Review callaway hex chrome golf balls

review callaway hex chrome golf balls

The Callaway HEX Chrome golf ball is highly durable and super soft, offering Tour performance for players with moderate swing speeds. I'm 64 and and probably have a driver head speed of 95 - 100. The Callaway Hex Chrome is the best combination of distance, trajectory and spin I have ever found. This ball has really good performance: very high spin, great distance, semi-soft feel on full shots, putts like butter, and relatively affordable compared to a.

Many: Review callaway hex chrome golf balls

Review callaway hex chrome golf balls
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Review callaway hex chrome golf balls
Review callaway hex chrome golf balls
review callaway hex chrome golf balls

Review callaway hex chrome golf balls - commit

Callaway HEX Chrome: Tour Model Hits the Sweet Spot

Callaway HEX Chrome 1
© Callaway Golf

Ball tested: Callaway HEX Chrome

Category: Tour

Specs: Construction – Three-piece; Cover – Urethane; Core – Polybutadiene; Dimples / Pattern – 332 in HEX (hexagonal) design and pattern

Compression: High

Price as tested (new): $35.99 per dozen

Ball notes: Callaway has jumped on the bifurcation bandwagon with its HEX Chrome and HEX Chrome+ golf ball models. Put another way, the company offers similar performance in two slightly different balls – one for golfers with pro-level swing speeds (105-plus mph), one for those with moderate swing speeds (85 – 104 mph).

Callaway HEX Chrome 2
© Callaway Golf

The HEX Chrome fits into the latter category. A Golf Digest Hot List gold medalist in 2013, it features a lower-compression core than its sibling to boost driving distance for those who need a little lift. Both balls are built to deliver soft feel, plenty of greenside spin and a penetrating ball flight via the hexangular dimple arrangement.

Callaway follows another trend by offering the HEX Chrome in high-visibility yellow.

Sound and feel: If you prefer a muted “thump” to a clattery “click,” you’ll love the HEX Chrome. It feels as soft as it sounds and ranks among the softest of all “tour” models, a group which includes the Titleist ProV1 and Wilson Staff FG Tour. This is especially noticeable on chips and longer pitch shots.

Off the tee: With the HEX Chrome, Callaway seems to have found a happy medium between high-spin tour balls, which can be difficult to control, and low-spin “premium” models, which are harder to work left and right. The Chrome rarely spun wildly off line, but obeyed fairly well when we commanded a fade or draw.

Oh yeah, it’s also nice and long. Out tester, whose average driver swing is around 103 mph, felt he got slightly better yardage than with balls made for pro-level speeds.

From the fairway / rough: Skilled golfers who suffer from excess backspin on the greens – we should all be so lucky, right? – may find their problem solved by the HEX Chrome. On full swings with wedges, it hopped once and stopped dead, with minimal if any backup. It also proved workable with the mid-irons and provided an effective mid-range trajectory.

Around the green: As soft as it is, we expected the HEX Chrome to deliver lots of greenside spin. Instead, chip shots tended to roll out a good bit after the first hop or two. Adjusting was easy enough, however. On bunker shots and pitches from tight lies, where you want as much spin as possible, the ball performed well.

Bottom line: Looks like Callaway has hit the sweet spot. The HEX Chrome provides the promised distance boost to sub-105 mph swingers while maintaining the feel, workability and control of a tour model. It’s also an excellent value at the retail price.

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Value/Recreational/Distance – Designed for mid- to high-handicap golfers with swing speeds below 90 mph; typically feature two-piece construction and firm covers; promote greater distance over high spin rates. Examples: Pinnacle Gold, Slazenger RAW Distance

Premium – Designed for low- to mid-handicap golfers with swing speeds of 90-99 mph; typically feature multi-layer construction and medium-soft covers; happy medium between Value/Recreational and Tour categories for distance and spin qualities. Examples: Titleist NXT Tour, Callaway HEX Diablo

Tour/Advanced/Performance – Designed for low-handicap and professional golfers with swing speeds in excess of 100 mph; typically feature multi-layer construction and soft covers; promote greater spin rates and enhanced feel over distance. Examples: Titleist ProV1, Bridgestone Tour B330

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Callaway Golf ball HEX Chrome+

Logo El Doctor GolfMay 19, 2013 – Since April there’s a new golf ball in the shops. The last spherical product of the multinational Callaway Golf belongs to the HEX Chrome family, its called the HEX Chrome+, and it comes with the claim of providing a Tour distance and Tour feel at a price that is… affordable.

As soon as he tried it, Pablo Larrazabal put it straight into play in the European Tour, which says a lot in its favour. A Tour performance ball which delivers high ball speeds to achieve maximum distance when the speed with your club head is mid to high, and especially with the driver.

It is a ball with a four-piece construction whose double mantle unlocks stroke distance by increasing speed and reducing the spin off the tee, while the soft TPU cover promotes the Tour-level control and feel demanded by Tour players.

Callaway Golf also says that the HEX Chrome+ is the fastest golf ball ever designed by the company, thanks to its large core of a single piece and the dual-mantle system designed in unison to create more ball speed with the longer clubs, without generating excessive spin.

We tested the new Callaway golf ball in the practice range and then we played several holes at Terramar CG (Sitges, Spain) with Toni Alcázar, professional of El Doctor Golf. The first thing he said as he picked one up was: “This ball feels good. It’s got an adherent cover. It feels sticky when you touch it with your hand.”

Long Approach: “Although the feel of the approach from 60m seems to be a little hard, but the truth is that it stops on the green spectacularly well. Really, it is surprising that it has such a good ‘brake’. I’m used to premium golf balls that usually have a somewhat softer feel than this, but at the end the performance as it falls onto the green is equal or better.”

Mid Approach: “In the approach from 25-30m, at the third bounce the ball stops dead. And that still surprises me. Compared to my usual ball, this new one seems to perform better.”

Short Approach: “And in the approach close to the green it’s fine, like any other Tour golf ball. It feels a little harder than the others but it works well. It is also quite resistant to abrasion.”

With the driver:“Although it feels a bit harder with the short game and responds like a soft ball, the feel with the driver is like a premium ball. It feels soft and pleasant. It takes off with a high trajectory, and it controls well, with very regular behaviour. I like it!”

With mid irons:“With my 6 and 7 irons I think the feeling is spectacular, very good, really pleasant, and it feels very controlled. The flight trajectory is even slightly high, but the truth is that the feeling of impact is magnificent. The touch is soft like any other high performance golf ball. And on the other hand, it has given me a lot of distance. I hit it with the 6 iron when I was 150m from the pin and when we walked to the green I saw that I’d made a carry of 170m, which is amazing.”

“I was again surprised, because just before I‘d hit the same shot, just as well, with my usual ball, and it was about 10 metres shorter. This confirms that this new ball gives me more distance, especially with the irons. When the ball tends to come out with a trajectory a little higher, the tendency is to have a lot of control but a loss of some metres, and with this one it really doesn’t happen like that. The ball went out long and strong, so that’s very good.”

      In conclusion, there are two aspects where the Callaway HEX Chrome+ has shown me a big difference:
      1. Even with the touch being a little hard, it is able to give you a feeling of a degree of control in distance, and in all the strokes the ball reacts well. From 35 metres it responds equal or better than a premium ball.
      2. And the high speed of the ball with the irons. In the drives we have noticed a little more ball speed, but the biggest difference we have seen is with the irons. Compared with Toni usual golf ball with the irons, he has gained about 8 or 9 metres, meanwhile the difference is less with the driver. We found the performance with the driver very good, but the really big difference is with the irons.

When we reviewed the Callaway HEX Black Tour 5-layer golf ball last year, we said that maybe it was not the longest, not the highest, nor the more piercing, and not the best in durability, but perhaps on the whole it was the best ball we had ever tried, in terms of global performance.

Now for the Callaway HEX Chrome+ we do believe that this one actually improves the ball performance. It’d be among the best in terms of height, in distance and in control of the golf ball. WE like this one than the other, because it has superior qualities to other balls. It is a perfect Tour performance golf ball for players of low to medium handicaps, who want to save a few euros in their golf ball dozens, because the price is more affordable.


  • Tester: Toni Alcázar (34). Pro of El Doctor Golf.
DESIGN[rating: level=”5″]
PIERCING[rating: level=”4″]
HEIGHT[rating: level=”5″]
DURABILITY[rating: level=”4.5″]
PERFORMANCE[rating: level=”5″]
FEELING[rating: level=”4″]
VALUE[rating: level=”5″]
FOR…Pros, Low and Medium Handicaps
AVERAGE[rating: level=”4.5″]

What is special about this ball is that it achieves a long distance with a soft and resistant cover, which generates the greenside control demanded by better players. Certainly for Callaway, the four-piece HEX Chrome+ marks the path of progress, offering amateurs the opportunity to experience a Tour-level performance, with more distance in the long game and good feel in the short game, at an attractive price.

Each type of golf ball has a type of player, and this one is more for the low than mid handicaps. It won’t be so advantageous for high handicaps – just because it is more affordable, it doesn’t mean that it will give them a lot of help.


Callaway HEX Chrome+ description

        • Fast Core: This extremely resilient core leads to more distance over a wide range of clubs and swing speeds.
        • Dual Mantle: The thin inner and outer mantles work together to produce more ball speed and reduce spin for maximum distance, especially off the tee.
        • DuraSpin Cover: The soft cover promotes Tour-level control on approach shots and shots around the green. This proprietary cover formulation uses a thermoplastic urethane (TPU) blend with excellent durability characteristics.
        • HEX Aerodynamics: Callaway’s refined pattern provides exceptional aerodynamic performance, reducing drag and promoting a stable, penetrating ball flight that holds its line in the wind.
        • RRP: € 45 (per dozen).

Toni Alcázar is a golf professional in El Doctor Golf.
Pictures: ©MyGolfWay.

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To enjoy the time you spend on the golf course, you need the right golf equipment. I’m not talking about expensive or premium accessories. You don’t always have to go that route to find something that works for you.

One of the most fulfilling activities you can find yourself in is searching for the right golf ball. With a bunch of options out there, you’re bound to spend sometime looking. But be assured that that time is not wasted, provided you choose the right ball.

There are popular brands around like Titleist, Callaway, Srixon, etc., that make quality golf balls. Depending on your budget and preferences, there are plenty of options out there.

Two of the very good options are the Callaway Hex Tour Soft and Chrome Soft. As is visible from their name, these balls are designed for those looking for soft golf balls at a reasonable price point.

Although they might seem similar, there are bound to be subtle differences. Let’s find out in this article how similar and how far they differ:

Table of Contents

Callaway Hex Tour Soft vs Chrome Soft

Callaway Hex Tour Soft Golf Ball

The Callaway Hex Tour Soft and the Chrome Soft have been around for a while. While the Chrome Soft is popular and is talked about often, the Hex Tour Soft isn’t.

It’s a lesser known golf ball from the same brand. Is it worth it? And can it be compared to the Chrome Soft? Let’s find out.


The Hex Tour Soft is one of those golf balls that fall in the cheap golf ball category. It’s not popular but houses some of the best features you’ll find on other Callaway golf balls.

By the name, it features the signature Callaway dimple aerodynamics, which helps it produce lower spin from the tee.

A 3-piece golf ball with a high energy core, the Hex Tour Soft is suitable for players struggling to stop their short irons on a green or those looking for enhanced distance and extra layer of performance.

This low compression golf ball is a good option for golfers with average swing speed.


If you want to have great control over your golf ball, you need to choose one with a nice feel. Some golfers even prefer golf balls with better feel over those with greater distance.

Fortunately, the Hex Tour Soft Golf Ball comes with a responsive Surlyn cover, which gives it an excellent feel. Although you won’t get tour level performance on the ball, the feel is comparable to some of the best you’ll find in the category of cheap golf ball.

The Chrome Soft, on the other hand, can give you tour level performance around the green, if you’re ready to pay the expensive price tag.


The Hex Tour Soft is one of the most durable in this price range. The core of the ball is made of Polybutadiene, a strong material that is not only resilient but also resistance to low temps. The result is a sturdy, long-lasting golf ball.


The core technology of the ball gives it a good resistance to wear and tear without compromising on flexibility. Callaway states that the Hex Tour Soft is designed for more distance and a boost in ball control.

The ball is targeted at those who’re looking for straighter and longer shots off the driver. With a soft feel, a promise of greater control and higher launch off the tee, this ball is worth a second look.

Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Ball

Choosing a golf ball is not an easy task since there are several aspects to consider, such as durability, quality, price, etc.

Besides, with so many options available today it’s more difficult to choose one that suits our needs.

Therefore, it is best to purchase a high-quality golf ball that is versatile for all types of players, and one of the most versatile golf balls available today is the Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Balls.


These golf balls are tough and just as durable as the best premium balls on the market. They can withstand the wear and tear of constant use and remain in top condition. In fact, they are more likely to be lost while playing than damaged.


Callaway has innovated in the design of the Chrome Soft Golf Balls with a dual SoftFast core, which is composed of two cores, a very soft and firmer outer core.

The softer inner core allows the ball to reach more speed and go farther, which is ideal for slower swinging players.

And the outer, the firmer core, offers exceptional control.

Besides, the ball is made up of four layers the first layer is a thin cover that covers the two layers of the cores, and an outer layer made of urethane, which makes the ball have a soft feel.


Thanks to their combination of soft and firm cores, these golf balls can reach the same distance as other high-quality balls. Besides, Callaway has also improved the aerodynamic design by reducing drag, which allows the ball to have a better flight and a straighter trajectory.


Callaway Chrome Soft Golf Balls are mid-spin balls.

However, the urethane outer cover allows for more control over the ball and generates low spin on harder shots and high spin around the green.

This makes them an ideal choice for both mid and high handicappers, as they can reach good distances with great accuracy.

Hex Tour Soft vs Chrome Soft: How they Compare

One of the major differences between the Chrome Soft and Hex Tour Soft is in the build. While the Chrome Soft has a 4-layer construction, the Hex Tour Soft is only 3-layer.

It’s clear that the Callaway Hex Tour isn’t a premium golf ball like the Chrome Soft. And it’s no secret that it is a low compression golf ball. The advantage of the lower compression is more distance and softer feel for you.

However, if you’re looking for more control, then the Chrome Soft is better. This isn’t to say that the Hex Tour Soft doesn’t have it’s own advantages over the Chrome Soft.

For example, the outer layer on the Chrome Soft is made of urethane, which makes it less sturdy than the Hex Tour Soft Surlyn cover. In essence, you’ll get more durability with the Hex Tour Soft along with lower price.

However, you can expect the Chrome Soft to provide you the spin you need to stop shots around the greens quickly, if that’s what you’re looking for.

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