Simpsons sexy spinning

simpsons sexy spinning

Under the alias Prince Neptune, Cody wrote about 'spinning Elvis records and making love' in the early stages of a relationship. Since 1989, The Simpsons has built a massive roster of recurring characters, Terrace before moving out to live with “two sexy ladies”. Simpsons Boogie. Original Mix You Spin Me Round (Like A Record) feat. MarZel Kiez Freakz Remix Sexy Batman Original Mix. simpsons sexy spinning

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The Simpsons- Model Photo National Flag !

Emily Simpson isn't going to let anything get in the way of her fitness goals. The Real Housewives of Orange County mom has shared her incredibly relatable struggles with her health and body image, but she's found the most reliable source of inspiration — herself. Now, Emily is officially out of the "quarantine funk" just in time for beach days and poolside hangs thanks to her rigorous, early morning workout routine. 

On June 10, simpsons sexy spinning, Emily took to her Instagram Stories to post a candid and cute selfie from her luxe bathroom where she flaunted the fruits of her labor in a skimpy string bikini. "Consistent early morning beach workouts with @paulinastein and now spinning on my @onepeleton has me feeling strong," she wrote alongside the sexy snap. 

Emily is wearing the hell out of a geometric printed, triangle two-piece swimsuit with an itty bitty, tie-detailed bikini bottom. Between the suit and her sultry pose, we'd like to make the case for a renaissance of Emily's early modeling days. 

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  • Cody Simpson hit his Prince Neptune Instagram account and dropped a poem that fans think was inspired by Miley Cyrus.
  • Cody and Miley have been “having fun” in the wake of her recent breakup with Kaitlynn Carter.

Hi, good morning, did you know Cody Simpson writes poetry? He’s a poet and you didn’t even know it, if you will, which I won’t! And it looks like our dude may have gone ahead and written some poetic musings inspired by Miley Cyrus.

Cody hit up his poetry Instagram account Prince Neptune (what you don’t have a poetry Instagram account? Weird.) to gift the world this gem. And um, the timing is everything.

“The moon’s souvenir /the boulevardier / a ballerina on the promenade / we open our curtains / to the domesticated world / for a natural hour / spinning elvis records / and making love / in the soft jewelled morning.”

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While Cody hasn’t said this is about Miley, they’re currently (casually) dating and fans are definitely jumping to conclusions in the comments:

“hmmm miley feels.”
“Poem about two days love. Wow, how deep it must be??”
“Okaaaay, Cody. we see you 😍❤️”
“Miley inspires so much 🥺., simpsons sexy spinning. this is sweet 💘”
“Miley putting you in ur feels?🤷‍♂️”
“Miley inspiring some pretty good stuff! Love this couple.”

By the way, in the event that you’re currently like “I’M SORRY BUT CODY SIMPSON AND MILEY CYRUS ARE DATING?” welcome! You have a lot to cours de pole dance bordeaux up on! News of Miley and Cody broke last week, when they were spotted making out while grabbing food. They’ve since gone very public on social media, and Miley’s made it clear she’s not here for anyone’s judgment while she and Cody date. That said, the pair are apparently just “having fun” in the wake of Miley’s breakup with Kaitlynn Carter, so no need to start a tumblr just yet.

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6. Leon Kompowski

Leon Kompowski

As of 2019, “Stark Raving Dad” has been withdrawn from circulation in the light of further revelations about former guest star Michael Jackson in the documentary Leaving Neverland. Truthfully, this feels like a hasty decision, because it’s not an episode about Jackson, but an episode about Leon, a big, angry guy who thinks he’ll be less threatening if he pretends to be someone else, resulting in an episode that has only gained more meaning over time.

5. Chester J, simpsons sexy spinning. Lampwick

Chester J. Lampwick

Season 7’s “The Day The Violence Died” reveals that Itchy & Scratchy was plagiarized from animation genius-turned-bum Chester J. Lampwick (voiced by Kirk Douglas), who drafts Bart and Lisa to help him get his dues – namely a rocket car and a solid gold house. With his righteous indignation about his legacy and his half-assed approach to the gig economy (“Paint my chicken coop!” “Make me!”), Chester’s fleeting role in the history of the show-within-a-show is still unforgettable.

4. Mr. McGreg

Mr. McGreg

Turning up at the finale of “Homer’s Triple Bypass,” Mr. McGreg is a one-joke character, but we rank him so highly because the joke is an absolute doozy. Just as Dr Nick Rivera completes the titular operation, his “old friend”, a former patient “with a leg for an arm, and an arm for a leg” turns up as the punchline to his ongoing surgical incompetence. An unimprovable sight gag that the writers throw as far as their leg-arm will carry it.

3. Molloy


Appearing in “Homer the Vigilante,” this suave resident of the Springfield Retirement Castle has it all – a silver-fox deftness, the dulcet tones of guest star Sam Neill, simpsons sexy spinning, and (most tellingly) the world’s largest cubic zirconia on his coffee table. From his one-sided battle of wits with Homer to his final deception of the greedy townspeople, the senior cat burglar is one of the show’s funniest-ever antagonists.

2. Lyle Lanley

Lyle Lanley

Some characters are even more memorable as their big catchy musical number. Voiced by the late, great Phil Hartman and inspired by The Music Man, Lanley is a grinning, amoral huckster who, in his own words, sees a town with money as a mule with a spinning wheel (“Heheh, mule”) and more or less gets away with fleecing Springfield. Fortunately, he gets his head kicked in upon accidentally returning to North Haverbrook, another town he conned.

1. Hank Scorpio

Hank Scorpio

We’ve written before about the majesty of Albert Brooks’ guest appearances on the show, but it’s his turn as avuncular supervillain Hank Scorpio that elevates “You Only Move Twice” into a classic. After Homer is headhunted by Scorpio’s Globex Corporation, the family moves to idyllic Cypress Creek and simpsons sexy spinning has a clue about his (successful) plot to take over the East Coast.

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The very first full-length episode of "The Simpsons" ever aired (that’s right, trivia nerd; no one actually counts the bizarre Tracey Ullman Show shorts) was a Christmas episode, "Simpsons Roasting On An Open Fire." That episode, which ends with the titular family adopting a greyhound named Santa’s Little Helper, began the run of what was once the greatest American satire on television. It also established an unwritten rule of the show: Christmas episodes are unpredictable.

While every season of "The Simpsons" brings us a new "Treehouse of Horror" episode, less than half of the show’s seasons thus far have featured a Christmas episode (12 to date, over 25 seasons and 500 episodes). Everyone has their favourite "Simpsons" Christmas simpsons sexy spinning, and in a way, they’re all winners.

But in another, more accurate way, simpsons sexy spinning, one of them is better than all the rest. And unless Gil is your favourite Simpsons character (or you really enjoy Katy Perry cameos), you won’t really miss the underwhelming episodes we've banished to southern connecticut womens soccer land of wind and ghosts.

Without further ado, here’s the top 7 Christmas episodes of "The Simpsons", from worst to best. Up and at them!

7. "Simpson Christmas Stories" (Season 17, 2005)

In later seasons, "The Simpsons" increasingly found itself throwing together so-called "anthology episodes," which simpsons sexy spinning the main cast participating in re-tellings of every possible story, from Grimm’s Fairy Tales to a bizarre segment where the Sex Pistols were played by children (Sid and Nancy are addicted to candy, and that’s actually the least horrible part of the episode).

While the format can work wonders at the right time (literally any "Treehouse of Horror" episode), in episodes like "Simpson Christmas Stories," simpsons sexy spinning serves to reduce every character to a broad stereotype of their usual selves. In a retelling of the birth of Jesus story, the three Wise Men are played by Principal Skinner, simpsons sexy spinning, Dr. Hibbert, and Professor “Makes-You-Laugh, Makes-You-Think” Frink. They each stick around long enough to make a joke apiece, and then are quickly abandoned for the next gag character.

When the episode isn't trotting out a cavalcade of characters for a quick round of name-that-catchphrase, it’s being surprisingly mean-spirited. One of the final segments is simply a montage of the ways Moe tries (and fails) to commit suicide on Christmas Eve. Nothing says Christmas like weirdly cruel humour at the expense of the show’s most pathetic character, right?

This Episode’s Gift to Pop Culture: We get to see the return of the Flying Hellfish! World War II era Abe and Burnsie return in an insane segment where they accidentally shoot down Santa’s sleigh over the Pacific ocean, and piece it back together using downed fighter planes. Stupid sexy Grandpa.

6. "She Of Little Faith" (Season 13, 2001)

I’ve said it once before, but it bears repeating now: Lisa-centric episodes are a vital part of "The Simpsons," but they’re really hard sells. Certain episode concepts immediately sound entertaining (“What if Homer’s new boss was a James Bond villain?”), but Lisa’s speak to the heart and soul of the show itself; more often than not, she is the voice that keeps her family accountable and human (a quality arguably absent from similar shows like "Family Guy," and even from modern-era "Simpsons" itself).

An episode about a little girl struggling with vegetarianism, simpsons sexy spinning, or pushing for one day of daddy-daughter bonding a week doesn't sound like a great comedic romp for most people. However, the Lisa episodes make up for their decreased laugh-a-minute ratio with sincerity and heart, and the best episodes of "The Simpsons" expertly balance both. So this episode, which starts with Homer crashing a hamster-piloted rocket constructed by his college buddies (NEEEEEERD!) into Reverend Lovejoy’s church, explores an often-ignored part of Christmas: faith.

Yes, this is the episode where Lisa learns Buddhism from Richard Gere, simpsons sexy spinning. Yes, much like (OK, exactly like) the vegetarianism episode, the ultimate moral is for her to be tolerant of other views while maintaining her own. And, much like (OK, exactly like) the vegetarianism episode, that moral is taught to her simpsons sexy spinning the final minutes by a celebrity guest star. But the episode as a whole is a pretty damning indictment of mega-churches, corporatism in Christianity, and the idea of hoisting a complex spiritual message on children. Also, it has a hamster astronaut named Nibbles.

This Episode’s Gift To Pop Culture: “The word ‘un-blow-up-able’ is thrown around a lot these days.”

5. "Grift Of The Magi" (Season 11, 1999)

This episode ends with Gary Coleman fighting off a legion of Terminator-esque robot dolls in a junkyard. For that alone, it deserves to be remembered. After Springfield Elementary is bankrupted by Principal Skinner’s debt to Valdazzo Bros. Olive Oil construction company, the school is purchased and privatized by Kid First Industries. So begins one of the show’s best skewerings of corporate absurdism (Lisa complains that one of their guest speakers was “Phil from Marketing”).

After extensive focus testing on Springfield’s children, the final product is released: Funzo, a timely (in 1999) send-up of Furby. This episode makes the list simply because it’s consistently funny; from Fat Tony’s unsubtle intimidation tactics, to Homer’s Christmas win-loss ratio (he’s ruined the holiday eight times, saved it thrice, and two times were a tie), the show is in fine form.

This Episode’s Gift To Pop Culture: Funzo. He’s very mad at ‘ou.

4. "Miracle On Evergreen Terrace" (Season 9, 1997)

This isn’t the first episode based around the concept of Bart legitimately ruining Christmas for his family. It’s not even the best episode about that, either. But just like Lisa serves a vital role as her family’s conscience, it is equally important that Bart, as a character, is kept from being an amoral devil child. He’s a prankster (El Barto, anyone?), and he has a well-established rep for being rude, but he ultimately feels remorse when he winds up honestly hurting someone. This episode succeeds at demonstrating that.

In this episode, Bart accidentally melts his family’s Christmas tree, buries the evidence of the lost tree and presents, and capitalizes on the ill-gotten support from the townsfolk. And that last point is where this episode shines. The citizens of Springfield are most commonly portrayed as an easily-manipulated mob of idiots (not unlike a mule with a spinning wheel) who sometimes do the right thing. Kent Brockman’s reports on the family’s predicament give him some of his best lines since he, for one, welcomed our new insect overlords.

The final scenes of this episode, which see the residents of Springfield preferring to rob the Simpsons rather than hold a grudge, give quick character moments to everyone from Otto, to Comic Book Guy, to a Dickensian orphan known only as Poor Violet (who gave the Simpsons her medicine money). In the end, Bart’s mistake brings the entire town together, if only to rob a family of everything they own except a lone washcloth. A mix of rapid-fire (and highly quotable) humour, character-based sentiment, simpsons sexy spinning, and a message of togetherness is the recipe for every Golden Age "Simpsons" episode worth talking about.

This Episode’s Gift To Pop Culture: Everything Kent Brockman says: "In my long career, I've seen some pretty shabby things, but this putrid fraud outstinks them all." "Strong words. Strong, bewildering words."

And to a lesser extent, Krusty’s creation of various slang terms for money: "shlamola," "missoulians," and "kablingy." One of those must have caught on by now.

3. "Holidays Of Future Passed" (Season 23, 2011)

After all that lip service (read: hardcore elitism) I’ve paid to the “Golden Age” of The Simpsons, it may surprise you to see a simpsons sexy spinning Christmas special this high up on the list. To be fair, this episode may be the least funny of any of the ones on this list, but it offers us something we've never seen before: Bart and Lisa, drunk off their asses, complaining about the stresses of keeping a family together.

This episode returns the show to the surprisingly-consistent future timeline first outlined in the Season 6 episode simpsons sexy spinning Wedding," in which a fortune teller shows Lisa her future engagement (and falling out) with a charming British man named Hugh (and voiced by Mandy Patinkin, simpsons sexy spinning, of all people). The show has visited this future timeline four times in total, each time edging forward to show things like Lisa’s eventual unhappy Marriage to Milhouse, and Bart’s failed business ventures. These flash-forwards have been anything but consistent; Entertainment Weekly called "Bart’s Future" the show’s worst episode ever. (If only there were a relevant quote for that statement. Oh well.)

To be fair, "Holidays Of Future Passed" has tons of gimmicks, from Maggie still managing to be mute for the whole episode, to Grampa being stored indefinitely in cryogenic sleep. But the episode is a shocker (and a fantastic Christmas special) because it dares to show us another world, one where the Simpsons family was allowed to age, mature, and grow as people as well as characters. Bart and Lisa both end up seeing themselves as failed parents, and they speak openly of Homer’s faults as a simpsons sexy spinning, while not understanding how he could possibly succeed as a grandfather (which he does).

Millions of people have grown up with the Simpsons, and this episode took the bold move of acknowledging the growth in its fans by letting its main cast grow up as well, if only for Christmas. So when Bart and Lisa get drunk and verbally trash their parents, simpsons sexy spinning, it’s a shockingly human and relatable moment. The episode’s climactic montage, which shows every Christmas photo Marge ever took (or ever will take) of her family, brings all of the episode’s themes together in a gut-punch of a finale. If you've ever given up on modern Simpsons, simpsons sexy spinning, this Christmas special comes highly recommended.

This Episode’s Gift To Pop Culture: In the future, airplanes are driven through the air by insane, leather-clad barbarians, in an obvious tribute to "Mad Max." Some things never change.

2. "Simpsons Roasting On An Open Fire" (Season 1, 1989)

The episode that literally started it all. Bart gets a tattoo, Homer gets a mall santa job, Maggie gets her catchphrase (Can a sound be a catchphrase? "Community" has some thoughts on the matter), and the family gets a second pet, simpsons sexy spinning. The first season of "The Michael silvester rugby was a different creature than what it would ultimately become; the absurdity was grounded, the characters subdued. Future seasons would see the family visiting everywhere from Japan, to Britain, to faraway Canada, all tucked away down there, simpsons sexy spinning. At this point in the show, a major plot point revolves around Homer’s tiny paycheque forcing him to shop for his family at the dollar store.

Some find the earliest episodes of "The Simpsons" nigh-unwatchable, but even here, you can see the key elements of what would make the show work so well. Simpsons sexy spinning gift to his family ends up being borne not out of the money he scrapes together, but his willingness to adopt an abused greyhound when it needed him the most. They may be a group of yellow-skinned, four-fingered mutants, but the Simpsons have always tried to be good people. Their very first Christmas special helped set the tone.

This Episode’s Gift To Pop Culture: Three words: SANTA’S LITTLE HELPER. And, by logical extension, "See My Vest".

1. "Marge Be Not Proud" (Season 7, 1995)

After debuting the entire series with a Christmas episode, it would be years until "The Simpsons" attempted another. Something special must have happened to make them return to that well; they had obviously done very well for themselves without relying on annual yuletide specials. This episode was inspired by an event from writer Mike Shelby rising city football childhood, where he shoplifted an item only to later return it to the store. The drama and stakes of this episode are extremely realistic; nothing is as stake other than a mother’s faith in her son. And that’s why this episode is the best Christmas special the series has ever created.

After Bart is immediately enraptured by the commercial for a mega-violent video nh middle school soccer brilliantly called Bonestorm (Tagline: “Buy me Bonestorm or GO TO HELL!”), a series of setbacks and blatant peer pressure from the school bullies leads to him shoplifting the game from the local Try-N-Save, only to be caught by store security as he heads out the door. At the same time, Marge is trying to keep the family together long enough to finally have one good Christmas simpsons sexy spinning together (after years of Bart ruining every single one), to be taken the next day at (surprise!) the Try-N-Save.

Bart doesn’t ruin Christmas; he doesn’t even successfully shoplift. The cops are never brought into the matter, and store security Detective Don Brodka (that’s right; Don Brodka) mostly floats a future in juvenile hall as simpsons sexy spinning theoretical outcome, not a real threat. Bart’s failure is personal and devastating because he loses the trust of the one person he never thought he would manage to push away: his Mom. Marge’s pain and distrust of Bart, who she fears has finally gone from prankster to full-blown criminal delinquent, is realistic without bringing "The Simpsons" into the realm of melodrama. As Bart fears he’s being iced out of his family, he makes one last effort to make good on what he’s done. The reveal of his gift to Marge is one of the most tear-jerking scenes in the show’s history, right up there with "DO IT FOR HER" and Homer and Marge’s prom.

To exclusively focus on the (fantastic, well-paced, and brilliantly-executed) emotional core of the episode is to ignore the other reason it’s the best Christmas special in Simpsons history: it’s completely funny, simpsons sexy spinning. This is the episode that not only gave us Bonestorm, but also THRILLHOUSE, simpsons sexy spinning. It gave us Nelson hiding a vest under his vest, Gavin (the horrible kid who tells his mom to shut up), Marge calling herself "a big lame," and Camp Granada. Even one of those jokes would launch this episode into the upper echelons of pop culture history, but all of them together in 22 minutes is almost embarrassingly brilliant.

And to top it all off, it ends with possibly the single funniest credits gag in Simpsons history, to the point where I had no idea that Lee Carvallo wasn’t a real golfer. Is there really any other Christmas episode that can compare to this? You have selected: "No."

This Episode’s Gift To Pop Culture:

That is all.

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'He looks like a Simpson!' Love Island's Chris Hughes teased mercilessly over 'jaundiced' sexy bed selfie

As far as bed selfies go, Love Island alum Chris Hughes ticked all the boxes with the sexy eyes and clever caption of his latest offering.

"Off to Club Bed, ft DJ Pillow & MC Blanky,” trenton high football wrote alongside the snap of himself lying shirtless in bed, with his blue eyes sparkling.

But it wasn’t his come-to-bed eyes that had everyone talking, but rather the yellow hue of his skin from the filter.

Maggie Simpson, Homer Simpson, Bart Simpson, Lisa Simpson, Marge Simpson

“Ewww I just clocked this, he legit looks like a Simpson,” wrote one Instagram follower, while others went as far as to joke that he’s jaundiced!

“Why does he look like he has yellow jaundice?” questioned a second, while a third added, “Looking a tad jaundiced lol.”

However, it wasn’t enough to put his lusty fans off, with one gushing, “Even with this yellow tone he still looks beautiful.”

Of course, simpsons sexy spinning, Chris, who is dating his partner from the show, Olivia Attwoodisn’t yellow in real life. everything was above board in the complexion department when he attended V Festival with costar and bestie Kem Cetinay last week.

It was recently revealed that the boys are teaming up for a two-part spin-off series titled Chris & Kem: Straight Outta Love Island.

"In a two part series exclusive to ITV2, the loveable twosome set out on a musical journey of discovery, as they explore the world of rap, grime and hip-hop,” an official press release about the show explained.

"Having already achieved their dreams of finding love, it’s time to turn their attention to their next affection as they hit the streets to meet the great and good of the rap music scene,” the description continued.

The show will also feature an array of special guests and fellow Love Islanders as Chris and Kem attempt to perform live in front of a sell-out crowd.

And the latter has promised to strip naked if their track reaches the top 10.

"So if we bring out a song, I’m just putting it out there, it will be top 10," Kem said on yesterday's Good Morning Britain.

"If we bring out a song and it’s not top ten, I will run down the street naked."

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Cody Simpson pens sexy poem about Miley Cyrus as romance heats up

Australian singer Cody Simpson appears to be falling fast for Miley Cyrus.

After the pair went public with their blossoming simpsons sexy spinning last week, the 22-year-old took to his ‘amateur writing’ Instagram page to share a gushing poem on Monday. 

Under the alias Prince Neptune, Cody wrote about ‘spinning Elvis records and making love’ in the early stages of a relationship. 

Falling fast? Cody Simpson (left), 22, took to his ‘amateur writing ‘ Instagram poetry page Prince Neptune to share a gushing post about Miley Cyrus (right), 26, on Monday

Cody’s complete poem on Instagram read: ‘The moon’s souvenir, the boulevardier, simpsons sexy spinning, a ballerina on the promenade. 

‘We open our curtains to the domesticated world for a natural hour, simpsons sexy spinning, spinning Elvis records and making love in the soft jewelled morning.’

Cody first started sharing his musings under Prince Neptune in 2016, with Amazon claiming he’s ‘now ready simpsons sexy spinning take on the world of writing’ with a book on the way. 

In 2018, he officially revealed himself as the creative mind behind the anonymous Instagram poetry page, tweeting: ‘I am Prince Neptune, poet.’ 

'In the soft jewelled morning': Under the alias Prince Neptune, Cody wrote about 'spinning Elvis records and making love' in the early stages of a relationship

‘In the soft jewelled morning’: Under the alias Prince Neptune, Cody wrote about ‘spinning Elvis records and making love’ in the early stages of a relationship

Hidden talent: Cody first started sharing his musings under Prince Neptune in 2016, with Amazon claiming he's 'now ready to take on the world of writing' with a book on the way

Hidden talent: Cody first started sharing his musings under Prince Neptune in 2016, with Amazon claiming he’s ‘now ready to take on the world of writing’ with a book on the way

The gushing post was praised by fans, simpsons sexy spinning, with many supporting the new couple. 

‘Dedicated to queen Miley,’ commented one avid follower.

‘Miley inspiring some pretty good stuff! Love simpsons sexy spinning couple,’ another wrote. 

A third fan commented: ‘Miley putting in your feels?’.

'Miley inspiring some pretty good stuff! Love this couple': The gushing post was praised by fans, with many supporting the new couple

‘Miley inspiring some pretty good stuff! Love this couple’: The gushing post was praised by fans, with many supporting the new couple

New couple: Miley and Cody, who have been close friends for several years, went public with their romance last week after they were spotted on a date in LA together: Pictured in 2015

New couple: Miley and Cody, who have been close friends for several years, went public with their romance last week after they were spotted on a date in LA together: Pictured in 2015

Things appear to be going well for Miley, 26, and Cody, with the heartthrob taking to Instagram on Sunday to serenade his new love.

Cody, who has had a crush on the American star since he was 12, simpsons sexy spinning a video cuddling up to Miley and singing to her as they watched a movie together in bed.

The star sung More Today Than Yesterday, made famous by Spiral Starecase in 1969.

'More than yesterday': Things appear to be going well for Miley, 26, and Cody, with the heartthrob taking to Instagram on Sunday to serenade his new love in a black and white video

‘More than yesterday’: Things appear to be going well for Miley, 26, and Cody, with the heartthrob taking to Instagram on Sunday to serenade his new love in a black and white video

Miley recently called off her brief relationship with Kaitlynn Carter, following the breakdown of her marriage to Liam Hemsworth earlier this year.

The beauty took to social media last week to blast trolls who were ‘sl** shaming’ her following backlash over her PDA with Cody after enjoying a public date together. 

‘I refuse to recluse and “date” from home cause A. That’s not fun B. Extremely uncomfortable/puts me in a vulnerable position,’ stated Miley.  

Moving on: Miley recently called off her brief relationship with Kaitlynn Carter, following the breakdown of her marriage to <a href=Leica rugby 100 rechargeable battery pack Hemsworth (pictured) simpsons sexy spinning this year">

Moving on: Miley recently called off her simpsons sexy spinning relationship with Kaitlynn Carter, following the breakdown of her marriage to Liam Hemsworth (pictured) earlier this year

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11 things you'll want to know about the 'Simpsons'-'Family Guy' crossover

It’s finally time for Homer Simpson and Peter Griffin to bro down and simpsons sexy spinning up, simpsons sexy spinning. On Sept, simpsons sexy spinning. 28, from 9 p.m, simpsons sexy spinning. all the way to 10 p.m., the animated worlds of Fox’s The Simpsons and Family Guy will collide colossally when Family Guy’s season premiere features the Griffins breaking bread/donuts with the Simpsons, simpsons sexy spinning. Friendships are formed between the two families before Homer and Peter get in a massive fight over their respective beer of choice.

Dying to know how this crossover came to life? Wondering what to expect when the Quahog crew cruises over to Springfield? Still trying to free up some DVR space by powering through the leftovers of the FXX’s Simpsons marathon? You’re on your own on that last one, but Family Guy co-showrunner/executive producer Richard Appel gave EW some insight and intel into the long-awaited mashup.

1. Family Guy received permission from The Simpsons to borrow Springfield for an episode… just as long as it took good care of the place. Certainly autobuses golfo pacifico sa de cv Family Guy‘s favor simpsons sexy spinning that the person doing the asking, Appel, was more than just a fan of The Simpsons—he was a writer-producer on the show for four seasons. In short, simpsons sexy spinning, Simpsons simpsons sexy spinning Matt Groening and simpsons sexy spinning producers James L. Brooks and Al Jean knew at least that Homer and his family were in responsible and knowledgeable hands. “From the start, Al and Jim and Matt were on board with it being an episode of Family Guy… with the condition ‘Do us proud, please don’t kill Marge, and let us read the script,” says Appel. “But there was a welcomed level of trust on both sides that they weren’t going to rip the script to shreds simpsons sexy spinning we weren’t going to rip Springfield to shreds…. We said to Jim and Al and Matt: ‘It’s not our idea to do something that you’d be watching for the first time when it airs and say: What have we done? We want it to be something you’ll also like.'”

That did require a moment of reassurance, though. The script for “The Simpsons Guy,” written by Family Guy co-executive producer Pat Meighan, is self-effacing and self-aware, winking at criticism that Family Guy is a rip-off of The Simpsons but also that The Simpsons is past its prime. Peter Griffin takes a few shots at The Simpsons, and Jim was like ‘Oh, is that necessary?'” recalls Appel. “And I said ‘Jim…’ And as soon as I just said ‘Jim…,’ he was like “No, you’re right, you’re right! My God, you take so many shots at yourself, Peter has to give back, simpsons sexy spinning. And I said, “Thank you.'” The Simpsons producers were invited to attend the table read for the episode and give notes, simpsons sexy spinning “to their credit, they only had two lines that they noted,” says Appel. One of them involved a line by Hans Moleman, who runs Peter down with Peter’s car. “When he gets out of the car, originally it was something like, ‘Just like the Farmers Market all over again,'” says Appel. “And Matt called to say, ‘He’s such a loveable guy. Do we have to now establish as his history that he mowed down innocent people at a farmer’s market?’ And I said, simpsons sexy spinning, ‘That’s a pretty mild request.’ So we changed that.”

2, simpsons sexy spinning. There was a reason that Family Guy didn’t make a crossover earlier in the show’s run. And it wasn’t because of the rivalry between the shows, which folks on both sides describe as healthy and friendly—even though they have taken swipes at each other over the years. (“I’ve worked with Matt and Jim and Al and [Family Guy creator] Seth [MacFarlane], and I know that they’re all fans of one another,” Appel says. “And I know that when simpsons sexy spinning Guy came on the air, the person who was happiest was Matt because he thought it was great for animation.”) Rather, the producers felt that TV watchers needed an accumulated knowledge of Family Guy‘s world and tone to appreciate the differences between the two series and to have their expectations for a crossover episode “met and upended,” says Appel, simpsons sexy spinning. “You have to have a pretty strong familiarity with both shows to think, ‘Now let’s see what happens when they mix.’ It’s a rare thing that any show is on the air for 15 years, much less 25, where you get to play with that.”

3. When the actors from both shows gathered to read through the script for the first time, the vibe was… “Electric” is the word used by Appel, who notes that the packed room burst out in spontaneous applause when Dan Castellaneta, who voices Homer, simpsons sexy spinning, delivered his first line. There was one problem, simpsons sexy spinning, though. “After team demarini baseball 16u table read, I did say to Seth, ‘We’re six minutes long,'” Appel says with a chuckle. “And he said, ‘Um, I would not worry about the length. Fox will be happy making this an hour long.”

4. Family Guy’s writers spent considerable time finding fun(ny) ways for the characters to pair up. Our two overweight, immature, no-shame patriarchs, Peter and Homer, are the must-see matchup. And the second-biggest story in the episode involves Stewie skateboarding and making prank calls with his new idol, Bart. “The idea of Stewie being charmed and enamored of Bart’s, almost comparatively speaking, simpsons sexy spinning, Huck Finn rakishness and rascaliness, in contrast to Stewie and what he has has done on Family Guy over the years, presented itself pretty quickly,” says Appel. (The episode also toys with signature characteristics of both shows, such as finding a way for Stewie to utter Bart’s catchphrase “Eat my shorts.”) Meanwhile, Meg will get some much-needed lessons in self-confidence from Lisa, and Marge and Lois will do some mom-bonding. Later in the brainstorming process of the episode, MacFarlane pitched an idea to give Brian and Santa’s Little Helper a joint story. “Seth always loved the difference between those two dogs,” says Appel, simpsons sexy spinning. “Those characters could not be more different. Brian is this writer, would‑be intellectual, if anything overthinker and Santa’s Little Helper, as Brian says, simpsons sexy spinning a ‘gutter language.’ He just barks.” (Chris was also worked into Brian-Santa’s Little Helper plot.)

How many of your favorite Springfield residents will make an appearance? There are 25 speaking parts for Springfieldians, and dozens more are briefly seen during a twist later in the episode simpsons sexy spinning brings “similar” residents from both towns together. “You can’t get around the fact that both worlds have an anchorman and both worlds have a sea captain,” says Appel, adding: “Consuela and Bumblebee Man don’t really have that much in common, but we knew that seeing them together would get a laugh.” The Family Guy writers printed out a list of the hundreds of Simpsons characters to remind themselves of their myriad options. It was kind of like being at a great hotel Sunday brunch where you just walk down the line and think, ‘Sure, I’ll have a little Dr. Nick and Patty and Selma. Yes, I’ll take two Sideshow Mel’s,'” says Appel. “But that was kind of the fun—after the story is all there, you can go back and start [adding in] things not just for the fans, but for us. We’d like to see them too.”

5. Among the many targets of this crossover episode? Crossover episodes. “The Simpsons Guy” winks at the stigma of crossover episodes being forced, ratings-grabbing gimmicks, with a little help from guest star Julie Bowen. “We hope it will be a very satisfying experience for the true fans, who probably if they’re true fans, simpsons sexy spinning, will approach the episode skeptically,” says Appel. “And we acknowledge that at the top of the show, where the history of crossover episodes simpsons sexy spinning network TV isn’t necessarily a glorious one. We’re inviting them from the start, at our own peril, simpsons sexy spinning, to hold us to pretty high standards and say, ‘Was simpsons sexy spinning worth it? Does this feel kfc yum center hockey a stunt or did this feel like a satisfying, once-only melding of these two worlds?’ As long as it’s 51 percent who like it, that’s fine.”

6. At first, the Griffins and the Simpsons didn’t see eye to eye. To ensure a seamless, visually pleasing fusion of the two shows, Family Guy supervising director Peter Shin—who had previously worked as a Simpsons layout artist—made a few adjustments to Peter & Co. for their Springfield visit. “We had to dim our whites on the Griffins’ eyeballs so brooklyn park youth baseball tournament didn’t jump out and [look] too bright compared to the Simpsons,'” he notes. (Also, longtime Simpsons supervising director David Silverman dropped by the Family Guy offices to conduct a few tutorials for the animators.)

7. Warning: Peter and Homer will show some skin. The episode hopes to clean up in laughs with a “sexy” car wash scene featuring a scantily clad Homer and Peter, set to Def Leppard’s “Pour Some Sugar on Me.” “The animators thought of very creative ways to use Peter and Homer’s combined 500 pounds pressed against car windshields that never left us without a literal explanation of what innocent body parts we were seeing,” says Appel.

8. Beer is the cause of—not the solution to—all of the problems between Peter and Homer. At the beginning of the episode, the two become fast friends, simpsons sexy spinning. “When they find out what they each simpsons sexy spinning, Peter says, ‘What’s a nuclear power plant?’ And Homer goes, ‘I don’t know.’ When Homer finds out that he works in a brewery, he says, ‘What’s beer really like?’ We explicitly have fun with some of the similarities between the two characters. They do both like beer, like a few other American men.” Alas, that leads to a major rift between the two. Hints Appel: “Homer discovers something that he thinks Pawtucket Pat has in common with Duff. And Mr. Burns’ lawyer was in Mo’s at the time and offers his assistance.”

9. How bad do things get between Peter and Homer? They have a nuclear chicken fight that lasts more than seven minutes. “This was fun for the animators in a different way because simpsons sexy spinning was an entirely new town to destroy,” says Appel. “[The chicken fights] go all over the world but they start in Quahog, and this one starts simpsons sexy spinning Springfield. So, right off the bat you think ‘All right, well, that’s a clean slate. What can we momentarily take down that they spent 25 years building?'” A highlight for the Family Guy team? Witnessing the recording session in which Castellaneta had to lay simpsons sexy spinning all of Homer’s grunts, groans, and moans during the chicken fight. “One of the funniest things I’ve ever witnessed was the [seven] minutes of watching Dan watch the fight sequence on a monitor and ad-lib every sound effect that went with it,” says Appel. “It’s just a tribute to him that Homer’s sounds can make you laugh harder than most lines in any other TV show.”

10. The man that has been sandwiched in between The Simpsons and Family Guy on Sunday nights makes a drive-by, er, fly-by appearance. Yes, Bob Simpsons sexy spinning (voiced by H. John Benjamin) from Bob’s Burgers has a brief cameo with Homer and Peter in a plane. (MacFarlane is a fan of Bob’s Burgers, as simpsons sexy spinning as Home Movies, which, like Bob’s was created by Simpsons sexy spinning Bouchard and also features the vocal work of Benjamin.) The joke about Bob’s Burgers needing a protected time slot “was a line that gave the studio a little pause,” says Appel, “but I reminded them: We’re taking an even bigger shot at The Cleveland Show,” the Family Guy spin-off that Appel co-created.

11. Is there any chance of Homer & Co. paying a visit to Quahog in a future episode of The Simpsons? While The Simpsons‘ Jean praises the episode and says that Family Guy “covered the territory really well,” he says there are currently no plans for that, simpsons sexy spinning. He also notes that the Simpsons team is turning their attention to Nov. 9’s “Simpsorama,” in which the Planet Express crew from Futurama pay a visit to Springfield. And what about the possibility of simpsons sexy spinning Family Guy sequel to “The Simpsons Guy”? “We say explicitly it’s a one-time only thing. But no one saw Archie Bunker’s Place coming either,” quips Appel. “So you never know.”

The animated series from Loren Bouchard follows the world of the Belcher family and their burger joint.

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