New zealand football coaching courses

new zealand football coaching courses

This is a FREE NZ Football endorsed Coaching Course run by Capital Football and are held throughout the year. A significant Coach training program is provided. UEFA-Pro Coach and Consultant. Prior Technical Director of both the New Zealand Football Federation and the Australian Football Federation. Rob has extensive. FREE COACHING COURSES | ⚽️ New Zealand Football in conjunction with its member federations value the hard work of community coaches all around New.

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Above told: New zealand football coaching courses

New zealand football coaching courses
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New zealand football coaching courses
new zealand football coaching courses

New zealand football coaching courses - above

Email recently received from NZF, Seems the Senior Level three  equivalent to the Uefa B:

From: Andy Hedge [mailto:[email protected]] 
Sent: Monday, 2 December 2013 10:35 a.m.
Subject: New Zealand Football Senior Coaching Courses 2014.


Thank you for your interest in attending our Senior Level 2 or 3 courses.

These courses have been under review this year and in 2014 we will be launching revamped Senior Level 2 and Senior Level 3 courses.

Dates, venues and costs are being finalised and when they are, they will be published on our website and also promoted through our Federation's websites as well as emailed directly to you.

Please find below some further information on the courses:


Level 2 Courses:

4 Day non-residential course. Optional Assessment.

Auckland: 15, 16 & 22, 23 Feb

Wellington: 27-30 March inclusive

Christchurch: 20-23 March inclusive

Pre-requisite of Senior Level 1.


Level 3 Course:

12 Day Residential course. Now equates to OFC 'B' License (UEFA 'B') and allows candidates who pass to access the OFC 'A' License (UEFA 'A').

Venue: TBC but likely to be Taupo.

Course: 1-9 March (9 days)

Assessments: 17-19 October (3 days) 

Pre-requisite of Senior Level 2.


All costs, dates and venues to be confirmed asap.

We look forward to seeing you on a course soon.



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Coaching is a great way to participate and give something back to the community. It is also a way to develop personally. Coaching provides opportunities to develop relationships with others in the community as well as helping develop your ability to organise and deliver instructions. 

The main requirements for new Junior coaches are enthusiasm and the ability to relate to children in a fun way. Knowledge and football experience help, however these also come from more time with your team.

Our Director of Football, Mark Tully, provides coaching instruction sessions at the start of the season and coaches can invite Mark to their own practices for guidance. 

Bay Olympic endeavours to provide support for the development of coaches as much as possible and we work closely with the Auckland Football Federation, promoting their Coaching pathway for development. Bay Olympic encourages coaches to develop themselves by attending their courses. 

As stated on the New Zealand Football website, the traditional Coach Education “goalposts” have shifted with the adoption of a new and exciting approach for developing coaches at all levels in the game.

The new approach will provide a smorgasbord of learning opportunities allowing coaches to identify and access personal development that corresponds with the players they are coaching and their specific developmental needs.

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New Zealand Football have confirmed the coaching courses available across the country in the first part of 2021. 

In conjunction with OFC, NZF will be running OFC/NZF C Licence (Youth/Senior) courses in Dunedin, Tauranga, Auckland and Whanganui. 

Two OFC/NZF B Licence (Youth/Senior) courses will be run for the first time, in Wellington and Auckland. 

NZF Junior Level 3 Coaching Award course will be run in New Plymouth, Tauranga, Wellington, Dunedin, Christchurch and Auckland. 

Due to the impacts of COVID-19, New Zealand Football will be giving extensions on both expiration dates, and assessment deadlines, that were meant to expire in 2020. Coaches now have until the end of 2021 to keep their qualifications active, and until the end of June 2021 to submit for any outstanding assessments.

View all details at Details for courses in the latter part of year will be released in 2021. 

Article added: Tuesday 15 December 2020


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Coaching Course & Resources.

Educational Courses

Western Springs are keen to provide opportunities for our members to grow their own knowledge and expertise in a range of areas. These may include:
Fit4Football – Injury prevention and recovery strategies
Injuries – Sideline management
Concussion – signs, symptoms, treatment
Football coaching – our own in-house sessions

Coaching Resources

These resources may be useful and will be added to:

NZF National Curriculum, download here
NZF Junior Framework, download here
NZF Youth Framework, download here

NZF Junior Resources, download here

McDonald’s Junior Football Games & Activities download here

McDonald’s Junior Football Game Cards download here

Retreating Line Video  watch here

Retreating Line Guide  download here

New Zealand Football Coach Education Pathway

The New Zealand Football Coach Education Pathway has courses available at all levels of the game including three age-related pathways – Junior, Youth and Senior. Each course provides coaches with age appropriate learning to enhance their players experience and development in the game. New Zealand Football’s approach is founded on the following principles:

Appropriate for New Zealand – reflective of New Zealand’s unique culture and football environment
Flexible – providing coaches with more choice and a higher degree of ownership in selecting and following their own development pathway
Lifelong learning – promoting continued personal development and self-responsibility for learning
Player Centred – based on the needs of the players and designed to meet the age-related development needs of players throughout the game
Applicable and practical – ‘on-the job learning’ experiences (creating and recognising learning experiences in the coaching environment)

NZF Community Coach Education Pathway

Coaches at the community level are the ‘backbone’ of the coaching family and crucial to increasing participation and laying the foundations in developing the basic skills and intrinsic motivation that players need to have a lifelong passion for football.

The Community Pathway provides the volunteer coach, who may have varying levels of football knowledge or experience, with learning to ensure that they engage the players in a highly stimulating way. Coaches can access courses without the need for assessment or accreditation in a range of methods to suit the needs of the players in the Community Pillar (Recreation and Participation).

The Community Coach Education courses in Auckland are provided by Auckland Football Federation (AFF).

NZF Advanced Coach Education Pathway

The Advanced Pathway provides coaches with a structure to become a professional, ‘expert’ coach. New Zealand Football recognise that the game needs expert coaches at all age groups in the talent pillars (Perform and Excel).

The philosophy of all of the coach education courses is to provide ‘authentic’ and realistic task-centred learning where candidates ‘learn through doing’ and by recognising and defining football problems. New Zealand Football’s approach is to get learners involved with football-related tasks and work to find solutions to these problems in a logical way. Getting coaches involved with realistic coaching situations will facilitate the ongoing application of the newly-acquired knowledge and skills. To allow coaches time to ‘apply and adapt new learning’ into their own environment, distance learning forms an integral part of coach education courses at all levels and provides candidates with an opportunity to practically adopt and apply theoretical aspects covered in courses and learn through self-reflective practice in their own unique environment.

Most importantly, these processes create coaches that are able to critically evaluate their own coaching, and take the required action to improve their coaching performance. This takes time and as such, New Zealand Football undertakes ‘post-course’ assessments for all advanced courses. This removes the traditional issues created by conducting ‘on- course’ assessments and enables coaches to focus on gaining a deeper understanding of the content and its application.

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Coaching Courses – Juniors

NZF Introduction to Junior Coaching

This first step for new coaches provides information on how to organise a safe and fun football session for players aged 4-12 years. It also provides over 30 easy to follow coaching activities that players will not only enjoy, but learn from too. It is a great starting point for beginner coaches looking for friendly advice on how and what to coach your junior players.
Content covered:

  • The role of a game leader / coach
  • Introduction to football games & activities
  • Meeting the needs of junior footballers
  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Cost: Free

To view the full calendar or to register for any Community Coach Education courses and events run by Auckland Football Federation, click here.

NZF Junior Level 1 Coaching Award

This course is perfect for people who are looking to improve their coaching and to develop their knowledge and understanding of how to encourage junior players aged 4-12 years to fall in love with the game while maximising skill acquisition at this important age. Looking at both the ‘How’ and ‘What’ of coaching junior footballers through an interactive and practical approach, as well as providing a comprehensive resource for coaches to take away and use with their players.

Content covered:

  • What is an effective coaching session?
  • The qualities of a football coach working with junior players
  • Meeting junior footballers needs

Duration: 4 hours

Cost: $80 (hosted and paid by the club)

To view the full calendar or to register for any Community Coach Education courses and events run by Auckland Football Federation, click here.

NZF Junior Level 2 Coaching Award

This coaching award is currently under review by NZ Football.
To view the full calendar or to register for any Community Coach Education courses and events run by Auckland Football Federation, click here.

NZF Junior Level 3 Coaching Award

This course is for coaches looking to provide a comprehensive programme for junior footballers aged 7-12 years, allowing them to flourish both as young players and as young people. Focusing on skill acquisition, it will provide coaches with the knowledge, tools and ability to create a development programme that ensures that all players are involved in appropriate activities and the appropriate times.

Content covered:

  • Skill acquisition
  • Analysis of players in the game
  • The coaching process
  • Planning a development programme

Duration: 50 hours (5 days)

Cost: $605

To view upcoming Advanced Coach Education courses offered by New Zealand Football, click here.

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Coaches are a vital part of all sports teams.  New Zealand Football have developed a pathway for Coaches who wish to be more involved in the game. 
Claudelands are committed to providing information and support to those members of our community who want to become coaches at any level and provide support along the way. 
We are committed to working with WaiBOP Football Federation in promoting and providing opportunities for our coaches to gain qualifications and support on going learning. Where possible we will endeavor to host coaching courses at our club rooms. 

Coaching courses

Coaching courses are facilitated by WaiBOP Football Federation and fall under the following categories:

Coaching resources

Player Welfare also forms a big part of coaching education, Fit for Football have developed a complete warm up programme designed to reduce injuries among players. It is designed to replace a traditional warm-up and has been scientifically validated and proven to reduce the risk of all injury by 30% and severe injuries by 50%.  For more information, visit Fit For Football.

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Becoming a Coach


We are very proud that OJFC have more attendees at coaching development courses than any other club in Wellington, the Hutt Valley, Wairarapa or Kapiti and we would love to keep this trend going.

Onslow Junior Football Club is run by volunteers. This includes the coaches.  In the majority of cases we rely on one or two parents/caregivers within a team to be the coach of that team.

You don’t need to know anything about football – for the Junior grades it’s all about having fun and being enthusiastic. The club provides a huge range of courses and resources to assist you in becoming a Coach.

If new to coaching Football you are best to attend an Introduction to Junior Coaching Course. This is a FREE NZ Football endorsed Coaching Course run by Capital Football and are held throughout the year.

A significant Coach training program is provided by the club who have an expectation that coaches of teams will attend to improve the quality of the coaching available to our players.

All coaches are required to be vetted by the police.

For coaches of Grades 10, 11 and 12 travel leagues, Capital Football require that they must have at least NZF Junior Level 2 (tactical) coach certificate.

For Grades 13 and 14/15 travel leagues, Capital Football require that the team’s coach must have at least NZF Youth Level 2 (tactical) coach certificate.

If you are already a Football Coach, you might like to increase your Football knowledge or qualifications, by attending NZ Football endorsed Coaching Courses run by Capital Football.

Football topic specific courses run in conjunction with Onslow Football Academy professional Coaches are also offered throughout the season.

All fees for OJFC Coaches attending these Capital Football and/or OJFC Coaching courses will be paid for by OJFC.

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