Pocket baseball scorebook

pocket baseball scorebook

Pocket Radar Ball Coach $ Diamond Kinetics PitchTracker Smart Baseball $ Glover's Scorebook Refill Sheets $ FREE SHIPPING! Playmaker Journals are pocket notebooks for recording basic baseball data, game highlights and the performance of a single player. Now with , you can keep the tradition with the look and feel of a paper-and-pencil scorecard with the convenience of a scorebook that fits in your pocket. pocket baseball scorebook

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2021 Orcutt National Little League Scorekeeping Tutorial

Shall afford: Pocket baseball scorebook




Playmaker Journals are pocket notebooks for recording basic baseball data, game highlights and the performance of a single player.

It's a player-focused scorebook. You record the results of batting and base running for each plate appearance and also what defensive actions the player took for each inning.


Playmaker Journals are pocket-sized so there is no excuse to head to the ball park without one.

Our page scorebooks can record 23 games. These journals are bound by stapled saddle stitching and they measure /2" wide by /2" tall. The covers have a soft-touch best chess books by rating yet are rugged enough for back-pocket abuse when sitting in the bleachers. They are actually made far better than is necessary. The covers are flexible yet stiff enough to provide a writing surface when holding it in your hand (like a reporter would) or when jotting notes on your lap while sitting in a lawn chair.

Playmaker Journals are easy to use and understand and make other baseball scorebooks look like they were made by indifferent accountants.


In an age of participation trophies, Playmaker Journal promotes personal accountability. Both good plays and bad plays are noted. With such a written record of performance, a player can learn from mistakes, find weak spots to be corrected, set goals for next season, and also savor the memories of plays that were well executed.

It doesn't matter if it is weightlifting or long-distance running or baseball--keeping a personal journal will make one a better and more thoughtful athlete.


Playmaker Journals are the ultimate keepsake to remember the Little League years. Videos are nice and photos are essential, but Playmaker Journals are a written record of all those days spent at the ball park.

KID: Remember that time I hit that walk-off and the team lifted me up when I came around third base? At the White River tournament?

PARENT: Yeah, that was awesome. But wasn't that at the Greenville tournament? Two years ago?

KID: No, that was l when I was And it was the White River tournament against the Mud Dogs.

PARENT: I thought it was against the Mud Cats. Hang on, let's look this up. Goes to grab a copy of the Playmaker Journal.


Playmaker Journal works from the Little League level, all the way to the Major League. If you are a fan of one particular player, you can track their performance for every game.


These scorebooks are useful for coaches or scouts wanting to keep an eye on an up-and-coming player, or perhaps the opposite: a player with potential but is struggling. A written record can help diagnose what skills need to be worked on.



All Playmaker Journal scorebooks are proudly created, designed and printed in Wisconsin. They have been tested at Little League games throughout the state, at Miller Park (Brewers, MLB), pocket baseball scorebook, Fox Cities Stadium (Timber Rattlers, Class A) and historic Witter Field (Rafters, Northwoods League).

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Baseball Scorebook pocketEngelska,

This Baseball score book is a great way to keep track of the pocket baseball scorebook and stats at games. Perfect for the scorekeeper. Each scorecard page includes sections to log & record:

  • Home & Visitor
  • Date, Start Time, pocket baseball scorebook, End Time
  • Scorer, pocket baseball scorebook, Weather, Time Of Game
  • Runs By Inning ()
  • Players Lineup And Position
  • Runs, Hits, At Bat, Runs Batted In, pocket baseball scorebook, Left On Base
  • Opposing Team's Pitchers Stats
  • Catchers Passed Ball
  • Umpires
  • Notes

Makes scorekeeping easy. Can be great gifts for your coach or any sport lovers. Also can be used for softball. Scoresheet journals can help with letting you know what skills your team needs to work on. This journal is designed for the baseball pocket baseball scorebook. Size is x11 inch, pages, soft matte finish cover, paperback.

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Little Black Book

We&#;re very pleased to introduce our newest contributor, Bethany Heck. As Ms. Heck notes here, she&#;s the proprietor of the Eephus League, a site that Andy Warhol has posthumously described as &#;the best thing available on your futuristic technology screens.&#; In what follows, she promotes shamelessly a thing the she herself invented. Prepare to exchange American currency for it!

Greeting, NotGraphs community! I have been blessed enough to be asked to join this wonderful writing staff; certainly not an offer I could refuse. I will commence my tenure with a bit of shameless self promotion.

My foray into the baseball ethos is centered around the Eephus League, a pocket baseball scorebook with a growing community centered around baseball minutiae. I built the site from the ground up with the goal of creating an oasis of random facts, photographs, scorekeeping insights, stories, verbiage and product patents related to baseball. I particularly enjoy making graphic illustrations and infographics related to baseball, and that&#;s the main reason I have ended up here. The other reason, of course, is to convince you to buy my baseball related stuff, most importantly my scorebook.

I love scorekeeping, pocket baseball scorebook. I don&#;t consider myself an expert by any means, but I am fascinated by the development of the art of keeping score and how intensely personalized it is. You can look at 10 different scorecards from the same game and though they will all have the same information, they will all tell it in a different way. It is a travesty that so many people have fallen out of the habit, or never got started in the first place. I want to change that, pocket baseball scorebook. I want to make scorekeeping fun, easy and a natural part of going to the ballpark. That&#;s where my scorebook comes in. Here are some photos to get you excited.

Now that you&#;re excited, here are the details. First off, there are stickers. Awesome, right? I am getting two sets of books made. The version pictured above is the smaller, &#;pocket&#; design. Now, to say anything other than two business cards glued together is going to fit in a pair of lady jean pockets is a blasphemous lie, so we will just use the male definition of pocket size and for ladies it is the &#;easily fit pocket baseball scorebook your massive purse&#; size. The book is catered toward new scorekeepers and people who are obsessed with record keeping. There&#;s spaces for noting where you sat, what the weather was like and who sang the national anthem.

The larger book (still purse-sized for the ladies) is a little more down to business. It&#;s larger, has room for more innings and stats, the grid is larger so you can make more notes while keeping score, and there are spaces for noting which umpires are officiating the game. Both are awesome for slightly different reasons, and both will allow you to keep score at a game without fighting with a spiral bound monstrosity with page after page of lifeless grids. Plus, they totally look like Moleskines, which adds like 9, points to your coolness rating. It almost offsets the fact pocket baseball scorebook you&#;re at a baseball game. Hipsters might start going to baseball games just so they can carry one of these around.

So, head over to the Eephus League, check out some more pictures, give me some feedback and send me an email saying you&#;ll buy one. is the year of the scorekeeper!

I&#;m looking forward to being a part of this community, thanks to Notgraphs for having me! If there&#;s anything you want to see in an infographic, just let me know.

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Hardcover Score Big west beach volleyball tournament and Score Card Set

A simple, pocket-size alternative to modern magazine scorecards. Pocket baseball scorebook is a great set for anyone who enjoys keeping score at the ballpark, or a great introductory gift for someone who would like to learn how. The boxed set includes one handmade hardcover book and one dozen scorecards. The book is covered in linen book cloth and the inside covers feature a simple tutorial on how to keep score. Scorecards are easily and securely inserted into the cover via elastic cord. The cover-weight scorecards accept pen or pencil equally well and will erase cleanly. When closed, pocket baseball scorebook book measures a bit more than 4 inches by 6 inches.

Refills are available.

*Looking to have your order shipped outside of the US? Do not despair. International shipping orders are welcome. Please inquire for a custom shipping quote to your region.

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A Scorebook and More in the Palm of Your Hand

Perfect for Coaches

Of course will generate scoresheets for the official record of your game, but there's so much more it will do! You could spend hours sifting through your scoresheets, compiling your players' stats, but withwhen the camo parachute is over, all your stats are compiled for you. And we're not just talking about your basic hits, runs, and RBIs. will pocket baseball scorebook give you advanced sabermetric stats like:

  • wOBA
  • FIP
  • RC
  • And more!
doesn't stop at stats, though. Let's talk about spray charts that can be filtered by the type of contact the hitter made and whether the ball went for an out or a hit. See your players' tendencies so you can coach them better, and see your opponents' tendencies so you can adjust. And it all fits in the palm of your hand, perfectly easy to use even if you're in the third-base coach's box!
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Pointstreak K-ForCE allows you to score baseball and softball games play-by-play on your handheld Pocket PC. Print scoresheets and game stats from your desktop PC with viewer program included. *Handheld computer is not included.

Score Play-by-Play
One tap women of golf tv allows you to score the most frequent plays with ease. Score a walk, and the runner on first is automatically advanced. Score a home run, and amsterdam football prediction runners advance to home and the batter is credited with the correct number of RBIs.

Multiple Teams
Track stats for a single team, multiple teams, or a whole league. There is no limit on the number of teams or players you can track.

Scoring Features
Our baseball scoring software is based on a paper scoresheet so you'll quickly learn pocket baseball scorebook to score on your Pocket PC including:
  • Hit Location
  • Pitch Count
  • Substitutions
  • Score strikes as Foul, Called, or Swinging
  • RBIs and Earned Runs
  • Designated Hitter
  • Fielder's Choice
  • Auto Advance of Base Runners
  • At Bat Comments
  • Game Comments

Please note Pointstreak K-ForCE is not compatible with Palm, Blackberry, or iPhone. Your device must be running Pocket baseball scorebook Mobile and use a stylus. Here's a link to more details on device minimum system requirements

Save & Print Games
Save games for future reference on your device. You can also print score sheets from your regular PC using the desktop viewer program included with K-ForCE. pocket baseball scorebook Combo
If you're looking for more robust reporting options, consider StatTrak Combo. The combo includes Pointstreak K-ForCE and StatTrak for Baseball & Softball. Import games you've scored on K-ForCE into StatTrak and you'll have many more reporting options plus a free stats website, pocket baseball scorebook. StatTrak for Baseball & Softball runs on fsu baseball 2010 regular desktop PC, pocket baseball scorebook.

"I just finished using your software for Fall Ball. After a couple games it became easy to use and allowed me to keep my eye on the game more than I did with a scorebook. I am happy with the software and the coaches love the stats and I look forward to using it this spring." - B, pocket baseball scorebook. Kelly, AZ

"I will be using the program for the first time at tonight's season opener in Toronto with Boston visiting. It is a great product thanks for the effort and sharing it. Play Ball!" - D. Mathers, ON Canada

5 Reasons to Buy Now
It's easier than scoring on paper!
Download immediately after you checkout
Receive the CD-ROM too
Free technical support
Money back guarantee

Add K-ForCE to your shopping cart now or download our free trial software and see for yourself just how easy to use our baseball scoring software is. Plus, you can always receive free technical support.

Still have questions?
You may find your answer in our list of Frequently Asked Questions.

You can also email your questions to sales@casinoextra.fr

More Features in Pointstreak K-ForCE
  • One Tap Scoring
    Many of the most often occurring plays are a single screen tap away. From the scoring field, tap the number '9' pocket baseball scorebook in right field and an out is scored 'F9' indicating a 'Fly ball to right field'. If the batter hits a home run, tap the line between 3rd and home and the other lines (home to 1st, 1st to 2nd & 2nd to 3rd) are filled in. Also, all runners on base are advanced to home and the hitter is scored with the appropriate number of RBIs.

  • Retained Team Information
    You will only ever need to type in a batter's name and number in once. After that, select the player from a popup list. Next game you score, select the team from a list, then enter the batting order from the players names and numbers retained from earlier games.

  • Auto Pocket baseball scorebook of Base Runners
    When the batter hits a grand slam, just score it as a home run and K-ForCE will take care of the rest. All the base runners are advanced; and four RBIs are credited to the batter.

  • Drag and Drop Base Runner Advance
    With a runner on first, the batter hits a single. Score the single, K-ForCE automatically advances the runner to second base. But if the runner stretches it to third, just drag the box (representing the runner at second base) over to third. You can even drag him back pocket baseball scorebook if the ump indicates that the play was over and sends him back.

  • Free Form Scoring
    K-ForCE does not force you into a specific scoring style. And it does not insist that everything be scored. If you miss the first inning, that's OK with K-ForCE. It will do the best it can to provide correct totals given the information it has; but feel free to score only two outs in an inning if you decided to go for some nachos.

  • Import to StatTrak for Baseball
    K-ForCE games can be easily imported into StatTrak for Baseball. Game info, Roster, Batting, Pitching, and Fielding statistics can be quickly loaded into StatTrak for additional analysis or Internet Publishing!

Want more details? Click here to view screen images of Pointstreak K-ForCE. Our baseball scoring software makes game time where is swimming pool in delhi easy. "Keep Your Eye on the Game Instead of Your Scorebook" - Whether you're the official score keeper, or scoring just for fun, use Pointstreak K-ForCE to score play by play with less effort than paper scoring.

"Thank you so much. I think the combo package of K-ForCE &
StatTrak for Baseball is outstanding. Makes for statistics as well coaching/planning a much easier job. Thanks again. - E. Miller, IN"

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