Ps3 super slim disc not spinning fix

ps3 super slim disc not spinning fix

But as the title says, my PS3 has stopped reading discs of any kind. to ID the correct laser I need for my (originally a gb) Slim. Today when I put one of my PS3 games in there, I hear the disc spin for about a second and then it stops. It then spins again for another second and stops. I tried replacing the laser assembly but that did not solve the issue. Disc never spins up. I took apart my roommates working PS3 and tried. ps3 super slim disc not spinning fix

Your: Ps3 super slim disc not spinning fix

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Ps3 super slim disc not spinning fix
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How to Fix the PS3 Disc Reading Problem

How to Fix the PS3 Disc Reading Problem

Is your PS3 not reading discs? Do not panic as it is quite a common problem. The following article will give you some solutions on how to fix the problem in question.

PS3 or PlayStation 3 is the successor of PS2, and it is one of the excellent game consoles, which is powered by Sony Computer Entertainment. It offers you some excellent video game console services like online gaming and various multilevel storage mediums. After undergoing numerous modification stages since its launch, it is currently available in three popular models, which are 12 GB Super Slim, GB Super Slim, and GB Super Slim. One of the most commonly faced problems by users is that their PS3 does not read discs.

A few solutions to this problem are given below.

Go to the Manufacturers

  • As mentioned earlier, you can fix a minor problem yourself.
  • If, however, your console is under warranty, then go directly to the manufacturers.
  • You will get your problem solved firsthand by a professional (for free).
  • Also, if the solution is simple enough, you might be able to understand it and do it yourself the next time, instead of wasting time going to Sony.
  • If your console is not under warranty, then this is the last solution you should resort to. The reason being, you will be charged a fortune for something that is very simple, and will be made to wait for a long time.

Look for Loose Connections

  • Check for loose cables. Switch off your machine, and unplug all the cables.
  • Plug all the cables back to their original places, restart the console, and reinsert the disc.

Check for Faulty Disc

  • If there are no loose connections, check the disc properly.
  • Often, even in our laptops and DVD players, the CD itself has a problem. If that is the case, take it out and check for scratches and dust.
  • If the scratches are minor, use commercial repair liquid and clean it.
  • For major scratches, replace it.
  • If there are no scratches, ps3 super slim disc not spinning fix, then there might be a problem with that particular disc itself. Try another game, and see if it works.
  • If it does, then your earlier game was either damaged or the CD was corrupt. It is also possible that the file format is not compatible with your appliance.
  • If that is not the case, then there is no fault with the CD, and you will have to check some other source of the problem.

Reset the PS3
If the above method fails, you may have to use the resetting mechanism. Try the following steps:

  • Turn off the device by holding the power button down.
  • After this, press your finger on the power button again, until you hear 2 beeps one ps3 super slim disc not spinning fix the other.
  • You will be instructed to plug in your controller via USB, and then press the button again.
  • You will see a Recovery menu.
  • Select the Restore Default Settings option. Go for the Rebuild Database option as well.
  • Your settings would be reset after this. Now, check if the disc is working.

Replace the Blu-ray Lens

  • If the reset method fails, your player lens may need replacement.
  • If you have been using your console for anything other than playing games (playing music or watching movies), your Blu-ray player lens has probably gone bad. For this, you will need to replace the lens.
  • You can take help from a friend, who is an expert, and also use a repair guide. If you are a technology freak, do it gucci sport watch review. But remember that the steps here are only an overview, and you need to read the repair guide carefully before making any move.
  • Buy an authentic replacement lens. Use the Phillips screwdriver as well as the flat blade screwdriver.
  • Pull out the power plug. Use the flat blade screwdriver to unscrew, and remove the panel.
  • Remove all the screws from the case. Also, remove the data cable ribbon.
  • Remove the metal frame of the Blu-ray drive.
  • Replace the lens very carefully.
  • Fix the drive back, and fix all the screws as well.
  • Close the console.

Visit the Repair Shop

  • If your device does not read discs even after employing the above procedures, the hard drive itself is faulty. Actually, you can detect this problem while following the reset method itself.
  • In this case, you will need to take it to the nearest repair shop.
  • Apart from this, other problems like system breakdown, freezing issues, or overheating should also be taken to the repair shop (if your warranty period has expired).

Every electronic equipment has some problem or the other, and the PS3 is no exception. If it is a serious problem, ps3 super slim disc not spinning fix, it would be better for you to get it repaired from a professional, as bce 6ft table tennis table of us are not experts with the internal working of such appliances. However, sometimes, the problem might be something minor, and we can straighten it out ourselves. If you have used the device for a considerably long period, you can take a new piece itself. So, check the problem well, and then take the appropriate course of action.

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Problems With a PS3 Disc That Is Not Spinning

A common hardware problem with Sony PlayStation 3 is for the console to accept a disc (DVD, Blu-ray or game disc) but not spin it or otherwise recognize it, leaving you unable to either watch video or play disc-based games. If this happens with more than one disc and you can verify that the discs will play fine on other devices, this indicates a problem with either the PS3 motor or the laser that reads the disc.


A PlayStation 3 that accepts discs but does not spin or read them may have a problem with either the motor or the laser. If the issue is with the motor, you may hear the motor attempt to engage the disc once it has been inserted or you may not hear anything at all. This may be caused by either a motor failure or by a foreign object blocking the motor. If the issue is with the laser, the disc may load but the laser does not detect a disc and then does not spin the motor. This may be caused by an excessively dirty laser lens or a laser that has otherwise burned out.


Sony offers a one-year, limited warranty on new PlayStation 3 consoles, and some electronics stores may also offer an extended warranty, available at time of purchase. If your PlayStation 3 is less than a year old, or your console is more than a year old but covered under the extended store warranty, contact the store where you purchased your console. You may be able to get a replacement console under warranty.

Professional Repair

Sony offers a repair service through its website for consoles that are still covered under warranty, as well as consoles that are no longer covered. At date of publication, the cost is $50 for shipping and the initial diagnostic; once the problem is diagnosed, ps3 super slim disc not spinning fix, there is an additional fee for parts and labor. Repair costs can vary greatly.


You may also choose to fix your PlayStation 3 console yourself, though this will void the manufacturer's warranty and should only be attempted if your console is no longer covered under warranty and you are comfortable working with specialized electronic hardware. There are various PlayStation 3 repair forums and YouTube videos available to help you troubleshoot and replace any parts that may be causing the non-spinning disc issue.


Before replacing your PlayStation 3 under warranty or attempting a repair, back up your saved data on your PlayStation 3 by either exporting your data to a USB drive or uploading your data to the PlayStation Network cloud server. If you do not save your backup data, you will lose all of your saved games and profile settings.


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How do you eject a disc from PS3 without power?

Traditionally, the disk is ejected from a PS3 by pressing the “Eject” button on the outside of the PS3 while the power is on. However, if this method doesn’t work, you can unplug the PS3 from a power source and eject the disc manually. Turn off the PS3 with the power button on the back, then unplug the AC power cord.

Will a ps3 work without a disk drive?

Without a disc drive you can only play games off of the hard drive. However, there is no reason to physically remove the drive, ps3 super slim disc not spinning fix, as you’ll just be ripping the PS3 open to remove a component that is just as good in there as it is removed.

Why is my ps3 disc not spinning?

This may be caused by either a motor failure or by a foreign object blocking the motor. If the issue is with the laser, the disc may load but the laser does not detect a disc and then does not spin the motor. This may be caused by an excessively dirty laser lens or a laser that has otherwise ps3 super slim disc not spinning fix out.

Who can fix a ps3?

Video Game specializes in PS3 Repair. We have been providing professional, affordable, and effective video game console repairs for over 19 years.

Does Sony still fix PS3?

In addition to that, PlayStation Portable repairs will be also ending soon. As revealed on the official Japanese PlayStation website, Sony will stop accepting repairs for PS3 CECH series (GB / GB models) after May 31, ps3 super slim disc not spinning fix, This is being done due to the shortage of parts inventory.

What can I do with my old PlayStation 3?

If you have a collection of old video game consoles sitting around and aren’t sure what to do with them, check out this It. Most people’s gut reaction would be to sell their old console. Donate It. Hack It. Gut 4hhh lacrosse tournament. Use It as a Media Center. Set Up a Game Room. Recycle It.

How much does it cost to get a PS3 repaired?

But how much does the PS3 repair cost if you send it to Sony? If you were to send your console to Sony, you would be charged around $, unless your PS3 is under warranty. That’s quite steep; especially considering the cost of a new slim is around $!

Does GameStop fix PS3?

No. And they won’t even take it in on trade if you have broken the warranty sticker, unless the employee is lazy and doesn’t care. Source: Former GameStop employee.

How much is a used Playstation 3 worth?

PS3 “Sell” Prices (What you can expect to sell for as of PS3 ConsoleOnline Buyback StoresOnline Marketplaces (eBay, after fees)PS3 Slim GB$20$PS3 Slim GB$23$PS3 Slim GB$26$PS3 Super Slim GB$25$ filas más

How do you know if your PS3 is broken?

Determine if your power light changes colors when turning on. If a PS3’s power light changes from green to yellow and then to flashing red, this is a sure sign of a bricked system. In this situation, the system will not turn on at all due to internal damage or software corruption.

Is Bestbuy a good place to work?

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What is the hourly rate for Geek Squad?

approximately $ an hour

Is geek squad a good job?

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How do I get my PS3 to play dvds?

How do I get my PS3 to play dvds?

Steps on how to play DVD on PS3 or PS4 directly:

  1. Step 1: Start your PS3 or PS4 gaming console and log-in if needed.
  2. Step 2: Insert the DVD disc that you want to watch in your PS3 or PS4 console.
  3. Step 3: The movie will generally start playing ps3 super slim disc not spinning fix after the disc is inserted.

How do I get the air out of my ps3?

Theres a hidden way to do this.

  1. Remove the powercord.
  2. Hold the eject button.
  3. Connect powercord back to socket without letting go of the eject button.
  4. Keep the eject button pressed until the ps3 makes a beeping noice. (
  5. The ps3 will start to blow air and sound like a jet engine.
  6. Enjoy seeing your ps3 puke out dust.

How do I fix my ps3 from overheating?

  1. Make sure the vents are clear of dust and debris. Use compressed air (this is sold at most general or electronic stores).
  2. Check the area where your ps3 is located. Remove dust from it as much as possible.
  3. Make sure the area your PS3 is located in has sufficient ventilation space.

How do you take the cover ps3 super slim disc not spinning fix a PlayStation 3?

Lift the top cover from its rear edge and rotate it toward the front of the PS3. Remove the top cover. There is a plastic hook located in a hole on the top back right hand side corner. Carefully push the plastic hook a bit front the rear of the machine with a spudger to release the rear right of the casing.

What is the blue screw ps3 super slim disc not spinning fix the bottom of my PS3?

The larger red rectangle is the blue screw securing the GB hard drive. As with the older units, Sony made this user replaceable so you are able to upgrade your hard drive without voiding the warranty.

Is it OK to stand ps3 vertical?

The ps3 is for standing up as well as standing horizontally so you can have standing vertically if you want. &#;The ps3 is for standing up as well as standing horizontally so you can have standing vertically if you want.

Can you put ps3 slim vertical?

Didn&#;t Sony make an official vertical stand for the ps3 slim? No it&#;s completely fine, ps3 super slim disc not spinning fix. There&#;s even an official stand you can buy to support it. If you put it vertical make sure the drive is not spinning when you eject the CD.

Can ps3 Super Slim stand vertical?

Due to horizontal space problems, both my super-slim PS3 and PS4 are vertical. Neither has a stand, they&#;re just fine as long as you don&#;t have anything that is going to bump into them with any moderate amount of force.

Should you put your PS4 sideways?

Gamers who prefer a quiet disc drive when playing games, placing your PS4 in the horizontal position will give you that, ps3 super slim disc not spinning fix. If you want your console to get as much air to the inside, putting it horizontally will give the PS4 cool air as both sides of the PS4 have an intake vent.

How do I know if my ps3 power supply is bad?

Power supply issues will cause the light on the front to just go out. I have seen outlets that cause issues for consoles if there is an electrical problem as well, but it isn&#;t common most places. Motherboard issues or over heating will cause yellow or red flashing lights and loud fan noises.

Can the ps3 super slim get yellow light of death?

The light is only yellow for a brief moment. The Yellow Light of Death (often abbreviated as YLoD) is a common problem which affects all models of the PlayStation 3, more so the original fats models and early slim models (chechxxA and chechxxB to be exact).

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PS3 Playstation 3 Super Slim Laser Repair

What causes the PS3 Super Slim laser fault?

The laser diode in all consoles, not just the PS3 Super Slim naturally deteriorates to the point that they no longer read discs. The strength and focus of the laser reduces over time. It is normaly the Blu-ray laser diode that fails first as it is normally the most used. You may find DVD and audio discs still work as these use a different (red) laser which is on the same assembly.

The Super Slim consoles are notorious for having faulty lasers due to ps3 super slim disc not spinning fix design of the top loading drive leaving them open to dust and fingers. 

Sometimes physical damage can happen to the PS3 Super Slim laser lens. If the console is moved or knocked while a disc is spinning inside, it can cause it to make contact with king bike rack laser lens and damage it, ps3 super slim disc not spinning fix. You may also notice a circular scratch on the disc when this happens. 

There has also been times where updates have caused issues with lasers too.

** We always recommend trying a few discs prior to booking this repair in to rule out a damaged disc. If you're having problems with one disc it may be that which is at fault **

How do we repair the PS3 Super Slim laser?

The first thing we do before any repair is test the console to confirm the fault. Muizenberg surf report webcam then proceed to open the PS3 Super Slim to gain access to the disc drive. 

We reassemble the PS3 Super Slim at the repair desk and give it an initial test. If all is okay the PS3 Super Slim is passed down to the main testing bench where all consoles are stress tested and all functions checked. 

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