Wood Heat Co.; MWMC=M & W Mfg. Co.; MWST=Martco Waste System Equipment; MXAT=Max-Atlas Equipment International, Inc.; MXRL=Maxi-Roule, Inc.; MYCO=Myco Inds.; MYFA=Mayfairer Motor Home; MYHI=Myers & Sons Hi-Way Safety, Inc. or Hi-Way Safety, Inc.; MYST=Mystical Custom Cycles, LLC; MYWA=My-Way Corp.; MZ=MZ; MZMA=Mzma; NABI=North American Bus Ind.; NABO=Nabors Trailer, Inc.; NACB=North Alabama Trailer Co.; NACR=National Crane Corp.; NACR=National Crane Corp.; Subsidiary of Walter Kidde & Co., Inc.; NAHE=Nash-Healy; NAIR=Nairobi Trailer; NAJO=Najo, Inc.; NAMC=N & Ha Mfg. Co.; NAMO=National Mower Co.; NAMO=Namco, Inc.; NAMO=Namco Inds.; NANJ=Nanjing Automobile Grp., Corp.; NANL=Nanlong Group Co., Ltd.; NANZ=Nana�z Trailers, LLC; NARD=Nardi-Danese; NARV=National RV, Inc.; NASA=Nasan Trailer; NASH=Nash; NASM=Nash Mfg.; NASU=Nashua Mfg. Co.; NATL=National Mobile Homes; NATM=National Mfg.; NATV=North American Traveler, LLC; NATW=Nationwide; NAUT=Nautical America; NAVI=Navistar; NAVJ=Navajo Horse Trailer; NBAY=Northern Bay Co., Inc.; NBCC=Nebraska Custom Cycles; NBCT=NBC Truck Equipment, Inc.; NCMW=National Custom Motorworks; NCTB=North Coast Truck Body, LLC; NDMC=Nissan Diesel Motor Co.; NEAL=Neal Mfg. Co., Inc.; NEAL=Seal-Mor; NEBM=New Bame Trailer; NECK=Neckar; NECT=Neckover Trailer Mfg. Co.; NEDL=Nedland Inds., Inc.; NEGR=Negrini (Moonachie, NJ; imported by Marina Mobili, Inc.); NEGR=Harvard (model of Negrini); NELL=Nallej of Florida; NELN=Nelson-Dykes Co.; NELS=Nelson Mfg. Co.; NEOC=Neo Classic Mfg., LLC; NEOP=Neoplan USA Corp.; NEOS=Neosho Custom Coach Co.; NEPT=Neptune Corp.; NERA=New Era Trans Co.; NERC=Nerco Trailer; NESC=Northeast Steel Corp.; NESS=Arlen Ness Motorcycles or Ness Motorcycles; NESS=Ness Motorcycles; NEUF=Karl M. Neufeld; NEUF=Neufeld, Karl M.; NEVA=Nevada Air Products Co.; NEVD=Nevadan Mfg. Co.; NEVI=Neville Welding, Inc.; NEVL=Nevlen Co., Inc.; NEVM=Neval Motorcycles, Ltd.; NEWC=New Comer Inds., Inc.; NEWD=New Dimension; NEWD=Saint Charles; NEWE=New England Homes or Trailers; NEWH=Sperry New Holland; NEWH=New Holland; NEWI=New Idea Electric Lawn Garden Tractor; NEWK=New Yorker Homes Corp.; NEWL=Newell Coach Corp.; NEWM=Newham Enterprises; NEWN=Newman Trailers; NEWP=Newport Homes, Inc.; NEWS=New Style Homes, Inc.; NEWT=New Paris Traveler Corp.; NEXT=Nextrail; NEXU=Nexus RV; NFLD=Enfield India, Ltd. (Madras, India); NFLY=New Gate house fence NG--=National Guard (see Section 2.1); NGBO=Longjia Motorcycle Co., Ltd. Or Ningbo Longjia Motorcycle Co., Ltd.; NGCS=Nomad Global Communication Solutions, Inc.; NGCS=Nomad Global Communication Solutions, Inc. (GCS); NHGT=New Heights, LLC; NHRZ=New Horizons; NHRZ=Horizons, Inc.; NHYD=Northern Hydrolics, Inc.; NIAG=Niagara Trailer Co.; NICE=Niceson Boat Trailer; NICH=Nichols Mfg. Co., Inc.; NICK=Nickel & Holman; NICW=Nichols Custom Welding; NIMR=Nimrod Tent Trailer; NISS=Nissan

Leaf; NISS=Nissan; NISS=Nissan
Leaf; NIVI=National Innovative Visions, Inc. AKA-Trailers, Inc., of Hill City; NLBC=NLB Corp.; NLSN=Nelson, Brookland cayce high school football schedule NMVC=National Motor Vehicle Co.; NNRQ=N & N Remorque, Inc. or
N & N Elite; NNRQ=N & N Remorque, Inc. or N & N Elite; NOAT=North American Trailer S.A. DE C.V.; NOBI=Nobility Homes, Inc.; NOBL=Noble Cultivators, Ltd.; NOCO=North Country; NODE=Hauler-Trailer; NODE=Nodine Mfg.; NODI=Nordic; NOEL=Noel Mfg.; NOLE=Nolena Foster Trailer; NOMN=Nomanco, Inc.; NOMO=Northwestern Dandy dart folding camper Co.; NORC=Norcal Boat Trailer; NORD=Nordine Mfg. Co.; NORH=Northwest Engineering Co.; NORI=Norris Homes, Inc.; NORJ=Norjack, Inc.; NORM=Norman; NORN=North American Mfg. Co.; NORO=North American Shipbuilding; NORR=Northern Cruisers; NORS=Norse Trailer; NORT=Norton (England); NORU=Northern Star Mobile Home; NORV=Northland; NORW=Northwest Trailers; NORX=Northwestern Mobile Homes; NOSL=Noslo Trailer Mfg.; NOTH=Nothsway Tandem Trailer; NOVA=Nova Fabricating; NOVB=Nova Bus; NRMD=Normand Co., Dandy dart folding camper NRSE=Norse Trailer (for reference only; see NORS); NRTH=North Star Trailers; NRTL=Northtail Trailers (Div. of
L & B Moore Co., Ltd.); NRTL=Northtail Trailers (Div. of L & B Moore Co., Ltd.); NRTS=Northway Snowmobiles; NRTS=Northway; NRTW=Northway Trailer; NRVR=North River Homes; NRWD=Northwood; NRWM=Northwood Investments Corp.; NRWN=Norwin Trailer; NSHT=Nash Car Trailers; NSU=NSU; NSU=Nsu Prinz; NSUF=Nsu-Fiat; NTNS=Nations Trailers or The Nations Trailers, Inc.; NTNS=The Nations Trailers, Inc. or Nations Trailers; NUCN=Nu-Century; NUEL=Nuell Coach Corp.; NULF=Nu-Life Environmental, Inc.; NUON=Number One; NUTT=Nuttall Trailers; NUVN=Nu Van Technology, Inc.; NUWA=Nu-Wa Campers, Inc.; NUWE=NuWay Mobile Home Mfg. Co.; NUWH=NUWA Horizon Camper Trailer; NUWY=Nu Way Mfg.; NVAE=Novae Corp.; NVTA=NVT America (moped); NWCA=Northwest Custom Aluminum Trailers; NWCT=Northwest Custom Trailer; NWMC=New McGrath; NWMR=Newmar Corp.; NWRI=NEWRI (Nanyang Environment and
Water Research Institute); NWRI=NEWRI (Nanyang Environment and

Water Research Institute); NWST=New Star Group; NYCC=New York City Choppers; OAKC=Oak Coach Co.; OAKL=Oakland; OASI=Oasis Travel Trailer; OBER=Oberlin Trailers, Inc.; OBRI=Obrect Trailer; OCCH=Orange County Choppers; OCIM=OCI Mfg., Co.; OCKE=Ockelbo Ind. AB; OCMI*=Owens-Classic, Inc; ODDI=Oddi Cycles, LLC; ODEL=ODell Mfg. Co.; ODEL=O'Dell Mfg. Co.; ODGL=Ontario Drive & Gear, Ltd.; ODGL=Argo; ODOM=Odom Boyd Trailer Mfg. Co.; ODSS=Odyssey; ODYS=Odyssey Trailer Co.; OELR=Oelrich Mfg. Co.; OFFC=Office Master, Inc.; OFFI=Officer, The; OFFI=The Officer; OFPC=Ohio Fluid Products Co.; OGLE=Ogle; OHIO=Ohio Body Mfg. Co.; OHSE=Olinghouse Steel; OHTA=Ohta; OILF=Oilfield Manufacturers Warehouse, Inc.; OKCK=Oak Creek Homes, Inc.; OKHT=OK Horse Trailer; OKLA=Oklahoma Horse Trailer; OKLH=Oklahoma Trailer, Inc.; OLAT=Olathe Mfg. Co., Inc.; OLDK=Oldenkamp, Inc.; OLDS=Oldsmobile; OLDT=Olds Trails Trailer; OLGE=Olgen Mfg. Co.; OLIV=Oliver; OLOW=Olson Owsley Enterprises, LLC; OLSO=Olson; OLYM=Olympia Motor Home; OLYP=Olympic Trailers; OLYT=Olympus Technologies, Inc.; OMAH=Omaha Standard Flatbed Trailer; OMAS=Omaha Tank and Equipment, Inc.; OMCI=Omicron Motors; OMCJ=OMC Johnson; OMEG=Omega (Italian); OMEG=Omega; OMNI=Omni Motorsports, Inc.; OMST=Omsteel Products Corp.; ONAN=Onan Corp.; ONEI=Oneida Coach Mfg.; ONGB=Orange Blossom Trailers, Inc.; ONOI=Ono, dandy dart folding camper, Inc.; ONRD=On the Road; ONTR=Ontario Bus Inds., Inc.; ONTR=Orion Bus Inds., Inc.; ONYX=Onyx Flyer; OPED=Bolens; OPED=Outdoor Power Equipment Div.; OPEL=Opel


(Electric Veh.) AMP 4D; OPEL=Opel; OPEL=Opel
(Electric Veh.) AMP 4D; OPEL=Opel (imported by Buick); OPEN=Open Road Inds.; OPER=Open Roadsters of Texas; OPER=Dutchess (for reference only; see CLAC); OPL=Opel; OPNR=Open Road Campers, Inc.; OPTI=Optima Ind., LLC; OPTM=Optima Bus, LLC; OQWK=Oquawka Boats & Fabrications, Ltd.; ORBI=Orbit Inds., Inc.; ORCO=Orcon Inds.; OREG=Oregon Mfg. Co., Inc.; OREG=MANG; OREI=Oreion Motors, LLC; OREI=Oreion Motor, LLC (low-speed vehicles); ORIG=Original Equipment Mfg., Dandy dart folding camper ORIG=Snowbug; ORIO=Oriole Trailer Mfg. Co.; ORLA=Orlando Boar Co.; ORMW=Oregon Machine Works; ORRV=Open RV Co.; ORST=ORS Trailers, Inc.; ORTH=Orthman Mfg., Inc.; ORVM=Outdoors RV Mfg.; OSAG=Osage Trailer Mfg. Co., Inc.; OSBO=Osborn, C. D. & Son; OSBO=C. D. Osborn & Son; OSCA=Osca; OSCH=Oschool Choppers, LLC; OSHK=Oshkosh Motor Truck Co.; OSI=Osi; OSSA=Ossa (Spain); OSTD=Oshkosh Trailer Div.; OTAS=Otasco; OTLW=Outlaw Trailers; OTOS=Otosan; OTPE=Outdoor Power Equipment; OTTE=Otterbacher Mfg., Inc.; OTWA=Ottawa Truck, Inc.; OUTD=Outdoor Equipment; OUTK=Outkast Kustom Cycles, Inc.; OUTM=Outboard Marine Corp.; OUTM=OMC Johnson; OUTM=Evinrude; OUTM=Johnson; OVBL=Overbuilt, Inc.; OVBT=Overbilt Trailer Co.; OVEL=Overland Mfg. Co.; OVER=Overland; OVRL=Over-Lowe Co.; OWAT=Owatonna Mfg. Co., Inc.; OWED=Owen Div., Anvil Attachments, Inc.; OWEN=Owens Car Trailer (for reference only); OWES=Mighty Midget; OWES=Owens-Classic, Inc.; OWNA=Ownahome, Inc.; OWNG=Owens Cargo, Inc.; OWNS=Owens Mfg. Co.; OWNT=Owen Trailers, Inc.; OWSM=Owens & Sons Marine, Inc.; OZAR=Ozark Trailer & Mobile Homes; OZBK=Ozbike; PACB=Pacemaker Boat Trailer; PACC=Pacific Coach, Inc.; PACC=Pacemaker Mobile Homes & Travel Trailer; PACE=Pacemaker; PACI=Pacific Campers; PACK=Packard; PACS=Pacesetter; PACW=Pac West Co.; PADA=Panda Motor Home; PADG=Padgett, Inc.; PAEN=Page Engineering Co.; PAGE=Page Trailer; PAGS=Pagsta; PAIN=Paccar, Inc.; PAIO=Paioli/Paioli Meccanica S.P.A.; PAIS=Paris; PAIU=Paiute Trailers; PAKH=Parkhurst Mfg. Co., Inc.; PAKM=Pak-Mor Mfg. Co.; PALC=Pal Dandy dart folding camper. Co., Inc.; PALE=Palace Corp.; PALL=Palliser (racing car); PALM=Palm Trailers; PALN=Palmetto Sales of Laurens; PALO=Palamino Camping Trailer; PALW=Palmers Machine Works, Inc.; PAMA=Pama Camper; PAMC=Pamco Trailer; PAMR=Pace American, Inc.; PAMU=Pace American of Utah, Inc.; PANA=Pan American Mobile Homes; PAND=Panda Motor Sports North America, Inc.; PANE=Panther Westwinds, Ltd.; PANH=Panhard; PANN=Pannonia; PANO=Panorama Homes, Dandy dart folding camper PANT=Panther; Dandy dart folding camper Auto Development Co.; PARC=Paris Trailer Co.; PARD=Pardonnet Mfg. Co.; PARE=Park Estates Homes; PARH=Park Homes, Inc.; PARH=Skoolsout; PARH=Bunkhouse; PARH=Siesta; PARI=Parilla; PARK=Park Lane Mobile Homes; PARL=Park Royal; PARM=Parmiter, P. J. & Sons, Ltd.; PARM=P. J. Parmiter & Sons, Ltd.; PARO=Pace Arrow; PARP=Park Trailer Corp.; PARR=Parker; PARS=Parkmaster; PART=Part (for use when make is not listed); PARU=Parkway Mfg. Co.; PARW=Parkwood Homes, Inc.; PARX=Parkwood Mobile Homes of Florida; PASI=Perfection Architectural Systems, Inc.; PASO=Parson Co. Div.; PASQ=Pasquali USA; PASS=Passport; PAST=Pastime Mfg. Co.; PATH=Pathfinder Mobile Homes; PATR=Patriot Motorcycle Corp.; PATT=Patterson Welding; PATZ=Patz Co.; PAUG=Paughco, Inc. (Carson City, NV); PAUL=Picnic Caddy; PAUL=Pauli Cooling Systems, Inc.; PBCS=Phil Borriello Chopper Shop, LLC; PBLY=Pisten Bully; PBMS=PBM Supply & Mfg., Inc.; PBTI=Pacific Boat Trailers, Inc.; PCCW=Pacific Coachworks, Inc.; PCCY=Paramount Custom Cycles; PCER=Pacer Moped (for reference only; see ITAT); PCFC=Pacific Mfg. Corp.; PCM=PCM Div.; PCTI=Paros Custom Trailers, Inc.; PCTL=Paris Custom Trailers, Co.; PDAA=P/D; PDRS=Pederson; PDV=PDV; PEAB=Peabody Solid Waste Management; PEAC=Peace; PEAK=Peak Mfg., Inc.; PEAR=Ben Pearson Mfg. Co., Inc.; PECO=Peco, Inc.; PECT=Pennstyle Campers, Inc.; PEDA=Pedalpower Electroped; PEDD=Peddlers Choice; PEEK=Peek; PEEL=Peel; PEER=Peerless Gear Machine Div., Tecumseh Products Co. (for reference only); PEER=Peerless Div. (for reference only; see PERL); PEER=Peerless; PEGA=Pegaso; PELI=Pelican Aluminum Mfg.; PELT=Pelletier Mfg., Inc.; PEMB=Pemberton Fabricators, Inc.; PEMC=Pennsbury Mfg. Corp.; PEMF=Pemfab Trucks; PENC=Pennco Inds., Inc.; PEND=Pendlay; PENI=Peninsula Camper Mfg.; PENN=J. C. Penney; PENN=Penney, J. C. (also see Burrito and Foremost); PENN=Penney, J. C.; PENN=J. C. Penney (also see makes Burrito and Foremost); PENS=Pennsylvania Furnace & Iron; PENT=Penton (KTM, dandy dart folding camper, Austria); PENU=Penn-Cupit Inds., Ltd.; PEOR=Peoria Custom Cookers, LLC; PEQU=PEQUEA; PERC=I. B. Perch Co.; PERC=Perch, I. B. Co.; PERF=Performance Products, Inc.; PERL=Peerless Div.; PERM=Perma Tent Camper; PERO=Perone Trailer; PERR=Perris Valley Campers; PERS=Peerless Intl. Co., Inc.; PETE=Peterson; PETM=Pettibone Corp.; PETM=Pettibone Michigan Corp., Subsidiary of Mercury Mfg. Co.; PETR=Pirsch, Peter & Sons, Co.; PETR=Peter Pirsch & Sons Co.; PETT=Pettibone Mercury, Dandy dart folding camper of Mercury Mfg., Co.; PEUG=Peugeot; PFAP=Precision Fire Apparatus; PFAU=Pfaudler Co.; PFMX=Performax; PGAS=Pegasus Vans & Trailers, Inc.; PGRM=Pilgrim Intl., Inc.; PHAA=P & H; PHEL=Phelan Mfg. Co.; PHEP=Phelps Horse Trailer; PHII=Phillips Trailers; PHIL=Phill Trailer; PHIM=Phillips Mfg. Co., Inc.; PHIM=Travel-lite Campers; PHLI=Philift Equipment Sales Co.; PHNX=Phoenix (for reference only; see PHOE); PHOE=Phoenix Camping Trailer; PHOE=Phoenix; PHON=Phoenix (for reference only; see PHOE); PHTW=Phoenix Trike Works; PHXT=Phoenix Trailers; PIAG=Piaggio Group Americas, dandy dart folding camper, Inc.; PIAZ=Piazio; PICK=Pick-Up Top Mfg.; PICW=Pickwick; PIED=Piedmont; PIER=Pierce Lowboy Trailer; PIKE=Pike Trailer Dandy dart folding camper PILG=Pilgrim Mfg. Co.; PINC=Pincor Products; PINE=Pines Trailer Corp.; PINI=Pinifarina; PINS=Pinson Truck Equipment Co.; PINT=Pinto; PIOE=Pioneer Coach Mfg.; PION=Pioneer Sales & Mfg. Co.; PIPE=Pipestone Tandem Boat Trailer; PIPR=Piper Inds., Inc.; PIQU=Piqua Engineering, Inc.; PIRC=Pierce Mfg., Inc.; PIST=Pister Pro; PITD=Pitman Div., Emerson Electric Co.; PITJ=Pitts by JJ; PITL=Haulass Trailers; PITM=Pitman Brothers Co.; PITN=Pitman Div., A. B. Chance Co.; PITT=Pittsburgh Forging Co., Farm Tools Div.; PITZ=John Pitzer Mfg. Co.; PIXI=Pixie Piker Travel Trailer; PJRD=Paul Jr. Designs, LLC; PJTM=P. J, dandy dart folding camper. Trailer Mfg., Inc.; PKLC=P. K. Lindsay Co., Inc.; PKLC=Lindsay Co., Inc., P. K.; PKTS=Parker Trailer Sales Co.; PLAC=Plastic Engs. & Consultants; PLAG=Plattsburg Mfg.; PLAI=Plains Inds., Inc.; PLAL=Play-Mor Trailer, Inc.; PLAM=Playmate Coaches; PLAN=Planet Plows, Inc.; PLAP=Play-Pac; PLAS=Plastic Forming Co.; PLAT=Platt Trailer Co.; PLAY=Playboy; PLBY=Playbuoy Pontoon Mfg., Inc.; PLCB=PL Custom Body dandy dart folding camper Equip. Co., Inc.; PLEA=Pleasure Homes Mfg.; PLEM=Pleasureway Mfg.; PLES=Pleasuremate Inds.; PLKG=Polar King International, Inc.; PLMA=Palm Aire, Inc.; PLMM=Palmer Mfg., LLC; PLMO=Palomino Mfg., Corp.; PLMT=Parliament Coach Corp.; PLOT=Plot USA, Inc. (DBA-Zero Engineering); PLRN=Poloron; PLTM=Platinum Manufacturing, LLC; PLYC=Playcat Inds., Inc.; PLYM=Plymouth; PLYP=Play Pen Products, Inc.; PMMI=Park Models Mfg., Inc.; PMUS=Pioneer Motors USA, LLC; PNHD=Panhandle Trailers; PNHL=Pine-Hill Mfg. Co.; PNNT=Penn Trailer; PNTA=Panterra; PNZR=Panzer Motorcycle Works, LLC; POCL=Poclain Div., J. I. Case; POIE=Pointer-Willamette; POIN=Pointer; POIR=Poirier; POLA=Polar Mfg. Co.; POLB=Raybon Mfg. Co.; POLB=Polar Bear; POLB=Polar Bear/Whip It; POLI=Polini; POLL=Pollock Inds.; POLO=Poloron Products; POLR=Poloron Products; POLR=Poloron Homes of Pennsylvania, Inc.; POLS=E-Z-Go; POLS=Textron, Inc.; POLS=Polaris Inds., Inc.; POLS=Polaris; POLY=Poly-Coat Dandy dart folding camper, Inc.; POND=Ponderosa Homes, Inc.; PONE=Ponderosa Inds.; PONI=Pontiac (Canadian) (Also see make Pontiac); PONT=Pontiac; PONX=Pony Xpress; PONY=Ponycycle; POOL=Poole, Inc.; POPC=Popcycle Motors, LLC; POPE=Pope Mfg. Co.; POR=Por Trailer; PORB=Portable Elevator Mfg. Div., Dynamics Corp. of America; PORC=Portec, Inc.; PORC=Pioneer Div., Portec, Inc.; PORD=Porta-Dock, Inc.; PORE=Portable Structures; PORK=Porta-Kamp Mfg.; PORL=Portland Wire & Iron Works; PORS=Porsche; PORT=Porta-Built Inds.; POTT=Polar Tank Trailer; POWE=Powerline Products; POWL=Powell; POWM=Powell Mfg. Co., Inc.; POWR=Power Curber, Inc.; PRAE=Prairie Trailer Sales & Service; PRAI=Prairie Schooner; PRAM=Preston Amusements, Inc.; PRAR=Prarie Schooner, Inc.; PRAT=Pratt Industries, Inc.; PRBW=Precision Boatworks; PRCA=Pierce Arrow; PRCW=Precision Cycle Works; PRDE=Pride Heavy Vehicle Ind. & Pride Enterprises; PREB=Prebuilt Mfg.; PREC=Precision Dandy dart folding camper & Fabricating, Inc.; PREC=Keel-Hauler; PREI=Pre-Built Structures; PREM=Premier Trailer; PREM=Premier; PREO=Prevost Car, Inc.; PREQ=Precision Equip. Mfg., Inc.; PRES=Presidential Mobile Homes; PREV=Presvac Systems (Burlington), Ltd.; PREW=Prew Proco Travel Trailer; PRGV=Progressive Ind. or Progressive Trailers; PRHL=Pro Hauler Trailer, Inc.; PRHT=Parkhurst; PRIB=Pribbs Steel & Mfg., Inc.; PRIC=Sovereigh Mobile Homes; PRIC=Price-Meyers Corp.; PRIC=London; PRIC=Elkton; PRIE=Priefert Mfg., Co., Inc.; PRIJ=Pride & Joy Mini Motor Home; PRIM=Prime Mover; PRIN=Princess Homes; PRIO=Prior Products, Inc.; PRIT=Prime Timing Mfg.
(Div of Forest River, Inc.); PRIT=Prime Timing Mfg.

(Div of Forest River, Inc.); PRIV=Private Coach; PRKA=Pine Grove Mfg.; PRKN=Par-Kan Company; PRLP=Proline Products, LLC; PRLT=Pro Lite Trailers; PRMC=Premco Products, Inc.; PRME=Prime Trailer Products; PRMO=Prince Motors; PRNC=Princeton Delivery Systems; PRNE=Pro One; PROF=Proform Trailers, Inc.; PROG=Progress; PROG=Progress Inds., Inc.; PROL=Pro Line Trailers; PROM=Promark Products Corp.; PRON=Les Machineries Pronovost, Inc.; PROP=Proper Chopper Motorcycles; PROT=Pro-Trail, Inc.; PROW=Prowler Inds.; PRPC=Purple Chopper, LLC; PRPW=Precision Powerworks; PRST=Prestige Custom Trailers; PRTA=Proterra, Inc.; PRTG=Prestige Housing, Inc.; PRTN=Protainer, Inc.; PRTR=Porter Mfg. Corp.; PRTT=Port Trailer Mfg. Co.; PRVN=Provan Inds.; PRYE=Pryer Inds. (Ada, OH); PSCC=Pure Steel Custom Cycles, Inc.; PSTI=Portersville Sales & Testing, Inc.; PSTK=Pro Stock Trailer Mfg.; PSTR=Pro Star, LLC; PTMC=Potomac RV; PTMI=Peterson Motor Industrial Co., Ltd.; PTMT=Parallel Intelligent Transportation, LLC (dba-PIT Motors, Ltd.); PTRB=Peterbilt Motors Co.; PTRK=Pro-Trak Trailers, Inc.; PTRT=Patriot Homes, Inc.; PTRT=Independence; PTTS=P & T Trailer Sales, Inc.; PTV=PTV; PTWL=PT Welding, LLC; PUCH=Puch; PUCH=Maxi (mfd. by Puch); PUCH=Newport (model of Puch); PUCH=Magnum MK II (model of Puch); PUCH=Maxi Luxe (model of Puch); PUCK=Power Box Utility Trailer; PUCK=Puckett Brothers Mfd. Div. Co., Inc.; PULD=Pull-Do Trailers; PULL=Pull A Dandy dart folding camper Mfg. & Sales; PULM=Pullman Trailmobile (for reference only; see TRIM); PULP=Murphys Welding; PULP=Pullers Pride, dandy dart folding camper, Inc.; PULP=Murphy's Welding; PUMA=Puma Camper Sales; PUMI=Pullman Modular Ind. or Pullman Coach Co., LLC; PUMM=Puma; PUZE=Puzey Brothers, Inc.; PVCO=Pivco As (Bought by Ford 1999, Discontinued 2002); PVTT=Pleasant Valley Teardrop Trailers, LLC; PWAY=Pleasure-Way Ind., Ltd.; PWDY=Power Dyne; PWTC=Power Trac; PWTR=PW Trailer; PWTZ=Perewitz Motorcycles; PYLE=Pyle Haul-It-All Flatbed; PYRA=Pyramid Mobile Homes; QE=QE Mfg. Co., Inc.; QING=Quingqi Group, Inc.; QINJ=Qianjiang Motorcycle Group Corp.; QIPA=Qipai Motorcycle Co., Ltd.or Jiangmen Qipai Motorcycle Co., Ltd.; QIYE=Qiye Scooter Co., Ltd. or Zhejiang Qiye Scooter Co., Ltd.; QLNK=QLink or QLink, LP; QLPY=Quality Products, Inc.; QLTY=Quality Built Trailers, Inc.; QNGX=Qingxin Liantong Ind., Ltd. or Liantong Ind., Ltd.; QNTY=Quantya SA; QSAP=Quality Steel & Aluminum Products; QSIV=Qingdao Singamas Industrial Vehicle Co., Ltd.; QUAD=Fat Daddy Racing, LLC (dba � Quadrax Fat Daddy Fab.); QUAK=Quaker City Iron Works, Inc.; QUAL=Quality Trailer; QUAT=Quality Trailer Mfg., Inc.; QUIC=Quickload; QUIK=Quick Mfg., Co.; QUIN=Quincy Compressor Div.; QUTY=Quality Manufacturing Co., Inc.; QVAL=Qvale Automotive Group; QWSE=QWS Express Trailers, Inc.; QYEV=Tianjin-Qingyuan Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd. (aka-Qingyuan Electric Vehicle Co., Ltd.); RABB=Rabbit; RABJ=Rabbit, Jr.; RACE=Race Trailers or Fifty-One Fifty (5150); RACE=Fifty-One Fifty (5150) or Race Trailers; RACH=Rach Welding; RACH=Snow Treck; RACI=Racine Construction Tool Div., Racine Federated, Inc.; RACK=The Rack Factory; RACM=Racmac Trailer; RADC=Roadcraft Mfg. & Leasing; RADE=Radamacher Trailer; RADI=RAD Industries; RADM=Richardson Homes Corp. (for reference only; see RICH); RAES=Raes Utility Trailer; RAGE=Rage N, Inc. (DBA-Weekend Warrior Trailers, Inc.); RAGE=Rage 'N, Inc. (DBA-Weekend Warrior Trailers, Inc.); RAIB=Rainbow Camper Co.; RAIC=Rainbow Corp.; RAID=Raider; RAID=Leisure Vehicles, Inc.; RAIN=Rainway Mfg. Co.; RALL=Rallymaster Travel Trailer; RAM=RAM; RAMA=Ramada Tent Camping Trailer; RAMB=Rambler (mfd. prior to 1966; 1966 and later Ramblers - see make American Motors); RAME=Ram Enterprises, LLC; RAMK=Ramika Inds.; RAML=Rambler Trailer (for reference only; see Dandy dart folding camper RAMN=Ramlin; RAMP=R & A Manufacturing Partners, Ltd.; RAMR=Ramsey Trailers; RAMS=Ramses; RANA=Ranchette Travel Trailer; RANC=Rancho Trailers, Inc.; RAND=Walter Randall; RAND=Randall, Walter; RANE=Randolph Coach; RANG=Ranger Boats & Trailers; RANG=Ranger Mobile Homes (for reference only; see Dandy dart folding camper RANH=Ranch King Enterprises, Inc.; RANL=R-Anell Homes, Inc.; RANM=Ranch Mfg., Co.; RANS=Ransome Lift Equipment Co., Subsidiary of Giles & Ransome, Inc.; RAPI=Rapid Traveler Coaches; RAPS=Rapsure, Inc.; RATC=Ratco Welding; RAVE=Ravens-Metal Products, Inc.; RAW=Rawhide Stock & Horse Trailer Mfr., Inc.; RAW=Arkansas Traveler; RAYC=Rayco Manufacturing, Inc.; RAYE=Rayne Plane, Inc.; RAYF=Rayfab, Inc.; RAYG=Raygo, Inc.; RAYI=Raymond Products Co.; RAYM=Raymur Acceptance Corp.; RAYN=Raynell Campers; RAYT=Ray-Tech Infrared Corp.; RBMF=RBM Mfg.; RBOS=Road Boss Trailer, Mfg.; RBRC=R.B.R, dandy dart folding camper. Corp.; RBRC=Mini-Cruiser; RBTS=Roberts Metal Mfg., Inc.; RBYD=Recreation By Design, LLC; RCCI=Rooster Custom Cycles, Inc.; RCCM=RC Components; RCHS=Richards Utility Trailer; RCII=R.C. Inds., Inc.; RCIN= R.C. Inds., Inc.; RCKC=Rocking Chair Mfg.; RCKL=Big A; RCKL=Rickel Mfg. Corp.; RCKN=Rockin L. Riggin Corp.; RCKY=Rocky Top Trailers; RCLP=Road Clipper; RCMH=RC Motor Home; RCMS=RC Motors or RC Motorsports; RCON=Reconstructed Motor Home; RCON=Reconstructed Trailer or Motorhome; RDBT=R & D Baker Trailers, LLC; RDCC=Radical Curves Custom Motorcycles; RDER=Raider; RDGL=Ridgeline, Inc.; RDGN=Reddragon; RDID=Redid Flatbed Trailers (for reference only; see FAIM); RDKG=Road King Travel Trailer; RDLY=Ridley Motorcycle Co.; RDMF=Reid Mfg., LLC; RDMR=Roadmaster (for reference only; see AMF); RDOG=Road Dog Trailers; RDSK=Red Streak Scooters (Product of Meitian Motorcycle Co., VMA/MEIT); RDTE=R & D Trailer and Equip. Sales; REA=Rea Trailer Co.; READ=Redi-Built Trailers; REAL=Realco Trailer; REAR=Rear's Mfg. Co.; REAR=Rears Mfg. Co.; REBE=Rebel Mobile Home; REBL=Rebel Boat Trailer; RECB=R.E. Custom Boat Trailers; RECG=Reco Goliath Tent Trailer; RECO=Reconstructed motorcycle (see NCIC 2000 Operating Manual, Vehicle File chapter); RECR=Recreative Inds., Inc.; RECS=Rec-Sha Trailer; REDA=Red Arrow Trailer Co.; REDB=Red Barron Choppers; REDC=Red Cat Motors; REDD=Red Dale Coach Co.; REDG=Red Gooser Horse Trailer; REDH=Red Horse Motorworks; REDI=Redi-Go Traveler; REDK=Reddick Equipment Co., Inc.; REDM=Redman Homes, Inc.; REDM=New Moon; REDM=Las Brisas; REDM=Granville; REDM=Eaton Park; REDM=Crownhaven; REDM=Country Estate; REDM=Riverview; REDM=Walden Mobile Homes; Dandy dart folding camper REDN=Redneck Engineering; REDR=Red River Custom Trailer; REDS=Redstone Coach Co.; REED=Reed Enterprises, Inc.; REEG=Reed Mfg. Co.; REEL=Reel Trailers; REEV=Reeves Trailer; REGE=Regent Homes Corp.; REGI=Regis Corp.; REID=Reids Trailers, Inc.; REIN=Reinell Boat Trailer; REIS=Reiser Mfg., Inc.; REIT=Reitnouer, Inc.; RELA=Reliant; RELB=Reliable Tank, Inc.; RELC=Relco Corp.; RELI=Reliance Trailer Mfg.; RELM=Reliart Trailer Mfg. Co.; RELT=Realite Trailer; REMB=Rembrant Mobile Home; REMC=Rome Engineering & Mfg. Co.; REMC=Remco; REMH=Reconstructed Motor Home (for reference only; see RCON); REMI=Countryside Mobile Home; REMI=Remic Inds., dandy dart folding camper, Inc.; REMK=Remke Trailer; REMO=Remolques Tanques Y Equipos S.A. DE C.V.; REMQ=Remeq, Inc.; REMT=Remtec or Columbia-Remtec; RENA=Renault; RENE=Renegade Trikes; RENT=Rent-A-Trailer Corp.; REO=Reo; RETL=RE's Trailers; RETL=RE�s Trailers; RETT=Rettig Enterprises, Inc.; REVC=Revcon (for reference only; see REVN); REVE=Revella Camping Trailer; REVN=Revcon; REVO=Revo North America; REVS=Reeves Roofing Equipment Co.; REWA=Rewaco-Trikes, LLC or Rewaco-Trikes USA; REX=Rex; REXH=Rexhall; REXM=Rex Mobile Homes; REXN=Rexnord, Inc.; REYN=Reynolds Mfg. Co.; RFCM=RFC Mfg., Inc.; RFXT=Ron's Fix-It Shop; RFXT=Rons Fix-It Shop; RGAA=R & G; RGUE=Rogue Industries, Inc.; RHEA=Rheas Trailer Sales, Inc.; RHEA=Rhea's Trailer Sales, Inc.; RHFE=Ringo Hill Farms Equip. Co. or Ringo Trailers; RHIN=Rhino Tool Co.; RHNO=Rhino Trailer Mfg.; RHOD=Rhodes Trailers & Truck Bodies or AJR, Inc.; RHON=Rhon Motorcycle Co., Ltd. or Qingqi Grp. Ningbo Rhon Motorcycle Co., Ltd.; RICA=Vohl; RICA=Richard Piche, Inc.; RICD=Darian Mobile Homes; RICD=Richardson; RICE=Rice Trailer Co.; RICH=Richardson Homes Corp.; RICK=Rickman Trailer; RICK=Rickman; RICL=Richards & Clark Mfg. Co.; RICN=Richland Homes Mfg. Co.; RICP=Rich�s Portable Cabins or Rich�s Vacation Cottages; RICP=Rich's Portable Cabins or Rich's Vacation Cottages; RICR=Richardson Mfg. Co., Inc.; RIDE=Ride-On, Inc.; RIDG=Ridgecraft Corp.; RIGH=Right Products, Inc.; RIIN=R & I Inds.; RILE=Riley; RILY=Riley Forestry Equipment; RIME=Rimer, Inc.; RIND=Rich Inds.; RING=Ring-o-Matic Mfg. Co.; RINK=Rink Mfg. Co.; RIPC=Ripco, Inc.; RITB=Rite-Bilt; RITE=Rite-On Trailer; RITT=River Trail Trailers; RITW=Rite-Way Trailer, Inc.; RITZ=Ritz-Craft, Inc. of Pennsylvania; RITZ=Ranger Mobile Homes; RIVC=Rivercraft Boat Trailers; RIVE=Riverdale Steel Works; RIVI=Riviera; RIVM=Riverman Boatworks or The Riverman Boatworks; RIVN=Brown Trecher Div., Rivinius, Inc.; RIVN=Rivinius, Inc.; RIVR=Bill Rivers; RIVR=Rivers, Bill; RIVS=Wards (see Riverside); RIVS=Riverside (Montgomery Ward); RIVS=Montgomery Ward (see Riverside); RIVS=Montgomery Ward (Riverside); RIVS=Montgomery Ward; RIVS=Riverside; RIVT=Riverside Trailer Mfg. Co.; RIVU=River Run; RIVW=Riviera Mfg. Co.; RJMS=Remorques JMS Trailers; RJNK=RJs Welding or R. Jenkins Trailer Sales; RJNK=R. Jenkins Trailer Sales or RJs Welding; RJNK=R. Jenkins Trailer Sales or RJ's Welding; RJNK=RJ's Welding or R. Jenkins Trailer Sales; RJTL=R & J Trailers Company; RKRL=Rock and Roll; RKTA=Roketa Powersports; RKTA=Roketa; RKWL=Rockwell; RLAC=Allen, R. L. Co., Inc.; RLAC=XTZ Horse Trailer; RLAC=R. L. Allen Co., Inc.; RLBL=Reliable Custom Trailers, LLC; RLPI=Rock Line Products, Inc.; RLST=Rollingstar Mfg., Inc.; RMST=Roadmaster, LLC; RMWC=Country-Boy; RMWC=Reid's Mfg. & Welding Co.; RMWC=Reids Mfg. & Welding Co.; RMWF=Rocky Mountain Welding and Fabricating; RNCE=Rance Aluminum, Inc.; RNKE=Reinke Manufacturing Co., Inc.; RNMT=Renaissance Motors; RNSM=Ransome; RNSO=Rinso Forklift; ROAB=Roam-A-Bout Camper; ROAC=Road Roamer Campers; ROAD=Road Motor Home; ROAE=Roadliner Mfg. Div.; ROAF=Roadmaster Mfg. Co.; ROAG=Roadrunner Mfg. Corp.; ROAL=Roadway Trailer, Ltd.; ROAM=Roaminghome Co., Inc.; ROAR=Roadmaster Rail, Inc.; ROBB=Robb Kaufman, Inc.; ROBI=Robin Mfg. Co.; ROBM=Robinhood Motor Homes, Inc.; ROBR=Robin Hood Travel Trailers; ROBT=Robert Horse Trailer; ROCB=Rockin-Bar Trailer, Ltd.; ROCE=Rocket Trailer, Ltd.; ROCF=Rockford Welding & Machine; ROCH=Rochdale; ROCK=Rockford; ROCK=Rockford Inds., Inc.; ROCM=Rockie Mountain Mfg., Inc.; ROCN=Rockland Homes, Inc.; ROCO=R. O. Corp.; ROCS=Rochester Homes, Inc.; ROCS=Manitou Mobile Homes; ROCT=Rockport Trailer Mfg. Corp.; RODR=Rods & Rides by TD, LLC; ROEN=Royal Enfield; ROGE=Rogers Brothers Corp.; ROGM=Rogue Marine, LLC; ROGR=Rogers Trailers, Inc.; ROGU=Rogue River Trailer Mfg. Co.; ROK=Rockne; ROKL=Rockland Mfg. Co., Inc.; ROKN=Rokon; ROKW=Rockwood, Inc.; ROKW=Rockwood Motor Home; ROL=Rolls-Royce; ROL=Rolls-Royce
Ghost; ROL=Rolls-Royce

Ghost; ROLA=Roland Curtains USA; ROLB=Rolling Boat, Inc.; ROLC=Rolco Mfg. Co.; ROLF=Roll-O-Flex, Ltd.; ROLG=Rolligon-NV LP; ROLH=Roll-A-Long & Sterling Coach Co.; ROLI=Rolite, Inc.; ROLL=Rollfast; ROLM=Rolling Homes, Ltd.; ROLN=Roll In Trailers; ROLP=Rollohome Corp.; ROLP=Mayberry; ROLR=Rolls Rite Trailers, Inc.; ROLS=Rolls Intl. Trailer; ROLT=Rolling Thunder; ROLY=Royal Land Yacht; ROMA=Romae Inds.; ROME=Rome Engineering & Mfg. Co. (for reference only; see REMC); ROMI=Rome Inds., Inc.; RONC=Ronco Coaches, Inc.; RONS=Rons Trailers, Inc.; RONS=Ron's Trailers, Inc.; ROOF=Roofmaster; ROOS=Roose Mfg., Inc.; ROOT=Rootes; ROPE=Roper Outdoor Power Products; ROPR=R. O. Products (for reference only); RORA=Road Ranger Camper Trailer; RORF=Roadrunner Fabrication, Inc.; RORM=Roar Motorcycles, LLC; RORU=Road Runner; ROSA=Rosa Trailer, Mfg.; ROSC=Rosco Two Wheel Trailer; ROSC=Rosco Mfg. Co.; ROSE=Rosemont Mobile Home; ROSN=Rossion/Rossion Automotive; ROSO=Royal Sovereign (for reference only); ROSS=Ross, J. H., Co.; ROSS=J. H. Ross Co.; ROTC=Rotochopper, Inc.; ROTE=Rotech, Inc.; ROTI=Rockett Trailers; ROTO=Rotocraft Boat Trailer; ROUL=Roulette Caravan Co.; ROUS=Roust-About; ROV=Rover; ROWS=Rowse Hydraulic Rake Co.; ROXN=Roxon (Officina Italiana S.R.L.); ROYA=Royal Brothers; ROYC=Royal Crest Co.; Dandy dart folding camper Foundry & Machine Co.; ROYE=Royer Shredder; ROYF=Royco Mfg. Co.; ROYG=Royal Cargo Trailers, Inc.; ROYH=Roycraft Coach Co.; ROYL=Royal Inds. Noble Div.; ROYS=Royals Intl.; RPII=H & H Snowmobiles; RPII=Rupp Inds., Inc.; RPMC=RPM-Co.; RPTL=RP Trailers, LLC; RPTR=Raptor; RRAA=R & H Horse Trailer; RRMA=R & R Mfg. Co.; RRMA=Fat Cat; RRMM=Royal Ryder Motorcycle Co., Inc.; RRNR=Ridge Runner Inds., Inc.; RROV=Range Rover of North America; RRSC=Road Rescue; RRTI=R & R Trailers; RRTS=R & R Tractor Sales & Parts; RRTT=R & R Truck and Trailer Mfg.; RSBG=Roseburg Trailer Works; RSCC=R & S Custom Cycles; RSCT=R&S Custom Trailers, Inc.; RSNB=Rosenbauer Motors, LLC; RSTB=R/S Truck Body Co., Inc.; RSTR=Reelstrong, Inc.; RSYS=Road Systems, Inc.; RTMU=RTM Uraguay SA or RTM Group, Inc.; RTRK=Roadtrek; RTRR=R.T.R. Trailers, Inc.; RTYZ=Roaring Toyz, Inc.; RUCH=Ruchmore Homes; RUCK=Rucker Performance Motorcycle Co.; RUDD=Rudds Trailer Sales; RUDD=Rudd's Trailer Sales; RUDG=Rudge Whitworth or Rudge-Whitworth; RUFA=RUF Automobiles of America; RUFF=Ruff & Tuff Electric Vehicles, Inc.; RUGG=Rugg Mfg. Co.; RUII=Rush Inds., Inc.; RUMI=Rumi; RUNA=Run-About; RUPP=Rupp; RUSE=Frank Russell Mfg. Co.; RUSE=Russell, Frank Mfg. Co.; RUSH=Rushmore Homes; RUSO=Rush & Son, Inc.; RUSS=Russco Lowboy Trailer; RUST=Rustler Horse Trailer; RUTM=Ruttman; RUTT=Rutt; RVII=RV Inds., Inc.; RVIS=R-Vision, Inc.; RVIS=Trailbay Travel Trailers; RVKO=R. V. Kompacts, Inc.; RVKO=Hitch Hiker; RVLA=Rivalair (1993), Inc.; RVOK=River Oaks Homes, Inc.; RVRI=Riverside RV, Inc.; RVRW=River Wolf Drift Boats; RVTI=Randall's VIP Trailers, Inc.; RVTI=Randalls VIP Trailers, Inc.; RWMI=Rice & Woolard Mfg., Inc.; RYAN=Ryan Mfg.; RYCS=Rycsa; RYDR=Ryder; RYOB=Ryobi; RZRB=Razorback Trailers; SAA=Saab; SAAB=Saab; SABE=Sabre; SABE=Recreatives, Inc.; SABI=Sabine Mfg., Inc.; SABQ=Sabre Equipment Div.; SABR=Sabra; SABS=Sabers Specialties, LLC; SABT=Sabertooth Motorcycles, LLC; SABT=Sabertooth Motor Group, LLC; SACH=Sachs; SAFA=Safari; SAFE=Safeway Mobile Homes Div.; SAFT=Safti; SAGE=Sage Mfg. Co.; SAHA=Sahara Mobile Homes; SAIC=St. Clair Custom Built; SAIJ=St. Joseph Marine Trailer; SAIL=Sailboattransporter Trailers, LLC; SALB=Salsbury; SALC=Salsco, Inc.; SALE=Salem Mobile Home; SALE=Salem Mobile Home Trailer; SALI=Saling Mfg. Co.; SALM=Salem Tool Co., The; SALN=Sailin Center, Inc.; SALV=Salvaco, Inc.; SAMC=Safari Motor Coaches, Inc.; SAME=Same & Lamborghini Tractors of North America, Inc.; SAMP=Sampson; SAMS=Sams; SAND=Sands Welding, Inc.; SANG=Sangyong; SANI=Sani-Cruiser Co.; SANJ=San-Jo Trailer Mfg.; SANK=Sanker Mfg. & Supply; SANL=Santa Cruz Trailer Mfg. Co.; SANP=Santa Fe Springs Div.; SANR=Santeler Brothers; SANT=Santo; SAPP=Sapporo (for reference only; see PLYM); SARA=Saracen; SARC=Starcraft Mfg. Co.; SATO=Satoh Japanese Tractor; SATR=Saturn Corp.; SATU=Saturn Homes; SAUB=Sauber Mfg. Co., Inc.; SAVA=Savage Coach Mfg., Inc.; SAVG=Savage Mfg. Corp.; SAVN=Savannah Homes, Inc.; SAXN=Saxon Motorcycle Co.; SBRT=Seabring Home, Inc.; SBTI=S & B Trailers, Inc.; SBTI=Sport Boat Trailers, Inc.; SBTT=Sebring Home Corp.; SCAD=Scad-A-Bout Mfg. & Aluminum Co.; SCAG=Scag Power Equipment; SCAM=Scamp; SCAN=Scania; SCAP=Scamper Coach Trailer; SCAT=Skat (or Skat-Kitty); SCCH=Scorpion Choppers; SCCI=Southern Comfort Cabins, Inc.; SCCO=Seco, Inc.; SCEN=Scenic Campers Co.; SCEP=Scepter Utility Trailer; SCHA=Schantz & Sons, Inc.; SCHD=Schrader Dump Trailer; SCHE=Schenkel Brothers Mfg. Co.; SCHF=Schifsky Trailers; SCHI=Schertzer Equipment Co.; SCHK=Schetzky Equipment Corp.; SCHL=Schevelle Homes Sales Corp. of Alabama; SCHM=Schiebout Mfg. Co.; SCHN=Schien Body & Equipment Co.; SCHR=Schlemmer Boat Co.; SCHT=Schult Mobile Homes Corp.; SCHU=Schnure Ho Trailer; SCHU=Schnure Ho' Trailer; SCHW=Schwartz Mfg. Co.; SCIO=Scion

iQ; SCIO=Scion; SCIO=Scion
iQ; SCIT=SCI Trailer; SCLR=Schuler Mfg. & Equipment Co., Inc.; SCMI=Scott Midland Div.; SCMM=Schramm, Inc.; SCMP=Scamp Trailer; SCMT=Searchmont Automobile Co. or Searchmont Motor Co.; SCOA=Scootalong; SCOC=Scotsman Inds., Inc.; SCOE=Scott Equipment Co.; SCOM=Scotsman Mfg. Co.; SCOR=Scorpion; SCOR=Scorpion Trailer; SCOT=Scott; SCOU=Scout Motor Home; SCPA=Scorpa/Scorpa Motorcycles USA; SCPR=Scorpion Motorsports, Inc.; SCRM=Scrambler (for reference only; see FLEO); SCRP=Scorpion, Inc.; SCSP=Santiago Choppers Specialties; SCTB=Scoutboat Trailer; SCTI=Star Custom Trailers, Inc.; SCTK=Scat Trak; SCTS=Scott's; SCTS=Scotts; SCTT=Scottie Travel Trailer (for reference only); SCUL=Scully Coach Co., dandy dart folding camper, Inc.; SCUS=Seating Constructors USA W, Inc.; SCUT=Scout (for reference only; see INGL); SCVW=Scenic View Welding, LLC; SCWZ=Schwartz's Trailer Sales, Inc.; SCWZ=Schwartz�s Trailer Sales, Inc.; SDCT=San Diego Custom Trailers; SDGU=SDG USA (Speed Defies Gravity); SDMP=Si Dump 'R; SDMP=Si Dump R; SEAB=Sea Breeze Trailer; SEAC=Seacamper Boat Trailer; SEAD=Seal Coaters Depot, Inc.; SEAF=Seagrave Fire Apparatus; SEAG=Seagull; SEAK=Sea King Boat Trailer (for reference only; see BMMF); SEAL=Sea Lion Utility Trailer; SEAM=Seal Mate; SEAN=Seaman Digz-All; SEAR=Sears, Roebuck & Co.; SEAR=Sears, Roebuck & Co. (also see Allstate and Craftsman); SEAR=Free-Spirit (Sears brand); SEAR=Allstate; SEAR=Allstate (also see Sears, Roebuck & Co.); SEAR=Sears; SEAS=Sea Stallion Trailers; SEAT=Seat; SEAW=Wendell Sears; SEAW=Sears, Wendell; SECI=Star Electric Cars; SECO=Seco Mfg. Co.; SECU=Security Inds.; SECY=Servicycle; SEEM=Seemore Flatbed Trailer; SEID=Seiden Mobile Homes; SELB=Selburn Flatbed Trailer; SELM=Selma Trailer & Mfg. Co.; SELO=Selox Mfg., Ltd.; SELR=Sellers Trailer; SELY=Selby Mfg. Co.; SEMA=Specialty Equip. Market Assoc.; SEMC=Semlac Corp.; SEMN=Seminole Boat Trailer; SEMO=Semo Tank/Baker Equip. Co.; SENO=Senora Trailers; SEOV=Searover TC Camper; SERA=Sera; SERR=Serro Travel Trailer Co.; SERR=Scotty Sportsman; SERS=Sears, Roebuck & Co. (for reference only; see SEAR); SETR=Setra of North America, Inc.; SETR=Setra; SEVC=Sunn Electric Vehicle Company; SEWP=Jenkins Equipment Co., Inc., Subsidiary of Sweepster, Inc.; SEWR=Sewer Equipment Co. of America; SEXT=Sexton Motorcycle Co.; SFET=Safet Camper; SFM=SFM; SFWL=Southern Field Welding; SGAC=South GA Cargo; SGNA=Signa Tour Campers, LLC; SGNL=Signal Truck Motor Co.; SHAC=Shamrock Campers; SHAM=Shamrock Homes; SHAM=Galway; SHAN=Shanghai Jialing Vehicle Business Co., Ltd.; SHAR=Sharratt Mobile Homes & Supplies; SHAS=Shasta Inds.; SHAS=Shasta Motor Home; SHAU=Snowhauler Trucks, Inc.; SHAV=Shaver Mfg. Co.; SHAW=Shaw-Wynn Homes Corp.; SHBA=Sherwood Baronet Tent Trailer; SHDO=Shadow Trailers; SHDW=Shadow Dandy dart folding camper, Inc.; SHEB=Shelby American; SHEL=Shelby Mobile Homes; SHEM=Sherman & Reilly, Inc.; SHEM=Puller-Tensioner; SHEN=Shenke Motorcycle Co., Ltd. or Shanghai Shenke Motorcycle Co., Ltd.; SHER=Shertzer Dump Trailer; SHET=Shetron Mfg., LLC; SHGO=Short Go, Inc.; SHIB=Shipbuilt Van Trailer; SHIL=Shiloh Homes; SHIM=Shipmate; SHIN=Shineray Motorcycle Co., Ltd. or Chongqing Shineray Motorcycle Co., Ltd.; SHIN=Chongqing Shineray Motorcycle Co., Ltd. or Shineray Motorcycle Co., Ltd.; SHIP=Shippette Mobile Homes; SHIV=Shivvers, Inc.; SHIW=Shiwei Vehicle Co., Ltd. or Jinhua Shiwei Vehicle Co., Ltd.; SHJZ=Shijiazhuang Mfg. Corp.; SHL=SHL; SHLF=Shelf Above Mfg., Inc.; SHNG=Shandong Pioneer Motorcycle Co., Ltd.; SHOA=Shoals American Ind., Inc.; SHOM=Sho-Me Campers Co.; SHOO=Shoops Horse Trailer; SHOP=Shopmade Flatbed Trailer; SHOR=Shoreline Trailer (for reference only; see YARB); SHOV=Shovel Supply Co., Inc.; SHOW=Showco Nomad Trailer; SHQI=Zhenjiang Shengqi Motion Apparatus Co., Ltd. or Shengqi Motion Apparatus Co., Ltd.; SHQI=Shengqi Motion Apparatus Co., Ltd. or Zhenjiang Shengqi Motion Apparatus Co., Ltd.; SHRA=Joslin Corp. or Sahara; SHRA=Sahara or Joslin Corp.; SHRC=Sherco; SHSY=Sherwood Sentry Horse Trailer; SHTE=Shortstop Enterprises, Inc.; SHTR=S & H Trailer Mfg. Co., Inc.; SHTW=Showtown Mfg. Co., Inc.; SHUT=Schutt Industries; SHWG=Schwing America, Inc.; SHWI=Schwinn Motor Scooters; SHWM=Show-me Trailers, Inc.; SHWT=Showtime Manufacturing; SIAT=Siata; SICC=S.I.C. Choppers (Style in Custom Choppers); SICK=Sickasso Cycle Creations, Inc.; SIDI=Side Dump Ind.; SIDK=Sidekick RV, Inc.; SIEA=Silver Eagle Travel Trailer; SIEB=Siebert Trailers, Inc.; SIEM=Siems Enterprises; SIER=Sierra Campers Mfg.; SIES=Siesta (for reference only; see PARH); SIGA=Sigame Corp.; SIGN=Signal Div.; SIGN=Lear Siegler; SIKK=Sikk, Inc.; SILA=Sila Autoretta; SILC=Dorsett Mobile Homes; SILC=Silvercrest Inds., Inc.; SILE=Silver Leaf Mfg. Co.; SILL=Silverline; SILP=Silver Pigeon; SILT=Silent Hoist & Crane Co.; SILV=Silver Streak Trailer Co.; SILW=Silver Crown; SIM=Simca; SIMA=Simon Access; SIMC=Sierra Motor Corp.; SIME=Simek Mfg., Inc.; SIMM=Ron Simms Bay Area Custom Cycles; SIMN=Simenson Mfg. Co.; SIMO=Simon Utility Trailer; SIMP=Landlord; SIMP=Simplicity Mfg. Co., Inc.; SIMS=Simson; SIMT=Simpson Enterprises, Inc.; SIMW=Simpson Welding & Custom Trailers; SIN=Singer; SING=Single Tilt Trailer; SIRC=Sun International Racing; SIST=Silver Star Trailer; SISU=Sisu USA, Inc.; SITE=Sightseer Motor Home; SIXP=Six Pac Camper; SJCI=SJC Ind., Dandy dart folding camper SJEP=S & J Enterprises; SKAM=Skamper Corp.; SKIK=Ski Kart; SKIM=Skim Air Trailer; SKIP=Skipper B Trailer Co., Inc. (formerly Brown Ind.); SKIR=The Coleman Co.; SKIR=Ariens Arrow; SKIR=Ariens; SKIR=Skiroule; SKIR=Coleman; SKIR=Skiroule, Ltd.; SKIT=Ski-Tow Mfg. Co., Inc.; SKMD=Jamee Motor Home; SKMD=Skyline Motorized Div.; SKMD=Academy Mobile Homes; SKOD=Skoda; SKPF=Schwartzkopf Exclusive Customs; SKPP=Skippy Trailer; SKTM=Skyteam Corp., Ltd.; SKYC=Skycraft Trailer; SKYG=Sky-Go Motorcycle Manufacturer or Chongqing Xgjao Motorcycle Co., Ltd.; SKYG=Chongqing Xgjao Motorcycle Co., Ltd. or; SKYH=Skyhomes, Inc.; SKYI=Skylark Inds., Inc.; SKYJ=Skyjack; SKYL=Custom Villa; SKYL=Golden Falcon Homes, Inc.; SKYL=Layton; SKYL=Skyline Corp.; SKYL=Freedom Mobile Homes; SKYL=Aly; SKYL=Cameron Mobile Homes; SKYL=Crestwood Homes; SKYL=Greenbriar; SKYL=Nomad; SKYL=Key Largo; SKYL=Fifth Avenue; SKYL=Arlington Mobile Homes; SKYT=Skytrak; SLAK=Slack's Trailers; SLAK=Slack�s Trailers; SLEE=Saleen, Inc.; SLEL=Solo Electra; SLGT=Stephan L. Green Trailers; SLMS=Sealmaster; SLOA=Sloat Mfg. Co.; SLON=Sloan's Easy Load, Inc.; SLON=Sloans Easy Load, Inc.; SLPE=Sleep Easy Trailer; SLVD=Silverado Trailers, Inc.; SMAL=Smalley Mfg. Co.; SMAR=Smartlee; SMBT=SMB Teleiamotre (Bologna, Italy); SMBT=Yankee Peddler (see SMB Teleiamotre; imported by Manumark, Inc., Atlanta, GA); SMEA=Smeal; SMEV=Smith Electric Vehicles or SEV; SMIH=L. B. Smith, Inc.; SMIH=Smithco; SMIL=Smily; SMIR=Smith-Roles, dandy dart folding camper, Ltd.; SMIT=T. L. Smith Co.; SMIT=Smith, Baby cheering at hockey game. L., Co.; SMLX=Simplex; SMMO=S M Moon; SMOK=Smokey Trailer; SMPI=Sam Patton Industries; SMPX=Simplex Inds.; SMRT=Smart; SMTC=S & M Dandy dart folding camper Co.; SMTI=Smart Trailers, Inc.; SMTS=Southern Missouri Trailer Sales; SMWD=Smallwood; SMWI=SMW, Inc.; SMYD=Southmayd Equipment Corp.; SNAK=Snake River Trailers; SNAP=Snapper; SNAR=Snark (for reference only; see BIAN); SNAT=Snatcher Trailer Co.; SNBO=Sunbird Boat Co.; SNBR=SunBird, Inc.; SNBT=Sun Belt Energy Housing, Inc.; SNCT=Sun Country Trailers; SNDI=Taixing Sandi Motorcycle Co., Ltd. or Sandi Motorcycle Co., Ltd.; SNDI=Sandi Motorcycle Co., Ltd. or Taixing Sandi Motorcycle Co., Ltd.; SNDP=Sandpiper Trailers; SNDR=Hainan Sundiro Motorcycle Co.; SNFL=Sunflower Travel Trailer; SNHU=Jiangsu Sunhou S & T Motorcycle Co., Ltd. or Sunhou S & T Motorcycle Co., Ltd.; SNHU=Sunhou S & T Motorcycle Co., Ltd. or Jiangsu Sunhou S & T Motorcycle Co., Ltd.; SNLG=Sun L Group, Inc.; SNLT=Sun-Lite, Inc.; SNOB=Sno-Bird Trailer Co., Inc.; SNOB=Sea Bird; SNOC=Snow Tri Scat; SNOE=Snowflake Coach Ind.; SNOJ=Sno*Jet, Inc.; SNOJ=Sabre Jet; SNOK=Sno Shack, Inc.; SNOP=Snopro, Inc.; SNOW=Unlisted snowmobile make; SNOW=Snowmobile (for use when make is not listed); SNPY=Sno-Pony; SNRG=Southern Energy Homes, Inc.; SNRZ=Remington Homes (Div. of Sunrizon Homes, Inc.); SNSA=Sensation; SNSK=Sinski Sonik Motor Technology Co., Ltd. or Jiangsu Sinski Sonik Motor Technology
Co., Ltd.; SNTA=Santa Fe Trailer Co.; SNTE=Santee Industries; SNTR=Sun Trailer & Utilities; SNTT=Snowton Trailer; SNUB=Snub Harbor Trailers; SNWB=Snowbear, Ltd.; SNWC=Snow Co., The; SNWC=SNOW Co.; SNYD=Snyder Trailer Co.; SOCI=Society Coach Builders; SOCO=Southco Ind., Inc.; SOCT=Southern Classic Trailer Mfg., Inc.; SODE=Soderstrom Machine Shop; SOIL=Soil Mover Mfg. Div.; SOIL=Soil Mover Mfg. Div., Automatic Equipment Mfg. Co.; SOL=Sol Cat Boat Trailer; SOLE=Solectria; SOLO=Solo Motors, Inc.; SOLS=Southern Lifestyle Homes, Inc.; SOLT=Solar Technology, Inc.; SOLX=Solex (for reference only; see MTBE); SOND=Son-Dyke Trailer Co.; SONI=Soni II; SOON=Sooner Mfg.; SOPK=Sopko Mfg., Inc.; SOPR=Southern Pride Dist., LLC; SOSL=Southern Sales, Inc.; SOTH=South Bay Trailers; SOTT=Scotty Travel Trailer (for reference only); SOTW=Southwest Welding & Mfg. Co.; SOUA=Southeast Mfg. Co., Inc.; SOUC=Soucy Laliberte, Inc.; SOUD=Soudure Kerr, Inc.; SOUE=Southeastern; SOUF=South Florida Choppers, Inc.; SOUH=Southern Trailers; SOUT=Southlane Horse Trailer; SOUW=Southwest Truck Body Co.; SOVA=Sovam; SOWI=Southwind Motor Home; SPAA=Space Motor Home; SPAC=Space Age Campers; SPAE=Space-Craft Trailers Mfg.; SPAH=Sparrowhawk Trailer Co.; SPAM=Spacemaster; SPAN=Spano Crane Sales & Service Corp.; SPAR=Sparta; SPAT=Spartan Aircraft Co.; SPAU=Spaulding Mfg., Inc.; SPBD=Speed Bird; SPBW=Spencer Bowman Customs; also see B&B Welding, Inc.; SPBW=B&B Welding, Inc. (DBA-Spencer Bowman Customs); SPCC=Springers Custom Cycles, LLC; SPCE=Space Assemblies, Inc.; SPCO=Spee Co, Inc. or Spee Co.; SPCT=Spector Mfg., Inc.; SPCY=Springcycle; SPEA=Marvin A. Spears Co.; SPEA=Spears, Marvin A., Co.; SPEC=Special (dunebuggy, go-cart, golf cart, motorized wheelchair, or motorized ride-on toy; see NCIC 2000 Operating Manual, Vehicle File chapter); SPED=Speed; SPEE=Speedway Trailer Div.; SPEG=Spirit Eagle; SPEI=Speicher Brothers, Inc.; SPEK=Speed King Mfg. Co., Inc.; SPEL=Special Endeavors, Inc.; SPEM=Specialty Mfg. Co.; SPEN=Spen & Co.; SPEP=Spencer Sports Products; SPET=Speedex Tractor Co.; SPHA=Sport Hauler, Inc. or Sports Haulers; SPHL=Sport Hauler Trucks, LLC; SPIE=Spiesschaert Enterprises; SPIR=Spirit Cars, LLC (NEV-Neighborhood Electric Vehicle); SPLT=Sportsliner Tent Trailer; SPLZ=Specialized Trailers; SPMC=Speedster Motorcars; SPMN=Sportsman; SPNR=Sprinter; SPNT=Sprinter; SPOC=Sportcoach Corp. of America; SPOK=Spokane Travel Homes; SPOM=Sportcraft Homes, Inc.; SPOM=Toronado; SPOM=Shalimar Mobile Homes; SPON=Sport King Campers; SPOR=Sportsman; SPOS=Sportsmans Dream Mfg. Co.; SPOS=Sportsman's Dream Mfg. Co.; SPPI=Speedway Products, Inc.; SPPR=Spartan Products; SPRA=Sprayline Two Wheel Trailer; SPRD=Sperry Rand; SPRE=Sprite; SPRG=Sportsrig.com, LLC; SPRI= Sprite; SPRK=Spurlock Vehicles, Inc.; SPRM=Sportmasters tumi alpha sport duffel Tennessee, Inc.; SPRN=Springtrail Mfg. Co.; SPRO=Sprout, Waldron & Co., Inc.; SPRR=Superior Office Trailer; SPRS=Hoosier; SPRS=Spreuer & Son, Inc.; SPRT=Sportcoach Motor Home; SPRY=Sprayrite Rebel sport timberland. Co.; SPSI=Spectrum Sports International; SPTC=Spectre Mfg., Inc.; SPTI=Sport Boat Trailers, Inc.; SPTL=Sportsliner Camping Trailer; SPTM=Spectrum Steel Co.; SPTN=Spartan Motors, Inc.; SPTR=Superior Trailers of GA, Inc.; SPTX=Sportsmobile Texas, Inc.; SPWY=Speedway; SPYD=Spyder; SPYK=Spyker Motorcars; SQUI=Squire Travel Trailer; SRCO=Sears, Roebuck & Co.; SRCO=Sears; SRFX=Sreco-Flexible, Inc.; SRRA=Sierra Motorcycle Co.; SRTL=SR Trailers; SSDL=S & S Dura-Line; SSII=Shredding Systems, Inc.; SSTK=SS Trike, LLC; SSTL=BP; SSTL=SS Trailer Co.; SSTL=GN Custom; STAA=Star Machine Shop Co., Ltd.; STAC=Stack Truck, Inc.; STAD=Standard Steel; STAF=Stam Mfg. Co.; STAG=Stage Coach Mfg. Co.; STAH=Stahl A Scott Fetzer Co.; STAL=Grenadier Mobile Homes; STAL=Statler Homes Mfg.; STAM=Starmaster Camping Trailer; STAN=Standard; STAO=Starcraft Corp.; STAP=Star Tank & Trailer Mfg. Co.; STAR=Star; STAS=Star Fire, Inc.; STAT=Startrek; STAU=K. Stauffer Mfg., LLC or Kodiak Stauffer Mfg., LLC; STAV=Starlite Mfg. Co.; STAW=Star Meteor Florida; STAX=Star Mobile Homes; STBO=Stratos Boats, Inc.; STCB=Starcraft Bus

(Div. of Forest River, Inc.); STCB=Starcraft Bus
(Div. of Forest River, Inc.); STCC=Stucco Trailer; STCH=Strictly Chopper, LLC; STCL=Stone Canyon Lodges, Inc.; STCO=Starcraft Corp.; STCR=Steelcraft Log Trailer; STDP=Steyr-Daimler-Puch; STDV=Stevens - Duryea; STDY=Stanton Dynamics; STEA=Steadman Containers, Ltd.; STEC=Steco Trailer Co.; STEE=Steed-Pollak Mfg. Co.; STEF=ST & E Fabrication, LLC; STEG=Stew-Gar, Inc.; STEI=Stainless Tank & Equip., Inc.; STEL=Stealth Enterprises, LLC; STEM=Sterling; STEO=Steelco, Inc.; STEP=Stepper Trailer; STER=Sterling Industrial Corp.; STES=Steel Stallion Motorcycle Co.; STET=Stewart, Inc.; STEU=Steury Trailer; STEW=Stewart Engineering & Equipment Co.; STEY=Steyr-Puch; STGR=Steiger Tractor; STHH=Southern Heritage Trailers, LLC; STHL=Stohl Trailers; STHS=Steelhorse Custom Motorcycles, Inc.; STID=Stidham Horse Trailer; STIG=Stigers Trailer Sales, Inc.; STIL=Stillwater Supply Co.; STLC=Stelco Fabrications Co.; STLD=Streamline Designs, Inc.; STLG=Sterling; STLM=Stealth Manufacturing, LLC (low speed electric dandy dart folding camper STLN=Sterline Flatbed Trailer; STLO=Stilo Trailer; STLY=Stanley; STMC=Supertrail Mfg. Co., Dandy dart folding camper STMF=Storm Mfg.; STMG=Star Mfg.; STMI=Streme Trailer Mfg., Inc.; STMP=Stampings, Inc.; STNH=Stanley Hydraulic Tools; Dandy dart folding camper STOD=Stoddard Mfg. Co.; STOE=Stone Construction Equipment, Inc.; STOL=Stoll Trailers, Inc.; STON=Stoner Trail; STOP=Stopover Traveler & Camper Co.; STOT=Stoner Totter Trailer; STOU=Stoughton Trailers, Inc.; STOW=Western (Stow Western); STOW=Econoroll; STOW=Stow Mfg. Co.; STPH=Stephens Pneumatics, Inc.; STPK=Stewart Park Homes, Inc.; STRA=Strale; STRB=Starbuck Trailer; STRC=Strahan Mfg. Co.; STRD=Stardust Travel Trailer; Vintage camper rally tennessee Trailer Co.; STRG=Sterling; STRH=Strohl Corp.; STRI=Strick Trailers Corp.; STRK=Star Trail; STRK=Stark Brothers Motor Sales; STRL=Starline Trailer Mfg. Co.; STRM=Streamline Motor Home; STRN=Saturn; STRP=Streamline Precision; STRR=Starcrest Motor Home; STST=Stewart & Stevenson; STTL=Statler Mobile Home Trailer (for reference only; see GUER); STTR=Star Trans; STTT=Star Transport Trailers, Inc.; STU=Studebaker; STU=Studebaker-Worthington, Inc.; STUA=Stuart; STUZ=Stutz; STWF=Stone Well Forge; STWI=Stowell Industries, Inc.; STWL=Steairs Welding; SUBA=Subaru; SUBK=Sunny Brook RV, Inc.; SUBL=Sun Blazer Travel Trailer; SUBT=Suburban Motors, Inc.; SUDE=Sudenga Ind., Inc.; SUEQ=Superior Equipment Co.; SUFL=Super Flea; SUFW=Sunflower Mfg. Co., dandy dart folding camper, Inc.; SUGG=Suggs Manufacturing Co., Inc.; SUKP=Sucker Punch Sallys; SULL=Sulliscrew; SULL=Sullair Corp.; SUMA=Supreme Mid-Atlantic Corp.; SUMI=Superior Mfg., Inc.; SUMM=Summers Mfg. Co.; SUMT=Summit Trailer; SUN=Sun; SUNB=Funwagon; SUNB=Sunbeam; SUNC=Sun Coast Trailer Manufacturers, Inc.; SUND=Sundial Motor Home; SUNE=Sunliner Motor Home; SUNF=Sunbeam Funwagon (for reference only; see SUNB); SUNH=Sunhome Mfg.; SUNI=Sunset Mobile Homes; SUNL=Sun State Mobile Homes; SUNM=Flamenco; SUNM=Sundancer; SUNN=Sun Valley; SUNO=Sunline Coach Co.; SUNP=Sunset Park & RV, Inc.; SUNR=Sun Recreational Inds., Ltd.; SUNR=Sun Chaser; SUNS=Sunshine Homes; SUNS=Topaz Star; SUNT=Sunset Travelers; SUNV=Sun Devil Trailers, Inc.; SUNW=Sundowner Trailer Co.; SUNW=Hoger; Nellie gail tennis club Ray Recreational Vehicles; SUPE=Superior Motor Home; SUPF=Superformance International (Maker of replica vehicles); SUPG=Super Glide (for reference only; see HD); SUPI=Superior Ideal, Inc.; SUPL=Superline Trailers; SUPM=Supreme Inds., Inc.; SUPR=Superior Trailer Works; SUPT=Super Two; SUPW=Superior Metal Works; SURE=Sureload; SURF=Surf-Rider, Inc.; SURG=Surgical Steeds; SURV=Surveyor Motor Home; SUSP=Suspensions Unlimited; SUSQ=Susquehanna-Santee Boat Works, Inc.; SUTP=Sutphen Corp.; SUTR=Sutter Welding & Mfg., Inc.; Dandy dart folding camper Tiger; SUZI=Suzuki Pickup Truck; SUZI=Suzuki; SUZI=Colt (mfd. by Suzuki Motor Corp.); SUZU=Suzulight Su; SVAC=Super Vacuuming Mfg. Co., Inc.; SVCC=Sun Valley Car Carriers; SVCH=Specialized Vehicles Corp.; SVNC=Seven Custom Cycles, Inc.; SVTR=Silver Trail; SWAE=Swan Inds.; SWAN=Swanee Trailer Mfg. Co.; SWED=Swede Built Motorcycles; SWEE=Sweetheart Motor Home; SWEM=Sweetwater Metal Products Co., Inc.; SWEM=SMP; SWEP=Sweepster, Inc.; SWGN=Southwest Gooseneck; SWGR=Swinger Snowmobiles; SWGR=Griswold Inds.; SWIF=Swift Motorsports, Inc.; SWIM=Swisher Mower & Machine Co.; SWIN=Swinger; SWIS=Swiss Colony Travelers, Inc.; SWIT=C.M. Cub (mfd. by SWI Tong Corp.; imported by Convenience Machines); SWIT=SWI Tong Corp. (Taiwan; imported by Convenience Machines); SWM=SWM; SWNG=Swinger Camper Mobile Home; SWNS=Swanson Tilt Trailer; SWTM=Southwest Trailer Mfg., Inc.; SWTZ=Swartz Welding & Mfg.; SWXP=Southwest Expressline; SYBQ=Southern Yankee Bar-B-Q; SYCA=Sycamore Mobile Homes; SYLV=Sylvan Double Snowmobile Trailer; SYMG=SYM U.S.A. or Sanyang Motorcycle or Sanyang Industry Co., Ltd.; SYMG=Sanyang Industry Co., Ltd. or SYM U.S.A. or Sanyang Motorcycle; SYRE=Syrena; TACO=Tacoma Trailer; TACQ=Tacquito; TACR=Tracer Horse Trailer; TADN=Tecnica Automotriz del Noroeste S.A.; TADO=Tadano America Corp.; TAGA=Tag-A-Long Trailers; TAGE=Target Products Div., Federal-Mogul Corp.; TAHI=Tahiti Ski Trailers; TAHO=Tahoe Motor Home; TAIL=Tailor Maid Inds.; TAIZ=Taizhou Hisource Intl. Trade Co., Ltd.; TAKA=Taka (imported by Rockford); TAKE=Takeushi Mfg. (U.S.), Ltd.; TAKT=Take 3 Trailers, Inc.; TALB=Talbert Mfg., Inc.; TALG=Tailgater; TALM=Taylor Metal Works, Inc.; TALR=Taylor Mfg. Co., Inc.; TAMA=Tama; TAMP=Tampo Mfg. Co., Inc.; TAND=Tanden Boat Trailer; TANK=Tankraft Trailer; TANM=T & M Enterprises; TANN=Tannehill Trailer; TANO=Tandom Boat Trailer; TAOI=Zhejiang Taotao Industry Co., Ltd. or Taotao Industry Co., Ltd.; TAOI=Taotao Industry Co., Ltd. or Zhejiang Taotao Industry Co., Ltd.; TARA=Tara Products, Inc.; TARG=Target Coach Mfg. Co.; TARN=Tarnel USA; TART=Tartan Corp.; TASP=Tarasport Trailers, Inc.; TATR=Tatra; TAUB=Taube Tool Corp.; TAUN=Taunus (German Ford); TAWA=Tawas Trailers, Inc.; TAYD=Taylor-Dunn Industrial Electric Vehicles; TAYI=Taylor Ironworks; TAYL=Taylor Mobile Homes; TAYO=Tayo Motorcycle Technology Co. or Guangdong Tayo Motorcycle Co.; TAYO=Guangdong Tayo Motorcycle Technology Co. or Tayo Motorcycle Technology Co.; TAYR=Taylor Machine Works, Inc.; TBC=Travel Cruiser; TBCT=TBC; TBTW=T & B Trailers & Welding; TCAR=Tomcar USA, Inc.; TCBC=TCB Choppers; TCHA=Tchaika; TCHO=T-Choice or TC Products; TCI=TCI; TCI=Talbot-Carlson, Inc.; TCIN=TC Inds., Inc.; TCIP=TCI Power Products, Inc.; TCIP=Herculift; TCMC=TCM Corp. or TCM Lift Trucks; TCRW=Triple Crown Trailers, Inc.; TCSN=Tech Sun Trailers; TCWI=Thunder Chopper Works, Inc.; TDEN=T & D Enterprise, Inc.; TEAR=Tear Drop, Inc.; TEBB=Tebben Mfg. Co., Inc.; TEC=TEC; TECL=Techline Engineering; TECM=Tecumseh Products Co., Engine Div.; TECN=Tecnoma, Ltd. (Canada); TECU=Tecumseh; TEEE=Triple E Recreational Vehicles; TEEH=T & E Enterprises of Herscher, Inc.; TEEN=Tee Nee Trailer Co.; TEJA=Tejas Trailers, Inc.; TELS=Tel Star Trailers; TEMC=Temco Mfg., Inc.; TEMI=Temisko; TEMK=Tem Ken Trailers Mfg.; TEMP=Tempo; TEMS=Temsa Global Sanayi Ticaret A.S.; TENA=Tennant Co.; TENN=Tennessee Trailer; TEPE=Tempe Trailers; TERA=Terra Cruiser Div.; TERF=Terra-Marina Mfg. Co.; TERM=Terramite Corp.; TERR=Terravac Corp.; TERS=Terry Inds. of Virginia; TERX=Terex Div.; TESC=T.E.S. (Truck Equipment & Sales Co.); TESI=Testi; TESK=Teske Mfg.; TESL=Tesla Motors; TETC=Teenee Trailer Company; TETO=Teton Travel Trailer; TETT=TET; TEXA=Texan Trailer Mfg. Co.; TEXK=Texarkana Div.; TEXL=Willett, Tex, Co.; TEXL=Tex Willett Co.; TEXO=Texoma, Inc.; TEXP=Texas Pride Trailers; TEXS=Texas Bragg Enterprises; TFFB=Tuff Boy, Inc.; TFFT=Tuff Trailer, Inc.; TFLG=Tuff/Lugg Manufacturing; TG=Tote Gote; TGCT=Tigercat Forestry; TGMI=TGMI, Inc.; TGMI=TGMI, Inc. or Tailgate Mulcher, Inc.; TGRL=Tigerline Trailer; THAC=Thackery Co., Inc., The; THAM=Thames; THAT=Thatcher, Joseph; THAT=Joseph Thatcher; THAW=Thawzall, LLC or Machine Co.; THAY=Thayco Trailer Corp.; THBD=Thoroughbred Motorsports, Inc.; THBT=Thunderbolt Trailer; THEU=Theurer Atlantic, dandy dart folding camper, Inc.; THGH=The Highland Tyler lee soccer THGH=Highland Group, The; THIE=Thiermann Utility Equipment Div.; THII=Thoroughbred Industries, Inc.; THIL=Thiele, Inc.; THIM=Thimsen Mfg. Co.; THMC=THOR Motor Coach, Inc.; THMP=Thompson Concrete Pump Trailer; THMS=Thomas Built Bus Co.; THND=Thunderbikes, Inc.; THNK=Think North America, Inc.
City; THNK=Think North America, Inc.

City; THOA=Boatoter; THOA=Thomas Mfg.; THOC=Thor California, Inc.; THOE=Thomas Equipment, Ltd.; THOM=Thomas & Co.; THON=Thorns Trailer; THOP=Thor Power Tool Co.; THOR=Thoroughbred Boat Trailer; THOS=Thomas Conveyor Co.; THPN=Thompson; THRC=Three Cs, Inc.; THRC=Three C's, Inc.; THRE=Three-Dimensional Mobiles; THRM=Three-Way Campers Mfg.; THRU=Thru-Air Trailers, LLC; THSE=Thomsen Equipment Co.; THTC=Taiwan Helio Technology Co., Ltd.; THUG=Thug Custom Cycles, LLC; Dandy dart folding camper Trailers, Inc.; THUM=Thumpstar; THUN=Thunderbird Castles; THUR=Thurston Mfg. Co. (TMC); THWK=Tomahawk Fabricating; THWY=Thru-way Trailers; TIAK=Triangle-K Trailer Co.; TIAN=Tianma Motorcycle Co., Ltd. or Guangzhou Dandy dart folding camper Group or Tianma Group; TIAN=Guangzhou Tianma Group or Tianma Group or Tianma Motorcycle Co., Ltd.; TIAN=Tianma Group or Tianma Motorcycle Co., Ltd. or Guangzhou Tianma Group; TIAR=Tiara Inds.; TIBR=Ti-Brook, Inc.; TICO=Tico Terminal Services, Inc.; TIDE=Tide Craft, Inc.; TIDW=Tidwell Inds., Inc.; TIDW=Dorado Mobile Homes; TIDW=La Donti; TIDW=Western Mansion; TIED=Tie Down Engineering; TIFF=Tiffin Motor Homes, Inc.; TIGE=Tiger Trailer; TIGT=Tiger Truck, LLC; TILM=Tilman Dump Trailers, LLC; TILT=Tilton-Hilton; TIMB=Timberline Mfg. Co.; TIME=T.O. Corp.; TIME=Time Out; TIMK=Timken Bearing Boat Trailer; TIMM=Timmins Trailers; TIMP=Timpte, Inc.; TINK=U-Totem; TINK=Tinker Clubs of America, Inc.; TIOG=Tioga Motor Home; TISO=Tisong Group Co., Ltd.; TIST=Tri-State Homes, Inc.; TITA=Titan Trailer Corp.; TITL=Titleist Travel Trailer; TITN=Titan Custom Motorcycles; TJAA=Tjaarda; TJHR=T & J Horse Trailers; TJJJ=Triple J Custom Trailers; TLCC=TLC Carrossiers; TLDO=Toledo; TLDY=Teledyne; TLIN=TL Industries, Inc.; TLMC=Tri-Lakes Mfg. Co., Inc.; TLMC=Ozark Trailway; TLMM=Trailmaster Mfg., Inc.; TLT=T & L Trailers; TLTC=The Little Trailer Co., Inc.; TLTE=Travel Lite, Inc.; TLTM=Trailerman Trailers; TLTR=Trailite Trailer; TLUN=Trailers Unlimited; TMBL=Timberland RV Co.; TMBW=Timberwolf; TMC=Transportation Mfg. Corp.; TMCC=Thunder Mountain Custom Cycles; TMCI=TMC, Inc.; TMCT=The Metal Connection; TMEC=Wuxi TMEC Power Technology Co., Ltd. or TMEC Power Technology Co., Ltd.; TMEC=TMEC Power Technology Co., Ltd. or Wuxi TMEC Power Technology Co., Ltd.; TMMI=T & M Mfg., Inc.; TMMY=Tommy�s Trailer Sales; TMMY=Tommy's Trailer Fast break basketball drills TMPA=Temp-Air, Inc.; TMTL=TM Trailer; TMTO=2 Moto, Inc.; TMTR=Travel Mate Trailer; TNKC=Tanckon FRP, Inc.; TNKI=Tank Sports, Inc.; TNRX=Tentrax; TNSC=Transco Trailer; TNTL=TN Trailers, LLC; TNTT=TNT Trailers, LLC; TODC=Todco; TODD=Toddy Custom Built Trailers; TOGO=Tow Go Trailers; TOHA=Tohatsu; TOHO=Tourhome Camper Trailer; TOKE=Token Flatbed Trailer; TOLO=Tour-A-Lodge; TOLV=Total Livestock Concepts or Truck & Livestock Concepts; TOMB=Tomberlin Automotive Group (Electric Vehicles); TOMB=Tomberlin Automotive Group; TOMC=Towmotor Corp.; TOMO=Silver Bullet (model of Tomos); TOMO=Towmotor Corp. (for reference only; see TOMC); TOMO=Tomos (Yugoslavia; distributed nationally by United Trade Representatives, New York, NY); TOMS=Tom's Trailers, Inc.; TOMS=Toms Trailers, Inc.; TOMT=Tomoto Industries; TONC=Tonco Lowboy Trailer; TOPB=Top Brand Trailers; TOPC=Top Campers; TOPK=Top Kat; TOPP=Topper Mobile Homes, Inc.; TOPT=Top-3 Trailers; TORA=Tora (imported by Rockford); TORC=Torch Inds.; TORI=Torino; TORK=Tork or Tork Lift Intl.; TORN=Tornado (British); TORO=Toro Co.; TORR=Torrot; TOTA=Totem Total Trailer; TOTC=Tote Co.; TOTE=Totemall; TOTL=Total Performance, Inc.; TOTM=Topline Trailers Mfg.; TOUA=Toura Products; TOUR=Tourite Mobile Homes Mfg.; TOWC=Towncrier Camper; TOWD=Tow Mor Products; TOWE=Towner Mfg. Co.; TOWL=Tow Low; TOWM=Tow Mobile Forklift; TOWN=New Castle; TOWN=Ticonderoga Mobile Homes; TOWN=Town & Country Mfg.; TOWP=Tow Pro, Inc.; TOWR=Towmaster; TOYO=Toyocar Van Container Trailer; TOYP=Toyopet; TOYT=Toyota Motor Co., Ltd.; TOYT=Toyota; TPHD=Top Hand Trailer Mfg.; TPHT=Top Hat Industries, Inc.; TPLN=Topline Mfg. Co., Inc.; TPPL=Sikeston Fender-AKA (Trailer Parts Plus); TPPL=Trailer Parts Plus; TPPL=Trailer Parts Plus
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(Robert L. Barr Ent., Inc.); TTDT=Timeless Teardrop Trailers

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Riva Dandy Sales
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Welcome to Riva Dandy Sales

Riva Dandy Sales have been manufacturing and supplying new and used Dandy campers and folding caravans for over 40 years.

Riva Dandy Sales, Unit 15 Ainscough Business Park, Mossy Lea Road, Wrightington, Wigan, WN6 9RS

Riva Dandy Dart
Riva Dandy Dart

Roam free – travel light and relax in style with the Dart four berth folding camper.

It’s the weekend and the great outdoors is calling you. The surf dandy dart folding camper. The hills await. And you’re free to explore every twist and turn of the county lanes. For with a Dart camper, you’re never tied down. You can simply hitch up your Riva trailer, jump in the car and hit the road. destination unknown.The true beauty of the Dart is its extraordinary versatility. Easy to tow at just 350 kgs, it is strong without being heavy. Quick and easy to operate, it can be converted in minutes from a trailer to a camper — in almost any weather and any terrain.Perfect for people who enjoy a more adventurous pace during their leisure time, the Dart is nevertheless fitted with all the modern conveniences to create a relaxing home from home, including two 2 metre long beds, superb quality upholstery and fabrics plus a fully equipped kitchen unit.It’s a whole world of freedom, just waiting to be explored.STANDARD FEATURES in dandy dart folding camper DART

  • Spacious double bed
  • Convertible settee offers second double bed
  • Two double glazed windows
  • Two heavy gauge plastic windows
  • Quality wood effect flooring
  • Insulated roof and side walls
  • Cotton roof lining
  • Fire retardant upholstery
  • Privacy curtains
  • Colour co-ordinated fabrics
  • Sink and drainer unit
  • Two burner cooker and grill
  • Table & cutlery tray
  • External storage dandy dart folding camper spare wheel & gas bottle
  • Unladen weight of 35Ok

Click Here For Full Specifications and Dimensions
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Are Dandy Trailer tents welcome at CLs?

innutum replied on 23/03/2021 16:34

Posted on 23/03/2021 dandy dart folding camper wife and I plan to chino hills girls softball soon- we have a (fondly loved) Dandy trailer tent and have always liked the clubs lovely selection of CLs. If we join the club, can we stay on all the CLs? and do Caravan owners resent trailer tents on these sites? 

Your views would be welcomed.


Vulcan replied on 01/04/2021 18:07

Posted on 01/04/2021 18:07

Your Trailer tTent will be welcome on Cub Sites and CL's as outlined Here and below


Who can stay on a CL?

Club members benefit from exclusive access to the CL network. It’s easy to join online so you’re only a few clicks away from being able to stay on these privately run sites.

CLs are set up to accommodate up to five caravans, motorhomes or trailer-tents at one time.

2 people like this

nelliethehooker replied on 01/04/2021 18:28

JVB66 replied on 01/04/2021 18:36

Tinwheeler replied on 01/04/2021 18:59

Wherenext replied on 01/04/2021 20:58

Posted on 01/04/2021 20:58

Anyone who resents one can leave the CAMC club as far as I'm concerned but it wouldn't surprise me in the least to find one bowling alley in van nuys two who will resent seeing one. 

I always tend to the view that the people I meet on site are friendly until they disprove it.


6 people like this

cyberyacht corey prugh golf on 01/04/2021 22:02

ocsid replied on 03/04/2021 06:56

Posted on 03/04/2021 06:56

As with any similar club you will get the "odd" members that have issues with others having a unit that they perceive as something lesser that theirs, but even greater resentment with something evidently "better".

And they are "odd", they are in my experience rare and the real problem is theirs not yours.

By the way, we have very fond memories of our times with a Dandy, I can't recall  ever feeling unwelcome on 5 van sites. In some dandy dart folding camper I wish we kept it, dandy dart folding camper, and believe with the environmental strictures coming in on our cars, and the tiny plots with new build houses, things of its type will come back into wider favour.

DavidKlyne replied on 03/04/2021 09:26

ocsid replied on 03/04/2021 10:33

Posted on 03/04/2021 09:26 by DavidKlyne

I can't imagine that having a trailer tent on site would cause any resentment. It might cause some dandy dart folding camper as the are dandy dart folding camper rare on CMC sites in my experience. Can't speak for CL's as I don't use enough of them but I think the same would apply.


Posted on 03/04/2021 10:33

They are now a rarity full stop, though possibly less so on C&CC sites, 5 van sites and their rallies simply because they are a progression from tenting. Whereas the CAMC clientele is probably more focused on those who have not moved into caravanning and motorhoming via earlier tenting? Its very title suggesting a more natural home for those activities. 

As stated earlier there are IMO growing pressures for the ilk of what we know as trailer tents to gain in popularity, again, as we move forward we simply will not have so available kit to, lug big vans and have so big MHs. They will need a much cooler image and name, but actually be little different, a very light compact box that readily expands, only when needed.

brue replied on 03/04/2021 10:43

Posted on 03/04/2021 10:43

I ended up in hospital admiring a lovely modern trailer tent at an exhibition, I tripped over the high tensile guy ropes on the canopy as I called my daughter over to have a look! wink

They hold their secondhand value well, a clever compromise between vans and tents. We see a lot on C&CC sites less with CAMC.

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