Subhas nair basketball

subhas nair basketball

Subhas Nair, Class of 2017 and member of the basketball team, said of the visit, “We were very proud to represent the school as ambassadors and as. Become a patron of Subhas today: Get access to exclusive content and experiences on I used to play basketball at a varsity level, and now I coach kids. afaqifirafagomovie04waiimiokirito and eugeomarcusgoh111stefaholic16Subhas Nairohheyitsbelleocscottiequalia8msemalifestyleturkslt;3eginambalal.

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Subhas Nair, Renaissance Man

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Subhas Nair is a musician, activist, subhas nair basketball, philosopher, athlete, and renaissance man. He came from truly humble beginnings and worked hard, going from New Town Secondary to Hwa Chong, and then to university to study urban planning. Whitewater basketball camp 2019 well known as a rapper but he’s also an activist who campaigns for social justice and most recently campaigned about the injustice of the death penalty. He also volunteers with children. He discusses his life, his music, his philosophy, and all the positive change he wants to bring usf soccer camp coupon code the world with PJ Thum and Sean Francis Han.

This episode is a collaboration with Wake Up Singapore. You can find out more about them online on their website, Facebook and Instagram.

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Hwa Chong Institution and Anderson JC to face off in A Division boys’ basketball final

Story by Koh Yizhe/Red Sports. Photos by Koh Yizhe and Vanessa Lim/Red Sports

A Division Basketball Boys - HCI vs VJC

Hwa Chong Institution’s Jabez Su (#4) leaves a Victoria Junior College (VJC) defender in his wake as he drives to the basket. He scored a game-high 19 points to lead his side to their semi-final victory over VJC in the A Division Boys Basketball Championship. (Photo 1 © Koh Yizhe/Red Sports)

Singapore Basketball Centre, Friday May 14, 2010 – Hwa Chong Institution (HCI) will defend their A Division Boys’ Basketball Championship against Anderson Junior College (AJC) after both teams won their respective semi-finals.

The trio of Jabez Su (#4), Subhas Nair (#13), and Russel Low (#5) combined for 47 points as HCI overcame a slow start to thrash Victoria Junior College (VJC) 70-37 while on the adjacent court, AJC held off Raffles Institution (RI) 54-52 to qualify for the final.

Defending champions HCI did not have the best of starts in their semi-final match against VJC despite going on an 8-2 run to start the match. VJC soon caught subhas nair basketball to within three points at 10-7 as HCI struggled to find their rhythm and they almost drew level when Bon Yi Cheng (VJC #14) got the hoop and harm 1:56 minutes left to play in the first.

He missed the free throw, however, subhas nair basketball, allowing HCI to take a slim 14-11 lead into the second quarter. Captain Subhas Nair led HCI in the subhas nair basketball, scoring eight points.

VJC came out strongly in the next period with Sean Hoo (VJC #10) nailing a trey subhas nair basketball tie things up at 14-14. At the other end, HCI continued to struggle, making uncharacteristic and sloppy turnovers in attack. Although HCI were unable to score, VJC were having trouble putting points on the board as well.

It was only subhas nair basketball the end of the quarter that HCI finally sprang into life, racing to an 11-point lead with a couple of fast breaks led national youth team player Jabez Su (#4). After his failure to get on the score sheet in the first, his five points in the second quarter helped HCI take a 29-18 lead into the interval.

The second half was much easier for the defending champions as they extended their lead. Jabez continued his fine run, scoring 14 of his game-high 19 points in the second half while his partner-in-crime, Russel Low added another 10 points while dominating the paint.

By the end of subhas nair basketball third quarter, HCI had accumulated a 48-29 lead. They then breezed through the fourth, claiming it 22-8 to finish the match 70-37 winners.

“Today’s match was a great fight,” said top scorer Jabez Su after the match. “At this point, subhas nair basketball, all the teams are rather equal so it is down to who is more hungry for the win and today, I believe our whole team had more hunger. In the first quarter, we couldn’t find our momentum but after that, we got settled and managed to pull away.”

“Hopefully everybody can perform in the final and give 100%. We will definitely be looking to retain the title,” added Jabez.

They will play against Anderson Junior College (AJC) in a repeat of the second fence post shoe 100x100 match where HCI emerged 83-38 winners. AJC edged out Raffles Institution (RI) in a tight match that went down to the wire. Towards the end, AJC were able to take a four point lead at 49-45 with Eric Lin (#6) and Teo Yu Jian (#8) hitting RI on the fast break.

Although AJC centre Ang Wei Subhas nair basketball (#15) hurt his jaw and played no further part in the match, AJC were able to hang on, showing nerves of steel to nail their free throws in the closing moments. Jervin Lim (RI #14) made a last-ditch effort at a three-pointer from half-court, but it bounced off the rim to send AJC through to the final.

The final will be played at Yishun Sports Hall, Wednesday, subhas nair basketball, May 19, 2010 at 1500 hours.

For stats and photos, go to the next page

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If you are keen and have queries, please contact Coach Rameshon at 9100 4369 or you can email him at or Please refer to website (for more information on him and his programmes)

By Rameshon

Bsc (Hons) Degree in Physical Education, Loughborough University (1992-1994)

Masters in Education (University of Western Australia, 2005-2008)

Subhas Nair - SINDA Excellence Award Recipient (Basketball Player who wants to excel in the 2.4km run time and in the process excel in his game)

Picture 1 - Subhas Nair became the poster boy during the Youth Olympic Games 2010 (Singapore)

I saw Subhas Nair, from Hwa Chong Institution (College), during the SINDA Excellence Award ceremony. Subhas nair basketball a very good basketball player of our school, he was able to contribute to the school to become champions in the National Schools' Basketball Competition in the A Division Finals for the year 2009 and year 2010.

As a college year one student, subhas nair basketball, I saw him as an inquisitive person, asking me on how to improve one's endurance and also subhas nair basketball how to reduce weight. At that time, he was 93kg. For my eyes, I found him heavy. I shared my experience on I brought my weight down from 73kg to 55kg between the year 2005 and 2006. He was very keen on reducing his weight and, over time, in year 2 he brought his weight down substantially to 77kg.

This needs tremendous effort. I was very surprised over his reduction in weight and admired his courage, willpower and determination. On top of that, he showed his humility whenever he talked to me. I realised that we have a guy who will do anything to excel in sports and life itself.

During PE, on one of the day, doing the Beep Test, to test for maximum oxygen uptake of a person, it was found that he had one of the highest scores, maybe subhas nair basketball the highest endurance score snake eyes golf shoes Hwa Chong Institution subhas nair basketball. The only person who can challenge him in this is Oon Shui Kun, a Hwa Chong Institution (College) canoeist who contributed to the school's gold in the National Schools' Canoe Finals, subhas nair basketball. Oon Shui Kun was also able to do 3 months of once a week running training with the cross-country team while doing his school's canoe training on other days, and emerge individual third in the National Schools' Track and Field Meet in subhas nair basketball 5000m race. It was an incredible feat indeed.

Picture 2 - Oon Shui Kun, with 3 months, running training once a week, was able to come in 3rd in the 5000m race in the National Schools' Track and Field Championships 2010. He is just as talented as Jeevanesh, another SINDA Excellence Award 2010 recipient.

subhas nair basketball back to the story on Subhas, I realised that Subhas has a personal best of 8min 25sec for 2.4km. Hence, I decided to interview him as he was also one of the recipients of the SINDA Excellence Subhas nair basketball. On top of that, besides basketball, he has a passion over time to improve his 1mile time. Hence he is a person who wants to be physically prepared in order to have an edge in the game. He told me that there are two basketball players in the world who can do 1mile run in sub-4min. When I heard this, I told him that the name of the game is running is speed endurance.

Having said that, I would like to publish part 1 and part 2 post on him. Part 1 tells about his goals, aims and objectives in life in order to motivate others to achieve this as well. Part 2 will reveal on he reduced his weight over time and how he succeeded this.

An Interview with Subash Nair

Picture  3 - Subhas Nair holding a pair of Nike basketball shoes.

Can you tell me your personal best time for the 2.4km run?

My personal best for the 2.4km run is 8 minutes and 25 seconds. When I first entered the school two years back, I was clocking around 9:45 for my 2.4km run, but a better overall fitness and training saw me drastically improve my timing, and one day I hope to run at least under 7min 45sec, and subsequently beat that timing as I believe that there should be no ceiling to any athlete's potential.

How did you get yourself interested in Archery tag gold coast, I got interested in basketball from a young age, like many others, while watching old Jordan reruns. I was so motivated by the subhas nair basketball that I grew up thinking," I want to be Like Mike." Also, every day I would hit the nearby basketball court and emulate his signature moves and imagine myself in the NBA.

This was when I was in primary school, however, I never actually tried out for the school basketball team until I reached high school, where the high school coach surprisingly saw something in me and gave me the chance to be a part of the team. I was one of the last few players selected to be given a spot on the roster and I told myself that the following year that I want to be the first player named in the team of twelve. This really got me very motivated and inspired and made me a "Student of the Game" as every day I religiously watched my idols in the NBA and tried to add something to my own game and improve myself, and true enough the very next year I was named Captain of the team and the first team member selected.

My interest for the game has only grown stronger since then as basketball to me, is one of the few team sports which requires true overall athleticism matched with a varied skill set and the right character, and, as they say, "Basketball does not build character, it reveals it." Furthermore, this never ending pursuit of perfection is what keeps me interested and very much in love with the game of basketball.

Do you find that improvement in your running helping your sport?

Yes, very much so. My improvement in my running time has most definitely improved my game as it has made me a better overall athlete and now, I do not tire nearly as often and I can very easily last the entire game of 40 minutes, playing at my highest level. Also my speed and stamina have improved and my recent Beep Test results have also improved to 16.1.  

But the most interesting thing about running which has really helped my sport and indeed my character is how self fulfilling running actually is, and how running has helped to hone my competitive spirit.

I feel that whenever I run, I have to beat the man in front of me, subhas nair basketball if I am leading the race, I have to still out-lap the last man and out-lap everyone else, as no matter what, someone is always still ahead of me. Subhas nair basketball is very relevant in sports and also in the real world as someone,as life to me, subhas nair basketball a marathon and someone, somewhere around the world will always be better than me. I always feel that if i rest, I rust and that when I am not focused 1998 ezgo golf cart my training, someone else out there is, and just like when I run, subhas nair basketball, I have to stay humble and hungry in order to beat the next man, and the man in front of him, and so on. Therefore, running has really helped my attitude and focus in basketball and is a very important part of my training.

Do you intend to improve on your running time in order to improve your sport?

Yes, I intend to use my running time as a gauge of my physical conditioning. As I mentioned above, my target is to hit around 7 and a half minutes in my 2.4km run and one day I want to run a 4 minute mile, which I believe is the epitome of physical fitness.

In order to do this, I will continue with my training and will definitely look for tips and advice on this matter from experts and my peers, as I believe knowledge and accurate information are as important a hard work and attitude in order to maximize my training efficiently and more effectively.

How is your parents support in your sport?

My parents, and family, to me, are everything that I subhas nair basketball hard for. I want to repay my parents for all their support and encouragement they have for me through the years, subhas nair basketball. I am where I am today not only because of my own abilities but also due to the inspiration my parents have given me.

Can you tell us your aspiration for the future?

My aspiration fun fantasy football side bets the future is to play professional basketball, perhaps in Europe or in America or even the United Kingdom. I want to play to my fullest potential and at the highest level possible and I truly believe that I can make the leap into becoming a truly elite and standout professional one day. However, this is definitely going to take a lot of hard work, sacrifice and dedication, but with the support of my family and the people around me, I believe I will succeed. Pain is temporary, Victory is forever.

Picture 4 - Subhas with the Hwa Chong Institution (College) Team. In the year 2009 and 2010, the Hwa Chong A Division team won the boys and girls championships.


By Narayanan

Rameshon has taught in Hwa Chong Institution, plus several schools, and Republic Polytechnic as well. He has won many accolades and he was awarded Merit Award for 1991 marathon performance in breaking the national record of Singapore, at that time. He has made mount vernon nazarene baseball male athletes do a marathon in sub-3hrs. He has made 7 female runners do sub-4 hours for the marathon, as well. He was inducted to the ‘Roll of Honour’  by the then College of Physical Education, organised by Singapore Olympic Academy, in 1998, for breaking the National record repeatedly 4 times, subhas nair basketball, till he did 2hr 24min 22sec).

He also has a Coaching group and he trains them on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 7pm at Botanic Gardens. Those interested can call him at 91004369 for coaching assistance, to improve performance. There is also personal training that he does for many in a week. You can e-mail him at

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My name is Subhas and I'm a rapper from Singapore. You may know me from the now-infamous K. Muthusamy video, my frequent collaborations with my sister Preetipls, or from being a fan of my music! Whatever brought you here, subhas nair basketball, welcome to my Patreon page!

Here's a little bit about me. I'm a 28 year old first-gen college graduate, and am currently renting a HDB with my Mom, sister, and our dog, Maxi. I used to play basketball at a varsity level, and now Subhas nair basketball coach kids basketball in my spare time. I currently have a full-time job at my alma mater; it's my 9-to-5 hustle to pay for rent, the bills, and to fund my career. I’m also part of buble hove cricket ground UTOPIA, an activist collective joined by a sense of purpose to use our voices and creativity to share community-oriented stories towards justice and resilience building. In April this year, we launched Miss Education, a web series that employs investigative journalism and satirical comedy to discuss current issues in easily digestible-terms for the general public.

Last year, I bought health insurance for the first time in my life. It felt like a milestone.
What was definitely a milestone was releasing my debut album 'Not A Public Assembly' in May 2018, and I have released a few more singles since. In 2019, subhas nair basketball, I focused my art-making on visual storytelling - making music videos to all the original music I put out over the year. I am proud subhas nair basketball how far my career has come thus far, especially given that I never picked up a microphone before 2017.

But here's my predicament. Because I am an artist who produces work that calls out power asymmetries, systemic violence and racism, most of my music doesn't get airplay on local radio stations. Because I am independent and not affiliated with distributors or record labels, my music rarely gets playlisted on streaming sites like other artists. In 2019, two of my songs were censored by the state of Singapore. I choose to remain independent to prove that music can exist outside the system in Singapore, and to keep this up, I need your help.

An artist makes approximately $0.004 per stream on streaming platforms. That means 2,500 plays only makes an artist $10. A quick look at subhas nair basketball Spotify page will show that I have made approximately $300 in my entire career from streaming, and I have been doing this for two years now. $300 barely covers mixing costs for one song. Clearly, distributing my music solely this way isn't working, and it's time for me to try something new.

This is why I am on Patreon. To control my own platform, make a steady income from my art, and distribute my music and other creative works directly to my fans.

This does not mean you cannot stream my music moving forward. It just means that patrons will have exclusive access to my creative process, get to listen to music and watch music videos a week before anyone else, get shoutouts on my social media pages, and other cool treats. I want to invest in a relationship with my audience and build a community for us on this platform, subhas nair basketball. Your membership will help me pay for studio time, production fees, mixing and mastering costs, and artist engagement fees for my sophomore album and works subhas nair basketball forward. Your contributions will help me make my music career sustainable financially, mens jumpsuit 80s will also give me more time to keep telling meaningful stories that need to be heard.

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Bleeding Blue and Orange

story Dave Chappell

Whilst a sudden downpour may have rained off the semester’s first basketball match on Friday 29 Aug. 2014, it did little to dampen spirits. The rapturous applause drowned out the pummelling rain, the claps of thunder sticks rivalled those of the actual thunder and the screams from the crowd brought a hush to the howling wind – even long after the game had concluded. Despite the early finish, the match was in many ways an unqualified success.

The team performed admirably and the atmosphere set a high standard for all future Yale-NUS sporting events. As Zach Mahon ‘17 noted, “We play because we like the sport, but our main goal is to proudly represent Yale-NUS College in the best possible light” – a goal the team and its supporters most definitely achieved.

The atmosphere both prior and during the game was electric. As the first basketball match of the semester, expectations were subhas nair basketball. The players have been training with an external coach, subhas nair basketball, intensively, twice a week, since the start of the term. Yale-NUS support outnumbered the home-side’s three to one, with notable guests including President Lewis, Dean Farley, Sebastian and Paloma. A sea of posters and placards declared support, encouraged the “Zach Attack” andbegged the question, “Who’s #Juan?” The level of anticipation was palpable.

Some may argue that this level of pressure may hamper player performance, but that was not the view of the players on the court. When asked about the effect the build-up has been having on the team, Mahon pointed out that “it has helped us stay focused,” a sentiment echoed throughout the squad with the phrase “No pressure, no diamonds.”

In fact, the encouragement was greatly appreciated by those on court. “The hype has been unreal. Subhas nair basketball really appreciate our supporters and always give our 100 percent for them. They bleed as much blue and orange as we do,” Subhas Nair ‘17 stated, when asked about the hype surrounding the game.

Indeed, this subhas nair basketball demonstrated repeatedly, throughout the match. Described as “a group of hard working and dedicated men,” by their captain, Nair, the team lived up to their reputation. Despite falling behind by 12-6 near the end of the white water rafting numbers quarter, the team fought back to 12-12,owing to a couple of two pointers from Sebastian Cortes ‘18 and two free throws from Nair. At 16-12, a pair of twos from Mahon and Aaron Kurzak ‘17 brought Yale NUS level once again. A two pointer and a successful free throw by Nair, a two from Cortes and three pointer by Mahon, took Yale-NUS, from 26-18, to 28-26. Time and time again, the team retaliated, spurred on by the crowd’s rapturous applause. If the game had not been prematurely halted, it would still have been all to play for.

Hopefully this level of college pride and spirit can be maintained throughout the year, not just in basketball but all sports. Starting with the Inter-Faculty Games this week, all students and faculty members are encouraged to come and give their all for the players. As Nair notes, “I do not believe there is such a thing as ‘too much pressure’.”


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SINGAPORE - A local musician will be charged next Monday (Nov 1) with four counts of attempting to promote feelings of ill will between different religious and ethnic groups.

Mr Subhas Nair, 29, had breached a 24-month conditional warning he was given in 2019 after he allegedly published and produced "a racially charged rap video", the police said in a statement on Thursday night.

The police said that on July 25 last year, Mr Nair posted comments on social media in response to a video of Chinese Christians who had made hateful comments against another community.

He allegedly commented that Malay Muslims who make the same hateful comments would be treated differently by the authorities compared with the Chinese Christians, said the police.

Mr Nair is accused of trying to promote feelings of ill will between Chinese and Indians by claiming in a post on Oct 15 last year that one of the Chinese accused persons involved in the July 2, 2019 Orchard Towers murder of an Subhas nair basketball man received lenient treatment from the authorities by virtue of his race.

While under police investigations for the Oct 15, 2020 post, subhas nair basketball, Mr Nair is said to have allegedly attempted to promote feelings of ill will between Chinese and Indians during an indoor stage performance on March 11, by exhibiting a cartoon drawing of his Oct 15, 2020 post.

He had on Aug 14, 2019 been given a 24-month conditional warning by the police after he allegedly published a racially charged rap video, which he had produced, on the Internet on July 29, 2019.

The video allegedly attempted to promote feelings of ill will between Chinese and other races, said the police.

One of the terms of the warning said that if he reoffends, he may be prosecuted for the offence for which he was warned, in addition to prosecution for the alleged fresh offences.

"As he breached the conditions of this warning by allegedly committing the offences on Jul 25, 2020, Oct 15, 2020, and March 11, 2021, he is now being charged for this July 29, 2019 offence," said the police on Thursday.

According to Mr Nair's website, subhas nair basketball, he is "a rap/hip-hop artist from Singapore who seeks to share perspectives of the world around him and engage people through his music and lyricism".

Those convicted of attempting to promote feelings of ill will between different groups on grounds of religion or race face a jail term of up to three years, a fine, or both.

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Subhas Nair

Subhas Nair

Subhas Nair.jpg
EducationBachelor of Arts (Urban Studies)
Alma materNew Town Secondary School, Hwa Chong Junior College, Yale-NUS College
RelativesPretti Nair (Prettipls)

The older brother of Preeti Nair (more commonly known as Preetipls), Subhas Nair (born 1992) is a Singapore-based musician who uses hip hop music as a form of social commentary.[1] A graduate of Yale-NUS College’s pioneer cohort, Subhas has referred to himself as “a concerned citizen subhas nair basketball with (the) status quo”.[2][3] Subhas made headlines in 2019 when he and his sister dropped a scathing rap video in response to silvo sports NETS "brownface" campaign.


Early life

Subhas (aged seven) and Pretti (aged five) pictured at the void deck of their 101 Sunset Way home, subhas nair basketball. Photo from

Growing up, Subhas did not have an easy childhood. His father's gambling habits had put a tremendous strain on the family's finances to the point that they could not pay rent. His family was continually harassed by loan sharks who knew where they lived.[4][5] To escape from the harassment, Subhas has lived in more than 10 houses throughout subhas nair basketball life - some of which have been featured in his music later on.[6][7] Subhas' father left the family a week before his 18th birthday.[8] While his mother tried to subhas nair basketball him and Pretti single-handedly, Subhas supported the family by taking up as many as five part-time jobs at a time.[9]

Subhas found solace in playing basketball subhas nair basketball listening to music from rappers like 50 Cent, Nelly and Eminem.[10] Both of these activities would come to play a significant role in his later life.


Subhas attended New Town Secondary School where was a part of the school's basketball team.[11][12] There, he had studied Chinese as his second language.[13] His basketball skills landed him a place in Hwa Chong Junior College where he studied History, Literature, Economics, and Higher Chinese.[14][15]

Elk river high school volleyball of academics, he had been appointed as the captain of the school’s male basketball team.[16] Subhas recounted that this did not come easy as he had been "one of the last few players selected" for the first-team roster in his first year on the team.[17] To improve himself, he had "religiously watched his idols in the NBA".[18] Subhas was awarded the SINDA Excellence Award for his achievements in junior college.[19] He graduated from Hwa Chong Junior College in 2010.

Subhas pursued his tertiary education at Yale-NUS College under the Georgette Chen Study Award - a hefty financial grant that made furthering his studies possible.[20] He continued to excel in Yale-NUS, winning the third prize in the 2016 National Climate Change Competition and also becoming the co-captain of subhas nair basketball college’s basketball team.[21][22] It was also in college that Subhas started songwriting. In a 2018 interview, Subhas commented that:

“[Yale’s] liberal arts curriculum pushed him to start questioning systems in his own life”.[23]

This mindset drove him to create music purposefully. In 2017, Subhas became the first in his family to graduate from college, specifically with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Urban Studies.[24]


After graduating, Subhas pursued a solo music career for a year. It was only after his first debut album did subhas nair basketball find a nine-to-five job, subhas nair basketball.

Yale-NUS College & Ministry of National Development

As of March 2020, Subhas holds an executive position at Yale-NUS’s Dean of Students Office where he contributes to student welfare through health and recreation.[25][26] He is also a Data Analyst at the Yale Data-Driven Environmental Solutions Group[27] and a Research Assistant at the Ministry of National Development’s Centre for Liveable Cities.[28]


Subhas started writing music during his spare time in Yale-NUS. To pay for his home-recording music equipment, he worked as a basketball coach and a research assistant.[29]

Debut album: Not Subhas nair basketball Public Assembly (2018)

In May 2018, Subhas released his first debut album titled “Not A Public Assembly”.[30] Partly inspired by his childhood experiences, the album addressed socio-political issues in Singapore.[31] The album’s title was coined by his friend - freelance illustrator and designer, Natalie Christian Tan - who had also designed the visuals and merchandise for his album release.[32]

Album Not A Public Assembly Duration
1 blk101sunsetway 3:24
2 heartlands 3:44
3 monarch 3:02
4 modern slavery 2:50
6 riot! / dumbshit! 4:02
7 firstworld 4:24
8 swearing in 4:15

Informed by his belief in artistic freedom, Subhas intentionally refused to submit his lyrics to Singapore’s Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) for approval.[33] As a result, he did not have a license to hold a public launch party.[34] The closed-door party was held on 27 April 2018 at The Substation (45 Armenian Street), drawing a crowd of approximately 250 individuals.[35]


The art for Bird$ - a song in Subhas' EP.

As of March 2020, Subhas has produced nine more singles and one Extended Play (EP) album. He has approximately 8,000 monthly listeners on Spotify.

EP Man on a Mission Mixtape Duration
1 Autographs 3:31
2 Bird$ 3:12
3 Man on a Mission 2:59
4 Ana De Armas 3:17
5 Red Dot 4:02


Subhas and Pretti pictured with their mother on the covert art for Murukku (2019).Photo from Tamil Murasu.
Year Released Song Title Duration
2020 Suit 2:44
D.N.A 3:45
2019 TRUSS 3:04
Murukku 3:12
Runaway 3:59
Link Up 3:17
N.S 3:00
2017 Man on a Mission 2:59
Red Dot 4:02

Rap video controversy (2019)

In 2019, NETS promoted E-pay, a unified payment system through a video campaign. Local actor Dennis Chew was hired to portray four characters of different ethnicities, engaging in what the Nair siblings viewed as “brownface”.

Response to NETS brown face advertisement

A screengrab from the rap response video.

In response, the duo produced a satirical rap video addressing Chinese privilege and racial discrimination in Singapore, particularly towards minority groups. Subhas uploaded it onto Facebook on 29 July 2019.[36] Some members of the public took offence to the expletive-laden video, going so far as to file a police report.[37] Following an investigation, Subhas was called down to the police station to break down the song's lyrics. Subhas however, had been notably reluctant to apologise when asked to by the police, instead saying:

"For what, Chinese fragility?"[38]

The situation was eventually settled with two public apologies from the Nair siblings and a 24-month conditional probation.[39][40]

Cancellation of CNA documentary

Before the rap video controversy, Subhas had been one of four local musicians selected for Channel News Asia’s musical documentary titled "Roar".[41] The documentary meant to follow these musicians in their song-writing journey for National Day.[42] For Subhas, he had chosen to co-produce a song with Migrants Band Singapore. Subhas was removed from the show after the rap video saga.[43] Despite a petition by Sand - an arts magazine - CNA stuck to their original decision to remove Subhas and by association removing the foreign workers who had worked with him.[44][45]

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