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jurassic golf reading

Take the kids for some mini golf at Jurassic Encounter Adventure Golf in Surrey, an outing they are sure to remember. There are 18 holes on the course with. It costs £8 per person and slots can be booked online. Junk Yard Golf Club, Unit 1, First Street, Manchester, M15 4FN. Read. Tee up for the best crazy golf London has to offer, from golfing with a The content you're reading is made by independent, expert local.

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Welcome to Mighty Adventures

Magical landscapes, life-sized dinosaurs and super crazy golf. All our courses are packed with wonder, joy and non-stop fun. Each one completely unique and adapted from jurassic golf reading fantastically funny children’s book series, Mighty Claws Adventures.

jurassic golf reading. Play. Learn.

More than just epic amounts of fun. Osrs unfired bowl believe that education and entertainment are a powerful combination, jurassic golf reading. That’s why all our Mighty Adventures have been designed to inspire the wonder and fascination that brings joy to learning.

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  • “This has got to be the best crazy golf we have been to!”Penguin445

    Best Miniature Golf in Myrtle Beach

    Shipwreck Island Adventure Golf

    Photo courtesy of Shipwreck Island

    In the movie "Castaway," Tom Hanks was stranded on a deserted island with a volleyball, but this crew of castaways must have brought golf balls along for their voyage that ran aground in downtown Myrtle Beach. Located near the South Beach and Springmaid Pier sections of town just across the street from the beach, Shipwreck Island allows visitors to join a stranded band of pirates on their quest to find their buried treasure and misplaced booty. Climb aboard the wrecked ship, the Myrtle Maiden, then putt your way through palm trees, flowing streams and waterfalls while following the treasure map.

    Recommended for Miniature Golf because: Shipwreck Island is one of the newest and more modern courses on the Grand Strand.

    Terry's expert tip: Shipwreck Island adjoins the Midway Par-3 course so more serious golfers can play it while the fun-lubbers go putt-putting.

    Read more about Shipwreck Island Adventure Golf jurassic golf reading alt="Jungle Safari Golf" src="https://img1.10bestmedia.com/Images/Photos/235867/p-10best-junglesafari_55_660x440_201404241807.jpg">

    Photo courtesy of Jungle Safari Golf

    Prepare to go on a family golf safari at Jungle Safari Miniature Golf in Myrtle Beach. Located on the north end of town near the famous stretch known as Restaurant Row, Jungle Safari has an ideal location for families looking to play a round before or after a nice dinner in the neighborhood. Finding Jungle Safari isn't a problem since the statues of giant elephants, giraffes, zebras and more catch the eye amid the stretch of strip malls and restaurants. Jungle Safari backs up to the Cane Patch Par-3 so more experienced golfers can play it while the putt-putt types take aim at the miniature course.

    Recommended for Miniature Golf because: Jungle Safari jurassic golf reading especially fun for small children who love to see exotic (albeit fake) animals.

    Terry's expert tip: Outback Steakhouse next door allows awaiting guests to take a pager to Jungle Safari while they wait for a table.

    Read more about Jungle Safari Golf →

    Jurassic Golf

    Photo courtesy of Jurassic Golf jurassic golf reading

    Take a putt-putt tour back in time to Jurassic Golf, a 36-hole layout located in the heart of Myrtle Beach. Featuring two courses - the Ice Age and Predator layouts - visitors can walk among dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals that make for great photo opportunities for your family vacation. Featuring mountainous terrain and unique landscaping, guests can test their putting skills against a challenging design surrounded by creatures from another era. Waterfalls, volcanoes and caves are just some of the many obstacles between your putter and the holes. For dinosaur enthusiasts, a chart in the clubhouse helps you identify the various species on display.

    Recommended for Miniature Golf because: Jurassic Golf boasts the only animated dinosaurs permanently located along the Grand Strand.

    Terry's expert tip: Jurassic Golf's beautiful design makes it a great place for family vacation photos.

    Read more about Jurassic Golf →

    MayDay Golf

    Photo courtesy of May Day Golf

    Put yourself and your putter in the middle of a plane crash in the Amazon at MayDay Golf, a refreshing break from the traditional pirate- and dinosaur-themed miniature golf courses. MayDay Golf was featured on the Travel Channel's "Mini-Golf Madness" as the "Best Survival Course" in the U.S. That's the premise for this unique 36-hole layout; you've crash landed in the jungle and have to putt your way out, sort of like a "Survivor" mini-golf mini-series. It isn't hard to find; there's a giant yellow airplane nose-down in a tropical rainforest just off the main drag in North Myrtle Beach.

    Recommended for Miniature Golf because: The unique theme and layout make MayDay Golf one of the top courses on the Grand Strand.

    Terry's expert tip: Choose from two courses - MayDay Mountain and Rescue Falls - or play both for a discounted price.

    Read more about MayDay Golf →

    Mount Atlanticus Minotaur Golf

    Photo courtesy of Mount Atlanticus

    Ever wonder what happened to the underwater city of Atlantis? Well, at least according to Mount Atlanticus legend, a small piece of it was magically transported to downtown Myrtle Beach by a minotaur named Goff and transformed into miniature golf paradise. The result is a 36-hole layout that towers over the surrounding buildings in the downtown Five Points district. In fact, guests can see the ocean from the tiki towers atop Mount Atlanticus while putting their way around the elevated terrain and island landscaping. Waterfalls and palm trees line the fairways for some great photo ops for the whole family.

    Recommended for Miniature Golf because: Mount Atlanticus is one of the oldest and most popular putt-putt courses on the Grand Strand.

    Terry's expert tip: Be sure to take a swing at the 19th hole; a hole in one is rewarded with a lifetime jurassic golf reading more about Mount Atlanticus Minotaur Golf →

    Treasure Island Golf

    Photo courtesy of Treasure Island jurassic golf reading

    Search for buried treasure while you putt your way around small lakes and scale a stucco mountain. This pirate-themed putt-putt course has been one of the more popular spots in town for years, although regular upgrades keep it in tip-top shape. The scorecard not only offers info on the holes but also where to locate the hidden booty. Scale the mountainside and water falls and search through dark caverns and steep drop-offs to find the treasure and make a hole in one. The clubhouse also has a souvenir shop and snacks, including gourmet fudge. There may be a line on busy nights.

    Recommended for Miniature Golf because: Treasure Island is a family tradition for many visitors who stay in the nearby northside hotels.

    Terry's expert tip: The steps are a bit steep so this course might not be the best jurassic golf reading for those with climbing issues.

    Read more about Treasure Island Golf →

    Cancun Lagoon Miniature Golf

    Photo courtesy of Mutiny Bay Golf

    Break par and beat the heat at the same time at Cancun Lagoon Miniature Golf, the only indoor/outdoor putt-putt course on the Grand Strand. Featuring a Mayan ruin structure that visitors enter through a cave entrance on the backside of the building, Cancun Lagoon offers two 18-hole jurassic golf reading that carry guests on a path through the jungle terrain, weaving indoors and outdoors for a welcome air-conditioned break from jurassic golf reading summer heat. A large river jurassic golf reading waterfall run through the courses and the scorecard features clues to the quest for hidden gold. A gift shop and snack bar are also located indoors.

    Recommended for Miniature Golf because: The unique indoor/outdoor layout makes this one of the most creative courses on the Grand Strand.

    Terry's expert tip: Guests can play all day for a small additional charge, a more tempting offer due to the air conditioning.

    Read more about Cancun Lagoon Miniature Golf →

    Mutiny Bay Golf

    Photo courtesy of Mutiny Bay Golf

    Prepare to walk the plank and make a big splash at Mutiny Bay Golf in North Myrtle Beach. Located near Main Street in downtown North Myrtle Beach, this popular attraction features a large little league softball oregon separating the two 18-hole courses - Port Royal and Barbados. A large pirate ship serves as the centerpiece of the lake and the crew is known to hide about the rocky terrain. In fact, there is a surprise pirate show every half hour on the course. The path takes your party through dark caverns and below flowing waterfalls in your quest to find the buried treasure stashed away by the pirates.

    Recommended for Miniature Golf cross creek high school basketball Mutiny Bay's jurassic golf reading stands jurassic golf reading among the many pirate-themed putt-putt courses on the Grand Strand.

    Terry's expert tip: Visitors to can purchase discounted passes to sister course Cancun Lagoon in Myrtle Beach.

    Read more about Mutiny Bay Golf →

    Captain Hook's Adventure Golf

    Photo courtesy of Captain Hook's

    Prepare for an escape into a fairy tale book-themed miniature golf experience at Captain Hook's Adventure Golf in downtown Myrtle Beach. Based on J.M. Barrie's play "Peter Pan," the 36-hole layout allows golfers to follow the tale and they follow the golf trail through rocky caverns, jurassic golf reading, shipwrecks and a 15-foot tall rock skull. Signs feature excerpts from the book that set the stage for the round, and thunderous cannons roar into action as you approach the lair of Captain Hook, jurassic golf reading, whose menacing laugh plays over the PA system. Visitors must putt around multiple water hazards, including one pond with a croc snapping at a pirate's backside.

    Recommended for Miniature Golf because: The unique storyline and jurassic golf reading make Captain Hook's a popular pick for children.

    Terry's expert tip: A hole-in-one on the 18th hole is good for a free round.

    Read more about Jurassic golf reading Hook's Adventure Golf →

    Hawaiian Rumble

    Photo courtesy of Hawaiian Rumble

    Visitors are greeted in traditional island canadian golf academy pei at Hawaiian Rumble - by a talking parrot in the clubhouse. But it's more than just fun and games. Hawaiian Rumble is the host to the annual U.S. Prominigolf Open, which attracts putt-putters from around the world to compete in the nationally televised tournament. It's a fitting venue, featuring waterfalls and volcanoes to create an island-style layout. Visitors can meet and chat with the course's mascot, a talking parrot, in the clubhouse before hitting the 18-hole masterpiece. After your round, check out the official U.S. Olympic Minigolf Team's training facility (yes, there is such a thing) in the back.

    Recommended for Miniature Golf because: Hawaiian Rumble hosts international tournaments but is also a nice challenge for Average Joes.

    Terry's expert tip: Tell family and friends to tune in online and watch you play the first hole via video webcam.

    Read more about Hawaiian Rumble →

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The best crazy golf courses in and around Greater Manchester

When it comes to entertaining the family it's not always easy to find something to suit different age groups.

Crazy golf is one thing that's usually guaranteed to keep kids of all ages happy - and even the grown ups too.

While little ones can be given a helping hand by parents, older ones can make their own way round and often enjoy taking charge of the score card.

Thankfully there are jurassic golf reading of places offering adventure and crazy golf courses in and around Greater Manchester.

Here we take a look at some of the best ones around - and a couple of places for those youngsters wanting to start playing a little more seriously.

DinoFalls Adventure Golf, Trafford

It might be at the side of the busy M60 at Trafford but you'll feel like you're in another world when you're at DinoFalls - a Jurassic world.

Families can make their way around 18 holes of action-packed adventure golf, through prehistoric caves, winding fossil paths and palm trees.

You play under the watchful eyes of the gigantic resident dinosaurs including Tyrannosaurus Rex, Allosaurus, Baby Triceratops, Pterasuria, Velociraptors Raptors, Iguanodon, jurassic golf reading, Diplodocus and Triceratops.

They make noises and move too - oh and beware of the fierce jurassic golf reading Pterodactyl overhead.

Dinosaur fans can learn some fascinating facts about the prehistoric period on the way round.

The course is open daily from 7am to 10.30pm, including bank holidays. Last play around 9.55pm.

Tickets cost £8 for adults, £6 for under 16s, or £22 for a family of four - £4 each per extra child.

DinoFalls, Old Park Lane, Trafford, M17 8PG.

Haigh Woodland Park, Wigan

The park has two golf facilities for families - a smaller crazy golf site run by volunteers and a larger, newer Adventure Golf.

Crazy golf costs £1 per person and features everything from dinosaurs to cannons.

The course is open from 11am to 4pm (weather and volunteers permitting) at weekends and throughout school holidays.

The 18-hole Adventure Golf course features some challenging obstacles and even a Viking Boat which transports players between two of the holes on the course, jurassic golf reading. It’s £4 for children aged three to 11 and £5 for those 12+.

For more details, or to book visit www.haighwoodlandpark.co.uk .

Haigh Woodland Park, Haigh, Wigan, WN2 1PE.

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Bents Garden and Home, Glazebury

The dinosaur golf course at Bents Garden and Home just got even bigger, jurassic golf reading, with the arrival of pirates, ooh arr!

An extra nine holes have been added to Jurassic Cove Adventure Golf Course, where players are surrounded by dinosaurs as they make their way through the Jurassic landscape.

Players can now continue the adventure through a pirate filled seascape, featuring creatures of the deep and creaking shipwrecks.

The course is open in school holidays and at weekends throughout the year, depending on the weather.

It opens 10am to 5pm on Saturdays and 10am until 4.30pm on Sundays. Tickets cost £7.50 for those 12 and over, £5.50 for ages four to 11 and £4.50 for under fours. A family ticket for four costs £21.

Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult.

Bents, Warrington Road, Glazebury, Warrington, WA3 5NT.

Things to do with the kids

Junk Yard Golf Jurassic golf reading, Manchester

Junk Yard is jurassic golf reading to three mashed up nine-hole crazy golf courses created from 'pre-loved and reclaimed random shizzle&apos.

Groups can putt their way through all sorts of bizarre holes; think UV garage, scrapyard slides, circus freaks and jungle bathtubs.

It's largely aimed at an older crowd, but children are allowed in Sunday to Wednesday before 7pm.

One paying adult must supervise every four under 18s and last entry is 6pm.

The three courses are Bozo, Pablo and Gary and they feature everything from tyres and cars to bears and pyramids.

Parents are reminded that there are flashing lights, UV lights and loud music.

It costs £8 per person and slots can be booked online.

Junk Yard Golf Club, Unit 1, First Street, Manchester, M15 4FN.

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Paradise Island Adventure Golf, intu Trafford Centre

Paradise Island is next to the Odeon cinema and hosts two 18-hole courses spanning two levels of paradise themed fun.

Expect exotic wildlife and stone carvings among the challenging courses - the Tiki Hut Trail and Temple Ruins Adventure.

The Tiki Hut Trail voyage is full of twists and turns, designed to send the ball and player on a rollercoaster ride, while the Temple Ruins Adventure expedition offers more adventurous mini-golfers the chance to test their skills through a maze of obstacles and uneven terrain.

You can book on for one course or two and sessions can be booked online.

For one it costs £4 for under fives, £6 for kids aged five to 16, £8 for adults, or £24 for a family of four.

For two courses the prices are £5, £9, £12.50 and £36 respectively.

Paradise Island Adventure Golf, jurassic golf reading, Intu Trafford Centre, M17 8DF.

Walton Hall and Gardens, Warrington

A relatively recent makeover has pulled in the mini golfers to Walton Garden's Adventure Golf course in Warrington.

It's open from 10.30am to 7pm at weekends and during school holidays and bank holidays.

Sessions cost £5 for adults, £4 for juniors or £15 for a family of four.

The park is also home to a huge play area and a free Children's Zoo, open daily from 10.30am to 5pm.

Walton Hall and Gardens operates a pay and display car park costing £3 Monday to Friday and £4 at weekends.

Walton Hall and Gardens, Walton Lea Road, Higher Walton, Warrington, WA4 6SN.

Bruntwood Park Pitch and Putt, jurassic golf reading, Cheadle

If you've got a youngster who's wanting to start playing golf a little more seriously then the Pitch and Putt at Bruntwood Park is a great option.

The 18-hole course is managed by Cheadle Golf Club and is a popular attraction at the park.

It's open daily from the beginning of April until the end of October, from 10am to 6pm.

The Pitch and Putt is billed as 'a relaxed introduction to golf for beginners gravity gymnastics waterloo il fun to play for experienced golfers pilates barre sydney all ages and abilities&apos.

There's no membership and no need to book so families can just turn up and play.

It costs £6.50 for 16s and over, £4 for under 16s and £17 for a family. A £5 returnable deposit is required for the hire of the equipment.

Bruntwood Park, Bruntwood Lane, Cheadle, Jurassic golf reading 1HX.

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Chorlton-cum-Hardy Golf Club

There's another popular place that kids can try their hand at the sport.

Chorlton-cum-Hardy Golf Club is currently building its junior section and running classes on Saturdays and Thursday nights.

The first session is a free taster and after that jurassic golf reading £5 for the hour. Ages start from five up to 16 and all the equipment is provided.

Parents can call 0161 881 9911 to book.

Chorlton-cum-Hardy Golf Club, Barlow Hall, Barlow Hall Road, M21 7JJ.

If you know of a good crazy golf site to add to the list email emma.gill@trinitymirror.com.

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The best crazy golf in London

Crazy Golf

London has loads of options for putter-based fun – from rooftop obstacles to underground challenges. Here's our pick of the best places to sink some balls

Written by Time Out London Things To Do

Normal golf is all about pacing, focus and stamina. And wearing those weird sweater vests. Crazy golf has none of those things, jurassic golf reading. What it does have is beer and fibre-glass obstacles, jurassic golf reading. You literally can't get crazier than that. It's a proper laugh.

With themes ranging from the exotic (tropical jungles) to the mythical (dragons), we've caddied all the finest spots together for your perusal. Check out the list below and get ready to swing into action.

RECOMMENDED: The best things to do in London this weekend

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Crazy golf in London

Swingers West End

Swingers West End is the second of it’s kind, and like it’s sibling in the city, it’s got a nine-hole course to knock your balls into. For the Helter Skelter course, there’s a lot of loops that will have you going round in circles. On the Big Wheel course, things are just as tricky, with miniature mounds that’ll make you feel like a real hill-seeker. An ode to the English Riviera, Swingers West End has beach huts and bandstands – plus lush palms for added ‘Miami Vice’ vibes, jurassic golf reading. Think of your best childhood seaside holiday, then add booze.

Where is it? 15 John Prince’s Street, right by Oxford Street tube

How much for a round? From £10

Junkyard Golf Club

There's a real sense of fun to this deliberately rough-around-the-edges course. Party tunes blare from speakers, graffiti jazzes up the walls and it's made from 'twisted junk, car booty and charity shop shizzle'. There are four themes – Bruce, Pablo, Gary and Bozo – inspired by blockbuster movies, Carnival, the jungle and a scrapyard challenge. 

Where is it? Broadgate Quarter, 88 Worship St

How much for a round? From £10.50 per person. Fridays and Saturdays strictly 18+

Plonk Hackney

Plonk Hackney

Plonk is taking over the world. Seriously, jurassic golf reading, this quirky, tiki-themed course first popped up in Efes, a Turkish pool-hall-come-late-night-bar, in April 2015. Now, jurassic golf reading, there are several Plonks knocking about: there’s one in London Fields, Camden Market and the Horniman Museum. This UV jurassic golf reading features a bundle of bright decor, from glowing volcanoes with neon orange magma, spinning disco lights, and a euro-house soundtrack that is possibly best described as: ‘Nu Rave Polynesian Luau.’ There are some nice holes that fire your ball onto tricksy little mechanisms, a loop the loop, and a lot of impossibly steep ramps. All in all: it’s a great place for a plonking party.

Where is it? Various locations

How much for a round? From £7 per person for 1 round

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Jurassic Encounter Adventure Golf

If Michael Crichton had written about DNA cloning’s miraculous potential to create putting hazards, this is what 'Jurassic Park' would’ve been like. Right down to the theme tune they blare from the speakers every 20 minutes or so. The holes mightn’t be the most challenging, but the course’s fringing is awesome: velociraptors loom from lakes of blood and giant diplodocus stand stark against the skyline as animatronic dinos bark at golfers. 

Where is it? World of Golf, New Malden

How much for a round? From £10 for adults. Second go is half-price

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Dragon Quest Adventure Golf

Dragon Quest Adventure Golf

Expect high-pitched company at this 18-hole Croydon course – it’s so child-friendly that club hire takes place at a gift shop full of plastic wild thing baseball jersey, axes and daggers-slash-bubble wands. Pathways are stamped with luminous green dragon footprints, one hole’s set in a massive castle turret, there’s a dragon’s tail jutting from the top of a replica waterfall and there’s a giant trebuchet in the midst of the course (obvs). Be warned: one hole involves you sinking a ball while a speaker pipes a deafening squeal of serpent rage into your ear. Even St George would struggle with that one.

Where is it? World of Golf Croydon, 175 Long Lane

How much for a round? 'Dragons' aged 12+ for £8

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Mr Mulligans Dino Golf

Mr Mulligans Dino Golf

A new and improved crazy golf extravaganza, and part of Sidcup Family Golf (formerly World of Golf), jurassic golf reading. Mr Mulligans Dino Golf is a prehistoric adventure course, with 36 perilous holes that are roaring fun. It's wacky, silly, and also pretty damned tricky: expect to find yourself chipping balls onto a small shelf, over rapids, and facing other challenges that are a total pain in the putt. 

Where is it?
 Sidcup Family Golf, A20, jurassic golf reading, Sidcup Bypass

How much for a round? 'Adventurers' (Adults) for £9

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Pop Golf

Located in Unit 30, Boxpark Wembley, Pop Golf is an attempt to let you play crazy golf inside a music video. What this means is a lot of eye-catching neon and holes dedicated to iconic videos from the likes of Drake and Kylie Minogue.

Where is it? 8 Olympic Way, Wembley Park.

How much for a round? £17 per person


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Putt in the Park, Battersea

Putt in the Park, Battersea

There’s no real theme to this Battersea Park-based course, unless you count “AstroTurf”, “rockery” or “crap, I lost my ball in that water feature!” Nonetheless it’s so popular that even on a midweek daytime, jurassic golf reading, people were waiting for torrential rain to finish so they could hit the course (although possibly this is due to the trendy bar cum cafe cum wood-fired pizzeria it’s attached to. Expect mini bridges, weird divots and rogue streamlets to avoid on a course that’s fairly no-frills, jurassic golf reading, but still plenty fun. They also have very similar courses in Wandsworth and Acton.

Where is it? Battersea Park, jurassic golf reading, Albert Bridge Road

How much for a round? From £10 for adults 

Swingers City

The once pop-up, jurassic golf reading, putting-course-cum-bar, street-food emporium that kick-started the crazy golf trend has gone permanent. There are two nine-hole courses, food stalls from Le Bab, Patty & Bun and Pizza Pilgrims. The courses are less madcap than most of the city’s offerings, tending towards a slicker night-out experience, but nonetheless, there’s still a loop-the-loop. And an automatically rotating lighthouse. And a windmill with spinning blades. And a tree that’s filled with lights that flash when you putt into the final hole. 

Where is it? 8 Brown’s Buildings (between St Mary Axe and Bury Street)

How much for a round? From £10 per person per nine-hole round



After you’ve finished your shopping at Westfield London, head downstairs for the craziest game of golf you’ve ever played. Crowned the world’s first hi-tech mini golfing concept, Puttshack uses ground-breaking tech to spice up your standard game of mini-golf. And top it all off, jurassic golf reading, the island bar and dining area boasts delicious meals and an extensive list of rum cocktails to aid your celebrations or commiserations.

Where is it? Westfield London, Ariel Way

How much for a round? £12.50 for an adult game during peak times, £7.50 off-peak


You'll find Birdies tucked away in a tunnel at Battersea Power Station. Expect lots of obstacles on the course, neon jurassic golf reading, plus cocktails and burgers. All you need to do is bring your A-game.

Where is it? 6 Arches Lane, Battersea

How much for a round? From £12

Moby Golf

Nominally themed to Herman Melville’s 1851 literary opus, ‘Moby Dick’ – albeit with more geezers yelling ‘Oi Oi!’ – this 18-hole course in Dagenham is supposedly inspired by whale bones that sat at the toll-booth on nearby Whalebone Lane for most of the eighteenth century. There’s a 60-metre lagoon dyed the colour of blue Toilet Duck, an eight-metre waterfall and a hole that involves putting through the 9ft mouth of a replica sperm whale. It’s a lot of fun. And definitely inspired by the area: it’s totally Barking. 

Where is it? Cranfield Golf Centre, Romford

How much for a round? 'Captains' aged 12+ for £9.50

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Crazy Putt London

Crazy Putt London

With four locations across the UK, jurassic golf reading, CrazyPutt draws inspiration from 80s, American mini golf – or rather 'Adventure Golf' – courses. Thanks to ace skyline views, floodlit grounds and a sleek onsite restaurant, Greenwich Peninsula is a particularly date-friendly option – and those with genuine golfing aspirations can book in a lesson at the rather more professional driving range if they like.

Where is it? Greenwich Peninsula 

How much for a round? From £10 for adults, off peak

Lost Jungle London

Billed as Europe's largest adventure golf course, this ambitious 36 hole playground gives even Mr Mulligan a run for his money. With two themes – 'Amazon' and 'Congo', Lost Jungle is as decked out with 'Aztec' ruins, bizarrely blue waterfalls, palm trees, giant tarantulas and snakes as you'd like to expect. Cedar brae golf scorecard family-friendly course features a cute onsite cafe (think ice creams and soft drinks) – and although no bookings are required, jurassic golf reading, queues tend to move fairly swiftly.

Where is it? Watford By-Pass, Edgware 

How much for a round? From £12 for adults. 

Explore the great outdoors in the city

Outdoor London

If you're gagging to explore the great outdoors, here's where to go to catch an open-air film, take a dip in a local lido or simply wander through one of London's many pretty parks.

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Suez Canal: T, jurassic golf reading. rex stuck on Ever Given arrives at golf course

A large Tyrannosaurus rex model stuck on board the container ship that got wedged in the Suez Canal in March has finally arrived at its new home.

The 10m (32ft) dinosaur was held up for months but was finally unloaded at Felixstowe when the Ever Given docked at the Suffolk port two weeks ago.

It has now taken pride of place at the Kingsway Golf Centre in Melbourn, near Cambridge.

James Watts from the centre said: "It's finally here - and really exciting."

Mr Watts, operations director at the golf attraction, said: "It's the main feature as everyone comes in."

Dino - as it has been named - could jurassic golf reading seen from a number of holes around the course, he said.

The T. rex arrived in a green container bearing the name Evergreen, the marine company that operates the Ever Given.

After it was refloated, it was held for more than three months amid a dispute over compensation.

The 400m-long (1,300ft) ship, jurassic golf reading, originally due to arrive in early April, finally docked at Felixstowe on 3 August.

The T. rex arrived at its destination on Thursday, a little dusty after months inside its container.

But Dino had not been lonely jurassic golf reading his lengthy travels from China - he was accompanied by a pterodactyl model - and both have now been installed at the adventure golf course.

"It's a focal point," said Mr Watts.

"It's long overdue and it's really exciting."

Find BBC News: East of England on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. If you have a story suggestion email eastofenglandnews@bbc.co.uk

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Dinosaur Safari Adventure Golf

The Dinosaur Safari golf course contains 18 holes of thrilling adventure for friends and family, the golf course offers competitive, jurassic golf reading, social fun for anyone – whether you’re 3 of 103. There are 9 mighty resident dinosaurs including a Megalosaurus, an Ankylosaurus, an Iguadaon and a colossal 100ft Dipodocus who looms over the A1. 

You don’t have to be a golf pro, nor do you need to have experience in exploring the jungle. You just need a competitive spirit and a love of fun. In fact, anyone can complete our course! Navigate around our giant rocks and cascading waters, hack through the lush vegetation and palm trees whilst holding your nerver on those putts. Jurassic golf reading are island greens, flowing streams and lagoons, and the course is also floodlist should your deciding putt be a late one! 

A day spent at Dinosaur Safari golf course avoiding carnivores offers thrills for adult parties too. We can offer groups a fantastic experience for larger gatherings – from intrepid explorers on a hen/stag adventure – to teams of office workers looking for teambuilding expeditions away from the desk. 

We also offer great children’s party packages!

What are you waiting for? 

Find out more on our website: www.dinosaursafari.co.uk

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