Top spin 2 pc controls

top spin 2 pc controls

Tennis World Tour 2 – Controls Tennis World Tour 2 game's controls guide and details for Xbox, Playstation and PC. Top Spin, Circle, B. Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil video walkthrough by pieceofpiesoftware. Doom II: Hell on Earth (September 30th, ) for PC. Doom. Vote for 2K Sports nominees in the VGA's! The Video Game Awards is Spike TV's ninth annual celebration of the year's best in video and pc games and.

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Top spin 2 pc controls
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Top Spin Download PC

The player can work their way up through the amateur ranks to the pros in tournaments all over the world. They can do this by using the various licensed players, or by creating a unique character. The game can be played via the internet with XSN Sports and Xbox Live for online matches.

Quick match

This mode contains the basic features that let the player get into a match as quickly as possible. The characters can be selected from the professional players available, or by using custom characters from the career mode option. A match can be held on the various available courts, ranging from Grand Slam venues to practice facilities.

Career mode

The career mode in Top Spin begins with a create-a-player interface which begins with, DNAtype. There are many strands to top spin 2 pc controls from with each containing a different skin color and unique player traits. Create a character continues with many top spin 2 pc controls and body modeling options and apparel choices. The career mode begins with an option to choose a continent that has various opportunities for a player to better their rank by training and tournaments. A player must also make «coin» in order to pay for training which increases their attributes. Coin is earned by being sponsored by one of the corporate tennis apparel icons by performing commercials and other public relations duties for them which are completed by scoring well in various exercises. Tournaments come in various types across the globe. Winning tournaments increases your world ranking, with more difficult tournaments taking much more precedence. Top Spin Game free Download Full Version.

Top Spin also allows users to load their career player into the tournament mode (and other game modes as well).


The Optimatch feature allows the user to be very specific about the match that will be played including surface type, venue and how difficult the competition will be. This top spin 2 pc controls feature is also the only tennis game to allow 2 vs. 2 online ranked play via Xbox live.


The various swings include: flat, top spin, slice, and lob, with swing strength increasing with each moment the button is depressed. Jumping, stretching and diving is automatically selected. Serves are executed in similar fashion, but with the addition of an on-screen power meter started and stopped with either the top spin, top spin 2 pc controls, flat, or slice buttons. On the box, the controller's trigger buttons place you into a «risk mode» with a similar power meter, but the outcome of the shot is determined by how close to the center of the meter the user can stop a rapidly moving bar. Another component to the «risk mode» is the In-the-Zone meter which fills as momentum is gained with won points, making future risk shots easier to hit. The player can also express their character's emotion after a point by pressing buttons to choose a positive or negative reaction.


Top Spin featured a number of professional tennis players who have licensed their likenesses to the game, a trend which continued in its sequels. It also contained fictional players as well. Top Spin game free Download for PC Full Version.

Top Spin Screenshots

Top Spin game free Download for PC Full VersionTop Spin Game free Download Full VersionTop Spin Download free Full Version

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Top Spin 2

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Grab your tennis racket and hit the courts! Choose your player and participate in some top-class tennis action in Top Spin 2! Beat all of the other players and become the best player in the history of virtual tennis!

Top Spin 2 is a tennis simulation game created for the Game Boy Advance system (GBA) and features enhanced graphics, animation, and smoother gameplay than its predecessor. This game is among the second batch of games in the 2K Sports series and was considered as the best tennis simulator of its time. Choose your favorite tennis player from the world&#;s top players of the time and take him or her to victory by battling it out with other world class players!
Click inside the screen to activate controls

game boy advance controls

Arrow keys &#; Movement
Space &#; Select
Enter &#; Start
&#;Z&#; key &#; a button
&#;X&#; key &#; b button
&#;S&#; key &#; r button
&#;A&#; key &#; l button

To save your game:hover over the emulator screen and use the icons to save your progress.
Down arrow icon (save), top spin 2 pc controls, Up arrow icon (load).

Game Controls

Click screen to activate.
    = Directions
= A    = B
= L    = R
= Start
= Select

Game Reviews

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Pibox mini

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You might have to browse for some time on Amazon and check out the reviews or visit your local hardware shop and ask PiBox Mini – Modular Raspberry Pi Storage Server 5 projects

Tennis World Tour Controls

Tennis World Tour 2 game&#;s controls guide and details for Xbox, Playstation and PC. Tennis World Tour is a tennis video game for Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows created by Breakpoint Studio and published by Bigben Interactive.

Tennis World Tour 2 Controls PS4 / PS5

Tennis World Tour 2 Controls

Move / AimLL
Flat StrokeXA
Top SpinCircleB
Lob / Underarm ServeTriangleA
Drop ShotR1 + SquareRB + A
Slide OutL2LT
Dispute DecisionTouchpadTouchpad
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1- if you play with Sam Patch, that means a lot of people helped your TE experience to be the best ! ;)

2- I played a couple hours TS2 ; I have the (blur) memory it was not possible to aim for the line without doing a risk shot, but maybe I mistake it with other ones of the series.
Anyway, you can aim for the line in TE, just get your timing perfect ; it'll always be hard aim perfectly, though, but this is realistic

3- players always sprint like crazy, whatever the situation is (with % speed, they'd be on par with best m sprinters)

4- stats change every year ; you may try to tune them by yourself if you want to, though

5- for gameplay balance, higher topspin slows the acceleration down ; but you get more effective short acceleration (from the better topsin), so when you play as Nadal, use it when you see your opponent is far from his baseline, you should be able to do some winners

Note: it's not recommended to play with fast AutoPos, and without preview, you might have a hard time to do the most effective shots (ie: the acceleration & short acceleration)

== Mana Games ==
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top spin 2 pc controls


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