Womens golf shoes with arch support

womens golf shoes with arch support

Puma Golf RS-G Shoes · Ecco Golf Women's Biom H4 Shoe · FootJoy Women's Premiere Series Golf Shoes · Skechers Go Golf Pro V.2 Shoes · FootJoy Pro/SL. Another important characteristic that matters here is how supportive the shoes are. For example, the low-profile EVA outsoles of Callaway. Facebook follower Heather recommends the FootJoy LoPro for its winning combination of wide toe box, good support for high arches and overall comfort. The LoPro.

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Something: Womens golf shoes with arch support

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womens golf shoes with arch support RRP £159.95  Colours: High Rise/Puma Silver/Scuba Blue, Puma White/Puma Silver/Pink Lady, Navy Blazer/Puma Silver/High Rise  VIEW OFFER

Golf shoes aren’t just a fashion accessory, they are an essential part of your golfing wardrobe, enabling you to making a functional, effective golf swing. Wearing a properly-fitted golf shoe will allow you to address the ball with a solid stance and make a powerful, balanced swing move.

How to choose golf shoes

Comfort is key. We walk somewhere in the region of seven miles during a round of golf, so like a good pair of walking boots your golf shoes need to fit like a glove and not rub. Not surprisingly golf shoes have evolved from being quite rigid, sturdy and studded to looking more like their trainer counterparts from the athletic world.

What are the most comfortable golf shoes for women?

You won't go usa rugby jeans wrong with a pair of FootJoy, Skechers or Ecco golf shoes if comfort is key for you. These brands create soft insoles that mold around the foot, create a solid foundation for the golf swing.

What are the types of golf shoes?

There are a wide range of ladies' golf shoes in our shops, sold in varying styles with different performance benefits.

Generally-speaking, golf shoes can be divided into winter and summer styles. Winter designs are waterproof with spiked soles to prevent slipping on wet ground, often higher-backed like a boot. Summer shoes are lightweight with softer, spikeless soles that suit the firmer ground conditions we womens golf shoes with arch support on, cushioning our feet, womens golf shoes with arch support. There are even women’s golf sandals to keep your feet cool on a hot summer’s day.

Ladies golf shoes come in an array of colours and styles and can be customised to give a truly unique personalised shoe.

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Do I need waterproof golf shoes?

Ideally, yes, but it depends whether you're a year-round, all-weather golfer or only play when the sun is shining. Even then an unexpected shower could leave you with soaked feet, as could striding into long rough or playing early in the morning when the dew is yet to clear. All of the ladies' golf shoes offer some form of waterproofing and come with a waterproof warranty.

Best Ladies Golf Shoes

1. FootJoy Premiere Series

RRP £139  Spiked/Spikeless Spikeless

Ecco Biom H4 are among the best women's golf shoes.

Ecco have invested significantly in their own leather tanneries to guarantee that their shoes are made from premium performance leather. You can really feel the soft, womens golf shoes with arch support, supple quality of the leather. It gives womens golf shoes with arch support protection from wind and water and this is enhanced by Gore-Tex technology to give your feet 100% breathable, waterproof protection, so they stay dry during a rainy round.

You’ll see a host of professionals striding the fairways in the new Biom H4 this year including LPGA Major Champions Lydia Ko and Minjee Lee. This hybrid shoe has been designed to give you the best of both worlds, joel kpoku rugby comfort for walking from tee-to-green and superior traction, stability and rotational support in your swing.

It’s named after Ecco’s BIOM Natural Motion Technology that forms like a second skin around the foot, allowing it to move naturally close to the ground. A special inner sole gives you a finely tuned balance of cushioning and rebound - a real spring in your swing!

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4. Adidas ZG21 BOA

RRP £160
FootJoy Community
  • GG DGG D4 years ago

    As a female recovering from a ruptured plantar fascia and a stressed tibia, what shoes do you recommend?  I have high arches and slight symptoms of plantar fasciitis in the non-injured foot.  I see Hyperflex is recommended for men but wanted a women's shoe as I have a medium width foot for a female so some men's shoes are too wide.  One last shelton football schedule 2018, I am a 10.5 or 11, so I know my options are limited but I am partial to FootJoy.  Thank you in advance.  

  • golfchickgolfchick4 years ago

    Check out the Aspire. It has great arch support as well as midfoot support. It's the replacement shoe for the women's DNA -- I think it's the best one to help with that PF pain. And it comes with BOA, which will also help with support.

  • GG DGG D4 years ago
  • GG DGG D4 years ago


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